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WWE Vengeance PPV Preview
June 23, 2006

Compiled by Rick Scaia
Featuring All Your Favorite OnlineOnslaught.com Semi-Stars


Internally, WWE higher-ups are crediting John Cena and other RAW cross-overs with ECW's ratings successes so far... it's frustrating to fans who were hoping for a truly distinct product. 
But perhaps Vengeance is where we can sort of turn the tables a little bit on the big, bad, Fed.... because let's face it: without ECW, what would Vengeance be? I'll tell you what: it'd be the Spirit Squad in their first PPV main event, being supported by a Mick Foley comedy match, and then a handful of other things that the fans don't really care about.   

So the way I see it, RAW *needs* ECW at this point in a way that I'm not entirely sure ECW needs RAW. Thanks to a line-up that almost might as well be called "One Night Stand 3," Vengeance is actually shaping up as one of the better "brand-only" shows in a while.

It's just: they're doing it by cheating and including a heavy dose of performers from WWE's new third brand. You know what? I figure I'll let it slide if the end result is a show for which I can actually muster some enthusiasm. And most of it's even genuine!

[For fans of the other two wrestling brands not represented here: OO's got coverage of their latest, too. There's a SmackDown! Precap, covering the latest nail in the coffin of Rey Mysterio. And the TNA Impact Recap, featuring a major title change, though not nearly enough Nash.]

I've assembled as many of the trOOps as I could to take the announced 8-match card apart, look at the pieces from every imaginable angle, and then put it all back together for what is almost assuredly the Only Vengeance PPV Preview You Need To Read. Enjoy!

WWE Title Match

Two weeks ago, these guys didn't have any beef with each other, whatsoever. Now they're headlining a PPV. How'd it happen?

Well, first RVD cashed in his Money in the Bank Title Shot at ECW's One Night Stand, and defeated John Cena for the WWE Title. Thing is, he did it by taking a little help from Edge, who still had lingering issues with Cena as they'd feuded over the same title on RAW since pretty much the first week of 2006 (with Edge even briefly taking the strap from Cena by using the same precise Money in the Bank stipulation).

A week prior to the ECW PPV, Edge had also won a #1 Contender's Match on RAW, and was guaranteed the Vengeance title shot against whoever came out of One Night Stand as the champ. Edge avoided coming right out and saying that he interfered in the match because he thought RVD would be easier to beat than Cena, instead choosing to just brag about how he once again single handedly turned the wrestling world upside down with his controversial antics.

Given how little time there was between the two PPVs, the subsequent confrontations between RVD and Edge have been fairly limited. There was one face-to-face promo (where Edge first tried to play nice and act like he and RVD were like brothers, what with the way they masterfully utilized Money in the Bank to their advantages and all, but eventually engaged RVD in a brawl). And then in a tag match, RVD seemingly proved his mettle by pinning Edge.

Also in the brief interim: RVD and Paul Heyman have been busy trying to craft a new ECW World Championship. RVD is currently carrying both title belts, with the claim being that the WWE Title no longer exists and it's just part of the ECW Title (but that RVD keeps the physical title belt around because "it spins," and he likes to mention that in derisive fashion whenever he can). Obviously, this appears for all the world to be a set-up for WWE only recognizing the WWE Title belt, so that one can come back to RAW, while RVD keeps physical possession of the ECW Title, which will hopefully have won over some legitimacy by being united with the WWE Title for all of 2 weeks. 

But seeming-foregone-conclusion-ness of it aside, this is still probably the match I'm most confident will deliver the goods. For one thing, you still just have the drama of the "how" even if you think you know the "what." You gotta figure there's plenty of room for Lita and Heyman and a cast of dozens to get involved in this one, and it could be a rare over-booked schmozzy thing that's really dramatic. And for another thing: c'mon, these two at full speed have the chance to put on a WWE PPV main event the likes of which we haven't seen in a long while. All due credit to RVD and Cena for having a fun match at One Night Stand; but take away the crowd and put that amount of action in an empty arena? Meh. Whereas you gotta fully expect Edge to hold up his end in a fast-paced, action-packed match which still has all the other bells and whistles, to boot. 

The OOutlOOk
Edge wins: 7 votes   --|--  Rob Van Dam wins: 0 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Edge d. RVD.
In many ways, WWE is in a "no win" situation here. If RVD retains, there's still the issue of the person wearing WWE's main championship wrestling on another program. You also have to think of SummerSlam, where I think Cena-Edge: The Long Awaited Rematch (tm) makes a helluva lot more sense than RVD vs. Someone Else in the main event.
Yet.... if they take the World Championship off RVD only two weeks into his reign, people are going to shit on that, too. I'm favoring this option, though, because honestly, it didn't really seem like RVD shattered the proverbial glass ceiling at ONS. And I'm a big fan of the guy! So maybe this allows him to focus on heading up ECW for a while. WWE should remember from the early days of its brand split that having one champion work on two shows all the time ultimately overexposes said champion. Not what RVD needs right now.
Plus... I think its about time they give Edge his just due. Sure, he was champion earlier this year and has had a sustained push since essentially the inaugural Taboo Tuesday, but he's done a great job with what he's been given. So why NOT give him another shot at the top for a while and see what happens?
The Cubs Fan Says... Edge d. RVD.
It's kinda funny how it took forever for RVD to get his first world title and it took two days for him to get a second. ECW had two belts, RAW has none, RVD won last time - yea, this is sort of obvious. Maybe Cena gets involved, maybe someone ECW gets involved so they can actually do a feud there, I dunno.
Matt Hocking Says... Edge d. RVD.
I fully expect there to be some sort of screwy half-assed finish to this match so that Rob Van Dam can claim to be the ECW Champion while Edge claims the WWE Title.   It works far better here than it would have two weeks ago
because firstly there's two belts now, and secondly because in front of a WWE crowd the Sports Entertainment finsih will work much better. There's a number of different senarios that could be played out, from an ECW referee running in and counting a pinfall that a WWE ref doesn't allow, or some kind of double pin, or something like that, surely the PPV will end
with some kind of championship confusion, which is unfortunate because TNA just did a similar finish at Slamaversary (albeit in a much stupider match).  

Chances are the match will be very good.  Edge has been very sharp recently, and if the ECW show has done anything right, it seems to have gotten RVD up from his in-ring slump.  With all the extracurriculars around, it might end up being one big clusterfuck though, but actually, most really good WWE main events from the last ten years have been giant clusterfucks, so who knows?

