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TNA Impact Goes Prime Time... 
November 4, 2005

by Jason Longshore 
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


TNA’s first Spike TV prime time special kicks off with the standard Impact Zone opening. Where’s my world renowned video package, damn it? Ah, I spoke too soon. This one was definitely worth it, as it was a nice TNA primer for those seeing the promotion for the first time. It kicked off with Elix Skipper’s tightrope walk on the cage. Mike Tenay did the voiceover this time. They showed the

Jarrett/Hogan confrontation from Japan (I’m still shocked Hogan was dumb enough to let TNA use that), Sting in one of his TNA appearances, Raven’s shocking debut, Nash, and Savage. That segued into the new faces of TNA. They showed lots of AJ Styles, Ultimate X, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy’s crazy Swanton from Bound for Glory, the Spike TV debut, Team 3-D, Gail Kim, and Rhino winning the World Title. Great, great, great video and the best way possible to kick off TNA’s first prime time special. It sure beat the hell out of the Best Damned Sports Show guys.

The standard Impact graphics and pyro are up next, followed immediately by…


Hardy comes out crawling down the ramp like the freak that he is. He still sells the Monster’s Ball match injuries in a nice touch though. Hoyt starts things in control, hitting a sidewalk slam on Simon Diamond. David Young and Hardy tag in. Tenay tells everyone watching to call their friends and tell them to turn it to Spike TV. Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind on Young, but only gets two. Sabu comes in, and gets promptly kicked in the back by Elix Skipper. Young and Skipper combine to slam Sabu down hard. The Diamonds show some good teamwork with quick tags. Everybody decides they’ve had enough and it’s an all sixes and sevens in the ring. In the midst of it, Sabu hurts his foot or ankle. Hoyt nails Skipper with a big boot, and Hardy follows up with a Swanton for the victory.

Sabu is limping across the ring when Abyss comes out. Sabu springs off the ropes, but directly into the Black Hole Slam. Hoyt and Hardy come back in the ring and clothesline Abyss out to save their partner.

Back from the commercial break, Shane Douglas is interviewing Jeff Jarrett. He mentions that Larry Zybysko has said that this Jarrett’s final chance. Jarrett says that he hates TNA management and they hate him, his back is against the wall, and about 27 other clichés. He then says he’ll make history, and compares his plight to Neil Armstrong, Isaac Newton, and Thomas Edison. Somebody’s been watching a little too much History Channel. Monty Brown interrupts. He’s none too happy about Jeff getting another title shot and wants to know what he has on Zybysko. Jarrett says that he knows how to the play the game outside the ring better than Monty. Brown says he doesn’t care about that, he just wants the winner of tonight’s title match. He hopes it’s Jarrett, because he wants to beat Jeff for the World Title. Then, he said he was going to go through his upcoming opponent like Alpha Ex-Lax. Monty, please go back to watching the Discovery Channel for your promo ideas and not browsing the aisles at Walgreen’s.


Tenay tells us that Gamble is a former American Gladiator. Rico probably whooped his ass back in the day on that show. Monty looks crazier than usual, if that’s possible. Brown hits a suplex, Crossface punches, a rib breaker, and a fall away slam in the first thirty seconds or so. The crowd chants for the Pounce, so Monty delivers. They chant “one more time,” so he delivers again. The crowd is still not satisfied and wants another Pounce. West says Gamble has “no clue who his Mama is” at this point. Brown finally gets Gamble to his feet and delivers a third Pounce and finally puts poor Brian out of his misery.

Commercials are sandwiched between a Rhino video package and a highlight reel of the X Division.


