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RAW/SD! Ratings/Analysis, Huge Foley
News, Dusty to WWE, and Lots More 
September 2, 2005

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


I think maybe I'll quietly change gears here on the Donation Front... if you got a few nickels to rub together, maybe here is a better place to be sending 'em, for the time being.
Cuz man alive, something sure as hell went nutty down in New Orleans at some point after I went to bed on Monday and before I got to do some news reading on Tuesday. And it's not just the lawlessness.... it's just the off-putting notion that one of the nation's top 25 cities is essentially gonna be a ghost town for weeks until things get put back to normal.

And maybe once and for all, this'll shut up some of the conspiracy theory whack-jobs who think that FEMA is some sort of all powerful secret arm of the Shadow Government, which exists to facilitate the imprisonment of the population. If FEMA can't even deal with the aftermath of a hurricane, my guess is you don't need camps in Montana stocked to the gills with heavy artillery, dreading the day when National Martial Law comes.

And honestly: I'd be all for a little Martial Law to get this straightened out. I know water and food might be scarce, but can someone explain to me how that translates, logically, into stealing TVs and raping women in dark alleys? Fuckwits. Let me repeat that: because only I could be such an asshole as to call victims of this country's worst natural disaster "fuckwits." But I stand by it. At a time like this, one's first instinct should be "how can I make this better?" and not "what electronics and pussy that doesn't belong to me can I get my hands on?". And yet, some of these fuckwits seem to think they are entitled to something other than staying calm and making the best out of a shitty situation like the other however-many-thousands of people who seem to have mastered general decency and good manners.

Here's looking forward to the day -- hopefully coming sooner rather than later -- when we can read/watch the news again without having our final shreds of faith in humanity destroyed. Let's get some help out to those who need and deserve it, let's make a pact to toss all looters and rapists into Lake Pontchartrain with lead weights strapped to their ankles, and then we can get back to being shallow and selfish sons of bitches who have nothing better to than to complain about the price of gas.

Which, ridiculous though it may be, hurts the EXCEPTIONALLY shallow and selfish douchebags driving all these SUVs and Hummers a lot more than it does those of us with slightly more-reasonable modes of transportation. Screw THOSE fuckwits, too.

And here on a holiday weekend, let's try to brighten the mood a bit with a fairly massive rasslin' news update:

