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RAW Thoughts, Big SD! (Half-)Preempted,
Tons of TNA/Spike News, Trish, MORE! 
September 5, 2005

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


So.... Rehnquist kicked it over the weekend. And folks, now we're dealing with EXACTLY what I warned y'all about last November when I reluctantly endorsed Giant Douche over Turd Sandwich in the presidential election.
Because there may be areas in which I think Bush was better qualified and areas in which I thought Kerry was better qualified.... but forgetting all about short term policy decisions, I couldn't help but be terrified of the long-term prospects of a Supreme Court hand picked by Bush. That's something that'll be impacting the lives of Americans for the next 20-plus


Now Bush gets to appointees, including the Chief Justice. I'd be stunned if he doesn't end up getting a third in the next three years. Is anyone else a bit concerned about how long it might take to undo the damage W's probably gonna get to do here? Everything else Bush has done or will do has a finite impact, or impacts a very finite number of people. But stocking the court with his type of judges? Every single American is subject to those laws. All 100% of us. And GW Bush's court, I fear, would contort the laws into something that less than 50% of us actually believe in.

I shan't get specific, lest I offend some percentage of the readership, but my general tendency towards being a tad bit liberal on the more social-related issues is probably no secret. So you do the math on what kinds of things I'm worried about here. And the math adds up to me being none-too-pleased with the prospects here. [PS: Shame on anybody who is actually so narrow-minded and obsessed to think that "abortion" is the central tentpole to my rant here. Oh, it's included, sure; but christ, people, that's one issue out of hundreds we should all be concerned about.]

Anyway, if you want something to bunch your panties over that's not gas prices or hurricanes, there you go. 

Or, if you're just loooking for something a bit more fluffy and happy to occupy your brain as we come out of a fun-ass holiday weekend and get back to The Grind, here's what I could muster up by way of rasslin' for today: 

  • Holiday or no, RAW gets no vacation tonight. It'll be live at 9, just the way we likes it.
    We know a couple of matches that are scheduled for tonight. We have a pretty good idea of where WWE's going with the top matches for the Unforgiven PPV in 2 weeks time. So let's see if we can mix all that together into a relatively accurate preview of the show...
    For starters, the two announced matches are: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris F. Masters, and Kurt Angle vs. Eugene.
    Angle vs. Eugene is a SummerSlam rematch, and it's interesting since Angle fairly well decimated Eugene at the show in a match that fell well short of expectations and short of what the two men would have been capable of. The rematch makes no sense from that perspective, unless they somehow play it up as "GM Bischoff trying to make life difficult for his annoying nephew." Except that I think we've forgotten about their familial relationship in storylines now....
    Instead, I figure this is gonna just be more of building Kurt up for his run at WWE Champ John Cena. Another win over Eugene isn't the most thrilling of things from a story perspective, but it sends the message that Angle really is at the top of his game lately, and is a legit threat to Cena. This, I should note, is a message that was never sent with regards to one Chris Jericho last month. So at least they're peaking their heads out of their asses a LITTLE bit, this time around.
    The alternative, if this *is* to be something other than a cut and dry Angle win, would be to have this somehow be a turning point for Eugene's character... moving him into something new. As we've discussed over the past 2-3 weeks, I don't think a heel turn is a great idea, but I'd go ahead and recognize the need to freshen up Eugene's act. This could be anything as simple as giving him a new "handler" to play off of (Regal was as important to Eugene's early success as Eugene himself, and more recently there were lots of possibilities if Spaz hadn't been traded off of RAW). Or it could be as complicated as actually tweaking Eugene's tried and true shtick with the countless ideas I've thrown out there over the last 18 months, so that he's not just doing Rock Bottoms and Stone Cold Stunners. There are so many cute little things to do with an "Idiot Savant of Wrestling" that is actually causes me physical discomfort to see how lazy the creative team has been in terms of exploring them.... and now: the result is that fans have gotten sick of seeing Eugene pretending to be the Rock or Austin, and they've turned on him a few times in recent weeks. And it's not even Eugene's fault. So we'll see if maybe a little change-up is what's in store for Eugene tonight...
