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Double C is On the Case 
December 28, 2005

by Jason Longshore 
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


I could complain about working retail during the holidays, but I’m sure everybody already knows the suck that entails. Instead, I will use my preamble to complain about the Atlanta Falcons not making the playoffs this year. Specifically, I will complain about them throwing a pass up for grabs on third down with two yards to go, with no good play designed to get the first down, with about a minute left 

in overtime. Additionally, a tie would have kept them alive in the playoffs while a loss would automatically eliminate them. They decide to throw this stupid pass, it’s incomplete and it stops the clock. The Bucs had a good return on the punt and worked their way down into field goal position to end the Falcons’ season. After the game, our coach threw his headset when the radio announcers asked him about the play and almost hit one of our female sideline reporters. Maybe you wouldn’t be so pissed off if you hadn’t called such a stupid play, Jim. Anyway, all the Falcons have to play for now is beating Carolina on New Year’s Day to secure their first back to back winning seasons in franchise history. They’ve got some work to do before next season if they want to get back to the top level of the NFC. Now I’m left pulling for anybody to beat the Colts, because of my hatred for Peyton Manning…

Enough football talk, on to Impact…

We kick off the episode with a nice video recap of last week’s show and the sides being chosen in the War of Double J.

Matt BentleyClaus and his little helper Traci come out to the ring. I have no problems with any excuse to put Traci on my TV, but I have to get extra props to whoever decided to put her in a Santa outfit. Happy Holidays, indeed! And now back to your regularly scheduled programming…

Christian’s music hits and he’s out, worried that he won’t be getting the presents on his Christmas list. He knows that he’s recently moved and wants to make sure Santa isn’t forgetting about him. Christian knows that he’s going to be the World Champion one day, but he’s worried that he might not look the part. Santa didn’t forget about him though, he gives him a big gift. Christian can’t wait for Christmas morning and opens the package right away. He pulls out a pair of white pants, much like NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett would wear. That’s followed by a classic “Don’t Piss Me Off” T-shirt, stupid looking sunglasses, and an even dumber looking blonde wig. Christian says that he might look the part, but he still needs help. He knows that the champion can’t win matches by himself, he needs people to help him out. Santa says he doesn’t have time for another gift because he has “things to do”, while looking at Traci. This prompts a “Stuff her Stocking” chant from the crowd. Santa does give Christian a sweet silver ukulele though. Christian asks the crowd if he looks like a champion or if he looks like a jackass. This prompts Jarrett and Monty Brown to come out. They double team Christian, but he ducks the double clothesline. He then mocks Jarrett’s strut before bailing out of the ring. The lights go down and the scorpions flash on the video screens with Tenay screaming about Sting coming to TNA.

We come back from commercial with Shane Douglas interviewing Christopher Daniels. Daniels says that he will regain “his” X Division title by beating Samoa Joe at Final Resolution in January. Daniels says that there’s nothing Joe can do to him to stop him.


Alex Shelley brings out the Shelley Cam to catch the action. Young is still a little skittish, he reminds me of my roommate’s cat. He should be called Butters. Shannon Moore is also back, standing on top of the entrance area with his sign. Oh yeah, there was also a match. Young takes advantage of Moore’s distraction, which forces Daniels to bail. Daniels wins the slugfest and drops Young with a Rock Bottom of sorts. He follows that up with the Best Moonsault Ever, but D’Amore distracts the ref. Daniels ends up getting the Angel’s Wings and the win.

After commercials, Douglas is with BG James, Kip James, and Bullet Bob Armstrong. The Bullet is not happy with what happened with the Kru, but thinks they can all forgive and forget. BG and Kip aren’t so sure. Armstrong says he’s going to talk to The Truth tonight and try to get that part of it settled.


The Monster takes the early control with his strength advantage. Sabin goes for an arm drag, but Abyss just slings Chris across the ring. Sabin scores with some punches, but Abyss takes him down with a shoulder block. Sabin decides to go with kicks, which work much better. He takes him down with dropkicks, enziguiris, and sweet kick to the back of the head while Abyss is on his knees. They go outside the ring where Sabin counters a choke slam with a hurricanrana. Abyss counters that with the classic “I’m Going to Swing this Guy’s Head Into the Steps” move. Dave Hebner is taking notes again, wearing a TNA Impact logo shirt. They go back to the ring, where Abyss scores with his silly corner charge. Sabin comes back with another enziguiri, followed up by a missile dropkick, but he can’t take Abyss down. He finally does with a sweet tornado DDT. Sabin decides to try the Cradle Shock, but he can’t lift Abyss. He springs off the second rope for another tornado DDT, but Abyss counters it into the Black Hole Slam for the win.

The follow commercials with a video package of Sonjay Dutt, Simon Diamond, and Shark Boy on their tour of India a few months back. They mention that TNA gets big ratings in India. The segment was called Global Impact and they hype a package from some Australian shows that some TNA wrestlers were on. Good package.


Tough Enough Kenny is back! Killings comes to the ring to his old 3LK music and does his usual dance. Kenny ignores rule #37 in TNA, “Never Interrupt The Truth’s Dancing”, and attacks him before the bell. King is in total control of the match until Killings levels him with an awesome dropkick off the top rope. The Truth follows that up with his patented split followed by a spin kick maneuver, a front suplex, and an axe kick to get the win.

Post match, Bullet Bob comes to the top of the ramp to applaud Killings. Before he can speak, Ron tells him, “No disrespect,” but he’s through with the whole situation. Bob just looks sad and walks away. Poor Bullet.

