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All Time WrestleMania Card:  
The Results 

March 15, 2002

by Denny Burkholder  
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


I love it when a plan comes together.

Last week, I cobbled up a three-day spectacular to represent the best of WrestleMania's past and present. All the biggest names were on the show - well, MOST of the biggest names. All in all, the show looked pretty solid. I could definitely see myself dropping a wad of cash to see this, live or on pay-per-view.

Apparently, so would many of you - I asked OnlineOnslaught.com readers to book the winners. You responded by flooding my inbox with entertaining scenarios for each match. All I asked for was a quick 'n' dirty list of winners, but many of you spent the time to explain each outcome in detail. Thanks for all your efforts! This week, YOU have the floor. I present to you the All-Time WrestleMania Dream Card, as booked by you, the readers (after I made the matches).

If you missed last week's Circa, here's the short version: this is a weekend-long, three city WrestleMania spectacular, with each city getting 12 or 13 matches per card and NO TIME LIMIT in which the show must be finished. Matches can go as long as you and I wish. Each wrestler on the card has wrestled in AT LEAST one WrestleMania, and are represented on this show at their WrestleMania primes - but not necessarily their overall primes. They must settle for the year in which they worked "the big one." No wrestler may work the show more than once, even with a different gimmick. And something I forgot to clarify last week - wrestlers who will be working THIS year's WrestleMania (denoted as 2002) were only eligible if they were officially booked by the time I made the card. Last week, we only knew four matches for WrestleMania X-8, so only Rob Van Dam and the present version of Chris Jericho made the cut. People like The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and Scott Hall were already represented by a previous Mania year, so no harm done there.

CONSPICUOUS BY THEIR ABSENCES: The wrestlers left off the show that got the most outcry from readers, in no particular order, were Bam Bam Bigelow, The Rockers, Rikishi, Strike Force, William Regal, Hercules, Adrian Adonis, The Red Rooster, Danny Davis, Kaientai, The Orient Express, Dino Bravo, Lex Luger, Bart Gunn, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, Koko B. Ware, and King Kong Bundy. NOBODY complained that I left former WWF Champion and two-time WrestleMania main-eventer Sycho Sid/Sid Justice off the show.

HOOSIER DADDY: " I liked the overall idea... would probably have dumped the Superdome in favor of the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis (personal pique- it was my first Wrestlemania and will always be my most memorable as a result)," a reader named Mike said. I assume he means "Silverdome" instead of "Superdome," but either way, point taken.

MEET THE BOOKERS: There were over 80 responses to the booking challenge. However, the total tally for each match/card is different, because some readers overlooked or chose not to book a winner for various matches. Some even skipped an entire night or two. Total votes for any given match range from 50-plus to the full 80-some-odd (I think it was 86, but I forget). To give the results some uniformity, I've gone the extra mile, busted out a calculator, and will present votes in percentage form (for example, Mark Coale defeats Will Parrish, 51% to 49%). I will put your comments with each match and credit you as best I can (some of you never said how you'd like to be credited, so I'll credit you by some variation of your e-mail address without actually posting it). Percentage of votes for a match to end in a "NO CONTEST" (booked for a double DQ, double countout, time-limit draw, both guys pass out from exhaustion, or the match never starts) will be denoted with "NC."

And away we go!

Friday - Day 1: Old School Kickoff  
Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York 
Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

1.) "The American Dream" DUSTY RHODES (1990) defeated GEORGE "The Animal" STEELE (1986), 67% to 30% (3% NC).

Lots of Dusty Finishes and distractions by Sapphire (and Miss Elizabeth!) factored into this one for both guys, but The American Dream takes it. 


"Dusty Finish- Steele Wins!" - Peter Williams. 

"Dusty gets the duke with a roll-up, while George fawns over Sapphire." - MB. "

In big matches, George hits his trademark spots but jobs in the end." - MagnumSB. 

"I think Dusty and George go to a double DQ finish as crazy as these two are!" - Scott Stover. 

"Dusty wins with a bionic elbow after Sapphire distracts Steele by flashing a little flesh (much to the disgust of the crowd)." - Dennis. "

Miss Elizabeth makes an appearance, to distract the Animal." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"I gotta go with the Animal simply because of his longer WWF tenure." - Joe Fair. 

"Dusty. George is not intelligent." - Kyle. 

"Gotta go with the Dream here, as he probably has an in with the bookers." - Paul. 

"Rhodes will cut an ugly promo on Steele, who will leap into the ring without fanfare and pound Dusty silly." - Concrete TG. 

"Rhodes' WWF run was pretty forgettable, but forgetting Steele was next to impossible." - Philip Unwin.

"Rhodes takes this with a fat flying cross body block." - Troy X. 

"This match would be great JUST for the commentary by Heenan." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Dusty wins by pinfall... Dusty finish? Poetic justice." - Mike. 

"Frankly, I doubt the Bionic Elbow would hurt George's head and Steele wouldn't be able to use the Flying Hammerlock on Rhodes." - Chris Elston.

"Steele, ironically enough because of the 'Dusty Finish'." - Beau Landaiche.

2.) SGT. SLAUGHTER (1991) defeated THE IRON SHEIK (1985), 48% to 41% (11% NC).

Lots of people thought I was insane for putting the Iraqui sympathizer version Slaughter in the same ring with the Iranian Sheik in the middle of New York City, due to current events. That's part of the reason there were so many no-contests for this match: some people had a babyface run out and destroy both men before the bell, while others had Slaughter and Sheik run for their lives from the outset. Sarge barely edges out The Sheik.


"Iraq vs. Iran in NEW YORK??!! I fear for both wrestlers' lives.  Sorry but no winner." - Devil Man. 

"Sgt. Slaughter via Sheik's own Camel Clutch." - White Pony. 

"I'd go no finish and have Hogan run in and destroy both." - Fraser.

"Cobra Clutch should end things here." - Chris Elston. 

"If it were pre-Wrestlemania era Sheik, then he would get the win, but unfortunately quality matches and the Iron Sheik parted ways in the early 80's." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Sheik with a little help from the loaded boot." - Gregory P. 

" Sheik hits the loaded boot and the camel clutch, but the cheers cause Slaughter to go USA again and win with the Cobra Clutch." - Troy X.

"You know Freddie Blassie would throw in the cane for the win." - John Schultz.

"Slaughter avenges last year's loss in the Gimmick Battle Royal with a sound thrashing this year." - Eric. 

"Just as they're shaking hands and about to fight, 'Real American' starts up, and Barry Windham and Mike Rotundo, the US Express come out, and face Slaughter and the Sheik, and beat them in a good match." - Paul F.

"Sheik - Always been a personal favorite." - Joe Fair. "Outside interference from Nikolai Volkoff." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"I personally witnessed these guys literally destroy the ring (bottom rope was gone for rest of card) and each other at a house show in Los Angeles at the old Olympic Auditorium when I was a youngster." - MagnumSB.

