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You Want a War? You Got a War...
Kind of. 
December 19, 2005

by Jason Longshore 
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Turning Point marked the final TNA PPV of 2005. The OO Forums TNA Posse started predicting shows mid-way through the year. It was hard fought contest to see who would be the Grand Prognosticator, but Cory Harris won out in the end. He hit on 73% of his picks to my 70%. The bronze medal goes to Brad Smoley with 62%. Missing out on the medal platform are Chris Lopez with

60%, Michael T. Ford with 57%, and Wendell Mitchell with 52%. Cory, your 6-pack of Yoo Hoo is in the mail.

And now, onto this week’s Impact…

The show kicked off this week with a video recap of Turning Point. Tenay and West welcome everyone and start to talk about the Sting video that played at the end of the PPV, but Jeff Jarrett’s music hits. He’s quite the master of interrupting Tenay. Tenay has no answers for Jarrett’s questions about Sting, so Jarrett says that the war is on.

Samoa Joe’s music hits for his match and he makes his way to the ramp. Jarrett is on his way to the back when they cross paths for the first time. Joe stares at Jarrett’s title and Jarrett looks more than a little uneasy. Very interesting…


Tenay says that Lethal is 20, but he doesn’t look a day over 12 to me. Lethal starts off with all sorts of fire and pizzazz and even arm drags Joe. Joe doesn’t take too kindly to that and starts with the kick fest. Lethal comes back with a one footed flipping dropkick. He follows that up with a sweet spinning heel kick. Joe has had enough of the preteen at this point and puts an end to the rally with an atomic drop. He follows that up with a running big boot that demolishes Lethal. The senton splash is up next and Joe is officially a house of fire. Lethal tries to come back, but a snap powerslam puts an end to that nonsense. Joe tosses Lethal into the corner and ends it with his Muscle Buster/Kokina Clutch combination.

After commercials, it’s time for Shane Douglas to interview Konnan and Ron Killings. Douglas wants to know why Konnan blasted both Kip and BG with chairshots at Turning Point. K-Dawg says that he never trusted Kip and knew that he’d eventually get to BG. He said that BG doesn’t decide who’s family. Killings also asks Konnan why. The Truth says that Konnan should have come to him with his concerns because Killings has always been the one to keep the peace. He says that all he knows is that he’s done with the situation before he walks off. Konnan tells Douglas that Ron’s just mad and he’ll sort everything out.


Shelley is accompanied by a camera and tripod, Bentley is accompanied by Traci in a red dress. Tenay talks about the greatness of Turning Point over the top of the beginning of this match, which was pretty distracting. Bentley takes control of the early going, highlighted by a dropkick from the second rope. Shelley comes back with a spin kick that takes Bentley down. Alex follows up with his silly face stomp deal that looks like it could be an outtake from Brokeback Mountain. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it sure looked stupid in a wrestling match. Bentley gets tossed into the corner, Shelley springboards off the opposite corner and hits Matt with a double running knee to the chest. This is followed up by a sweet tornado DDT for a two count. Shannon Moore shows up, standing on top of the entrance with a sign that says, “The X Division needs to get PUNK’D.” What is he, Ashton Kutcher’s flunky now? Actually, Tenay calls him “The Prince of Punk,” which is even worse. He looks more like a reject from Billy Idol’s CyberPunk days to me, but that’s enough about Shannon. Shelley is distracted by Moore and Bentley takes advantage with an enziguiri for two. A Flatliner also gets a two count. Shelley comes back with a rather odd looking roll-up that gets the win out of nowhere. Bentley and Traci are furious while Alex celebrates.

Douglas is following Jarrett around while he’s trying to figure out who’s on his side in this war he’s concocted. They go get AMW and decide to go try to find Monty Brown. Gail Kim shows up, and Shane Douglas responds with Franchise Face #34 (the one of shock). Jarrett asks where she’s been, Gail responds with questions about Jackie Gayda, Jarrett says, “It’s not what you think.” He says they’ll talk later.

We are treated on return from commercials with a close up of Abyss’ arm after the Barbed Wire Massacre match. Cuts, stitches, and scabs galore, hooray! James Mitchell talks about how Abyss has given more than anyone else on the roster, but can’t get in line for a title show. He takes shots at Raven, Rhino, and Monty during this rant. He says that Abyss’ goal is to win the NWA World Title. Coach D’Amore interrupts the party and says he has a business proposal for Mitchell and Abyss.


Doering is one of they guys I missed on the pre-show of Turning Point. He is a survivor of TNA’s academy that they started during their days in Nashville at the Asylum. He looks like a less goofy Heidenreich to me. Rhino starts off by pretty much beating the crap out of Doering. Rhino tosses Doering into the corner and pounds away on him. Doering tries to come back with a few punches, but Rhino comes back with a clothesline to take him down. They haven’t even went two minutes and Doering looks like he has a puke on deck. Rhino shoulderblocks him into the corner and follows up with the Gore for the win.

Rhino grabs a mic and says, “Son, I just kicked your ass, bitch.” Rhino must now be given a mic after every match. The crowd chants, “You got screwed,” to Rhino. He talks about how he beat Jarrett’s ass all over the Impact Zone and made him bleed. He says that their paths will cross again, but he’s coming after Team Canada now. He wants to go through each and every one of them until he gets to that “fat little bastard” Coach D’Amore.

Jarrett checks in with the Diamonds in the Rough, who pledge their support to Jarrett’s war. He wishes them luck in their match with Team 3-D. Gail Kim shows up again and still wants to talk. Jarrett still has no time for her, there’s a war on, damn it!

