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The Canadian Bulldog Edition: BANK ON IT~! 

December 30, 2004

by the Canadian Bulldog    
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Hey, everyone. Canadian Bulldog here with my Year-End Award picks. Just to answer a few questions in advance: No, unlike 99 percent of what I write here at OO, this isn't meant to be a joke; Yes, I can be a serious wrestling fan when I want to be, and No; no wrestlers were harmed via e-mail during the making of this column.
With that out of the way  -- 2004 wasn't a terrible time for wrestling; certainly it wasn't the destructive era that some naysayers have called it. The quality of matches generally improved, certainly over last year and the year before. Like them or hate them, WWE made a concerted effort to turn at least four midcarders (Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, JBL and Randy Orton) and  

into main-eventers. That's extremely important to the longevity of professional wrestling, and while WWE is often criticized for not doing this enough, a quick look back at the year that was shows at least a few decent attempts.

Unfortunately, a lot of the momentum they gained happened early on in '04, and they probably haven't done enough since then. But I think you have to look at the year as a whole to fully appreciate the steps WWE took. For every two or three characters that bombed royally, there was one that showed some potential. The same can be said for many of the storylines and PPV's, I think. So 2004 gave me a bit of confidence that WWE isn't about to go away anytime soon, despite what you have some Net critics saying every other week ("Raw rating falls 0.0000001 points; Vince McMahon about to declare bankruptcy?").

Oh, and if you noticed that I'm liberally substituting the word "WWE" for "the wrestling industry", that's kind of on purpose. I haven't been motivated enough to order TNA pay-per-views as I did a handful times in 2003, and their Impact show doesn't air in Canada. So I really don't feel I have the authority to judge their company, and unless I miss my guess, most of their work wouldn't rank high in the voting anyways. So now that that's out of the way, on with the show:


1st Runner-Up: Chris Benoit
2nd Runner-Up: Eddie Guerrero

Comments: Wait, wait, where are you going? Come back here! I have a Good Reason for my Controversial Pick. Plus, I promise, I'll have Other Witty Things To Say later on. Just hear me out for a minute. Please…

As the boss' son-in-law, Triple H catches a lot of flack for the backstage power he reportedly wields. Is a lot of it justified? Sure. He's been protected to no end by booking matches, shows and entire PPV's that make HIM look good. It would be very hard to dispute that point. However, it would also be very hard to dispute that wrestling has been at its most entertaining and enjoyable this year when The Game is involved.

Want proof? As brilliantly as Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels performed at WrestleMania XX, it would have meant significantly less if not for HHH's stellar contribution. The rumor going around at the time was that the finish would involve Michaels and Benoit, leaving HHH with a ready-made cop-out. But he tapped cleanly, making Benoit look huge in the process. And instead of snatching the belt back the next night, he waited another five or six months, and not before he jobbed to Benoit a couple of other times.

But there's more. If not for HHH, Shelton Benjamin would have remained a mid-card singles wrestler for most of the year. No one in the company could have put Benjamin over as definitively and credibly, not even Kurt Angle. His storyline with Eugene, although a little ridiculous at times, made sure that the company got everything they could out of Eugene's gimmick before it jumped the proverbial shark.

This award is also for mic work, and not too many have been as consistently on their game as Triple H this year. Remember his speech right before WrestleMania where he suggested that Benoit was dreaming, then he slammed his hands on the table and said "Wake up, Chris! This is my reality!"? Well I do, and it was terrific. The angles he's done with Evolution have been fascinating as well, including the 'Evil Dictator turns his thumb down and sacrifices Randy Orton' bit and his recent swerve with Batista.

Now, you may be saying to yourself, that's great, Bulldog, but isn't he just doing his job by building up other wrestlers and performing to the best of his ability? To which I'd answer, you're absolutely right. And no one does it better than Triple H.

As for my runners-up, Benoit and Guerrero had tremendous years -- career years, in some respects -- capped by their title wins early on in 2004. The problem was consistency. Hey, I marked out like crazy at the Royal Rumble when Benoit lasted the entire hour. I was among the loudest cheering when Guerrero toppled Brock Lesnar at No Way Out. And of course, I was thrilled by Benoit's convincing wins at WrestleMania and Backlash. But a couple of factors, namely lousy follow-up booking and stupid decisions, kept the two former Radicalz from reaching their full potential this year. That still doesn't change what they accomplished, though.

