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ECW One Night Stand 2006 Preview
June 10, 2006

Compiled by Rick Scaia
Featuring All Your Favorite OnlineOnslaught.com Semi-Stars


I've been wrestling with my own feelings about One Night Stand and the new ECW for a few weeks now. 

From the get-go, I advocated a "New ECW" that did not rely exclusively on re-creating the past, and knew that for that to work, this year's One Night Stand would have to be significantly different from last year's nostalgia-driven one. So naturally, I started out feeling vindicated when WWE did a great job finding a slot for Edge on the show, and when Paul Heyman spoke publicly about a "new vision" for ECW.

But in more recent weeks, that vindication gave way to concern, because there's a hell of a lot of difference between presenting a "new ECW" and presenting "ECW-flavored WWE."

As the One Night Stand card took shape, the five meaningful matches seemed to share a common trait: they have almost NOTHING to do with anything related to ECW. In

fact, the blunt truth is that four of the five announced matches for One Night Stand are matches that could very easily have taken place under the WWE banner at any time on any WWE show. Only the acquisition of Sabu from TNA brings the five-match card a dose of authentic, special-occasion-seeming, genuine ECW. The other four matches are all being contested among guys already comfortably under the WWE banner.

[Note: there are two unannounced matches that we'll briefly talk about later that actually *are* "Genuine ECW," but for the sake of our argument, let's stick to what WWE has bothered hyping.]

Cena and Van Dam are both on RAW and could have crossed paths at any time; ECW was not needed. Angle and Orton were recently both on SmackDown! and *did* cross paths with frequency, with decidedly unspecial results; ECW was not needed. Tazz and Lawler have bickered like a married couple essentially any time they've been thrown together on the same commentary crew, and could have settled their difference at any cross-brand PPV; ECW was not needed. And the Foley/Edge/Dreamer/Funk match? Well, OK, so they had to make a special phone call to Funk, but it's not like he was gonna turn them down, and the other three guys are all established WWE personnel; again, it wouldn't have been too much of a stretch to just tell this story on RAW, because ECW wasn't, strictly speaking, necessary once Mick completed his heel turn.

I realize that last year, WWE padded the One Night Stand show with established WWE wrestlers in a lot of the matches. But the difference was that those wrestlers included the Dudleys (who hadn't been seen on TV in 9 months, and were a welcome breath of fresh air), and every single WWE wrestler who participated in One Night Stand actually did have a legitimate ECW past (such as Jericho, Storm, Tajiri, Rey, Eddie, Benoit, and obviously, the Duds). Compare with this year, where Cena, Angle, Orton, and Edge have absolutely ZERO to do with ECW. It's a totally different feel.

And the feel is best described as "ECW-Flavored WWE," if you ask me. This simply doesn't excite me the same way that a true "New Vision of ECW" would, nor does it tickle my nostalgia bone the same way that a one-night re-creation of the Old ECW would. It causes me to feel something else entirely: it causes me to feel conflicted.

Because of course I would love to go into Sunday's PPV with enthusiasm, anticipation, and the confidence that I was about to see something unique and special and patently "ECW." But on the flip side of the coin: "WWE-flavored WWE" has been so tepid for so long, that even the promise of "ECW-flavored WWE" suddenly does have a bit of cache to it. If we agree that periods when Paul Heyman wielded creative power in WWE were some of the more enjoyable ones, then what's not to like about the idea of him having basically his own WWE brand to control? Maybe it won't quite be "ECW," or maybe it'll take a few weeks or months to get clear of this confoundingly-constructed PPV card before it feels like "ECW," but it's still something that oughta be better and more entertaining than the usual stuff we've had shoved down our throats much of the past 2 years by WWE.

For whatever it's worth, I felt that was the strength of Wednesday's ECW vs. WWE TV special... some felt it was a trainwreck and an abomination to all that is (or should be) "ECW." But in the final analysis, I just felt like it was a different and unique experience versus what WWE usually serves up that it made not just for a good time live, but also for fun TV viewing.

So I guess that's where I try to create some sort of synthesis here as I wrap up the pre-ramble... I'm not totally sold on One Night Stand as the uniquely-ECW experience that it was last year, and I still have concerns about just what the "new vision of ECW" is all about (because lord knows it had better not have anything to do with Cena or Orton, despite their key roles on this PPV line-up).

Which means maybe One Night Stand 2006 isn't promising as an ECW event. But I'd argue that if you step back, take a look, and survey things, One Night Stand 2006 stands up as a VERY promising WWE pay-per-view, compared to some of the cards we've been asked to shell out for recently. And like I said, "ECW-flavored WWE" really does beat the pants off "WWE-flavored WWE," if you ask me. I am cautiously optimistic that Sunday night will be a good time, even if it's not the same kind of "good time" you might have hoped for based on last year's One Night Stand.

Here's an (slightly-abbreviated) look at the five key matches announced for Sunday night. Why abbreviated? Well, first, because I didn't send out the Call For Predictions to the trOOps until yesterday, and I've gotten an anemic participation level (as of this writing, I think there might only be five of us). And secondly, because I, myself, have just remembered that at some point in the next 24 hours, I have 6 last episodes of Deadwood-on-Demand to re-watch in anticipation for tomorrow night's post-PPV DVR viewing. Which means I can't be dilly-dallying around.

We ride, you limp-dicked cocksuckers!

WWE Title Match

This one's nothing more than a case of Briefcase ex Machina. The Money in the Bank Briefcase came down from the heavens (in the possession of Rob Van Dam, at WrestleMania 22's ladder match), and magically brought about this match. There was no other real rhyme or reason.

Although speculation had existed that this would happen even before WM22, RVD bided his time and waited till Cena finished off lingering issues with Edge and Triple H before officially making the announcement that he intended to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot... but not on WWE turf, where Van Dam was used to getting screwed over. On ECW turf, at the One Night Stand PPV.

There have been a few brief physical altercations between the two, with Cena eating a Van Daminator in one, and RVD getting chucked off the ring apron in another. So that's a toss up. In verbal confrontations, Van Dam doesn't exactly excel in conveying intensity, while Cena is such a cartoon caricature that his over-the-top "intensity" comes off as actor-y, out-of-place, and chuckle-inducing when he starts ranting and raving about non sequitur military cliches (probably because he's trying to tweak his character before his shitty movie comes out later this summer) and stealing Miz's "Hoo-rah." So that's a toss up, too.