  • Before the big stuff, a little Brand Analysis Catch-Up, since I wound up not completing a Wednesday column for you...
    First, going back to RAW, we ended up getting us a show that seemed a pretty textbook example of a Solid Bit of Episodic TV. Things seemed nudged forwards towards the Unforgiven PPV, with the exception of one segment (Tomko/Rosey) there were no major Piss Break Moments, and you had about as solid a mix of Wrestling to Entertainment as you could hope for. And yet: for all those positive traits, there was also nothing much to hang your hat on in terms of memorable moments or huge leaps forward in storytelling. Not that there's anything wrong with that...
    If a problem arises in Monday's specific case of "Solid Episodic TV," it's that it ended in a frustratingly bad manner. As outlined (with relish) in the OO RAW Recap, Chris F. Masters was capable of blowing spots while standing on the ring apron and so enthralled the crowd that when he actually WAS in the ring wrestling, the fans decided they'd rather get on his tag team partner's case. And yet, this guy dominates the final minutes of the match and single-handedly beats Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. Ugh. That's not "DAMN YOU, Chris Masters, now I shall have to wait to tune in next week to see you defeated!" heat. That's "Ugh, he's still gonna be here next week, and there's nothing I can do about it," it.
    Adding insult to injury: I maintain that the actual finish (the exact closing sequence of moves) to the main event was either (1) Poorly Conceived, or (2) somehow blown from a time-cue perspective. Not good. And you know me: the last taste left in my mouth is the one that tends to color my opinion of a show most heavily. On Monday, my Intellect knew it was a pretty solid show.... but my palate was miffed at the remarkable aftertaste of Turd Sandwich that lingered well into my recapping. 
    So if anybody out there is wondering why a show that was fundamentally OK seemed to generate such remarkable amounts of venom from me? Well, there's your reason. Well, that, and the fact that I tried out a new little method, and did some of the recap on Monday night right after the show. Normally, I only type up a "skeleton" of Segment Headers (so I remember the order of all the matches/skits/etc.) and maybe a few one-liners here or there, as well as the key ad-break spots and babyface-fire-up spots so I can have specifics about those when I fill in the skeleton on Tuesday. This week, I was bored on Monday after the show, sat down to type, and an hour later had about a half-a-recap worth of material, most of which was pretty salty riffing in the aftermath of the Masterstastic finish to the show. Then Tuesday, I read back over it, and a lot of the shit was too funny to take out as I was going in and putting in more of the actual details. Even if it also wasn't, strictly-speaking, necessary to explain what happened on the show.
    I think I might have to restrain myself from any future Monday night recappening. Well, either that, or get better at self-editing any immediate post-show frustration. Nobody likes a negative nelly. And more than likely: nobody likes recaps that take almost as long to read as it took to watch the show.
    Things I did especially like about RAW: the hint that Michaels vs. Carlito for the IC Title might be looming, and that it might be a ladder match...  the fact that they seem to be taking my exact roadmap for what SHOULD have been done with Christ Hemme this past winter, and are doing it for Diva Search Ashely, now, which should have entirely better results than Spaz's attempt at being a wrestler... commentary was a bit better this week than the one before; a lot of that seemed to be JR being in the kind of mood to put up with even less of King and Coach's crap than usual... and obviously, Edge and Matt Hardy finally delivered something genuinely entertaining in their "so real we forgot to make it good" feud; their street fight was top shelf, and was the easy Match of the Week.
    Stuff I especially didn't like about RAW: all things Chris F. Masters... Snitsky running in on Big Show, guaranteeing that these two hosses aren't done slobberknockering each other... and Tomko squashing Rosey AND Hurricane; wassupwitdat?...
    Again, if for no other reason than RAW analysis is now about 2 days overdue (and because I really did put more than my two cents worth in on the show already), I'll just direct anybody who is still in need of further Monday Night Details to check out the OO RAW Recap.
  • Same quick treatment for SmackDown!, now....
    To me, not a particularly strong week, but possibly a show that scores a hit in terms of "effectiveness." Because as I was scanning through it, the strongest impression I got was that this was a 2-hour commercial for NEXT week's show.
    Ask me what happened last night, and I'm mostly blank. I mean, I could laundry list a few things for you, but in terms of IMPORTANT stuff? Didn't seem to be any of that. But I *do* have it planted firmly in my brain that next week's Friday Night show oughta be well with the disk space it takes up on DVR. That's not an insignificant accomplishment.
    Some highlights for me: both Batista and Benoit had effective little segments that made them seem pretty bad-ass. Being able to laugh dismissively at an opponent and then being able to follow through by crushing him in no time flat? That's how you get your champs on TV and showcase them in a positive light at a time when BOTH their titles are in need of some rehab (Benoit's because of OJ's long reign, and Batista's because he's in dire need of a compelling challenger)... Paul Burchill and William Regal will make a dandy tag team; but it looks like you can go ahead and forget about Burchill doing any of the stuff that made him such a highly touted prospect; he was keeping it VERY simple and ground-based on offense, so as to mesh well with Regal; but you could, if you were paying attention, see how incredibly well the guy moved when he was taking bumps from cruiserweights and selling them like mad... I like Ken Kennedy, too; his is a charisma/style that is about 2 degrees off from center, so I think that's why it seems to be clicking; add in that awesome finisher, and you have a guy who will successfully annoy his way up to the mid-card soon enough!... in terms of hyping next week's Rey/Eddie cage match, I thought Eddie did as strong a promo as is possible; he couldn't completely ignore the storyline, but he sure did his best to mask it, and make next week's cage match all about simple mano y mano intensity. With no other superfluous silliness. I likey.... and in a week when panties were bunched by TNA's ads on SpikeTV, I saw an ad last night during SD! that piqued my curiosity, and made me stop to watch: first look at Season Two of Veronica Mars, baby! To the dismay of The Me, though, it appears as though Ubertool (and supremely face-punch-able) Logan Echolls is going to be all-too-central to the show this year. That's what I get for watching a girly teen drama, I guess: cuz teenage fan girls just LOVE their imbalanced little drama queen masquerading as the Tortured Bad Boy With The Heart Of Gold. But I digress... 
