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Why Couldn't Steiner Finish the Job?
June 5, 2006

by Jason Longshore 
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Hey, better late then never, eh? Sorry about the delay on the TNA Impact recap, a long workweek has reared its ugly head and I wasn’t able to watch the show live as usual. Let’s see how it went…

We start right off with Jeff Jarrett heading to the ring, ranting and raving about wanting to know who his opponent will be in 

the King of the Mountain tournament. He screams at Tenay, who says he’ll find out later tonight. Steiner shows up and screams at Don West. Don tries to run, but Steiner cuts him off. He drags West to the ring and rolls him in. Poor Don, Steiner chokes him and says that they’re stopping the show until they find out their opponents. Steiner screams about wanting Sting tonight, and the Stinger obliges by showing up. He cleans house in the ring. Jarrett tries to sneak out, but Raven cuts him off. Back in the ring, Raven tosses Jarrett while Sting tosses Steiner.

A video package on the King of the Mountain series is next as we get the official welcoming.


Non-title match, oh how The Naturals have fallen these days. They did get some new gear though. The new gear seems to fire them up in the early going as they clear the ring while we head to commercial.

Harris changes the momentum when we come back. He beats on Douglas with elbows and kicks. Don West comes back after the beating from Steiner, and he’s not so happy about it. Storm drops Douglas across the ropes gut first. Storm follows up with the Eye of the Storm for a two count. Stevens gets a tag and is the proverbial casa del fuego. Harris accidentally decks Storm. Douglas scores with a high knee on Harris, which is followed up by a neckbreaker on Storm. Gail Kim tries to get involved, but AJ and Daniels come out to cut her off. Daniels grabs the night stick and tosses it to Stevens. Chase wants no part of it and throws it out of the ring. That gives Storm enough time to recover, and he takes Stevens out with the trusty beer bottle of doom. Game, set, and match.

Shane Douglas appears at the top of the ramp again, and slowly shakes his head. AMW continues the beating on The Naturals, and Douglas just walks away. Stevens is busted open from the bottle shot.

Borash is backstage with Alex Shelley, discussing his second career as a cameraman. Shelley says what he does on his own time is his own business. Nash shows up and says that he’s going to make Shelley a star. He asks Alex who he’s wrestling tonight and if he has his camera ready. Shelley says he does, but he lost his tripod. Nash then makes a second grade level joke about having a tripod of his own, because he’s just that damn funny. Hey, at least he didn’t tear a quad walking into the room.


I really hope Slick Johnson lost a bet and that’s why he’s wearing the stupid shorts in the ring. Nash makes fun of him for it, as he should. Pretty even to start out, until Lethal scores with a leg lariat. Shelley fights out of a full nelson attempt, taking Lethal down with a kick. A Northern Lights Suplex gets a two count. He locks on a wacky looking arm submission, complete with a bridge. Shelley keeps working the arm. Alex tosses Lethal to the corner and hits a double knee smash. He goes for a second, but Lethal is wise to it. Jay comes back with a middle rope leg lariat. Lethal’s in control now, a head scissors followed up with the hip toss/cartwheel/dropkick combo. Nash gets on the apron to try to help, but Lethal whips Shelley into him. A roll up, and Lethal is your winner.

Shelley and Nash attack Lethal postmatch, with Shelley still working the arm. Chris Sabin comes out for the save, and Nash bails. Sabin sets up the hesitation dropkick, but Shelley is able to escape. Sabin grabs a mic and talks trash to Nash, saying his back isn’t turned this time. Sabin said he’s free on June 18 at Slammiversary, and wanted to know if Nash already had a date planned with his boy Shelley. If not, Sabin wants a match with Nash. Shelley and Nash don’t care so much for Sabin’s insinuations. Sabin says he’ll prove what Nash’s wife has been telling “Big Kev” for years, “Size doesn’t matter.”

We get a sit down interview with Samoa Joe next. He says that Sting wanted him there at the last PPV to watch his back “from bell to bell.” He said Sting’s never done anything for him, so he didn’t go out of his way to help the Stinger during the postmatch attack. He then attacks Steiner next, saying that Scott can’t punk him out. He says Steiner knows he can’t keep up with him, and he’s going to destroy Big Poppa Pump’s reputation.