The most surprisingly element of the brief build-up to this match has been the fact that RVD (and Paul Heyman) have openly talked about two things that I thought would have been best kept as unspoken selling points: (1) that Cena would be massively out of place in an ECW ring, and will probably get booed to high heaven, and (2) that RVD and Heyman fully intend to "steal" a WWE Title and then re-christen it the ECW World Title (a la the Shane Douglas/NWA Title controversy of 1994). Publicly discussing the former accomplishes nothing except to make it feel like Heyman and RVD are making sure the teenage fangirls don't feel too badly when their favorite wigger gets booed by a bunch of jerkfaces. Publicly discussing the latter just makes it feel highly unlikely that something that shocking will actually happen. Something like stealing a major title away from WWE has its most value if its a total surprise, instead of as the pay-off to a long-spoken-of promise.

Matchwise, I'm not sure what to expect. These are the two men in WWE most likely to make Jim Ross bust out the adjective "Unorthodox" with regards to their ringwork. In RVD's case, he just does moves that nobody else does; in Cena's case, he does moves everybody else does, he just makes them look shittier and more spastic. Without a whole lot of opportunities to work together, RVD and Cena's (lack of) chemistry could be a problem in terms of sustaining crisp action. However, the work around is pretty simple: as long as Cena can just lie there and be a prop for all of RVD's high spots, and as long as Cena realizes his most effective offensive maneuver is gonna be "acting like a wigger and pissing off the fans," then I think we can still have a reasonable amount of action, laced with TONS of crowd heat and drama.

The OOutlOOk
RVD wins: 5 votes   --|--  John Cena wins: 2 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... John Cena d. RVD.
I feel like George Costanza here. I'm going to act on the opposite of all my natural instincts  - at least for this one match.
See, I think it would have made great sense to kick off ECW by having RVD win a WWE belt, and throw it down and declare it the ECW World Title, a la Shane Douglas. Unfortunately, they've already foreshadowed it, which is usually the kiss of death as far as these things go. Also, Cena gave one hell of a speech at Head to Head about, if he loses, he's going to have basically pissed away WWE's legacy. And, in a way, he'd be right. Yes, I know that would be a great way to make him a top heel, but.... if WWE hasn't pulled the trigger on that yet, I don't know when they will. Not to mention the fact that Cena always wins. I just keep guessing it wrong.
I could also see some sort of a draw here, but George Costanza would have never predicted something like that....
Matt Hocking Says... RVD d. Cena.
This match has seemingly become something of a red herring, in so far as, WWE laid out all the possibilities before the PPV even started.  They're daring me to rethink all my decisions.  And I have.  A few times at least. In fact, they've put themselves in a situation, in which there isn't really a good "out," but what's more than that is not only do they know that, but they're flaunting that fact on TV.  Strange.

So here's the deal.  I think RVD will win, and cleanly.  Uf you're going to establish the ECW brand in fan's minds and try to pick up some revenue for another show, this is the title match you have to win.  I know it's the WWE title, and I know it's a disgrace to the lineage of it or whatever.  But all
you really have to do is have Edge pull out the fact that HE'S the number one contender for the WWE/ECW Title, and have him win in somewhat controvercial fashion at Vengeance.  That way, Rob can return to ECW claiming that "his" title is still valid, and Edge can have the WWE title
claiming its legacy is still valid.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Cena d. RVD.
I'm in a real bind on this one.  If Cena wins this, there is going to be a riot at the Hammerstein Ballroom, yet I, sadly, think this is the right move.  I just cannot see Vince giving up one of the world titles to ECW, especially in this manner.  If this was for the World Heavyweight title, maybe, but not the one with all the lineage as the WWE title.  I'm struggling to find a win-win scenario to this match and thus far I've come up with nothing.  If RVD wins the title, then either the belt loses all meaning or they have to come up with some cheap way of getting it back. If Cena wins.well Cena wins and we all know nobody wants that.  If they do some cheap-ass no contest, nobody will be satisfied with that and it would give RVD a weak justification to be champion.  I think this will be a very unique match until the end.  I can't wait to see the reaction that Cena gets.  Cena has been in some brawls in his day, but he's gonna really have to bust ass if he wants to earn any respect Sunday night.
PyroFalkon Says...  RVD d. Cena.
It's time... and I know I say that EVERY time, but it's STILL time every time. I want to like Cena, but it's getting harder and harder. Cena must lose. Lose, damn you!
Jeff Snider Says... RVD d. Cena.
I think ECW is coming away with a title somehow, and RVD winning seems like the most logical way to do it.  That does leave a lot of questions about Edge's #1 contendership, if he doesn't have a title to fight for, but I have an idea about that, which you can read in my final comments.
Big Danny T Says... RVD d. Cena.
Right now, ECW needs the biggest boost it can get. Sure, aquiring Big Show and Angle are going to go a long way in upping the visibility of the show, but since one is doing a grudge match and the other doesn't have anything special planned, the boosts won't come bigger than to have Rob Van Dam walk away with the Spinning World Title. Sure, Vince will
probably tell Rob to come defend it on WWE TV and he'll lose it right back, but the fans will always remember that for that one night, an ECW wrestler beat out the Doctor of Wiggernomics.
Rick Scaia Says... RVD d. Cena.
For whatever it's worth: I'm just gonna "Rick Think"/Fantasy Book my picks here, because how this show affects the re-launch of ECW is just too important to even consider the "WWE Think" alternatives.

So: even though I was disappointed/surprised to see that RVD/Heyman have so openly discussed stealing and re-christening one of the WWE titles, since I feel it takes away from the Shock Value, I *do* feel like they need to make good on that promise. I figure this title makes more sense, just since RAW has Vince McMahon hanging around, RAW also has the next PPV, and thus, you can manipulate a scenario in which RVD drops the title back to Cena via screwy means a lot easier.

Perfect scenario: before the match, give Cena a live mic and let him give back to ECW fans what they will be giving to him. I may hate Homey's wigger antics, but I think it might be something special to see Cena drop the act and just be as sharp and focused on the stick as he's ever been as he tears ECW fans a new one, and in so doing, creates even more heat for this match.

Then he loses to RVD. Cleanly. Well, "cleanly" by ECW standards, but this will involve lots of tables and chairs, giving Cena something to bitch about.

