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RAW/Ratings, Interesting Interviews,
TNA/Dudleys/Sabu, and Lots More News
July 20, 2005

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Just to clarify, since APPARENTLY my comments about the Willy Wonka remake really sanded some vaginas (why is it NEVER the comments I expect that manage to generate swarms of e-mail?)....
No, I did not see it. I'm just going based on commercials and my general belief that Tim Burton's "style" kinda started getting predictable, boring, and borderline-annoying at some point before "Planet of the Apes" (oh, lord), but after he saved Batman. Twice. Also: many wrote in to specifically tell me that Depp has done interviews denying

that he based his Wonka on Michael Jackson, so that clearly I didn't know what I was talking about. Well, I might argue that if Depp's having to defend himself against that claim in interviews, then it might mean I was onto something. Or that, at least, I'm not the only one who sees it.

But mostly, you said it was a good movie and I shouldn't trash it just because it's a remake of another good movie. Well, I don't think I trashed it, I just didn't really understand why this summer seems so populated by these remakes and adaptations, instead of by original material. The new Wonka was just the one that was freshest in my brain, since it had just been released.

And screw you: I PROUDLY stand by my belief that the "Bad News Bears" remake might be pretty good. Not only because it was good the first time around, but there have been enough things change that there actually is room for you to update the humor and stuff... but also because if "School of Rock" taught me anything, it's that Richard Linklater directing a funny adult lead and a bunch of kids can be outstanding. Seriously, "School of Rock" has probably settled in among my Top 20 Favorite Movies Ever, it was that good. Now, do the same deal on a baseball field? I like baseball almost as much as I love the Rock, so yeah, I think that oughta be a good one.

Then again, I'm the moron who paid my own money to see "Resident Evil 2" on the grounds that the first one was amusing in its way, and I figured all they had to do was bring more of the same (Milla Jovavich's nipples, zombies, and cool laser-assisted deaths) and they'd have another decent movie. Boy was I ever wrong about that.

So with that admission, I hope it's clear that you're entirely within your rights to ignore just about everything I have to say about cinema. Anybody who paid to see "Resident Evil 2" of his own free will is clearly not to be trusted...

Well, not trusted about movies. But on the wrestling? I defy you to find anybody who knows his shit better than I do. So let's move into my Comfort Zone, shall we?

  • Monday's RAW? Bleh, the less said, the better, probably. Or rather, the less rehashed, the better... since I already said everything that needed to be said once in the Recap, and frankly, think I said it pretty damned well.
    Other than the Hogan/Michaels promo, absolutely nothing jumped out at you on Monday. And the stuff that did jump out tended to do so in a bad way. Specifically, I'm talking about a main event which I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around. I mean, it's like I said yesterday, I COULD come up with worse ways to end the show, but I'd have to try really hard.
    At this point, Cena vs. Jericho for the WWE Title has been comically mishandled to the point where I don't know if there's time to fix things and rehab Jericho's character to the point where fans'll believe he can win. I mean, if I thought Jericho actually *could* win, that'd be different, because then all this ham-handery could be WWE's way of building up Cena so as to protect him before a fall. But c'mon: we all know the laundry list of reasons why Jericho won't be WWE Champ at SummerSlam. So telling the story this way just makes no sense to me.
    Jericho's not had a match in about a month, and the last two times I remember him wrestling, he lost. He's not had any compelling physicality in that stretch, either. Just a whole lotta gum-flapping (which he's adept at, and all, but it's not what you need in a #1 Contender). And other than Angle and Carlito, a whole lot of hanging out with Heat-level heels who made for about the least effective lumberjacks ever. This is not the resume of a World Champ, or even of a top level Evil Genius who might find a way to STEAL the title. It's the resume of a guy who is clearly being offered up as Cena's first real lamb on RAW.
    I'm not against using Jericho in that role: I'm just against making it so obvious that the feud itself has no teeth to it. But I ramble: I've outlined, in the past 10 days (including in the recap), tons of ways things could have been handled differently, but whatever... we got what we got: Cena making the superman comeback to beat freaking SNITSKY (who is instant death as a main eventer), Jericho looking like an impotent putz, and a whole bunch of Heat guys brawling at ringside. That was your main event. That was the way WWE tried to salvage things after a show that was ragingly mediocre.
    Simply put, it didn't work. Not even close.
    The rest of the show? Like I said, Hogan/Michaels was the show-stealer for me. The mere ability to get me that fired up to see Hogan wrestle a match and make me believe it really WILL be a wrestling match (and not just a brief exhibition of Hogan's handful of known wrestling moves) is pretty remarkable. I thought Shawn did a great job, positively tremendous. And thanks to all who caught my comment in the recap and mailed in to tell me you read Shawn's lips as he was muttering and no-selling the "Whatchya gonna do...." and are confident he was saying "Same old stuff" while shaking his head dismissively. Nice.
    If I had to look for an in-ring highlight? I guess Edge/Kane would be it, but it wasn't even really all that good. It seemed like an afterthought to Hardy's run-in. And worse, afterwards when they announced next week's Stretcher Match between the two, it seemed like little more than prelude to the next Hardy appearance. And seriously? A stretcher match? I have confirmation from deep in the heart of Texas that if I wanted to label "Matt Hardy pretending to be an EMT" as "anvilicious," I would be using the term properly. Maybe if we all talk about it enough, we can force WWE to, you know, actually be creative. Like how about having Jeff Hardy and Shannon Moore as EMTs as an OMG~! SWERVE? And then while security is busy with them, Matt can show up and get his first real beatdown of Edge before escaping into the night. Or something.
    Twas just not really an exciting 2 hours at all. And with a REALLY frustratingly-poor climax. If you trust your Humble Webmaster, I suggest you just go ahead and check out the OO RAW Recap, which managed, quite effortlessly, to be a version of RAW that DIDN'T suck this. C'mon, you know you wanna....

