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RAW is JERICHO, Heyman Ousted, 
TNA Thoughts, and Other Monday News
December 6, 2004

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


December 7: truly a day that will live in infamy. December 7, 2004, that is...
Because tomorrow is the day that I am officially relegated to being only the SECOND most famous of the Scaia Boyz. I've enjoyed my Decade of Domination, carving myself out a rather sizable niche with nothing but sheer moxy and force of wit. But my brother? He actually went to school with the intent to get famous... and now, almost 7 years

after his graduation from a "Fine Arts College" (read: "Come here, you don't have to know math! Or science! Or much of anything practical, for that matter!"), after 7 years of fetching coffee and making copies, he's FINALLY going to overtake his Big Brother in the Intergalatic Scaia Power Ratings.  Tomorrow night.

Luckily for me, it's on a really crappy chick show, so I can still act all big and macho, and question my brother's sexual orientation for working on such a program. But still: in LA, work is work, and the bottom line is that "Hollywood" Stephen Scaia makes his Network Television Debut tomorrow night on "Judging Amy" (CBS, 10pm eastern). My brother is actually a writer by trade, and he took this job because he'd actually GET TO WRITE, and this is the first of his scripts to get produced this season. And then, by a twist of fate, an actor who had been cast for the show suffered some kind of debilitating injury the morning his episode was to begin shooting, and the director just looked at my brother, and said, "Hey, you, his wardrobe will fit you." 

So he didn't just write it; he's acting in it.  He's the doctor for whichever of Cagney or Lacey that is who's the star of the show. My mom said that on the preview commercial, Stephen's actually in it, and has a line about "50 percent blockage in one of her arteries" or something. I guess he's in about 4-5 scenes, and his character is "Dr. Rainier" (or something like that; all I know is that he's on some chick show AND he's playing a wussy-sounding FRENCH doctor; it's like Insecure Big Brother GOLD, I'm tellin' ya!). 
I'm obligated to watch it; in fact, I'm obligated to drive down to my mom's to watch it at a little party she's throwing, which means not only will I have my own sudden inadequacy as a quasi-famous son thrown in my face all night, but I'll have to watch "Judging Amy" without the benefit of DVR's Fast Forwarding feature.  DAMMIT, I really only wanted to watch the scenes my brother was in!  So maybe if you want to feel my pain, or alternatively, in some small way support the Family Scaia, you can subject yourself to the show, too!  Especially if you're a Nielsen Household, and are under 55 years old (I never even heard of the show till this summer when my brother got hired there, but I gather it not only skews heavily female, but also so very, very old)!  "Chasing Amy," Tuesdays at 10pm, only on CBS!  

For extra credit points: Which Boston-area Fine Arts School did my brother attend? And which other member of his graduating class actually has a much cooler job than Steve? And what THIRD person was graduating from a DIFFERENT Boston-area college the same weekend both Steve and This Other Person did, and is now the boss of This Other Person? Does it help if I tell you that the This Other Person and The Third Person are both in the employ of WWE? [This might sound really crazy and convoluted, but trust me, I think all these answers have, at least once, been part of past OO columns! Piece it together, Sherlock!]

See, I can make ANYthing come back around to the Wrestling. That's what makes me the craftiest Scaia Boy to this very day!  Let's see professional writer boy try to come up with anything THIS clever!  And then let's see him do it three times a week (instead of doing six episodes per year)!  And *then* maybe he can talk to me about how he's taking over as the Greatest Scaia To Ever Walk The Earth...

Let me have this one, people. If you want me to remain sane, you'll let me have it. Big Brother is ALWAYS supposed to be the Best Brother, dammit! And yet, I wish Steve all the best. Because if he ever climbs up the ranks far enough in Hollywood, I'll ride his coattails like you wouldn't believe. A cushy job doing little to no work! Perhaps back-dooring my way into an interesting TV or Film job, where I would start out as the pathetic freeloading brother who begged for a job but would end up kicking ass and shoving it in all the faces of the Fine Arts School Attending Douchebags who think that a few 400 level courses (with titles like, "Developing Uninteresting Hardships for the Implausibly Attractive, Wealthy, and Dumb: A Survey of Network Dramas Since 90210," or "The Role of the Harmless and Unthreatening Homosexual in the American Sitcom," or even "Taking A Pretty Cool Idea and Dumbing It WAAAY Down So That The Movie-Going Public Isn't Threatened Or Made To Think: Yes, Bruckheimer and Cage, We're Talking About You") and two Student Films qualify you to be smart enough to come up with TV shows and movies...  yeah, that'd be sweet.  So Bob-Holly-esque bitterness aside: Go, Hollywood Brother, Go!

