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WWE TV Spoilers
September 17, 2003

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


OK, so I won't go so far as to say "Screw Unforgiven, this week's biggest show will air tomorrow night on UPN".... but trust me, it's taking a lot of restraint not to do so.

Without even having the actual foreknowledge of the results from last night's SmackDown! tapings, you might have guessed this week's show would be something special, what with the Iron Man Match between WWE Champ Kurt Angle and challenger Brock Lesnar.  But by all e-mail reports, the show proceeded to live up to the hype and expectations.  And then some.

So: I know if you're here, it's because you like the spoilers.  It's probably part of your weekly routine.  But c'mon, do me a favor:  unless you surfing in from the UK or someplace where they don't get to see SD! tomorrow night, why not just hit "BACK" and watch the show tomorrow night and let yourself be surprised?  Do it for me, huh?

Actually, you know what?  Keep on reading, I don't care.  I know I wish *I* didn't know what was coming, but then I stop and think about it... and turns out, I'm just as much looking forward to seeing the packaging (the purported Match of the Year Candidate), as I am fired up over who wins.  A little drama would have been nice.  A ****1/2 wrestling match still remains to be enjoyed, however.

Here's your spoilers, you nosy punks...  note I'm not doing the pre-RAW tapings for Heat.  95% of us will get a live pre-PPV edition of Heat, and the "international" version sounded pretty lame.

WWE Velocity/SmackDown Tapings
September 16, 2003
Raleigh, NC

  • (Dark) Jamie Noble pinned a masked Japanese Guy who was built kind of like Nunzio, but when by the name Kendo Somethingorother.
  • (Dark) Sean O'Haire and A-Train teamed up and beat recent acquisition Paul London and Spanky.
  • (Velocity) Big Show beat two local guys in a handicap match (one was the former Bo Dupp, I guess).  Though nobody detected any problems in the ring, the former Dupp actually came back later in the tapings and cut a promo calling Show's win a fluke, and they redid the entire squash match.  Maybe a technical problem?
  • (Velocity) Matt Hardy beat Joey Matthews in a mentor vs. protege showdown.  Very good match, with Matt playing the babyface for his home state fans.
  • (Velocity) Billy Kidman beat Shannon Moore in another good match.  None of Hardy's face-ish-ness rubbed off on Moore.
  • (Velocity) Orlando Jordan beat Chuck Palumbo in a forgettable affair.  Palumbo was off his game after FBI interference backfired and Stamboli and Nunzio were both ejected from the building.
  • The got things set for SD! (announcers in place, apron changes, etc.), and from here on out, what you read takes place tomorrow night....
  • Show opened with an Address from Vince McMahon, who wanted to make sure fans knew just how historic tonight's Iron Man Match was.  Only the third one ever, first ever on SD! (or free TV of any kind), and all that.  He manages to twist this into a self-serving promo, and is eventually interrupted by Undertaker, who opined that (a) he still thinks he could have beat Angle for the belt 2 weeks ago, (b) Brock Lesnar's a big fat jerk for preventing that, and (c) Vince McMahon's a big fat jerk, too.
  • Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio Jr. teamed up and beat Tajiri and Rhyno in a match that was just as good as last week's SD! opener (but also left you feeling "Hey, that was too short" just like last week's).  Rey pinned Rhyno.
  • Backstage: Vince, Show, and Sable disturb Steph in her office.  They are trying to intimidate her into quitting.  But it's not working.
  • Shaniqua beat Torrie/Dawn/Nidia in a handicap match.  Very short, very simple, and from all accounts very effective in getting Shaniqua's bad-assery over.
  • Earlier today: John Cena cut another killer rap, this time on top of the arena.  The important part: next week on SD!, it's Cena vs. Eddie for the US Title.
  • Backstage: Eddie's got the US Title match next week to look forward to, but tonight's he's getting pumped up with Chavo for a tag title match against Haas/Benjamin, the tag title shot that they never got together due to Chavo's injury.  That's up next.
  • Los Guerreros beat Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin for the WWE Tag Titles in a very good match.  This was simply outstanding by all counts up till about the 10 minute mark, and then a few things sort of went awry.  As a result of a chop-block, Benjamin appeared to hurt his knee legit, and immediately rolled out of the ring, and was left alone by everybody.  After a brief bit of confusion, Haas continued the match for a few minutes on his own.  However, one report even says he got knocked a little silly, and Los Guerreros may have gone to the finish (a brain buster then a Frog Splash to pin Haas) a little sooner than expected.  HUGE pop for Eddie and Chavo's win; Haas eventually left the ring under his own power, but Benjamin practically had to be carried.
  • Backstage: they do quick visits with both the b-level faces and b-level heels, polling them as to who they think will win the Iron Man Match.  A unique twist to get the match over as something special.
  • By a final tally of 5 falls to 4 falls, Brock Lesnar beat Kurt Angle to become the new WWE Champion.  A Match of the Year candidate by all counts, and the break-away leader for that honor at this point according to one.  Great flow, pacing, and psychology, with a few distinct intra-match storylines that were very easy to follow, and that at no point required any run-ins or cheap finishes.  This was just Kurt and Brock for one hour, and it ruled.  First 10-15 minutes or so were mostly clean, mat-style wrestling, and a little heel stalling from Brock to eat up time.  Then it picked up with the first fall around 15 minutes, as Brock INTENTIONALLY got himself DQ'ed by whacking Angle with a chair.  Kurt only led for a minute, though, as the chairshot left him wide open, and Brock followed up by getting two quick decisions (first one via F-5 and pinfall, second by submission).  Brock was up 2-1, and reports vary, but he might even have gotten up to 3-1 before Angle's rally.  Once Angle got back in the match, he tied it up at 3s, and it was close the rest of the way.  However, going into the final 5 minutes, Brock was up 5-4.  That led to a final 3 minutes that were reported as some of the most exciting and dramatic ever, as Angle had the crowd ROCKING for 10 consecutive German Suplexes, with pinfall attempts to tie the score.  When that didn't work, he cinched in an anklelock for the final minute.  Crowd was BEGGING for Lesnar to tap, but he didn't.  Bell sounds, match ends, and Lesnar holds onto the 5-4 win.  Show ends with Lesnar, obviously spent, clutching the WWE Title.  Live crowd got to see Lesnar stumble his way to the back, and then have Kurt Angle recover enough to cut a quick "Thank you" promo and give them a litlle celebration/posedown type thing.  Huge respect ovation for Angle as he left the building.

Just watch this tomorrow.  Then come back here on Friday to see if I can actually bring myself to talk about RAW's little PPV, or if I just spend the entire column gushing about SD!....


Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.

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