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PPV Fall-Out, Inmates Running RAW,
Some TNA News and Ranting, and MORE!
November 15, 2004

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


It's been an interesting weekend of fielding e-mails, as I scan through the ol' in-box here today... 
For starters, I guess I should be kinda proud or something? Because there was a veritable FLOOD of e-mails that look like they came in at about 4am on Friday night/Saturday morning (well, only about 5 of them, but by 4am standards, I'll call that a flood), personally thanking me for the "Mr. Show" endorsement I put in Friday's column... so, ummm, I guess you're

welcome?  But it's also kinda scary to think that I've somehow found myself a loyal legion of readers who are as degenerate, booze-loving, borderline-insomniac loners as I am that the most exciting thing we can all do at 4am is talk about how sweet a rerun of an admittedly-ingenious episode of a sketch comedy show is.

Hey, if you want another tip: on Saturday night, I flipped past IFC (Independent Film Channel) at around 2am, and I guess they are doing a gimmick this month where every Saturday Late Night, they are showing "Spinal Tap" with a second rock film. Now, I managed to find alternate entertainment for a bit, so my 859th viewing of "Spinal Tap" can come another time, but at about 3:30, it was time to head back to the TV, and I got "The Kids Are Alright" for my troubles... and as a man who sometimes likes to be a pain in the ass and answers the burning question "The Stones or the Beatles?" with "The Who," that was OK with me!  With my luck, now that I've tipped you off to this, next Saturday night will be the ricockulous "Song Remains The Same" or something, and you'll be spending your 4am CURSING me.  Or maybe we'll get lucky and one of these weeks, it'll be the excellent "Rock 'n' Roll Circus" (because if you *do* pin me down, the correct answer *is* "The Stones"). Hey folks, I'm trying here, and if nothing else, if you tune in, you do get to see the Spinal Taps in action...

Other interesting e-mail topics that have popped up with greater frequency than I'd guess (at times, approximating the frequency of "Shut up about Orton, you jealous sack of shit" e-mails!):  (a) Barry Bonds will (I'm assuming) win the MVP Award today, and I inaccurately said it'd be his eighth at some point last week; it's "only" his seventh.  Boo on me, and yay on all of you who just love catching me with my pants down.  (b) OK, yes, so "Rico" could also use his name if he went to TNA, but I'm guessing he'd have to leave a lot of the flamboyance at the door, since that was a gimmick created by WWE.  And people, (c) I don't think I'm *that* big a philistine for not really caring about the difference between regular TV and High Definition; I never said I couldn't TELL THE DIFFERENCE between differing levels of video or audio quality, I just said I don't care.  It's fucking TV, and it already gets me where I need to go in Regular Definition; extra crispness does nothing to plump my frank, and if I want to see individual blades of grass or whatever I will just, you know, leave the house. Sorry, I know I'm an asshole, but I just don't see the big deal here.  But I guess also (d) thanks to all who explained about my pixelation problem during RAW.  I think I probably could have figured that one out for myself if I'd just stopped and thought, but thanks for the details and setting me straight...

And obligatorily: as we continue the Month of November, that also means I want your money.  What's the finest nation on the face of the planet?  DO-nation, of course~!  If you like what we do here at OO, then please, this is the time of year when we fatten up the coffers and make sure we can keep things running smoothly for another year.  Check out the OO Pledge Drive page for the three quick, easy, and painless ways you can contribute to keeping OO alive and free and more-devoid-of-browser-killing-advertising than most of the other wrestling sites out there! Pretty please?

Just a couple bucks once a year is really all it takes, and THIS is the kind of pure gold that I'll supply you with 3 or 4 times per week in return: 