Till that day, I'll stick to what I do best. Drinking whiskey and playing guitar.

Oh, and talking about wrestling:

  • Tonight is the raging climax of the Guest General Manager Stunt... and if I was right to theorize last week that the Guest GM editions of RAW have taken on a suprising amount of their boss' personal qualities (Maven's: high energy, but forgettable... Benoit's: crisp and flawlessly executed until an unsatisfying finish... and Orton's: just plain dumb), then you could not ask for a better Anchor Leg than RAW is JERICHO.
    Jericho's easily one of the best three guys (along with Angle and HBK) in the business in terms of merging the sizzle (promos/charisma) with the steak (having good matches), which means he should not only be able to set up a kick-ass RAW with skits and mic work, but when the clock turns 10:30 tonight and we start eyeballing a big-time main event, he can don the tights and deliver there, too.
    But see, here's the thing: Jericho CAN deliver the goods, but he can't write the whole damned show by himself. As much as last week's riffing on Orton's shitty RAW was an indictment on the creative team that didn't give Orton much of anything good to work with (although Orton DID complicate matters by not coming even close to improving any of the material with his performance), it's gonna be on the creative team to give Jericho decent source material tonight, if we're to have a satisfying conclusion to this Guest GM Concept.
    In fact, as a starting point, I'd posit A Single Golden Rule for tonight's broadcast: tonight's RAW should feature at least as much Jericho as last week's RAW featured Orton.  Then there is a corollary to that: tonight's RAW should feature as little Orton as last week's featured Jericho.  You see how those two fit together?  Just follow these simple guidelines, and we're ALREADY way closer to not sucking!
    And then, a second thing: I don't care who, and I don't care how, but I want a clear-cut, undisputed World Champ at the end of the night. WWE's current idea of "clever and dramatic" is not cutting it; it's a lazy attempt at cliffhanger-ing, instead of working hard to develop the stories and characters that will drive fans to tune in next week. And I can't overstate this enough: by ANY reasonable logic, Triple H should still be the World Champ, but because WWE is fixated on Inventing Lame Drama Where None Should Exist, we've spent the last week asking the question, "Who's the Champ? Edge or Benoit?"...
    It's even like this on my On-Screen Digital Cable Guide ("Who's the Champ, Edge or Benoit?" is RAW's teaser blurb), as if WWE honestly believes that we've never seen a double pin (or yes, in this case, a simultaneous pin/tap-out) finish before and don't know that that constitutes a draw. It's like they finally DID decide to "write ahead" by one week, and the Big Huge Surprise they crafted for us is "Gotcha, Suckers! Triple H is still the champ."  And they did it as lazily and uncreatively as possible.  Complete with the "announcers and everybody else having to ignore and not mention the obvious outcome in order to preserve the surprise, even though it makes them look really stupid." I fricking HATE that, and it's details like this that make me concerned about whether tonight will feature strong enough storytelling in the main event picture to make the best use of Chris Jericho as GM.
    And oh: if HHH is NOT the champ? If all this "Benoit or Edge?" talk is because it really *is* gonna be Benoit or Edge (and not a swerve)?  Well then boo on that, and boo on that EVEN LOUDER, for another reason. Because if HHH were actually to be out of the picture, you have to ignore every other similar finish WWE has done in the last 10 years.  Hell, I'd even call "bullshit" on any "vacant title" controversy or anything, because it needlessly muddies a fairly straightforward picture. I got no problem with HHH remaining as champ (there are fun things you could do going down that route, although they are more limited), but if the title's coming off him, it should be done in as non-convoluted a manner as is possible, otherwise you're not getting your post-HHH champ off to a fair start. Yes, I know I sound like there's basically nothing WWE can do that will make me happy tonight, but that's only because they screwed the pooch so badly the last few weeks. They are the ones who've booked themselves into an unappealing corner; I just so happen to think that the least insultingly-retarded of the possible options is HHH still as champ and then trying to fix things going forward....
