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WWE TV Spoilers
August 21, 2002

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


The final touches of hype for SummerSlam are all in the can... but of course, they'll be meted out to us fans slowly over the next several days.

But if you can't wait till the shows air on TV, OO's got your spoilers right here.  Turn back now if you don't want to ruin the surprises!

Otherwise, we'll start with a quick run-down of the International Heat tapings that took place Monday night preceding RAW:

  • Shelton Benjamin defeated Crash Holly
  • Sean O'Haire defeated Justin Credible
  • D'Lo Brown defeated Raven

Of course, for most of us, these tapings are not applicable.  We'll get a live pre-PPV edition of Heat from Nassau.  It would not shock me, however, if the D'Lo/Raven match was duplicated for us:  it's not just the hottest thing going on Heat, it's one of the more amusing feuds on any WWE show.  Beats Taker/Test, at least!

And then, for the SD! brand roster, we've got tapings reports from just last night in Fayetteville.  OO Reader "UnchosenOneNC" was on hand, and passed along this detailed report:

Hey Rick,  Love the sight.  Heres a report from Fayetteville.  It's detailed so thought you might use it. 

Hey Guys,  Love the website and I visited it many times a day.  Never sent in anything but I was hoping you guys would use it.  A little more detail of the Velocity and Smackdown Reports. 

Dark Match was Bull BUchanon defeating Albert in a typical big man match.  Bull looked good though.  He won with his feet on the ropes in about 5 minutes.  Crowd was still filing in. 

Velocity started and Lita came down to a great pop.  Really loud I thought but she is a hometown girl sorta.  Well home state atleast.  She did commentary with Mark Lloyd for the night. 

First match was Mark Henry and Mike Awesome in that same kind of big man match but it was really slow and not very enjoyable.  The crowd gave no pops as they were still getting in there seats.  Henry hit the running powerslam in four minutes for the win.

Next match Tajiri beat Funaki in a good little match.  Not given enough time but for what it was they did a good job.  Funaki teased a win a few times but in the end he got kicked in the head and pinned at about 6 minutes.

Chuck Palumbo came out to a decent heel pop and fought Hardcore Holly next.  Match went ten minutes but Gunn and Rico were outside and got some good heat from the crowd for Palumbo.  Holly went for his spinebuster but Rico held onto Chucks hands and stopped it.  Chuck and Rico distracted the referee and this gave Gunn the opportunity to sneak in and hit the one and only.  Chuck crawled over and got the pinfall.   Hardcore fended off the three for a few seconds but was soon overtaken.  Randy Orton ran in and made the save as Billy, chuck and Rico hightailed it to the outside.  Orton grabbed the mic and challenged the three since as he called it "the odds were even now"  By my count it's still 3 on 2 there Randy.  The three came back in and were fended off once again.  If you can read Ortons lips you can tell that he said " I can take both of you little faggots"  This had to enrage Gunn which led to the next match

Randy Orton beat Gunn in a 7 minute match that was terribly slow.  It heated at the end with all four men in.  Gunn went for the fame asser but the referee was distracted. Holly came in and caught Gunn with his spinebuster enabling Orton to get  the win.  Funny segment with Rico picking Gunn up and Gunns ass being at Rico's crotch before he could notice it. 

Lita and Lloyd exited the stage and Michael Cole came out,  Then Taz came out to a great pop.  Taz hyped the crowd off camera no doubt shilling Summer Slam and putting down Tony Chimmel.  Taz couldn't get a pop wrestling but he sure can get one annoucing.  One thing I don't understand about wrestling fans. 

As Smackdown came on Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar came to the ring.  They hyped Summer Slam and told the Rock that his fate is the same as Hogan.  Paul guarantees tonight that Brock and Rock will collide.  Lesnar gets on the mic and calls Rock a little bitch.  Rock comes out to a great response.  Better than I would expect from the small crowd.  Rock gets massive pops and tells Brock that he has brought nothing to the Rock but tonight is like nother.  Rock says if Brock doesn't bring it tonight then the Rock will bring it to him.  Rock storms the ring but before he can get there he is attacked by Chris Benoit and Eddie Guererro.  Benoit slaps on the crippler crossface on the ramp.  Officials try to pull him off but he won't let up.  Finally security get them away and up the ramp.  As Rock lays on the ramp Brock taunts the crowd and leaves.