  • Monday's show did a 3.8 cable rating, which is up yet another two tenths from the week before but which is STILL not back to the pre-July 4 levels RAW had been performing at.
    The show was actually on par for another subpar performance, but Hogan and Michaels spiked a huge number for their segment following RAW's poorly rated first hour. Those fans stuck around for the cage match and the main event.
    Perhaps I'm just looking too hard for an all encompassing theory, but could it be that WWE drew interest for the Draft Lottery, but now that that's over, they've once again lost some of the marginal fans with shows that have not been consistently strong? It's a theory I'd give some thought to, at least...
  • In what has to count as a shocking turn of events, WWE has released Earl and Dave Hebner from their contracts. Earl is the one who has been most visible on TV over the past decade, as the promotion's head referee, but Dave was also a regular ref up through the early 90s, and had risen to be a top road agent.
    The twins were among WWE's longest tenured and most loyal foot soldiers, having been with the company since 1986. Many thought that Hebner's complicity in the Montreal Screwjob alone meant he'd have a job for life with WWE, that it'd meant he'd basically proven his loyalty and had a free pass for as long as he wanted the job.
    Not so, apparently. The stories going around are wildly varying in the details, but seem to agree on one key point: the Hebners were involved in the distribution of some kind of unauthorized WWE merchandise. Now: some are saying they were selling bootlegged t-shirts and stuff in their sporting goods store, others are saying they were acquiring and selling ring-used goods that WWE had intended to sell themselves and hadn't given the Hebners permission to take, all kinds of things. It doesn't necessarily sound like that huge a deal, no matter what, but considering that we don't know the dollar value of the "unauthorized merchandise," I guess it's easy to be forgiving. Maybe this is something that's been going on for a long time, lining the pockets of the Hebners to some unimagineable degree? I dunno....
    Earl was actually let go on Monday, and is apparently the one perceived of as the primary bad guy in this deal. Dave was only suspended for his role, at first, but was released yesterday.
    Brian Hebner (sorry, to be honest, I've forgotten which brother he's the son of, but whichever one it is, both his dad and uncle are now fired) remains as a SD! referee. But just because he still has his job doesn't necessarily mean that he won't be affected by this. Not to be a dick, but he's only been on the job a couple of years and has already been finding himself as the ref in SD! main events with stunning frequency. Ahead of vets like Nick Patrick and Charles Robinson. I have to assume there was a reason for that.... and even if the pay is the same for a ref no matter what matches he works on a card, there is the issue of visibility. Refs don't necessarily have "fans" or "followings" in any traditional sense, but I think it's safe to say that some are better known than others, and bring something more (or something different) to a match they call because of it. So the second generation Hebner may have just had his path to "referee stardom" grow a bit more arduous than it had been. 
    I guess, if nothing else, this is one less person at whom idiot Canadian fans can chat "You Screwed Bret." Which is probably a good thing.
    Tough break for the Hebner Boyz, though... even going back to the late 80s when we were in grade school, me and my brother latched onto "Dave Hebner" (which was sometimes Earl playing the role of "Dave") as a distinctive character. We even did a wrestling parody federation (just recording onto audio tape) in which "Dave Hipnerd" (HEY~! we were in grade school, we thought this was insanely funny! And plus, I could instantly win you back over to my Obvious Wit if I told you that right at the very end of us doing this stupid little hobby, we created "The Federation of Doom" which was comprised of Spock and Admiral) was a fully developed persona. For those memories alone, I'll probably miss the Hebners more than I should...
    And hey, maybe, just MAYBE, this is the start of a new WWE policy in which no amount of loyalty or tenure is gonna be enough to save your job if you screw up. Hell, for the good of the company, I'm officially declaring, here and now, my willingness to let Bob Holly punch me in the face if it'll get his boring ass fired. 
    Who wants to take JBL's Patented Bar Soap In The Shower Special? It's for the good of the TEAM, people! 
  • Muhammad Hassan still continues to generate press for WWE, even two weeks after his "terror cell" bunched the panties of the self-righteous and the disconnected-from-reality.
