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WWE TV Spoilers
April 14, 2004

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


I don't think there can be much debate on this: SmackDown!'s last month has be less than stellar, a problem only underscored by the fact that RAW has been hitting on all cylinders.

The subpar outings may be excused by the fact that SD! is "re-tooling" since it was an off-month for them in terms of PPV.  But that's about to change.  Once RAW's Backlash is passed on Sunday, all eyes will be on SD!...  they need a shake-up.

Could a visit to The Rick's Birthplace -- well, actually to Conseco Fieldhouse, which is like 2 or 3 miles from my birthplace -- be all the Fed needed to fix SD!?  We'll let OO's Longtime Man in Indianapolis, Robert Schutte, tell us....

[Sidenote: matches were taped prior to Monday's RAW tapings, but those will only be seen on International Versions of Heat, which frankly, don't count, since most of us will be getting the live pre-PPV Heat.  Hope you don't mind, but I'll be taking a pass on reporting those results...]

Anyway, here is Robert's live report from SD!/Velocity tapings in Indy last night:

     Sorry its been so long since I last dropped you a line.  The last few times I've been to wrestling, its either been Raw or a house-show.  Others seemed better able to address these than me.
     That said, i just returned from this evening's SmackDown taping.  Here are the results (shorter than usual due to the presence of my wife and kids):
Here we go:
     First observation- no ramp tonight.  Indy usually gets the sloping ramp, but its flat floor tonight. Also, there are obviously more gaps in the SmackDown background than usual- perhaps for "surprise" entries?
    Show opens with the Kid Rock- Winds of Change "Desire" package.  Addedto the mix are scenes from Wrestlemania XX including Beniot's victory.
Dark matches:
     (Jaime Noble loses to TE3 Winner) Matt Cappotelli
Match starts with grappling exchanges, but eventually gives way to Noble taking the upper hand.  Matt shows he can still take a shot, as Noble delivers some stiff sounding kicks and chops.  However, as the nominal babyface, Cappotelli gets the win and rolls out immediately to celebrate.
     Paul London defeats (Brant-?) Albright
The match was a snoozer.  I've seen Paul London three or four times now and I can't see why he's on the roster.  He lacks fire and his move set has yet to truly excite me.  He gets the win, but I chatted with nearby fans during most of this one.
Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott come out for Velocity
     Possible Dark Match:  Ultimo Dragon loses to Nunzio
Ultimo gets some nice pyro.  Crowd was not really ready for this.  Nice Velocity match, but is too short to be applauded over much by luche or cruiserweight fans.  Several reversals- especially at the end.  Finish saw Nunzio roll Dragon up into the ropes.  Ref fails to see this as Nunzio uses his arm in the ropes to get leverage.
      VELOCITY Opening Pyro:  Hardcore Holly (w/Billy Gunn) defeats Akio (w/Sakoda)
For some reason, Billy Gunn stilll lights Indy's candle.  Crowd popped for him and all his ringside activity.  Match starts with Holly playing power man to Akio's sneaky, quick vibe.  Gunn establishes himself as enforcer/lumberjack early on so most of the action stays in the ring.  Annoyed by this, Akio at one point with give him a DX chop and tell him to "Suck it!" leading to fruitless distraction of Gunn and the ref.  Twice Gunn will chase Sakoda away from an interference position.  Ultimately, Holly hits the Alabama Slam for the win.  Post match, Gunn gets Holly to moon the crowd.
     Johnny "the Bull" Stamboli loses to Orlando Jordan
Man, this match really failed to do much for the crowd.  You could practically hear the crickets chirping.  Match was solid, but uninspiring.  Finished seemed like it might have been worthwhile, but I was too busy reading the program to my kids to have paid much attention.
     Danny Basham (w/ Doug) loses to D-Von Dudley (w/ Bubba Ray)
Crowd pops HUGE for the Duds.  "We want tables" chant is an instant hit and will probably have to be editted down for the show.  Basham tries the Basham switch and succeeds in fooling the ref, not Bubba.  Bubba starts a "D- Von" chant that does REAL well.  The end sees the ref notice Danny (who he believes is Doug) grab D-Von's foot coming off the ropes.  Ref sends the Basham to the back and shoos him out the ringside area.  This gives the Duds and opening.  3D and the match is over.
Tazz and Cole are announced.  Opening recap from last week.  New opening music and video.
     Eddie Guerrero enters in a low-rider.  He hits the ring and begins the opening speeches.  Mostly, Angle has been calling him demanding and apology for ruining the Great American Trophy ceremony.  He says he has no trouble with apologizing, but won't because of the way JBL (John "Bradshaw" Layfield- the new offical name for Bradshaw.  JBL is the way he is most commonly refered to in this segment.)  won it.  He claims JBL is NOT a great American.  Great American's don't flaunt their money, etc.  (I don't know what history class/books Eddie's had, but American History is FULL of wealthy Americans flaunting their wealth.)