  • We probably need to kick off by revisiting last night's Survivor Series PPV...  because as is frequently the case with my obsessive personality, I latch onto one thing, and it festers and eats at me, and makes it hard for me to step back and get a look at the big picture. 
    Last night, it was what I felt to be an incredibly anti-climactic ending to the PPV that was the biggest contributor to me feeling out of sorts as I birthed the PPV Recap. And while I think that's fair -- especially since I make no secret of heavily weighing the main event in my overall analysis of major shows -- I re-read my recap just now, and I think it probably ends up short-changing Survivor Series just a bit.
    The opener was awesome.  Shelton/Christian was very well done.  The SD! elimination match was short, maybe a bit predictable, but fun getting there (except for the sloppy elimination of BVD).  Taker/Heidenreich was a good 10 minutes overlong, but not nearly as bad as I'd expected after the reports that had come in from house show test runs.  Trish/Lita didn't have much of a match, but as an intensity-builder to their feud, it has to count as a success, as maybe now we can get past the fat jokes and dumb-ass Springer Drama and make this be about the getting in the ring and fighting over the title?  I can dream...  Even JBL had a watchable and entertaining match which should nicely set him up for FINALLY losing the belt next month on PPV.
    I'm not saying I was blown away, really, but for a little over 2 hours, I was certainly quite content with the show.  Part of me might have been a bit concerned that a rare cross-brand show didn't have any more memorable, signature moments or blow-away matches, but that's just part and parcel of the business these days.  The shows and matches that leave you feeling like you just saw a True Video Keeper are fewer and more far between than any time I can remember in my 20 years of fandom... have we seen too much?  Are we just jaded? I dunno, but it's a real problem.  And so if I find myself genuinely amused (even if not blown away) for a few hours, I consider that a victory, I guess...
    But then the main event flipped some switch in me; the show to that point had been fun, but not so fun that I couldn't turn on it quickly, I guess.  Which isn't totally fair, but hey, my website, my biases.  Shitty ending means I'm in a shitty mood, and probably makes for a shitty recap.
    The problems in the main event were numerous: for one, it was not much more than 20 minutes, which means that 8 guys got about the same amount of ring time to split among them as Heidenreich got.  Wrong.  Making it worse: two of those guys are Benoit and Jericho, who between them might have gotten 8 minutes of ring time, despite the fact that both deserve WAY more than that.  Compounding the even worseness: the show ended very early, so it's not even like you would have had to take minutes away from Heidenreich if you didn't want to. Just extend the match another 10 minutes.  Unrelated: 10 more minutes could also have been invested in the dynamic of the heel team once Batista and Flair were both gone, leaving HHH alone with two guys who didn't like him; instead, I don't think they did ANYthing with that drama, and even when tempers did flare and when Edge bumped into HHH and got eliminated, there was no follow up, no nothing.  Huge missed opportunity.  Another third unrelated problem: from the time Orton found himself down 1-on-2 against HHH and Edge to the final bell of the match was less than 3 minutes.  No epic fight, no real story told, no chance for Orton to show a spark of ANYthing even remotely noble or heroic.  Just some punch kick, punch kick, and a couple RKO's out of nowhere.  And he wins.  Wheee.
    And yes, I'm a big enough man to admit that I'm probably gonna be a little bit salty any time ANY show ends with Orton posing and that shitty theme song playing.  OK?  I said it.  I got no problem with there being a concerted effort to turn Orton into a show-carrying, #1 babyface.  But I *do*have a problem with that concerted effort consisting of absolutely NOTHING more than making sure that every show ends with him posing and his theme song playing.  I'm serious: WWE's thinking seems to be "Randy Orton is RAW's top babyface because we put him out there and say he's RAW's top babyface."  And that just rubs me wrong.  It's almost a caricature of laziness in storytelling when they just fabricate reasons to make sure Orton gets the show-ending celebration (even when, as last week on RAW, he had nothing to do with the main event match) that they are ASKING halfway perceptive fans to feel patronized and disenfranchised. Cuz that's how I feel.

