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The Ryder Conspiracy

June 16, 2011

by Matt Hocking    
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Last Week: RAW General Manager Demon Girl is on summer vacation, so she punished Stone Cold Steve Austin by giving him her job for the week. R-Truth made every attempt to outdick Tracy Morgan by dressing up as a Confederate soldier. And Tough Enough finally ended, and the spoils went to Tough Enough Jessie! Congratulations startÖTONIGHT!


(Opening Credits)

Hereís The Miz. He came to play WWE All Stars. Heís going to play as himself and pretend heís still relevant and not feuding with Alex Riley right now.


The Miz: So now Iím starting to figure out what Edge was talking about. I mean, I lose one match, and suddenly Iím persona non grata on RAW. I mean, when was the last time anybody tuned into RAW to see what The Miz was up to? Do I have to tweet a picture of my penis to Maryse to get attention? Because I will do it. Thatíll get me out of a feud with Alex Riley and intoÖcounseling, probably. Maybe I can steal a bus with Hugh Morrisí dad on it too. That sounds like the kind of angle that would relaunch my flagging career. I mean, thatís the way we did things in 2000, and 2000 is whatís ďinĒ right now, right?

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Miz, letís face facts together, ok? The reason youíre not getting pushed is because youíre short, thin, and you look kind of dorky. Thatís not what gets over in this business. Oh, sure, you got your little title run, but for now you should just feel glad that you didnít just get booted back down to FCW for your big feud with G-Rilla.

Miz: Hey, G-Rillaís a big movie star now!

Austin: Yeah? Ask me how The Condemned did.

Miz: How did-

Austin: What?

Miz: Steve-

Austin: Ah, Iím just messiní with you Cabbage Patch, go backstage. Weíve got Rowdy Roddy Piper back there to give you a pep talk.

Miz: Greeeeeeaaaaaat.

Austin: Well, anyway, since Iíve got you all out here. Iíve decided that, as my first order of business, Iím-

Ricardo Rodriguez: Albertoooooooooooooooooooo Del Rioooooooooooooooooo!

Alberto Del Rio: Woah! Steve! I know you want to be me, but I donít think you can really lay claim to being Alberto Del Rio! I mean, whereís your luscious head of hair? Your expensive rental car? Your clumsily worn ascot?

Austin: You know, thereís something Iíve been wondering, and I never got a chance to ask Eddie about this, but do you actually sit in those seats in your ring gear?

Del Rio: Yes.

Austin: That cleaning bill so that they can wash the ass sweat off those chairs must be a fortune! Anyway, hereís some more Kane.


Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) vs. Kane

Alberto is wearing tights with a big ďAĒ on them for ďAll Star Night.í That was mighty forward thinking of him! Cole falls all over himself trying to drop the ďBriscoe Brothers Body ShopĒ that he forgets entirely to call the match. Del Rio locks in the Armbar, but Kane makes the ropes. Which would be great, except Alberto is too busy trying to bar Kaneís arm, so he never lets go and Kane wins by DQ! After the match, Big Show comes rumbling out in yellow gloves and with no apparent injury to his leg. He bypasses Alberto, who wisely is halfway to New Jersey by this point anyway, and he just beats the crap out of Ricardo for an hour.

Kane: Show! Stop it man, youíre going to kill him!

Big Show: So? Doesnít that sound like something you would do?

Kane: Maybe the Old Kane. But ever since you introduced me to Tough Enough Jessie, itís like thereís a whole wealth of new options! Did you know that if somebody spills coffee on you, itís ok just to laugh it off? Or that burying your dad in oatmealís kind of a crappy plan? So this dude ran you over with his car? So what? Grow up, Show.




Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson, and Sin Cara vs. Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiase, and Cody Rhodes

Sin Cara, of course, gets his own entrance and lighting throughout the match, because heís the biggest star in WWE history. Iím kind of impressed that he can spit water through his mask, I canít lie. Daniel Bryan, on the other hand, has lost a lot of luster since he disappeared for the past few months. I donít even think heís sleeping with Gail Kim anymore. Rough, man. Zeke goes on a rampage, taking out Barrett and then Rhodes and DiBiase at one time. He goes to make the pinfall, but Sin Cara tags himself in. PEDIGREE TO BARRETT~! finishes things. Thatís great and all, but THESE PEOPLE ARENíT ON THIS SHOW! After the match, the ghostly visage of Tommy Dreamer chases Sin Cara out of the ring.


Hornswoggle is in the ring shooting T-Shirts into the crowd. And Iíd just like to go on record as saying that nothing good is ever going to come out of a segment that starts with that sentence.