    In the middle: if SD!'s about to become Randy Orton's show, I'll take a raincheck. Seriously, a 10 minute promo AND a 20 minute match for Randall? That's a little much... especially the match, which had a fine closing few minutes, but which also featured not one but TWO Orton Chinlocks that sucked plenty of energy out of the match. That said, the booking of Orton was pretty spot-on (sheer bludgeoning overdosing of him aside); the "Undertaker Retirement Fund" is a silly bit of cheap heat but it suits Orton's dimbulb persona for him to think it's clever, and then the more matches he wins cheaply thanks to his dad the happier I'll be (since this time around, I think it's important for WWE to book Heel Randy Orton LIKE A HEEL, instead of what they were doing 18 months ago when he was sometimes being given babyfacish finishes and segments, which then led to the misapprehension by WWE that fans wanted Orton to be a babyface; and we all know how that turned out).
    On the downside: I still got no love for Palmer Cannon, the Network Suit; I honestly can't imagine a less-convincing guy to play that role, which is one that is already not a really creative one to begin with....  I. Cannot. Take. Any. More. Heidenreich. And. Animal. End this, and soon....  Homophobic Bob Holly and The Newly-Fabulous Sylvain Grenier? Please lord, no... 
    Mix it all together and.... hey, it went down smooth. A few holes here and there. Nothing remotely memorable. Wrestling-wise, the show peaked with the utterly-average main event. And yet: I cannot shake this notion that it accomplished what it needed to, as I'm about as fired up as I've been for a SD! in a while. Next week's SD!, that is. But still.... be it average wrestling show or above-average 2-hour infomercial for next week, nothing TOO hateful, here.
    For a more detailed account of the Last Thursday Night SmackDown! EVER, I leave you in the capable hands of Erin Anderson, who volunteered to do the honors for this historic week. Watch in awe as the Broad busts her ass to make it seem like maybe she's actually seen the damned show in the last year! Except: last night she actually asked me "How long have they had this crappy opening theme song for SD!?"... uh oh; I didn't have the heart to say. Needless to say, this could get interesting.... the fun is yours for the viewing in the OO SmackDown! Recap
  • A touch of ratings and administrivia before moving on to the News of the Day.....
    SD! drew a 3.0 broadcast rating last night on UPN.  That continues a trend of underperformance. Last night's competition was also not all that stiff, with reruns and lots of Katrina News Coverage.... SD! should have looked appealing as the only first-run entertainment option, but it still languishes well below norms.
    Things won't get any easier next week. The move to Fridays not only means fewer people at home watching TV (and thus, a smaller pool of viewers to draw from).... but it will also mean a bunch of pre-emptions in major markets (including NYC), as UPN affiliates have contracts to broadcast baseball and basketball in many markets, and a lot of them purposely drew up those contracts intending to pre-empt UPN's low-rated Friday night line-up. Now, UPN's highest-rated show is moving into that slot, and some affiliates are left with obligations that'll hamstring WWE's ability to reach all of its fans on Friday nights. 
    There will be a LOT of searching for Saturday afternoon replays for fans in many markets.
  • Monday's RAW did a 3.8 cable rating. That's down two ticks from the post-SummerSlam show, and means that RAW's still stuck in a rut, and not performing as well as it did for stretches this past spring and early summer.
    The looming launch of Monday Night Football and the new fall season aren't gonna make it any easier for RAW to find eyeballs on Mondays (Prison Break on FOX? Sucks or Not Sucks? I lean SLIGHTLY towards "sucks" at this point, but a friend of mine read that the show gets better after the first two hours and thinks I should stick with it, and I'm already gonna be keeping a DVR Tuner on FOX Mondays for "Arrested Development," anyway, so I'll keep an open mind; for now)... 
    But conversely, the jump back to USA Network is something the Fed is hoping will be good for a little added momentum (USA has slightly higher cable penetration than Spike, and is also going to aggressively market the return of WWE programming to the network). But that doesn't kick in for another month, and in the interim, damage could be done in terms of RAW's audience eroding as the fall season kicks off. We'll see...
  • And with that out of the way, let's get to some of the Good Stuff....
    Because it's with a HUGE grin on my face that I report that Mick Foley is coming back to WWE TV, and is likely to be a full-time character. And per his own words: a part-time wrestler, too. Sweet.
    A few matches per year is just gravy... the real benefit here, in my own damned opinion, is that WWE gets a natural talker, somebody who will take the pen out of the hands of the Hollywood Writer Monkeys, and just ask "OK, so what's the point I'm trying to get across again?"... and then he can go out, interact with whoever he needs to interact with, and make it seem a bit more real. WWE's gotten so far away from that, and become so reliant on heavily-scripted, stilted promo work that just about any time Shawn Michaels goes out there and wings it, it's a treat to watch. Now, we get another vet coming in who can do the same thing, and hopefully make those around him better, in the process.
    WWE.com has announced the signing of Foley to a contract, and it's in that blurb that Foley is quoted as saying there will probably be some wrestling involved, in addition to just being a TV personality.
    For whatever it's worth, we probably have TNA to thank for this... my understanding is that Mick's one-shot deal to do the ECW PPV was supposed to include an accompanying appearance on WWE TV to promote his new book. When there seemed to be no movement on that front, Mick started talking to TNA about signing this same basic deal with them (be a TV personality, and maybe work VERY sporadic matches). In fact, Foley had even started putting over Samoa Joe and other TNA staples in interviews he's started doing in support of his new book.
    And whether because of those hints dropped, or just because of other backchannel chatter, WWE got wind of TNA making a move on Foley, and decided they didn't want to let go of the Hardcore Legend. The two parties got to talking, and apparently this all came together pretty quickly earlier this week. Foley's now locked into a new WWE contract, and could show up back on TV at any time. 
    Which brand? I dunno... when? I dunno... What role? I dunno... both General Manager slots seem adequately filled, so that's out. Foley as a manager/mentor would be interesting, but the problem is that WWE's desire to keep matches as 80's-riffic as possible means that it would ring false to have Mick out there tutoring someone in the nuances of the 5 minute side headlock. And not to be a jerk towards a guy who I hold in the highest of regards, but I think if ECW's PPV taught us anything, it's maybe that Mick's not cut out for commentary work (something I've noticed on repeat viewings: Mick always had awesome stuff to say, but one of the little things that Jerks Like Me apparently don't realize about announcing work is that there's an art to knowing WHEN to say it so that a show flows together smoothly; that's where I might have picked a bumper crop of nits at One Night Stand).
    So it's pretty much all up in the air. If Mick was leaning towards TNA as recently as 5 days ago, it's a mortal lock that the creative team has nothing set up for him. That might mean it'll be a few weeks before we get Mick settled in somewhere... his skill set certainly suits the live atmosphere of RAW. But on the other hand, SD! needs all the star power it can get. At this point, I honestly don't care which way the cookie crumbles.... I'm just happy to know that Mick Foley's gonna be back on TV. More Mick is a Good Thing.

