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D-eXtreme? Nope. 
September 9, 2006

by Jeff J. Snider 
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


For the third week in a row, let me begin by apologizing for the lateness of this recap. This time, it was a combination of my dad coming into town (and sleeping on the couch down in our family room, which is generally where I watch ECW late at night after my wife and daughter have gone to bed) and my severe case of bronchitis, which left me unable (or unwilling, I guess) to watch the show in a timely manner at other points. So now it's Friday morning, and I am writing my recap, and I apologize and semi-promise to do better next week.
Before we get started, let's talk really quick about the new season for fall TV. I almost missed the season premiere of "House" on Tuesday, but luckily I happened to hear an ad on the radio about it and got my DVR set in time. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, of course, but "House" has been one of our favorite shows for two years now, so my wife and I are pretty excited about

it. We also recorded last night's premiere of "‘Til Death," the new show with Brad Garrett, and I am interested to see if it is funny enough to keep on the DVR schedule. Other shows I am setting the DVR for are: "Studio 60," which we are obligated to give a shot since we were big "Friends" fans and it has Matthew Perry (we actually liked "Joey," too); "My Name Is Earl," which I never watched last season even though everyone told me how funny it was; "The Office," which is one of my favorite shows of all time, and which I hope they don't screw up with the Pam/Jim storyline; "Grey's Anatomy," which we only watched a couple times last season, but we really liked it, so we are going to buy the first two seasons on DVD and get caught up while our DVR dutifully records the new season for us; "Gilmore Girls," which is a remarkably witty and fun little show that I never expected to love, but the original writer/creator has left to show, so I am worried about this season; "Veronica Mars," another one in the same boat as "Grey's Anatomy," in that I have two seasons to watch on DVD before I can start this new season; "Lost," which, no matter what The Rick says, is a very fun, suspenseful, and smart show; and "The Nine," which will be coming on right after "Lost" and seems to have a sufficiently interesting premise that I am going to give it a shot.

Last note on TV premieres: my brother put together a list of all the season premieres for the fall season, and it is a very handy guide to keep track of when your favorite shows start. Check it out.

Now, on to the show:

Flashback: Starting with Summerslam and continuing right up through this week's Raw, the Big Show has dominated DX.

Backstage: HHH and HBK are in the building, although they're not sure if it's the right place. HHH sees a guy in an ECW shirt and says "Bingo!" Get it? Cuz ECW used to be in a bingo hall!

ECW Theme, etc., and we are live from Columbus, GA.

Tonight: The Big Show takes on DX in an Extreme Rules handicap match.

Sabu and RVD vs. Test and Mike Knox (Extreme Rules)

Wow, are they really going to give us two Extreme Rules matches in one night? That's never happened before. Interesting. This one starts with Sabu and Knox, with Knox having the advantage because, let's face it, he's twice Sabu's size. Sabu tags in RVD, but Knox is bigger and stronger than him, too. Sabu heads outside to set up a table and grab a chair, and Test takes over for Knox in the dominating RVD department. Van Dam gets some momentum, though, and hits a cool spinning leg lariat in the corner that actually sends him tumbling over the top rope and all the way down to the floor. I don't know if he meant to do that, but it looked very cool, and he didn't get hurt, so I loved it.

Back in the ring, RVD and Sabu double-team Knox, then Test, but the heels quickly get the advantage back. Test military presses Sabu over his head, thinking about tossing him down through the table below, but RVD comes off the turnbuckle with a kick to Test's face. We eventually end up with RVD tangling with both Test and Knox on the apron, just above the table at ringside. Sabu sets up his chair, gets a running start, and hits a lateral press on all three guys, so all four of them go tumbling down through the table. Wicked cool spot, and we go to...


When we get back, Sabu is in control of Test, and he's setting up for the triple-jump moonsault, but Test grabs his ankle before he can get the first jump, sending Sabu's head crashing into the chair. RVD comes in with a chair of his own and whacks Test with it, then hits the skateboard chair move on Test's face. He heads up top for a five-star frogsplash, but Knox whacks him in the back with a chair. Knox then joins him on the turnbuckle and lands a superplex, but he doesn't get the chance to follow up, because Sabu was waiting to land an Arabian facebuster for a two count.

Sabu locks in the camel clutch on Knox, and he finds a way to hold a chair in front of Knox's face so Van Dam can kick it. This time Test breaks up the count. Test whips Sabu into the corner, but Sabu nails a drop toehold on the attempted follow-up. Sabu jumps off a chair into Test, and Test stumbles and falls face-first onto the same chair. Sabu lands his triple-jump moonsault, which gets a two count. RVD and Sabu bring another table into the ring, and when Knox tries to fight, Sabu throws a chair at his face. The lay Knox on the table and knock Test off the apron with a chairshot, and the two faces go up to opposite top turnbuckles. They hit what is supposed to be a double legdrop through the table on Knox, but Sabu was a second late, so he didn't actually make any contact with Knox. But it was a cool visual anyway, and it was enough to score the pin when Sabu covered Knox.

Your winners: Sabu and RVD (12:58). This was a very enjoyable match. I wasn't sure what to expect with Knox and (to a lesser extent) Test slowing things down (if you had told me Test and Knox would be in a 13-minute match, I would have incorrectly guessed that there was six minutes of action involved), but I thought the match did a great job playing to everyone strengths, and they wisely let Sabu and RVD do all the heavy lifting. Mighty fine way to start the night.