Heh heh -- I guess HHH even held down Benoit and Guerrero in my award voting. Take that, MARKS!!!

1st Runner-Up: Paul London & Billy Kidman
2nd Runner-Up: La Resistance

Comments: For the second year in a row, I struggled to keep The Dudley Boyz out of the top spot, simply because "they're a stable tag team". And for the second year in a row, the boys from Dudleyville won by default.

Look, I like old-school tag team wrestling; guys with matching ring outfits, or at least a common goal, duking it out with similar-minded tag team opponents. I'll take British Bulldogs, Midnight Express or Edge & Christian matches any day over 2004's crop of "tag teams", which included the notable duos of Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree, William Regal & Eugene and Ric Flair & Batista.

There just weren't many permanent tag teams that performed in marquee matches this year AND stayed together for more than a few months, so give the nod to Bubba Ray and D-Von. Sigh…

Having said that, their matches with Evolution, La Resistance and Kidman & London were decent, but not great. By turning heel, aligning themselves with Paul Heyman, and later Spike Dudley, they're at least trying to change what's essentially a 10-year old gimmick. I don't blame The Dudleyz for their act getting stale, I blame WWE for not creating a few more long-term tag teams.

I REALLY wanted Kidman & London to get a better shake than they did this year. Bu their entire story was super-rushed for a variety of reasons, and instead of ending up in that elite group of tag teams I mentioned earlier, they'll end up as a minor footnote in wrestling history.

La Resistance, on the other hand, may end up as something more than that - over time. While they didn't really perform in many notable bouts this year, they're definitely improving, slowly but surely. Don't get me wrong; they're not my favorites. But they've certainly evolved from the "aw, crap, not these guys again" kind of response I gave them before.

1st Runner-Up: Lita
2nd Runner-Up: Gail Kim

Comments: And the winner of the special "foregone conclusion award" is…

Seriously, is there any way Trish is NOT the best female performer this year? Hell, she'd probably be in my top five for the main award. See what I said about her last year:

I chose to vote for substance over style, diva-wise, although with Trish, she would have won in any type of competition, in my eyes. Her ring work rose another notch from last year, which in itself was a tremendous improvement. Trish's matches (especially with Victoria) have been among my favorite each week on Raw, and I think that in itself is an important accomplishment. WWE could do a lot worse than to continue to give her the 'Sunny/Sable/Chyna Push', making her a bigger part of the overall product (though hopefully she's grounded enough to take the push a little more seriously than her predecessors).

Now multiply that sentiment by about a thousand (subtract a few points for the Victoria compliments, though) and you have my totally unbiased opinion about Ms. Stratus. Sure, she struggled for about a month as a heel, mainly on the mic, but then she reinvented the wheel with respect to her character and broke even MORE new ground. Fantastic work all around.

Lita certainly didn't have a tremendous year, but I had to pick SOMEONE for second place, right? What she did accomplish was (a) a tremendous, albeit brief, showing at Survivor Series that got me excited about a new Stone Cold Lita character (that of course never came to fruition) and (b) an inspirational title win over Trish on Raw. Not exactly the stuff of a wrestler of the year, but not horrible, either. It almost makes up for all of the Snitsky and Kane crap. Almost.

Gail Kim was definitely starting to improve and I was intrigued when she became a "submission specialist" late in her WWE career. But unfortunately she was gone before it could have any measurable impact.

BEST FEUD OF THE YEAR: Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton
1st Runner-Up: Chris Jericho Vs. Christian
2nd Runner-Up: Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels Vs. Chris Benoit

Comments: Read either of Foley's biographies and you'll see how the Hardcore Legend has made it his job to get guys like Triple H and The Rock "ready" for the main event picture. In 2004, Foley did his best to do the same with Young Randall.

I'm not going to get into what happened to Orton AFTER Foley got him ready; not yet, anyways. I'm going to appreciate this feud for what it was. This was a classic Mick Foley feud, filled with lots of emotion, great mic work and some memorable matches. On the part of BOTH guys.

The motivation behind the rivalry (legend vs. legend killer) was solid, and the story was allowed to go at its own pace, instead of being rushed for the PPV of the month. Plus, it brought about two memorable Foley matches, and one of Orton's best outings (scratch that, his best outing) to date. What more could you ask for?