R-Truth: Hellspawn! What are you doing out here? You shooting John Cena T-Shirts into the crowd? Not cool, man!

Hornswoggle: Like I care whose T-Shirts Iím shooting. Iím just seeing if I can get girls to change into the free shirts while Iím watching.

Truth: Thatís creepy, man. How come youíre not the heel?

Horny: Havenít you been watching Game of Thrones? Lecherous midgets are in!

Sin Cara: Sean Bean is my favorite actor-uh! What a good looking man-uh!

Chris Tian: I really sympathized with his character in Lord of the Rings.

Truth: Team Joffrey!

Truth punts Hornswoggle across the ring.

Truth: Actually, I donít even watch that show. Sorry, man. Maybe next time load up some R-Truth T-Shirts, though. Or at least some Zack Ryder ones.

Steve Austin: Hey, R-Truth! I have no idea why in the world Iím getting involved in this crap for a second week in a row. So I wonít. Hereís another guy.

Austin: The guy from Glee? I love that show! You and Truth can have a match!

Morrison: But, my neck is still, like, broken. What the hell am I doing here?

Austin: Haha! Welcome to the club, brother.


Sheamus vs. Santino Marella

The crowd is literally begging for Zack Ryder. And you know, the crowd in Long Island usually blows, so maybe they should run him out here. Just toÖpunt Hornswoggle or something. Santino loads up and hitís the Cobra, but Sheamus completely no-sells it. Someday, somebodyís going to not sell the Bicycle Kick, Finisher of Champions or not, and youíre going to be sorry. That person is not going to be Santino, though, as he eats the Finisher of Champions. Then Sheamus locks in the Texas Cloverleaf, for no reason other than I think he wants Dean Malenko and WWE RAW Referee Nunzio to beat the crap out of him.


Oh Dear GodÖ.

Randy Orton:

Haha! A page out of the R-Truth playbook!

Orton: It is I! Ranky Q. Morgan, Legend Kill Guy and concurrent holster of the WWWYKI Girlís Chocolatechip! Iím soggy that Iíve been off Monkey Night Rod for so long, but your wake is finally odor. Thatís ripe, Ranky is back! And this Someday night, I will be taking on Cryption at the Caterpillar Pomegranate pay per viewed. But I liberally cannot wake that long! So Cross Chen, come out here and flight me!

There he is on the Titantron walking around!

Chris Tian: Hey, Randy! Do you think Iím stupid? Iím a heel now! I canít have you booting me in the head or beating me, because youíre, like, the only face on Smackdown. So Iím not stupid enough to come down to the ring and get beat up! Iím the smart one!

But while he was walking and talking, he accidentally walked down to the ring!

Tian: Whoops.

Thankfully, The Police separate Randy and Christian before Tian can get usurped as Smackdownís top heel byÖYoshi Tatsu or whoever. Sting and Christian exchange pleasantries while Steve Austin appears on the Titantron.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Randy, I hear you got a concussion. I donít know how the doctors would be able to tell, but if you touch Christian again, Iím going to strip you of the World Title.

Theodore Long: Hang on just a second, playa. You canít do that! Youíre just the temporary RAW General Manager! Thatís a Smackdown title!

Austin: Shut up and go bet on horse races, peanut head. The adults are talking here!

Long: Eh. Like I care anyway! Hollah Hollah!

Michael Cole: I just got an e-mail from RAW General Manager Demon Girl! She met Goofy, and rode the teacups, and had her picture taken with Cinderella, and she wouldnít go, but her mom took a ride on Space Mountain.

Ric Flair: WOO!

Austin: What does that have to do with this segment?

Cole: Nothing. Hey, I just read the e-mails as I get them, man.

Austin: Christian versus Rey Misterio! Right this second!

Tian: You really, really canít just do that, man.

Austin: And thatís the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold Said So! There! I can do anything!


Chris Tian vs. Rey Misterio

I canít decide if Christianís T-Shirt is awesome or terrible. If I wasnít unemployed and broke, I would probably rather spend my money buying Scott Stanford T-Shirts instead, so I guess itís terrible. What is awesome, however, is Tian taking a header into the bottom rope, and then struggling mightily to get back up to the bottom rope to set himself up for the 619. To be fair though, Christian does move again, and Rey whiffs. Then he gets tossed, so I guess itís time for a break. Man, this is a lot of breaks for a two hourÖOh God. Thereís a whole Ďnother hour and a half left of this isnít there? AAAAAAAAAAAAA-


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I screamed through that whole ad break. I donít think I have any lungs left. Christian has had enough of this crap too, and just sits on Rey and punches him until WWE RAW Referee Chad Patton calls for the bell. Oh man! Somebody remembered the ďRef Break DQĒ finish again! Expect every match on Smackdown to end this way. Rey jumps on top of CM Punk, who is out there to keep him from Tweeting anything stupid, but Mason Ryan grabs Rey and politely sets him up for the Killswitch, which Christian hits. Itís always really nice to see the heels getting along!