After some commercials, we’re backstage with Borash and Team 3D. Ray starts out talking some trash about the James Gang, but ends up arguing with Devon. Devon laughs about Ray gaining weight, Ray blames a thyroid problem. Ray gets serious about the James Gang ripping on “the arena” and South Philly. Ray said it was like calling your mother a whore. He knows his mom isn’t, but he isn’t so sure about Devon’s. They argue some more about that, and Ray gets in some fourth grade jokes about getting off Devon’s mom. Ray then says they’ll show the James Gang what “the arena” means to them next week.

AJ and Daniels are in Zybysko’s office. Larry, rightfully so, says that he’s given them chances, and they keep losing. AJ says that if he gives them the shot at Slammiversary, they won’t bother him again. He also says that they have a plan for Gail. Larry gives them the match. Slick Johnson shows up and says that “the new guy” might show up before Slammiversary.

Borash tries to talk to Konnan at the Spanish announce table. They kick him out of their section.


Jarrett cuts Raven’s entrance short and attacks. Of course, Raven was coming out through the bleachers, so they cut straight to the brawling portion of the matchup. Raven is in control early, blasting Jeff with trash can lids. They brawl into the ring, with Jarrett taking the advantage. The ref stops Jarrett from using a chair, which allows Raven to clothesline Jarrett to the outside. Back on the outside, Raven sets Jarrett up on a table, but misses on an elbow drop from the ramp. That sends us to the last commercial of the night.

Jarrett beats on Raven with a chair as we return. They’re brawling at the concession stand now. Jarrett crashes into the wall when Raven moves out of the way. Raven suplexes Jarrett into a table, and whips him into a guardrail. They finally work their way back to the ramp and into the arena. Back in the ring, Raven nails Jarrett in the gut with a chair. Raven’s in full control, but Jarrett avoids a Raven Effect on the chair. Jarrett goes for the Stroke, but Raven blocks it. Raven goes for a splash in the corner, but only succeeds in taking the ref out. Gail slides the guitar into Jarrett, but Raven locks in a sleeper. Jarrett drops the guitar, but is eventually able to reverse the sleeper. Raven escapes by shoving Jarrett off, and scoring with his patented drop toe hold into the chair. Raven grabs the guitar, but Zybysko shows up and takes it away. This gives Jarrett time to nail Raven with a low blow. Jarrett goes for the guitar, but Larry cuts him off as well. Raven gets a roll up, but only a two count. Jarrett argues with Larry. Raven grabs the guitar while they’re arguing and swings for Jarrett. Jeff moves and Zybysko gets blasted. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Raven and wins the match.


· Great job by TNA security to come to Don West’s rescue. I guess everybody’s scared of Steiner.

· Excellent video package on the King of the Mountain qualifiers early in the show, they’ve done a great job building up this match.

· I hope the new ring gear for The Naturals, along with Shane Douglas’ involvement, means they’ll be getting pushed again. Those two guys are too good and have worked too hard to be wasted.

· Nash’s tripod joke was pretty sad. Poor fella, trying so hard to be cool, and failing so miserably.

· Good to see Lethal get the win over Shelley, that match was booked very well.

· Sabin with some good mic work, who woulda thunk it?

· The Joe interview was handled very well. I’m very much looking forward to a Steiner/Joe match. I like how he handled the Sting situation as well, there’s some possibilities for something between the two of them.

· The Team 3D interview was the best one for them in a while, but there was still some really stupid parts in it. The talk about soiling ECW’s legacy is getting a little old and just looks petty at this point.

· What is AJ and Daniels’ plan for dealing with Gail Kim? Are we going to see them employ So Cal Val, or another valet, to handle her? I couldn’t argue with seeing a Val/Gail catfight.

· Jarrett v. Raven was quite good, I was glad to see Raven back in something resembling good form.

We know we’ll have Steiner v. Sting next week in the final King of the Mountain qualifier. Slammiversary is on June 18, so there’s still plenty of time to set some more stuff up for it. We’ll see what’s in store next week. Until then…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.


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