  • Another major item announced by WWE.com is that Dusty Rhodes, after preliminary meetings a few weeks ago, has signed a WWE contract of his own. But it's not to appear on TV... it's to take over a key creative role. Possibly even the Head Writer gig on SD!.
    This is where I'm not clear, because one story I got says Dave Lagana is leaving that position to take a job in New Media (i.e. mostly Website Stuff)... which doesn't make a lot of sense, since that sounds like a backwards job move (and to the best of my knowledge, Lagana is firmly entrenched as a McMahon Favorite, so backwards moves seem unlikely). Or maybe I just attach too much significance to the "glory job" that is writing for TV, and there's plenty of money and responsibility for the new job position, too. 
    The other story is that Dusty is being brought in to SD!, but Lagana's going nowhere, and that this is more an addition than a swap-out. But at least the one thing everybody DOES agree on is that Dusty's gonna be writing for the SD! brand.
    And that? That scores a big ol' "meh" with me. I like the idea of bringing more "wrestling minds" onto the writing staff. But I'm not sure that Dusty's track record indicates he's the man who's gonna cure what ails WWE.
    In addition to being a key contributor (and possibly head writer) for SD!, Dusty is quoted as being pretty dead-set against appearing in an on-screen capacity. He left the door open if the exact right opportunity presented itself, but short of a reason to work with Ric Flair, it didn't sound like he had much interest in being on-screen. And a winner is us!