I didn't particularly care for Randy Orton before this thing started (and now I flat-out detest him), but during this feud, I saw what he was capable of. Orton should be thanking his lucky stars Mick was generous enough to work a program with him.

Jericho vs. Christian was another slow-burn feud you just don't see that much anymore. It followed a pretty basic formula (even with the Russo-esque SHOCKING SWERVE~! with Trish's heel turn) and it involved two people the fans legitimately wanted to see. I would have liked to see the face win over bigger at the end, but beggars can't be choosers.

From the start, this three-way feud between Michaels, Benoit and Triple H was about getting to the main event of WrestleMania, which is fine. In the process, it brought about a stronger HHH, a hint of Michaels' old heelish ways and Benoit's first real taste of a main event. Had it ended at the Mania match, I may have taken it out of my running for feud of the year. But a tremendous rematch at Backlash meant that they had to keep the issue alive for three months, which was very well done.

BEST MATCH OF THE YEAR: Chris Benoit Vs. Shawn Michaels Vs. Triple H (WrestleMania XX)
1st Runner-Up: Eddie Guerrero Vs. Brock Lesnar (No Way Out)
2nd Runner-Up: Chris Benoit Vs. Shawn Michaels Vs. Triple H (Backlash)

Comments: I'll cover the two triple threat matches first. To paraphrase Ric Flair from his book: How can you not hold the holy grail over these three men for the business they did together? Benoit vs. Michaels vs. HHH reminded of everything I like about watching wrestling: Great drama, fantastic matches and lots of unpredictability. At first, the question was, will Triple H do the job or will Michaels? Really, until the end of the WrestleMania match, you didn't know the answer. Then at Backlash, when HBK had the sharpshooter on Benoit, and Earl Hebner ran in (the match took place in Canada, I might add), there was a collective gasp that could be heard throughout the country, or at least in the movie theater where I was watching the PPV. For every poorly booked match that happened this year, you can at least look at these two and say "Well, at least they did THAT right."

The same can be said for Eddie vs. Brock. What a fantastic match on the parts of both guys, which was only helped by a super-hot crowd and the presence of Goldberg at ringside. Even had Brock won the match, I think the contest would have been one of the best this year, because both guys just worked their asses off in there.

1st Runner-Up: Eddie Guerrero
2nd Runner-Up: Rey Mysterio

Comments: Although I heaped praise on Triple H earlier, you can't discount how amazing Benoit is as a performer, even after his surgery and some 18 years in the business. Everything he does in the ring is believable, solid and looks like it hurts like hell. Despite this, I can't think of a single match where the guy looked off, even slightly. He had good to tremendous matches with Big Show, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Edge, Randy Orton, Eugene, Batista, Ric Flair, La Resistance… virtually everyone he wrestled this year.

Why, then, was I relieved when he did lose the World Title about five months after WrestleMania? Simple: the guy is better as a challenger than he is as a champion. I'd like to see him regain the belt at one point, but probably not for a while yet. Unless he turns heel first, which I can definitely see in his future.

Eddie gives me the same kind of vibe, though he did struggle a little with some of his lower-caliber opponents. His "lie, cheat and steal" act hasn't grown old at all, and he is usually the driver in any match he's a part of. Look at Armageddon, for example. Actually, don't look at it; it's just not worth it. But in the one match that I thought was halfway decent, the Fatal Four Way, it was entirely because of Latino Heat.

Rey didn't have tons of memorable matches this year (although his No Way Out bout with Chavo Guerrero was very good), but he puts on a good show almost every time he's out there and he's often my favorite part of SmackDown these days.


1st Runner-Up: Eddie Guerrero
2nd Runner-Up: Kurt Angle

Comments: Sigh…. You could probably ask me this question five years from now and, if everyone was healthy, the list would probably stay the same. It's either a credit to these three that they are so technically sound or a knock against everyone else in the company for not being able to give any of these guys a run for their money. I chose Benoit because of some of his phenomenal performances this year against most of the folks in the aforementioned "most favorite" category. Although Guerrero has made theatrics and brawling a bigger part of his repertoire these days, he's still very much technically sound. Angle kind of underwhelmed me this year, but there's no doubting his ability.

