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RAW vs. SmackDown!:  Who Wins?  

Week Ending May 14, 2004

Featuring Many Current and Past OO Columnists 
Ratings Compiled by Rick Scaia


OOficial Brand of the Week:

4.02  --/-- SD!: 2.48

RATING SYSTEM: Rather than go with the standard 1-10 integer scale for rating shows, OO has selected a 0.0-5.0 rating scheme.  Not only does this allow the reviewer to more precisely award points, but more importantly, it is our belief that our ratings will, in a way, be comparable to the weekly Nielsen Ratings.  Our ratings are based on show quality, however, whereas Nielsen's are based on eyeballs.  Just as WWE hasn't reached the real world 5.0 mark in a long, long time, it will take a monumental effort for a show to earn the highest OO World ratings...  but piss us off in a given week, and we'll be rating you like you're Nitro and it's 2001. 

RAW (5/10/04) vs. SMACKDOWN! (5/13/04)  

Canadian Bulldog 
RAW: 4.5

All set for this weekend's PPV... what do you mean?

The good: Randy Orton Vs. Edge was a tremendous I-C title match that deserved its main event status. If these guys continue to improve the way they have been, I could completely see this rivarly being the next generation of Rock Vs. HHH over time... Tajiri Vs. Batista was solid as well, with a post-match beatdown that reminded me of Vader during his prime in many respects. I have to say, the former "Deacon" has improved tremendously over the past six to eight months...  Eugene Vs. Rob Conway was the perfect payoff to weeks of goofiness. I cringed when I first heard that WWE had committed to this gimmick, and I'm still wary of its long-term potential, but give them a ton of credit: He's been handled very well up until this point. Regal and Bischoff also deserve credit for their parts in that.... Dug the Benoit video, too.

The bad: The women's six man could have been worse, but really, a one-on-one involving Gail Kim and say, Nidia would have accomplished the same damn thing. I wasn't thrilled with the quick finish to HHH-Shelton Benjamin III, but I understood what they were going for here.

SmackDown!: 0.5
You have GOT to be kidding...

The good:


No, you read that right. Nothing. Nothing on this was any good. I cannot BELIEVE I stayed up for the replay to watch this crap because I'd missed the original showing.

The bad: SmackDown is in serious trouble here, as if that needed explaining. You have one decent tag team on the whole roster (Dudleyz), and they're stuck setting up a meaningless PPV match. The stuff they'd do in ECW where they fought Spike and Balls Mahoney was more entertaining than this. Then you have the tag team champions, who have a little bit of potential, facing a brand-new pair of challengers (are they faces or heels?) who happen to suck. Then you have Booker T in a pointless handicap match that is barely designed to promote his PPV match with The Undertaker (which they were doing an okay job of building to before the voodoo nonsense kicked in). And finally, you have Internet darling Bradshaw treating Rey Mysterio, probably my favorite guy to watch (besides maybe Eddie Guerrero) on the whole roster, like he's a jobber.

I have missed maybe a half-dozen WWE pay-per-views in the last 20 years, and only one (Vengeance 2003) in the last two years. I don't pay for the events, and still -- I'm not watching this steaming pile of shit. What does that tell you about the last-minute hype job they've been doing?

Bulldog's battle-to-date averages: RAW (3.2), SD! (2.8).

Alfonso Castillo 
RAW: 4.2
SmackDown!: 3.0

RAW trounces Smackdown!, for another week, and barring a plane crash wiping out most of the RAW crew, I'd expect this to be the norm until there is a major shakeup of the SD roster. It's simply near impossible to pull a good show out of such a thin locker room. Smackdown! has become a 2-hour version of Velocity, complete with Velocity mainstays Billy Gunn and Hardcore Holly featured prominently. I told someone the other day that Smackdown! sort of makes me think of what would have happened had the Major League Baseball strike last longer and the regular season had been played by a bunch of "replacement players." If I didn't know any better, I'd think SD! had
suffered a similar fate. Bradshaw as the top world title contender? The Dudleys as top heels, even in the singles ranks? Sunday Night Heat regular Rico as one half of the tag champs? Jacqueline as the cruiserweight titleholder? Just atrocious. What's sad is that the captain of the ship, the ultra-talented Eddie Guerrero, is going down with the Titanic. I worry that some people, especially those in power, will see SD!'s recent troubles, and its expected weak  PPV buyrate this Sunday, as a referendum on Guerrero's title reign, and that simply wouldn't be fair. In fact, Guerrero's been the saving grace of this otherwise miserable product.

RAW gave another terrific showing this week, despite its two best workers, Chris Benoit and Shawn Michaels, not competing. The Jericho-Christian cage match was well executed and a fitting end to their feud. Tajiri-Batista and Eugene-Conway benefited from a week's worth of hype, and neither was a disappointment. Orton and Edge got off to a slow start before picking up and delivering a three star match. Edge needs to keep up with Orton better is he wants to reclaim his spot as the next main eventer in waiting. Had Triple H-Benjamin gone longer than the three minutes it was allotted, and if Michaels and/or Benoit had wrestled, I'd give it a higher ranking. But that this show could be so entertaining, despite none of its top three workers seeing much action, speaks to what a great mid-card RAW has developed.