  • While WWE's doing some nice covert ops to limit TNA's options for poaching former WWE stars for their new cable show, TNA's pretty much locked up one familiar name: Gail Kim.
    That brings to two (2) the number of women on the TNA roster, I believe. As anyone even paying half-attention should know, the other is Tracy Brooks (or Tracey, or Traci, I dunno), whom I've slobbered over religiously the one time per month when a TNA PPV comes around and I remember she exists. Adding Gail to Tracy keeps TNA's Average Per Capita Hotness Score well above WWE's.
    People tell me Tracy can wrestle, too. At least better than your Torries and Stacys, anyway. I've never seen it, but I know that's the word on the street. Obviously, you wouldn't bother with a women's title or division or anything with just these two, but at least now the option is there to plug Gail and Tracy into stables and have mixed tag matches and an eventual one-on-one showdown.
    Of WWE's hare-brained personnel decisions, the dismissal of Gail Kim is one that REALLY didn't make sense to me. In the ring, she was learning and getting lots better, and outside the ring, she was out-eye-candying just about every single one of the Fed's useles eye-candy divas. Why do you not keep a woman like that around?
    We'll have to see if WWE's loss is TNA's gain. Unfortunately, no matter how deep-seated my Entirely Respectful Appreciation Of Gail Kim's Skills As A Wrestler might run, I'm hard-pressed to suggest that her acquisition by TNA is gonna lure even a single viewer to their new show. There may be an entire plethora of thoughts that Gail Kim puts into my head that Mick Foley never could... but "Must Watch TNA Saturday Nights on Spike TV" is not one of them.
  • Speaking of former henchwoman Gail, I figure I should quickly mention her boss, Molly Holly, and her "shoot" DVD. Which I had previously "reviewed" by doing nothing more than look over the DVD cover.
    I'll rectify that now, as I've seen the DVD. But since I figure I'm about a month late on this, I'll be brief, as I gather none of my observations will be particularly unique.
    That's because the main non-unique observation is pointing out that this is really not a "shoot" DVD in the sense of the term that most fans are familiar with. It's not something where you get non-stop backstage stories that illuminate all your favorite dirt as read about in some newsletter. But it's still a "shoot" in the sense that it is 100% honest with its viewer...  
    My thought: it's almost like Molly Holly's "mission statement" at times.... you see/read other "shoot interviews," and if they are of any kind of length, you know how it gets: it turns into a lot of stories about other people in the business (some cast positively, some not). That doesn't really happen here; Molly's approach is more personal, I think. She's not here to talk about other people, she's here taking the approach, "Hey, dummies, you've spent 5 years talking about me, so you might as well get to know your subject matter a little bit better. Let me help you out." Except you get the distinct impression Molly would never call you a dummy. But you get the idea: this isn't a "shoot" designed to pull back the curtain on the industry or, at the very least, a whole company (which is how 99% of "shoot" interviews end up coming across), it's one designed to pull back the curtain on one individual.
    The main portion of the disc is the hour-long "shoot conversation." You'll get plenty of interesting tidbits in there, some more shocking than others. I know the main selling point of the DVD is the "shocking secret" behind Molly's WWE departure, and I guess manners dictate that I don't be the first jackoff columnist to spoil that, huh? I'll say this, though: it definitely is a "shock" in the sense that it's probably not a reason anyone out there considered. But it's not a shock in the same vein as most Torch-reading/shoot-DVD-loving controversy hounds like. It's an explanation that leaves you feeling "Oh, that makes sense. I mean, I didn't consider that, but now that I know.... it makes perfect sense." I actually already knew the "surprise" in advance of seeing the DVD, so maybe that's affecting my judgment, though? I wonder if that's a mysterioso enough sell-job to pique any interest out there? Is it shocking or not? Does it make perfect sense, or am I just saying that cuz I already had OMG SPOILERS~!? You'll have to decide for yourselves, I guess....
    [One note: Molly goes out of her way to make it clear that she was not happy about some of the presumptuous internet rumors that went around related to her leaving WWE. She presents the "shocking secret" as the one thing nobody knew about that motivated her to decide to take a break from WWE to spend her time on happier pursuits. Yet, the implication is STILL there that something about WWE or the wrestling business must have been unfulfilling or unsatisfying if she didn't view it as a worthwhile use of her time in the wake of the "shocking secret." But maybe that's me trying to read between the lines too much, and backhandedly defend myself for being part of the circulation of SOME of the rumors that miffed Molly back a few months ago? Methinks there probably are layers here, though....] 
