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Survivor Series Underwhelms, plus TONS
of TNA, WWE, RAW, SD!, and ECW News
November 27, 2006

by Rick Scaia
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Last time I had to fill up one of these pre-rambles, my main baseball-related point was in regards to Adam Dunn, and how he shouldn't let the door hit him (and his over-priced contract) in the ass on his way out of Cincinnati.

I may have to amend that notion, as the economics of baseball seem to have taken a turn for the ludicrous so far this off season. If Juan fricking Pierre is worth $9 million a year for five years (note: he isn't), then I guess the smart play is to keep Dunn -- who'll probably average out to be twice as productive as Pierre -- around for one more year at $10 million. 

But I don't have to like it. Which is fine, because it looks like -- after last season's debacle -- the Dayton Flyers are back and sporting the ability to keep me distracted with some exciting happenings during the winter months. Hopefully. Except for that one week stretch next month when we have to face both Pittsburgh and North Carolina on the road. Oy. 

Here, have some wrestling (both current, including last night's Survivor Series, and some catch-up):

  • Last night, WWE held what was once a proud member of the "Big Five" pay-per-views, and what has -- in more recent years -- tried to maintain its luster by being one of four "cross-brand" PPVs: the Survivor Series.
    To say that this year's event was a failure of planning and preparation would be letting WWE off easy. A card comprised almost entirely of completely random team pairings (with the allure supposedly coming from the fact that teams were "multi-brand") and capped off by a main event in which the story/feud was fully played out and used up back at SummerSlam is simply not how you take care of business at one of your "anchor" PPV events.
    The lack of "Big Event Atmosphere" and the general malaise that plagues the majority of single-brand PPVs definitely spread to Survivor Series this year. And, if I may be so bold, it seems as though WWE knew it, and tried their mightiest to mask the deficiencies by supplying fans with an almost top-to-bottom slate of "feel good" babyface wins. Kennedy was the only heel all night to score a win, and even he ended up being beaten and battered at the hands of the Undertaker before all was said and done.
    It struck me as sort of a latter day, wrestling-centric version of the old adage "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit." Seven times last night, WWE basically said, "Here, take this poorly-promoted, essentially uninteresting story, mix with an utterly mediocre display of in-ring action and athleticism, and LIKE IT, because we're giving you your Happy Ending. Well, except for the vocal majority who booed the shit out of John Cena, but it's not our fault that they're assholes who won't cheer for who we tell them to."
    There have, at times in WWE history, been cases where a clean slate of babyface (or heel) wins at a PPV makes perfect sense, supplies a bit of satisfaction or closure or storyline advancement. There was none of that at Survivor Series; the show ended with most fans spending the main event chanting "Boring" and anytime there was a notable storyline happening, it almost seemed more a step backward than one forward. To me, a noted Jerkface and Cynical Asshole, the net effect of the happy ending after happy ending after happy ending is kind of a sense of being patronized by WWE. "These lemmings are too stupid to complain about what a lame show this was if we let all the good guys win." 
    Maybe it worked on some fans (though I can't see anybody sitting through Survivor Series and being genuinely, thoroughly wowed, it was the kind of show where if you just sat back and forgot about the $40 you just took on the chin for, essentially, a serviceable edition of RAW, you might be adequately amused). But not on me. I'd quip that it continues to frustrate and confuse me how WWE can so regularly sap the fun and sizzle out of a genre that has historically provided us fans with ample amounts of both....
    But then I remember my New Theory for 2006: WWE is a culture of Forced Mediocrity. So I can't be surprised at this point, can I? You've got an increasingly homogenous roster and creative/support team of middling talents and intellects, and worse: you've got an institutional mandate to aspire to middling mediocrity and to keep anything resembling excellence fully handcuffed. That, my friends, is the precise recipe that goes into WWE consistently making the job of putting on compelling TV and must-see PPV line-ups look so damned hard, when it really isn't.
    Enough kvetching about why this year's Survivor Series was barely a blip on the radar heading into the show, and is already a fading memory less than 12 hours after its conclusion. Let's just give you a quick rundown of the results by way of recappening:
    Team Old Guy (Flair, Faarooq, Dusty, Slaughter, w/ Arn Anderson) beat the Spirit Squad. Match got down to Flair versus three members of the Squad, but Flair rallied and won (and was the Sole Survivor). After the match, Flair took a 5-on-1 whupping, though.
