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AJ Styles May Be a Street-Fightin' Man...
But What in the Hell is Shannon Moore? 
January 23, 2006

by Jason Longshore 
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


I have nothing of import to say here in this weekís rambling preamble. The weather has sucked here in Atlanta all weekend, canceling our soccer games this weekend. Iíve been trying to get some work done at home, and catching up on some much needed rest. Iím relearning how tough starting a new job can be and it wore me out this past week. Enough about me, itís time for TNA and ImpactÖ

We kick off the show this week with Don West stalking Sting in the parking lot. After the opening graphics, we go straight to the first match.


The dastardly Diamonds attack before the bell rings. The fight is on and Skipper gets tossed to the outside. Young is taken down and Sabin powerbombs Dutt onto him. Dutt scores with kicks, but Coach Simon interferes from the outside. Elix flips in and levels him with a clothesline. The Diamonds double team Dutt, getting a two count. Duttís finally able to get the tag after a hurricanrana to Young. Sabin hits his cool combo kick to Skipper/tornado DDT to Young. Dutt comes in with a missile dropkick on Skipper. He follows that up with his flipping reverse DDT on Young. Sabin sets Elix up in the Tree of Woe and does his nasty basement dropkick to Skipperís face. Meanwhile, Sonjay nails the Hindu Press for the win over Young.

Shane Douglas is interviewing AJ Styles backstage. He says that AJ will have a match with Samoa Joe at Against All Odds. AJ makes fun of Shannon Moore, and who can blame him? Daniels shows up to complain about AJ throwing in the towel on him against Joe. Daniels says that it wasnít his decision to make. AJ says that he did it for Danielsí family because he knew he wouldnít have tapped. Daniels said that heís lucky to have a friend like AJ, but for some reason I just donít believe him.

Commercials, including a Jackie Gayda Morphoplex one that looks like it was shot with a twenty year old video camera, are up next.

Now itís Shane Douglasí turn to stalk the Stinger. He promises to get the first words with Sting when he arrives.


The totally random team of the night award goes to Sharky, Hoyt, and the Truth. Sharky takes control early on Petey. Eric Young tags in and gets the Dreaded Ass Bite of Doom, which he sells rather humorously. Killings tags in and a powerslam on Young gets a two count. A1 comes in to rain on Truthís parade, dropping him with a rib breaker. All of Team Canada, including Coach DíAmore, put the beat down on poor Killings. Young works Killingsí arm, even mocking his breakdancing skills. Everyone knows you donít mock the Truthís dancing abilities, and he drops Young with a stunner. Hoyt gets the hot tag, he cleans house. He kills Young with a chokeslam. A pumphandle slam on Petey almost ends it, but A1 breaks it up. Sharky tags back in and goes for the Dead Sea Drop on Petey. Young breaks it up, but eats a hurricanrana for his efforts. That gives Petey all the time he needs though, a Canadian Destroyer finishes off Sharky.

A Samoa Joe video package brings us back from commercials. This is followed by a video recap of the Jackie Gayda/Jeff Jarrett situation.


Well, Kipís hair is different from the PPV. Note, I didnít say better. Kenny and Kip fight it out at first, before Kip uses his size and strength advantage. BG and Buck tag in, with BG in complete control. Kenny shows a little chutzpah and attacks Kip, but the former Mr. Ass takes care of it. He hits the One & Only to finish off the match.

Before they can even properly celebrate, Konnan shows up on the video screen with Homicide. He says that itís BG and Kipís fault that Ron wonít talk to him and he wants to settle all of this at Against All Odds.

Shane Douglas is with Larry Zybysko, wanting to know where Sting is. Larry says that Sting is delayed and will be on Impact next week. He also says that they will announce Jarrettís opponent at Against All Odds next week. He denies that thereís any problems with Sting, first to Shane and then to an interrupting Monty Brown. Brown says Larry is just trying to delay things. Monty grabs the official clipboard out of Larryís hands and says that heís taking it to Jarrett.

After commercials, we get a Shannon Moore video package. Christopher Daniels also joins the commentary team for the next match.


AJ is not having it and attacks Moore with the quickness. He tosses the Prince of Punk to the floor and beats on him out there as we go to an early commercial.

As we come back, Moore is sick of getting whooped, so he grabs a chair. AJ cuts him off. AJ goes for a suplex, but Moore fights him off. Shannon grabs a drink from a fan and throws it in AJís face. He tosses Styles over the guardrail and they brawl up through the crowd. AJ tosses Moore off the bleachers and follows up with a dive on him on the floor. Alex Shelley is out with the ShelleyCam now. AJ tosses Moore and a chair into the ring, but Moore grabs the chair. He sets it up in the middle of the ring, but AJ reverses him off the rope into the dreaded drop toe hold on a chair. Raven broke his TV at home watching. Styles is really pissed now and wraps the chair around Mooreís neck and tosses him into the steel post. Samoa Joe is now out to watch too. Moore blocks another suplex attempt and takes AJ down. He wraps the chair around AJís leg and goes up top. AJ is able to get his leg up and Shannon eats some steel. Moore reverses an attempted Styles Clash, turning it into a single leg Boston Crab. Lance Storm is now breaking his TV at home. On commentary, Daniels says that heís worried about AJ and he goes to the ring to throw in the towel. The ref has no clue whatís going on. AJ and Daniels exchange words, which gives Moore a chance to roll AJ up for a sneaky win.