Adam Gutschmidt Says... Edge d. RVD.
There's not a whole lot of build to this match.  Because of that and  because of who I'm picking, I'm thinking this will not be the last match of the night.  I see this going on second to last with the DX/Spirit Squad  getting the main event slot.  Choosing Edge just seems like the right move.  First of all, you need to have the WWE title back in the WWE as soon as possible so that ECW can start becoming its own brand.  Secondly, RVD has gotten the "win" on the past two shows, so Edge is due.  Plus, it seems like you need to put the belt on a heel soon so their "precious John Cena" can get it back as soon as possible.  Gag me!  It'll be interesting
how this one plays out.  Certainly Lita will be there to help her man, but you would think there might be some ECW people there as well.  Perhaps one "accidentally" costs RVD the belt and thus establishes the first main event feud for RVD over his ECW title.  That would seem like a smart move,
which, of course, means it'll never happen.
PyroFalkon Says...  Edge d. RVD.
Jeff Snider Says... Edge d. RVD.
Edge will win this match and take back the WWE title, but the finish will be sufficiently hokey to allow Paul Heyman and RVD to vent some righteous indignation as they keep the ECW title around RVD's waist.
Rick Scaia Says... Edge d. RVD.
Bottom line: RAW needs a champion. And here on a WWE show, under WWE rules, RVD will once again be subject to WWE-caliber down-holdening. But since he's been carrying around the ECW belt with the WWE one for two weeks, he can still come out of this claiming to be ECW's champ I guess, and have it stick.

God, do I ever wish Rhino were "working" TNA and that he was secretly planning to return to ECW where his presence actually WOULD lend the ECW belt more than a few shreds of legitimacy, but whatever....

I figure you make it roughly as screwy as RVD's win over Cena was, and nobody's rep really gets hurt. As an added bonus, if RVD wants to lay out Edge with the ECW Title belt after he's been screwed out of the WWE belt, and hold it high to end the show, I think that'd probably be the best way to make sure everybody comes out of this as strong as possible.


2-on-5 Handicap Match

If you'd told me six months ago that a squad of male cheerleaders would be breakout stars on RAW, I might have sorta believed that. They were getting good grades as the gimmick came together in OVW.

But if you'd told me six months ago that a squad of male cheerleaders would be Vince McMahon's Weapon of Choice for dealing with Shawn Michaels and Triple H, and as a result had become main event staples on RAW, well.... that's when I would have started inspecting your head for any blunt force trauma. Cuz that would have struck me as kooky talk.

And yet, here we are: Vince McMahon's desire to rid the wrestling world of Shawn Michaels is a story that goes back to late last year, and which doesn't exactly make a whole lot of sense if you're looking for logical motivation on the part of Vince. But seeing as how the story does go back so far, you've also seen me do at least 3-4 of these PPV Previews, by now, where I talk about how I can't make any sense of the first half or so of their rivalry.

By now, though, I guess it's been here long enough that I might as well keep my yapper shut, and just grandfather Vince vs. Shawn in as an Accepted Feud. And the happenings since last we talked about it included Vince deciding that Shawn Michaels needed to be forcibly retired. He turned to his inexplicable favorite instrument of destruction: the Spirit Squad.

Michaels turned back the initial gang attacks, leaving Vince no choice but to book a 5-on-1 handicap match in which he also had Triple H on call as a back-up plan. Vince and HHH, chummy up till about 5-6 weeks ago, had seen their relationship get increasingly prickly, as HHH saw himself as worthy of WWE Title Consideration, and Vince saw that as a chance to manipulate HHH into doing his bidding if he wanted to get title shots.

In that match, the Squad effectively destroyed Michaels' knee, using the Pillmanization Technique. But when Vince called HHH down to the ring to administer the Death Blow, things went wonky, as Spirit Squad Kenny tried to scoop HHH's heat by snatching away the sledge hammer to do the job himself. That's a no-no, and an ass-whupping for the Squad suddenly took precedence over Death Blowing Shawn Michaels.

The knee injury was enough to put Michaels on the shelf (permanently, boasted Vince, who really should know better), and that left Vince to deal with HHH. Were his actions just an accident? Justifiable self-defense? Or were they insubordination? Over the course of a week or two, Vince put HHH through the wringer, and each time, HHH somehow subverted Vince's intentions. That left Vince with no choice: in order to quell HHH's mutinous acts, he'd force HHH to join the Kiss My Ass Club.

That didn't work out (and, in fact, ended with a bare-assed McMahon unconscious on the mat), so the next week, Vince called the Spirit Squad into action with orders to do the exact 5-on-1 beatdown they'd done to Shawn Michaels. Problem was: it turned out it wasn't 5-on-1 at all, as Michaels made a surprise return to help HHH out of a tight spot.

The D-Generation X Reunion was made official one week later amidst much sophomoric humor and bare man-ass. Also made official was this 2-on-5 handicap match for the PPV. I figure we're in for a nice "Sports Entertainment Segment" here, then settling down into a more traditional type of match. Gotta give DX time to bust out all their old chestnuts, and the early part of the match would also be perfect for the Squad to add to the entertainment-y side with their more schmucky antics. But before all is said and done, the Squad settles in for the standard heel beatdown, and DX has to fight the good fight to make the comeback before we enter End Game. You could end up with a nice mix of things all coming together in this contest.

The OOutlOOk
DX wins: 7 votes   --|--  Spirit Squad wins: 0 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... DX d. Spirit Squad.
I half-wonder if this match will go on last, just because its more appealing than the title match, and also because its Triple H. It probably won't, but it might be a good way to send the fans home happy.
Count me in among the people who dug DX's "return" on Raw this past week. Both HHH and HBK reprised their characters very well; it didn't just seem like they were going through the motions or living off past accolades (coughECWcough). So I see this match as a fun squash, with lots of sight gags and complete dominance by the fortysomething degenerates.
Unfortunately, I can't really see DX staying together much longer after Vengeance unless they either (a) Bring in some new members that will eventually overthrow the old regime or (b) Find another (powerful) stable to feud with. If, for example, Randy Orton tries to resurrect Evolution with some new players, that might work, too.
The Cubs Fan Says... DX d. Spirit Squad.
They've been pretty much handling the Spirit Squad 1 on 5, so I think they can manage 2 on 5 without a problem. I know this supposed to be a draw, and I'm sure it will be, but what exactly is the draw? We've seen both many variations of this match already, and we got the big DX entrance last week. Eh.
Matt Hocking Says... DX d. Spirit Squad.
Look, I know they'll probably trot Vince out to make things even MORE out of hand against Hunter and Shawn, but they didn't reunite them just to immediately job them both out to the Spirit Squad, especially not when the real "money match" for Summerslam is Vince/Shane v. Hunter/Shawn.  Even
still, there's a part of me that's convinced they could lose and make this work, but I don't think that will happen.