Hurricane and Shannon Moore defeated Jamie Knoble and Tajiri in a really good opening contest.  A little under 9 minutes.  Moore plays Ricky Morton most of hte match but gets the hot tag.  End sees Noble try to powerbomb Moore but Moore rolls down his back in a nice spot into a sunset flip for the pin.  All four men start fighting and Matt Hardy runs in to a really good face pop.  The ring is already cleared though and Hardy hugs both men then gets them to put him on there shoulders briefly.  They put him down and as Hardy is playing to the crowd the Hurricane and Moore stand back looking in disgust. 

They showed Edge walking into the arena and then Benoit and Guererro attack him with a chair and beat him down until officials pull them away once again.

In the back Steph chastises Benoit and Guererro for attacking the Rock.  She said not to mess up her Summer Slam main event.  Benoit tells her that she told him to make Rock squeal and she said that was last week.  Edge then attacked them with a chair and told Steph to make the match tonight for him and the Rock to take on Benoit and Guererro, She says yes.

Matt Hardy is backstage with Hurricane and Shannon Moore going on about the pop he got out there.  He says you guys even got a pretty good pop.He says it's not just cause were in North Carolina and tells to check out the reaction he gets when he goes out there right now.  He goes out to a really good pop actually.  I think there not supposed to cheer but they do anyways.  Well I was too actually so I suck just as bad.  Chavo Guererro comes out and give a terrible Eddie impersonation saying that Matt is just a whiteboy and is sucking up to his homies.  Good heel heat though.  Chavo then defeated Matt Hardy in about 4 minutes.  Hardy controlled the whole match until the Kane pyro and music hit and distract Matt. After it's over Chavo sneaks in with a school boy and gets the pin. 

Funaki did an interview saying that onight he is going into the womans locker room where no one has ever been before.  He went in and we saw Nidia from behind topless. Molly comes up in hair curlers and asks Nida if the camera being in here bothers her.  Nidia tells her no and Molly asks her how she can be so loose.  Nidia corrects her and says she's not loose,  shes just open.  Nidia says if she beats Molly tonight for the WWE Womens title she is going to show everyone in the arena what they didn't get to see.  Funaki is classic as he says "Funaki loves Smackdown"

Rey Misterio is backstage doing an interview and says that he has already proved himself by pinning Kurt Angle.  Angle shows up with some great commentary telling MIsterio that his mask is on too tight if he thinks he has proven anything.  Angle tells Misterio that tonight he is going to give him a dose of reality in his match with Kidman.   Tells Misterio to get his high chair or his booster chair and sit back but tells him not to pull any crap or he promises at Summer Slam not only will he make him tap but he'll break his freakin ankle. 

Angle comes out to the best heel heat of the night.  He is insanely over as a heel.  I loved it.  Kidman comes out and 2 minutes into the match Misterio's pyro hit and he comes out on the ramp.  Angle is up the ramp and almost counted out and Misterio runs backstage.  Angle throws Kidman around and even gives him there german suplexes in a row.  Angle is thrown to the outside and rips a fans Mysterio mask off his face and pushes the fan.  Kidman flies to the outside with a flying body press.  Kidman gets many near falls but hitting the corner bulldog and  a spinning DDT.  Kidman goes for the victory roll but Angle reverses it nicely into the ankle lock.  Kidman escapes and hits an enzuguiri. Goes for the shooting star press but Angle is up and hits a running belly to belly from the top.  Angle gets ready for the angle slam but Kidman rolls out of it and Angle accidentally clotheslines the ref.  Angle gets a chair and misses a chairshot but Kidman dropkicks it into Angles face.  Kidman gets a 2 and 9/10 but Angle is up.  Angle comes back and hits the Olympic Slam but Misterio runs and climbs the top rope.  Misterio hits  the whoopie cushing type move with Angle standing up.  Angle runs after Misterio and is counted out.  He gets back to the ring just as the ref hits ten.  Angle attacks Kidman and delivers an Olympic Slam.  Angle gives him another one this time tossing him over the top rope.  A really good 13 minute match that should come off well on TV. 

Rock is in the back with the trainer checking his ribs,  Rock looks in pain. 

Rock does an interview backstage  and Edge comes in and checks on him.  Rock does his usual interview talking about there is No Quit in the Rock.  He says that Benoit and Guererro are out of control.  Rock does the big fellow leg thing and mentions Rocks good ass testicles.  Says he'll take it and turn it sidewars and stick it straight up.  Edge interrupts and says Benoit and Guererros Candyass.  Ughhh!

