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WWE TV Spoilers
September 15, 2004

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


RAW: treading water with a murky main event picture and confused storytelling.  Don't think you can argue that much.  
But SmackDown!: the home of a once-undeserving champion who might be making me eat my words AND of a few really shocking surprises? Well, folks, it's kind of felt that way lately. I mean, nobody's gonna give JBL any consideration for Wrestler of the Year, but as long as he keeps his hat on and talks, he's become a watchable personality...  and  

then you throw in stuff like Big Show coming back two weeks early and a few of the surprises SD!'s got in store for you tomorrow night and....

Well, let's just say none of this is throwing me off my thesis that SD! is the Show To Watch these days.

As always, I'd like you more if you weren't so nosy and just sat back tomorrow night and watched the show. You can hit "BACK" now and do just that.  Otherwise, read on, and spoil things for yourself. I won't stop you...

WWE Sunday Night Heat
(Taped Monday, Airs Sunday)

  • Maven beat Some Guy.
  • Rodney Mack beat Val Venis.
  • Tajiri/Rhyno beat Hurricane/Rosey.

And for SD!/Velocity tapings, I turn you over to OO Reader Josh Cantamessa, who continues the trend of OO Readers helping out with full, literate, detailed tapings reports so that I don't have to mix and match and compile from multiple e-mails.  God bless you, Josh!  Here's his live report from Spokane, WA....