    The way I'd do it? I've explained this already: I think the Guest GM thing SHOULD end with HHH losing the title, but they have pretty much fumbled every opportunity to have that be done in a cool or interesting way. Still, all you gotta do tonight is have a four-way main event, give it 30 minutes to kick mucho heinie, and have one of Jericho, Benoit, or Edge beat HHH to win the title. It doesn't necessarily have to be clean (in fact, having Orton interfere somehow would be advisable), but the win has to come OVER Trips. And from there, two things happen: the HHH/Orton thing heats up WITHOUT occupying the World Title (and yep, there's plenty of alternatives for the whole Batista/Evolution story to tie in here, too; NONE of this requires the World Title in the picture), while the title becomes insulated among a fresh crew of talent that hasn't been fully utilized by RAW (Jericho, Benoit, and Edge... and when he returns, Michaels; and hell, one of Michaels or Benoit could go heel to off-set a possibly face-turning Batista, too, but Batista's a can of worms I'm gonna not open till later in the week, cuz he's a REAL interesting case study, and I don't want to short that discussion) lately.
    One way or another, we should know in about 8 short hours exactly what WWE has in mind for the World Title Picture. And that's something that simply isn't Chris Jericho's responsibility, no matter WHAT figurehead powers he wields tonight as Guest GM.
    Some things that Y2J will be able to do: torment Trish Stratus, and force her to defend the women's title against Lita. Sadly, this whole storyline has been built up with the obvious (and necessary) conclusion that Lita takes the title from Trish.  But I kinda hope it's not tonight.  For a few reasons. First and foremost, I'd like Trish to escape with the title so that she can taunt Jericho some more ("Nice try, Chris, but I'm still the world champ, and you still aren't"), since nothing bad will come of those two working together some more.  But also: I have concerns over where Lita's character is gonna go come the new year, once Kane and Matt Hardy are back. It could be very cool and interesting (and if so, you build up the goodwill that comes from Lita being involved in something NOT stupid, and it makes her eventual title win that much sweeter); but it could also, given the lesson of The Summer of 2004, blow goats (in which case, I'd rather not have already transitioned the title onto her).
    A tertiary storyline should be Maven's heel turn on Eugene, since this could be Maven's first real chance to shine. For all his Pure Babyface Energy, channeling his efforts as a heel might be what he needs. Against Eugene, he's got a unique opportunity to face a truly "over" fan favorite who can absorb losses and not really be hurt too much by it. I think we've found Eugene's level, and it's "bullet-proof mid-card comic relief." There's also a unique opportunity to use Eugene's tag partner William Regal to do a "stacked" feud for Maven's first major heel run; not only can he do singles matches against both guys, but what happens when Maven maybe needs a tag partner to face BOTH men, with the tag titles on the line?  I think if you play your cards right, this could even be Maven's entry into Evolution, here... Evolution's got no love for Eugene, and you might be able to make Maven into the New Orton, the young pup, the protege... teaming him with Flair might work really well.  Just an idea....
    Beyond that, it's a mess of very minor stories that really don't do much to glaze my donut, but perhaps with the guidance and evil genius of Chris Jericho in charge, they'll be OK.  Stuff like: the Coach/JR mini-feud needs some kind of closure, doesn't it?...  Tajiri and Rhyno are now tied at one apiece in terms of dicking each other over, which leads me to wonder if anyone other than me has noticed....  Mohammed Hassan is probably about ready for an in-arena appearance, which will give us ALL a better idea of whether we should care about this guy or not, since as it stands now, it seems to be a character possessing not even ONE full dimension, created only to goad the dumb-ass wrestling fan into booing....  speaking of half-dimensioned caricatures: Simon Dean was 100% absent last week on RAW, but I doubt we'll be that lucky again this week...  if the New Useless Diva Crew are to appear again in the capacity of "Mindlessly Sucking Up to the Guest GM," I just hope to hell that Jericho busts out the Tried and True Tactic of so subtly and gently mocking dumb girls that they think he's actually being nice and don't even know they're being subtly and gently mocked. At least until he finally decides he wants them to go away. Not that I'd know anything about doing that. [And not that I didn't also, just in the last 20 seconds, spontaneously script a potentially hilarious backstage skit/running gag along these exact lines for Jericho and the Useless Divas in my head. But My Conscience only took that one day off last week, and it's back now; and it thinks it's better if you all just IMAGINE what a total asshole The Rick is, rather than have him SHOW you the depths of his prickishness. So in my head this outburst of unprovoked meanness shall remain!]
    It's gonna make for an interesting RAW. Reasons to be excited: Jericho as GM should get at least as much TV time as Orton did last week, and that's sure to rawk, and we should PROBABLY get closure on the World Title Picture, hopefully as the by-product of a kick-ass four-way main event.  Reason to be guarded: the same people who brought you last week's awful RAW are the ones who will be bringing you this one, so nothing is guaranteed.