I wonder if a stip wouldn't be added later on that would make this for the Tag Team titles.  I know it's kind of a forgotten element, but Hunter and Shawn as the "Main Event Division Killers" would be a good use of the Tag Title props for the time being, and they could just as easily drop those
titles back to either the Spirit Squad or some other mid-range tag team (uh...I don't know...The Highlanders?  Maybe?) via Vincerference.

Either way, Hunter has regained much of his late 90s form in terms of actually seeming like he's really enjoying his job, and while I'm not sold that Michaels is all for this yet, they should be able to string together a really entertaining match with so many targets.  As capable as these guys are, I doubt it'll be a workrate fest for that very reason, but good watchin' anyway.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... DX d. Spirit Squad.
As I said above, I fully expect this to be the main event.  I'm still wondering though who is in the handicap here.  I mean aren't Shawn and Hunter the equivalent of at least six guys.  I'm really not sure what to expect in this one.  You would think five on two would be enough of a disadvantage, but you have to figure that Vince will poke his nose in this affair as well.  I suppose we could see someone help and/or join DX during this match.  That might be helpful since I believe Shawn needs surgery and HHH will probably be gone for some time when baby Haitch arrives.  A third or fourth member could keep the group going in their absence.  I think the
match will be a lot of fun, but I hope they don't play it too much like a comedy match, especially if it's the main event.
PyroFalkon Says...  DX d. Spirit Squad.
Jeff Snider Says... DX d. Spirit Squad.
I know that HBK and HHH have dominated the Spirit Squad for several weeks now, but I don't see them losing this match. Maybe Shane-o-Mac or someone else joins DX. I don't think it will be a straight pulverization, because we've had plenty of those, but I think it ends with DX standing tall.
Rick Scaia Says... DX d. Spirit Squad.
Look, DX isn't back for long, and they didn't come back here to drop their first match. This reunion is likely to be short and sweet, and for the most part, victorious.

You figure Vince is gonna be super-pissed after the "Steph's Pregnant" Ruse on RAW, so this will probably even be more like 6- or 7-on-2.... hell, maybe even 8-on-2, if Coach has any balls. Although this is where things get interesting, seeing as how Shane McMahon has seemed increasingly bemused by his dad's psychotic actions, and may have reached the point where they aren't funny anymore. Shane McMahon: in on the Monday Ruse, and in a DX T-shirt at some point on Sunday? I think it could happen, and it could even be the "out" DX needs to make their big rally and score the win against all odds.

Then again, it works just as well if Shane just keeps quietly suffering his dad's jackassery, cuz then you could have this build up to one other DX Money Match in which the McMahons team up to face DX. Who knows? Either scenario requres DX to win, though, so that makes this a pretty easy call....

One other thing: I'm beggin' ya, I better not see even one glimpse of Viscera in this match, no matter how much reason he has to be pissed off at the Spirit Squad after last Monday. OK? Comprende? Capice?


ECW Rules Lumberjack Match

For my money, the story of the ECW Revival so far is Sabu. Whether unmotivated or just facing too many health/injury issues to compete at 100%, Sabu's post-ECW reputation was one of "Sabu at Three-Quarters Speed." But then Sabu did take a break, did get healthy, and did start having increasingly-awesome brawls for TNA late last year.

And when WWE came calling about the ECW reunion? Well, he seems like he might even have upped his game one last notch to take advantage of the opportunity he's been given. And that opportunity, to put it bluntly, is to be the only "Genuine ECW" star who will actually remain a top level draw in the new ECW. While it'd be nearly impossible to sell PPVs on the backs of Sandman, Dreamer, Credible, and the rest of the alumni, Sabu has looked every bit the equal of Kurt Angle, Big Show, and Rob Van Dam (all "WWE guys") so far. He's the only one of the ECW guys who can say this, and that's a pretty remarkable achievement.

The separation between Sabu and the rest of the "authentic alumni" grows even larger on Sunday, as Sabu gets the opportunity to showcase his wares on a WWE PPV. I'm sure this is partly a tip of the cap to Sabu, a reward for the work done so far (and maybe a bit of payback from work done a decade ago that was never fairly compensated), but you know this is also all part of WWE's secret plan to keep John Cena in the "extreme" mix as long as they can, in hopes that non-teenage-fangirls will suddenly see him in a new light, and respect his in-ring ability.

For whatever it's worth, there's not much backstory here. Sabu simply won a Battle Royale where the winner was promised a chance to go to Vengeance and face Cena. Then Sabu sneak-attacked Cena in a kick-ass Triple Jump Legdrop on RAW. Then Cena showed up at ECW the next night and -- in that obnoxiously-fake "intense" way of his -- challenged Sabu to make it an ECW Rules Lumberjack Match so that at least Cena will see the attack coming and he'll be free to fight back however he sees fit. For only the second time in his televised wrestling career, Sabu spoke, when he uttered the one word, "Deal."

I'm really not sure what to expect match-wise... well, actually, I'm sorta expecting that Cena can't do much more than what he did with RVD, which means a lot of just-being-a-prop-for-Sabu's-high-spots and a lot of depending-on-Sabu-to-take-bumps-that-make-Cena-look-good. But like I mentioned above, it was the crowd that made the RVD/Cena match what it was, and you simply won't have a WWE audience being quite that intense. That'll probably end up being the wild card in terms of how this match plays.