1st Runner-Up: Chavo Guerrero
2nd Runner-Up: Billy Kidman

Comments: Another category that really doesn't shift a lot from year to year. Mysterio, in my eyes, is the most consistent high-flying performer in the business, consistently hitting his spots without them looking forced or awkward. Guerrero and Kidman have been both been particularly strong this year, holding up the heel end of what has a turbulent year for the cruiserweight division and doing it quite nicely. Really, you can put any of these three is a cruiserweight match and I'd be quite happy with their aerial abilities.

1st Runner-Up: Big Show
2nd Runner-Up: Kane

Comments: I hate the fact that I'm stereotyping Batista in a category typically reserved for musclebound, no-talent goofs, but really, who was better at showing off his strength, and at the same time proving he can fight? I'm sure a lot of people were questioning WWE's decision last year to put Big Dave in the enforcer role, but he's more than proven how perfect he is for the role. Show and Kane are utterly dependable for being able to use their power to carry a match, when motivated.

1st Runner-Up: Triple H
2nd Runner-Up: JBL

Comments: This is kind of a lifetime achievement award for Foley, although his work with Orton (and more recently, a brief exchange with Mohammad Hassan) were award-worthy on their own. Foley continues to draw from his real-life thoughts and emotions with an eerily perfect delivery... I've mentioned my fondness for The Game's verbal skills earlier, and he truly is among the best around…. JBL deserves a helluva lot of credit for mixing comedy, cheap heat and general heelishness so well into a character he'd never played before this year.

1st Runner-Up: JBL
2nd Runner-Up: Randy Orton

Comments: To be clear, I am not confusing heel heat with the infamous "X-Pac heat" in this category. I really think these three guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty in getting people to hate them. Take JBL as an example. When he goes into an arena, most of the people there aren't booing him because of backstage politics, or because he shouldn't be going over guys like Eddie Guerrero. They hate because he does a great job acting like a jerk…. I added Orton there not to be coy, but because of the superb work he did in playing a dick for the first half of the year. Okay, and maybe because of the one he played in the second half, too, but he was supposed to be a face by that point.

BEST BABYFACE: Eddie Guerrero
1st Runner-Up: Shawn Michaels
2nd Runner-Up: Chris Jericho

Comments: For emotional responses, it would be pretty hard to match the reaction Latino Heat got the SmackDown after No Way Out - literally a ten-minute standing ovation/celebration in the ring. Eddie has always a strong character, but his shtick of playing to the crowds paid off more than ever this year…. Michaels and Jericho have proven time and time again they can get the audience on their side almost effortlessly.

1st Runner-Up: Eugene
2nd Runner-Up: The Boss Spike Dudley

Comments: I opted to go with new gimmicks instead of time-tested ones… Let the record show that I never once spoken ill of JBL's character; I just never felt he should be in a main-event position. Still, he has done wonders with this character (as have the writers) and deserves full credit for making it so three-dimensional…. The same goes for Eugene. How many people were up in arms after finding out what kind of a gimmick Nick Dinsmore was being handed? Yet he managed to add some humor to what could have been a PR nightmare for WWE and turned the character into a major positive and essentially, George Steele 2004….. Spike Dudley also took what could have been one horrible heel gimmick and turned into something worthwhile watching.

1st Runner-Up: Big Show
2nd Runner-Up: Gail Kim

Comments: Both on the mic and in the ring, Batista has continued to improve what he does, to the point where he can look good against virtually anyone on the Raw roster. I would love to see a triple threat HHH/Orton/Batista match at WrestleMania, though deep down I know Big Dave won't make the cut… It's obvious that Big Show has escaped the "lazy" tag that's followed him for most of his career and can now work decent matches… As I mentioned earlier in the Female of the Year category, Gail had come a long way until she was released by WWE.

1st Runner-Up: Chavo Guerrero
2nd Runner-Up: Heidenreich

Comments: I don't feel a ton of explanation is needed here. London has shown his ability time and time again, only to be relegated to Velocity. Guerrero is probably one of the ten best technical wrestlers in the company, yet never seems to get his just due. And Heidenreich, while not being technically sound or anything, plays his part to perfection and has turned a questionable angle into an entertaining gimmick.

BEST SECOND: Paul Heyman
1st Runner-Up: Ric Flair
2nd Runner-Up: Orlando Jordan

Comments: To illustrate how highly I think of Paul Heyman, I was thrilled when I discovered on the SmackDown vs Raw video game that you could select him as a non-playable character (e.g. manager). The game reflects his facials, body language and reactions to a T, which is often more entertaining than the match I'm playing. If he can ever settle his backstage issues with the writing crew, they NEED to create a new version of The Dangerous Alliance, if only to show people how a heel stable should be run…. Flair will always be The Man, and he'll always get monster crowd reactions when he interferes in a bout, only to be thrown out of the match kicking and screaming… Orlando Jordan showed me a lot towards the end of the year acting as the cheery bootlick for JBL.