In two weeks, RVD is forced to defend the title one last time on WWE Turf (and according to WWE Rules). If he can retain, then ECW will get to keep the title and do whatever they want with it. Just to be a dick, Vince McMahon makes the rule that the title WILL change hands if RVD gets disqualified for any of his Extreme Antics.

So RVD will get disqualified at the next RAW PPV in two weeks, and lose the title back to Cena. But in getting disqualified, RVD will decimate Cena and leave him a bloody mess. RVD will then leave through the crowd, carrying that damned Bling Belt with him (even though he lost the championship).

On the next ECW TV (June 27), RVD will declare that he doesn't care if he lost the championship, he walked out with the title. And Next Week on ECW TV, he will destroy the Bling Belt once and for all, and replace it with an all new ECW World Title. [This will force Cena to start carrying around a non-gay-looking title belt, as an added bonus.]

And then: there's a reason why Heyman is campaigning so hard to cancel the June 24 ECW Arena house show and replace it with a July 4 ECW Arena TV taping. Could it be because Rhyno is a free man on July 1? Let's pretend it is. So RVD is all set to do his big self-crowning ceremony on the live July 4 ECW TV from the ECW Arena, and who should show up to crash things? The Manbeast, carrying *his* ECW World Title belt. InstaFeud, and InstaContinuity, too.

In this booking, ONS gets a happy ending, but RAW eventually gets back its WWE Title after only a brief interlude, and then ECW gets a kick-ass angle/feud in which their own title lineage is honored. This is how I'd do it.


World Title Match

Absolutely ZERO story here. Instead, this represents something rare in the wrestling business: a bona fide "Dream Match" that has never taken place before. In fact, according to one reader who apparently did the research, the closest Rey and Sabu came to having a match against each other was in 1995, when they were on opposing sides in a six-man tag match on some otherwise non-descript indie show.

So when Paul Heyman -- out of nowhere -- dropped the bomb that Rey had agreed to face Sabu for the World Title at One Night Stand, the "Dream Match" Factor is pretty much all the selling point he needed. Probably two of the more innovative high flyers of the 90s, finally getting to do their thing against each other: for Sabu, it might be about 6 years too late, and for Rey, it might be one knee surgery too early for him to be back at full speed, but you know they'll still be doing things in this match that'll drop your jaw.

Possible extra drama: Heyman extended an invitation to Rey to join ECW before One Night Stand, and Rey declined on the grounds that even though ECW was his first home, SmackDown! was his true home. Heyman seemed to graciously accept Rey's answer, but ominously wished him "Good luck tonight, cuz you're gonna need it." And before the night was out, Sabu joined Finlay in a two-on-one attack on Rey that resulted in Finlay actually pinning Rey in a non-title match. All throughout, Heyman was making veiled references to how well Finlay would fit into the new ECW, as well. Could be a possible plot point come Sunday.

I'm expecting good things out of this one. I'm sure along the way there will be missed spots that some of the crotchety internet jackoffs will harp on, failing to realize that one Big Ass Spotfest per show is a GOOD thing. And plus: Rey's so reliable and graceful that he seems to miss infrequently, and when he does, he does it safely in a non-trainwreck-y sort of way. Even though neither man is at 100% of his peak 1996 powers, they'll bring the house in this one, I do believe.

The OOutlOOk
Rey Mysterio wins: 6 votes   --|--  Sabu wins: 1 vote

Canadian Bulldog Says... Sabu d. Rey Mysterio.
My gut instinct is telling me that, eventually, ECW and SmackDown will merge. Sure, some of the talent leaving SD was unavoidable, but they continue to bleed talent intentionally as well. So doing some sort of long-running ECW vs. SD, or ECW taking over the Friday timeslot in time, makes a helluva lot of sense. And let's face it - Rey Mysterio is expendable. WWE goes to great pains to show us this week in and week out. So if ECW *is* going to make off with one of these titles, the smart money is that it will be the SmackDown one.
Matt Hocking Says... Rey Mysterio d. Sabu.
Despite Rey's pitiful win/loss record since Wrestlemania, I'm pretty sure he's finally going to steal a win here.  It has nothing to do with the fact that Sabu isn't the same worker he was ten years ago, or even five for that matter, but more to do with the fact that Rey holding the World Title is a
storyline convenience on Smackdown.  With Batista coming back next month, WWE is sure to pick up that particular storyline where it left off.

Now, of course they could kind of pull a bait and switch with this match and the WWE Title match, having Cena win (and start a riot) and then having Sabu come in and win this championship in some screwy fashion that assures that
they can gloss over the title change on Smackdown, but I'm not puting a lot of faith in that scenario.  Besides, the ECW crowd will probably be able to get behind Rey anyway, so him winning here won't leave anybody upset.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Rey Mysterio d. Sabu.
You could say that with all the losses Rey has suffered recently that it might as well happen again Sunday.  However, I think this is just like Judgment Day.  Rey goes through "hell week", only to pull it out when it matters the most.  I admit that ECW needs a champion to properly get
started.  However, I already laid out why I don't think RVD will win it. Sabu won't win it for a couple of reasons.  1) There isn't the build to this feud like there is for the Cena one.  The impact of Sabu beating Rey won't be as great.  2) I'm not sure the vision for the new ECW includes Sabu on top.  Yes, he is a central figure to the organization, but I don't see him as being their first new champion.  Given Rey's injury and Sabu's tendency to blow spots, I worry this match may not be pretty.  Hopefully though, they can pull off a couple of decent spots and make this a halfway-decent, midcard match.
PyroFalkon Says...  Rey Mysterio d. Sabu.
Sabu's contracts with organizations seem flighty. If The Rick already reported that Sabu's in the New ECW for keeps, I missed it. The point is, while RVD makes sense as a top champion to represent the New ECW, Sabu does not... or at least, not as much.

