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Heat/Jakked/Metal AND SmackDown!
April 10, 2002

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Over the past two nights, the WWF has completed taping the entire rest of the broadcast week's programming...  WWF-R taped Heat prior to RAW on Monday night in Xxxx.  And WWF-SD taped SmackDown! and the syndicated Jakked/Metal last night in Tucson, AZ.

If you don't want the shows spoiled, just hit BACK on your browser now and look for something else to enjoy.  But I'm guessing if you're the type of fan who comes here, then you're the type that likes spoilers.

You're more than welcome to read on and get the results for upcoming TV shows, as compiled from multiple e-mail reports...

Let's start with Sunday Night Heat:

  • Crash beat Jackie.
  • Goldust defeated Shawn Stasiak
  • The Hardys dispatched Steven Richards and Justin Credible.
  • Bradshaw beat the Big Bossman.

Then last night, the following matches were taped for Jakked/Metal:

  • Sho Funaki upset Lance Storm.
  • Hugh Morrus beat Christian.
  • Billy Kidman retained the Cruiserweight Title with a win over Chavo Guerrero.
  • Both Bob Holly and Dallas Page were counted out of the ring when their brawl spilled to the ringside area and could not be returned to the ring by officials.

And finally, Thursday's SmackDown! will contain the following material:

  • A lengthy segment actually taped prior to the Jakked/Metal tapings will air on SD!...  Vince McMahon selected his new "personal assistant," and surprise, surprise, it's Stacy Keibler.  After going through the requisite gay man and highly competent old lady, Stacy came to the ring in full Miss Hancock regalia and even did the old Miss Hancock-style table dance.  Needless to say, Vince gave her the job at that point.  You would've, too!
  • The show-opening promo was delivered by Kurt Angle, who bitched about how he's not gonna get a title shot for a long time (now that Flair's naming the NEXT #1 contender).  Edge cut short the whining, and the two set up a match against each other for Backlash.  
  • Backstage, Jericho comes up to Angle and offers him his best wishes, and also says he's gonna kick that punk Edge's ass for Angle later tonight.  Jericho and Angle agree to work together for the rest of the night.
  • In what was touted as another very-good-but-short Cruiserweight match, Tajiri beat the Hurricane.  Tajiri had Torrie Wilson all dressed up in Japanese garb, and after the match, verbally abused her a bit more in Japanese until Kidman ran out and made a save.
  • The Godfather stole a win over the Big Valbowski.  First, Godfather distracted the ref by trying to bring the time-keeper's bell into the ring, but while the ref was taking care of that, GF waylaid Val with his cane for the cheap pinfall win.
  • Backstage:  Vince invites Stacy to interview for the "personal assistant" position, and Stacy promises to display her unique qualifications and win the job with her interview...  also Backstage:  Billy, Chuck, and Rico are spotted making fun of Maven's eyebrows, which somehow leads to Al Snow poking his nose in and getting a singles match against Chuck later tonight.
  • A backstage Hulk Hogan promo:  Hogan tries to take the high road in talking about Triple H, putting him over as a fellow good guy.  But Jericho interrupts and starts telling Hogan what a totally driven and self-serving jerk HHH really is....
  • Chris Jericho defeated Edge, thanks mostly to interference from Kurt Angle.  Angle's run-in was made possible by a late match ref bump, and Edge was unable to do anything against the 2-on-1 odds.  After the match, Edge regained his senses and tried to attack Angle (who scurried away to the dressing room, instead).
  • A camera catches up with Edge chasing Angle backstage, and the two finally start brawling...  until Jericho catches up and joins in, too.  This time, it's Hogan who breaks up the two-on-one attack.
  • Albert beat Scotty 2 Hotty in a match between two former tag partners...  Scotty got a few flurries in, but this one was mostly a showcase for Albert.  After the match, Albert kept on pounding Scotty until Rikishi came out to make the save.
  • Outside the arena, bets are being taken on whether Mark Henry can hold back a limousine with its gas pedal fully depressed.  Faarooq is acting as bookie, and Test is the limo driver.  For 30 full seconds, Henry used his leg strength to keep the limo (which was revved higher and higher by Test) from accelerating, causing Faarooq to get upset.
  • Backstage:  D-Von Dudley confronts Vince McMahon and says he hasn't "found himself," but he's found "The Man Above."  The Man Above has sent D-Von on a mission, and D-Von just needs the financial help to save sinners worldwide.  For some reason, Vince agrees to be D-Von's benefactor.  Testify?
  • Backstage:  Hogan enters HHH's locker room, saying that since Jericho and Angle have formed a partnership for the night, he thinks he and HHH ought to keep watching each other's backs, too.  HHH tells Hogan, first, never to barge into his lockerroom again, and second, HHH doesn't need any help tonight against Angle.  HHH says the belt makes him the best, and he doesn't need any help, nor will he make any apologies for what happens at Backlash.
  • Al Snow got a win over Chuck Palumbo.  Billy, Rico, and Maven were all at ringside, and played parts in the match.  It turned out to be Maven who was most effective, as he chased Rico out through the crowd and then defused Billy's attempted interference to allow Snow to get the pinfall win.
  • HHH beat Angle in the main event.  Typically good stuff from these two for about 7 minutes, and then the big finish...  Jericho ran out to interfere, and got a few licks in until Hogan came out (against HHH's orders) and cleaned house.  With Jericho and Hogan brawling on the floor, HHH hit the Pedigree on Angle in the ring for the win.  [The rest may or may not air as part of SD, but included HHH and Hogan getting into a debate about Hogan interfering when he was told not to... while that was going on, Angle and Jericho struck again, but HHH and Hogan both rallied and cleared them out of the ring again.  This time, the two didn't have words, but just had a staredown while Hogan's music played.  Then things broke down into a joint "hand to the ear"/posedown session to send the fans home happy.]

Be sure to check out SD! tomorrow on UPN, Heat Sunday on MTV, and Metal/Jakked (check your local listings)...  or just come on back after each show airs for OO's full coverage!


Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.


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