    Chris Benoit beat Chavo Guerrero to retain the US Title. You'd think these two could have a show-stealing, kick-ass match. You'd think wrong. Benoit/Finlay for free on SD! last week was better. 
    Mickie James beat Lita to win the Women's Title. Lita's Retirement Out of Nowhere Match was far from the lovefest that Trish's was two months ago. Crowd was red hot and on Lita's case, but that was about as close to an A-plus effort as anybody gave in this match. Mickie wins the 4 minute special with a DDT. After the match, Cryme Tyme came out with items plundered from Lita's dressing room (including a thong, a vibrator, and Lita's giant, cavernous Box) and auctioned them off to fans. Ha? This made Jericho's final farewell to RAW seem downright dignified and respectful by comparison.
    Team DX (HHH, Michaels, Punk, Hardys) beat Team Edge (Edge, Orton, Nitro, Helms, Knox). Total squash and clean sweep by Team DX, who did not suffer a single elimination. The five-man clean sweep took less than 10 minutes to complete, and both underscored the weakness of the RAW/SD/ECW mid-cards, but also the sheer randomness of these team pairings. Knox, Helms, and Nitro simply don't fit in here, and once they were eliminated, there was no reason not to finish things off with the clean sweep on Edge and Orton.
    Ken Kennedy beat Undertaker in a First Blood Match. Kennedy was the beneficiary of unintentional help from Mumford Vernacular Porter (or NAMBLA, for short), who was actually trying to whack Kennedy with a chair (it's a long and not-very-effectively told story; as things tend to be on SD!), but actually hit Taker to bust him open. After the match, Kennedy tried to put the bad-mouth on Taker, but got brutally beaten and Tombstoned for his troubles. On a show loaded with utterly forgettable mediocre matches, at least this one had an excuse, as Taker was working with broken ribs, and should be commended by performing even this well.
    Team Cena (Cena, Lashley, RVD, Sabu, Kane) beat Team Big Show (Show, Umaga, Finlay, Test, MVP). Cena was booed out of the building, but won the match by last eliminating Big Show. Lashley also survived, while Sabu and RVD were oustered by the likes of fricking Test, which tells you alot about WWE's idea of the babyface pecking order in ECW. Easily the most asshatted booking of the night, as a monstrous 2-man wrecking crew of Show and Umaga would have made MUCH more compelling winners, given that Show could use the credibility boost heading into a PPV Title defense and that fans are supposed to be taking Umaga seriously as the next threat to Cena's WWE Title. But noo-ooooo: we can't have Superman Cena getting booed to high heaven AND losing a match, can we? Dum dums.
    Batista beat King Booker to win the World Title. Teddy Long added the stipulation that the title would change hands on a DQ or count-out. OMG WWE STEALZ FROM TNA~! Didn't matter, though, as Batista got the pinfall win. After whacking Booker in the head with the title belt. The tepid match and lukewarm response to Batista's win have me wondering if it might be wise to contemplate a big ol' Dusty Finish here, with Batista's cheating ways resulting in the title reverting back to Booker on Friday night? If nothing else, it certainly seems like Booker's got more juice than Batista does at this point...
    And that was your show. Three hours of the TV equivalent of WWE trying to distract their mentally enfeebled audience with shiny objects: HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY ALL THE GOOD GUYS WON! I guess. 
  • Well, let's not mince words: what with OO's tempestuous and impenetrable update schedule lately, we do have about 3 weeks worth of news tidbits to sort through, sharing only the ones that -- at this late juncture -- seem as though they actually matter a bit.
    Don't worry: I'll make it quick and painless. Partly because I'm lazy and I'm not going to make this any document any longer than it has to be. But mostly because -- unlike certain websites I could mention -- your Humble Webmaster here has a sense of context and perspective, and knows how to weave together the relevant items instead of just spewing out nonsense, news-board-style, so you have to click 80 pages to find out that only about 5 of the items were even remotely worth your time.
    We'll start with on big bullet point about Ratings. And we'll summarize thusly: Nothing Truly Important Has Happened in the Ratings.
    RAW has held steady the past three weeks, pulling a 3.7, a 3.8, and a 3.8. That's pretty much on pace with where they've been since September 1 (although it's still one-third to one-half of a point below other, stronger stretches earlier in the year).
    ECW continues to underperform, having scored a 1.5, a 1.6, and a 1.8 the past three weeks. And you just know Vince McMahon is ready to attribute the "bump" up to a 1.8 to the Hardy Boyz crossing over to ECW last week.