    Worst Case Scenario: since the over-arching story *is* still Kurt vs. Cena, I can just see Eugene befriending Cena, and a whole lot of Suck happening. Cuz the solution to two guys who aren't getting cheered quite as unanimously as you'd like? To PUT THEM TOGETHER! Wheeee. Seriously: who wants to see Eugene imitating Homey the Clown? Nobody. And if Eugene would then bust out a Five Knuckle Shuffle or an F-U in the match against Angle, who out there DOESN'T think he'll get booed to high heaven? They got to play it differently than that. Remember: last week we learned that the secret to the Angle/Cena feud is going to be Cena doing nothing, and Angle making him look cheer-able by comparison by doing all the hard work and coming off like the world's biggest cocksucker.
    Then you've got the Michaels/Masters match. I guess this is officially being billed as a Shitty Full Nelson Challenge, but like I said last week: basically that just means it's a wrestling match for however long it takes Masters to lock in the Full Nelson. And then if he gets the submission, he wins. But if the guy gets out, he loses. The same hope I had last week (when this match was originally scheduled) remains: that Masters will be vanquished and put back in the over to cook until he's actually ready to serve. Because on-going flaccid crowd reactions to his eyeball-roll-inducing shtick and his comically-bad performance in last week's main event tag match pretty much are all the evidence one needs to say it's time to hit ABORT on Project Masters for the time being.
    Seriously, go back and re-ready the match summary for the main event to last week's RAW. Then, if you're the kind of anal compulsive type who saves every RAW, go back to the videotape and review the footage to make sure I didn't make anything up. Otherwise, just take me at my word, and enjoy the laundry list of ways Masters underwhelmed everybody in the audience. I know I got a bit annoyingly-long-winded last week in the recap, but descriptions and accounts of that final match were deliciously fun to write, and should be retransmitted with the expressed written consent of The Me directly to Titan Tower until such times as they get this tool off my TV.
    But then: the same concerns I had last week also remain. Namely that if this is a Full Nelson Challenge instead of a real match, we are NOT gonna be able to just get the sweet, sweet closure that we all desire. Michaels can't "win" the match with a superkick, he can only win by escaping the full nelson. Which means Masters will have recourse to ask for a rematch or some other way to prove himself. Which is also exactly what nobody wants to see. Last week, they set the stage so that Michaels and Carlito could lock up in a PPV match, if they just make a few simple booking moves tonight.... but why do I dread that instead of that, we'll get some kind of inconclusivity tonight, and a Michaels/Masters match at the PPV?
    I mean, the fix is really simple: Flair was attacked backstage last week, and then made to submit to Masters. If you want to serve up a PPV Patsy for Masters (although I STILL cannot fathom why you would bother), let Flair do the honors. You could even tie it back into a story for Triple H's imminent return, in which HHH shows up disappointed in his mentor's performances, if they still intend to feud with each other (as was the original plan for SummerSlam). Or: hey, remember that I was the guy who had the vision of Chris Masters being the "new Orton" in a reconstituted Evolution, and I had that vision on the very night he debuted. Ugh, it makes me sick to contemplate that, but a Flair/Masters feud that "proved Masters' worth" to Flair would certainly provide ample set-up.
    Meantime, Michaels and Carlito could just pick up where they left off last week and have themselves the promos and matches that we actually care about. The way Unforgiven is shaping up, they almost HAVE to give us a Michaels/Carlito Ladder Match so there's one guaranteed-excellent match on the card. I mean, Angle/Cena SHOULD be really good, but they've also had aggressively-average matches before... and after that? Snitsky/Big Show: bleargh. Edge/Hardy: they've been all over the place and I'd have no idea what to expect. Masters vs. anybody: guaranteed to bore the shit out of everyone. Torrie Wilson or Boobies McTitsalot attempting to wrestle: no thank you. Rob Conway, Viscera, Kerwin White, the tag division: these are not solutions to the problem, either. I am adamant that Unforgiven needs one more real selling point unless WWE wants it to get the same treatment that all SD!-only PPVs get...
    As for the rest of tonight's show, away from those two top matches and how they tie into the looming PPV... I actually pretty well touched on them above: Hardy vs. Edge is the big one of the bunch, the one that COULD be interesting and good. It's just that these guys have been up and down in terms of Quality Entertainment so far in their feud, and I'm not sure if we should expect more mind-bendingly-bad continuity gaffes and boring punchy-kicky, or if we should look for more action like we got last week accompanied by stronger promo work (which has tended to come from Edge so far). I figure they're a mortal lock for SOME kind of re-re-rematch at the PPV, but as far as tonight goes, maybe it's a week to "rest" the story, since both guys are ostensibly hospitalized following last week's cheesy-pyro-style electrocution. A couple bed-side promos would be ample. Matt should keep his short and sweet and pretty much just sneer at the camera, point to his pulse monitor, and say, "Not dead, yet." And then Edge can actually do some real talking and be trusted to do it well; as an added bonus, Lita should be looking as slutty as possible and comments should be made about her bedside manner. Hints of an impending sponge bath at Lita's expert hands are entirely optional.