    Specifically last night: it's not so much that Orton won.  It really isn't.  Maybe that's the right move, maybe it isn't, time will tell if they can spin this into something interesting over the next few weeks.  My SUSPICION is "probably not" and all this was meant to do is remind us that Orton can beat HHH, but doesn't have a chance to fight him for the title, and then we go to the Royal Rumble, and blah, blah, blah, you figure it out.  But maybe it'll work.  That's fine.  I may bitch and moan that Orton seems to win EVERY match and celebrate on EVERY show, but I do NOT mean that to be interpreted as "Orton can NEVER win, and may celebrate to end ZERO shows."  Everything in moderation, and maybe last night was a match Orton needed to win...
    But he didn't have to win it THAT way.  Two minutes of ring time with Edge.  RKO out of nowhere.  Win.  Thirty seconds of ring time with HHH, RKO out of nowhere.  Win.  For a guy who has legitimacy issues already (as witnessed by mixed crowd reaction week in and week out), how is *this* booking supposed to help him? There's a time and a place for having a deadly finishing move that you can hit out of nowhere (it worked really well for DDP, for instance, but that was because he was sort of an underdog character who never seemed like he'd crack the main event, but the fans were all cheering for him, and being able to get his ass kicked for 20 minutes, then hit one big move for a win worked; but Orton's vibe is more of Superman than of populist underdog, and it just rings false and lazy, just like this entire "destiny" thing).  And there's also a time and place for making use of 10 remaining minutes of PPV time to weave a story and make fans care about you, and THEN score the hardfought win over the champion.  Christ, Orton needs 30 seconds to beat HHH: is there any bigger anvil that they could have dropped on us?
    So anyway, that's where my pissiness came from/comes from. There were other good parts to Survivor Series, and they should be commended. But considering that I honestly expected the RAW elimination match to blow everything else away in terms of drama, if not in terms of action, I felt massively let down by the main event.  So I figure I'll do my best to explain those biases to you, but I can't really apologize for them or take them back...
    Just, if you need more details on the PPV, check the Immediate Post-Show Survivor Series Recap, and try to keep in mind that you might want to ignore the final ranting paragraph in red italics if you want a slightly more balanced report.
  • This all brings us to RAW tonight, where we kick off the WWE's Tour of Ricktitude~!  Starting tonight in The Rick's birthplace, Indianapolis, IN, and moving on tomorrow night to the Rick's adopted hometown of Dayton, OH!  We get Chicago in there instead of Cleveburg, and we can make it a weekend tour of the three towns lucky enough to have had The Rick call them home!  [And just betwixt us, I want Chicago in there cuz it's the coolest one of the bunch!]  SD!'s on-site tapings report will come on Wednesday here at OO, but tonight, we'll get our first glimpses of just how thee Fed intends to play off the Orton PPV win.  Orton, Benoit, Jericho, and Some Other Guy will take turns running RAW the next four weeks, starting tonight.
    Which one will step up and take over first?  Dunno, and it opens up some intriguing possibilities, since for as well as the babyfaces seemed to get along heading into the PPV (and as poorly as the heels were interacting), we might now enter a phase where they could do the counter-point to the pre-PPV story and have Orton, Benoit, Jericho, and Maven develop some hostilities and little power struggles.

    Orton's actually the most interesting character in all of this, since he's the only one who can't book himself into the match he wants. Per a stipulation, he's forbidden from getting title shots at HHH. So if we cross our fingers and pray that maybe Orton isn't just gonna go to the Rumble and win his title shot that way, does he maybe use his week to book HHH into some crazy-ass 3-on-1 match, or something?  And then does he help to make sure HHH drops the title in that match?  And if he does, what's the vibe when Orton wants to get his title shot a week or so later?  Lots of interesting possibilities, but again, also at least one VERY big uninteresting possibility that I'd consider to be the front-runner now.
    If they don't do any serious power-struggle gimmicks with the faces, then you still might see continued friction among the Survivor Series heel team. Edge won't be pleased with HHH over the incidental bump that caused Edge to be eliminated; HHH won't be happy with Snitsky for getting DQ'ed, maybe; Batista and Flair were nowhere to be seen for the last 10 minutes of the match. Depending on how big a dick HHH wants to be, he could conceivably have as much heat with Evolution as he does with Orton, Benoit, Jericho, et al.
    If it's me, I probably burn Maven's RAW tonight, while the GIMMICK of the inmates running the asylum is fresh; because you can hype and sell an entire edition of RAW based on Chris Jericho running things.  You just can.  "RAW is JERICHO" is a selling point.  "RAW is MAVEN" is permission to skip a week.  Somewhere in the middle, "RAW is ORTON" will probably get the Huge Push that I think should go to "RAW is JERICHO," but will be flamboyantly mediocre in reality.  [Tangent: I just made myself flashback to April Fools 1998, when I had WCW taking note of the ratings successes of "RAW is WAR" and responding with an all new TV strategy based around "NITRO is ORTIN." Trust me, kids, it was funny as hell, even if it doesn't seem like it now.]
    But tonight, while the idea of cycling through the GMs is still fresh, you can probably get away with Maven running things, and then as long as it doesn't totally suck, the increased star power in coming weeks will keep the gimmick rolling strong. I hate to be a dick on the issue of Maven, but really, it was pretty obvious last night -- even with the nice little attempt at booking a hook for him with the Snitsky attack -- fans don't buy him at that level of the card.  So "hiding" his GM week is something I honestly think will be important.  Burn it tonight, and make sure fans know that "RAW is JERICHO" will be here to save the day in a few weeks time.
    Either that, or do a total Team Concept thing where the faces don't even really take turns as individuals, but somehow all get together and decide that for four weeks, one of 'em might be the figurehead, but really, they'll all scheme together to make HHH's life a living hell.  I dunno, just thinking out loud to figure out how in the hell you get out of having Maven being the anchor that sinks this entire Guest GM concept...