    SmackDown! actually an aberrant 2.9 rating four weeks ago, before settling back in for 2.7 and 2.6 (with the tentative rating for this past Friday looking to be in the 2.5 range). The show continues to strike me as a weekly televised House Show, with longer matches than RAW, but with significantly less intrigue and effective storytelling to make those matches meaningful.
    TNA is where we can work up a little excitement over these stupid little numbers, as Impact dutifully limped home with 0.8 ratings for pretty much the last month straight in the 11pm timeslot. But two weeks ago, they hit primetime with a two hour special and... only scored a 1.0. This number made SpikeTV happy enough, but internally, TNA was disappointed because they really tried to load up the show. [And truthfully, I thought they did a good job, as that two-hour Impact was the most interested I was in a show at any point during my last month of relative silence.] No numbers are yet available for Thanksgiving night's Impact, but I wouldn't expect any exceptionally good news. Instead, it's enough to say that if TNA can sustain or slightly grow the 1.0 primetime rating and continue to score in the 0.5 range for their Saturday night replay, you could make the argument (however specious) that TNA has matched or exceeded ECW's weekly audience.
  • I think we can use TNA's move to prime time as our jumping off point to newsbites that are grouped more by promotion/brand, too....
    Because although there seems to be at least a bit to be excited about in TNA-land these days, I'd argue that the true State of the Company can be summed up in six simple words: Vince Russo is Obviously In Charge.
    Now, how one interprets those six words? That's up to the individual, I guess. Me, I take it as mildly amusing in the sense that I now honestly believe that almost anything (no matter how stupid) can happen in TNA. But mostly, I just look at things like the no-attention-span booking of the X Title, the fact that Abyss (yes, ABYSS) is your "world" champion, and the "Voodoo Kin Mafia," and I realize that there's something to be said for a few things being off-limits when it comes to pro wrestling booking.
    As a matter of personal preference, I would also have rather seen a slower, more sensible/compelling build-up to the Angle/Joe feud, instead of just blowing that wad (and Joe's undefeated streak) in Angle's first PPV match with the company. But at this point, I just let All Things Angle kind of roll off my back, since there's a 90% probability that if TNA is rushing storylines with him, it's just because they want to squeeze them all in before Angle disintegrates in the middle of the ring one of these days. And who can blame them for wanting a return on their investment, I guess?
    But the other things? Pure Russo, and annoying to varying degrees. I mean, Abyss? This is either a mega-tarded, low-wrestling-IQ move by Russo made just to prove nobody knows what'll happen next in TNA, or it's some kind of new-fangled quintuple-regression Wrestling Calculus that only he comprehends where stacking a SECOND Transitional Champion on top of the first one (Sting) somehow makes for good TV. I think we all know that I lean towards the former.... there are ways to increase the pool of people who could legitimately be main eventers and champions for TNA, but pulling the trigger on freaking Abyss is none of them.
    And the New Age Outlaws reinventing themselves as the Voodoo Kin Mafia? Is quite possibly the single most pitiably sad thing I have ever seen. Men of age 40-ish whose existence is now predicated on persecuting other men of age 40-ish who are acting juvenile and stupid, and doing it by acting precisely 459% MORE stupid? And with the most retarded name ever? It's genuinely pathetic in a way that I don't think many of us are even comfortable watching.
    The only way the Voodoo Kin Mafia has ANY value? If it's being presented with the sole intent of causing Vincent K. McMahon to wig out and do something reckless and stupid, and to hell if we have to make upwards of 5 minutes of our weekly TV show eyeball-rolling-inducingly bad in order to get the other guy to fuck up. By all accounts, Vince is in horrible spirits and thinking even less clearly than usual, and maybe Russo/TNA just want to see if they can use something this moronic to push him over the edge and do something really ill-advised to either (a) acknowledge TNA as competition or (b) torpedo his own on-screen product (moreso, I mean) because he's started to obsess over TNA's jerkishness.
    But even with all that said, and with me being a less-than-enthused watcher of Russonomics (the past three weeks or so, I would pretty much point you to the Kevin Nash segments, and tell you you could get away with taking a pass on everything else), I think it's only fair to let the new regime settle in and get comfortable. The name of the "Genesis" PPV is apropos, if nothing else, as I figure it represents the start of a rather long story, and we don't know how good or bad that story is gonna be, yet. We just know that we're being introduced to all the key players, and they're all being positioned the way the Powers That Be want them to be. 