    Check it out tonight. Or come on back to OO tomorrow for the Greatest And Best RAW Recap In The World (in which I promise to be back to my usual self). Or, ideally, you'll do both. Since they're both required viewing for Diligent Wrestling Fans!
  • A second kinda big thing to talk about today...
    Over the weekend, WWE apparently decided to re-demote Paul Heyman. Heyman never really officially had a change in his job title or anything, but for the last 2-3 months, he was the de facto co-writer of SmackDown!, filling in when Bruce Pritchard had to take some time off.  Or at least, if the arrangement was ever formalized, it wasn't made clear to me... there was work to be done every week crafting SD!, and Heyman pitched in when he was invited to do so.
    Now, he's being invited to not do so.  To the best of my knowledge, Pritchard's not back, so this isn't like a deal where we're just setting things back to the way they were. Somebody specifically decided she'd had enough of Heyman's input. Which probably shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. Heyman's not one to sugar coat things, and comes from a background of being secure enough to weather dissenting viewpoints and to adopt those viewpoints if they can be proven superior to his own. To say that current WWE brass lack this quality would be an understatement, and so Heyman's inability to censor himself or Work And Play Well With Others hurts him.
    So while Insecure, Tunnel-Vision-Having, Paralyzed-By-Groupthink WWE management will periodically be so desperate for help that they'll turn to Heyman for a bit, I hope none of you are shocked that it took all of about 10 weeks for them to get sick of him.  Paul E.'s back to being just an on-air talent again, though I'm sure this little roller coaster ride will repeat in coming months and years, as long as Heyman's affiliated with WWE.
    As expected as this is, it's also disappointing that WWE would live down to expectations just because they can't handle a little boat-rocking and valid, constructive, internal criticism. They don't want to listen to internet jack-offs, fine. What do we know, anyway?  But you're paying Paul E. for SOMEthing, shouldn't you let him try to do his job? In the last 2-3 months, SD! ratings have boosted up a few tenths and stabilized in the mid-3's, and yet, it's not RESULTS that matter to WWE... it's being a mindless, "team playing" zombie. Paul helps contribute to SD!'s strongest stretch since March, and his reward? Being asked to keep those contributions to himself. I could ramble on about the myriad ways this is so very, very wrong, but I'll save my breath. For now. If I were you, I'd begin sensing a massive State of the Union Type Address coming from The Rick at some point soon, though....
    Something important I DOo want to say now, though, since it seems to be the #1 E-Mail Topic Of The Weekend: if you think this is a "work the smarts" thing to set up a "disgruntled Paul Heyman" and then the return of ECW... well, you're probably dreaming.  Success of the ECW DVD aside, as much good sense as it'd make for WWE to establish a new Upper Tier Developmental Territory (so that guys could go and get more experience in terms of TV and touring and Character Development) so that there isn't this quantum leap between OVW and WWE (one in which WWE feels the need to create some pretty idiotic personas for incoming talents, since what plays in front of 400 fans in Kentucky is NOT what you need to succeed nationally; and also because if I want actually want to subject myself to watching the Developmental Process for myself, I'd rather see something creative in place, like a new ECW, instead of shoving this asinine Tough Enough crap down my throat; there's a REASON why I only check in on OVW tapes 2 or 3 times per year, dammit! Cuz I don't care about the not-ready-for-prime-time players!), there are just too many impediments in place for WWE to actually sanction the return of ECW.
    For one: the McMahon Hubris would not allow this to happen. Or if they DID allow it to happen, they'd torpedo it (or more likely, handcuff it) so the second it threatened to succeed, ECW'd be left to rot.  For two: the same contractual/legal issues that prevented WWE from running WCW as an independent organization back in 2001 would almost certainly prevent them from running a resurrected ECW (and this isn't gonna change till a new TV contract is in place in 9 months, which will be well AFTER the "striking while the iron is hot" phase is done).
    And biggest: for three, from where do you draw the talent? And withOUT bankrupting OVW (which does important work in terms of developing the basics, and should be kept viable) and withOUT raping RAW and SD!?  I mean, RAW and SD! are already running on wafer-thin rosters as it is, something that is exposed with nearly EVERY brand-specific PPV.  WWE shows no signs of relenting on their PPV schedule, either.  Even the recent binging and purging of the roster doesn't really free up a whole lot for a "New ECW." Billy Gunn, World Champion?  No thank you...  