The OOutlOOk
Cena wins: 7 votes   --|--  Sabu wins: 0 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Cena d. Sabu.
I'm not generally a fan of these interpromotional feuds (and in fact, I keep thinking of The Simpsons episode where they bring in Jay Sherman, The Critic, which makes Bart feel like a shill). That said -- Cena vs. ECW is actually being booked quite well. So well, in fact, that its getting harder and harder to boo the guy.
And make no mistake about it: WWE is intent on making John Cena its biggest babyface ever (EVER!!!). I thought for sure, the heel turn was just a formality, yet they never pulled the trigger. Instead, they've found a way to make him actually look sympathetic and courageous. Good for them, I guess. Hey, I've always thought Cena had the tools and charisma to go extremely far, unfortunately the Hollywood Writer Monkeys have spent two years turning him into a joke-cracking buffoon. So maybe flirting with hardcore is just the rub he needs.
Add Sabu: I really thought that his best days were behind him (and in fact, they are) but if you watch Sabu ever since his most recent TNA run, he's actually picked up his game a notch. His dive onto the announce table this past week was picture perfect. Now let's see if these two click. I don't imagine the ECW rogues will factor into the finish, unless its someone accidentally clubbing Sabu with a cane or something.
The Cubs Fan Says... Cena d. Sabu.
I'm guessing the lumberjack stip is to protect Sabu - though the thought of WWE trying to protect SABU is kinda mindbending - and someone ECW-wise ends up turning on Sabu to prevent him from taking a clean loss. There's no doubt Cena will end up getting the win, and they've did
a decent enough job with this match last time.
Matt Hocking Says... Cena d. Sabu.
aJohn Cena is at a distinct disadvantage in this match.  Sabu has demonstrated that he's clearly superior to Cena in the "batshit crazy" department and he's bringing the entire ECW locker room (read:  Doring, Roadkill, and probably The Zombie) to ringside with him.  Which is of course exactly the kind of match John Cena ALWAYS wins.  Look, as much as I'd LOVE to sit here and pretend like there's some slight glimmer of hope that Sabu will go over to help establish the ECW brand as a big time unit, there's no way Sabu is going over one of the guys who WWE is trying to make into a cornerstone of the industry.

With that in mind, I'm sure it will be as entertaining if a little annoying.  Cena's been impressive lately in these little spotty brawls, and Sabu, while he can't go like he could ten years ago, is good for a few highspots.  This match, as much as the DX/Spirit Squad match, will pretty much rely on the fact that John Cena has a great variety of targets to work off of, and thus more opportunities for entertaining spots.  I kind of expect they'll eliminate the ECW guys (first in swaths, and then one by one), through a variety of Sabu doing stupid stuff and missing Cena and then Cena just going after people with weapons until he can hit the F-U to end it.  I have a
sneaking scary suspicion in the back of my mind that they might ask Sabu to tap to the STFU, but I'm trying to ignore it.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Cena d. Sabu.
Hmmm, let see.  Cena is banged up already from Sabu's attack.  The ring will be surrounded by Sabu's cronies, who all want to beat up Cena.  I'm not quite sure if the odds are quite stacked up enough in Sabu's favor. Clearly, Cena will be able to overcome this.  I mean, this should be a walk in the park for Cena.  I mean, sure he'll be attacked and beaten up for the first 90% of the match.  But when the time is right, he'll know when to come back and give all of us adoring fans, the finish we want. Man, I can't wait.  And for the two dim bulbs out there who can't figure out.  The only statement in that prediction that wasn't dripping with sarcasm was the one that says Cena will win.
PyroFalkon Says...  Cena d. Sabu.
Jeff Snider Says... Cena d. Sabu.
When I watched ECW on Tuesday, I got the impression that there would be lumberjacks from both Raw AND ECW. Rick is under the impression that it will just be ECW around the ring. He's probably right, I guess, but it really is an important point as far as how this match plays out. Not being sure how anything will play out, I will take the safe bet and go with Cena over Sabu.
Rick Scaia Says... Cena d. Sabu.
As much as the odds seem stacked against DX in their match, the same vibe exists here, as it seems like it'd be impossible for Cena to get a win under ECW Rules and with the ring surrounded by ECW wrestlers. But you people forget: he's freaking SUPERMAN, dammit, he can do ANYTHING!

The cynic in me wants to comment that the only reason they added this stipulation is because they wanted to book Super Cena to effectively defeat the entire ECW locker room (save Angle, RVD, and Big Show, as no WWE Superstars will be harmed in the making of this match) in one fell swoop. But I honestly hope they got some better kind of "out" in mind...

I know back at One Night Stand, I predicted that a perceived ECW Guy should stab Paul E. in the back by choosing to remain loyal to WWE (as so far, it seems to be a one-way-only door from WWE to ECW, and not vice versa). I thought that'd be an interesting swerve. Problem is that as I sit here trying to think of a way to twist my idea from the last PPV to fit this PPV, I can't really do it. I mean: who of the established ECW roster would even remotely fit into a storyline of this caliber, defecting back to WWE? It'd almost have to be somebody who announced his jump to ECW earlier in the show, and then re-jumps back in this match by attacking Sabu and helping Cena to beat the odds.

Maybe: how about Harry Smith? Fans who've heard of him and know who he is would totally think he'd fit in with ECW's style, and wouldn't think twice about him deciding to make his TV debut with ECW... and then it could all be a swerve which gives him a nice boost as he starts his full-time career on RAW. I dunno....

Or maybe "Corporate Sandman"? Without his music, you might as well drop the beer and the smokes and turn him into the anti-Sandman for all the value he has to the company right now.

Anyway, point is that with Edge winning the WWE Title, Cena probably has to win here in order to be in line as the first contender. I just hope that they come up with a reasonably plausible way for him to do it.



This is chapter 3 of a book that I'm not entirely sure needed to be written much past the preface. The Cliffs' Notes version:

Using the powers of the Ghost of Eddie Guerrero and the Random Booking Machine, Orton somehow found his way into the Angle vs. Rey Mysterio World Title contest at WrestleMania. Angle lost his title when Rey pinned Orton. Angle was upset at Orton over this. In a one-on-one rematch that was about as poor a Kurt Angle match as you'll ever see, Angle "broke" Orton's ankle (in reality, a TV excuse to impose a suspension of no-less-than 60 days on Orton for his being an all-around douchebag). Orton made a surprise return to TV on the 55th day to start getting his revenge. It didn't work out so well, as Angle had been drafted to ECW, and Orton would have to face the New Kurt Angle. Who turned out to be pretty similar to the Old Kurt Angle, but who was still more than capable enough of beating Orton in a match at the One Night Stand PPV in a prototypical WWE style match.

Not yet content, Orton decided to challenge Angle to come back to WWE turn and face him one last time. Not one to back down, Angle accepted.

Whatever. The improvement between their first TV match and their second might make you think the third time would really be the charm, but the truth is that Orton's pretty much maxxed out his Competence Level, and it's not at a high enough level to get much above what he did with Angle at ONS in the absence of a more compelling storyline or some sort of gimmick to the match. Alas: this is the only of the WWE/ECW cross-over matches that looks to be contested under the usual tight WWE rules, which caps the potential here.