3.) THE FABULOUS MOOLAH (1986) defeated SENSATIONAL SHERRI (1990), 60% to 38% (2& NC).

When it comes to being the WWF's queen of heels, not even Sherri can touch the legendary Fabulous Moolah.


"Sherri proves she's the true queen." - MB. 

"Sherri would bump like hell and Moolah would win a surprisingly entertaining match." - MagnumSB. 

"Sherri wins to beat Moolah for her first loss in decades. Sherri manages the win after doing a very out of character frog splash from the middle rope. Moolah bites a chunk out of Sherri's ear in a post match brawl." - Dennis. 

"Who's the bigger bitch? Sherri...she's got this one." - Christian.

"Moolah takes it with a handful of tights." - Paul F. 

"1986 Moolah, so she was only around 93 years old or something, gotta go with SHERRI." - Devil Man.

4.) THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS (1998) defeated THE ROCK 'N' ROLL EXPRESS (1998), 79% to 21%.

Ah, to be young again. several of you thought that if The Rock 'N' Roll Express were in their prime, the Outlaws would have been toast. But as fate would have it, Morton and Gibson were way past their primes for their only appearance at WrestleMania, and are soundly thrashed by Road Dogg and Bad Ass.


"Dogg hits Morton with loaded bong." - White Pony. 

"This match would be fun to watch Ricky Morton play. . .well, Ricky Morton. But the Outlaws would run roughshod on them." - Chris Elston. 

"New Age Outlaws by pinfall, as neither Ricky Morton nor the Road Dogg are sure just who is supposed to play Ricky Morton." - Mike. 

"Outlaws win no matter what era of Rock 'n Roll are in the ring with them. The NAO were just too good as a tag team." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"RNR with the Double Dropkick on Gunn." - Troy X. 

"No self respecting wrestling fan would EVER give the NAO a win over the Rock n' Rolls." - Philip Unwin. 

"NAO, too strong and too heelish for the RNR to combat." - Eric L. 

"This should be a fun match full of disses and stolen moves. My money's on RnR, in a surprise upset over the 'Attitude' clan." - ConcreteTG. 

"Outlaws after Jim Cornette interferes." - Paul F. 

"The Outlaws would win with an assist from Jim Cornette's tennis racket and then have a discussion on if that Ricky Morton could possibly be the same guy who had great matches with NWA Champ Ric Flair." - MagnumSB.

5.) "The Living Legend" BRUNO SAMMARTINO (1986) defeated PEDRO MORALES (1986), 81% to 11%.

Pedro Morales can't blame this one on being over the hill: he and Bruno were both veterans from the same era, and both were in 1986 form. It was the original, incomparable "Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino that claimed another landslide win in the building he sold out for close to three decades - MSG.


"Yeah, like bitter Bruno would job...." - MagnumSB. 

"Not a lot of action, but good to see some 'oldtimers' getting it on." - Dennis. 

"Pedro. Just to piss off Bruno a bit more."  -Joe Fair. 

"Pedro. Like Bruno will win in the WWF." - Kyle M. 

"Bruno...all the way."  Christian. 

"Sammartino, and then Larry Zbyszko tries to attack after the match, but he's chased off by Bruno and Pedro, who then shake hands and exit to a massive pop." - Paul F. 

"These legends will give us the true 'Old School Clinic.'" - ConcreteTG. 

"[Bruno is] not called a legend for nothing." - Eric L. 

"Morales wins, just cause Sammartino has been so pissy towards the WWF for the last, oh, 15 years." - Philip Unwin. 

"Sammartino with the backbreaker." - Troy X. 

"Morales by countout for one last FU to Bruno from the WWF." - Mike. 

"Sammartino via submission. Morales falls asleep during 15-minute chinlock." - White Pony. 

"Never bet against BRUNO in the Garden." - Devil Man.

6.) TAZZ (2000) defeated BAD NEWS BROWN (1989), 51% to 47% (2% NC). 

One of the closest matches of the three days, and one many people might call an upset. In the battle of the Harlem thug vs. Brooklyn's own Tazz, the pride of Red Hook just barely eked out a win. The Tazzmission beats the Ghetto Blaster in a very close match. Of the people who gave Bad News the win, many stated it was because Tazz ALWAYS does the J-O-B. Check out the diverse responses:


" TAZZ just cuz of the ECW still in my blood." - Devil Man. 

"Tazz via Tazzmission after Brown misses Ghetto Blaster due to Tazz being TOO SHORT." - White Pony. 

"Take away the Ghetto Blaster and Brown doesn't have much. Tazz would eat him alive." - Chris Elston. 

"Bad News Brown by pinfall... he would absolutely anhilliate Taz(z)." - Mike. 

"This match should be one sided, long and brutal. Tazz is a very watchable wrestler, Bad News Brown matches are banned by the Geneva Convention." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Let me tell you something, you beer-belly sharecropper. I pick Bad News." - Forest.

"Tazz played tough, but Brown WAS tough. Brown wins after a positively brutal war." - Philip Unwin. 

"I think [Tazz] would make short work of Bad News Brown." - John Schultz. 

"TAZZ- Choked out Bad News in under two minutes." - Eric L. 

"This match will spill into the crowd, probably get some people hurt, there will be chairs, ring bells and steel steps damaged in the making of this match." - ConcreteTG. 

"BAD NEWS! I'll say it again, Austin is a Bad News ripoff." - Joe Fair. 

"Tazz never wins...it's a WWF rule." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Brooklyn has been represented!" - Dennis. 

"Tazz makes Bad News tap but Bad News gets the last laugh in a post-match beatdown...." - Scott S. 

"In a brutal slugfest, Allen would show why he was 5-10 years ahead of his time and could have main evented." - MagnumSB.

"Bad News passes out, never submits." - Thai Dao.

7.) BOB BACKLUND (1993) defeated HARLEY RACE (1987), 64% to 32% (4% NC).

Another pair of former world champions collide, as "Handsome" Harley falls to Bob Backlund.


"Backlund over Race with his famous cradle from the early eighties." - MB. 

"Sorry King, but Bob's more of legend in my book." - Joe Fair. 

"Harley ripped Bob's bowtie off, and it was curtains from there for the KING." - Eric L. 

"Backlund in 93 wasn't as deteriorated as Race in 87, so I'll give the win to Backlund." - Philip Unwin.

"Backlund with the Crossface Chicken Wing." - Troy X. 

"Give em 10 minutes or more with old school match psychology, concentrating on technicality. The old school fans definitely win here." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Bob Backlund by DQ as Mick Foley runs in and busts Backlund's eyebrow before Harley can, screwing Race yet again (if you've read Foley's book then you know what I'm referring to)." - Mike.