1st Runner-Up: Tazz
2nd Runner-Up: Michael Cole

Comments: After slipping a few notches the last couple of years, Good Ol' JR managed to escape "shill mode" this year, at least when it came to big, important matches. Tazz and Cole remained a solid, consistent duo over on SmackDown, which is really all you can ask for these days.

"HOLY SHIT" MOMENT OF THE YEAR: Chris Benoit wins World Title
1st Runner-Up: Eddie Guerrero wins WWE Title
2nd Runner-Up: Chris Benoit wins the Royal Rumble

Comments: Three things I didn't believe would ever happen. I was at a movie theater just north of Toronto when all three of these Holy Shit moments happened, and judging by the reaction of the crowd, I wasn't alone in my surprise.

1st Runner-Up: Eugene and Ric Flair team up against La Resistance
2nd Runner-Up: Ernest Miller and Lamont dance their way to elimination at the Royal Rumble

Comments: Eugene proved he was more than some booker's sick joke when he managed to entertain the audience during his first match. Although he had several good moments this year, one of his funniest was when he styled and profiled like the Nature Boy as Flair looked on in anger… Although I really dislike "The Cat", his sub-minute Royal Rumble performance did have me in stitches.

1st Runner-Up: SmackDown
2nd Runner-Up: Velocity

Comments: No surprise here, as Raw had almost all of the "big moments" this year while SmackDown went downhill for the most part. For actual wrestling matches, Velocity has started to come into its own.

1st Runner-Up: Backlash
2nd Runner-Up: SummerSlam

Comments: WrestleMania is kind of the no-brainer this year, with several excellent matches and moments. Some Canadian bias for the latter two because Backlash was in Edmonton, Alberta (home to Atlanta's Chris Benoit) and SummerSlam was in the Bulldog's hometown of Toronto. Both were excellent shows, though.

1st Runner-Up: Shelton Benjamin
2nd Runner-Up: Christian

Comments: See what I said in the "most improved" category about Batista and, uh, basically copy and paste it… Shelton had an incredible year with great matches against Triple H, Randy Orton and Christian…. Speaking of the CLB, I think it's really the first time he's been taken seriously as an upper mid-card performer.

1st Runner-Up: Edge
2nd Runner-Up: Billy Kidman

Comments: I may be in the minority, but I'm predicting Benjamin could be World Champion by year-end. They're certainly grooming him for that… After several runs right near the top, 2005 could also be Edge's year. But to do that, the guy needs to start winning some matches again…. I fear that Kidman's big push may already be over, but if they decide to keep it going under his new character, he could be very successful.

BEST "REAL WORLD" NEWS OF THE YEAR: WWE cleans up its roster
1st Runner-Up: WWE presents its video library to the masses
2nd Runner-Up: TNA lands spot on Fox SportsNet

Comments: I know there was a lot of backlash when Vince McMahon and company decided to release several of its mid-carders, but I don't see it as a bad thing at all. By my count, they've cut some 40 people this year, through contracts ending (Goldberg, Scott Steiner, Steve Austin), resignations (Spanky, Brock Lesnar) and firings (everyone else). Not only does that make WWE more profitable going forward but it gives more than enough excess cash to buy any talent they need to down the road… The company's profit was also helped by some incredible DVD releases (The Rise and Fall of ECW, The Monday Night War and Hard Knocks: The Chris Benoit Story for starters), its online Jukebox program and its upstart 24/7 video-on-demand service. FINALLY the company is reaping the benefits of its extensive library…. Although I don't watch TNA, and we don't get FSN here in Canada, it’s a great move in the sense that another wrestling company is now getting the mainstream exposure it needs.


1st Runner-Up: Kenzo Suzuki
2nd Runner-Up: Hardcore Holly

Comments: Tomko, to me, represents everything I hate about the "hosses" WWE quickly signs without evaluating first, just because they look big and tough. I mean, I haven't seen one thing to date about "The Problem Solver" that's impressed me…. Suzuki has lots of charisma and a good look, but is pretty boring in the ring… Hardcore Holly seems to get more bitter and less talented with each year.

