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WWE TV Spoilers
August 18, 2004

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


RAW came off the SummerSlam PPV with a bang. Maybe not a bang that I feel particularly sanguine about, but a bang nonetheless. 
So how would SmackDown! counter, what with having almost 2 months before they next have to present a pay-per-view event? Other than the continuation of the Cena/Booker Best of Five series, the brand has just about every option open, from continuing on with SummerSlam feuds, to resetting and finding a new WWE Title challenger, to

some combination there of.  And if you just can't wait another 36 hours till the show airs, well, I guess this is the page for you.

Big time thanks to OO Reader Joel Bates, who attended last night's tapings in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (home of the first Royal Rumble, I want to say?), and filed this report so detailed that I'll just reprint it, cut-and-paste style:

Hey Rick: 

I just got back from Copps Coliseum in Hamilton, Ontario from the Smackdown and Velocity tapings and thought I’d pass along the details. 

Copps, which holds 17500 for hockey, was over ¾ tarped off with a maximum of 5000 in attendance, which made for a quiet atmosphere at times. 


Match One: 

Funaki vs Heidenreich: Heidenreich looked sloppy. Funaki got a surprisingly decent pop but Heidenreich wouldn’t sell for him. Heidenreich ended it at about the 3 minute mark with a sidewalk slam 

Match Two: 

Booker T vs Shannon Moore: Big pop for Booker T in this match. Booker opened with a variety of kicks. Moore took control and tried to end it with a twist of fate, which he of course missed. Booker ended it with a bookend at about the 4 minute mark. 

Match Three: 

Mark Jindrak vs Mabel (?) Starr: There was very little reaction to this match. Both had little offensive moves beyond your standard punches and kicks. Jindrak thankfully ended the pain with a decent looking back suplex which he turned into a sidewalk slam 

Match Four: 

Akio vs Charlee Haas 

Both received a decent pop. Akio was surprisingly sloppy looking throughout. He worked Haas leg and eventually took Haas down with a good looking missile drop kick from the top rope.  Haas kicked out and won the match with a turn around cross body off of the top rope. 

Match Five: 

Billy “Ass Man” Gunn vs Doug (and Danny) Basham 

Gunn didn’t get the pop he seems to get in some house shows. Gunn goes on the offensive leading to the proverbial Basham switch. The biggest pop for the Velocity show came with a head on collision which of course led to the dramatic 8 count. Gunn finished off with AJ Styles “Styles Clash” after a second attempt at a switch between the twins. 


Tazz got a nice pop, but I expected much more. 

Opening Segment: 

JBL came out (after about 4 minutes of music) in one of the best visuals for TV. He was wearing a massive neck brace with his 10 gallon hat perched about 1 foot off of his head. It took him and Orlando 5 minutes to get to the ring. He had a decent interview where he addressed not pinning the Undertaker much to his dismay but that was all the Dead Man’s fault. He accused the Undertaker of not passing the torch and said, “the Undertaker is very mean.” One of the best lines came when he not only complained about being slammed into the car and the pain, but of the heat of the hood which burned him. He said the Undertaker would never get a rematch. Along the way he slammed Canada for not going to Iraq and got his cheap heat. Of course the led to the Undertaker coming out to the biggest pop of the night. JBL comically escaped with help from Jordan, but Orlando returned to help his boss. One punch and a choke slam later, the Undertaker was left with the belt in the ring. This ½ hour segment (I kid you not and pray it will be edited by at least 1/2 ) was over. IT was funny, but way too long. 

Match One: 

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Spike Dudley for the title: 

Spike was quickly thrown over the top to the floor. Scotty quickly went for the worm but was stopped by Bubba. After some offense from Spike he then went up top for the double stomp but missed it. After some distraction and a quick counter by Spike he finished it with his top rope bulldog. The triple team then ensued ending with Spike nailing Scotty in the head with the belt. 

Raw Recap 

John Cena Interview: 

This was to hype next week’s 2nd match between him and Booker T. Spike got involved and said that Cena had no gold to back his words. Spike then landed a low blow, which then led to a beatdown by all three Dudley’s and Spike saying, “Can you see me now?” 

Match Two: 

Billy Kidman and Paul London vs Chavo and Jamie Noble in a non title match: 

The match started quickly with London and Noble putting a display of nice technical wrestling and counter wrestling. London then took it to both men before Chavo took control. Chavo missed a weak looking springing leg drop. Kidman finally gets in the match to a nice pop and quickly pulled off an amazing looking fireman’s carry into a neckbreaker on Noble. Kidman goes up looking for the Shooting Star but is knocked out of the ring. Chavo then scores the pin after reversing a pinfall attempt by London and by holding the ropes. A very good 8 minute match, but the crowd was pretty quiet for this match. 