Backstage: Big Show looks intense and/or angry.


Backstage: Kevin Thorn and Arial looks at some cards and then make out.

Last week: Matt Striker got the jump on the Sandman.

In the ring: Striker is back in the ring with his classroom setup, and he talks down to us with a recap of last week, with the moral that "Brains always triumph over brawn." He gets a cheap pop with mention that the Little League World Series champions came from right here in Columbus, but then he turns it to boos when he mentions that "little dumb jocks become big dumb jocks." He says the obsession with sports and extremes is the biggest problem this country faces. He then takes a jab at the Crocodile Hunter, and while I don't normally have a problem mocking the misfortunes of others, I think when someone actually DIES, the next day is probably too soon to make a joke about it.

Finally, the Sandman's music hits, and Striker gets up on his desk to challenge Sandman as he makes his slows entrance through the crowd. Once Sandman is in striking distance, though, Striker bails up the ramp. Sandman sees the name "Striker" on the chalkboard, and he writes "SUX" underneath it. (Styles: "He didn't spell it right, but oh well." Tazz: "What do you mean he didn't spell it right? He put a U in it." Styles: "I'll explain it later.") Sandman then tips over the desk and stuff, and Striker, still holding his mic at the top of the ramp, thanks him for proving his point about dumb jocks.


Movie trailer: "The Marine." From what I saw at the beginning and end of my fast-forwarding, I think it was the same thing from Raw.

Ringside: Kevin Thorn and Arial make their way to ringside, where Arial gives Styles an angry and not-at-all-seductive lapdance. Then they sit down to watch...

Balls Mahoney vs. Stevie Richards

Does Thorn have some history with Balls? I don't know, maybe. I can't remember anything, but he must. Anyway, there is nothing about a Balls/Stevie match that I want to recap, so I will jump to the part where Thorn gets up on the apron, and Balls knocks him off, then Arial distracts the ref while Stevie punches Balls in the, well, balls. Balls stumbles towards the ropes, where Thorn whacks him with his cane, and Stevie gets the pin.

Your winner: Stevie Richards (2:41). Like I said, there was nothing good about this match. It served solely to further the apparent feud between Balls and Thorn. Seeing as how I don't care at all about Balls and don't care much about Thorn, it just wasn't a good enough reason for me.

Backstage: HHH and Michaels are walking~!


Backstage: Shannon Moore says he is the prince of punk, and he is bringing sexy back. CM Punk shows up and calls Shannon a poser, then slaps his face. I couldn't tell if Shannon was whimpering or chuckling at the end.

Big Show vs. DX (Extreme Rules)

Big Show makes his entrance, then Paul Heyman shows up (with his henchmen) and says he has had an attack of conscience (or "an attack of consciousness," as Tazz would say later), and he just can't allow Show to kill DX. So he is taking the Extreme Rules portion of the match away, and it will just be a regular handicap match. The announcers sell it like it might be bad for Show, but show is chuckling as we go to our final...


Big Show vs. DX (NOT Extreme Rules)

So my amazement at getting two Extreme Rules matches in one night turned out to be prophetic or something. DX makes their entrance, and we are finally underway. The crowd seems to be firmly on the side of DX, which I had wondered about. They try to double-team Show, but he is too strong, and after a brief DX advantage, he is quickly in control. At one point, Show goes up on the second turnbuckle to hit a splash on the prone HHH, but Hunter rolls out of the way. The henchmen jump both guys (not sure where the ref was at this point), and while they work over HHH outside, Big Show is in control of HBK inside the ring. At this point, my DVR stopped recording, but I found some video on ECW.com that started not longer after this. The good guys somehow got the advantage, because HHH is setting Show up for a pedigree, but before he can hit it, Hardcore Holly shows up and whacks HHH in the head.

Your winners: DX (DQ) (about five minutes, I guess).

After the match: HBK in the ring and does a number on Holly, but then Show takes Michaels down. HHH is outside the ring, and Holly, the henchmen, and Show all work on HBK. HHH finds Sweet Lady Sledge under the ring, and Show and Holly take off, but the henchmen don't know what is coming. HHH takes them both down with the sledge, then HBK hits a superkick on one while HHH nails the other with another sledge shot. Play DX's music, make some Xes with the pyro, and we are out.

Analysis: Let me be clear: I don't care much for having the two biggest stars on Raw in the ECW main event. I am firmly with Rick in the opinion that the show should be primarily building its own talent. But let me also be clear that this was a very effective main event for WWE's overall purposes, since these guys will be involved in a Hell in a Cell match in a couple weeks. And it was enjoyable to watch, too. I have a hard time complaining about a main event with HHH, Michaels, and the Big Show in it, even if it is misplaced and even if Hardcore Holly gets involved.

The rest of the show was pretty good too, when you consider that the very good opening match was more than a quarter of the actual show. The Striker/Sandman stuff was pretty good, too, so the two combined to make me able to forget that Balls/Stevie ever happened.

Pretty solid effort, and if they don't go back to having Raw stars in the main event every week, I will look at this as an enjoyable one-week anomaly.


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