I hold this caveat: if Sabu actually DOES win this match, you can expect Cena to retain in the main event. But don't worry, I won't award myself bonus points or anything if that does come true; I don't need extra credit to make Canadian Bulldog look like a bitch.
Jeff Snider Says.. Rey Mysterio d. Sabu.
Rey has lost his last three matches.  WWE's formula has been to make him look very weak, then have him pull out a victory somehow.  No sign that they will change that formula this weekend.
Big Danny T Says... Rey Mysterio d. Sabu.
Quite simply, I expect Rey to continue his "lose the smaller matches, but win the ones that count" streak here. Even with that, there'll be a lot of respect exchanged post match, with the ECW faithful giving Rey the respect he deserves.
Rick Scaia Says... Rey Mysterio d. Sabu.
Ironically, this is probably the best shot Sabu's ever actually had at winning a major title. Back in ECW, Heyman never really trusted Sabu, cuz Sabu would do things like no-show ECW events for higher paying gigs, and Sabu never really trusted Heyman since he liked getting checks that didn't bounce; and thus, Sabu was never seriously put into the ECW Title mix. But now, Sabu's under a 3-year contract, and he knows Vince's checks won't bounce, so he won't stray.... could it be time to finally put a Big Belt on Sabu?


I figure ECW stealing one WWE belt is enough, and I've already figured that Cena's is the best one for that job. Plus: SD! is in a precarious state right now, and Rey needs to retain whatever credibility he can. And really: there's just too much potential compelling gOOdness that could come out of a Rey vs. Batista title feud down the line to flush it away by using the SD! title as a prop for ECW. [Note: nananananananananananaICan'tHearYounanananananaana, Mark Henry beating Rey and being a transitional champion is kooky talk nanananananaIRefuseToListenToYounanananaa.]

So let's put our noggins to the test here.... because there's still some fun things you can do with this outcome, utilizing the fact that ECW fans shouldn't be rabidly anti-Rey. How's about playing off the fact that so far, all the "surprise defections" have been in favor of ECW? Might it not be time for WWE to have a mole up its sleeve?

Given the match on SmackDown!, and given Heyman's commentary, you might think it a given that Finlay is in ECW's back pocket. So here's my proposed finish: towards the end of the match, Finlay makes a surprise appearance, and everybody assumes he's here to help Sabu again, as he did on Friday. But instead, at a key juncture, he uses his Irish Nightstick AGAINST Sabu, helping Rey to win.  This could (and SHOULD) be punctuated by Finlay getting into the ring, and standing across from a battered Mysterio as he tears off an ECW t-shirt to real the blue-and-white of SmackDown!. He makes it clear that he's loyal to SD!.... but then he makes it clear that he's also a self-centered son of a bitch who knows he'll have a title shot coming up against Rey (since he beat him in a non-title match Friday), by taking the Whupping Stick to Rey. Fans oughta be eating it up.

And just when things seem darkest for Rey, we get ourselves a Patented ECW Bonus Garbage Schmozz. It'd be PERFECT if New Jack showed up, but I'd definitely settle for the Sandman making the run in. Finlay would be decimated as the ECW fans cheered. Sabu could join in. And eventually Rey would even land a kill shot. And the whole segment ends with Rey getting the respect he deserves from a few of his ECW mates and the ECW fans. 

Seven minutes of Rey, Sandman, Sabu, beers, and Metallica? That'd be pretty cool. And kinda cute and funny, since I *do* think we're at the point where Sabu can drop the facade just long enough to confusedly-at-first-but-then-with-greater-enthusiasm play along with a beer drinking ceremony....



This one comes out of what started out as an unexpected RAW storyline, as Mick Foley returned to TV after a month, and turned heel. All it took for him to do this was embracing Edge as a worthy Hardcore Adversary, and later, as his Hardcore Equal (Foley and Edge have crowned themselves the "Co-Holders of the Hardcore Title").

Foley's turn stems from his appreciation of how Edge held up to their brutal WrestleMania match, and his LACK of appreciation for how the vampiric fans seem to think they're entitled to that sort of action all the time.

After a few weeks of Foley kissing Edge's ass, Paul Heyman showed up and said that he couldn't do anything if Mick insisted on prostituting his own legacy, but he would NOT stand idly by and let Foley prostitute the name of Hardcore Wrestling by constantly harping on what he and Edge did at WM22. Instead, Heyman challenged Foley to nut up and and come to One Night Stand to prove to everybody that he truly still is worthy of that Hardcore Label. Foley initially declined, but Edge was eventually goaded into accepting a tag match.

Heyman immediately introduced Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk as their opposition. Dreamer and Funk got the better of that initial brawl. But when things were reprised this past Wednesday in Dayton, Edge pinned Dreamer in a one-on-one match, and Funk brutally blacked Foley's eye and busted him open hardway. [Watching that on DVR, it was downright uncomfortable watching the cameras stick on Funk and Foley while Mick just waited, helplessly, until Funk could finally land the noogie-shot that would cause the laceration.]

And that's probably all the story you need to know... but for the record, there is additional backstory here, going back over a decade. Believe it or not, there was a time when Dreamer was HATED by ECW fans for being a high-flying pretty boy with no hardcore credibility. Over time, he won them over, with Terry Funk and Cactus Jack as his eventual mentors. Dreamer would remain Funk's loyal protege for as long as Funk hung around in ECW. But Cactus had a falling out with the two as part of his heel turn the preceded his jump to the WWF in 1996. In fact, any anti-hardcore riffing Foley has done (or will do) as part of this storyline is probably cribbed at least in part from promos he cut back in '95 and '96.

Look for this match to fill the role on the card that last year's ONS main event filled: that of the crazy garbage-y brawl, with lots of overbooked run-ins and stuff. At the very least: I'm not gonna consider the match over until Beulah comes out and gives Lita her medicine! [homer]Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Beulah.[/homer]

The OOutlOOk
Dreamer/Funk win: 6 votes
Edge/Foley win: 1 vote

Canadian Bulldog Says... Dreamer/Funk d. Edge/Foley.
Ooh, this is actually a tough one, because you have three of the most selfless guys in the ring here, if you really think about it. Funk and Foley have made careers out of making other people good. Dreamer, too, though on a smaller scale. And Edge, as we all know, is a catchphrase-stealing bastard.
So why Team ECW? Because I think this is the match you use to build up the "new" ECW, even if it is starring older guys. And Foley's whole M.O. here is probably to help get the ECW product over. Now.... if all four of them are going to end up in ECW following this PPV, then, fine, maybe Foley and Edge would come out on top. But I can't see that happening just yet, what with Edge as the # 1 contender at Vengeance.
Matt Hocking Says... Dreamer/Funk d. Edge/Foley.
If WWE is serious about relaunching ECW as a brand (and I understand that that's a big "if"), there's no way Dreamer and Funk can lose here.  If Dreamer and Funk were to lose, that makes everything Edge and Foley have been saying for weeks, that ECW was always second rate and that WWE is more "hardcore" than ECW ever was.  So if all of that is true, why would fans even bother tuning in to the relaunch?