1st Runner-Up: Todd Grisham
2nd Runner-Up: Jackie Gayda

Comments: Carmela represents everything that SHOULDN'T be featured in a wrestling show. She can't talk or act or fight, yet she was continually put into a role where she supposed to. I'm shocked she made it as far as she did in the voting. Oh, yeah, I forgot -- she posed nekkid in Playboy. Well, THAT explains everything… Todd, or Tough Questions Todd Grisham as The Rick calls him, takes the nerdy backstage announcer role far too far for my liking…I can't stand Miss Jackie, and her increased role on television only reinforces that thought for me.

WORST FEUD OF THE YEAR:  The Undertaker Vs. Booker T
1st Runner-Up: Edge Vs. Kane
2nd Runner-Up: Rene Dupree vs Rob Van Dam

Comments: Go back to the "Best Feud of the Year" category and you'll see the type of feud that I like watching -- ones driven by personal issues that have a purpose, and that are slowly built and given time to play out. Then look back at these three -- thrown together for no other reason than to put a match on PPV, and they're all completely devoid of that.

1st Runner-Up: The Undertaker
2nd Runner-Up: Rene Dupree

Comments: To be perfectly fair, Randy Orton WAS a cool heel with a niche type of gimmick that he managed to pull off quite nicely. He is NOT the second coming of Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Rock or everyone else the writing team is effectively comparing him to. It actually gets me angry to watch him clean house at the end of virtually every Raw, like he's Stone Cold dispatching The Corporation… The Undertaker continues to bury everyone in his path and put no one over, which is ridiculous for a person is his position… Dupree was touted for a while as the next big thing (not to be confused The Next Big Thing) around the time he abandoned La Resistance and jumped to SmackDown. I just don't see it.

"GODDAMMIT" MOMENT OF THE YEAR: Randy Orton turns uberface
1st Runner-Up: WWE aborts Guerrero push in favor of Fucking Bradshaw
2nd Runner-Up: Taboo Tuesday

Comments: As I've said before, if they were going to give Orton the World Title at SummerSlam, they should have made him the de facto leader of Evolution and kicked Triple H out. It would have made perfect sense. Instead, they've rammed the babyface version of Young Randall down our throats, which makes absolutely no sense to me… Again with JBL, he would have made a fine challenger to Eddie Guerrero -- eventually. Instead the way they put him over Guerrero so quickly killed Latino Heat's push in the middle of  what could have been a storybook year…. Taboo Tuesday was both a commercial and critical bust, failing to give the poor sap fans who paid for it what we actually wanted.

WORST "REAL WORLD" NEWS OF THE YEAR: Deaths of Big Boss Man, Hercules Hernandez, Jack Tunney, etc.
1st Runner-Up: Brock, Goldberg, Austin quit WWE within weeks
2nd Runner-Up: Flair causes controversy over remarks in book

Comments: Obviously,  deaths are the saddest part of any year, and while the death rate wasn't anywhere as ridiculously high as in 2003, those folks will be missed…. While I dismissed the WWE's roster cuts as a good thing earlier on, former world champions Lesnar, Goldberg and Austin were marketable stars, and hopefully at least some of them will return eventually…. Flair's book was a great read, but his obvious potshots at Bret Hart and Mick Foley -- two guys who are clearly retired -- weren't really necessary.


And now, in place of the requisite "PWI Unofficial Official Awards" or whatever the kids are calling them these days, I present to you the first ever


(which means, yes, I'm going back into character for a second):

Best wrestler ever: SHNITSKY


Best face: SHNITSKY

Best heel: SHNITSKY

But how can he be both?: Thanks for the compliment!!!

Best match: SHNITSKY vs. Anyone

Best feud: SHNITSKY vs. The Cold, Hard, Unforgiving World That Just Doesn't Understand Him

Best major event: SHNITSKYSLAM

Best generic heavy metal theme music that sounds like it's fresh from WCW Worldwide: SHNITSKY

Best use of a SHNITSKY in a supporting role: SHNITSKY

Best writing for an adapted screenplay or wrestler who killed Lita's baby: SHNITSKY

Gene Shnitsky Memorial Award: SHNITSKY!!!


Thanks for reading, everyone. See you in the new year!!!



CANADIAN BULLDOG  is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.

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