Shelley looks extra EuroTrash tonight, well done Alex. He starts out with Aries and a Ring of Honor chant breaks out. He takes Austin down and unloads a snot rocket on him. Chris Benoit approved while watching at home. Aries gets the advantage with a corkscrew slingshot splash. He tags in Dutt and they unleash the dreaded Pendulum Elbow Drop of Aries combined with the even more dreaded Sprinkler Elbow Drop of Dutt on a hapless Shelley. Sonjay is even able to hit the Rope Walking Sprinkler Elbow before Shelley has had enough. Shelley takes Dutt down and tags in Joe. I immediately fear for Sonjay’s life. Dutt tries a springboard crossbody block, but Joe calmly walks away from it, leaving Sonjay to crash and burn. Joe tries to take Dutt’s head off with running knees. Daniels prevents the decapitation by blind tagging in, which doesn’t sit too well with Joe. Dutt comes back on Daniels with a sweet arm drag and a hurricanrana, which allows him time to tag in AJ. Styles handles Daniels easily with arm drags, chops, and a drop kick. Joe blind tags himself back in, with no complaints from Daniels. AJ hits a drop toe hold on Joe, followed up by a Reverse Indian Deathlock complete with bridge. Shelley tries to break it up, but gets caught in the Octopus Stretch by Dutt. Daniels decides to come in, but gets caught in some crazy unnamed submission by Aries. It looks really painful though. The holds are finally broken, and Daniels and Shelley are sent to the outside. Aries nails a suicide dive onto both of them. He goes back to the ring, but Joe murders him with a kick on the apron. Joe hits his patented snapmare/chop to chest/kick to back/running knee drop combination for a two count. Aries tries to get away, but Joe nails a super quick powerslam. Daniels tags in, but he gets shoved into Joe. These two are having some issues it seems. Joe and AJ are back in the ring. AJ tries to take Joe down with a forearm smash, but it doesn’t work. He then goes for the Angry Man Running Forearm Smash, but also to no avail. He breaks out the Springboard Super Pissed Flying Forearm Smash, which finally takes Joe off his feet. Shelley comes back, and promptly takes a German suplex for his troubles. Daniels surprises AJ with a nasty backbreaker and STO. Dutt takes Daniels out, but then gets killed by Joe. Aries takes Joe down with a Crucifix Bomb of some sort which looked very cool. He goes to the top, but Shelley tosses him off. Alex then hits a suicide dive on Aries, knocking him up the ramp in the process. Daniels and Joe try to team up to take AJ out, but AJ is able to avoid their charges. They argue, but that gives AJ time to recover. He takes them both out by kicking Daniels into Joe. Shelley tries to take advantage, but ends up eating a Styles Clash and taking the loss.

We’re treated to a Jeff Jarrett video package before the commercial break.

Douglas interviews Rhino when we come back. He really puts over Rhino’s performance at Bound for Glory, hyping the fact that Rhino won the Monster’s Ball match, then outlasted nine others in the Gauntlet, then found a way to beat Jarrett for the World Title. Raven interrupts and says that Rhino will get to see the old Raven that he asked for at the PPV. Before he can say more, Zybysko’s security force ejects Raven from the building while Douglas gives us one of his classic Franchise Faces.

A Team 3-D video precedes…


Young looks terrified coming to the ring. He tries to psyche himself up, but bails out of the ring anyway. Roode decides to start off with Devon. West says that Young has “mad skills” and Tenay follows up by giving him “his props”. I thought this was for Spike, not MTV2. Devon hits his patented shoulder block to the crowd’s delight. Ray comes in, slams Young and follows up with three elbow drops. Young tries to get the better of a slapfest with Ray, but ends up on the losing end. He does gain the advantage with a deep eye rake. It’s short lived though, as Team 3-D sets up their Whazzup headbutt. Roode knocks Devon off the top rope first though before we go to a commercial break.

We come back with some classic Canadian cheating via some outside interference from Coach D’Amore and A-1. Roode chokes Devon on the mat and the Canadians keep the advantage with quick tags. Roode nails Devon with a middle rope knee drop, immediately followed up by a top rope elbow drop by Young. Devon is finally able to tag in Ray after a double clothesline. Ray is fired up, and takes it out by chopping the crap out of Roode. He hits a shoulder block on both Canadians stacked in a corner. A side slam to Young gets two. He scores with a Samoan Drop to Roode and a wicked powerbomb to Young. Roode makes the save at two. Team 3-D hits their standard double team reverse neckbreaker which Ray follows up with his version of the Bionic Elbow. The Canadians on the outside try to interfere, but are stopped by the 3 Live Kru. This allows Ray and Devon to hit the 3-D and finish off Young in the ring.