     Anyway, before Eddie gets too far, he is interrupted by the image on the Tron.  Its a "Wanted" poster of him.  The video goes on like a campaign commercial promoting JBL as a real American and Eddie as an undesirable.
     Eddie takes the video in stride and admits to Lying, Cheating, and stealing.  But, he asks us to not overlook the 17 years of hard work it took for him to get his first title shot.  He once again points out JBL's "bought" victory and calls him out.
     Instead we get Kurt Angle!  Crowd LOVES the sing-a-long, "You Suck!" chant and keeps it going well after the music cuts out.  It also loves the "What?" business and keeps it going throughout the segment.  Angle is upset at the events of last week and the lack of apology.  He is just about to give Eddie the LAyfield match, when a JBl"s limo arrives through the backdrop.  JBL is emblazoned on the doors and the hood is decorated with a set of longhorns.  I thought the horn sounded as if it played "la Cucharacha".
      Layfield's entrance cuts Angle off before the match is officially made.  JBL says he's been telling people why he should be champ and kissing babies, etc.  As a result, he's too tired to take on Eddie tonight.  he offers (behind his hat) a suggestion to Angle for a match for tonight.  Angle likes it and so...
JBL vs. Eddie G. is the main event at the next PPV (d'oh!)
     But tonight, Eddie will face... THE BIG SHOW! Eddie looks a bit worried.
Segment ends, and a new video segment appears on Tron.  as always, they seem to edit these or re-shoot some, so do not quote lines here.
     In Angle's office, angle and JBL are snickering with prideat the plan.  Show enters and wants to know if the match with Eddie is a Title match.  Kurt backpedals, but Show demands and answer.  Kurt says, "No."  Show tells JBL and Kurt he knows why hes being selected to do the dirty work, neither of them could do it.  He points to Angles loss at Mania as proof.  He's so confident, that if he loses, then he'll quit tonight.
     OPENING MATCH:  John Cena defeats Chavo Guerrero, Jr. (W/ Sr.) in a Champion vs. Champion match
Not sure how the Champ vs. Champ thing was supposed to work, but it appears neither title is on the line.  cena comes out and does his opening riff.  Before he can get too far, two things happen.  One, a portion of the crowd begins to notice Cena's routine aging (me included). Two, Chavo's new music hits and he's out.  "Cahvo sucks" chant gets good response.  Nice match, but devolves into a short squash match for Cena.  Sr. attempts interference, but Chavo never really threatens here.  Chavo does execute a sweet twisting arm drag, but I'm not sure the camera will get it.  Cena wins with the F-U.
     Rene DuPere does a vignette at a "French restaurant" with... FiFi.  He says something about American's enjoying French wine, etc.  He's going to show us all something next week with Torrie Wilson.
     After some cut scenes from previous Eddie/Show battles, we see Charlie Haas stretching in the locker room.  Jamie Noble enters and asks him what he's doing.  Charlie gives the quick answer and Noble tels him to stop, afterall, he's facing Rico tonight!  That should be a surefire win.  Haas says he's an All-American athlete (I sense a bad gimmick emerging here...) and lists a few of his credentials.  Noble says none of that will matter when Rico starts rubbing, touching, feeling...  Haas looks shaken.  Innuendo for Noble keeps coming (sorry for the pun) and leads to Haas leaving very shaken.  He passes Nunzio who wishes him luck as he closes his Book.
     Chalie Haas loses to Rico (w/ Miss Jackie)
The story here is Haas' obvious homophobia.  Rico plays to it and rubs, touches, pats, and squeezes at every opportnity.  He evens gives the crowd a show during a roll-up, by exposing Haas' rear.  The finsh comes when he kisses Haas and Haas bails out.  Jackie apprioaches him and he runs further out into the crowd.  Ref begins a 10 count which Haas nearly makes, but before he enters, Rico teases him with a dance- one which reveals his own thong.  Haas is counted out.
     Back in the locker room, JBL and Show have a discussion.  JBL is promising to reward Shopw for his success tonight.  Show says he's doing it for himself.
    New character video.  Overexposed footage of a "monk" of some sort.  Cryptic statements aout following "the Father" and meting out punishment.  Graphics tell us, "The day of reconing is at hand." The character's name is Mordecai.  He is logo is cross shaped with the cross piece vaguely looking like barb-wire  (Thing Test with corssed with Goldberg's tatoo)
     The Big Show loses to Eddie G.
Hot start to this one.  Initially, Show goes for Big Man power moves and eddie tries the "bad Wheel" offense on Show's left leg/foot.  However, Show dominates this match- highlighting his power.  Eddie will try to go under the ring to get a weapon.  He sets Show up to get the ref's attention while Show holds a wrench.  The ref takes and discards the wrench, but its enough to give Eddie and opening.  Eddie hits a dangerous DDT from the ropes.  Show kicks out and Eddie gives him a high kick to a low place and then another DDT.  Roll up and three.