    And then, it's a huge drop off the Relevance Cliff to get to other on-going stories: Show/Snitsky, for reasons completely indefensible, is going to continue and will cease to amuse at every turn... the tag division might as well be on hold until Cade/Murdoch show up, for as well as they're handling it now; the "Rene Dupree is scouting a partner" storyline is a dead-end especially if it really does end with him selecting Tomko (which is something that would just make no freaking sense unless you count "Are tied for having WWE's gayest facial hair" as a gimmick that could logically bind them together)... if that's not what's next for Tomko, then you still have to explain his nonsensical push last week, in which he (for no adequately explained reason) decimated both tag champs... and of course, it seems like Diva Search Ashley's got her hands full with the trio of Victoria, Torrie, and Candice; well, hands full with Victoria, while the other two are, by their own admission last week, useless for anything other than standing around and looking pretty. Oy.
    As always, I get to the end of this thing, and I'm motivated to mention that it sure seems like there are plenty of possibilities there to put together a pretty good show. And as always, I'm just as motivated to crack wise about how it's up to WWE to actually explore those possibilities, instead of delivering a show that alternates between just-plain-boring and actually-bad. You never quite know how it's gonna go, and so that's why we watch, now isn't it?
    Of course, if you don't watch, we'll also have the finest RAW Recap in all the land here tomorrow at OO, so you can just wait for that. Or use it as a supplement if you do see the show, cuz it's FDA-approved for that usage, too. Either way, though, you oughta know how tonight's RAW panned out by some point on Tuesday afternoon.
  • A VERY special (and possibly important) note to any TiVo or DVR users out there....
    In programming grids, the name of RAW has officially changed to "WWE Monday Night RAW" (from "WWE RAW," which is what it's been for the 2-plus years since I discovered the magic of DVR). If you're like me, and just have your device set to "record entire series" for RAW (so that it automatically records every Monday, and I don't have to think to set it, ever), this COULD be a problem for you.
    Then again, if your device is smarter than mine, maybe it realizes "WWE Monday Night RAW" is the same fricking show and just automatically sets about recording that one. But mine is kinda dumb, and needed to be scolded. I'll have to remember to do the same for "Friday Night SmackDown!," too. At least I figure these names'll stick for awhile. Unlike TNA, which apparently didn't want me watching their damned show, since they changed "officially listed" show titles for Impact no fewer than 5 times in the one year they were on the air.
    Anyway, I wanted to give that heads-up to anybody out there who might be in the same boat as me. I actually came a lot closer to catastrophe that I like to think... I doubt I'll be back home from a cook-out till after RAW starts, and if I missed recording any substantial portion of the show, I'd have been exposed as a liar on all that "Finest RAW Recap in all the land" crap. But I was actually going through my scheduled recordings for tonight and noticed RAW was absent and was able to make the change. Whew. Thank god for "Prison Break," which might not have won me over yet but which I have been obligated to try for at least one more week before I give up; if I hadn't been arranging to record that, I wouldn't ever have noticed the problem.
  • Speaking of programming changes and SD! on Fridays....
    The only real news of the weekend is that WWE's Friday night debut might be cut in half, down to one hour. All six broadcast networks and the vast majority of cable networks are getting together for a one-hour simulcast on Friday night... it'll be a telethon-type dealy to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims/damage.
    The one-hour simulcast means that SD!'s start is delayed until 9pm (eastern). UPN, as one of the three cute little Pretend Networks, only programs two hours of prime time, and shoots it back to local affiliates at 10pm. That leaves WWE in a bit of a bind.
    And while it's impossible to find fault in UPN's decision or even use words like "unfortunate" to label WWE's situation, it's something that's gonna have to be addressed. The Fed put together a loaded line-up, one that was designed for 2 hours of wall-to-wall action, for Friday night. Now, odds are that they'll only be able to present half of that.