    I mean, you MIGHT be able to put together a viable ECW roster with a mix of mis-utilized mid-carders who could be championship material in the right environment (Rhyno and Tajiri from RAW, RVD and Charlie Haas from SD!, might as well take Stevie Richards, too, since he ain't doing nothing now), along with "major free agents" (getting some of the bigger "indie" names -- AJ Styles, AMW, XXX, Sabin, Shane -- away from TNA and imbued with Actual Characters would become necessary, though; and then also of WWE cast-offs, I think you'd want Gail and Jazz as the foundation of a women's division, but beyond that? I dunno, maybe Test and Palumbo? But them's slim pickin's) and luring a few ECW Legends back just to help jumpstart things (Raven/Sabu from TNA, Sandman, getting Dreamer back into an active role for a bit, maybe even coaxing Terry Funk back even if only to give him a proper -- and FINAL -- send-off, stuff like that) and then a few of the developmental guys who might have accomplished all they can in OVW but aren't quite ready with a "WWE Caliber" persona (Matt Morgan leaps to mind, and Kevin "Mordecai" Fertig begs for a repackaging, too)...  but if ANY of the new ECW roster has to come from WWE's "in house" selection, I'm really convinced you start to spread things WAY too thin, and that WWE would be way too conservative to dare trying this.
    I'm not saying I wouldn't love it, I'm not saying it isn't a great idea (cuz it is, so good that this EXACTLY scenario remains one of my favorite April Fools' joke stories ever; so plausible, so sensible, and yet SO FALSE! I sure bunched some panties that day!)... but I'm saying "Don't hold your breath."
  • And anyway, on a day like today, we shouldn't be talking about a Hypothetical Competitor to WWE... because we have a Real Competitor to WWE to talk about.  
    Well, OK, not really. But we do have TNA to talk about.  HA!
    And actually, for all my jesting, it sounds like TNA got it right in their second try at a full-fledged PPV. Or at least: significantly closer to right, and close enough that I shall be getting my hands on a tape of this eventually.
    Last night's Turning Point PPV featured two very strong matches, and even better: those matches were positioned so as to be the highlights of the show. The ostensible "main event" of Nash/Hall/Jarrett vs. Macho Man/Jeff Hardy/AJ Styles went on second from the top and did absolutely nothing to spark my enthusiasm about TNA's title picture (Savage pinned Jarrett, so look forward to more of that crap coming soon to an Impact near you)...  but that left America's Most Wanted and Triple X to have an excellent cage match to close out the show, one that actually had fans on their feet and cheering "Best Match Ever" (which beats the apathy that met Macho Man's pinfall win over the NWA Champ).
    You can get the full details from the event in the OO Turning Point PPV Recap.
    I made light of it above, but now might be a REALLY interesting time to draw some TNA/ECW comparisons... because they may have existed for 2 and a half years, but TNA is really only NOW growing up as a wrestling company. They got their national TV show, and now they're doing monthly PPVs... and faced with being cut off from the Panda Energy Teat, they are desperately trying to find a way to become profitable, and MIGHT have stumbled on their best possible option last night.
    Here's what I mean:
    Everybody remembers ECW fondly. "Extreme Championship Wrestling" and rabid fans and insane action that nobody else was doing and edgy characters and grown-up storylines...  but they are forgetting the seminal ECW.  "Eastern Championship Wrestling."
    When ECW started in 1992 and 1993, it was a mess. Just a hodge podge of has-beens and never-wasses trying to skate by on the Philadelphia Wrestling Crowd's blood thirst... there was nothing particularly notable about ECW for the first 2 years of its existence.  Guys you never heard of bled on the undercard, and then Eddie Gilbert tried to draw in more casual fans to his shows by booking a slew of used-up old timers in his main events.  ECW's first few years? Your main eventers were Tito Santana, Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka, and some guy named Johnny Hot Body.  Three of 'em were going on a decade of ALREADY being over the hill, the fourth?  I dunno, but I assume he was friends with somebody in charge.
    It took Paul Heyman stepping in to take over the reigns as head booker and a concerted new direction for the company before they started to turn things around. On Heyman's watch, ECW quickly went from running sporadic shows in sports bars (for crowds of maybe 200) to running about 20 weekends per year with a regionally-syndicated TV show that quickly became a favorite of tape traders the world over.  Seriously: the change happened pretty damned quickly... from the middle of 1994 to New Years' 1995, ECW lost the "Eastern," put in the "Extreme," and went from obscurity to the hottest thing on the wrestling underground.
