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December 5, 2001

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


We're working the kinks out at the new home here, but one thing should work exactly the same as it ever did:  namely, a big ass warning right now that if you don't want the results of Thursday's WWF SmackDown! telecast spoiled, then you'd better hit BACK now!

I won't package this as a "Page One/Page Two" thing like back in the WL days, but I will still have a separate page of news and views under the OO banner later on Wednesday that you can wait for.  Till then, check out CRZ or Netcop's latest, or something...

The rest of you, here's what you want:  a full report from Tuesday night's SD! tapings, courtesy of OO Reader Steven (No Last Name Given):

Just got back from the Smackdown! taping. I hopes this helps. I really wanted to put more into it, but it's getting LATE! I can add some more to it tomorrow if you would like, just let me know. Everything is from memory, so a couple segments might be out of order, but all the results are correct. Sorry for any typos, and, or grammitcal errors as well. Like I said, it's late, and I'm tired as hell. 

I haven't seen the WWF live since Wrestlemaina 13, and this was definitely more entertaining. I didn't get my #1 wish (a Triple H return), but I did get the main event I wanted, plus a great surprise

---Sunday night Heat (Don't know if these will air here 'cause of the
PPV on Sunday)

*Brock Lesnar over some jobber- Lesnar *looks* awesome, but didn't do anything too exciting. This guy is a MONSTER. I think he finished things off with a powerslam.

*Tazz over Funaki- Good pop for Tazz, and he wraps things up with the Tazz-mission.

*Gunn/Palumbo defeat Tajiri & Spike Dudley- OK match here. Spike gets the Acid Drop on Gunn, but gets nailed with the super kick by Palumbo for the win.

*Jeff Hardy over Saturn- Suprisingly good match. Saturn was busting out all kinds of springboard moves. Jeff gets the 1-2-3 with the Swanton.


Start off with a Raw recap of the kiss ass stipulation for tonight.

*Edge/Kane & Big Show over The Dudleys and William Regal- Good opener. Edge pins D-Von after the Impaler for the Win.

Angle greets Vince, and they have something up their sleeve for The Rock 

Hardy saga recap

*RVD over Matt Hardy- good hardcore matchup here, but I couldn't see much of it from where we were sitting. RVD wins with the Van Daminator (I think) to Matt as he's coming off a ladder on the stage. After the match, Undertaker ambushes RVD. 

More Angle/Vince stuff. Vince is hoarse, so Angle gives him some cough drops.

*Test & Christian over Scotty 2 Hottie- decent match with Test going over Scottie with the big boot. After the match, Test takes out the ref (Hebner, I think).

Rock segment- Rock comes out, says good things about Chicago. Vince comes out and says he ain't gonna kiss his ass. Stonecold appears on the screen and informs Vince that he has taken out his backup plan, as Angle writes on the ground in pain, and tells him he *is* gonna kiss some ass tonight.

Next Flair appears and says that if anyone interferes in this deal, then they will be suspended. Vince is about to pucker up as Rock pulls down his pants a bit, but Rock says, 'NO.' He says Vince is gonna kiss a "SLOBBERKNOCKER" of an ass and JR comes out! They put the cowboy hat on Vince and JR is about to drop trou. But Rock says 'NO!' He's gonna kiss an ass that will give him Stratus-faction. Trish comes out, and Vince is over joyed! Trish drops the pants (our side of the arena got to see some thong, but the camera didn't show it), but Rock says, 'NO!' as Vince is an inch from Trish's backside. "What in the blue hell do you think you're doing you sick f-f-f-freak?!!?" The Rock has a better ass in mind, out comes Rikishi!!!! Rikishi comes out, Vince protests, and gets Rock Bottomed. Rock holds him up, and Rikishi back's that thang up into Vince's face! Great stuff (but very long). 

*Crash over Jacqueline- waste of time here. Crash gets the pinfall after pulling the tights. After the match Jaqueline takes out crash.

Booker T segment- Booker's looking for Vince to get his job back since they have something in common (their hate for Stonecold). Flair says that Vince got "rear-ended" and is gone for the night. He adds that he isn't hiring right now. 

Angle/cell phone segment- Angle is talking to Vince, who has left the
arena. He promises to do him proud tonight and unify the titles on Sunday.

APA/Undertaker segment- APA are not happy with the Undertaker turning his back on his followers. They actually bring of some Ministry history here. Undertaker challenges Bradshaw.

*Undertaker over Bradshaw- Now we know where Undertaker was on Monday getting a haircut! Yup, say goodbye to the Undertaker's locks. He's back to the Mean Mark Callous look. Anyways, Undertaker wins with the chokeslam in a short one. I thought it would be more competitive. During the match Farooq drives the Taker's bike up the ramp. When he goes to retrieve it RVD returns the favor from eralier. 

*Rock/Austin over Jericho/Angle- Great main event, but seemed on the short side. Jericho gives up pretty easily to a Rock sharpshooter. Angle then goes ballastic, and Olympic Slams Jericho. Damn, that sucks. What's with all the jobbing Jericho is up to? Afterwards Rock and Austin stare down, then share a beer. Somewhere here each man toasted the other's belt with a beer (not sure if that was on the air or not). 

Funny stuff after the cameras are done rolling (I'm not sure where it
cut out), as Stonecold keeps throwing the Rock beer after beer, and he can't keep up. Then niether man will let the other be behind him. When one turns around the other starts chugging his beer. They lay the belts out in the ring along with about six beers. Austins kneels down and tries to scoop spilled beer into his mouth. Rock does a situp and chugs one. Then Austin pretends to swim across the ring on his belly and drinks a beer. They are still leary of each other, but when they get to the top of the ramp they are all chummy and laughing and pouring beer into each other's mouths. 

Overall, very entertaining show. The Rock segment was gold, as was the end of the show. It sure looks like it will be Rock/Austin in the final match on Sunday. If they swerve and go with something else there will be a lot of upset people. Personally, I would like to see Jericho go over, but that appears to have no chance in hell of happening.

Thanks again to Steven for providing this detailed and timely report!



Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.


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