WWE SmackDown!/Velocity Tapings
September 14, 2004

I'll preface this with a few things:
1. I've been reading you for four years, but this is the first time I've been able to contribute (And quite proudly I am)
2. We don't get Smackdown where I live so if I'm not as clear on somethings that's why
3. I don't read spoiler reports, and I'm not sure how many OO faithful were at the show in Spokane, WA, so I'm not sure how much detail to go into, if you need more info let me know. 
7:30 p.m.
Kid Rock WWWF/WWF/WWE Video Plays
Ring announcer (Sorry I Forget His Name) make announcement about video cameras, etc.
Bashams vs. Dave Richards and Mike Storm (Not positive on the Jobbers Names)
     -OK for a dark match with both jobbers getting more reactions than either Basham with the Storm guy really connecting.
     -Bashams won
Orlando Jordan vs. Scotty 2 Hotty
     -Another decent dark match with Jordan dominating and Scotty getting a few hope spots (no worm) Jordan got little to no crowd reaction Scotty got the overwhelming face reaction as the first real star out.
     -Jordan won
Josh Mathews and Bill Demott came out
Velocity open and pyro
Paul London vs. Akio
     -Good match with some innovative offense I don't see on Raw, my first time seeing both guys and I was really impressed with Akio, he had that Rock charisma.  Crowd really wasn't into either guy.
     -Paul london won
Mark Jindrak vs. Shannon Moore
     -Very short match as Jindrak hung Moore in the tree of woe from the middle turnbuckle and kept stomping him in the head until the ref called a DQ.  Crowd was into Moore, but the match was too short to really get into.
Luther Reigns vs. Eddie (jobber) White
     -Reigns won when he rolled the dice, crowd couldn't care less about either guy.
Michael Cole And Tazz Come Out
They show the same clip that was the Smackdown Rebound on Raw (Big Show's Return)
Smackdown opening and pyro
Torrie Wilson comes out to the ring and after some butt flossage and posing she tells us that she's here to introduce match number 4 in the U.S. Title best of 5 series.  First Cena came out wearing a Steve Largent throwback to a good pop.  Booker came out (and as I was seeted 5 rows from the ring ten seats from the ramp I can tell you that the fire balls in Booker's intro are warm)
Cena vs. Booker
     -Cena won after probably ten minutes with an F-U.  Match started off good, but the middle was kinda slow finish was super hot though with lots of reversals and pinfall reversals.
Backstage Teddy Long is talking to the Big Show
     -The Jist was there will be a contract signing tonight Big Show can choose to face Kurt Angle Or Eddie Guerrero At No Mercy.
Michael Cole is in the ring
     -They recap Kidman walking out on London last week
     -Kidman comes out says he was just trying to prevent someone else from getting hurt (Kidman Played  as a face no real exagerations or anything, but crowd booed big time)
     -London comes out and gets in Kidman's face (good intensity by London, almost too intense) Kidman finally leaves because he doesn't want to hurt anybody
Titantron shows Rey and RVD vs. The Dudley Boyz
Tough Enough Promo
Smackdown Recall (or something more clever) Was a clip of the TLC match that Benoit/Jericho won from 2001(2?) Clip was oddly very Jeff Hardy heavy
Rey/RVD vs. The Dudley Boyz
     -Good match from these guys but nothing spectacular.  RVD hit the 5 star and got the pin.  Match was more a reason to show Spike abuse the Boyz for losing.
Day of Reckoning Promo
Titantron Promo For Contract Signing
Recap of Heyman slapping Michael Cole last week
Backstage Eddie Guerrero Talks to Big Show Eddie says no hard feelings, but he hopes BS picks him
Backstage Orlando Jordan and JBL are talking
     -JBL says he's got to prove to his fans that he's not affraid of the Undertaker because he's not
     -Jordans says just stick to the plan
     -JBL says he's going to the ring to call out Undertaker
Online Salary Cap Game Promo
JBL is in the ring and he calls out Taker
     -After a few minutes Taker comes out (Pretty cool to see in person with the old school persona)
     -JBL Dismisses OJ
     -Taker and JBL brawl with Taker getting the best of him and when he goes for a Chokeslam
     -(Now for some reason WWE knows that Spokane is about 5 years behind the times because the last Smackdown we got was the first one after WM19 and saw the return of Sable.)And tonight OJ comes back and with him is Viscera and Gangrel and the 4 of them beat Taker down and before they celebrate zombie sit-up.  Taker cleans house, but evenually they lay him out for good and JBL stands over him with the belt.
T-shirt guy gets biggest pop and biggest heat
Backstage FBI are talking but I couldn't make it out real well
A recap of Takers beating
Kenzo And Dupree vs. FBI
   -Dupree is doubling for Santa Clause in his jolly red robe
   -Match is just a back drop for John Heidenreich to come out and kidnap Michael Cole(taking him through the crowd),  Tazz eventually followed
   -Dupree won the match
WM21 Promo
Debate Promo
Raw Rebound
Michael Cole Backstage With JH
     -Cole is Pressed stomach first against the wall with JH's stomach pressed against Cole's back
     -JH says he's gonna give Cole somethings he's wanted to for a long time, he the grunts and both guys lurch upwards and forwards.  I wish I was making this up and no, it wasn't being played for humor although I found MC being raped quite amusing.
Cena vs. Booker Match 5 will be at No Mercy
More fun with Michael Cole and JH
     -Heidenreich now face to face reads Cole a poem, then before he lets Cole go he make Cole thank him
Charlie Hass w/ Miss Jackie vs. Spike
     -Hass won by Dudley interference causing a DQ, Rico made the save
Taker will meet JBL in a last ride match at No Mercy
Out comes the red carpet for the signing
Carlito Cool Vignette
Recap of Taker beatdown
Teddy Long comes out with the contracts
     -Big Show comes out and sits at the desk
     -Kurt And Luther come out
     -Eddie Comes out in low rider
     -Angle Tries to sweet talk BS by quetioning his Jewish herritage because he saw the circumcision in the shower, it's not that he was looking, it's just that its so big.  Bottom line Kurt is needed in WWE, but BS should rid the WWE of garbage like Guerrero
     -Eddie says bottom line BS bring it on
     -BS signs Eddie's contract then Angle and Reigns Jump Eddie.  So BS changes his mind and signs Angles instead. Angle and reigns jump BS but he is able to clear house.  Teddy Long makes official that it will be BS vs. Angle at No Mercy, then says next week on the Season Premier of Smackdown it will be BS and Eddie vs. Angle and Reigns.
10:30 p.m.
I didn't see when but Tazz did do most of the rest of the show by himself.
Overall good show, probably 2/3 full and way better than the last Smackdown we got.  This show is definately out of its slump (male rape excluded)

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.




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