Of course the X-Factor of the match is supposed to be Lita, but everybody and their mothers knows that Tommy Dreamer (pimp that he is) has a cavalcade of women to call to his aide, not the least of which is Beaulah.  I imagine that Beaulah shows up, takes out Lita and Dreamer and Funk get crazy with some barb wire and fire and those kinds of fun things.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Dreamer/Funk d. Edge/Foley.
I have a feeling they will put this one on last to send the fans home happy.  In reality, there is no way Edge and Foley should be jobbing to these two, but this is the best situation to provide a feel-good ending. Let's face it, Edge & Foley have gotten the "win" on this feud virtually every week on the strength of their promos.  Edge and Foley have done a
sufficient job in getting across their hatred for ECW.  Now it's Funk and Dreamer's turn to shut them up for good.  I am really worried about this match, however.  Foley keeps promising to make this match as hardcore as his WM match and I'm not quite sure it can live up to that standard.  It
looks like Funk can barely stand anymore and the time off has taken Dreamer down a few notches.  Sadly, it looks like Edge and Foley are really going to have to carry the weight of the match and we don't need them getting too hurt and jeopardizing their WWE careers, just to get this match over.  This will no doubt be entertaining, I just hope nobody does
anything drastic.
PyroFalkon Says...  Edge/Foley d. Dreamer/Funk.
Who's the best at getting his ass kicked? Tommy Dreamer fo' sho'.
Jeff Snider Says... Dreamer/Funk d. Edge/Foley.
This won't be a match as much as a brawl and an attempt to hide the fact that Funk can hardly walk, much less fight.  I think the ECW guys will somehow pull out a victory, and Edge and Foley will end up upset at each other.
Big Danny T Says... Dreamer/Funk d. Edge/Foley.
I have to weigh a lot of factors here, but when it comes down to it, I think that Mick will probably do the job for his team in order to put The Funker and Tommy over. Also, this may lead to a face re-turn from Mick, as Edge will blame him for dropping the ball.
Rick Scaia Says... Dreamer/Funk d. Edge/Foley.
Kind of a no-brainer if you ask me.

(1) Funk doesn't have too many more left in him, and Mick will want to do something selfless for his hero before the end.

(2) A loss could cause a gentle rift between Edge/Foley, which would make for some good Monday Night TV viewing, leading up to a potential WM rematch at SummerSlam.

(3) Beulah. Mmmmmm, Beulah. She shall be the difference maker, because not only does Tommy love his wife, but the fans love Tommy's wife, too, so it only makes sense to let her brief cameo turn the tide in favor of the Good Guys.

Only real drama: how many of these four come to the ring moist on Sunday? And how many of these four leave the ring charred?



This is the one match that simply has no place on this show. There is no excuse or justification that I'd accept. Unless this exists for a "new" Angle to quickly crush Orton in some horrific way, sending him back to the Suspended List (and NOT to RAW) where he can keep studying up on how not to be a bungwad, and then, in an ECW-caliber Swerve, the REAL "Mystery Opponent" shows up to answer Angle's open challenge.

Cuz if this really is just Angle vs. Orton? That's unmitigated horseshit. Orton's last match (59 days ago) was against Angle. So we've already seen it; it's not special. Furthermore: 59 days ago, it pretty much sucked as badly as any Kurt Angle match could suck (most attributed it to Orton knowing he was suspended, and thus, he dogged it, but still). Why you would think re-creating that match for an ECW audience was worthwhile is beyond me. Unless, as mentioned above, it exists only as a mask or a swerve to hide the REAL surprise, and Orton's just a 5 minute prop.

I know you folks don't see this happen often, but I really do just lose my words when it comes to this issue... I know there's "backstory" here, but it's a backstory I don't give a shit about (since honestly, Orton had no place in the World Title picture heading into WM22). And when you get right down to it, there's no way to avoid the simple fact that this is a WWE match. And not even a good WWE match. Barely even a mediocre one.

I'm not gonna say anything more about this one. Cuz there's nothing I can do to stop it from happening. All I can do is hope the match is as short and decisive as possible. So why not make my preview short and decisive, too?

The OOutlOOk
Angle wins: 7 votes   --|--  Orton wins: 0 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Angle d. Orton.
Hmmm, let's see here: ECW is basically banking on Kurt Angle, whereas Orton is in the proverbial doghouse now. You do the math.
Matt Hocking Says... Angle d. Orton.
HEY!  Kurt Angle v. Randy Orton is clearly the first thing that comes to  mind when I'm fantasy booking ECW PPVs in my mind (as I'm want to do), and thankfully WWE has finally answered one of my prayers (though I wish they would have answered the one where I asked for a Nunzio title run).  That said, ECW's relaunch is at least partially predicated on the introduction of Kurt's MMA stable, so the patriarch of said stable should look strong here.

But, then again, it seems like Orton can never just "lose" a feud.  In the past, Randy has just constantly feuded with guys until he won.  I don't see it happening this time, but we'll see.  What I imagine happening is somebody like Sylvester Turkay or the Russian guy coming out and helping Kurt pick up the win to set that angle in motion.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Angle d. Orton.
I hate Kurt Angle in ECW.  I hate Orton period.  This matchup frustrates me to no end for a bevy of reasons, most of which I'm sure Rick will get across in his preview.  The bottom line here is that Orton is still a goat who got lucky to come back early.  Angle is a wrestling machine and primed
to be one of the main faces of the new ECW.  That equates to an easy victory for Angle.  The only question is whether it will be an actual match or a quick squash.  My vote would be for a quick squash, but then you have some new guy come out who also accepts Angle's challenge, which would then set up Kurt first feud in ECW.  This way, you draw a few more people in by advertising Orton's name.  But then you give them an additional surprise, that on its own would have been a letdown.
PyroFalkon Says...  Angle d. Orton.
Picture this scenario...

WWE: Randy Orton? You are the ultimate douche. You are hereby suspended for 60 days due to douchebaggery.
Orton: Really? Aww, no fair! I'm gonna tell my (fired) daddy on you meanies! WAAAHHH!!!