Ah well... I'm sure once this final chapter is written, Angle will get to move on and find different opposition. The kind who might actually allow him to show us what's so different about "ECW's Kurt Angle."

The OOutlOOk
Angle wins: 4 votes   --|--  Orton wins: 3 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Angle d. Orton.
Take what I said last month about Angle being marketed as ECW's franchise player, mix in with Orton still (probably) being in WWE's doghouse, add a pinch of Orton injury to the recipe, and place in the oven for about 20 minutes. Serves 8.
The Cubs Fan Says... Angle d. Orton.
I'd think Orton would get his win back from One Night Stand, but someone ECW wise has to get a win on this show, and it's not happening in the other two matches. Then again, if Orton is Triple H's next program, you'd think they'd want him protected in some manner; I guess I could see a situation where ECW gets screwed in all three matches, but I don't
bank on it.
Matt Hocking Says... Orton d. Angle.
While it might seem to make sense to have Orton finally vanquish the ghost of Kurt Angle here, I think Kurt Angle will go over here.  It's just a hunch, but I think there's a latent desire within WWE to punish Randy Orton, but they don't really WANT to punish him, so they're just going to job him
out to Kurt Angle for a few weeks, which I'm sure Orton could care less about.

That said, I've got to go against my best judgement once on this card, even if it means essentially jobbing ECW out in all three of their matches, but I think there's a set up here that could actually work.  You see, with "WWE Only" rules in play here, I think an overzealous Angle goes for his new finisher (the choke, apparently) and gets himself disqualified.  Randy, in essence, really loses, but it allows him to continue to be a dick while Angle comes off looking like a bad ass for killing Orton again, even with the DQ.  Also, I just wanted to mention that Orton has looked much sharper of late, shoulder "injury" notwithstanding, so this should be pretty good
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Orton d. Angle.
Let the record show that by making this pick, I am NOT in any way shape or form endorsing Randy Orton.  I just have to go with the law of averages and the fact that the WWE bookers hate real wrestling fans.  Ever since Angle went over to Smackdown earlier this year, he's basically owned Randy
Orton.  That didn't stop a few weeks ago once Kurt joined ECW.  So of course, this dictates in WWE think that Orton needs to gain a win.  I especially expect him to win after hearing that the only reason he came to RAW was because HHH wanted to feud with him.  If they're going to put him
in a high-profile feud like that, they stupidly think that by beating Kurt, he's worthy of that slot.  Never mind the fact that the guy couldn't draw heat even if he stood five feet from the sun and proved once again this past week how injury prone he is.  But none of that matters.  The bookers will keep their blinders up and believe this guy is the future.
Let's move on before I start to get sick. Stupid Orton.
PyroFalkon Says...  Orton d. Angle.
Jeff Snider Says... Angle d. Orton.
Orton is at least a little bit in the doghouse. Angle is the best and most popular wrestler of the past five years, and he is the main attraction for WWE fans tuning in to ECW. No way Angle loses this match.
Rick Scaia Says... Angle d. Orton.
Angle has to win, even if only to give ECW one winning wrestler on the night. And beyond that, there's just nothing gained by having Orton win: a babyface getting one last win over a guy who's leaving or changing brands or something is an effective tactic, but doing the same thing with a heel to polish off a long-standing feud? That's just not the formula you want.

Only way I can see for Orton to get a "win" is on a technicality of the new "ECW Kurt Angle" snaps and goes overboard after winning the match, forcing the ref to reverse the decision and give Orton the win via DQ. Which would be cheap, but I can just see that being the "WWE Think" way of making Angle look strong as he heads back to ECW, while still "protecting" Orton. Yeah: just watch them do that. Even though they don't have to.


Two out of Three Falls Scientific Showcase Match

This one came flying out of left field less than 2 weeks ago. Foley was cutting a promo celebrating the events of One Night Stand when Ric Flair decided to make his return to TV (after a lay-off for getting married and honeymooning).

Flair interrupted Foley's promo, and decided to re-hash 2-year-old friction between the two, stemming from Flair's accusations (as published in his biography) that Foley wasn't a wrestler, and was, instead, just a glorified stuntman. After some back and forth posturing, Foley took Flair's accusations and threw them back in his face by issuing a challenge to a 2-out-of-3 Falls Technical Wrestling Display at Vengeance....

It seemed like an awful rushed and inelegant way to handle what should be a money feud between two legends, but then the other shoe dropped this past Monday: this match on Sunday isn't meant to be the memorable, legendary blow-off to Flair/Foley.... instead, Mick revealed that Flair forced him into this display of Technical Wrestling, and the truth is, Foley sucks as a technical wrestler, so fans are going to be treated to the ugliest, sloppiest wrestling debacle of all times as Mick makes sure he has the worst match of the card. And Ric Flair will have to be a part of it, and in front of his hometown fans, to boot.

Heh. Now I feel a lot better about this. This should be highly entertaining.

The OOutlOOk
Flair wins: 4 votes   --|--  Foley wins: 3 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Foley d. Flair.
Look, Flair and Foley are two of my all-time favorites, whether we're taking about their matches, promos and even their books. Here, you have a real-life situation that has been made (somewhat) public, two competitors that have made a career out of doing "what's best for the business" and most importantly, they are obviously WILLING to put their personal differences aside to put together a money-drawing feud.
Who cares if this event is in Charlotte? Flair always gets humiliated there anyways (WCW, anyone?). They could have saved this for two months from now and REALLY built it into something special. In fact, if I were to put my fantasy booking hat (a blue Nike baseball cap) on for a minute, I would have Foley forfeit the match here, just to delay the inevitable showdown for a bigger venue.
That said... its probably not going to happen. And for this feud to continue (hopefully, its not just a one off), Foley probably has to win the first meeting. I like that Foley is promising the match will suck (a nod to his Tommy Dreamer feud from the original ECW?) but I have a feeling it will end up being somewhat competitive.
The Cubs Fan Says... Flair d. Foley.
This will be bad. Mission accomplished! The problem with this feud is they can't back up the promos in the ring anymore; it's going to be hard not to disappoint. Picking Flair to win in his home area is a fool's bet, but hey, you are what you are.
Matt Hocking Says... Flair d. Foley.
Foley's promised to slum it in this match, which is kind of funny.  Neither of these guys are the same man they were in their prime, but both are entertaining, and either way they could really make this match work.  I think Flair takes the first fall when Mick kind of sandbags it, and Flair catches him napping.  Then Foley fires up a bit, and takes the second fall, which sets up a nice fight to the finish with Flair picking up the win.