    There are also about 3-4 bonus thingies. Less "mission statement-y" and more casual, for certain, plus one really old wrestling match. I liked the house tour one best, probably. If there's one thing you gotta give to this DVD, it's that Molly didn't hold back; it contains a pretty convincing level of "Hey, this is me." More than I'd ever be comfortable putting out there to the general public, that's for sure; yep, slapping-a-"The"-in-front-of-my-first-name and then limiting-my-small-talk-to-maybe-3-or-4-predictable-topics is more how The Rick rolls.
    But Molly fans are lucky to get a little extra insight into the woman, here. Except: Molly's fans are probably considerate enough to have stopped calling her "Molly" by now. D'oh. Old habits, and all. You can give NORA's DVD a look for your own self, if you like. The website is www.NoraDVD.com
  • Jim Ross' latest Ross Report is up at WWE.com... nothing hugely newsworthy stands out, really. Is JR adopting The Rick's "slathering news items with lots of casual chattiness and opinion" gimmick?
    I think if you break it down, you do get the word that Steve Austin could be back on RAW soon.... also that The Rock's relationship with WWE continues and he could appear on TV again some day.
    I could not help but chuckle as I read JR talking about Carlito and Chris Masters, with the praise for Carlito seeming pretty natural and effusive... but the praise of Master's containing quotation marks and phrases like "has the look." Tee hee.
    Also: JR directly addressed critics who thought it insensitive of WWE to put The Hurricane on TV Monday night after the events in New Orleans. Ummm, really? I thought I INVENTED those people, just so I could mock them in the recap.... they really existed? Dillholes.
  • Speaking of said Hurricane Katrina.... WWE has actually felt indirect impacts related to the storm.
    Events later this month along the gulf coast have been cancelled/postponed, including TV tapings that had been scheduled for Biloxi and New Orleans on the 26th and 27th. I don't know what's gonna happen with the house shows, but the TV tapings have been moved to venues in Texas.
    Again, I am sort of slack-jawed at the idea that the devastation is such that nobody expects things to be back to normal down there a freaking MONTH from now. Wow.
  • The new WWE Developmental Territory, Deep South Wrestling, finally held a show last night in suburban Georgia. The crowd was tiny (but one said it was bigger than the one for the Extremely Hardcore Wrestling taping in downtown Hotlanta, which if true, is.... well, it's a bit nutty), with maybe a little over 100 in attendance. 
    Although some of WWE's higher-profile developmental guys (and girl) have been using DSW as a base for training, the only names you'd really recognize who wrestled on last night's debut show were Kid Kash and the Shane Twins. The company still hasn't worked out it's TV clearances, so it's not like they were running their best material last night. It was just a test run through so that once genuine TV tapings start up, they'll know the facility and stuff like that.
  • To answer a shitload of e-mails in one fell swoop: no, Trevor Murdoch is NOT Dick Murdoch's son. Nor any other relation of Murdoch's. Although apparently WWE wouldn't mind if you did want to think that.
    I don't even know the guy's real name, off-hand, but he changed his name to "Murdoch" for the purposes of the semi-homage to the late Dick Murdoch. Up until about 6 weeks ago, he was wrestling under the name Trevor Rhodes. Cuz he doesn't look unlike a Runnels, either, now does he? Or should that be "now doesn't he?".... meh, I don't care enough to figure it out.
  • And to answer another not-quite-as-big-a-load of e-mails: I will stop talking about the boos John Cena gets when they stop being audible, OK?
    Look, I know John Cena sells a lot of t-shirts, and has WAY more fans than I'll ever have. But that's still not stopping him from having significant numbers of people booing him the last few weeks. And having that be the EXPECTED outcome, if you'd been paying attention to what I've been writing for the past year or more.
    And pardon me if I thought it hilarious to get so many e-mails telling me, "Quit being biased, and just stop mentioning the minority of people who boo Cena." Ummmm, dum dums: it'd be "bias" if I ignored something that was real and factual. And those boos are real and factual. So why don't you try to rephrase that.
    Hey: feel free to take issue with my ANALYSIS of the boos or the significance I attribute to them. I feel pretty good on those fronts, too, especially after I was months ahead of the game on Randall Orton's shitty face run. But don't fricking tell me to stop mentioning it, like me not mentioning it will make the problem go away.
    Christ, do I need to make OO an 18-and-up website, so I don't have to deal with Cena's dim-witted junior high acolytes? It's OK if you like Homey the Clown, kids.... but let us grown ups have our discussion of why maybe his act needs tweaking if he's gonna be the across-the-board-popular, brand-carrying superstar that WWE needs him to be, OK?
  • I think that's about all I got for today. Enjoy the long weekend, folks. I'm not 100% sure, but I SHOULD be filing a column on Monday.
    Various BBQ'ing and drinking functions will take precedence all weekend long, but I should be here for you folks in some form or another. Even if it's one where I can only muster up half-assery. 
    Have fun, be safe, and see you Monday, kids.... 

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.




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