Stone Cold Steve Austin: A movie where I play a door to door yarn salesman whoís out for blood when a Russian spy steals the secret of Facebook from the United States? Hell Yeah, Iím interested. I-

Vickie Guerrero: EXCUSE ME!

Austin: Iíll have to call you back. A cheerleader and a guyís widow just walked in. Yeah, Iíve heard that joke. Bye. Ok, what can I help you with, boring people?

Vickie: Can you book matches for the PPV?

Austin: I dunno. Probably. I can do pretty much do whatever I want.

Vickie: Well, can you put Dolph into a match against Kofi Johnston?

Austin: I donít even know who that is. Sure!

Dolph Ziggler: Heís Shelton. Also, can you do me a personal favor? I feel awful about what I did last week. Can you give Zack Ryder a spot on tonightís show? Put him in the background or something? Please?

Austin: Only if you fire Vickie Guerrero.

Dolph: Done!

Vickie: Hey!

Dolph: Honey, think of Zack Ryder!

Austin: Hahaha! Oh man. I was just kidding. Iím a powerful guy, but Iím not a miracle worker. Zackíd be lucky if he made it onto Internet Superstars.


R-Truth vs. John Morrison

Truth is out there, but no JoMo. Well, I mean, the guy isnít supposed to be back until next year or something, right? Heís not exactly John Cena here. Truth doesnít seem especially surprised about this, but rather than have WWE RAW Referee Jack Doan count him out like an intelligent person would do, Truth walks out too. Double count out! Tonight is full of great finishes! Truth goes backstage, and to our great shock, John Morrison is laid out.

John Morrison: IÖregret that I came backÖsix months ahead of scheduleÖ.

R-Truth: I regret that I didnít make my catchphrase Shazam! Now, Iím going to push this cart of TVs onto you, John!

Morrison: Alas, itís what I deserve.

WWE RAW Referee Nunzio: Oh no you donít! Look, Iíve had it up to HERE tonight! First Sheamus steals my finisher-

Dean Malenko: Ahem!

Nunzio: Ok. OUR finisher, and now youíre just going to dump a bunch of TVs on a guy? Hell no. Not on my watch, pinhead!

Truth: Guys! I think I saw Nidia and Lita getting beat up by someÖrabidÖclowns!


Nunzio: Letís roll, Dean! Sorry, Morrison, youíre on your own here.

Dean and Nunzio dash off.

Truth: Ok, now Iím totally going to push this cart onto you.

Morrison: Thatís kind of what I figured.

So he does. Ow!


Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Evan Bourne and Kofi Johnston

Dolph and Vickie are still arguing about whether or not she is equal to one Zack Ryder. Dolph gets his own video package though, so I guess Iíll finally get that Ziggler DVD Iíve never been waiting for. I do have to say, I really think WWE missed out not putting together a Nunzio/Malenko tag team. Theyíre under contract! Thereís still time! Make it happen and I will love you forever, Vince! Evan wins by doing a backflip! Kofi almost goes a whole match without being Shelton, but then he gets it in there right at the end.


Piper is out. What musings shall he ramble this time?

Rowdy Roddy Piper: A lot has changed since the last time I was here. I got cancer. I beat cancer. My daughter was in 38 really awful movies. I beat up Mr. T again, just for fun this time. One of the best wrestlers in the industry died, Randy Savage, and there was a guy who was ok with retiring. He didnít have the sickness. But in my day, you couldnít rub two boots together for a dollar and if you wanted to win a WWE, which it wasnít called WWE at the time, or even WWF, this was in the days of the WWWF, and the extra W stood for ďwombatĒ because it was, and this is a little known fact, originally the front for an animal fighting ring that we used to run in the back, but actual wombats were too expensive, and eventually Brunoís wombat guy spent 18 years in federal prison, though not for wombat smuggling, though they werenít too happy about that either let me tell you, no, he went to jail for trying to steal a picture of Jimmy Carter from the White House, and to this day I-