"Harley Race via a reversed cross-face chicken wing." - Beau L. 

"HARLEY wins cuz no matter what year, he was always a mean old bastard." - Devil Man.

8.) ARN ANDERSON & TULLY BLANCHARD (1989) defeated TERRY & DORY FUNK, JR. (1986), 75% to 21% (4% NC).

Most voters agreed this would be a close (and wild) match, but even so, the vast majority of them had the former Horsemen standing tall at the end. Tully & Arn were in excellent form in 1989, which might have made the difference (although Terry Funk was at the youthful age of 41 in 1986!).


"Now this is one hell of a matchup, two heel teams going at it, which definitely would turn into a classic old school brawl.  I'll take the HORSEMEN (their rightful name) cuz come on, does any heel Funk ever really care about winning?" - Devil Man. 

"Funks via pinfall. Terry hits Tully w/branding iron." - White Pony. 

"AA and Tully were probably one of the best tag teams, if not the best. Their teamwork and finesse would spell the end for the Funks." - Chris E. 

"The Funks are too hardcore for Arn and Tully." - Shawn L. 

"Blood everywhere in this bad boy. Terry and Dory are just the tougher of the two teams. I'm also willing to be Terry sells something like he's been killed by it, leg twitch and all." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"AA and Tully get the win after a mighty bloody affair." - Phil Unwin.

"Horsemen RULE THE EARTH!" - Steve R.

"Close match, but Double A pulls through and damn near kills Terry with a spine buster on the concrete, thus allowing for a spike piledriver to end the match." - Eric L.

"Expect everyone to bleed in this match before AA puts Dory on the mat with his pivot spinebuster." - ConcreteTG. 

"Match of the card." - Paul F. 

"After both Terry and Arn are split wide open with dueling chair shots, Tully pins Dory after a low blow while the ref's attention was diverted." - Dennis.

"Was there a better 'Psychology' team than Arn and Tully?" - MagnumSB. 

"After massive blood loss, the Brain Busters win by nefarious means with a Spike Piledriver on the concrete." - Thai Dao.

9.) DEAN MALENKO (2000) defeated GREG "The Hammer" VALENTINE (1985), 57% to 43%.

Valentine was in top shape and had a size advantage. But Malenko had more tricks up his sleeve than Valentine, and is no stranger to fighting larger opponents. Thus, the Texas Cloverleaf overcomes the Figure Four, and Malenko finally gets a high-profile win.


"I never ever liked Valentine." - Thai Dao. 

"Hammer wins it with his figure four, despite a valiant effort by Malenko." - MB. 

"Malenko rolls him up as Valentine goes for the Figure 4." - MagnumSB.

"Valentine wins after a good long, 30 minute match that featured almost all 1000 of Malenko's holds." - Dennis. 

"The Hammer. In my mind, one of the most underrated wrestlers ever." - Joe Fair.

"Dean controls for 30 minutes before Greg warms up. After that, Dean is toast." - Christopher G. 

"If there is anything right in the universe Dean would twist Valentine into 1000 pretzels." - Mat O'Donnell.

10.) UNDERTAKER (1998) defeated BIG JOHN STUDD (1985), 75% to 19% (6% NC).

Big John Studd's legacy is a strong one in the WWF. He's a towering brute whose name has become almost like folklore to wrestling fans. You can also say that about The Undertaker, who keeps his WrestleMania winning streak alive with a convincing victory over Andre the Giant's late archrival.


"I'm sure Studd will grab the mike after his intro and yell, 'It's the Giant John Studd!!,' but it is WrestleMania and UNDERTAKER never loses at WrestleMania." - Devil Man. 

"Taker sells to no one." - Beau L. 

" Studd doesn't deserve to be the man to stop the WM record." - Fraser. 

"Since Studd could wrestle for a 'giant,' I would give him the nod." - Chris E.

"A hard hitting match, Taker will just wear Studd down." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Taker with a choke slam." - Troy X. 

"UT would beat Studd pillar to post and win a 5 minute squash." - Phil Unwin. 

"Taker...still won't job for your dream match." - MightyDerf.

"Taker would dominate, slam Studd, and throw $10,000 to the crowd...oops wrong guy." - MagnumSB. 

"Taker - but Studd does body slam him." - Thai Dao.

11.) CACTUS JACK (1998) defeated "Superfly" JIMMY SNUKA (1990) in a Steel Cage Match, 55% to 43% (2% NC).

Who says Mick Foley always loses the big matches? Against his idol in Madison Square Garden, Cactus Jack had the opportunity to recreate the magic that inspired him to become a wrestler. In the end, you gave Foley the big win at MSG - but not before he and Superfly gave the crowd a few "holy shit" moments.


"Snuka, via Superfly Splash after Cactus MISSES his elbow from the top of the cage." - Thai Dao. 

"A show stealer for sure! A great match, and Foley always loses his best matches. Plus you know Foley would love to be on the business end of the Superfly from the top of the cage!" - MagnumSB. 

"Foley jobs for his idol." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Foley happily does the job for Snuka." - Mighty Derf. 

"Both men bleed so badly, it makes Muta look like a wussy. Ten minutes in Cactus goes to the top for a leap, but alas, his butt is so big he falls backward and lands on the Spanish announce table winning the match." - Christopher G. 

"Cactus Jack gets the last laugh in an ugly leap from the top of the cage through the Spanish Announce Table." - ConcreteTG. 

"Student becomes the master, BECAUSE I'M HARDCORE! BANG BANG!" - Steve R. 

"For all the talk about being a hardcore master and all that, it sure seemed like Foley lost an awful lot of cage/HITC/no DQ matches." - Phil Unwin. 

"Jack after a missed Superfly Splash and the Double Arm DDT." - Troy X.

"The only reason this match would be close, is Mick's knack for attempting crazy stuff. It would be Mick's other knack, the ability to just keep getting up, that will get him the win. I would definitely want popcorn for this match." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"The superfly leap spells doom for Cactus and he would probably love every minute of it." - Chris E. 

"Foley via pinfall, both fall off top of cage onto ramp. Foley drapes arm over Snuka." - White Pony. 

"I see Snuka going up to the top of the cage for the Superfly Splash, only to be met at the top by Cactus, who jumps at Snuka and both go crashing down thru the announcer's table, but since there's no telling who hit first, the match must continue.  I don't know how, but in the end CACTUS comes out victorious cuz he damn well deserves it." - Devil Man.

12.) VADER (1996) defeated JUNK YARD DOG (1985), 64% to 32% (4% NC).

Junk Yard Dog still had plenty of fire left in him in 1985, but it wasn't enough to stop Vader's assault.


"Good lord Vader would kill him." - Fraser. 

"Forearm, Vader Bomb, Moonsault. Say good night, JYD." - Chris E.