    Even ESPN.com has gotten into the act, as have a few Real Newspapers (no more hanging your hats on Tucker Carlson, you lucky bastards!). Sadly, nothing interesting, insightful, or even relevant has really been said in any of the pieces I've seen. It's just a lot of EXACTLY the kind of self-serving posturing for the masses that got me so angry a few weeks ago. These people don't give a shit about anybody's feelings. They just give a shit about the fact that there MIGHT be some thin-skinned weenies out there who's feeling might be hurt, so they want to rush to their aid to denounce WWE for being so heartless, and in doing so, make themselves look like Mother Theresa. Morons.
    About the only interesting thing I saw was in one of the editorials, somebody actually "outed" Hassan as not even being of Arab descent.  Which isn't a surprise to any of you here, who've seen me make more than a few "Italian Guy in a Turban" jokes over the past 8 months, but still... for a mainstream newspaper to put that out there, it might actually start to seep into the Average Fan's scope of knowledge.
    Then again, I remember when I was a kid, and well before newsletters and the internet, we'd talk about wrestling, and older kids would say, "You know the Iron Sheik is really American, right? That's a glue-on mustache, too." Which, of course, was patently false, but which probably is a story that started getting twisted around after Sheik was arrested for cocaine possession while in the same car as All American Jim Duggan. So maybe even if it gets out, it won't hurt Hassan any more than it hurt the Sheik to have those stories going around 20 years ago....
  • Charlie Haas continues to be tremendously candid, outspoken, and best of all IN TOTAL AGREEMENT WITH 99% OF EVERYTHING THAT GETS WRITTEN HERE ON OO in a ton of interviews he's been doing since getting released by WWE.
    For the record: Haas' situation is actually a bit different than most, as he negotiated an Instant Free Agent scenario where he can return to work immediately (in fact, he already did, last weekend) for pretty much any company that isn't TNA. For TNA, the 90-day no compete is still in effect.
    Anyway, Haas' venom seems directed squarely towards WWE's "Hollywood Writers" (his words, not mine; or at least, they're mine sometimes, but this time, he said them himself), and how they lose sight of the big picture, and will concentrate only on one or two big storylines at a time, causing anybody who's not already in main events (or who isn't a current Pet Project) to get lost in the shuffle. He didn't come right out and say it, but putting words into Haas' mouth, it sounds like he's positing kind of a de facto glass ceiling, but more out of indifference or laziness than out of actual spite.
    Oh, the 1% that Haas and OO don't agree upon: Charlie thinks that Bob Holly is underutilized and deserves better. Huh. The mere fact that the guy has a job means he's probably getting better than he deserves, in my opinion... I mean, unlike a lot of other guys in the "underutilized" category, Holly's had just about every chance in the world and never really made good on it. He was even in the SD! main event of the Royal Rumble, for pete's sake. You're telling me he hasn't had his chance to latch on?
    I think one of the cool things Haas has been saying is that he wouldn't even go back to WWE right now if they asked him. He wants to take at least a year or so (in different interviews, he seemed to have it mapped out with trips to Japan, and also a tour of Italy where it seems like something pretty cool is brewing if what I heard a few weeks ago from a guy over there pans out; they'll even have Mick Foley along for the ride) to show the world what he can really do, and he thinks at that point, his stock will be so high that he could return to WWE and do it on *his* terms because they'll realize what they missed out on.
    Love the confidence. Love it. And I think of all the guys released, Haas is making me believe he's the one WWE's gonna regret the most. Even moreso than Matt Morgan (who is obviously not in Haas' league, talentwise, but possesses a few things that you simply can't teach; like being 7'0").
  • Speaking of ex-WWE talents winning me over in interviews...
    To a significantly lesser-extent, I'm forced to wonder if fans made the right decision when they axed Alexis from the 2005 Diva Search with their first pick. Actually, hell, even without her recent interviews, I'd KNOW they made the wrong decision, since there's really no reason for that EuroBitch to have made it to the final 8, much less past the first week. But I digress.
