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A Night of Open Challenges (or, "Resetting
For the Road to Hard Justice")
July 21, 2006

by Jason Longshore 
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


There’s some bad TV, and then there’s the lead-in to Impact on Spike TV. I don’t know what the shows are called, and I really don’t even want to know. I do know that I now feel dumber for having seen more than five seconds of the show.

A video recap of Victory Road leads us into the show tonight.

Borash is camped outside Sting’s locker room to open the show. Jay Lethal comes out and says Sting doesn’t want to be bothered. Borash says that Lethal has an X Division title match tonight since he won the match with Team Canada last night. Lethal corrects him, saying that he’s challenging Jarrett for the NWA World Title tonight on Sting’s advice. Borash says that’ll be news to Jarrett.

Fireworks and laser, oh my!

Shane Douglas is in the ring with a mic. He introduces us to The Naturals. Nice camera work up the ramp through So Cal Val’s legs to show Chase and Andy.


Maverick Matt wrote and performed his own entrance music, not bad. Maverick Matt looks an awful lot like Matt Bentley, except with a really stupid name. Of course, the crowd chants “Let’s Go Bentley.” Matt takes a beating in the early going. Kazarian helps him with some double team shenanigans to reverse the momentum. On that note, it’s commercial break numero uno.

Kazarian gets a two count on Andy Douglas when we come back. The crowd is really behind Matt and Kazarian. Douglas is finally able to get a hot tag to Stevens. Backdrops for everybody, then a double team clothesline takes Kazarian to the floor. They set up for their new finisher, but Kazarian breaks it up. Matt and Kazarian combine on a German suplex/clothesline combo. Kazarian tries to take Douglas off the top tope, but ends up getting dumped out to the floor. Matt tries to fight Stevens off, but ends up getting caught up in the powerbomb/missile dropkick combo to finish it off.

Shane Douglas comes out and slaps Chase Stevens. He bitches Chase and Andy out, saying that Douglas was on his back most of the match.

Tenay and West rail on Jarrett’s gasoline attack on Sting at Victory Road and then go on to give Sting a tongue bath on his recovery to win the match. Borash is still outside Sting’s locker room, trying to find out about Sting’s eye. Eric Young shows up, with a new “Don’t Fire Eric” shirt it looks like he made at home. He asks Borash for more ideas on how to keep his job.

Jarrett and Steiner show up at the announce table. Jarrett bitches about Jay Lethal being “conned” into challenging for the NWA World Title. He says Lethal doesn’t deserve to be in the World Title division. He’s afraid Sting’s going to interfere to cost him the title.

Paparazzi Films brings us back with a conversation between Shelley, Devine, and Nash. Shelley says he’s got some tapes of X Division wrestlers, so Nash can learn more about the mindset of the X Division wrestler. Shelley says that they use 2-sided rings in Madagascar. Nash is taking notes. Shelley says he’s going to fly the Madagascar wrestlers in to train with Nash. The rest was so insane that I don’t even know where to begin on trying to explain it.


Where did they find this tubby bastard? He gets knocked down, Gored, and pinned.

Don West said he doesn’t know who’s more popular in the ImpactZone, Eric Young or Rhino. Rhino says that that wasn’t the type of challenge he was looking for. Samoa Joe’s music hits and comes out to the ramp. Rhino asks him when he wants to fight, now, next week, or at Hard Justice. Joe says that he talked to Cornette, and he wants the match next week. Rhino doesn’t want to wait. Joe comes down the ramp, but security separates them.

Borash is backstage with Brother Runt. Ray and Devon show up. Ray says that they don’t like losing. He says that him and Devon are going to leave for a little bit to regroup. He says that they haven’t achieved their goals yet. Ray says that things aren’t going right. They’ve been going hard for 12 years now, and they’re going to take some time off to regroup. Ray and Devon ask Runt to behave himself and stay out of people’s way while they’re gone. Ray says that Runt should go for the X Division title. When they leave, Runt has a smirk on his face.

Borash is now backstage with AMW, and Harris gets pissed about being called “former tag champs.” Storm and Harris bicker like schoolgirls, until Gail Kim tells them both to shut up. She blames it all on Sirelda, calling her a cheater. She challenges Sirelda to a one-on-one match at Hard Justice.

AJ and Daniels come to the ring with the NWA World Tag Titles, and what looks like a book. The crowd chants for both of them, until Daniels starts to speak. He says that the other teams in the back resent AJ and Daniels, specifically mentioning Team 3D’s promo from a couple of months ago. Daniels asks AJ how they silence the critics. AJ holds Daniels a stack of envelopes, which contain a signed title shot for every tag team in TNA. He mentions Team 3D, James Gang, The Naturals, Christian Cage/Sting, but then Konnan interrupts. He says that the gringos are ducking LAX. He says they have no heart, no juevos, and they’re overrated. AJ says that there’s a contract there with LAX’s name on it. Konnan says there’s no contract in the envelope. Daniels and AJ go over to the LAX table and toss the contract at Konnan. It’s a set up, of course, and Hernandez and Homicide come running out. Konnan gets his cheap shots in. They drag Daniels and AJ to the ring and beat their asses. Homicide drops AJ in the ring with the Gringo Killa. Daniels is busted open, and Konnan signs the contract in Daniels’ blood.

