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A Big Title Change, and a "Little" Debut
April 15, 2006

by Jason Longshore 
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


TNA decided to experiment with their Thursday night debut. Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels were booked to kick off the show. They decided to start the show with the match in progress, and post the opening four minutes or so online on TNAís website. Go check that out if you like, this recap will begin with the broadcastÖ


They jump in live with Joe kicking Danielsí head into the guardrail and Daniels bleeding all over the place. Thatís one way to do it. They go to highlights of the match before they went on the air. Joe tossed Daniels headfirst into the ringpost, thatís where Daniels was busted wide open. They get into the ring and Daniels is a mess. Joe is just smirking at him as he walks around, kicking him in the head. Daniels tries to fight back, but Joe kicks him in the chest and bites the open cut. Joe is a sick bastard. More pummeling for Daniels. Joe tears at the cut some more, and then hits his chop/kick/knee drop combo for a two count. Daniels tries another comeback, but gets taken down with running kick to the head. Joe beats on Daniels in the corner with punches and chops. If this were UFC, the ref wouldíve stopped it because Daniels couldnít defend himself. Joe breaks out a Mongolian chop to my delight. Joe drops him again with an enziguiri kick. Itís facewash time, that has to be it. Joe gets greedy and goes for a second one, but Daniels cuts him off with a leg whip. Daniels goes at Joe in the corner, but Joe drops him with a slam as we head to a commercialÖ

Joe powerbombs Daniels as we come back, Daniels kicks out at two, but Joe turns it into a Boston Crab, then an STF. Daniels tries to fight out, and Joe turns it into a modified Rings of Saturn. Daniels escapes and Joe looks a bit upset. The crowd tries to get behind Daniels, which just serves to piss Joe off. Daniels comes back with three enziguris. He looks a little wobbly though. Daniels is fired up after a nasty jawbreaker. A diving clothesline from the top gets a two count for Daniels. A huge hurricanrana off the top send Joe across the ring, but only get another two count. Joe comes back with an Atomic Drop, followed up by a running kick. Joe goes for the senton, but Daniels blocks with his knees. Daniels charges, but Joe powerslams him for two. Daniels takes Joe down with a Blue Thunder Bomb (I think thatís what he calls it) for another two count. They trade shots in the ring. Daniels drops Joe with the STO and hits the BME, but Joe kicks out again at the last possible moment. Holy crap, this is how you kick off a show. Daniels sets Joe up on the corner, but Joe blocks the superplex. Joe comes off the top rope with what Tenay called an Island Driver off the top rope, a move Joe hasnít ever done in TNA, to get the pin. Joe is the new X Division champ.

The lights go out, except for a spotlight on Joe. The Sabu video plays as Joe doesnít look so happy.

Borash is all excited in the back like a schoolgirl. Sting shows up screaming. Heís possibly even more excited than Borash. Itís showtime, folks!

Tenay and West say their hellos. Tenay throws it to a video package with Christian Cage. Poor Cage is upset about his wife being stalked by Mitchell and Abyss. He talks about his life flashing before his eyes when Abyss was holding his head underwater during the infamous pool fight.


Ray comes out carrying an American flag. Harris and Storm come out in jeans and wifebeaters rather than their usual gear. Ray hits a double splash on Harris and Storm. Gail and Jackie start fighting in the ring for some reason. Gail slaps the snot out of Jackie. AMW takes control as head to a commercial.

Devon and Harris are brawling when we come back. Why are they enforcing tags in a street fight? Harris takes Devon down with a clothesline and tags in Storm. Devon drops them both with a double clothesline. He gets the hot tag to Ray. Storm and Harris both get tossed to the outside and the brawl is on again. A fan holds up a chair for Ray to slam Stormís head into. Ray rips Stormís wifebeater and then hits his patented open hand chest slap. Devon tosses Harris back over the guardrail and decks him with a title belt. Ray broke one of the bleacher walls with Stormís head. Harris evens the fight with a low blow to Devon. Devon tosses Harris into the guardrail. Ray and Storm fight in the ring. Devon comes in to help hit the Whazzzzzzup Headbutt, but Harris pushes Devon off the top. Storm levels Devon with a superkick, but Ray tosses him over the top rope. Harris comes back with a clothesline on Ray. Ray misses his senton from the middle rope. Harris crushes Ray with a trash can shot to the head. They set up for the Death Sentence on Devon on the trash can, but Ray pushes Harris off the top. They hit the 3D on Storm, but the ref gets pulled out at two. Petey Williams and the rest of Team Canada shows up to screw Team 3D again. They bring in a table as the bell rings to throw out the match.