"JYD by pinfall. If this were the WCW themantheycallVader, then I'd have to give it to the Mastodon. But he never proved a threat in the WWF." - Mike. 

"Let's say TEN VADER BOMBS!!!!" - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Vader was pushed so poorly in 1996, that I'm going to pick the Junk Yard Dog." - Forest.

"JYD will put up the good fight, but Vader will not be swayed." - ConcreteTG. 

"Vader in the biggest squash on the card." - Paul F.

13.) "Stone Cold" STEVE AUSTIN (1997) defeated "Rowdy" RODDY PIPER (1986), 76% to 22% (2% NC).

In the MSG main event, two of the most popular and outrageous heels in WrestleMania history had it out. The Texas Rattlesnake handily thrashed the Hot Rod.


"Piper. Sleeper hold, Stone Cold stays in hold for an eternity before finally passing out due to blood loss." - Thai Dao. 

"After thirty minutes of brawling, chair shots, stunners and sleepers, a double chair shot leaves both men out cold, this time, with Stone Cold landing on top of Piper for the academic pin." - MB.

"Austin wins via DQ after Piper chokes him out with his kilt." - Dennis. 

"Piper never beat Hogan back in the day either." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Piper. The '86 Piper has got to be the best heel of all-time." - Joe Fair. 

"Austin clean with the stunner." - Paul F. 

"Piper's pre-match interview pisses Austin off so much, the Scotsman has no chance." - Eric L. 

"WHAT!? Austin against Piper? WHAT? Piper in his prime? WHAT!? Austin before winning the gold WHAT!?"- Steve R.

"If this were a war of words, give it to Piper. But Austin was an incredibly skilled wrestler at this point and would get the victory." - Chris E. 

"Awesome brawl, but it would just be a slap in the face to have Austin win Old School night." - Fraser.

"This is my Dream Match!!! (Well, one of em) Just think of the interviews building up to this one." - Devil Man.


Saturday - Day 2: Return to the Silverdome  
Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan 
Vince McMahon & Jesse "The Body" Ventura

1.) WENDI RICHTER (1985) & ALUNDRA BLAYZE (1994) defeated IVORY (2001) & VELVET McINTYRE (1986), 63% to 35% (2% NC). Wendi Richter brings the rock 'n' wrestling connection to the table with the former Madusa, as they steal a victory from Ivory and the ever-jobbing Velvet McIntyre. With Richter's Cyndi Lauper-inspired ring wear and Alundra's neon tights, perhaps they blinded their foes into submission. 


"This would be one hell of a woman's match as all are pretty good performers.  WENDI & MADUSA (way better than Alundra) get the victory." - Devil Man. 

"Going old school with this one - Wendi Richter." - Beau L. 

"Velvet is the weakest link." - Fraser. 

"Ivory and Velvet after Ivory DDT's Alundra." - Troy X. 

"I always felt bad about poor Velvet losing in 9 seconds like that, so I'll make it up to her here." - Phil Unwin. 

"Blayze with the kicks, just too much for the other women." - Eric L. 

"Wendi/ Alundra v. Ivory/Velvet: the winner? The FANS! *ahem* Lawler's not here, so at least the match might get called." - ConcreteTG. 

"Richter w/ assistance from Lauper and Capt Lou." - Mighty Derf.

"Velvet gets pinned by Richter.  Ivory chastises her and kicks her ass." - Thai Dao.

2.) EDDIE GUERRERO (2000) defeated TITO SANTANA (1985), 52% to 48%.

A very close match between the Latino Heat Radical and the IC title contender Santana. What made the difference?


"Eddy after he CHEATS TO WIN!" - Thai Dao. 

"Eddy hits the Frog Splash after Tito misses the flying forearm." - MagnumSB. 

"Chico gets the big win." - Joe Fair. 

"Eddy. Cheat to win!" - Kyle M. 

"Tito never wins at WM and it won't start here." - Paul F. 

"Gotta keep Tito's WM losing streak alive." - Mike H. 

"I'm throwing Tito a bone cause he hardly ever won in the reality Wrestlemanias." - Steve R. 

"High- flying Eddie would make a mistake that Tito would eventually capitalize on." - John Schultz. 

"Eddie could be such a dick when he wanted to be, and Tito was pretty over as a face. Eddie cheats like a rabid weasel for most of the match (tm, Scott Keith), but can't get the win until Rick Martel blasts Tito with a chair." - Phil Unwin. 

"Guerrero with the Frog Splash after a missed flying forearm." - Troy X. 

"The era saves Tito here. If it was Eddie vs. El Matador, then Eddie wins." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Flying Forearm and Tito at his prime would overwhelm Guerrero."  Chris E.

3.) THE HARDY BOYZ (2001) defeated THE ISLANDERS (1988) in a Ladder Match, 71% to 27% (2% NC).

While the ladder match is definitely Matt and Jeff Hardy's turf, they don't always win. What's more, their opponents are usually game to (almost) match the Hardys in those bouts. Haku and Tama might have made the match exciting. But they fall to The Hardys in this one.


"What led up to this match?  Did the Islanders kidnap and starve Lita?  Prompting a nationwide 'Get Well Lita' card writing campaign?" - Devil Man. 

"Islanders - because lord knows you need an upset or two." - Fraser. 

"The toughness of the Islanders combined with the deviousness of Bobby Heenan tips the scales in their favor." - Chris E. 

"The ladder match stipulation screws the Islanders here. I don't think they could get up that ladder fast enough." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"HARDY BOYZ- it's not called the Hardy Boys specialty for nothing." - Eric L. 

"I hate the Hardy Boyz!" - Christopher G. 

"It may be their trademark match, but they almost always lose them, so I'd give the dukes to the Islanders." - Paul F. 

"I'll go with the Islanders. Barely." - Joe Fair. 

"Jeff hits his high spot off the 25 ft. Ladder right onto Haku. In the end Tama ends up losing to Matt." - Dennis. 

"Ooh, if only Shawn Michaels wasn't already going to be used, Hardyz vs Rockers would be a dream match." - Thai Dao.

4.) Mr. T (1985) defeated LAWRENCE TAYLOR (1995) in a No DQ Match, 55% to 37% (8% NC).

In a battle between the only two celebrities ever to main event WrestleMania as active competitors, the former star of The A-Team out-brawled football legend LT in a no-DQ match. And yes, it was very brief.


"Mr. T because LT is a CRACK HEAD." - Thai Dao. 

"LT is a real athlete. Nuff said." - MagnumSB. 

"LT gets beat badly by Mr. T. and the match must be stopped after 10 minutes as LT was bleeding too badly to continue. Mr. T. attacks the paramedics, and cuts LT open even more." - Dennis [perhaps a 49ers fan?] 

"Mr. T wins due to Refrigerator Perry's interference." - Mighty Derf. 

"Maybe he throws some coke in his eyes or something." - Joe Fair. 

