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WWE TV Spoilers
April 7, 2004

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


RAW's cruising, as they've got a PPV in just a few weeks they need to build up to... on Thursday's SD!'s retooling, and we won't be able to judge exactly how well they're doing their job until they hit PPV in May.

If you can't wait till tomorrow night to find out what steps SD!'s taking to continue the GM Angle Era, then just read on...  compiled from e-mail reports, I've got the full WWE TV tapings spoilers for you...

WWE Sunday Night Heat
(Taped Monday, Airs Sunday)

  • Rosey beat Some Guy (might have been a dark match)
  • Chuck Palumbo beat A-Train (no word on if Bill DeMott and Josh Mathews came out to do commentary)
  • Steven Richards beat the Hurricane
  • Garrison Cade beat Val Venis

WWE Velocity
(Taped Tuesday, Airs Saturday)

  • Tough Enough beat Funaki (good match, but probably dark)
  • D. Basham beat Paul London
  • Nunzio outlasted Kidman, Akio, and Rey Mysterio in a four-way match to win a shot at the Cruiserweight Title (good match, good heat)
  • The Grumpy Old Men (Bob Holly and Billy Gunn) beat Two Guys

WWE SmackDown!
(Taped Tuesday, Airs Thursday)

  • Bradshaw opened the show with a promo, he came out in his be-horned limo, but instead of embracing his apparent red-neck-y Texas-ness, Bradshaw rambled on about how he's ashamed of his home land, and now he hails from New York City, the financial hub of the universe. [Actually, that first part might have been a backstage, pre-show promo, like what Heyman would sometimes do, not sure, reports varied.] Then Bradshaw talked about being the winner of the Kurt Angle Great American Award and how that would mean he'd get to take on Eddie Guerrero for the WWE Title.  And from there, he entered Ted DiBiase mode, asking anyone in the audience to come on out and wax his limo, and if they could finish in under a minute, he'd pay them $1000.  Of course, Bradshaw found a Hispanic guy, and of course, Bradshaw screwed the guy just when it looked like he was gonna win the money.  Ah, the classics.  Bradshaw mocked the guy to close out the promo.  Seemed to go over OK with fans...
  • In a non-title match, the Dudley Boyz beat tag champs Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty.  Fans were cheering the Duds, but the Duds seemed to be working a little more hard-edged, and made it clear after the match that they'd no like a title shot....
  • Backstage: Charlie Haas is getting a pep talk from GM Angle, saying he needs to go out in his match tonight and shine so that he can make his case for the Great American Award.  But then Big Show barges in and says it won't happen, because he  is Haas' tag partner, and he'll be stealing the show. Big Show warns Haas to just stand back and let Show take care of business tonight.
  • Chavo Guerrero beat Jamie Noble.  All signs of Noble's redneck gimmick are gone (he's in regular tights), and along with it go all signs of being anything more than a jobber, I guess.  Chavo wins with only minimal involvement from his dad.
  • Backstage: Teddy Long is in the C-team locker room, assessing talent.  He's giving out his playa's card to some guys, but for the second week in a row, he disses Spike Dudley.  Spike gets mad, and challenges Teddy to a match, right here, tonight.  Teddy... accepts?  Yep...
  • Also Backstage: Rob Van Dam approaches Booker T and gives him the "Hey, chill out" speech.  He thinks Booker's being kind of a douche, and if he settles down and gets on the same page as RVD, they can win their tag match tonight and then go on to win the tag titles on SD!.  Booker SEEMS to agree.
  • John Cena beat D. Basham.  The one that didn't wrestle on Velocity.  The majority said this Basham was Danny, but it wasn't unanimous, so...  pretty much a squash, though.
  • Big Show and Charlie Haas beat Rob Van Dam and Booker T.  Story was simple: once RVD tagged in, Booker hung him out to dry.  After teasing a few tags, Booker just plain walked out, leaving RVD to get beat down.  He made a comeback, and seemed like he might steal one, but that's when Big Show managed to hit a chokeslam out of nowhere.  And that devious SOB Haas snuck in and stole the pinfall from him.  Hmmm.  Booker T came back out after the match, and he and RVD had the Eye Contact of We're Breaking Up As A Team.
  • Backstage: RVD stormed into GM Angle's office and demanded a match against Booker.  Angle said "No Problem," and it's on for next week.
  • "Phrench Phenom" Rene Dupree beat Orlando Jordan.  Pretty much a squash.
  • Backstage: Angle is making final preparations for the Great American Award ceremony when Eddie Guerrero shows up.  Angle tells him to get lost, because he has the rest of the night off.  Boo!
  • Spike Dudley vs. Teddy Long.... never happened.  Instead, Teddy came out and said that Spike didn't deserve a shot at Theodore R. Long unless he could prove himself.  So Teddy brought out Johnny the Bull.  Spike managed to get a surprise win over Johnny, and it seemed like he was gonna get his hands on Teddy when Mark Jindrak ran out and interrupted.  Jindrak destroyed Spike, and then celebrated with Teddy.  We have a Playa!
  • The ring was fixed up with red carpet and all that other fancification for the Kurt Angle Great American Award presentation.  Angle hit a few prefatory notes, and then brought out the five finalists: John Cena, Big Show, Booker T, Bradshaw, and Charlie Haas.  Angle said that the internet voting resulted in a clear-cut winner: Cena.  Cheers!  And he seemed to be leaning towards announcing that Cena would this win the Great American Award when Bradshaw interrupted.  He has a piece of video he'd like to play before Angle makes his final decision.  And as if the opening promo wasn't enough time, Bradshaw now gets a five minute video piece of him playing Texas Ranger, patrolling the US/Mexico border and scaring Mexicans back into their own country, all while philosophizing about the importance of keeping our borders closed to lazy swine.  Classy.  Finally the video ends, and Angle has been swayed.  Your winner of the Great American Award (and of a shot at the WWE Title): John Bradshaw Layfield.  Oh lord, it really happened.  The other four leave, and Angle presents the trophy (which has been under a blanket since Angle's backstage meeting with Eddie) to Bradshaw... except that's not the trophy!  It's some make-shift thingie made up of pieces that pretty soundly implicate Eddie Guerrero (some fuzzy dice, a low rider hood ornament, a picture of Eddie).  Sure enough, out comes Eddie, real trophy in hand...  Eddie and Bradshaw go back and forth a bit, and finally it comes to blows.  Eddie gets in the ring and uses the trophy as a weapon to send Bradshaw scurrying.  Then he destroys the trophy to end the show.  After the tapings:  Booker T hit the ring, bad-mouthed SD!, and got an ass-kicking from the Undertaker for his troubles. 

We'll have to see how it plays on Thursday night, but it looks like another win for RAW to me this week...  check out SD! on UPN, or come on back here Friday for the full recap and analysis of the as-aired show! 


Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.

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