Devon gets set up on the table, but the former Spike Dudley shows up to toss Eric Young off the top rope. He hits the Acid Drop (Tenay uses that name) on A1. He celebrates as Ray and Devon hit the 3D on Roode through the table. The crowd goes nuts, Tenay even loses his voice for a second heís so excited.

A recap of the Sting storyline brings us back from commercials.

Borash is in the bad guy locker room with Jarrett and the crew. He asks Jarrett how heís going to respond to Stingís challenge. Jarrett says heís going to teach Sting a lesson, but he decides to do so by putting Eric Young in the match instead. Eric doesnít look very happy about his big chanceÖ


Eric could be weeping on his way to the ring. DíAmore tries to pump him up, but I donít think itís helping. Tenay is possible wetting himself at the broadcast table as Sting comes out. Itís sad when West is the more restrained of the two. Eric Young bails when the bell rings. DíAmoreís pep talk gets him back in the ring, but only for a few seconds. Alex Shelley comes out to film the match. Young tries to fight, but Sting no sells the punches and chops. He yells at Young and Eric nearly breaks into tears. Sting tosses him over the top rope, and follows him out with a plancha. Sting slams everybody into guardrails, Shelley included. He goes for a Stinger Splash on Young, but catches the guardrail instead. That sends us to our last commercial of the night.

We come back with Eric Young in control of the match. Of course, heís getting some help from DíAmore and Shelley on the outside. Young slams Sting and then drops an elbow. Young even talks some trash to Sting as he punches away. Sting starts fighting back with punches. Young rakes the eyes to stay in control. Young mocks Stingís yell and then whiffs on a Showtime Splash. Sting hits a Stinger Splash on Young and catches DíAmore in the process. One Scorpion Death Drop later and the match is over.

Shelley comes in with a sneak attack post match. Sting fights him off and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. Jarrett shows up with his gee-tar. Sting ducks the swing and they fight it out. Sting gets tossed into the corner and Jarrett goes for the gee-tar shot. Sting blocks it with the bat. AMW and Steiner show up to put Jarrettís crew in control. AJ Styles, Ron Killings, and Rhino come out to even the odds, and they all have bats. Sting grabs a mic and introduces us to his team. Itís Sting/Styles/Rhino/Killings v. Jarrett/AMW/Steiner at Lockdown.

A music video package recaps the show as we call it a night.


Excellent show this week, definitely a great way for TNA to start things out on Thursdays.

I thought it was Full Contact Thursday, but I guess itís Thursday Night Knockouts. Make up your mind Spike.

Speaking of Spike, I loved seeing the former Spike Dudley finally show up. Good debut, and the crowd definitely was excited to see him. Maybe Iíll come around on Team 3D after allÖ

Even with the match being joined in progress, Joe and Daniels put on a hell of a show. Interesting idea on starting the show like that, Iíll be curious to see what the general reaction is to it. I was skeptical when I heard about the plan, but ended up liking the execution of it.

Daniels is a really strange bleeder. This wasnít as bad as the time he caught the side of his head on the ring steps in Nashville, but it was close. He looked like he had been shot in the head that night.

Decent street fight with 3D and AMW, better than most of their outings.

Eric Young is greatness.

Iím cool with Killings being on Team Sting, but it would have been nice if they had actually done something important with him in the last few weeks. Itís obvious the crowd is into the guy, you could hear them chanting ďWhatís upĒ when he was in on the save for Sting. Itíd be nice if the bookers would realize and actually put him into something meaningful.

Team Sting is actually pretty interesting. You have one of the important figures of WCW, the last ECW champion, and Mr. TNA on the same side.

Great showing for TNA this week, letís see if they can continue the momentum heading into Lockdown. It will be time to reunite the Forums Posse next week to preview the big Six Sides of Steel Spectacular. Until thenÖ


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.


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