It’s always nice to kick off things by seeing the lovely Traci. Sabin and Bentley both decide to attack Petey at the outset. After they bicker about who gets to climb the cables first, Petey cleans house. Sabin comes back by dropkicking Petey headfirst into the scaffold. Bentley takes Sabin down from the turnbuckle with a superplex. While they’re both down, Petey and Coach D’Amore stalk Traci at ringside. Those bastards! Bentley saves his girl by taking Petey down and chasing off Canadian Bacon D’Amore. He gets back in the ring in time to stop Sabin from climbing by hitting a swinging neckbreaker off the top rope. Petey hits his patented O Canada Tree of Woe Nut Stomp on Bentley. Sabin returns the favor by strapping Petey in the Tree of Woe and dropkicking him twice. He follows that up with a nice suicide dive to Bentley as we head to commercial.

We come back as Petey slams Sabin’s arm over the top rope. Williams goes to climb, but gets dropkicked off by Sabin. Bentley comes back to slam Sabin’s arm over the top rope again. He goes to climb, but ends up getting powerbombed off the cables by Petey. Petey climbs the turnbuckle, but gets caught with a release German suplex off the top rope by Sabin and now everybody’s dead. Bentley is the first to show life and he goes for the X. Petey tries to grab his legs, but Bentley swings up and hooks them on the cables. Sabin attacks Petey, and lifts him up which gives him another shot at Bentley. Matt kicks Petey off of Sabin’s shoulders, which results in a reverse hurricanrana on Sabin. That was a crazy spot, but it worked. Bentley opens up a proverbial can of whoop ass on Petey. Williams counters with his side Canadian leg sweep. He tries to set up for the Canadian Destroyer, but eats a Bentley superkick instead. Sabin surprises Bentley with his Cradle Shock finisher. He goes to the cables, but can’t climb fast enough due to the injuries to his arm. He tries to gut it out, but Petey yanks him off into an Atomic Drop. Bentley climbs the cables and D’Amore is in to try to stop him. Traci attacks him with a spear of sorts and we have a catfight in the ring. You just know D’Amore loves being on the booking committee, that bastard. Petey and Bentley both go up and chicken fight on the cables. Petey scores with a swift kick to Bentley’s nuts, which sends him to the mat. That gives Williams the opening to grab the X and the title shot at AJ Styles at the Genesis PPV on November 13.

We go quickly to the back where the rest of Team Canada is kicking the 3LK’s ass. Where’s Kip James?

Commercials are followed up with the Tale of the Tape for the World Title match. It’s Rhino’s size advantage against Jarrett’s experience. Both men enter and Jeremy Borash does the big time super special ring introductions. The crowd sure is going nuts for Rhino, they love that guy. We then take the last commercial break before the beginning of the match.


Jarrett scores early with a nice dropkick. This is followed by the classic Jarrett Strut. Rhino chops away, but Jarrett catches him with a drop toe hold. He follows that up with classic heel paint brushing to the back of the head. Scott Hall broke his TV at home. Jarrett was so proud he broke into another Strut, but Rhino interrupted. The ManBeast dumps Jarrett after a press slam. He sets up for the Gore, but Jarrett presses the eject button and gets out of the ring. Rhino follows and we begin Chapter 2 of the Jeff Jarrett Match Textbook. It’s time for brawling around the arena. Rhino highlights this sequence by slamming Jarrett’s head into a chair held by a fan. They get back to the ringside area and Rhino slams Jarrett onto the announce table. I’m still surprised no one has ever broken the announce table in TNA history. Rhino sets up a table at ringside, but gets blindsided by Jarrett. They head back into the ring, with Rhino regaining the advantage. He goes for the Rhino Driver (a piledriver from the second rope), but Gail Kim is out to interrupt. She distracts Rhino with her hot outfit, which gives Jarrett time to shove Rhino off the top rope. Kim then kicks Rhino in the gut on the outside, which was just rude. Jarrett drops Rhino over the rail throat first and sends him back to the ring. Jeff is moving quickly and in control at this point. He uses a couple of hard Irish whips and goes for a bear hug to try to wear Rhino down. Jarrett eventually gets Rhino down with a rear chin lock, but Rhino is able to power out. He nails Jarrett with a Samoan Drop and both men are out. Rhino gets control after they trade punches. Jarrett reverses that with a hard kick to the gut and catches Rhino in his patented Figure 4. After a struggle, Rhino eventually reverses the hold. Gail Kim climbs to the top and tries to break it up with a top rope leg drop, but Rhino avoids it. He sets up Kim for a press slam through the table at ringside, but Jarrett blocks that by rolling Rhino up for a two count. Jeff goes for another pin with his feet on the ropes, but Rudy Charles doesn’t miss the blatant cheating this time. Rudy must have gotten some new contacts recently. Rhino hits a spinebuster on Jarrett for a two count. He nails his belly to belly suplex and gets set for the Gore. Jarrett side steps it again. He also side steps a clothesline attempt that ends up taking out the ref. Kim slides the guitar in to Jarrett, but Rhino stops that by finally hitting the Gore. The ref is out and can’t make the count though. Rhino grabs the guitar, but AMW comes running out. Jarrett nails the distracted Rhino with a low blow and knock him outside. Storm sets up Rhino over the table and Harris nails the Death Sentence through the table. They roll Rhino back in where Jarrett finishes him off with the Stroke to regain the title.