    I still don't know how Abyss as champ fits into the equation, but whatever... we've got Tomko back with Christian, and Personality-Free AJ Styles should be better suited as a generic heel, so those are a few other things that are happening that aren't nearly as confounding. Only time will tell...
  • From the "Some People Will Believe the Stupidest Things" File: TNA had a trainwreck of a weekend a few weeks ago, when they attempted to hold a house show in Connecticut. A day in advance, they were forced to change venues, and then the day of the show, the alternate venue was also shut down by fire marshalls.
    TNA (or their dastardly representatives) tried to plant the seed that Vince McMahon and WWE were somehow responsible for this. For the most part, TNA's fans were too wise to fall for that line of pathetic bullshit. Most, but sadly, not all.
    The only culprit here was poor planning on the part of TNA and their business associates at the venues in question.
  • A few General WWE Notes, before getting Brand Specific... and I can't say either of the big two news items generated by WWE's front office the past 3 weeks is particularly exciting, at least not to me.
    First: Monty Brown has signed with WWE. By all accounts, he was given a handsome contract, and will be debuting directly onto the main roster when the time comes (no polishing in the developmentals, no matter how badly some of us might happen to think he needs it).
    On one hand, Monty could reasonably be labeled as one of TNA's small handful of truly "homegrown" top level stars. But on the other hand, it's not like Monty ever really broke out and wowed anybody, and he'll pretty much have to be made-over and "re-grown" by WWE if he's gonna be much more than a mid-carder. At age 38, Brown doesn't exactly fit WWE's youth movement, either, and yet, they really did pursue him fairly aggressively. Huh.
    Trying to be as even-handed about this as I can, I'll grant that Monty Brown in TNA was always loaded with potential and perpetually on the cusp of breaking out. His athleticism and charisma are raw, but undeniable. However, there were no structures in place at TNA to help Brown to channel, focus, and refine those tools. So what you got was usually an in-ring talent that was spastic and sloppy (and with the Worst Finisher This Side of Chris F. Masters), and an on-screen personality that was whacked out to the point that he made Scott Steiner seem eloquent and witty by comparison.
    That Monty Brown never did anything for me. Now it's up to WWE to lend the guidance (and to Brown to step up and heed that advice, instead of making the mistake of suffering from The Public Enemy Syndrome) and see if there's anything salvageable, here. Otherwise, I don't even think WWE could claim some kind of "moral victory" in snagged "one of TNA's top stars," because the only reason Monty entertained a WWE offer is because he knew he was iced out of the TNA main event picture.
  • The other "big" story also doesn't do much to butter my corncob: WWE will likely be entering some sort of a partnership with the mixed-martial-arts group PRIDE. 
    For PRIDE, it's a chance to make use of WWE's promotional machine and PPV expertise at a time when they are in danger of being completely shut-down by UFC's run-away success. 
    For WWE, it's supposedly a chance to gain access to Bob Sapp, PRIDE's biggest star, and a potential monster draw if he decided to be a pro wrestling special attraction as his legitimacy as a real fighter declines.
    But for fans, it really shouldn't be a matter of much interest at all. Well, unless you're a WWE stockholder, then you can care. But honestly: PRIDE can't allow the ties to WWE to seep over into their televised product too much, or they'll lose the fans of "legitimate" fighting almost over night. And WWE, outside of the charismatic Sapp, probably has little to gain by trying to attract UFC/MMA fans to their product, where an obnoxious douche like John Cena is regularly presented as the baddest man alive.
  • Moving on to some more RAW-centric items....
    Jim Ross has signed a new one-year contract to remain as the lead commentator on RAW. His performer contract, by most reliable accounts, expired in October, but JR stayed on under an interim deal with the understanding he'd get a new longer-term contract. Which is precisely what happened.
  • Much to my surprise, WWE is moving ahead with plans for the Cena/Federline match on New Year's Night. The agreement for Federline to wrestle his first match was tentatively in place just before he got ditched by Britney, and became an even bigger joke and laughingstock than he had been before. At this point, it's baffling to think why WWE would want to be in business with the guy at all, since they stand to gain absolutely nothing by the association. Especially since you just know Federline still thinks he's famous and won't just come in for a nominal payday and get his ass handed to him in humiliating fashion. 