After commercials, Douglas is in Larry Zybysko’s office. He asks Larry about how he lost it and went after Raven at Turning Point. Larry says that TNA management is sick of this saga and wants it ended. At Final Resolution in January, Zybysko will choose an opponent and type of match for Raven. If Raven wins, he will get a shot at the NWA World Title. If Raven loses, he’s gone from TNA.


Team 3-D comes out fired up and takes the early advantage. Elix tries to change that by flipping back into the ring from the apron, but Brother Ray beats him to the clothesline. Young tries to help Elix out, but he gets knocked to the floor. Devon press slams Skipper to the floor as we go to commercial.

Simon Diamond gets involved when we come back, tripping Ray while he’s trying to bounce off the ropes. Elix and Young takes turns beating on Ray. Dave Hebner shows up on the ramp, taking notes on something. I presume it’s the match, but it could be how many fans are eating cotton candy for all I know. Elix kicks Ray repeatedly in the chest, to which Ray responds with, “Bring it on you son of a bitch!” Ray comes back with punches, but Elix takes him down with a forearm. He then also knocks Devon off the apron. The Diamonds are masters of the heel imaginary tag. Young and Skipper repeatedly double team Ray, who does a much better Ricky Morton impression that you’d think. Ray goes for a pin out of nowhere, shockingly flipping over with a bridge. Skipper kicks out, but eventually walks right into a Bubba Bomb. Devon gets the hot tag and beats the crap out of both Young and Skipper. Devon has the best flying shoulder block in the business, and he uses it to great effect on both of the Diamonds. Young gets caught with his trademark move, the Spinebuster, but Elix saves him from the pin. Ray comes in and they hit a reverse 3-D on Young. Diamond tries to get involved again, but Skipper knocks him off the apron. While Skipper’s standing on the second rope to check on him, Ray grabs him and Devon hits the Dudley Device. Young comes back and eats a 3-D to take the loss.

Jarrett is talking with Team Canada in the back. D’Amore says that he found Monty, but Monty wanted no part of him. Gail Kim was still pouting, but Jeff still didn’t have time for her. They headed to the ring as we headed to the last commercial break.

They show footage of Jarrett (wearing the same outfit as he is on Impact) and AJ Styles at the Video Game Awards. They also mention Jarrett talking to The Rock backstage at the event. Nice tease, TNA…

Jarrett, AMW, Gail Kim, Team Canada, James Mitchell, and Abyss are all in the ring. Jarrett rants and raves about how TNA management has brought in Rhino, Team 3-D, and Christian Cage over the last few months. Jarrett says he’s bringing a war to TNA management and asks everyone in the ring to pledge their allegiance to him. Everyone does, so Jarrett calls out Monty Brown. The Alpha Male comes out and says TNA management has not let him run wild. He says they’ve held him back. He says he’s never liked Jarrett, and that Jarrett’s a liar, but what he’s saying has some merit. He also compliments him on “stepping his dress game up.” Monty says that he’s all in with Jarrett and his troops and they hug it out.

The lights go out and the scorpion symbols are on all the screens. They go the face ramp where Christian, Rhino, and Team 3-D are all standing. They have a stare down as we fade to black.


· The Jarrett/Samoa Joe staredown was a pretty cool moment. Joe looked like he might want to take Jarrett’s belt while Jarrett looked like he just wet himself. I’m interested to see if there’s more behind it, or if it was just a one time thing.

· I had never seen Jay Lethal before. In the little bit he was able to show here, he wasn’t too shabby. Of course, Joe killed him, but it wasn’t an absolute squash.

· So, Killings is striking out on his own it seems. I fully support that. He needs a feud pronto, one that has nothing to do with the 3/4 Live Kru. Konnan and BG can keep trying to get him back with them, but he should just stay out of it. Although the logical choice is for him to get in line for a NWA World Title shot, that scene’s pretty crowded right about now. How pissed would people be if he goes after the X Title? I’m kind of intrigued by a Joe v. Truth match.

· EuroTrash Alex Shelley is slowly becoming Chris Jericho. And that’s definitely a good thing. His match with Bentley was quite good. Alex is starting to position himself as the top of the X Division midcard.

· Damn, Abyss’ arm was all sorts of cut up. That guy is about 95% insane to take some of the abuse he does. Mitchell’s promo about how much Abyss has given to TNA was great, and very true.

· I want a Rhino promo every week after his, “Son, I just kicked your ass, bitch.” line. If he’s trying to go through Team Canada, I’m looking forward to the eventual match with Bobby Roode. Save it for PPV and give it about ten minutes and it should be very good.

· I really liked the Diamonds v. 3-D match. The Diamonds have become a nice little heel stable and crowd obviously loves Ray and Devon. It was nice to see them in a match with no tables, chairs, or other extreme violence. They don’t get enough credit for their ability to have good matches without that stuff.

· Pouting Gail Kim was kind of funny, but I still hope we don’t learn in this story that Jarrett is a pimp or porn star or something similar.

· Mitchell changed his suit in mid-show. He was wearing a red suit during the early interview with Abyss and Douglas, but switched to a blue one during the in-ring promo with Jarrett and co. I guess he didn’t want to blend in with the Canadians.

· I like James Storm’s new habit of wearing his NWA World Tag Team title belt backwards. I guess he’s too drunk to notice.

· I don’t like Monty joining up with Jarrett (again). He’s just never struck me as that sort of character, he works better as a loner. Unless he’s going to somehow get a title shot through his affiliation with Jarrett, he comes out as a loser in this. Monty would have to help Jarrett take out Rhino, Christian, and Sting; then fend off Abyss for the chance. That’s not going to happen, so I hate this move.

· I don’t really care about Shannon Moore showing up, we’ll see how that works out. Where are they going with Dave Hebner’s note taking?

I think that’s about it from me. I’ll see y’all next week with the Christmas Eve Impact recap. Will Santa deliver a Stinger? Until then…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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