    For the record: hype done on Velocity did NOT indicate which matches might be ditched, they still listed the full line-up of five matches (plus the tease of an Orton/Taker confrontation). Then again, the hype done on Velocity didn't even note a 9pm delayed start time, either, so even though WWE had plenty of time on Saturday to alter the promotional bumpers, it seems maybe they just didn't bother at all. How very "if we ignore the problem, maybe it'll go away" of them... and thanks to Cubs Fan for (a) watching Velocity and (b) actually putting notes about the hype segment in his recap since that was something I was genuinely concerned about.
    An alternative for WWE: see if UPN and local affiliates would be OK with SD! running till 11pm... this actually isn't a huge deal for one of the REAL networks (which frequently run live sports/awards/etc. programming in prime time and run late whether the affiliates like it or not). However, there is no precedent for UPN doing an on-the-fly change like that and have it work smoothly. I know my UPN affiliate (despite being the sister station of a VERY professionally run CBS affiliate) is about as bush league as it gets, and frequently has serious problems cutting to and returning from commercials on time and even sometimes has 2 minutes of dead-air during commercials that then spills over into the actual shows I'm trying to fricking watch and stuff. If they can't coordinate with UPN on the nicely-pre-packaged two hours of prime time programming, I dread what would happen if UPN tried to call an audible. But it's a possibility, and the one that I would bet would make WWE happiest. And which SHOULD be considered seriously, since SD! *is* UPN's highest rated show, and both the network and the affiliates should be interested in getting that extra hour of eyeballs on their channel(s). We'll see...
    Other than that? Well, one hour of stuff on Friday night, and then they can end the show with a promise that everything else WWE promised will be presented on a special "SD! Extra" Edition of Velocity. Split the Eddie/Rey and Batista/JBL matches (I say put Batista/JBL on Velocity, since it's the one where the conclusion is forgone, and in this case, I think that takes precedence over blithely giving primacy to the World Title), if there's a tag title change coming (and I think there should be) you also need that on Friday night. And then I figure the logical thing is to do Orton/Taker on Friday, too. That way, Jordan and JBL's stuff is all self-contained on Velocity, allowing you to do a few skits or running themes. As a bonus, that leaves room for Velocity to deliver about the only wortwhile thing it ever delivers: a cruiserweight match to flesh out the line-up. 
    It'd be inconvenient to split the show up into two hours and probably a tough sell to get a ton of fans to go through the trouble of watching both.... but I think it's a do-able work-around.
    Of note: SD!'s airings in other country's isn't affected by this, so that's something that'll come into play if (domestically) the Fed ends up having to do two self-contained one-hour shows. My guess is that whatever's gonna happen, WWE will know about it today or tomorrow, and they'll be able to address it when they tape the show tomorrow night. So we'll update the situation on Wednesday with the final word.
  • In news that warms the cockles of my heart (among other strategically located cockles), Trish Stratus returned to in-ring action this past weekend. She faced Victoria, she was billed as the Women's Champ, and she successfully defended her title (despite attempted interference from Victoria's new Trophy Bimbos). Diva Search Ashley also got involved to help Trish out after the matches.
    I'd say that between the fact that it's been a while since Trish has been cleared to work and the fact that WWE.com finally started acknowledging her imminent return in the last week, this is PROBABLY the final straw in terms of making it OK to talk about Trish coming back to TV.
    Not only does this mean that she's ready to resume all necessary physicality, it also means that they appear to have set up the storyline for her return: Trish will be aligned with Diva Search Ashley against Victoria, Torrie, and Candice.
    I guess I can settle for that. It'll just be nice to have a broad on RAW again who I can care about and get interested in her dealings, instead of just half-assedly ogling out of habit and then getting bored. If Trish can make some of that rub off on Ashley, all the better.
    But still: who'da thunk that I'd be sitting here one day, placidly discussing how the latest Diva Search winner is in danger of becoming a favorite of mine if things work out, instead of raging violently against the entire Diva Search concept? Not me... and don't get me wrong, I still pine for the days of Molly, Gail, Jazz, Ivory, etc.; it's just that for whatever reason, Ashley's WAY less annoying that Spaz seemed, and has the outward appearances of wanting to wrestle competently. So I'm being lenient, I guess...
  • Also: word on the street is that Diva Search Elisabeth has also signed a WWE contract. Remember: she was the actually-athletic chick who also had a very fine unaltered rack (making her the only one on that front this year, I believe). Hey hey, of all the losers, she's the one I would have picked, too! What the hell is going on around here?