The only reason I'd go that route is because the feud isn't fully established yet, and having Flair win kind of justifies that Foley (subtly or not) is playing the heel here.  Fans can say, "Oh, Flair was pissed off because Foley was dogging it, and in the end the guy who worked harder got the better of the guy who didn't."  Then you can come back and have Foley challenge Flair to some goofy shit garbage match or something to extend the feud and flesh things out a bit more.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Flair d. Foley.
This one really has me excited.  Although, if I'm to believe Mick, maybe I shouldn't get too excited for it.  I'm going to make a bold prediction and say that this will be the first PPV 2 out of 3 falls match to only go two falls.  I believe Mick Foley will tank the match and have Flair win in the
most unexciting fashion ever.  Because let's face it, a pathetic, easy win is worse than a tough, hard-fought loss.  In a perverse way, it's the greatest insult he could give to Flair and his hometown fans.  This will of course anger Flair and lead to a much bigger and better showdown down
the line, which will be fantastic.
PyroFalkon Says...  Foley d. Flair.
Jeff Snider Says... Foley d. Flair.
Foley has promised a bowling-shoes-ugly match, which is an interesting angle to take. The problem is, I think there is a bit too much entertainment potential in a deliberately bad Foley match, which might damage his heel run. What's a good way to make sure Foley is a huge heel? Have him find some diabolical way of beating Flair in his hometown, that's how.
Rick Scaia Says... Flair d. Foley.
If Mick's intent on having the worst match on the night (and one of the worst in wrestling history), it stands to reason that he's not exactly in it to win it. Combine with the fact that Flair is wrestling in his hometown, and you probably put Naitch over, and then put this feud back in a saucepan over low heat to simmer for a while until its time for these two to have a real barn-burner of a match.

Now, conventional wisdom is that to keep a feud on a slow burn to a big finish, the heel wins early. Problem is, Foley's still really only a heel in name. In practice, he's still a guy who'll get a lot of cheers (outside of Charlotte, anyway), so the typical formula doesn't hold. Instead, you use this match to *make* Foley as a heel, by having him do something so dastardly that the babyface insists on coming back for more.

In short you have Mick throw the match: he's not only out here to stink up the ring, he's also not even out here to win. I'm not talking anything as lame as the Fingerpoke of Doom finishes, but more subtle like: Flair could hit a side headlock takeover on Mick, and you know how there's usually always a one-count by the ref before the headlock-ee changes position to get his shoulders off the mat? Well, instead of that, Mick just stays down, and just like that, Flair's up one fall to none. Which is when the other shoe drops: 

Fans expect Foley just got caught snoozing, and their favorite hardcore legend will now have fire in his eyes as he becomes determined to not drop this match to Ric Flair.... but instead, Foley comes up and is all "Whoopsie, see, I told you I wasn't a very good technical wrestler. Well played, Naitch, truly you showed me who is boss with that stellar maneuver." And then you just wait for the fans to start savaging Foley as he continues half-assing it in the second fall and finds yet another way to basically hand Flair the match when Flair's not expecting it.

In the aftermath, Foley will now have finally pissed off the majority of fans by being so not-Mick-like in that match and Flair can be pissed off that Foley made him look like the jerk in front of his hometown fans, and start cutting the kinds of promos where he's BEGGING for the return of Stuntman Foley, because he wants to teach Mick a lesson, and he wants to teach it to him in the most violent way possible. Mick, of course, would finally relent, but it would take plenty of patience and time of making Flair work for it, first.

That's how I'd play it, anyway.


InterContinental Title Match

Let's see: Carlito pinned Shelton in a non-title match 3 weeks ago. So his presence here makes sense. But Nitro came over from SD! around the same time, got squashed by John Cena and then got a win over curtain jerker Charlie Haas, and somehow was booked into this three-way match on the strength of that resume. Very odd.

Of course, after already being inserted into the match, Nitro then added two pinfall wins over Carlito, which retroactively made his inclusion in this match quite sensible. But for the most part: this has the feel of The Random to it.

Still: no serious complains, as these three are pretty much the most entertaining and capable of RAW's mid-carders. Throw 'em together, season with shots of Melina's Rump to taste, and it oughta be a tasty dish.

The OOutlOOk
Carlito wins: 3 votes   --|--  Shelton wins: 2 votes
Nitro wins: 2 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Shelton wins.
It all comes down to what are they going to do next after this  match. I mean, let's say Carlito wins the belt. Who does he face for the next month? Benjamin again? And I can't imagine Nitro is really in their long-term plans for anything. That's why I say keep the belt on Shelton for a while longer -- at least he's a proven commodity.
The Cubs Fan Says... Shelton wins.
I'd flip a coin, but you see the problem . This is so much card filler. Nitro winning the title would be one heck of a punishment. I guess Shelton holds on, but with no particular conviction.
Matt Hocking Says... Nitro wins.
Establishing Johnny Nitro as a singles character (ok, essentially MNM:  The Singles Character) has actually given a good bit of life to WWE's upper mid-card and shaken up what I think was a rather played out Carlito/Shelton
feud.  Nitro's real saving grace though, is Melina who WWE fans have become really attached to, and who is the only heel in this match who can cut a promo.  Shelton's reign has been fun, but I think things will be fresher with Nitro on top.

The match itself?  Well, all three of these guys are great athletes, but all three are prone to blowing a lot of spots.  It should be fast paced and high energy, but I wouldn't be surprised if it gets derailed at some point, and everybody ends up struggling to reign things back in.  Melina helps as she'd be able to provide kind of a grounding point if things go awry.  A Nitro/Carlito feud after this match would be fun.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Carlito wins.
I initially was going to go with Shelton here.  My reason was that in these throwaway triple threats, the champion typically retains.  If there's no story and you just want to get more guys on the show, there's no need for a title change.  However, I'm trying to do a little future prognosticating here and I figure they're going to start moving forward on the Umaga push.  Whether we like it or not, it's coming.  The next logical step, at least in their minds, would be an IC title feud.  If that's the case, then Carlito is obviously the best of the three people here to pit
him against.  I would book this match and have Carlito pin Nitro to win the belt.  Shelton would have an easy claim that he should still be champion.  Then on a RAW, you have a solid Carlito/Shelton rematch.  After Carlito retains, you have Umaga come out and attack him.  There you go, insta-feud.  Just add water.
PyroFalkon Says...  Carlito wins.
Jeff Snider Says... Nitro wins.
This is the hardest match on the card for me to guess, if for no other reason than the lack of the "50-50 chance" element. I flipped a coin -- heads it's Carlito, tails it's Shelton, and if it was just an imaginary coing, it's Nitro. Nitro it is!
Rick Scaia Says... Carlito wins.
With no real backstory, it's hard to guess at what story to expect going forward, and thus, to predict a winner.