    In interviews, Alexis (who is not actually named "Alexis," and who can't decide if she still wants to be called that or not, since one interview I saw had her back to her old stage name "Leilene," but then in a subsequent interview, she was fine with being "Alexis"... which makes me wonder, since the only reason to keep the "Alexis" name, which she came up with only for WWE's benefit since they said they didn't want a "Leyla" and a "Leilene" in the same competition, is if she thinks there'll be a use for it; and the only place where there'd be a use for it is WWE) comes off really well. She's clearly a wrestling fan.
    And though I think it was pretty obvious just from her first in-ring appearance that she was at least FAMILIAR with the WWE product (she had the Austin beer salute down cold, and a take-off on a Ric Flair catchphrase), I don't think anyone would expect her to end up being a more knowledgeable wrestling fan than many of those who work for WWE. Which is exactly what turns out to be the case.
    Alexis/Leilene's day job is as a model/actress whose claim to fame is doing the National Lampoon's Strip Poker specials on PPV. Hey, poker, boobs, and she likes wrestling? I guess I can't leave her on my shit list.... and her first interview was actually with the "Strip Poker" website, which you can check out here, but I'll warn you: there are nekkid boobs, so be forewarned if you're sneaking a look at OO from work or something. I know when I checked it out, I was only doing so to see the interview, but ended up sucked into some of the other distractions... what can I say? I hadn't seen the name "Ahmo Hight" in probably close to ten years. She was the hottest thing I'd ever seen in a Playboy I bought right when I got old enough to buy my own porn, and come to think of it, is probably as formative an influence as there ever was in my long-standing affinity for babes with asses that exist in three dimensions, who don't appear afraid of a periodic cheeseburger, and who don't look like they'd be prone to breaking in half long-ways. She's also probably the reason why I'm able to tolerate Trish Stratus' implausibly spherical fake boobs, since that's another trait they definitely share (to my dismay). Sadly, her pictures on that website don't look so hot (stupid-ass "fitness model" photographers, they're ever so talented at making hot chicks look bad), but her bio notes that she actually is still modeling and has her own website. And whoa; no "fitness model photographers" there. Too bad for her I decided years ago that the internet made it so that only morons and the diseased will actually pay money for nudie pics.
    But I digress..... Alexis/Leilene doesn't necessarily take any potshots at WWE writers, but makes it clear that she was surprised when she had a poem written that referenced Katie Vick, and when she was running it past the writers, two of them had no idea what she was talking about. Why am I not surprised?
    She also displayed a real fandom of wrestling, and seemed like she respected the business and all that... my main memory of her was her not-very-becoming attempt to play a heel in one of the pre-taped video packages, but she said it was something she did on purpose to get noticed, so I guess that's better than the vision I had (that WWE had coached her to be "the heel" of the group)... but I also think that it's insane that she could come off so well in subsequent interviews and not try to get that to shine through when she had her couple of shots on TV.
    I guess the idea was that her poem, the Katie Vick one, would be her first attempt to do that. But she ended up being eliminated before she could read it. However, that whole poem, and a few other items of interest are included in a second interview that you might want to check out. It struck me as something probably conducted via e-mail, or something, so there was no real back-and-forth or follow-ups or anything interesting like that; just kinda pre-fab (which I expected out of the National Lampoon one, since it was intended just to be a promotional item for their own in-hour star, but not so much out of a real interview). I hate to say it, but I'm not sure that -- Katie Vick reference or no -- the poem is anything that would have swayed voters all that much. Alexis still seemed more concerned with putting herself over as a total tomcat in the sack than with being in possession of the skills that make for a wrestler, which (if I knows me my Wrestling Psychology like I thinks I do) probably would have had the fans not being too impressed with a few one liners about past wrestling characters/gimmicks. I think the plays being made by Ashely and Elisabeth are probably the ones that'll end up working on most fans, since it seems like they're willing to poke fun at the stupidity of the contest to get the fact that they want to WRESTLE over with fans. You put eight hot chicks on a wrestling show, and trust me, the ones who seem capable of more than just being hot are the ones who'll get over. So... yeah, I guess I'm qualifying my praise of Alexis here. You can't deny that she's a fan and she might have wanted this a bit more than some of the other diva girls. But it's also hard to say that even with a best case scenario she would have (or should have) made it to the final three.