After commercials, Team 3D is with Shane Douglas. They say that they were robbed of the tag titles. Zybysko shows up and Devon says that they want to take care of AMW and Team Canada. Larry says that he has to answer to management, and that they need to figure out who they want first at the next PPV.

Christian is in the ring, saying that he just spoke to Sting on the phone. Sting couldnít make it because he was watching Monty and Jeffís life story, Brokeback Mountain. No seriously, Sting will be here with a major announcement next week. Jarrett shows up and Christian informs him that the crowd thinks that he sucks. Jarrett doesnít care about Sting and his big announcement, he cares about who heíll be facing for the World Title at Against All Odds. He runs down all the challengers heís defeated, says that they could even bring in Chris Jericho to face him, and it wouldnít matter. He says that heíll send Christian back down to the midcard if itís him.

Themís fightiní words and the brawl is on. Christian takes control, but Monty comes out to help Jeffy out. Rhino is out next to even up the sides. They clear the ring and Rhino tries to grab the contract. Christian puts his foot on to stop him though. Meanwhile, Abyss shows up. Jarrett grabs Christian to trip him up and Abyss and Rhino brawl to the outside. Monty is back in the ring and he grabs the contract. He hits about 947 facial expressions before settling on the ďHmm, how interesting?Ē one as the show ends.


I was back at the Brewhouse for the show Saturday night and will try to include some reactions from watching it there. Thereís no sound there, but they do put it on a good number of TVís. The bartenders were especially into it this time around.

The opening match was a fun one. At least two different people wanted to know why Sabin has an alien on the ass end of his tights. Any ideas on that?

Everybody liked the action in the match. Sabinís kick/tornado DDT move was a hit, as were Duttís flipping reverse DDT and the Hindu Press.

I really like the AJ/Daniels situation. TNA has played it right and is letting the fans make their decision before tipping their hand. From my viewing of the Joe v. Daniels match, AJ made the right decision in throwing in the towel to stop it. I can understand why Daniels would be upset about it, and I would think that heís being unfair to AJ, who was just trying to do the right thing. However, the fans at the Impact Zone sure seem to be on Danielsí side of the argument. Either way, it sets up some good drama between the two. I have no problem with them doing anything that leads to another AJ v. Daniels match. Although I would like to put in an early request for a 60 minute Iron Man match this time around.

Shark Boy was definitely the fan favorite at the Brewhouse, everybody loved him and they were all disappointed he lost the match.

I guess I like the fact Killings is completely separate from the James Gang/LAX stuff, but Iíd rather him do something a little more interesting.

Kip James has possibly the dumbest hair in wrestling today.

In addition to his stupid hair, he needs to get a new catchphrase quick. Donít steal BGís old, original TNA catchphrase of ďGet it, got it, good.Ē Especially donít steal it and put after the line: ďIíve got three words for ya!Ē Itís bad when I can read his lips at the bar and know that heís a dumbass.

Tough Enough Kenny has replaced Lex Lovett as TNAís #1 Jobber to the Stars.

Negative points to TNA for throwing to commercial about one minute into the street fight. Put it in before the match if thereís no good spot to edit in the match. It really killed the flow of the match on TV.

I was pretty disappointed with the match in general. The commercial break sure didnít help, but I thought the action was just a little weak overall. At least AJ didnít wear chick jeans for the street fight. They were a little fancy, yes, but they were made for guys. I still say that a street fight is one of the few times that you should break out the Wrangler Jeans.

My booking of the Team 3D situation would go like this. They challenge AMW to their specialty at Against All Odds, the Six Sides of Steel cage match. In the meantime, they run in on a Team Canada match and decimate them. That can culminate with a 3D on Coach DíAmore through a table.

The main event promo/brawl was okay. Montyís facial expressions at the end made up for a lot of it. Itís great when you donít have to hear the announcers explain what youíre seeing, but you can read everything thatís going on on Montyís face. He somehow topped Shane Douglas on the facial expression scale, something that I thought wasnít humanly possible.

Overall, the show was definitely a mixed bag. It was a little light on the wrestling side. I donít mind that in general, but the other stuff wasnít overly fascinating either. It just seemed like a bit of a placeholder show.

Thatís all from me. Impact is back next Saturday night at its usual time and Iíll be back on Monday with the recap. Until thenÖ


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.


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