*weeks later*

WWE: Orton, we need you back. Benoit's hurt, JBL's hurt, Rey's hurting, Angle and Show's gone to ECW, Triple H is turning heel... We need someone marketable that we think will earn us tons of money on one of our shows. Unfortunately, that's you.
Orton: It must be... my... DESTINY!!!
WWE: ...Yeah. Whatever. The point is, you're coming back, before your suspension's up.
Orton: Yay! I can do whatever I want with no long-term repercussions! I am Bart Simpson!

*next weekend*

WWE: Orton, we're idiots.
Orton: As big of idiots as me?
WWE: Damn close. Anyway, we're going ahead and putting you on RAW even though you're not needed there. Not only that, but we're going to let you beat Angle for no reason on One Night Stand.
Orton: Sweet! What did I do to deserve this honor?
WWE: Absolutely nothing. Told you we're idiots.
Orton: Okay, but... what sense does it make for me to win? What's my MOTIVATION here?
WWE: Who the fuck cares? Just get out there, be pretty, pretend you know English, and beat Angle. He's hurting anyway.
Orton: Yay!

...Okay, seriously? Orton doesn't need to win. And booking him to win sends the wrong message to him, other workers, and us smarks. Of course, that's going to just encourage them to have him win so we're all impressed with OMG
TEH SWERVE~!!!!, but still... I can't imagine WWE being THAT fucking retarded. They don't have Bulldog on their writing staff, after all.
Jeff Snider Says... Angle d. Orton.
If this doesn't happen, I may quit watching wrestling.  There is absolutely no reason to think that Orton has a chance in this match.
Big Danny T Says... Angle d. Orton.
Kurt will carry Randy to a decent match, ankle broken, Randy gone for another 2 months. Next!
Rick Scaia Says... Angle d. Orton.
In a worst case scenario, they just do this as a squash, and be done with it. In my heart of hearts, I have faith that the ECW fans will not justify Orton's existence with any kind of response (Cena's fun to boo; Orton's just a human Fast Forward Button), so keeping it short will be necessary. I figure (given Wednesday's TV special) that you throw Big Show into Angle's corner or something, and have him contribute to Orton's final, and decisive demise. One that will hopefully land him back at home to ponder his dimwittery for another couple of months, at least.

In a best case scenario, this mind-numbingly ass-hatted booking decision to include Orton is but Layer One of a patented Heyman Multi-Layered Secret Surprise... I mentioned it above, but it really did used to be a tried and true Heyman Tactic to bust out one underwhelming "surprise," and just when the fans were resigned to accepting it, you bust out the REAL surprise. Randy Orton on an ECW show is such a brainfart that I almost have to expect that there's another shoe to drop here, and that once he's quickly dispatched, something genuinely surprising and satisfying will happen on the "Kurt Angle Open Challenge" front.



You can look at this one a few different ways.

(1) You could look at it as the next (final?) chapter in a story that has Lawler pissed off at Extremely Crappy Wrestling going back to 1997.

(2) You could look at it as the inevitable pay-off of months and years of Tazz and Lawler bickering whenever they've been forced to share an announce desk.

Or (3) You could look at it as an unnecessary little sideshow attraction pitting two non-wrestlers against each other.

For my part, I guess I'll sort of look at it as a mesh of (1) and (3). Because yeah, I do love the way Lawler so totally sells out to the gimmick of hating ECW to the point that even a lot of Smart Fans think his animosity is real. [Note to those fans: if Lawler really had that big a problem with ECW, he wouldn't go to such ends to be such a magnificent prick towards the company, since that always ends up having the effect of putting ECW over in the end.] But there's also still the part of me that feels like there's better ways to spend your PPV time than on a superfluous Announcer Fight.

Way I see it, they should have settled the Tazz/Lawler issue at the TV special on Wednesday, cuz it really is more a sideshow than a main course. There's no reason to drag it out: just have Lawler get his ass kicked, and be done with it. I realize Tazz's in-ring credibility is incredibly limited these days, but he's still got more left than Lawler.... that combination of Waning Credibility and No Credibility simply does not add up to a PPV match, to me.

Still: Lawler's a lightning rod to even the most-supposedly-savvy ECW fans, so he'll get booed.... I guess if you do something like give him some surprise back-up (the Coach?), so he can realistically get some offense in and taunt the crowd by Bringing the Strap Down and maybe landing a shitty fistdrop, you'll have something. Otherwise, there's nothing here but a 90 second Tazz squash, and like I said: they could have given that away for free, I think.

The OOutlOOk
Tazz wins: 7 votes   --|--  Lawler wins: 0 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Tazz d. Lawler.
Tazz already swore he'd choke Lawler out. Unless The King has a trick up his sleeve (and I doubt it will be RVD and Sabu this time around), then I can't see him getting the win here. Plus -- come on -- its Tazz's first match in ages. If anyone ever deserved a token win over a full-time announcer, it's Tazz.
Matt Hocking Says... Angle d. Orton.
Other than the World Title match, I've picked all ECW guys to win, which seems right, but I'm kind of leery.  It's kind of a case of "well, they HAVE to win...don't they?"  In this one, Tazz pretty much HAS to win.  In a lot of ways, this is the best built feud the PPV has going.  Tazz has brought a
lot of intensity to what could have been a lame duck angle, and to his credit, it's 1997 all over again with Lawler.  While Lawler has plenty of credibility as a wrestler (he beat the cruiserweight champion!), Tazz probably has more "street cred" with fans at this point, which makes him winning a little easier to swallow.

While part of me wants to imagine Jim Ross hobbling down to the ring to shatter his candy jar over Tazz' head in a hillarious replay of their angle from a few years ago, what will probably happen is that they'll go the oldschool Memphis route and have a fun little match which ends with Tazz
choking Lawler out, and Lawler bitching about it the next night on RAW.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Tazz d. Lawler.
Tazz isn't going to come out of retirement for one more match simply to job to Jerry Lawler.  This is another "make the ECW fans happy" match. Lawler's been running his mouth for weeks (Boy will I be glad when he stops the incessant ECW bashing) and Tazz will shut him up with a Tazzmission.  I don't expect this one to be long.  Just enough to see Lawler get his.  I don't expect anything more from this, so if something else happens, I'll be pleasantly surprised.
PyroFalkon Says...  Tazz d. Lawler.
I dunno. I don't see Tazz laying down for Lawler in an ECW ring, given that it's (in all likelyhood) Tazz's last match. I'm picking too many faces here, but so what?
Jeff Snider Says... Tazz d. Lawler.
In a pointless match between two guys who used to be great wrestlers, there is absolutely no reason not to throw the ECW fans a bone here.  I think in this atmosphere, the only reason an ECW guy should lose is if it is vital to a storyline, and that just isn't the case here.
Big Danny T Says... Tazz d. Lawler.
The battle of the pissed off Announcers! Tazz will take down Jerry with extreme prejudice.
Rick Scaia Says... Tazz d. Lawler.
Tazz knew when to get out, and pretty much got out without ever tarnishing his legacy as a bad-ass. Lawler tarnishes his legacy about 3-4 times per year on RAW by getting in the ring as a pure comedy/nostalgia sideshow.