    Obviously, the guest GM thing opens the door for some chaotic and creative matches and stuff... which is cool since RAW doesn't have to get cohesive and focused until after the New Year; no PPVs until January 9 for the RAW brand.  Plenty of Wacky Time to waste...

    Oughta make for an interesting night of TV.  You should be sure to check it out to see how WWE rebounds from the PPV... but in lieu of that, you can also just come on back to OO tomorrow for the Finest RAW Recap in all the land.  I'm pretty sure I get the night off tonight (so I can preserve my energy for a killer Live-and-In-Person SmackDown! Recap on Tuesday night), and you'll be in the capable, clever, and concise hands of The Broad.  Or at least, Erin volunteered to take the recap a couple days ago, but that was before I started making Scott Stapp jokes to amuse myself in the middle of a spirit-draining PPV recap...

    So we'll see. But I guess maybe if you check out the RAW Recap tomorrow, and it's chock full of references to The Rick's crippling grown-man-crush on Ashlee Simpson, you need to know that (a) it's not true dammit, but (b) I probably deserved it.
  • A few e-mails from the Expected And Helpful Pile....
    As noted last night, I had a hard time interpreting some of the backstage bits due to Hooters audio deficiencies.  Not to crap on waitresses in skimpy outfits or anything, but I'd give anything for the return of PPVs at BW-3's if I have to resort to leaving the house to watch shows with a crowd... better food, better drinks, better sound....
    But y'all stepped up with some helpful info from the Cross Brand Moment skits that happened early in the show.
    First, when Snitsky and Heidenreich went face to face and momentarily had me worried that they were truly, madly, and deeply in love with one another, I guess the full exchange was...
    Snitsky: I like your poetry.
    Heidenreich: And I like what you do to babies.
    Snitsky: Well, cool, then, I guess I'll see you later.
    Heidenreich: Yeah, see you later.
    Which is weird.  I mean, I TOTALLY missed the "I like what you do to babies" line, and that's just in hilariously bad taste. So of course I love it.  But then if they're promising to "see each other later"?  Suddenly, Taker's double takes of respect towards Heidenreich make my stomach clinch up in horror at the prospect of a face turn and a WM21 Titanic Showdown between Snitsky and Heidenreich.  Ouch.  Please let me be wrong, and let there be no deeper context to this other than maybe letting these two have A Moment Against Each Other in the Royal Rumble match.  Pretty please?
    And then, the Edge/Kurt Angle confrontation...
    Here, I guess they started by talking about Kurt not appreciating some of the gloating Edge did in his book, and then hitting a joke about how Kurt's favorite chapter was the one where Edge won the World Title... but d'oh, Edge never won the World Title, even though Kurt has.  But before Kurt could even put a shit-eating grin in place, Edge had his prickish retort ready, which was, "Yeah, well, I'm the man who singlehanded stopped Shawn Michaels from winning the world title and put him on the shelf, and I'm clearly much better than Shawn Michaels, and have proved it, and that's something YOU'VE never done, Kurt."
    And dammit, if I'd made that out, I DEFINITELY would have latched on to it, because if you want Cross Brand Teasing that excites me in exactly the way that Snitsky vs. Heidenreich fails to, this would be it.  There were rumors a while back and Paul Heyman was championing the idea of Angle vs. Michaels at WM21, because it'd split up the Angle/Taker match which was upsetting the SD! locker room, and now, all of a sudden, they are shoe-horning Angle/Michaels teases into Edge/Angle skits? That's a little too convenient, if you ask me.  And if memory serves, didn't they go immediately from the Angle/Edge (and Angle/Eugene) skit to a WM Recall that featured Shawn?  That's professional caliber foreshadowing, if you ask me....
    Anyway, thanks to those who helped fill me in on those two bits that I didn't quite catch my own self.  It's appreciated, and in both cases, I think they are NOT insignificant, and might hold clues to how we roll down the stretch run to WM21....
  • Another one to add to The List: Linda "Shaniqua" Miles was released by WWE late last week.
    Actually, if you've been paying attention to OO or other websites, this should be absolutely no surprise.  As impressive as Shaniqua was as the valet for the Basham Brothers, the ultimate plan for her involved additional in-ring training so she could surface in the RAW women's division.  Only problem was that when Shaniqua was ordered back to OVW for additional training, she was none too pleased at being a Proven TV Talent who had to report for boot camp with all the other scrubs.  Her attitude was reportedly quite an issue.
    We knew all this four months ago; the axe finally fell last week. I can't say that I'm surprised or even disappointed given the circumstances; but I will say that with the dismissals of Jazz, Gail Kim, and Nidia along with Miles, and the concurrent hiring of a Diva Search Loser as a mic stand and a month spent with Stacy Keibler as a #1 Contender to the women's title, it certainly feels like WWE has decided to take a particular route with the women's division.  Seriously, we're down to Trish and Molly, and then Lita and Victoria.  I don't think I'm missing anybody here.