    And it happened because ECW decided it was time to do something new. ECW settled on Terry Funk as its ONLY "live-in legend," and it booked him as such. After a stint as a "middle aged and crazy" heel, ECW realized it was getting harder for fans to take a 50-year-old man seriously as a legit heel, and booked him as a veteran, an old-timer, to be respected, and because of that, Funk fit in perfectly.  Gone were 1980s WWF cast-offs still pretending to be top level performers... in their places? Guys you maybe had never heard of, but who could do things you'd never seen before... and who needs Tito Santana when you can have Sabu? 1994 Sabu, I mean.
    It sucks that TNA might be facing serious financial trouble ahead in the near term, just as they seem to be realizing that old timers might be nice as side show attractions, but the new personalities and new workers are the ones who'll eventually put asses in seats and create a rabid fan base... but then again, maybe last night's PPV structure wasn't really a paradigm shift at all. I mean, AMW/XXX might have just gone on last because it was they required a cage, and TNA didn't want to have to kill time to erect the cage and then again to tear it down.
    But it was an interesting thought that occurred to me when I read Jason's PPV Recap and some of the e-mails I got about the show... that TNA's recent reshuffling backstage might be leading to stuff like shuffling PPV cards so the right workers are put in the right spots to shine, EXACTLY like how Paul Heyman's take over of ECW in 1994 resulting in fresh new talents being given the chance to shine.
    If the comparison is valid (and not just a fluke of steel cage erecting), then the next stages become obvious. TNA needs to cut bait on some of their imported talent, focusing on maybe just one or two Legends (and ones who are NOT so ego-driven that they can't accept that Legend role; off the top of my head, Roddy Piper sure has seemed plenty willing to whore himself out by pretending that TNA is bigger than all the first 20 WrestleManias put together). Then they need to develop the personalities of the guys who will be performing in the top level matches and giving blow-away performances; Sabu may never have spoke, but people forget that in addition to the crazy-ass matches he had, his CHARACTER was quite meaty, and had a very unique hook to start (the "Hannibal" style ring entrance, which was backed up by his homicidal/genocidal/suicidal in-ring efforts). And of course, it goes without saying that you need to have the compelling, driven storytelling that makes people want to see all these matches for reasons other than "Well, it'll probably be at least ****," since a promotion built ONLY on workrate is a promotion built to play to an audience of the Worst Kind of Loser-y Internet Jack-offs.
    So we'll see.  I guess maybe before I start making up grand theories for TNA, I should wait and see if Impact's gonna be any better these next few weeks, or not...  that's where we're gonna have to see the change. Not in one correctly-structured PPV, but in the week-to-week "must see" factor of the promotion. ECW did it for 2 years with a weekly one-hour syndicated show that was so good that shitty production didn't matter: the quality of the product is all that mattered and it resulted in launching the company onto PPV.
    TNA's already got the national one-hour TV show and the PPV deal... now all they need to do is make use of it.  Let's see if last night was a Turning Point (wheee! I finally use a trick so hackneyed WWE's Profeshunal Riters probably just wet themselves out of Respect For My Talents!), or just a fluke...
  • The new "Blade" movie opens on Wednesday, in an attempt to steal a few extra bucks before stiffer competition over the weekend.  As has been noted and logged many times, this is relevant to wrestling fans since Triple H has decent-sized role in the film.
    I can't imagine a scenario in which I'd be fired up to see this movie before it hits cable, but don't let that stop you, kids! And for those of you who are like me and might be interested in seeing a bit more of Actor HHH, but not so interested that you'd pay for it, here's another tip....
    HHH will be on "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" NEXT Wednesday (a week after the movie's release, which is necessary, since all the Good Late Night Shows are in repeats this week, which sucks for HHH, but is nice for me since for the next five nights, I don't got jack to distract me on the TV till all hours of the night).  On 12/15, HHH will be the second guest behind Liam Neeson.
    There may or may not be more guest spots for HHH; your b-level LA-based talk shows seem to have PLENTY of openings for guests the next two weeks, so if HHH does a west coast swing, I'm sure Kimmel or "Late Late Show With Lame Guest Host" would be happy to have him.
  • I think that's about all I got today. See you for RAW tomorrow, and usual mid-week news and stuff on Wednesday (if nothing else, probably a sizeable discussion on Batista/Orton/Evolution is forthcoming; depends on what happens tonight, though).
    See you then. Unless you all decide to ditch OO and dedicate your lives to "Judging Amy," instead!  

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.




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