Tazz is not getting back into the ring at this juncture to tarnish the legacy that he protected by retiring when he did. I'm sure they'll find a way to render Lawler semi-credible (I still feel this will involve a run-in of some kind, but a sneak attack, or a fireball to the face, or something reasonably dastardly might do the trick), but in the end, Tazz chokes the King out.


Is ECW Ready To Thrive Again?

There are actually two more matches planned for Sunday night, though neither of them really "matter" in the same way that the Announced Five do. So we're not gonna predict winners in matches where the winners and losers probably don't really matter...

For the record, those two matches are:

The FBI (Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke) vs. Super Crazy and Tajiri -- Call this one the OOfficial Rick Sleeper Pick of the Night. Not only is it a Genuine ECW Match-Up, but it features the TV return of Tajiri and his partnership with a guy who I honestly consider to be as close to a clone of him as possible. Since Tajiri's been gone, Crazy is filling my quota for Talented Bastards Who Excel In All Facets (flying, brawling, and stiff-ass technical grappling). And with Vito out and Mamaluke in, this FBI takes a huge step up in terms of in-ring ability, too. Now if only they'd bring back JT Smith and if Tracey Smothers hadn't pissed everybody off last year, then the FBI might REALLY be a force to be reckoned with....

Masato Tanaka vs. Balls Mahoney -- I can't remember for sure, but I think in the last year or so of ECW, these two were both foes and tag partners at various times, so there's a bit of backstory. But mostly: these are the two guys who ECW always billed as delivering (and taking) the stiffest chairshots ever, which makes this the match on the card most likely to cause you to cringe in empathy. Oughta be good, if you're into the Slobberknockery.

But as we shoot it to the trOOps, I think the issue that's most at play here as we wrap up concluding thoughts about One Night Stand is the issue of "New ECW vs. Expectations." Yes, there will be surprises and extras on the show -- for instance, nowhere on the announced card do you see Sandman or recent acquisition, the Big Show, but you know they'll both be involved in key roles -- but rather than take stabs in the dark on figuring out what those are, I think we just need to discuss, quickly, whether this New ECW is even on the right track, and how One Night Stand will play into the long term prospects for the brand..... 

The OOutlOOk

Canadian Bulldog Says... No comment.
[Bulldog's tied up and really busy at the moment, and didn't offer up any extra thoughts. But I'm sure if he had, one of them would have included a confirmation of PyroFalkon's all-encompassing Wadosity.]
Matt Hocking Says... I am Cautiously Optimistic.
If you've come looking for ECW as the sweaty old, beer soaked, cigarette stinking bingo hall promotion of old, you've come to the wrong place. However, I'm not going to put it past WWE to at least capture some of the essance of what made ECW popular.  While I'm probably at least a little more
forgiving than a lot of people would be, bear with me.

-You'll have matches that feel markedly "different" from WWE matches.  Not just that they'll be hardcore matches (which all these guys excell at), but you'll also have Angle pushing that grapple and hook stuff as well.

-You'll have what probably will be edgier television.  In so far as WWE has ever been "edgy" the later timeslot and broodier network along with the ECW mystique will probably push WWE to make a more "hardcore" product.

-You'll have wrestling being called as "wrestling."  For all you sports enthusiasts out there, there's no need to listen to J.R. sell you on the story of the match!

-You'll have more goddamn cruiserweights than you know what to do with Guys like Tony Mamaluke, Guido, Super Crazy, and assuming they make the jump, Kash, Psichosis and occasionally Tajiri will give you some more high
profile cruiser matches on TV and PPV.

-You'll have what is likely to be a more responsive crowd, at least initially.  Not just because of the "E-C-Dub" fans, but also because newer wrestling fans who are just coming for Smackdown are more likely to react to the kinds of movesets and things that they're unfamiliar with from typical WWE television.  That's likely to fizzle pretty quickly, but it will
certainly help intial viewer impressions, and perhaps lead people to glom on to the popularity of the ECW product.

That said, I'm hoping it will be a success, and I think, at least moderately, it will be.  The workers anyway are looking to make an impression to keep earning paychecks, and while I fear the worst about the TV taping schedule (will they hide the Smackdown fist behind a curtain?), I think there's enough passion and enthusiasm in the workers to carry the
brand through the summer, which will be neat to see.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... ECW is Doomed to Fail.
I have some real reservations about bringing back ECW full time.  I think a lot of my concern comes from not knowing what their intentions are with this move.  If it is to bring back ECW and make it as it once was, it will never work.  There is no way they would be able to recreate how it originally was, especially because most of the original ECW stars are much older and can't do what they once did.  If it is to create a company to begin a new Invasion angle, that also seems destined to fail.  We've seen how Vince handles Invasion angles.  What makes us think that this will be
any different?  He refuses to ever put the other guy over, which needs to occur for the storyline to work.  If this company is being brought back as basically a high profile minor league organization to WWE, that has the best chance of success, but not a great one.  First of all, die-hard ECW
fans are not going to like that treatment of their beloved company. Secondly, a lot would need to be done to get the company established before making it more into a minor league organization or else it will never succeed, as far as television goes.

Going into this PPV, I want to be excited about it, because there is a lot of unknown elements that could make for a very interesting show.  However, it just seems like there a lot more "bad" scenarios that are possible than  "good".  For both the future success of ECW and WWE, they need to deliver a home run when it comes to the storytelling of this PPV.  There are so many elements riding on the outcome of this show: the fate of the world titles, the possible end of the brand split, wrestler's allegiance, the acceptance of ECW as a legitimate company, etc.  I want to be wrong when I
say ECW is doomed to fail, however history is on my side.
PyroFalkon Says...  It Hurts So Good.
It's heartbreaking, but there's a high probability I'll have to take a pass on this one. I'm having to shell out a lot of money all of a sudden for emergency expenses, so my budget is REALLY tight. I cannot express how much this sucks.