So I'll just go with the logic I used in Monday's RAW Recap.... that Carlito wins the title, but Shelton remains in the mix because he's the ex-champ, and Nitro remains in the mix because he's pinned Carlito twice. Carlito's under attack from 2 angles, which not only helps his babyfacification, but gives you lots of options for tag/one-on-one/three-way matches over the summer featuring these three. Works for me...



May 19 came and passed without incident, leading Kane to make the revelation that May 19 is the anniversary of the day his parents died in a fire, and it spooks him a bit every year (although this is the first time it's ever come up on TV). But when the day passes, Kane's spirits pick up, and everything's back to normal. Right?

Wrong. Instead, more voices started taunting Kane, telling him that May 19 will never be over... and it turned out that the source of the voices and the spooky light shows was an Imposter Kane, dressed in the full bodysuit, mask, and wig that duplicates what Kane looked like in his 1997 WWF debut.

In countless confrontations, the Fake Kane has gotten the better of the Real Kane. And in his most recent interview on the subject, Real Kane said he knows exactly who is under the mask and why he's doing this... and attempted to convince us that this guy is a real sicko and someone to be feared. Umm: big fella, remember when YOU were a sicko and someone to be feared? So just quit being such a drama queen, and finish off this ridiculousness for us, OK?

The OOutlOOk
Fake Kane wins: 4 votes  --|--  Nobody wins: 3 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Fake Kane d. Kane.
I'm just reading over Section 8 (g), subsection ii, of Things That Always Happen In Wrestling, and it states "A newcomer who debuts by attacking the established wrestler will always defeat the established wrestler in their first PPV encounter. Unless we're talking about The Undertaker, in which case all bets are off."
Now.... Kane is related to Undertaker, so maybe he's able to  be grandfathered into this rule? I consulted with my attorney (Clarence Mason) on this issue and he argued that, while this is true, Fake Kane is probably going to be a Bearer family member at some point in his life as well. So Fake Kane could still win under the existing guidelines.
The Cubs Fan Says... Fake Kane d. Kane.
Unless they're completely ditching the Imposter Kane dealio in record time, he's got to get the first win over the other Kane. It does seem like they're moving quick on this; Imposter Kane ought to be having his first match against someone else to build to Kane/Kane match, and I'm
thinking we're not long for a mask versus mask match here.
Matt Hocking Says... Fake Kane d. Kane.
If they want to get any milage out of the Kane v. More Kane storyline (and Lord knows, they apparently do) the only way to really do that is to have More Kane win here.  Have Kane mostly in a submissive face in peril role with More Kane stalking about and hitting the occasional big power move. 
Then eventually you hit some big spot or another which finally knocks Kane out for the pin or countout or whatever.

Whatever they do isn't going to be pretty.  These "twin" angles rarely go well, and with a guy who is kind of slow and lumbering anyway like Freakin' Deacon, adding on to that that he needs to try to replecate Kane's moveset and mannerisms sets this match back even further as they're going to have to set up all Kane's old spots for him.  I also don't think they'll do the "big" reveal quite yet, as I'm afraid this is just the first in a series of these matches.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Nobody Wins.
I've got no clue where this is headed.  I'm pretty sure the writers don't have any clue where this is going either.  What is clear is that this isn't going anyway anytime soon.  Since that is the case, it would be difficult to have one guy go over the other.  Kane's been having a lot of non-finishes lately, so what's one more.  I'm sure they'll throw in a dose
of gay spooky in there, just because they know how much we love it.  Let's just hope this one is short and painless.  Oh and also hope Kane Klassic has a decent wig and outfit to fight in.
PyroFalkon Says...  Nobody Wins. 
Jeff Snider Says... Kane d. Fake Kane.
I hate this match. I have no hopes for this match other than that it is the end of Fake Kane. That is all.
Rick Scaia Says... Nobody Wins.
Gay Spooky will reign supreme, and this will have some kind of ricockulously orchestrated non-finish which will push us forward in the storyline of just who is under the Fake Kane Mask, and also forward to a pay-off gimmick match that Real Kane will finally win. My money's on an Inferno Match.



Umaga need someone to squash. So Umaga squash Jim Duggan on RAW. This make Eugene sad. So now Umaga squash Eugene on PPV. Whee?

The OOutlOOk
Umaga wins: 7 votes   --|--  Eugene wins: 0 votes

Canadian Bulldog Says... Umaga d. Eugene.
If you're anything like me, you'll probably want to keep screaming "Uuuuuuuuuuuuumaaaaaaaga" over and over and over again until this match is finished. Honestly, try it; you'll feel much better about yourself.
The Cubs Fan Says... Umaga d. Eugene.
Squash. I want to wonder if this is The End Of Eugene, but every month I sorta want to wonder it, and he's still Eugene. So maybe he'll still be Eugene, but he'll definitely lose.
Matt Hocking Says... Umaga d. Eugene.
Eugene is what he is at this point.  A fringe character much akin to what Val Venis used to be.  A big jobber, but one who's treated well enough that he still gets a good pop and it still means a little something when he loses.  Beating him won't mean a damn thing for Umaga, but losing to him
sets him irreconcilably back.  So Umaga wins.  Duh.  Probably in less about three minutes.  Eugene will get a hope spot or two, maybe a Stunner or Rock Bottom attempt and, that's it. 
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Umaga d. Eugene.
Something has to happen in this match, right?  I mean, we've already seen Umaga squash Eugene once for free, so why would I pay to see it again. And I don't see Eugene winning here.  So what does that leave?  Nothing
positive that I can think of.  If there going to do a worthless throwaway match, why not put Haas vs. Vis on the show instead.  Either match would suck, but at least there hasn't been a definitive finish to the Haas/Vis feud yet.  I'll tune in when Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrrrrrrrrrada is talking and tune out once Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumaga starts "fighting" 
PyroFalkon Says...  Umaga d. Eugene.
Jeff Snider Says... Umaga d. Eugene.
Umaga may be worthless, but he is undefeatedly worthless. Will Eugene become the first retarded person to beat an undefeated wrestler? No.
Rick Scaia Says... Umaga d. Eugene.
Duh. Eugene said Duggan would be in his corner, but I doubt it'll matter. Well: maybe it'll be the set up for Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrrrrrrrrada to make his WWE in-ring debut in tag matches with Umaga versus Eugene and Duggan. Of course, these matches would consist of Estrrrrrrrrrada standing on the apron, playing with cigars while Umaga does all the work, but it gives the WWE writer monkeys another layer of this "feud" to work with.....