Commercials are followed by an excellent video package of the Raven/Zybysko feud. Raven had some really good overdubs on this, saying something about not bringing his “girlfriend” into this.


Ref Rudy Charles seems to have actually grown a set and sends James Storm to the back before the match starts. He lets Gail Kim stay, I guess he was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction or something. Sadly, Christian is back to his regular gear and not still in the Jeff Jarrett get-up. Kim grabs Christian as he bounces off the ropes and he goes to the outside after her. Harris surprises him with a clothesline, following that up by dropping Christian on the guardrail. Back in the ring, Harris stays in control with a double axe handle off the top rope and a delayed vertical suplex. Christian tries to come back with some punches, but Harris stays in control by dropping him neck first across the top rope. Harris goes for another double axe handle, but Christian punches him in the gut instead. An enziguri by Cage gets a two count. He follows that up with a tornado DDT for another two count. Christian goes to the top rope, but Kim grabs his foot. Harris goes up for a superplex, but gets dropped to the mat by Cage. Christian goes for the frog splash, but comes up empty. Christian sets up for the Unprettier, but Harris blocks it by trying to gouge Cage’s eyes out. Harris scores with a Full Nelson Slam and Kim tosses him his handcuffs. He wraps them around his fist, brass knuckle style, but Christian ducks the punch. A reverse DDT by Cage gets two. Kim distracts the ref long enough for the Drunken Cowboy James Storm to return and blast Christian with one of the tag title belts. Christian somehow kicks out at two again. Harris goes for the Catatonic, but Christian escapes. He goes for the Unprettier again, but Harris tosses him off to the ropes where Storm is standing. Storm holds him neck first across the rope, but Christian escapes the attempted splash by Harris. The Wildcat ends up headbutting Storm’s nether regions, much to the fans’ delight. This gives Christian the opening and he finally hits the Unprettier and gets the victory.

Jarrett is back and he surprises Christian. He, AMW, and Monty Brown beat the living hell out of Cage. Jarrett screams, “Merry Christmas!” as he blasts Christian with a chair. AMW set him up for the Pounce, which knocks Christian across the ring. Jarrett drags him over to give him The Stroke on the title belt. Tenay reminds us to come back next week on New Year’s Eve for another edition of Impact, followed up by THE FIRST WRESTLING MATCH OF 2006 at midnight. Of course, said match was actually taped in 2005, but anyway…


· All comments about Traci’s Santa outfit aside, the opening sketch was excellent. It played off of comments about Jarrett that Christian has made in the past. The crowd was actually good with their “Double C” and “Stuff Her Stocking” chants. Ol’ Double C might want to work on Jarrett’s strut a little bit, but all in all, it was quite good.

· Eric Young’s comedic character is good, but I’d like to see him get time to actually wrestle now and again. He’s too good to be a complete joke. His match with Daniels just didn’t have enough time.

· I thought Daniels’ interview with Shane Douglas was the best work he’s done as a face since he’s been in TNA. He did a great job of making you want to pull for him against Joe at Final Resolution. If Joe isn’t going to take the extra step to make you pull against him, at least the face is going to make you pull for him.

· On the other hand, AMW have done a great job at getting over as heels since their turn. The crowd was really against Harris in the main event. It wasn’t just that they were pulling for Christian either, Harris drew a lot of boos for things he did.

· I’m glad they’re keeping Killings out of the Kru drama at this point. It’s a good opportunity for him to break away and do his own thing. The James Gang v. Konnan and his amigos will be fine for a feud. Now that they’ve FINALLY pulled the trigger on this, I’m liking the direction it’s headed.

· The Sabin v. Abyss match was very good. Sabin is one of the best today at playing the underdog against a bigger opponent. While it didn’t get the same amount of time, his performance was as strong here as it was against Samoa Joe in their PPV match. Abyss doesn’t even seem like the same person he was when he first showed up in TNA, he’s improved so much.

· Thumbs up to Global Impact. I’ve heard rumblings of TNA’s excellent ratings around the world, this is a good opportunity for them to pat themselves on the back a bit.

· Is Tough Enough Kenny the new Buck Quartermain?

· I’m glad Raven finally referenced this “girlfriend” of his, even if it was in a voice over. That video package was exactly what this feud needed. The match at Final Resolution needs to live up to the amount of time this feud has taken, I’m not sure if it can. Are they bringing Sandman back again for that? I’m not sure who else it could be at this point.

· Very good main event, with lots of it due to the heel work by Harris I’ve already mentioned. He’ll be a top notch singles wrestler when they go that route with him. AMW are so good as a team though, I don’t want to see it anytime soon.

· Thumbs up to the classic heel beatdown to end the show. Christian needed to be shown up a bit because he really hasn’t been yet. It puts more heat on Jarrett’s Army as they get ready for the arrival of Sting.

· Overall, this was a very good edition of Impact, one of the best I would say. Two good matches, two short inoffensive ones, good video packages that advanced storylines, and good work on the mic. Fine work, I’m just wondering how many people saw it since it was on Christmas Eve. Hopefully the Monday replay will draw another good rating.

That’s it for me. I’ll be back next week with the New Year’s Eve Impact recap at some point. It won’t be New Year’s Day, that’s for sure. I’ll watch Impact on the DVR after I emerge from a New Year’s Eve party induced deep sleep. An open bar can be dangerous, I must say.

Until then…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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