Teddy long announces that Cena will fight D Von later on. 

Torrie, Jackie and Norma Lee come out and shoot t-shirts in a segment that seemed to be taped. It was a complete waste of time but it resulted in the 2nd biggest pop of the night thus far (hence why we have a diva search…sigh) 

Interview Segment Two: 

Eddie Guerrero Comes to the ring to a massive pop. He calls out Angle who get the “You Suck” chants. He challenges Angle to a match tonight but Kurt refused saying why when he beat Eddie at SummerSlam. Eddie agrees that he was outwrestled for the first time he can remember, but reminds Kurt he holds a pinfall on him from WMXX. He says he respects Kurt and says that they are the only two that love the business. He wants to shake Kurt’s hand but Kurt says you can’t trust a cheat and liar. After about a 5 minute delay Angle agrees, and of course Eddie attacks him, leading to Luther storming the ring. Before the two can take on Eddie, Rey Mysterio comes to the ring and cleans house. Again, this was entertaining, but 1 and ½ hours in, and we have 2 matches. 

Match Three: 

John Cena vs D-Von with Booker calling the match at ring side: 

Cena comes out to a big pop. The match opens in typical brawling style. D-Von gains control but can’t string more than 2 moves together without Cena taking back control. About 5 minutes in the match is over with an FU from Cena, which led to a stare down with Booker. A short and disappointing match. 

Match Four: 

RVD vs. Renee Dupree 

This was probably the best match of the night. Both start off with pinning moves back and forth, which ends with a good ovation. Renee took control and worked on submission (rest) holds. RVD counters with a heel kick and a superkick which led to a running moonsault. The best move of the night came with a beautiful German suplex by RVD on Renee which he held for a two count. It looked a lot more high impact than Angle’s version. RVD then went for the rolling thunder but Dupree got his legs up. After some brief offense by Dupree Rob went to the top but was caught by Dupree in a big superplex. Dupee then did his dance, which allowed RVD o recover and end the match with the 5 star frog splash. After the match RVD was attacked by Suzuki who came out with a female manager. After some brawling moves Suzuki (at least who I think he is) put a claw on RVD and then through him backwards into the mat to KO him. A very entertaining 10 minute match and a nice twist at the end. 

Teddy Long Makes a “Major Announcement” 

Teddy comes to the ring and shows a promo of a superstar he has resigned. Of course it is the Big Show. We see a video of some of the Big Shows moments from years past. He also announces the 2nd match between Booker and Cena for next week and that Heidenreich will get his tryout next week. 

Main Event: 

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle and Luther 

Surprisingly, this match didn’t get the response that it should have. It was a good match, but by no means a classic, or up to the standards of either Eddie or Angle. The match begins with Luther beating down on Eddie. Eddie regained control and brought in Rey. Eddie does a nice spot where he picks up his partner in what appears to be an atomic drop and throws him into Luther so that Mysterio hit a drop kick. Luther quickly regains control of the smaller Rey and Luther got out of the ring (thank God as he is a horrible looking worker). Angle gets some brief offense in before Rey took control with a head scissors. Eddie is tagged in and quickly begins to pummel Kurt. Eddie went for his 3 suplex combo but is denied the third by Luther. Luther comes in, does some kicks and leaves us again. Angle then begins to go after Eddie’s leg. Luther will do the same, with Eddie selling the leg lock as though he was shot. This goes on for about 5 minutes until Angle decides to show us a different move with the overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle and Eddie eventually collide heads, which will allow Rey into the match. Rey hit 3 very nice flying moves (head scissors, flying sitdown etc.) before the ref is taken out by luther accidently. Rey then hit a 619 on Angle, who was outside of the ring. Rey flew around the post to hit this impressive looking move. Rey sets Luther up for the regular 619 but as he spins Angle plastered him with a steel chair. Eddie finds a chair and chases out Angle to the back. Luther goes for the powerbomb (once he figured out where the camera was) but Eddie returns in time to hit the low blow. Eddie is tagged in and hits his 3 suplexes. Rey then hits the 619 allowing Eddie to hit the frog splash (once Luther moved 2-3 times to get into position) for the pin.

After the match Kurt returns out and has a bucket of paint, which he pours on Eddie’s car, much to the dismay of Eddie. This is where the taping will end.  

After the show, we got 10 minutes of Eddie looking upset and a bizarre bit where Eddie and Rey spread paint across each other’s chests. Both leave and so do the few remaining fans. 

Biggest pops: 
UndertakerEddie Guerrero

Overall: There were three good matches but the segments were too long. It didn’t help that the crowd was so small. I don’t expect the WWE back to Hamilton for a while! 

Joel Bates

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.




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