"Mr. T, foo!" - Kyle M. 

"With the ref's head turned, LT knocks out Mr. T with his crack pipe." - Christopher G. 

"With Guest Referee Mike Tyson! Yes, a VERY short match when LT and Tyson jump Mr. T. but the ex-A Teamer pulls it off anyway. 'I pity the fool that's cheatin t' win!'" - ConcreteTG. 

"LT wins in about 10 seconds." - Phil Unwin. 

"Mr. T will shut that jibba jabberin' fool up for good. I pity L.T." - Ian. 

"Provided that LT is crack-free for at least a month before the match, then LT should win." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Mr. T wins by pinfall... gets a quick roll up after distracting LT with lines of coke on the mat." - Mike.

"LOSERS: THE FANS." - Beau L. 

"I'm a big NY Giants fan, so LT punks out Clubber Lang." - Devil Man. 

"Taylor wins. T was trained by Hulk Hogan, which means certain defeat." - Chris E. [DENNY'S NOTE: Good point, but remember, Lawrence Taylor was trained by Kevin Nash. Pick your poison.]

5.) "Mr. Wonderful" PAUL ORNDORFF (1986) defeated "Texas Tornado" KERRY VON ERICH (1991), 52% to 44% (4% NC).

It was close, but the soon-to-turn-heel "Mr. Wonderful" edged out the only Von Erich to ever compete at WrestleMania.


"Orndorff via piledriver after no-selling stupid discus punch finisher." - White Pony. 

"Von Erich's technical superiority gives him the victory." - Chris E.

"I always thought these two were fairly overrated as wrestlers. Still, it would be a good match. I'll give it to Orndorff, just so I wouldn't have to see Kerry's silly discus punch finisher." - Phil Unwin. 

"KERRY VON ERICH- Discus punch, brain claw, ring the bell." - Eric L. 

"After the match Paul piledrives Kerry endlessly until the Von Erich clan runs out to make the save." - MagnumSB. 

"This one would actually be one of the best matches of this card." - Thai Dao.

6.) ANDRE THE GIANT (1985) defeated THE BIG SHOW (1999), 81% to 13% (6% NC).

The numbers say it all: there's only one true "Giant" in WWF history, and even in declining health, Andre the Giant takes an overwhelming victory over The Big Show.


"Only Andre decides who gets the torch and it ain't Paul." - MagnumSB.

"Show over Andre but this is a close one." - Scott S. 

"Big Show is not able to hit the Choke Slam (ahhhhhhhh) but wins via pinfall after Andre's back gives out trying to body slam Big Show." - Dennis. 

"No contest...even at that stage of his career, Andre could still have a DECENT match." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"8th wonder of the world over his 'son' in a match that all fathers should watch with their boys." - Eric L. 

"Andre falls on top of Wight when he tries the choke slam for the pin." - Troy X. 

"Andre. Big Show is not even in his league." - Fraser. 

"I'm giving it to ANDRE, cuz he never really got a rightful sendoff." - Devil Man.

7.) DEMOLITION (1989) defeated THE DUDLEY BOYZ (2000), 61% to 39%.

Ax and Smash resume their destructive ways by running through Buh Buh Ray and D-Von, tables and all.


"Dream Match!!  Demolition Decapitation = 2D. 3D over 2D, DUDLEY BOYZ (just barely)." - Devil Man. 

"Dudleys via Super 3D through 2 tables on Ax." - White Pony.

"While D-Von's getting the tables, the Demos would be decapitating Bubba Ray." - Chris E. 

"Demolition were and always will be the best. Easy win over the Dudleys." - Shawn L. 

"Would be a hell of a match, but the nod goes to Demolition. I may have to set the VCR for this match." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Here comes the Ax, and here comes the Smasher . . ." - Forest. 

"I was always a sucker for the Demos, so I'll give it to them." - Phil Unwin. 

"Hide the tables! Better yet, set up the 3-D on the announce table! Dudleys win it right there, and catch hell from Ventura." - ConcreteTG. 

"Demolition were unstoppable at this point, so gotta go with them." - Paul F. 

"Demo. They're a walking disaster." - Kyle M. 

"3D for all 3 members of Demolition." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Here comes the Ax, here comes the Smash, and here comes the 3D on the tables." - MagnumSB.

8.) "Ravishing" RICK RUDE (1989) defeated RAZOR RAMON (1994), 58% to 40% (2% NC).

Cut the music - The Bad Guy at his best just couldn't carve up a young Ravishing Rick Rude. One of the reasons, as many of you pointed out, is that slipping out of the Razor's Edge puts Rick Rude in perfect position to hit the Rude Awakening.


"Hey Yo, Chico, take a look at one of the BEST BAD GUYS!" - MagnumSB. 

"Razor's Edge...one of the best all-time finishers." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Chalk up a win for the bad guy." - Mighty Derf. 

"Rick Rude. Hopefully with Razor's wife in his corner." - Joe Fair. 

"Rick Rude, by a landslide..." - Christian. 

"Rude shows Val Venis HOW to cut a promo! Ramon shows Rude how to wrestle." - ConcreteTG. 

"The Bad Guy in a rout." - Phil Unwin. 

"Razor was unbeatable in this era, Rude was unbeatable in his. I may regret this choice since I like Scott Hall a lot, but Rick Rude wins. I wonder what design Rick's tights would have on them." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"You know, sometimes I miss that cheap Tony Montana accent." - Devil Man.

9.) SHAWN MICHAELS (1996) defeated ROB VAN DAM (2002), 69% to 25% (6% NC).

In what was probably a very athletic contest with plenty of kicking, flipping, and egotistical mugging for the fans, The Heartbreak Kid outwits The Whole Dam Show. Just call him The Whole Dam Showstopper.


"HBK gets the nod here.  I'd like to revisit this match, say in about 3-5 years.  We may have a different outcome." - Devil Man. 

"Screw Shawn and his attitude - make that boy job out to the future of the sport." - Fraser. 

"I believe RVD's ability to make up moves on the spot gives him an advantage over HBK." - Chris E. 

"Shoot me if you want but I'll take RVD by pinfall... would love to see the kind of spots these two could come up with." - Mike. 

"Hopefully the RVD amnesia won't affect HBK and he will swat any chair he sees flying towards him to the ground." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"A definite classic for the ages. Sweet Chin Music caps a thrilling 40 minute affair." - Phil Unwin. 

"HBK didn't job to anyone back then, why start now?!?" - Eric L. 

"Thirty minutes of the best high-flying action ever." - Christopher G. 

"Fuck Shawn. RVD smokes his smile."- Kyle M. 

"RVD goes for the splash but HBK hits him with the Sweet Chin Music in mid-air." - Mighty Derf. 

"RVD comes running into the ring, tries a flip over the ropes and lands straight into Sweet Chin Music." - Dennis. 