    If nothing else, the one Diva Search thing that has been based on physicality so far is the one where Alexis did most poorly. And in the first interview, she acknowledges that and says if that's why she got voted off, she can't disagree. Points for honesty there.
    Anyway, if you want to be like me and be surprised that Alexis could come off so poorly on TV, but so well when she's just being herself, check out those two interviews. She covers a lot of ground (like how she was buddies with Batista, her thoughts on the other diva girls, outing Leyla's "Wardrobe Malfunction" as being intentional, and all kinds of other things). Just to stick it to WWE one more time, I think I can safely say the two interviews are the most interesting things to come out of the diva search so far this year....
  • TNA's next month of webcasts has been taped in Orlando, which has had the effect of setting the table for their August PPV. 
    In what I consider a mild surprise, they'll be going with a tag team main event next month, and will drag out the Rhino/Jarrett #1 Contendership issue.... that's because Sabu returned to TNA and got Raven's back, so it'll be Raven/Sabu vs. Jarrett/Rhino headlining whatever they're calling the next PPV. You know, not to be a jerk, but you look at those four, and which one of them is not like the other? Which of the four just doesn't belong? Oh well, it oughta be a good match, regardless. And Sabu's appearance really is kinda surprising, as he'd showed up on Vince McMahon's Wish List after the ECW PPV, with Vince even publicly expressing a desire to meet with Sabu during a press conference. Good steal for TNA, I guess.
    Scanning the tapings reports I got, about the only other thing that really stood out as anything other than Purely Expected was that Shark Boy got some quality time with Traci's ass. Lucky bastard. First, he's probably gonna win some out-of-court settlement related to that "Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl" movie (which, if you know me, I think is ricockulous, and he shouldn't get a dime). And now: Traci's ass. It's good work if you can get it, I guess.
    As far as TNA's return to TV goes? Everybody's still saying the deal to go to Spike TV for a Saturday night timeslot is done, and is just awaiting the right time for an official announcement (a few readers even sent in a backwards-playback version of TNA's opening video package from Sunday, where there were masked lines about the Spike TV deal and about more WWE stars coming to TNA; all of which plays into my general idea that TNA ain't really a serious competitor to WWE as long as backwards hidden messages are their idea of clever; what is this? 1968? Is the real Jeff Jarrett dead, and that's why he's had such a low profile lately?).
  • Bubba Dudley has also made his first public comments in the 2 weeks since WWE announced he and D-Von would not be renewed. First, he makes it clear that he's still a WWE employee until August 26, and that their situation is different from that of other released workers. Second, he makes it clear that the Duds are still on good terms with WWE, it's just that there was just enough of a difference (both creatively and financially) in what both sides wanted in a renewal to prevent an extension. And last, he was very gracious and complimentary towards TNA, saying that competition is what the industry needs.
    Huh. In a lot of ways, I had the Duds pegged as Not Very Likely to be TNA targets (for reasons more financial than creative). Signing with TNA takes away too many other revenue streams, was my thinking (TNA won't let you work other bigger indie shows that might have DVD or PPV aspirations, and if TNA ever gets back on TV with a weekly TV taping schedule, that'll put the kibosh on long tours overseas and stuff, too)... meantime, the Duds could remain the freest of free agents, collect bi-annual ECW Reunion PPV Paychecks from WWE, work all kinds of major indie shows and ROH and Japan and (as long as Heyman's in control) OVW for easy weekly gigs.
    So I'm not sure how that all fits together. I mean, it could just be as simple as Bubba honestly meaning that "competition is good," which I agree with.... it's just that when I say "competition," I mean SERIOUS competition. Somebody who can and would, as the dictionary definition denotes, COMPETE with WWE. Instead of being a willing afterthought.