    Also: I want some kind of credit for calling Britney Spears meteoric rise back to pop culture relevance. Not one month after ditching the dead weight, she's being seen slutting around with Paris (sans panties, of course), and all the teenage boys think she's HAAWWWWWTT~! again. Welcome back, Britney. Just take a note: if you're such a fan of Madonna's, please observe that even when she went through her "attracted to phenomenal douchebags" phase, she got married to one who ultimately, and much to the chagrin of all, turned out to have some talent underneath the toolbox exterior.
    Unfortunately, master of pop culture psychology as though I may be, I have no advice for Kramer. That maroon.
  • Lita's departure from RAW/WWE was handled just about as badly as I can imagine. A no-brainer of an angle in which Lita SHOULD have gotten annoyed with Mickie James' persistent challenges, resulting in a "Loser Leaves RAW/I'll send you into retirement just like your hero Trish Stratus" match in which Lita is the surprise loser, was somehow missed, and Lita's departure was treated in utterly ham-handed fashion.
    Leaving Mickie James now presiding over a women's division of two: herself and Victoria. Nee haw.
    Officially, this isn't being considered quite as firm a "retirement" as Trish's, and is more Lita just wanting to take time off. The thing is, unlike Trish, Lita has apparently at least contemplated TNA as an option where she could get her Wrestling Jones scratched 3 times per month while pursuing her other interests (including her band, the Luchagores). Which could explain why she was given a rather ignominious farewell last night.
  • Speaking of Trish, one can only assume she has been well and throroughly honeymooned, as she's making good on plans to try to crossover to Legitimate Entertainment. Kind of.
    Supposedly, she'll be part of a CBS reality show that pairs up celebrities with Real Cops. In the ultimate irony of ironies, I can't imagine watching this show no matter how debilitating my Trish Crush may be, while my non-wrestling-fan youngest brother probably WILL watch, because (a) he likes letting TV poop into his brain, and (b) the "real cops" in question are the fine officers of Muncie, IN, where he went to college and is under the impression he had a good time.
    Myself, I spent the longest month of my life in Muncie one weekend. The only highlight: after enduring Karaoke Night at the local Chi-Chi's, for some reason I got it in my head to steal one of the paintings on the wall. Hey, CBS, I got an idea for a Very Special Episode! Let's pretend the statute of limitations on Very Petty Theft isn't long since past, and you can send Trish to my house to arrest me, OK? And watch as I effortlessly turn her to the Dark Side, forcing Erik Estrada to come to Dayton to try to arrest us on charges of Frequent Drunken Public Fornication. SMELL THE RATINGS~!
  • John Cena's movie is out of theatres. The final tally: $18 million in box office receipts. In other words, just $3 more than Kane's movie made, despite having a budget thrice as big as Kane's, an opening thrice as wide as Kane's, and a "family friendly" PG-13 rating unlike Kane's graphic R-rating.
    In other words: flop. And anything you here to the contrary is public relations horsepuckey.
  • The reason why Roddy Piper and Ric Flair lost the RAW tag titles so suddenly (and why Piper immediately left TV) is because Roddy required immediate surgery when a growth was found in his lower torso.
    Although the surgery took place last week, there have not yet been any public indications as to the nature of the growth. This is definitely something where all fans oughta keep their fingers crossed for ol' Hot Rod until we find out precisely what's going on.
  • Moving over to the SD! side of things.... not a whole lot interesting to report.
    We'll start out with a couple injury updates; first, as noted above, Undertaker worked Survivor Series with a rib injury. The injury happened on the recent tour of Europe, and is probably the sort of thing that Taker will just try to work through as much as possible. Partly because with the state of affairs on SD!, it's not like they can afford to miss him. But mostly because this is the sort of injury that is pretty much gonna hurt like hell no matter what, and the only treatment is wrapping it up tight, anyway, so it's not like he's gonna make it much worse by putting forth token efforts on TV once a week.
    Second, it looks like Dave Taylor is already back from his knee injury, and is set to join William Regal in a concerted charge on the SD! tag titles held by Kendrick and London. Taylor's a few weeks ahead of schedule, but should be a go, assuming the plan is to cut the two teams loose for a match at the Armageddon PPV.
  • The decision has been made as to which Diva WWE will pimp out to Hef next March at WrestleMania Time. Diva Search Ashley will be appearing in Playboy. On the grounds that this will be her second time (same was as we'd already seen Titties McSuperbowl naked last year when she was announced as appearing in the magazine), I'm not quite sure this'll make as big a splash as WWE might hope.