Rikishi comes out to a good pop.  Third best of the nig ht behind Edge and Rock.  John Cena comes out to no pop.  D-Von and Bautista come out to mixed reaction.  They show Bautista throwing D-Von through the door last week.  The match is basically what you'd expect.  Crowd absolutely loves anything Rikishi does.  Sloppy match breaks down and D-Von gets the stinkface to a huge pop.  D-Von recovers and hits the leaping reverse suplex on Cena but Bautista is in with the ref and Rikishi.  D-Von gets in Bautista's face and even puts his hands around Bautista's throat.  Bautista gives him a huge spinebuster and walks out as Rikishi hits the banzai drop for the pin on D-VOn.  Big Rikishi chant as the crowd eats him up.  7 minutes tops.

Noble and Nidia are in the back and talk up to some old security guy.  Noble tells Nidia to give this guy a sneap preview of what the people are going to see tonight.  She does and we fade out.

Noble and Nidia come out to a surprising face pop.  Tell the people of Fayettevilel there going to get to see breasts and it's an instant pop.  Molly comes out to no response.  Decent womens match for 5 minutes with Nidia trying ever pin she can think off.  Many two counts but Molly hits the Molly Go Round for the pinfall.  Noble gets on the mic and tells everyone he is still the cruiserweight champion and that Nidia was robbed.  He's going to give the people what they want.  Molly comes back in and dropkicks Noble into Nidia They kiss and then leave,  Noble is hilarious on the mic.

Benoit and Guererro come out to a good heel pop.  Edge gets a great pop but is overshadowed by the Rocks.  Edge runs down to the ring to start the match and is attacked by both Benoit and Guererro.  Rock makes the save and we break off to Edge and Guererro in the match.  Back and forth between Edge and Benoit.  The heels use good tags to put Edge on teh defensive.  Good Eddie Sucks chant going.  Edge takes side slam from Benoit and crowd is wanting Rocky.  Guererro and Benoit cut off the ring and keep Edge on there side of the ring.  Double clothesline leaves Guererro and Edge down.  Both tag and Rock is in.  Rock hits Benoit with dragon screw and puts on the sharpshooter.  Guererro makes the save and Rock kips up.  Rock hits the spinebuster on Guererro and then the people elbow.  Benoit makes the save and takes Rock to the outside.  Throws him into the announcers table and the railing.  Back in the ring Benoit gets a two count.  Rock goes on the defensive for the next few minutes with Guererro pummeling on him.  Benoit tags in and knocks Edge off the apron then slaps on the crippler crossface on the Rock.  Referee checks Rocks arm but Rock gets up at two and gets to the rope. Benoit pulls him and back and puts it on again but it's broken up by Edge.  Benoit tags out and Guererro goes up for the frog splash.  Edge knocks him off the top rope and Rock gets the tag.  Edge takes on both men backdropping Guererro and giving him the jumping faceplant.  Spear in the corner on Benoit and then goes for another on Guererro but Guererro moves,  Edge stops just in time and hits the Edguctation on Guererro.  Benoit makes the save and all four men are in now.  Rock hits the Rock Bottom on Benoit and Edge gets the spear on Guererro and gets the pin at 14 minutes.  really good match.  Good heat for all men and an outstanding main event.  Lesnar runs in and stares down Edge and Rock.  Edge exits the ring and leaves just Rock and Brock in a staredown. lensar goes for a punch but it's blocked and Rock is pummeling Brock who jumps out of the ring.  heyman tries to hold him off and does so for a few minutes.  Lesnar gets back in and gets the same treatment from the Rock.  Brock gets knocked to the outside where he decides to high tail it with Heyamn.  Rock stands in the ring telling Lesnar to bring it as the show goes off. 

After the show Rock brings Edge into the ring and raises his hand getting a great pop for the Edge.  THey celebrate and Rock holds up Edges arm.  They pose for a few  and Edge walks off to a good reaction from the crowd.  he gets half way up the ramp and Rock shows him the world title and points at Edge.  Edge just smiles and exits as Rock shills for the crowd and does his whole speal.   Finally the Rock has come back to Fayetteville, and yes we smell what he is cooking.  A touching moment after the camera went off as Rock brought in a 8 year old kid with cancer and got the crowd to chant his name and let him do the "If you smell what the Rock is cookin"  Rock is defenitely a better entertainer than a wrestler but if it's real then Rock is ok,  He looked a little choked up during this ceremony.  But he made some little kids dream come true so I appreciate that

Top Pops
Matt Hardy

Heel Heat
Kurt Angle
Benoit and Guererro
Billy and Chuck

Thanks to UnchosenOneNC for the report... and to the rest of you, be sure to check out the WWE's upcoming efforts in their as-aired versions, or just stay up to date with the coverage here on OO.


Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.

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