  • Apparently, the two disc DVD set that WWE is producing about the Ultimate Warrior is gonna be titled "The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior." Ouch. The most painful part is: I can totally see how they could present that thesis, make it hold together, and have it be 90% factually accurate. Which would REALLY chaff ol' Hellwig's hide.
    It's supposed to be out in September, and I think as I've noted before, *I* have a hard time seeing 2 discs worth of "highlights" in Warrior's career, and I say that as a kid who was HAPPY when Warrior beat Hogan at WM6; by that point, I was more a Little Warrior than I was a Hulkamaniac. But I've got the WM6 and WM7 matches on tape, which are about Warrior's two best ones.... the only thing I'd look forward to adding to my Video Collection would be the Undertaker/Warrior "sealed in a casket" angle on the Funeral Parlour. That was some Well-Done Spooky. As opposed to the Gay Spooky that eventually permeated Taker's character.
  • John Cena had his first public performance as a rapper last night in Philly and reports are, shall we say, mixed. 
    On one hand, it was clear to all that Cena had the crowd in the palm of his hand and was a charismatic front man. But on the other: the crowd was tiny (150 people) and comprised not of any kind of real music fans or regular concert goers, but of kids/families and white teenagers who just don't know any better. Honestly: 150? The most generous report said 200? *I* have played in front of that many people on a Tuesday night, and done it without the benefit of being a TV Semistar. Then again, when Cena's doing what he SHOULD be, he's wrestled in front of 20,000-plus, and the best *I* ever did was about 800 paid. Unless you count the time my high school band played at the Indy 500, in which case, I can say I've played in front of half-a-million, baby!
    But I digress.
    What I got sent to me was that it was pretty much a failure in terms of Cena being taken seriously as a music act (Fozzy might not be playing to much bigger crowd, but they are at least playing to 20-something music fans who will also make it worth the bar's while by drinking, which might make it a more fun way to spend a night than with 150 kids and parents and other losers), but that Cena and his crew didn't let it stop them from trying hard to keep it fun. Despite the family atmosphere, I guess they were swearing up a storm, and that the between-song antics were the highlights. Not shocking, considering the quality of the tracks that I've heard off Cena's album.
    For the record: Cena closed with "The Time is Now," which is his entrance theme. And which is probably a wise choice, as it's the one song of his I've heard that even I kinda dig.
  • Triple H continued his string of non-televised appearances, and even if he's not on TV, he's keeping fans entertained on house shows and in dark matches at tapings.
    On RAW house shows, Trips is getting the headline spot, challenging John Cena. Oy. You know..... ahh, fuck it, nevermind.... but this is really just all you need to know about how serious WWE is about making Jericho seem like a real contender.
    And he's doing the Cross Promotional Tag Team Dark Matches at TV tapings. But we've talked about those already, right?
    Still, the plan remains to keep HHH off TV for the near future, probably till after SummerSlam. I like it. I like it because it's good for TV now (since other guys can step up and take a stab at the spotlight; although it's ironic that HHH disappears just in time for Hogan to come back and hog some of that spotlight for himself)... and it's good for TV later (since when HHH DOES come back, he'll be fresher than he's been in ages).
    Also: I mentioned a week ago that if HHH misses the SummerSlam PPV, I thought it would be the end of WWE's longest active PPV-appearance streak. Turns out, I lied.
    OO Reader Jason Winter keeps track of these things, and reports that the man with the longest streak of appearing in actual matches (no run-ins/interviews/etc. count) on PPVs for which he is eligible is actualy.... Chris Jericho. He's been in 32 straight. SummerSlam will be 33. 
    HHH is second with a streak of 29 (he missed Vengeance in 2002, and Jason says it was mostly just a quirk related to the roster shuffling that was going on there right at the start of the Brand Split). That streak does look to end at SummerSlam this year, though.
    After that, nobody has a streak longer than 20 (Eddie Guerrero is at exactly 20). And after Eddie, only four other guys have appeared on more than 10 in a row PPVs on which they were eligible (Benoit/18, Cena/16, JBL/15, and Rey/13). Whether it's injuries or whatever, it looks like it's harder than we think to make it onto every PPV for much more than a year straight....

  • I do believe that's all I got for you today. Bulldog's got something cool for you tomorrow, and then Friday.... ugh, Friday, I'll be trying to make it sound like I give a rat's ass about the Great American Bash PPV. Luckily, I'll have all the trOOps with me to help me carry the load with the Big Ass Comprehensive PPV Preview. I think Bulldog's said he's even gonna be there live at the show in Buffalo, so maybe he'll be able to bring enough enthusiasm for the other 9 or 10 of us! BANK ON IT~! 
    See you then, kids.....

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