"Maybe the best match of the 3 days. I see HBK hitting Sweet Chin Music at the 39 minute mark after playing possum and avoiding a 5 star." - MagnumSB. 

"Double Count Out- No winner, just a couple of losers." - Peter RW. 

"HBK. Afterwards, both are crippled like Dynamite Kid (2002)." - Thai Dao.

10.) RIC FLAIR (1992) defeated "The Million Dollar Man" TED DiBIASE (1988), 88% to 10% (2% NC).

The Nature Boy and The Million Dollar Man were both in championship form and super heels, but in the end, DiBiase was overwhelmed by Ric Flair.


"These are two of the best heels of all time!  They have a clinic, then decide on a double count-out as they hug and go backstage to kick Hogan's ass." - Thai Dao. 

"Flair wins after a 30 minute contest that features all the heel moves in the book by both parties involved." - Dennis. 

"Flair all the way...WOOO!" - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Love Ted, but Ric's gotta get the win here." - Joe Fair. 

"Flair. Good contest but no contest." - Kyle M. 

"As much as I like Ric, I like Ted More...in the battle of the heels, Ted comes out on top." - Christian.

"I think DiBiase gets the dukes here. He should've won the WWF title in 88, so he gets his retribution here." - Paul F. 

"A technical clash for the ages that would almost certainly have the fans on the edge of their seats cheering for the Nature Boy. DiBiase was SO loathed as a heel, whereas Flair always had his fans, no matter what." - Phil Unwin. 

"The greatest heel of all time would simply out-wrestle, out-cheat, and out-think DiBiase." - Chris E. 

"I'm SO tempted to give it to DiBiase because he really deserved to win the big one just once, but no. Flair. Sorry Ted." - Fraser.

11.) RICKY "The Dragon" STEAMBOAT (1987) defeated "The Crippler" CHRIS BENOIT (2001) in a 45-minute Iron Man Match, 52% to 35% (13% NC).

Go buy some nachos and settle in, because even with 45 minutes guaranteed for this match, some bookers sent it into overtime. Chris Benoit can go the distance, but ultimately, it was Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat who left the ring with the most wins as time expired.


"Come on, let's go 60 minutes!!  Damn, this one's tough!!  Talk about hard decisions.  I'm gonna say, THE CRIPPLER, 3 falls to 2.  It's Benoit's killer instinct that gave him the edge." - Devil Man. 

"Draw tied at 3-3" - White Pony. 

"This is just brilliant. I guess I'll go with Steamboat just because the fans just love to cheer him - and it is back in the SilverDome." - Fraser. 

"Steamboat-Benoit, too good to be true. Back and forth contest gives it to Steamboat at 3-2." - Chris E.

"Hell, let this thing go an hour. Both guys could've handled it. Anyways, take the Dragon 3 falls to 2." - Mike. 

"Steamboat (in overtime)." - NuRM Wave. 

"This match makes me go, AAAAAAAGHH!! + (gurgling saliva.) I love the stip on it too. ***** all the way. It all comes down to intensity. Chris Benoit wins, because he has the most fire. I'd say 3 to 2 falls. The final fall coming in overtime." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"I can't pick a winner... it's some sort of tie. I love these guys too much to pick one to ever lose." - Colin Poel. 

"Almost certainly the best match on the card. Steamboat's flying bodypress gets the 3 count, just before the final bell, and The Dragon takes a 4-3 decision." Phil Unwin. 

"Benoit easily." - Steve R. 

"45 minutes of chopping, suplexing, taunting, and other wonderful things that would go with this match. Benoit takes the tie- breaking pin at the 44:55 mark, taking the match 8 pins to 7." - ConcreteTG. 

"This match makes Steamboat vs. Flair look like King Kong Bundy vs. SD Jones! Scott Keith gives it **********!" - Christopher G.

"Ooooh...damn. Good matchup...Benoit though." - Christian. 

"Dragon. Both bleed hardway from the chest!" - Kyle M. 

"How many arm drags will Ricky do in this one. Benoit wins with the Crossface at the 44:58 mark." - Joe Fair. 

"Steamboat hits the flying cross-body with no-time left, for the final fall." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Benoit gets the crossface finish early and Steamboat spends the rest of the time catching up...gets the 1-1 tie as time runs out...if it MUST continue, I like Steamboat." - Scott S. 

"You need a calculator to count the chops." - MagnumSB. 

"Chris Benoit.  Ricky has Benoit in the Crossface (let's say 3-2) but Chris won't give up as time expires.  A 'passing the torch' ending of mutual respect." - Thai Dao.

12.) HULK HOGAN (1987) defeated TRIPLE H (2001), 52% to 48%.

In perhaps the closest match of the entire three days, Triple H lead The Hulkster in the voting almost the entire time. Mirroring Hogan's famous in-ring comebacks, it was the final few votes that put the nail in the coffin for The Game, and kept Hulk Hogan undefeated at the Silverdome.


"Triple H's 2000-2001 was maybe the greatest stretch ever. But I grew up on Hulkamania, so Hogan goes over." - MagnumSB. 

"Hulkster thought he had it in the bank after crowd pumped him up, but Triple H was able to rejuvinate his batteries while Hulkster showed off for the crowd. Triple H hit the Pedigree for the 1,2,3!" - Dennis. 

"With the way HHH respects the business, he'd probably be honored to do the job." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Hogan wins but H destroys him after the match." - Mighty Derf. 

"Triple H. I'm a wooo! Smark!" - Kyle M. 

"Hogan wins, but gets destroyed after the match with a sledgehammer." - Paul F.

"The Immortal One outplays the Game this time, but not at the next PPV." - Eric L. 

"The instinct is to give Hogan the win, and send 'em home happy. But the hell with it. Winner: Triple H." - Phil Unwin. 

"Hogan, without a shadow of a doubt." - Forest. 

"In almost all categories HHH trounces the Hulkster." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Hogan - because it must end with Hogan posing forever." - Fraser.


Sunday - Day 3: The Grand Finale  
Sky Dome, Toronto, Ontario 
Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler

1.) THE MOUNTIE (1991) defeated GOLDUST (1996), 58% to 42%.

He's handsome, he's brave, he's strong, and he's BEATING GOLDUST in the day three curtain-jerker. He's The Mountie.


"THE MOUNTIE, just cuz I want to hear his theme song." - Devil Man.

"Mountie via DQ. Goldust uses tazer on Mountie's nutsack." - White Pony. 

"Mountie with a 'shocking' pinfall." - Mike. 

"Because the Mountie always gets his man!" - Forest.

"Gotta give it to the home country boy." - Eric L.

2.) EDGE & CHRISTIAN (2001) defeated THE KILLER BEES (1987), 85% to 15%.