Eddie bails quick and the crowd starts the "Na-na-na-na, hey, hey, hey, good-bye" bit.  Eddie in the entry area calls for it.  Show appears to be in disbelief and denial.
     Backstage, Show is seen both crying and stunned.  He is walking the backstae area when he hears laughter.  Its Torrie Wilson laughing with a make-up girl.  Show snaps and yells at Torrie.  he wants to know if she's laughing at him.  She can't seem to convince him she's not.  He eventually moves away.  Torrie tells the make-up girl she's leaving.
     Theodore Long is out in the ring with a mirror and asks us to show love for Mark Jindrak.  Jindrak has dusted off Lex Lugar's old Narscissist gimmick- complete with music!  Thankfully, Spike interrupts before we had to endure much.   So we get...
     Mark Jindrak defeats Spike Dudley
Spike is squashed here.  One brief hope spot in the set up for the Dudley Dawg, but Jindrak converts it into a slam and pin.  (Ah, for the days of the Giant Killer, funny glasses, and the Acid Drop! [sigh])
     STOP your new ECW speculation.  The new show is called "Experience" and will begin May 2nd according to the video.  The new logo is a flaming sun design.
     In the parking lot, Torrie Wilson is leaving, but before she can get into the car, Show stops her.  He calls her cold and continues to accuse her of laughing at him.  It will likely be editted differently, but he attmpts to punch out the window three times without success.  Finally, he kicks out both driver's side windows.  Torrie looks worried and protests.  Show mixes rage with emotional breakdown.  He HAS to quit to be a man of his word.  Torrie tries to comfort him, but that just makes him even more made (cue the bad Hulk references...) and the madder Show gets, the stronger Show gets!  Show lifts the side of the car and rolls it over!!!
(Now, I'm not sure if Show actually lifted the car, but footage allows for two possiblities.  One, he did lift and flip a car- an empty, small, no gas tank or engine having one [the Engine comparment is covered from below]  Two, he "helped" lift one- as a jack could have been mounted to lift the car when necessary [notice the switch in grip]  Either way, its an impressive stunt.)
Torrie screams, runs, falls, and runs some more.  Show starts to stalk Torrie.
     Booker T loses to RVD???
I'm not sure of the called ending to this.  It appeared to be DQ.  Nice match.  RVD appeared to control the majority.  Eventually he is whipped to the ropes and is wrapped up in them.  booker takes his chance to abuse him and the bell is called for.  Not to bad, nor surprising.
     Backstage, someone tells Angle that Show has Torrie on a ledge andis threatening to throw her off.  Angle leaves running.  We cut to Show who has Torrie cornered on a balcony section of the Conseco Fieldhouse.  (This must have been taped before the show began, as it was a section behind the curtains and Tron, but there was no crowd noise in video- nor the "obscured seats" respond.)  Show is still tormented by Torrie's laughter and his own grief.  Angle sees them and tries to talk Show down.  He tells Show to leave Torrie alone- Angle doesn't want to lose HIS job if Torrie gets hurt.  He "runs" behind a curtain to "run" upstairs.  Upstairs, he confronts Show.  Show lets Torrie go and instead "throws/slams" Angle off the balcony to the concrete floor!!!!  This is easily a 20+ foot drop.  It is also clear that this must be editted in some way, as NO ONE would take this fall.  Angle is shown on the floor- in "broken" fashion.  No signs of life.  Inother words, count Kurt out of future story lines for a while.  Torrie is frightened.  Show is numb to it all.
IN the Ring!!
     Booker T announces himself as the NEW GM of SmackDown!  He proceeds to call out anyone with an issue on that.  The crowd WANTS Taker.  The get and settle for John Cena.  Cena does his "dese nuts" bit and rushes Booker T.  He and Booker brawl a bit.  Cena appears to be getting the losing end of things, when Eddie G. comes out and sneaks into the ring behind Booker.  Eddie hits the surprise attack and he and Cena do a number on Booker.  The end sees Cena hit the F-U on Booker.
Post-attack:  Cena and Eddie do the hand-shake and autograph thing for just about every kid at ringside and entryway area.  Security won't let my kids down the two steps to be part of it though- (Bastards!)  A good 5-10 minutes of feel good basking in the fan response.  These two seem to eat this up!
For those interested.  I am sitting two seats to the cameras left of the guy with the "MO" sign.  Also, several of my students were in attendance (some with better seats than me!)  You can see some of them at various points in the show.
Hope this helps.  As always, it is an honor to share with you.

As always, anytime I get a spoiler report I can just repost in total, instead of compiling from half-literate sentence fragments, I'm exceptionally grateful...  so thanks to Robert for his continued help covering events from Indy.

Check out SD! tomorrow night on UPN, or come on back to OO on Friday for a look at how the show turned out in its as-aired form, complete with recap and analysis!


Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.

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