    And I guess she's the ONLY one of the losers to get a contract. At least, so far. Contrast with last year, when I think it was a full 5 or 6 out of the 10 finalists who ended up doing additional work with WWE. And that doesn't even count Boobies McTitsalot, who failed to even MAKE IT to the final 10, and still got called back by the Fed when they needed some screechy-voiced bimbo to flirt vapidly with Randy Orton and fill the role of "RAW's Make-up Girl."
  • On the TNA front, there's some REALLY interesting news...
    First, SpikeTV has announced that they will be replaying episodes of "Impact" on Monday nights at midnight. Nice. This is probably about as close as TNA can hope to get to giving off the image that they are actually in real competition with WWE for eyeballs, and I know for me, it makes it a LOT more likely that I'd see "Impact" in a mood other than "obligatorially." Now, after RAW warms up my Wrestling Jones, I can find some time before bed to also get into TNA.
    That's as opposed to what I was assuming would happen: which is that I'd DVR "Impact" in its shitty Saturday night timeslot, and slog through it on Sunday afternoons while licking my wounds from the weekend.
    And again, I can't overstate just the intangible factor of sort of trespassing into "WWE's Yard." TNA doesn't do a whole lot of things that make them seem a legit competitor to WWE, but this? This accomplishes that. It's not direct competition on Monday, but it's TNA and Spike saying, "Hey, we're confident enough in our product that we invite wrestling fans to give us a look when you're done with RAW."
    If it turns out TNA can get their act together and put together actually-entertaining shows (instead of the annoying and underwhelming 6-matches-in-one-hour style of show they did on FSN, and an upgrade from the good-long-matches-but-no-storylines style of show they are doing as webcasts now), then I would bet heavily that the Monday night midnight replay could end up getting better ratings than the Saturday original airing. And if Spike starts seeing that kind of momentum, I think they should give serious thought to pushing TNA into an 11:30 timeslot just to get that many more fans who would be willing to stick around for the whole thing.
    Or, if TNA completely fails to click with wrestling fans when they relaunch in a month, the Monday night replays might turn out to be a huge non-story, too. The key really is gonna be putting out a product that looks "big-time" and that has mainstream appeal, so that it catches on with average fans and not just with the ultra-loyal indie crowd. I know TNA purists say they don't want to be WWE, but they also have to recognize that TNA is NOT "reinventing the business" like ECW back in the day, and they really ARE competing on the same basic stage as WWE in terms of what they will present. Very little that TNA can or will do hasn't already been seen in WWE; about all they can promise is that you will STILL see a lot of that with greater regularity, now that WWE tries to tone down the pace of their weeky TV matches. That's not enough (since WWE still has a roster who can match 90% of TNA's roster when they are un-hand-cuffed), so there really will have to be a focus on production/presentation and on doing quality storylines, too.
    This is getting interesting, though.... TNA's up to the challenge, and it seems like they are getting plenty of support from Spike TV, which is promising for a few different reasons.
  • Another way Spike might be looking to help out TNA and stick it to WWE as soon as WWE is gone: there are rumors that Spike is proposing a live UFC event to air at 9pm on Monday, October 3, head-to-head with RAW's return to USA Network. And then immediately after the UFC event: a big replay of TNA's debut episode (which is expected to have a major suprise or two included).
    Spike had seen some demographic convergence with WWE and UFC viewership since they got into the UFC bidness. The crappy reality-show UFC stuff is a strong staple for them, but they also did well with post-RAW editions of Fight Compilations (instead of the dumb reality-show melodrama), and have run two very successful Saturday Night live UFC events (both of which drew about 75-80% of the ratings that RAW does, which is pretty remarkable).
    The only possible problem might come into play if fans who actually watched the second UFC live event aren't completely retarded. I would up catching a replay of it, and a more boring 3 hours I could not imagine. Unlike the first show, there was no single signature fight, and really only one fight that approached halfway-exciting. That's because for the "free" SpikeTV shows, UFC only used the cast-offs from the "Ultimate Fighter" reality-show, instead of their top-line guys. The result: rookies having pretty lame fights on that second show.
    If Spike really wanted to stick it to WWE, and make sure that even a guy like me would be keeping an eyeball their UFC special, they'd have to make sure to arrange for at least one reasonably-dependable match-up to go along with an undercard of nobodies. 