Does that sound like RVD's rant from the first One Night Stand? I don't intend it to, but I assure you, this is no "gimmick" or "work." Even as a guy who tries to mark out any time any wrestling is on, I find VERY little to get excited about anymore. I don't miss SmackDown!, even though I haven't gotten in years. I don't miss TNA now that I stopped watching. I don't miss RAW on those off-weeks when things like 24's season finale prevents me from catching it. I don't order any PPV except Wrestlemania; I ESPECIALLY don't
order any "brand-specific" PPV.

And yet, ECW intrigues me. Like I said in my BT columns, I "get" it. I get the heart the workers had, I get the struggles they went through, I get what they did for the industry, I get that the wrestling landscape would be different if ECW hadn't lost as much money as they did... I get it all. I've
said before that had I known a decade ago what I know today, I would have followed it MUCH more closely.

And that brings me to today... I want to be there, watching the new ECW develop, watching how Paul Heyman manages to bring his own style into the game while still under Vince's everpresent thumb. I want to see just how much they can get away with. I want to watch everything they produce, every single PPV and every single week on TV. And, of course amazingly, I feel this way despite ECW not even technically starting again yet.

THIS is what the fans of ECW old felt. I get it.

And yet, with these emergency bills... well, reality has a funny way of interfering with pleasure plans. It's a question of need vs. want, and right now ECW ONS is just simply in the "want" category. I don't like it, but that's life, right?

So... simply stated, I want ECW ONS so badly that I'm this close to pre-ordering it now. I haven't been this excited with wrestling since ONS 2005 (and I include Wrestlemania 22 in that statement). I want to watch this PPV very much, first hand, not from some tape someone gives me. It just
doesn't look like it's going to happen.

So, to all you readers who ARE purchasing the event, or will be there in person for it... Enjoy yourselves, because I have a feeling it's going to be the best thing out of WWE TV since the original ONS. Whether I watch it or not, I have this feeling that it will be something to remember....At least until November.
Jeff Snider Says... The Brand Split Must End.
Let's face it: WWE doesn't have the talent to sustain three full shows, and based on the signings of Angle, Big Show, and RVD, among others, it is apparent that New ECW wants to be a real, full show.  So here's what they do, which will solve that problem AND the problem of Raw not having a title
to fight for once RVD steals it: end the brand split between Raw and Smackdown.  That brand split doesn't mean much once there is a "real" enemy in ECW.
Big Danny T Says... Vince's Money + Heyman's Brain =  GOLD?
To be honest, I have no idea what to expect from the New ECW. I'm excited because Vince is giving us more viewing options, but that excitement is tempered by the fact that it's Vince giving it to us. The relaunch has been handled well, in my opinion. The ECW wrestlers are showing us the "Never say Die" attitude that put them on the map in the first place, and the ECW vs. WWE special was a great show (I'm still
getting chills when I think of Mick's promo.) I can't wait to see if Paul Heyman has the skills to use Vince's money to create something exciting again.
Rick Scaia Says... It's gonna take patience and time, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it right.
It's like I said in the pre-ramble: I'm not entirely sure if I'm sold that we honestly have a "new vision for ECW" in place or not. But even if we don't: I'm frustrated enough with a lot of the current, predictable, bland WWE product that even an "ECW-flavored WWE" would be a step in the right direction.

I think what I've decided is that I'm not gonna place a whole lot of significance on this One Night Stand PPV card (in terms of the long-term prospects of ECW, I mean). Instead, I'll take this PPV at its word: that it's a specially-constructed One Night deal. Then, we start to judge what the New ECW is all about starting Tuesday nights at 10pm.

Cuz my guess is that Cena, Orton, Edge, Lawler, and some of the others on the ONS line-up are gonna be non-entities. In their place? Maybe a few ECW alumni that we all know and love. But also some Next Gen faces who aren't so closely affiliated with WWE. Your CM Punks, knowing Heyman your Shad Gaspars, maybe even your Matt Bentleys. Who knows? I just know that I can't let myself serious contemplate the issue of ECW's future looking anything like the ONS line-up.

The ECW/WWE special from Dayton gives me some hope, too. Though I'm against the idea of doing joint SD/ECW tapings, they did seem to put some thought into the staging of it, and after I saw it on TV, I think you can tape an ECW show that completely masks the ramp/TitanTron, and just focuses on the more intimate ECW entrance aisle, and stuff like that, to create a genuinely unique (and semi-lo-fi) look. They even already re-worked Angle's entrance so his pyro doesn't require the big stage (then again, they also reworked his entrance theme so the "You Suck" Part is completely gone, and I don't know if that's a good thing or not). Somebody has put some thought into this, and I appreciate that.

It's also pretty important that ECW will be live every week; in a way, that almost makes it so that ECW is the #2 brand, ahead of SD!, just in terms of pure anything-can-happen unpredictability. And on weeks when WWE is doing SuperShow tapings on Mondays, WWE has apparently given ECW and Heyman the freedom to book their own Tuesday tapings. [This is where the rumor that Heyman wants to move the Return to ECW Arena from June 24 to a TV taping on July 4 comes from.]

Things really aren't that bleak, if you ask me. I don't know if I'm necessarily all pie-in-the-sky optimistic, either, but I'm not convinced that ECW is doomed to fail in this incarnation, either. About the only thing I *am* convinced of is that it's probably wrong to hold One Night Stand up as the litmus test for the new ECW. It wouldn't surprise me if Heyman took until that July 4 TV taping to truly show his hand on what direction he intends to take ECW in the long-term: till then, it might be more sparring and jockeying (and roster raiding) with RAW and SD! before truly splitting off on his own.


If I had my druthers, I'd find a substitute recapper for this one, so that I could transition directly from the PPV to watching Deadwood, and not have to distract myself with 45-60 minutes of writing on Sunday night. But I figure that won't happen.

So look for me to have your One Night Stand PPV Results at some point around midnight on Sunday... and if they're not there till a little later? Well, that just means I couldn't lay off my DVR, and the recap had to wait till after Deadwood. 'Twill depend on my mood and my drunk, I'm sure.

One way or another, though, OO will have your PPV Recap up before I go to bed on Sunday night, so come on back for that, as well as a full slate of additional thoughts and any fall-out/news in Monday's column. Be fucked till then, kids.....

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