    I also don't think many besides me really care, but hey, I gots to be me.  If you accept that Trish and Molly are favorites of mine, it's only logical to think that I'd like to see them have chances to show off what they're good at, instead of being freakish anomalies in a landscape of divas whose only important job is making sure we can look up her skirt when she steps into the ring.  I'm not deluded enough to think that a women's wrestling match will ever really be a major selling point on a PPV line-up or anything, but I think there's a place for everything, and having a viable women's division just gives you another tool to pepper in a little change of pace here and there.  A USEFUL change of pace, too; something more akin to the Cruisers on SD!, able to eat up time, give fans a different look, and be done competently and entertainingly. And four physically-able women do not a "viable division" make.
    Another aspect of Shaniqua being axed: that makes two out of six "Tough Enough" winners who aren't even under contract any more.  Two more are in development, and nobody has any idea when or if they'll ever see the bright lights of TV.  One is on TV, but in her rare in-ring forays has proven she is not to be trusted as one of my theoretical "physically-able women." And the other is Maven, who is getting over-pushed because if we don't make HIM look like a success story, then there's no reason for "Tough Enough 4" to even exist.
    And just like that, I do believe I've proven that "Tough Enough 4" doesn't have a single reason to exist.  I'm crafty like that.  Seriously: did you even watch the "Torrie Wilson Sex Test" last week?  And if so, why?  Because I sat here, gave it 90 seconds, realized IMMEDIATELY from Torrie's explanation that the punchline was Moolah and Mae Young, and Hit the Fast Forward Button.  You have no excuse for not doing the same, dummies.
  • TNA tried to create some controversy last week, going so far as to circulate an apologetic Press Release, in hopes that the press might actually talk about a non-issue!  TNA: crafty, but probably not as Crafty As The Rick!
    Here's what happened: WWE was at Universal Studios, filming Royal Rumble commercials on a sound stage proximate to TNA's Impact Zone.  So in an attempt at Guerilla Warfare, TNA sent a few guys (Shane Douglas, Abyss, I forget who else they said in the press release) over with gifts.  And with a few cameras, too, to try to catch the WWE stars over-reacting to the "invasion."
    I dunno, I have no reaction to TNA's side of this story.  I mean, OK, so what they did was probably fair game, so I don't really call 'em on the carpet for bush league tactics or anything. But I also just have to be pragmatic and say, "It'd be a hell of a lot bigger story if you had, you know, an audience." Energy spent trying to sand Vince McMahon's vagina is probably energy BETTER spent fixing your own product at this point.  At least when the WWF was "invading" Nitro tapings back in 1998, they already had the better mouse trap, were making up lots of ground in the ratings, and had a sense of "cool" to their sneak attack.  TNA has none of that, and it makes me wonder if it was worth the trouble if about 2% of fans are the only ones who'll care about this....
    But I will say "boo" to WWE's handling of the situation.  They just got defensive and I THINK even got the lawyers on the phone and put their soundstage into lockdown and stuff...  morons.  I mean, they're under no obligation to play along with TNA's stunt, but how about sending out a spokesperson, keeping the TNA cameras at bay, and just having the WWE's public stance on the invasion be, "And your name is WHAT?  And you work for WHO?  TN-huh?  Shane Whatlas?  Never heard of any of this."  Situation defused, and TNA gets nothing useful out of the deal.
    But no, more hyper-reactive sensitivity from WWE, the same kind of thing that makes them unable and unwilling to accept the internet and the smart fan mindset and honest and constructive criticisms even from those INSIDE THE DAMNED COMPANY.  There's a difference between having a little bit of Cocky Swagger that says, "Hey, We're Good, Dammit, and we KNOW We're Good, so We are Willing to Weather Some Criticism and Tell You WHY We're Good," and what WWE is doing the last year or two (which is more FAKE Swagger, that just screams, "Shut Up, We're Awesome, and I Can't Hear You, LALALALALALALAALALALALALALALALAALALALLAA!  I SAID I CAN'T HEAR YOU, SO SHUT UP!").
  • Speaking of TNA, I caught "Impact" last week, and...  I don't know.  I'm just confused, because I know the show didn't do a whole lot for me, but I also remain ABSOLUTELY useless in terms of proposing a solution.  And I hate being a negative nelly, but then not having at least a proposal for how I'd fix things.
    Here's the Main #1 Thing I Got From Impact: Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are here in the company, but do not seem to entirely care which company that is.  Seriously.  
    Nash cut a long, rambling promo of varying goodness, but in it, he used the names "WWF, WWE, WCW, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Clique, nWo" and so forth a TON of times to tell his story.  But if he uttered the letters "TNA" even once, I missed it.  It was just "look at all the cool stuff I've done in places big enough that I remember their names, and now I'm here in this place."  Maybe it's just a subtle thing, but I think fans pick up on that sense of "yeah, we're here, but we're too cool and too big to even really acknowledge where HERE is."  It's damned savvy of Nash and Hall, since it insulates them, ensures that they aren't really damaging their legacies (such as they are) by "slumming it," since they act like they KNOW that they are slumming it.  It's almost the entire opposite of what Roddy Piper is doing (he goes on TV and acts like every week of TNA Impact is bigger than 20 WrestleManias put together), and I honestly don't know which hurts the company more: the guys who are too cool for school, or the guy who oversells the product and in so doing reminds us that this kinda IS the minor leagues.