    We'll have to see if this pans out.... my understanding is that this is Spike's idea, and the ball is now in UFC's court.
  • Some of you are questioning my endorsement of Ken Kennedy... that's OK. I don't think I've really said THAT much about him that'll ever come back to bite me on the ass. I just think he's more entertaining at this point than Chris Masters, and has the kind of personality that could well help him annoy his way up the card to the point where he's a secondary-champion-type heel.
    But I'm gonna go ahead and ramp up my endorsement of Paul Burchill (William Regal's new tag partner in storylines). I haven't seen a ton of tape of him, but I've been impressed with what little I've seen. He's 6'3" or so, really good sized, and he moves around the ring like a smaller guy. The comparison I usually saw was to Mike Awesome, in terms of the high risk stuff he was willing to do.
    Of course, WWE probably won't let him channel Mike Awesome for non-stop wild bumps and top rope moves and table breaking. But over the weekend, Burchill's fellow Brit, Scott Lloyd, brought some additional Burchill video to my attention.
    For the purposes of blowing your fricking socks off, I present to you this video clip (.wmv format, and it should be pretty dial-up friendly at 2500KB). There's a few moves in there that look good, but mostly, I'm suggesting that you'll be wowed about halfway through when he hits his finisher, which is apparently called the C-4 (it's like a Rock Bottom, but instead of going 90-degrees forward, you rotate 270-degrees backwards).
    My first thought was that "No way would WWE let him use something that looks that bad-ass." But then I watched a bit closer, and... I'm not positive, but I think this is actually a pretty safe and do-able move. I should probably have consulted with OO Resident Tumbling Expert Erin Anderson first, but I think the guy taking the bump has a very easy job, actually. Just a front flip into a back bump. Which, as I recall, I mastered before I was allowed to graduate Gym Class freshman year of highschool. Well, except I didn't have to get QUITE that much elevation, but you get the idea... and Burchill's half of the move? Pretty much just a standing moonsault, which seems a bit more precarious (cuz of the guy he's got latched onto his right arm, it seems he cheats on it a bit, and only barely gets around enough to hit the move and not break his own neck). 
    Still: a company that's letting Kennedy use his second rope "Regal Roll" as a finisher (which also looks like it puts Kennedy at more risk than his opponent) might just let Burchill bust out the C-4. Timing it right with his opponent, and I actually think it can be really damned safe and also quite spectacular.
  • I don't know if this is true or not, but apparently one reason behind Christian's semi "demotion" is because WWE found out that somebody else owned the name "Captain Charisma." That meant the end of merchandise, the end of Christian talking himself up, and the end of his biggest hook with the fans.
    I'd say this is kind of a tough story to swallow (cuz WWE's usually so insanely dilligent about this kind of thing, even if they periodically forget to write quality TV), but when I heard it and thought back... when WAS the last time you heard Christian refer to himself as "Captain Charisma"? At least a month, no?
    Hopefully only a minor speedbump for XTian... either that, or christ, WWE, just buy out whoever the guy is that owns the name! Except: shit, they wouldn't even swallow their pride long enough to make annual donations to the World Wildlife Fund so they could keep their "F." Sorry Christian, but I don't think this is how Vince rolls....
  • Clarifying Friday's story about Dusty Rhodes... sounds like he is the new Head Writer for SD!, afterall, effective at tomorrow's tapings. Commensurate with that move, former head writer Dave Lagana IS moving into the New Media division (and it's not a demotion, it's a promotion to a more important job title and to a position that means he doesn't have to travel).
    My confusion stemmed from the fact that Lagana will STAY with SD! for a while here while Dusty gets acclimated. So that's where the mixed signals from: yes Dusty is in, yes Lagana is out, but it's going to be a smooth transition phase in which they ease into new positions.
    Moral of the story: don't look for Dusty's first SD! to be some kind of quantum leap in terms of tone. It might take weeks before you really see his fingerprints in any significant quantity, and even then, he still has a support staff of Steph's Hollywood Writer Monkeys who aren't going anywhere.
  • And I think that's gonna have to do it for me today. Putting the cherry on the holiday weekend takes precedence over seeing if there's anything else worth scraping together for you kids. If it's important, you know I'll catch you back up again soon enough.
    So I need to be getting on out of here, pronto. Hope y'all enjoyed the weekend, too, and I'll see you again with the recap tomorrow and news on Wednesday....

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.




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