Tenay screams, “Damn it!” While he’s still screaming, we go backstage where we see Team 3-D handcuffed to a rail and bloodied by beer bottles. Hmm, looks like that could be the handiwork of the Urban Cowboy James Storm. We fade to black with Jarrett, Kim, and AMW celebrating in the ring.


· Overall, the show was a good outing by TNA. The six man X Division tag and Ultimate X were definitely showcases for why they call themselves “The New Wrestling Alternative”. You had more actual wrestling on this show than the last two Raws combined.

· The opening video was by far the best one TNA has done and more than served its purpose as an introduction to the promotion. Tenay doing the voiceover gave it more credibility than the wannabe James Earl Jones guy.

· The opening match was solid. Poor Skipper always seems to take the pin for the Diamonds. The storyline build for Abyss and Sabu was good after the match.

· I’m really digging the build for Monty Brown’s eventual World Title win. I like his constant interruptions of Jarrett’s backstage interviews. The multiple Pounces tonight were hilarious. Lose the Ex-Lax talk though, Monty.

· The six man tag was excellent. Alex Shelley is becoming my new favorite. He really seems to becoming the new heel Chris Jericho to me. He pretty much has the facial gestures down now. I liked the build up to the eventual Joe v. Daniels match. Aries was more impressive in this one than in his previous TNA outings as well.

· I, for one, am curious as to where the whole Raven saga is headed. The conclusion better make this slow build worth it.

· The Canada v. Team 3-D match was a solid, by the numbers tag match. Good use of the 3LK to build to their match with the Canadians at Genesis.

· Ultimate X was lots of fun, but seemed even more spotty to me than usual. When the spots are this good though, I don’t really care. Sabin has the plucky underdog routine down to a science at this point, but he needs to start getting some wins somewhere to be taken seriously. These three are almost turning into TNA’s version of the classic ECW triple threat of Tajiri, Super Crazy, and Little Guido. You can always count on them to deliver in the ring and they’ve had enough matches at this point that there’s instant backstory. If you need a great midcard match, just throw these three together and you’re set.

· Rhino v Jarrett was fine. My problem is that I’ve seen that match about 418 times with Jarrett v. (fill in the blank). Jeff is a very good wrestler and I hate that he keeps pulling this same match out. He did show a little more fire tonight than usual, I’ll give him that. Rhino did his job well and the crowd sure was crazy about him, even more than I expected. That guy has NO WWE-reject taint whatsoever.

· Jarrett’s faction with Gail Kim and AMW work really well together. They almost need a name at this point, they should definitely keep working together for the foreseeable future. AMW have become far better heels than I thought possible.

· Traci wins the beauty contest tonight, but just barely over Gail Kim. Spike definitely got their eye candy, that’s for sure. I also have to give a thumbs up to D’Amore for booking himself into a catfight with Traci. C’mon Scott, don’t even try to lie and say that wasn’t your idea.

Due to Ultimate Fighter, Impact is off this weekend. If you missed the show, the replay will be late Monday night and it’s definitely recommended. Impact is back on November 12 to finish the build for the following night’s Genesis PPV. The TNA Posse will be back to hype the PPV and deliver some knowledge next Friday. Until then…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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