The Miz: Well, if it isnít Rowdy Roddy Piper! You know, I used to look up to-

Piper: -and I said to the guy that I wanted to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but I lost all my gum buying money in the wombat fighting game, so I was all tapped out of both cash and bubble gum at the time, so the guy lent me a nickel, which was good enough to buy a pack of gum at the time because inflation really hadnít kicked in yet to the level it has today, I mean what can you buy for a nickel these days, even penny candy costs a dollar and a half, which is incidentally how much money my daughterís last film made, it was called-

Miz: -mean, I was on The Real World, so I understand what makes good televison. So when I say, ďAlex Riley is too doofy looking to play a good face,Ē I know what Iím talking about, because I-

Piper: -get on a Twizzler account like The Ulitmate Warrior and rant and rave about how I canít wear make-up and my wig anymore, because my face is falling apart from all the drugs and booze I-

Alex Riley: Hey, guys, do you think I could-

Miz: -why Iím challenging you to a match with $1,000 of my own money on the line, because ďbeating up an old man in a dressĒ is on my bucket list.

Piper: I donít knoooooow.

Riley: Do it!

Piper: Who the hell are you? You know what? Donít care. Make it $5,000 so I can fund my daughterís next horrible, horrible film. Thatíd be twice the budget of our starring turn in Lights Out.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: Alex Riley! Iím promoting you to referee! You can referee that match, and then nobody will ever say your name on television again!

Riley: Hooray!


Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. The Miz
For $5,000 with Special Guest Referee WWE RAW Referee Alex Riley

Alex Riley would fit right in as the valet for the Nunzio/Malenko stable. I sort of wonder what Disqo is doing, but I also kind of realize that I probably donít want to know. Riley apparently shops at Fat Locker for his referees shirt. Seriously, who do they have on staff thatís that big? The fattest referee they have is WWE RAW Referee Jack Doan, and he only looks fat because heís short. Piper with the sleeper about two seconds in. Itís just been one of those kind of nights. Miz battles out of it, but immediately gets pushed by Riley into a roll-up for the win. Piper should see about getting a title shot on Smackdown!


Alicia Fox, Tamina, Rosa Mendes, Melina, Maryse, Nikki and Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee, Kaitlyn, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, and Kelly Kelly Kelly

UghÖIs this everybody? Ok, great. Despite absolutely loathing each other, the possibility of seeing the Yodeling Guy in action brought Kelly and the Bellas together long enough to shoot an episode of The Price Is Right. I saw it, and Drew Carey was kind of a jerk for suggesting that Kelly and the Bellas should go into the Price Is Rightís Wrestling Hall of Fame so they donít offend fans. I demand his WWE Hall of Fame ring! Mostly because I want super powers. This match ended, like, ten minutes ago when Kelly pinned one of the Bellas. Brikki, I think. That match went on so long, Natalya forgot to take off her coat. Then, for no real reason, the Face Divas do a can can dance. Neil Patrick Harris would be proud! Or, you know, probably not.


Stone Cold Steve Austin: So, Silent Rage, how does it feel? You lost WWE Tough Enough to a girl who wasnít on the show, and now youíre sitting here backstage, not even booked.

Silent Rage: Ö.

Michael Tarver: You took my job, man!

The three of them drink some beer.

CM Punk: AH! Busted! You claimed Straight Edge on the show, but I caught you drinking beer! Thatís twenty demerits! You canít come to Straight Edge camp this summer.

Silent Rage: Ö.

Well, his mouth said ďÖ.Ē but his body said ďĒ

Punk: Stone Cold Steve Austin! We meet at last! Our great Twitter feud finally realized!

Austin: Am I supposed to recognize you? Are you that ďZack RyderĒ that literally nobody backstage is talking about?

Punk: No! Iím CM Punk! The guy who is slowly quitting this company over Twitter, but canít leave until he has his dream feud with Steve Austin so I can finally scare you out of being an alcoholic wife abuser.

Austin: Aw, shucks, kid. I donít think thatís going to happen.

Punk: Can you say the alphabet backwards?

Austin: Nope!

Punk: ActuallyÖme neither. Anyway, I think this will count as a feud in my dream journal. Thanks for participating!

Austin: Zack, I like your moxie. I suddenly have an urge to put you into the main event against John Cena!

Punk: Arenít you going to ban The Nexus from ringside or something?

Austin: I have no idea who that is, but sure. Heís banned too!



Now Austinís driving down to the ring on an ATV. Well, itís certainly more practical than a $200,000 car.

Stone Cold Steve Austin: What? Man, Iím just messing with you guys. Long Island usually sucks, but not tonight for some reason.

