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WWE-SD Brand TV Spoilers
August 5, 2002

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


With a hop across the Pacific Ocean for a one night "tour" of Australia later this week, the WWE's usual taping schedule has been thrown into mild disarray.  Although it is not set to air until this coming Thursday, "SmackDown!" was actually taped last night in Richmond, VA, as the majority of the SD! crew is set to depart the continent in the next day or so...

As is usually the case, I'll warn you right now that if you don't want the surprises from Thursday night spoiled, just hit BACK now.  The Fed actually seemed to do a decent job of presenting a pretty interesting-sounding show without telegraphing anything from tonight's RAW, so at least that shouldn't be an issue in your decision-making.

At this point, I leave you in the hands of OO Reader Trey Hart, who was on hand live in Richmond for the tapings:

Rick, what is up?  I just got back from the Freezer in Richmond, VA and thought you may want to know what happened there during the Smackdown! and Velocity tapings.  The arena was about 75-80% full which is better than normal for most things in Richmond and it seemed to be a lively crowd throughout although there were many who were upset that The Rock was not there (I was not one of them...I was upset that Team Canada already left.)
During the Velocity tapings
I am not sure where the back stage skit will show; however, Rico was giving Marc Lyold some styling tips when Hardcore Holly showed up to mess with both of them.  He took some shaving sheers and knicked Rico in the back of the head.
Rico Constantino p. Sho Funaki @ 4:31 (Inverted Spin Kick)
Hardcore Holly p. Albert @ 3:35 (School Boy Cradle)
-Albert got in a shoving match with the referee and that set up the cradle (and a faster than usual count)
Chavo Guerrero, Jr. dq. Yoshihiro Tajari (who played a face for the match) @ 5:44 (Green Mist)
-Chavo is taking over Malenko's role as the ground-working Cruiserweight with the submission skills.
Bull Buchannon p. Mike Awesome @ 4:28 (TR Leg Drop)
-Not that many people knew who Awesome was.  Even less knew who Buchannon was.
Time for Smackdown!
We were "treated" to a Hogan video for the start of the show.  It showed his past with the WWF/E, including all six title victories to hype his match against The Brock.
John Cena (who was in powder blue) dq. Kurt Angle (who came out to no pyro) @ 8:18 which will be clipped because it was a little sloppy and a lot of standing around (Outside interference by Chris Benoit)
-Angle was climbing the turnbuckle when Cena hit a dropkick.  Angle bounced off the top turnbcukle, onto the stairs and into the guardrail for a cool looking bumb.
-Rey Mysterio, Jr. made a save to get Benoit out of the ring; however, Latino Heat hit the ring and took out Mysterio.  This caused Edge to come to clear the ring and we were had a mini Bonzo Gonzo
Backstage, Kurt Angle was upset that the Radicalz interfered in his match (Benoit saved him from being counted out) but agreed to a do a Six Man Tag against the Pretty Boy NAFTA group.
In a Bathroom Break match, Mark Henry p. Rev. D-Von (Dudley) @ 2:58 (Power Slam)
-At one point, Henry tried to use a Houston Side Kick but he forgot to jump.
-Deacon Batista then hit the ring and a double team occured until Rikishi waddled down to the ring (2.3 on the Richter Scale, I do believe) which set up an impromtu match
Rikishi p. Deacon Batista @ 4:06 (Superkick)
-Most of the match was spent in a rear chin lock
-The Rev tried to interfere, but hit Batista by mistake.
-They teased a breakup between Batista & Dudley but you won't see it on TV because...
A Rock video was shown of him training at The University of Miami.  We also had a promo between Hogan and Lesnar.  There were some sound problems (and high school girls singing the praises of Jeff Hardy); however, it seemed as if Lesnar, who has a slight lisp by the way,  wanted to retire Hogan and Hogan suggested that the title shot at Summer Slam be put on the line.  Lesnar agreed and Heyman went ballistic.  (It looks as if Heyman and Lesnar will split either at SummerSlam '02 or once Lesnar loses the title)  There was a catfight between Torrie Wilson and Nidia as well; but, we are not certain why (no audio)
3 Count d. The AGD @ 5:20 (Shannon Moore p. Chuck Palumbo, Victory Roll)
-The AGD went for their version of the Doomsday Device; but, Moore rolled through.  We did see a Hurricane Choke Slam on Billy Gunn
There was promo between Rey Jr, Cena & Edge but there was no audio.  I guess they could have been talking about the match.  Meanwhile, Paul Heyman was talking with Stephanie who confirmed that the main event winner will go on to Summer Slam.  (We were able to hear that interview.  So she controls the book, has her hand in accounting and the audio truck...?)
Edge, John Cena & Rey Mysterio, Jr. d. Kurt Angle & The Radicalz @ 10:58 when Mysterio (the illegal man) p. Angle (who was legal) with a Springboard Hurricanrana Cradle.
-Cena played a little Ricky Morton during the match until Edge received the hot tag
-It went Bonzo Gonzo as everyone hit a speciality move (Edge hitting the REF on Guerrero, Release German by Benoit, Protobomb by Cena, Angle Slam by Angle, 619 by Mysterio)
There was a Divas "Sex on the Beach" Promo followed by a funny Kurt Angle interview.  If you don't plan on watching SD! at least watch that point when he is talking about Rey Mysterio Jr.  I think a challenge was set up for next week but the mysterious audio problems showed up.
Nidia & Jamie Noble d. Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson @ 1:59 (Nidia p. Wilson, School Girl Cradle)
-Just FF through match or watch while drunk.  DUD city on that one.
Another My Sacrifice and a Rock Desire video aired.  The Rock must not be here by the number of video clips they are showing of him and Richmond does not realize it yet.  Hogan does an interview and states that he's 29 (+19) and he's going to Summerslam to face the Rock.
During the time I was trying to explain how a little ring psychology goes a long way to the Jeff Hardy fan club, Stephanie was waiting for some documents from Dawn Marie.  Stacy intercepted the package and gave it to Eric Bischoff who was hiding in the shadows.  There was no audio so we can only assume that Stephanie tried to pull someone from Raw but Bischoff has the contract.  Stacy is officially a mole for Bischoff (or his personal assistant.)
TV Main Event: Brock Lesnar d. Hulk Hogan @ 10:12 via referee stoppage (Bear Hug)
-Lesnar kicked out of the Leg Drop and hit the F5 but did not go for the cover.  After 30 seconds or so, he went for the Bear Hug.  Lesnar left after the referee checked Hogan's arm three times but decided to come back to blast "The American Hero" with a chair.  Hogan bit a blood capsule and wiped some on his head to prep for it.  Lesnar left so that paramedics could check on Hogan (and to tell him to go ahead a blade to make it look believable).  Lesnar tries to do his interview twice (I think the first time was better but that's not saying much).  The Next Big Thing did not look comfortable in the ring at all and that could be a problem if the put the title on him.  Hogan hobbled out of the ring and that was that.
For the most part, this was a bland show without too much star power.  It was not announced to the crowd the reason for it (Global Warming Tour).  I will admit that the wrestlers who were present tried to put on a good show for a change.  They did not announce their next visit to Richmond.

Check out SD! and Velocity when they air later this week, or at least come on back to OO for recaps of the pertinent happenings... and thanks again to Trey for his timely on-site report!


Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.

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