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You Say You Want a Resolution?
January 14, 2005

by Denny Burkholder
Courtesy of WrestleLine.com


Had enough pay-per-views yet?
Or, more importantly... if you haven't bought a TNA pay-per-view up to this point, is there anything about this Sunday's TNA Final Resolution PPV that might change your mind?

Here's the big issue: TNA is capable of putting out great wrestling matches with the right guys. They are capable of an entertaining

promo if the right person's in front of the stick. And, if all the stars align, TNA is capable of a solid show from top to bottom. But so far, the company is hemorrhaging money at an ECW-like rate. The fear is that regardless of how much improvement the TNA product undergoes, they still won't convince new fans to pencil TNA into their monthly PPV budget.

Since TNA doesn't do house shows, PPV is still by far its biggest means of potential income. They can plug the hell out of their own product every week on Impact and XPlosion. They can show fans just how great the workers are with solid matches on Impact. But until TNA's PPV revenue matches - let alone surpasses - the amount of money the company spends on production, salaries, and other expenses, then TNA is simply running on borrowed time. Sooner or later, the bills catch up with you.

Until that time comes (or until TNA digs out of debt and PREVENTS that time from coming), we've got a PPV on our hands. It's the second of three PPVs in the month of January, counting last week's WWE New Year's Resolution and the upcoming Royal Rumble. If you are paying for all of those PPVs, it's $100 just for the month of January. If you're not watching any of them, well, that's what sites like WrestleLine.com are for. WE watch the show so YOU don't have to!

If you fall somewhere in the middle - willing to pay for wrestling PPV broadcasts, but on a limited budget - then you'll have to pick. Or else you'll have to go to Hooters for the Rumble.

Those of you who chose to forego WWE New Year's Revolution, congratulations. Aside from the Elimination Chamber main event, the decision to save your money was a wise one.

The Royal Rumble often gets a free pass because it's the Rumble, so right there, we can assume the majority of wrestling fans on a budget will probably roll the dice on the Rumble as opposed to TNA Final Resolution, if they can only order one show this month.

For the rest of you, let's take a look at the chances TNA Final Resolution has of being a worthwhile expense:

NWA World Title Match:
Jeff Jarrett (C) vs. TBD

The winner of the match below gets a title shot against Double J.

Winner Advances to the NWA World Title Match:
Kevin Nash vs. Diamond Dallas Page vs. Alpha Male Monty Brown

This one isn't gonna be a masterpiece of workrate or mat wrestling. Gray-haired Kevin Nash now calls himself the Silver Fox, showing that Nash has a sense of humor even when it comes to his own old age. Monty Brown is popular for having more charisma than the average TNA wrestler, plus he looks like a huge guy next to most of his roster mates. I'm not worried about DDP here as much as I am the other two guys. Monty Brown needs his opponent to sell the pooooouunnnce. If he hits Nash with the move, Nash probably can't fall down fast enough anymore to make the pounce look good. DDP would do his best... so I guess the key to a good match here is limited Nash involvement (which is actually a good bet), strong selling for the Alpha Male, and keeping it somewhat short. Notwithstanding that age has beset DDP and Nash, and inexperience plagues Monty Brown, whoever wins then has to churn out a good NWA Title Match against Jeff Jarrett. I think it'll be Monty Brown, but I don't see the Jarrett title match being a blockbuster. In fact, it'll probably feature lots of outside interference to spice up the match. Jarrett vs. any of these three guys would pale in comparison to the Ultimate X match, so rather than try to top it, they'll probably overbook it instead.

Ultimate X Match (for the X Title
Petey Williams (C) vs. AJ Styles vs. Chris Sabin

This is gonna kick ass. If there's one thing you can always count on with a TNA program, it's the Ultimate X. And if there's one GUY you can count on, it's AJ Styles. His opponents are coming off of a very good match against each other at Turning Point, too, so it's hard to see this match as anything but the show-stealer.

NWA Tag Team Title Match:
Team Canada (Bobby Roode & Eric Young) (C) vs. America's Most Wanted (James Storm & Chris Harris)

I'm a pretty big fan of Team Canada in general. America's Most Wanted gets a ton of press as TNA's greatest tag team of all time, but honestly, I never felt as entertained by them as I do Team Canada. Don't get me wrong, AMW is very good. Personal preference, I guess. This should be solid... probably the best match other than Ultimate X.

Special Referee "Rowdy" Roddy Piper:
Scott Hall vs. Jeff Hardy

There are two kinds of train wrecks: The kind you wish you never saw (a terrible match with no redeeming value whatsoever), and the kind you wish you had on tape (it sucked so terribly that it actually entertained you for all the wrong reasons... kind of like that Hulk Hogan movie, <i>No Holds Barred</i>). I'm calling Hall vs. Hardy as the latter. This will be a pretty brutal match, but Piper in the same ring with Hall and Hardy? The personality clashes alone ought to provide some comic relief.

Raven vs. Erik Watts

No smart-alecky comments about this match out of respect for Erik Watts, who apparently had an overdose/possible suicide attempt last week (source: Meltzer). This match may or may not still be on for Sunday, but as of Friday, TNA still listed it on their web site. Let's hope all of the players involved are in good spirits and ready to go, if in fact this match is still on.

Dustin Rhodes vs. Kid Kash

This has a little potential. Rhodes and Kash are both capable of telling a great story. They've both got enough charisma so that they don't have to put on a clinic in order to say their match was successful. If there's a sleeper on the card, it could be Rhodes vs. Kash. But I will say this: doesn't Rhodes seem 1000 percent more entertaining and charismatic when he plays Goldust than he does when he's the (rather generic) "Dustin Rhodes?" It's hard to believe it's the same guy, sometimes.

Primetime Elix Skipper vs. Sonjay Dutt

Rumor has it Sonjay Dutt is on his way to Zero One to pick up some of Super Crazy's slack (if indeed Crazy winds up in WWE, as rumored). If this is one of his last high-profile matches in TNA for a while, he's got a great opponent. Primetime and Dutt are similar in style, and Primetime has the experience to carry Dutt beyond the strings of highspots and into a pretty good match.

3 Live Kru, Michael Shane & Kazarian "in action"

This is all we know. They might be against each other, or they might be "in action" against other people. So... yeah. We'll probably get to see Road Dogg wrestle.

30-minute free preview show
Johnny B. Badd & Sonny Siaki vs. The Naturals

FFWD (although the Naturals are entertaining).

Chris Candido vs. TBA

I'll say this about Chris Candido: it's always a welcome sight when a wrestler pulls himself up from personal defeat. And since Candido has always been a natural at wrestling, it's especially gratifying that it's a guy with his potential making a comeback. Bravo.

There you have it. Overall, I'd say the PPV is worth ordering if you can afford two or three shows this month (this, plus the Rumble), and if you don't mind knowing that the best matches on the show will most definitely NOT be the world title match or the No. 1 contender's triple threat.

That aside, bring on the Ultimate X. I'm down.


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