This show already seems pretty loaded, but tradition does dictate that the the trOOps take a stab at what other bonus items might work their way onto the show, and to give you an over view of the event, by way of closure....

The OOutlOOk

Canadian Bulldog Says... I'll be watching in spirit.
Matt Striker vs. SHNITSKY!!! is your match for Internet Heat.... I'm surprised that Mickie James hasn't figured into this card at all, so perhaps she'll make a backstage appearance..... No truth to the rumor that Charlie Haas will toss Lillian Garcia off the top of the building.... Look for some combination of Vince, Shane, Stephanie and Coach to interfere in the Spirit Squad/DX match.... Lawler will manage to plug and knock ECW's Sci-Fi show at the same time, approximately 16,000 times during the PPV. I really hope the aliens/zombies/vampires make a brief cameo appearance, but I'm not holding my breath.

Actually, I probably won't be seeing this show at all, as I am moving homes the next morning and will likely be up to my eyeballs in cardboard boxes by Sunday night (Which is better than, I guess, being up to my eyeballs in boxes made out of metallic spikes or something. Yee-owch!). So, unfortunately, I'm gonna leave my regular PPV Posse to fend for themselves at our usual Toronto movie theater meeting place (which sucks, because last time I won this SWEET ECW first aid kid/T-shirt package during the pre-show trivia game), but I'll definitely be watching in spirit.

The Cubs Fan Says... ECW > DX?
While they're selling this show on the DX name, it's weird how it's the new ECW brand basically carrying it. Take out those three matches, and the quality of the crowd drops dramatically.
Matt Hocking Says... This Card Is Almost Inexplicably Strong.
What's funny is that this card is absolutely loaded to the gills.  DX, ECW, top to bottom some of the best actual wrestling matches you'll see all the rest of this year.  Just like last year, for whatever reason, WWE has seen fit to stack the Vengeance card like it was a major PPV (except for poor lowly Smackdown which gets the shaft this year).  But the  really funny thing is that while a lot of the card really does pop, the bigger source of excitement is what is going to happen on Monday night, not what is happening at Vengeance.  Because the way the matches are shaping up (a problem having a lot to do with the fact that RAW was building One Night Stand for so long, they only had two weeks to put together this show), nothing is going to get
wholly resolved until the next night.

Which, by the way reminds me exactly of how PPVs were booked in 1998-2000. Which oddly enough is exactly where most of the storylines from this card are drawing their inspiration.  ECW wrestlers?  Degeneration X?  Mick Foley
and Ric Flair taking shots at eachother over things that happened in WCW?  Evil Dopplegangers and three minute PPV squash matches?  Yessir everything that's old is new again, and for a little while anyway, I'm kind of liking it.


-YOUR Heat Match is Mickie James defeating Candice Michelle to...uh...build off of what they did on Monday.  And hell, I fully expect Candice to wind up in traction thanks to the Crippler.

-I fully expect a couple of DX/McMahon skits here and there throughout the show.

-Paul Heyman will be on hand for the Extreme Lumberjack match, maybe on commentary?  Either way Cena'll threaten to FU him and Sabu will make the save.

-I kind of half expect the Highlanders to finally show up and maybe do a skit with somebody like Eugene or the Spirit Squad.

-If the PPV doesn't end with J.R. screaming about how the WWE Title is engulfed in controversy or something, I'll be really disappointed.
Adam Gutschmidt Says... Another PPV, Another "Costanza"?
I'll be honest.I almost thought about tanking these picks.  Tanking them in the sense of going in the complete opposite of what I think should happen.  This seems to be one of those PPVs where they have set themselves up with strong, logical decisions in most of the matches.  Whenever that
is the case, however, the bookers always seem to send a big F.U. to the fans and book the show completely backwards and asinine.  However, I decided not to stoop to their level and go with what I believe is the right picks (at least in most cases coughIhateCenaandOrtoncough.

The show is pretty well stacked, so they are going to have to do quite a bit to really stink things up.  Regardless of how good the show is, I fully expect the ECW marks to be bitching up a storm.  With the way things are looking now, I don't see them having a very good night.  Which is a shame, since the storylines logically dictate they should lose, but you don't want to bury all of them in only their third week of existence.

As far as additional stuff we'll see on the show.  Probably not a whole lot.  I'm sure there will be at least one thing involving Vince.  Maybe something with Mickie and Trish, just to acknowledge that they're still around.  Otherwise, I figure most of the time will be spent in-ring.
PyroFalkon Says...  Nothing.
Jeff Snider Says... I Know Who Steph's Baby Daddy Is!
I am guessing Test will get involved. I think it would be sweet if he showed up and announced that he is the father of Steph's baby, but I don't think that's gonna happen. But I expect him to play a factor in one of the ECW matches.

After Kane beats Fake Kane, he will take off the mask and discover that Fake Kane is X-Pac on stilts. Kane will yell, "I hurt Sean," and then X-Pac will give him a Bronco Buster and go backstage to find DX, but when he gets there, he will find that his ex-husband Chyna is already there, and it turns out that SHE is the father is Steph's baby, and then Shane will slip some Pitocin into Steph's water, and she will go into labor in this very ring, and it will be the best PPV labor and delivery ever.

Rick Scaia Says... This PPV Already Comes Fully Loaded.
With somewhere between 4 and 6 of these matches likely clocking in at or above the 20 minute mark (the questions marks are Flair/Foley and the IC Title match, both of which COULD go that long, but might not, depending on exactly what they've got in mind), there's certainly not room for a whole lot else.

I figure, at most, they'll figure out some way to make sure the divas get cameos. But other than that? I'm coming up blank, folks.


That's all, folks.... I'll see you Sunday night, proximate to midnight (or as soon as my decision making with regards to "Deadwood" watching allows), with the results of Vengeance. And as always, additional thoughts/analysis/fall-out will follow in Monday's OO.

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