Edge & Christian thrash Jim Brunzell & B. Brian Blair, despite the Bee's attempts to use the masks for a switcheroo. I mentioned last week that I had visions of Edge & Christian using the "Los Conquistadors" masks to pull the same stunt, and a lot of you took me up on that idea.


"After getting HUMILIATED on the mic, the Bees are squashed by E&C." - MagnumSB. 

"E and C in pretty much of a squash." - Paul F. 

"The promos will cover each team's fashion sense, but don't worry, the wrestling more than makes up for it!" - ConcreteTG. 

"A real sleeper match here, this could be a blockbuster, because these guys were all pretty damn good. Killer Bees win with the old switcheroo." - Phil Unwin.

"The Bees couldn't shine their sunglasses." - Chris E. 

"E&C - no jobbing the Canadians to the vastly less over Killer Bees!" - Fraser.

3.) JAKE "The Snake" ROBERTS (1986) defeated RAVEN (2001), 79% to 17% (4% NC).

When it comes to playing mind games, this could be considered teacher vs. student. It could also be considered a battle of dueling DDTs. Jake The Snake sends Raven back to the drawing board with a convincing victory.


"Roberts via DDT. Raven wakes up and plays with Damien much to crowd's shock." - White Pony. 

"Roberts. He was just a killer with that 'it' persona at this time. Far superior to Raven." - Fraser.

"Nobody plays mind games like Jake Roberts and he had the greatest DDT in history." - Chris E. 

"Quote the Raven: I win." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Make it a hardcore match and let Damian win." - Mighty Derf. 

"Much like Flair, every heel should study Jake." - MagnumSB.

4.) Mr. PERFECT (1990) defeated JEFF JARRETT (1999), 83% 13% (4% NC).

Jeff Jarrett might have stroke, but nobody beats Mr. Perfect - nobody. Hennig overwhelms Double J in a technical clinic.


"Double J! PLEASE get him back in the WWF." - Joe Fair. 

"Hey Jarrett, you may be a great entertainer, but you are NOT PERFECT!" - Steve R. 

"Hennig after he counters the Figure Four with a small package." - Troy X. 

"Awesome match, but in the end Perfect wipes the floor with Jarrett." - Fraser. 

"Interesting match. It's not the battle for AA's spot, is it?" - Devil Man.

5.) THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR (1990) defeated KEN SHAMROCK (1998), 73% to 27%.

The Warrior proves he is the biggest spaz in WWF history with a win over the almost- as-volatile Ken Shamrock.


"While Warrior has a seizure, Shamrock puts on the Ankle Lock." - Chris E. 

"The Ultimate Warrior kills Ken Shamrock in five minutes." - Shawn L. 

"I hate him, but the Warrior." - Forest.

"Shamrock after he shoots and kicks the sh** out of Warrior and gets rid of him for good:)" - Troy X. 

"If you had made it a loser leaves the WWF Match, I'd have made it a double DQ, and got them both the hell outta Dodge. But since you didn't Warrior returns and triumphs once again." - Eric L.

"Shamrock. Warrior screams like a little girl." - Kyle M. 

"Slap on that ankle lock for real Kenny. Please." - Joe Fair. 

"Shamrock carried Warrior throughout the match, but jobbed at the end." - Dennis.

6.) THE BRITISH BULLDOGS (1986) defeated RICK & SCOTT STEINER (1993), 69% to 29% (2% NC).

Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid had all they could handle with the Steiner Brothers, and no doubt took a lot of punishment before eeking out a victory for the UK.


"The Steiner Brothers get the win after out-muscling the Bulldogs and hitting the Frankensteiner." - Dennis.

"Dynamite would be the victim of that Frankensteiner." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Bulldogs win when Matilda bites the Steiners in the nuts." - Mighty Derf.

"Steiners win after Scott takes advantage of Kid's back by submission with a boston crab." - Paul F.

"Flying Headbutt too much for the Steiners." - Eric L. 

"They were falling low, but give me the Bulldogs." - Forest. 

"The Steiners, nuff said. Rick was an animal, Scott was amazing to watch." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"I'd say Dynamite gets pissed at Rick for something and Scott retaliates and we have a Pier 6 shoot on the biggest card of the year." - Mike. 

"The British Bulldogs are too experienced for the Steiners here." - Shawn L. 

"While Davey Boy handles Scott's interference, Dynamite will snap suplex Rick Steiner into oblivion." - Chris E. 

"Best match of night 3." - Fraser. 

"There's no way I'm going against THE BULLDOGS in '86." - Devil Man.  

7.) DIESEL (1995) defeated KANE (1998), 56% to 42% (2% NC).

In a close match, "Big Daddy Cool" got the edge over The Big Red Machine. Those who wish to consider this a grudge match between the original Diesel and his 1996 imposter, feel free. This match is one of the few on the card that could actually happen today in the WWF.


"Kane has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but BIG DADDY COOL couldn't lose in '95." - Devil Man.

"Fake Diesel - not as lazy." - Beau L.

"Diesel is big, but Kane can wrestle. Tombstone gives the Brothers of Destruction a clean sweep over Diesel." - Chris E. 

"They team up to give Pete Rose a double chokeslam after the match."- Phil Unwin. 

"Diesel beats the Big Red Machine with an impressive Jackknife." - Eric L.

"Kane destroys the no-selling Big Sexy Daddy Cool Kevin Nash Diesel." - Mighty Derf. 

"Nash proceeds to de-mask Kane...the dual Diesels are revealed." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Diesel.  Damn the cliques' political pull!  :)" - Thai Dao.

8.) THE LEGION OF DOOM (1991) defeated THE APA (2001), 72% to 26% (2% NC).

Ohhh, what a rush. The APA were no match for a team many consider the best ever in the business, Hawk and Animal. They said what they were gonna do, and then they did it.


"I would have rather seen Steiners vs. LOD for claim to greatest tag team ever." - MagnumSB. 

"Will be a brawl...APA always seems to lose, yet it never hurts the character." - Hugh Zeitlin.

"APA. Just cause I love Faarooq. Damn." - Joe Fair. 

"LOD pretty quickly." - Paul F.

"Killer clotheslines in this match.... with the LOD winning with the Decapitator." - John S.

"I don't see how you could have passed up Demolition vs. the LOD." - Phil Unwin.

"I just have visions of Bradshaw being set up in the Doomsday Device, standing up and clothesline from Hell'ing Hawk out of mid air." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"I always got a kick out of hearing the LOD mutter those lines on the Wrestlefest arcade game... so I'll go with LOD by pinfall." - Mike. 

"APA via stiff Clothesline From Hell. APA shoot all over LOD." - White Pony.

9.) BRET "Hit Man" HART (1994) defeated "Living Legend" CHRIS JERICHO (2002), 66% to 34%.

Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho is brazen, arrogant, and shoots off his mouth. Regardless, he's got the skills to wrestle with the best of them and enough heel tricks up his sleeve to win, just in case. But Bret "Hit Man" Hart in 1994 was an amazing technical wrestler with the fans on his side. Bret Hart takes the victory over the self- proclaimed "Living Legend."


"Chris may be a living legend, but he's not THE BEST THERE IS, THE BEST THERE WAS, THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE." - Devil Man. 

"Jericho- but only to rub Bret Hart's nose in the "F-YOU" spot." - Beau L. 

"Must be Bret - come on, the guy won't even show if he's scheduled to job." - Fraser. 

"The Excellence of Execution would be too much for Y2J." - Chris E. 

"Hitman wins clean by submission... no Montreal jokes required." - Mike. 

"Jericho. Sneaky victory, leaving Bret pissed once again." - NuRM Wave. 

"I really liked Bret back then and he just has to win. Give Jericho's character another couple of months to develop and my story may be different." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"Another 40 minute classic where Jericho cheats like crazy the whole time, culminating in a 3 count that's quickly reversed because his feet are on the ropes. Y2J argues with the ref, and The Hitman wastes no time locking him the sharpshooter for the win." - Phil Unwin. 

"Jericho won't care about history, this is NOW, and HE is the 'undispyooooooted' champeen!" - ConcreteTG. 

"Jericho taps like a bitch to the Sharpshooter, but the ref refuses to call for the bell. Bret gets mad, and punches out the ref. Out comes Stephanie in a ref shirt, and while Bret is arguing with her, Jericho nails him from behind with a chair, and gets the win." - Paul F. 

"Vince is special ref, Steph ring announcer, but both get involved in the match and screw Bret over.  Bret decides that he no longer wants to wrestle unless he is more powerful the Vince and cries all the way to the back." - Dennis.

"Jericho on a 2 count." - Peter RW. 

"Y2J finds a way to beat the Hitman.  Gee, I wonder how many people will say the Montreal Finish in the Liontamer?" - Thai Dao.

10.) YOKOZUNA (1993) defeated THE HONKY TONK MAN (1988), 66% to 32% (2% NC).

In a clash between two of the WWF's most successful heels of the WrestleMania era, Honky Tonk's ability to cheat wasn't enough to withstand Yokozuna's attack. Not even the guitar shot could keep ol' Rodney down. YOSH~! Ahem.


"Yoko squashes Honky.  End of story." - Thai Dao. 

"Two words...squash match." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"HTM. Cheat to win!" - Kyle M. 

"Are you serious, Yoko nearly leaves a grease stop in the corner after the Banzai." - Eric L. 

"Honky Tonk. (Come on, he's too cool, cocky and bad)." - Ian.

"Yokozuna with a butt-splash." - Forest.

"Yoko goes for the Banzai and takes a guitar to the skull for his trouble, allowing Honky to roll him up for the pinfall." - Mike.

"YOKO wins it.  Most likely by Honky running away (countout) when none of his offense works." - Devil Man.

11.) THE ROCK (2001) defeated RANDY "Macho Man" SAVAGE (1989), 56% to 44%.

In the semi-main event, the heel, WWF Champion-era "Macho Man" went one-on- one with The Great One - a musclebound, arrogant superstar not unlike Savage's archrival Hulk Hogan. Savage led the voting for most of the week, but a late surge of votes for The Rock stifled Savage's chances at victory.


"Match sees Savage land a vicious elbow drop on Rock through the spanish announcer table. Finish comes when Rock catches Savage on the top turnbuckle while setting up for another elbow drop, and rock bottoms him off instead. Finish w/ the people's FLYING elbow." - jEricholic. 

"Savage's intensity will give him the win." - Chris E. 

"Savage goes nuts, but it costs him at the end." - NuRM Wave. 

"Winner: Macho Mang." - Forest.

"Savage at his peak just takes it to Rocky and wins after the Flying Elbow." - Troy X. 

"I think its great that Savage gets a spot above Hogan on the card. Its just right, ya know?" - Phil Unwin. 

"Savage couldn't beat his menace before, no reason he'll beat the second coming either." - Eric L. 

"I see Rocky more willing to put Savage over than vice versa." - Hugh Zeitlin. 

"Great action, a ton of near falls, but rock getting the 1-2-3, with Savage gaining face after the match." - MagnumSB.

12.) OWEN HART (1994) defeated KURT ANGLE (2001), 79% to 19% (2% NC).

In my little world, Owen Hart gets to main event WrestleMania, even with his brother on the same card. A few of you noted that, although it was a nice gesture, Owen probably didn't belong in the main event. But I don't think it's completely unjustified, because in 1994 (the year I used for him), Owen did main event for a lot of the year, and did a great job. I'd add that if Owen were still alive, I think he'd have main evented even more. We'll never know, sadly. But here, Owen defeated Kurt Angle by a wide margin to take home the big one.


"No winner because it ends with both men passing out after their 120 minute Iron Man match." - Zach. 

"I loved Owen like everybody else, but Angle is THE best thing going today. WOOOOOOOOOOO." - MagnumSB.

"FANTASTIC. So pleased to see Owen get the respect he deserves. This is an absolute fantastic dream match and one I'd die to see. RIP Owen. Owen gets the win after an absolutely incredible match. Sigh." - Joe Fair. 

"Angle. You heard me." - Kyle M.

"As a Canadian, I'd have to go with Owen Hart in the Main Event at Wrestlemania..." - Christian. 

"Owen wins with the Sharpshooter, before regaining his place in the heavens." - Paul F. 

"Angle arrives (to a chorus of boos) and he proceeds to cut his (requisite) anti-Canada promo, complete with a jab about the Olympics! This gets the crowd (and Owen) riled up, and the final match makes for some fine technical work on both parts. Owen finally puts Angle's shoulders to the mat with the Olympic slam." - ConcreteTG. 

"I just don't think Owen should be above his brother on the card." - Mike H. 

"Another fine technical exhibition, and hey, Owen deserved to main event Wrestlemania at some point." - Phil Unwin. 

"I know Owen will get a lot of votes here, but Kurt by all means should go over here." - Mat O'Donnell. 

"An interesting match, to be sure... especially given Owen's tendencies to crack up his opponents during a match." - Mike.

 "A tough one, but Kurt would eventually get the win." - Tom P. 

"Owen, duh. What kind of satanic bastard would book this card to end IN CANADA with Angle winning? Fans would go berserk." - Fraser. 

"If Owen were still here, this very well coulda been the main event of this years WrestleMania.  I like Kurt, but unless hell freezes over, there's no way he beats OWEN in the SkyDome." - Devil Man. 

"I wish I could say Owen, but I can't." - Rusty Priske.

A BIG GIANT "Thank You" to everyone who participated with votes and comments. Enjoy the REAL WrestleMania this weekend!



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