    For the billionth time, when it comes to boobs, there are two ways you can get my attention: (1) make them boobs I haven't seen before, or (2) make them boobs belonging to somebody I fundamentally care about. You're in clear violation of #1, here, and Ashley's unfortunate near-zero rate of progression over the past 18 months makes #2 a rather hard sell, as well.
  • A lot of people have been writing in, wondering what's going on with Kane.... first he was jobbed off of RAW, now he's losing matches to MVP on SD!.
    Well, all I can say is that Kane is a guy who is reportedly eyeballing a Jericho-esque Early Retirement, and may have just one major feud/storyline left in him (something that might come to a head at WM23) but who might otherwise be considered to be expendable at this point. Putting over guys like Umaga and MVP might seem like a sad way to go, but I guess it is the closest thing we have to evidence that Glen Jacobs might honestly be getting ready to settle down and live off his well-saved decade-worth of fat WWF/E checks.
  • And lastly, a bit of ECW... and a shockingly little bit, considering that the brand has its own PPV coming up this weekend. And they've only got one match announced (a six man Elimination Chamber for Big Show's ECW Title).
    But such is life when WWE is intent on making even the easiest things (such as creating a relatively compelling six-match card for a PPV) look like brain surgery. Idiots, the all of them. Wasn't Paul Heyman's party line back in June that "With just two PPVs per year, we'll have unique opportunities that the other two brands don't to build up these long-spanning feuds and storylines and have our PPVs seem really big and climactic by comparison." And here the poor guy is, forced to change the main event a month before the show, and with still only one match announced six days before the event. D'oh.
    Probably the biggest thing to happen in ECW since last we spoke is that Bobby Lashley has joined the ECW roster from SD!, and is one of the six men in the Elimination Chamber. I don't necessarily view this as an inherently bad thing.... but I think it DOES say a lot about how WWE views Rob Van Dam and Sabu as brand-carrying babyfaces, which in turn suggests more of the "brand homogenization" that I've spent way too much time and energy bitching about the past few months. Why have ECW look different, edgier, or more exciting when you can just import a young "project" of a wrestler to polish him back up for a return to SD! or RAW? Bah.
    Then again, there are also reports that Sabu's behavior backstage may be getting spotty (as a result of his diminished role, which makes him lazy and inattentive, which in turn diminishes his role further, and so on and so forth), so who knows if that's playing into things at all? All I'll say is that Sabu and Finlay are 2006's Feelgood/Comeback Stories of the Year, and ECW has resuscitated the now-healthy Sabu on the national stage to the point that if he was dismissed, he'd actually be a valuable pick-up for TNA.
  • The Feelbad Story of the Past Month is ECW TV being one of the most expendable hours of TV in any given week. Largely, from where I sit, due to the unfathomable main event presence of Bob F. Holly, one of a handful of bona fide Human Fast Forward Buttons under contract to WWE.
    It got so bad this past week, that a Holly/RVD Match was greeted first with "boring" chants.... and then later with "TNA, TNA" chants. That, my friends, was a first. And going back to the "Vince is all on edge and acting crazier than normal" thing, you gotta think that it won't sit well with the boss if his "own" fans in NYC are turning against him and acknowledging the existence of another wrestling company for the first time in over five years.
  • And lastly: it's my understanding that the Hardys will remain reunited at least for a little while longer, so that they can team up and fill at least one of the giant gaps on this Sunday's ECW PPV...
    So far, the two plans I've heard bandied about are (1) having London and Kendrick come in from SD! to face the Hardys in what should be a kick-as match, or (2) have MNM reunite (effectively ending the Nitro Solo Experiement) to face the Hardys in a feud that would then be taken back to RAW to help re-establish the tag division there. 
    We shall see, but I'll admit that seeing Matt and Jeff together (and working pretty much at full speed against the FBI) last week on ECW was a thing of beauty. Tag team wrestling ain't looked that good in WWE in a long time.
  • I think that's all for me today, folks.... I'll see you when I see you, and won't even waste your time with rough estimates or empty promises as to when that might be other than to say "it'll be as soon as it can be." But we should still have everybody else's content/columns/recaps going up on a semi-regular basis, so don't completely abandon your OO Duties, kids!
    Later on.... 

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Rick Scaia is a wrestling fan from Dayton, OH.  He's been doing this since 1995, but enjoyed it best when the suckers from SportsLine were actually PAYING him to be a fan.




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