Borash is still stalking Sting, but the Stinger left the room while Jeremy was off with AMW. Zybysko shows up in a ridiculous wig saying he’s still in control. He says that Rhino v. Joe shouldn’t be on free TV, and that Lethal doesn’t deserve a World Title shot since he’s the youngest guy on the roster. Slick Johnson shows up with a message, but points and laughs at Larry’s wig instead.

A Bobby Roode video package brings us back from commercial. He says that it’s his time now that he’s on his own. He calls out Jarrett, Joe, Christian, and Sting and says that he’s the main event. For the 19283th time, somebody says that they’re the new face of TNA.


Borash is on hand to do the super special ring introductions. The crowd is all about some Lethal. Jarrett talks some trash during the introductions. Jarrett stands on the ropes to salute the crowd, but Lethal powerbombs him down. He slams Jarrett down, following up with an elbow drop for a two count. Jarrett bails, but Lethal follows him. He tosses him back in and catches a cross body block off the top for another two count. Jarrett bails again, but Lethal follows him to the outside and chops him. Jarrett finally finds an opening back in the ring. Lethal blocks a punch and hits a suicide dive against the guardrail. Steiner comes down the ramp with a steel pipe. Back in the ring, Jarrett tosses Lethal off the top rope. Holy freaking crap, that’s an opening to a match! We break for the last commercials of the night.

Jarrett whips Lethal into the guardrail when we come back. Tenay says that it was all Jarrett during the break. Lethal gets backdropped through the rafters. Jarrett hits his patented dropkick next. He leg sweeps Lethal down and goes for the Figure Four, but Lethal reverses it. He locks it in for himself, but Steiner helps Jarrett reach the ropes. Lethal hits a flipping plancha to the outside to take Steiner down. A springboard missile dropkick takes Jarrett down. He hits the cartwheel dropkick, and follows it up with a diving headbutt from the top for a long two count. He argues with the ref, which gives Jarrett an opening. He goes for the Stroke, but Lethal counters it. Lethal goes to the top, but Steiner cracks him with the pipe. Jarrett hits a middle rope Stroke to retain the title.

Steiner locks in the Recliner on Lethal after the match. The lights go out and Sting appears. He brawls with Steiner and Jarrett until security comes in to break it up. Sting starts choking Jarrett until Jeff is able to fall out of the ring.

Christian is going into Cornette’s office as the show comes to an end. Borash asks what he’s doing, and Christian says he wants to be in Sting’s corner at Hard Justice.


· Awesome main event, definitely a fun way to end the show. Great job by both Lethal and Jarrett. I especially loved how every time Jarrett would bail, Lethal would follow him to the outside.

· I’m cool with a real push for Bobby Roode, but that was an incredibly generic promo.

· Zybysko sucks.

· Wow, they’re really going over the top with the LAX stuff. Konnan is great at being incredibly hate-able.

· I’m just waiting for Konnan to rip on AJ for having a move called the Pele. He’ll go off on how gringos can’t play futbol, we’re stupid for calling it soccer, and talk about the greatness of Chivas or Cruz Azul. If it all results in Daniels ripping off Zidane’s Headbutt of Immense Doom to the Solar Plexus, all’s well. AJ will get all mad about Daniels ripping off his soccer move gimmick, and we’re on to round #72 of the epic feud.

· After reading that back, I think it’s possible I overdosed on the World Cup this summer.

· I am looking forward to the LAX v. Styles/Daniels match though. Add in the heat from Konnan’s mouth, and it has potential to steal the show at the PPV.

· Wow, Brother Ray really came off like a sissy. “We’re leaving because we keep losing, blah blah blah.” The line about going hard for 12 years was pretty funny, didn’t they basically have a year off at the end of their WWE tenure? Glad we’re actually going to see Runt get used on his own though, I think I’m getting my wish on the Abyss feud.

· Nice Impact main event next week with Rhino v. Joe. The segment setting it up was solid as well. One question though, what’s up with security actually stopping fights? I yearn for the days of the hall monitors, whose parents would drop them off at the Asylum after school, and then would get tossed around by people when they’d actually get involved.

· I’m really curious to see these 2-sided ring guys from Madagascar. I’m impressed at the delusional-ness of the Nash/Shelley/Devine segments.

· Please give Maverick Matt his last name back, don’t make him be this lame. The crowd sure was happy to see him and Kazarian together again though.

· I guess I’m glad Traci might be getting into a higher profile spot now that she’s obviously not with Maverick Matt, but where in the blue hell is she?

Good stuff all around this week. I know I promised some TNA PPV prediction results, but I’m a liar, they’re not ready yet. Sorry y’all, we’ll have our first update of the year before the August PPV. I know you’re waiting on the edge of your seats…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.


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