Michael Cole: I just got an e-mail from RAW General Manager Demon Girl! Sheís at the Epcot Center Laser and Fireworkstravaganza right now, trying to get the hell out of the Norway souvenir trap. Just thought youíd like to know.

Austin: Well, damn, son, that sounds great. I always loved that Troll ride. Anyway, since Iím the GM, Iím just going to go ahead and abuse my powers once again and book next weekís show too.

Cole: You canít do that!

Austin: I canít do lots of stuff. But I do anyway. Thatís what the little girl gets for taking a week off. Anyway, remember how awful that Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday pay per view always was? WellÖWeíre doing it again next week! You get to be the RAW General Manager! And you canít possibly be any worse than me! But I know youíll try your damnest.

Cole: Oh! I just got another e-mail! She got a bag of cotton candy and accidentally condemned Tigger to the eternal depths of hell.

Then Austin gives the Stunner to the computer. STUNNER! STUNNER! Bah God that Stunner is broken in half! Then he pours some beer over it and drives over it with his ATV. Which would be awesome, if this hadnít happened before, and Michael Cole hadnít just gone and bought another computer. And an iPad to prevent this from happening again.


President Obama sure does give a lot of press conferences.

Chris Tian: Can you get me a WWE title match?

Barack Obama: Iím pretty sure I have bigger things on my plate right now. Besides, youíd make an awful WWE Champion.

Cody Rhodes: President Obama, is it legal for me to Tweet a picture of my Cody Rhodes to a girl I like?

Obama: IÖguess?

Rhodes: Here comes a Tweet, AJ!

Sheamus: If I called you ďFellaĒ would I get shot by secret service?

Obama: Just try it. Just go ahead and try it, Fella.

Hornswoggle: How are you planning on solving this economic crisis?

Obama: I dunno. Do you have a pot of gold?

The Great Khali: Pakistan! Am I right?

Obama: Hahaha. You know it.


CM Punk vs. John Cena

They soak up the crowd noise for, like a half hour, while the crowd chants for everyone, including WWE RAW Referee Mi-Mi-Mi-Miiiiike Chioda, who is just happy to be there tonight. This seriously is the first time I think Iíve ever heard or seen the crowd at this building cheer for anything or anyone. Theyíre like the Bizzaro Canadian fans, in that they donít care about anything. Or maybe this is just the start of a riot. Who knows? Punk goes for the GTS about two seconds in, but Cena fights out, so he just settles for dumping Cena over the ropes.


Cena beats the crap out of Punk for about twenty minutes until he can lock in the STF, but he does it, like, right under one of the ropes. So that was kind of a waste of time. OH! Unless he holds it past the five count and gets DQed! I havenít seen that finish in over an hour! In the crowd, R-Truth is offering his bottle of water to a little kid in exchange for a John Cena hat. The kid, however, is holding out for a Zack Ryder T-Shirt, two Rey Misterio Key Chains, and a bottle of Sprite (chilled and unopened). Well, yeah. You donít know where R-Truthís been! Cena is so distracted by the fact that the kid is so willing to give up his John Cena merchandise, that he totally misses CM Punk hitting him with the GTS and getting the win. Truth comes to the ring wearing the hat, so he mustíve caved to the kidís demands. Softie. He wails Cena with the Spinniní Title, and runs off to go drop more things on John Morrison.

Next Week: That epic Yoshi Tatsu/Trent Barretta Iron Man Match weíve all been craving finally comes true. Plus, I hear thereís going to be a literal riot. One of the Bella Twins told me. I think it was Bruce. And new WWE Champion R-Truth recaps the entire Capital Punishment PPV for us in beautiful semaphore.


Zack Ryder: What the hell! I go through all this trouble to get myself over, I make myself my own title belt, I Tweet for weeks about how excited I am to come to Long Island, and what happens? They donít even book me on the show!

A Mysterious Voice: You actually did have a spot on the show, once, Mister Ryder. You were booked in a match that wouldíve truly showcased your skills.

Ryder: What, putting over Sheamus? Iíd rather stay off the card.

Voice: No! Originally it was going to be Wade Barrett, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes taking on Daniel Bryan, Ezekiel Jackson andÖZack Ryder!

Ryder: But-

Voice: And you wouldíve gone over!

Ryder: Then the one whoís holding me down isÖ.

Voice: Say it!

Ryder: SIN CARA!

Tough Enough Jessie: Yes, Zack. But this rabbit hole goes even deeper than you realize. Come with us and you will see.

Ryder: ďUs?Ē

The Ghostly Visage of Tommy Dreamer: US! ECDub ECDub!

T.E. Jessie: Knock it off, Tommy.

Dreamer: AwÖ.


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