    It's confounding, but TNA apparently believes this is how they must spend their money to get noticed.  On guys who will whore out their legacy to make redonkulous statements about the company, and on guys who are so protective of their legacy they won't even put the company's name over in their promos.  Ouch: again, I notice the problem, but I do not envy anyone in the position of trying to come up with solutions.  I can't even figure out whether to praise Nash/Hall for being so crafty, or rip them for not doing right by the company that's signing their checks; same way I have a lot of internal dissonance over whether to praise Piper for going balls-out for his new bosses, or tear him up for being so full of shit.  It all just makes my brain hurt.
    Nash also coined a new name for his present faction (him, Hall, and NWA Champ Jeff Jarrett).  They can't be the Clique or the nWo...  so, instead, Nash dubbed them "The Kings of Wrestling."  And dammit if he didn't proclaim the new name with EXACTLY one-fifth the enthusiasm in his voice that he had when talking about "WWF, nWo, the Clique" and so forth.  When talking about his own storied past, Nash showed signs of charisma and excitement.  When it was time to introduce the name of his new group?  Nash seemed even more bored by the prospects of being on Impact every week than *I* am by the prospect of having to watch it every week.  Way to sell it, Big Sexy!
    Net effect: if fans of Nash and Hall tune in to TNA to see Nash and Hall, they will remain fans of Nash and Hall, and NOT develop into TNA fans if *this* is the vibe.  This seems to me to be problematic for TNA, but damned ingenious of Nash and Hall...  if somehow it works, they can take credit for it, but if TNA keeps sinking, it wasn't their fault, they were just here for the paycheck.
  • I think that's about all I got for today... 
    Again, assuming I haven't earned a Cold Shoulder from the Broad, Erin's got your RAW Recap tomorrow, but then I'll make it all up to you with a big-ass Double Dose of The Me on Wednesday.  First, we'll have a detailed, on-site SmackDown! Recap from Dayton's Nutter Center (including results of the Cena/Carlito US Title match) about 36 hours before broadcast for those of you who are into such things.  Me, personally, I'm taking a stronger stance against Spoilers every week, but this is the exception: if I can WATCH the spoilers live, then they really aren't spoilers for me.  They are to YOU, but not to me, so I'll write 'em up, all detailed and Rick-style, and you can feel free to ruin the show for yourself and I won't feel bad cuz there stands a good chance that if there's 30 minutes of Tough Enough Crap, I'll make my recap more fun than the show itself!  And of course, we'll also have the usual mid-week news and views column, too.
    And after slaving over the keyboard for hours to bring you such goodness, the only thing I'll ask for from you?  Oh, c'mon, don't make me BEG, people!
    See you Wednesday.....


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