Fonzo's battle-to-date averages: RAW (4.0), SD! (3.3).

Matt Hocking 
RAW: 4.0

I'm taking the week off to study for finals, so here for a special
explaination of my rating of RAW, Television's ALF:

I like cats.  No.  I REALLY like cats.  I like to baste them in garlic butter and use their whiskers to pick my teeth.  I also like dialing 1-800 numbers to stick my buddy Hulk Hogan with the bill.  HA!  What did Matt, think of RAW?  Pfft.  Who cares?  If that bastard were a cat, I wouldn't even touch that crap.  Not even if you dipped him in chocolate and covered it in cat intestines.  I'd eat Willie before I ate him.  What?  RAW?  It was fine.  Chris Jericho v. Chris Tian?  Fine.  Eugene?  Fine.  Evolution?  Fine.  Stacy?  Fiiiiiiine...I swear to you I'd eat her pu...WHAT?  Geez.  Goddamn FCC...that's why I quit my fricking show.  I can't even swear.  Christ, I need some heroin.  Can anybody hook me up?  You want a number?  4.  No Benoit, no problemo!

SmackDown!: 2.8 
Now, we turn the floor over to WWE Diva, John Bradshaw Leyfield

JBL:  Listen up you internet punks.  I can read this page!  I SEE WHAT YOU'RE SAYING ABOUT ME!  You're going down!  You're just jealous!  Listen you fat tubs of lard, especially you Scalia, Sca...Sky...Skaaayyyeeeaaaa, you're just a fat, bald, impotent piece of crap!  You hear me?!  You wouldn't last ten seconds in a wrestling ring, and you dare to ME whether or not I deserve a main event push?!  Well, listen up, Kreskin, I don't see YOU hosting a show on MSNBC, I don't see YOU eating out at Sizzler every night because you've got so much fucking money.  How the fuck did you get so fat?  You're so poor you have to use grass clippings as toilet paper!  HAHAHAHA I kill me!  USA-USA-USA!  -JBL

What, a rating?  2.8.  Our show is a piece of shit.

Matt's battle-to-date averages: RAW (3.7), SD! (3.2).

"The Immolator" Calum Macbeth 
RAW: 4.1
Very little to complain about with this one. But here goes: I thought Kane's "destruction" of Val Venis was the low part of the show. The least he could have done was hook up his testicles to a battery or something.

How great is it to be Eugene? If you trip over yourself in the middle of the match - no problem, it's in character. Plus you get to put over Karl Gotch. I'm envious.


Take five minutes out of the Edge-Orton match and put it in the cage, and I think you have a winner.

SmackDown!: 4.2
Now waitaminnit, hear me out. Given lemons, the SD! crew made a damn tasty batch of lemonade this week.

Yes, we're all cheesed off that SD! has been stripped of its best talent an we can't watch Eddie v. Benoit/Angle/Lesnar for the 1000th time. Given that, the wrestling that was on this week's show was top-notch as far as TV goes. This was easily the best I've seen in recent memory out of guys like Rico, Holly, D-Von and your favorite and mine, JBL.

Admit it: that spot where Rey Rey blew JBL up by making him chase the l'il feller around the ring a couple of times was clever. And you're digging the Million Dollar Man vibe in JBL's promos.

You hate JBL. That's good, even if you hate him for getting shoved down your throat in this manner. He's done an excellent job of pushing the right buttons in the meantime.

I'd lay down for Jacquelyn in a heartbeat - because of my respect for her wrestling talent. Consider her program with Chavo a nice change of pace. You'll get your usual cruiser action back soon enough. What are they supposed to do, give us Rey-Chavo LXVI?

Thank goodness it's Kenzo Suzuki and not "Hirohito" or whatever that plan was. I look forward to seeing him - and his lovely valet - on SD!.

That's probably the only week I'll play Devil's Advocate for SD!. I think
they'll be back on track after the PPV.

Immo's battle-to-date averages: RAW (3.0), SD! (3.4).

Big Danny T 
RAW: 3.9
A step down from the previous week, but still a show to keep in your collection (if you do that sort of thing.)

SmackDown!: 3.0
An all right middle of the month show, a not so good show to be boosting us into the PPV with.

Danny's battle-to-date averages: RAW (3.4), SD! (3.4).

Rick Scaia  
RAW: 3.8
Alphabetically, I get the last word, usually.  More pragmatically, I've been saying my words all week in two preceeding columns AND the RAW Recap.  What do you want me to say here?  RAW was good, not as good as the week before, but also pretty much interesting in every segment and worthy of a pretty high rating.  And Immo freaking stole my only unique observation: I too think that taking five minutes out of the IC match and investing it in the cage match main event could have REALLY put the show over the top by making the climax seem a little bit bigger or more important.  Still only a minor gripe, though. 

SmackDown!: 2.5 
Meantime, SD! just keeps limping along.  It didnt' step down from the week before, but it sure as hell didn't step up, either.  And the final show before a PPV should sure as hell step up.  They actually fleshed out the undercard for the PPV, but it was too little too late on that front.  The work done on the pre-announced top matches was ineffective at best (Booker's "duplication" of Taker's handicap match win actually put TAKER over more than Booker, since the FBI was still selling Taker Injuries instead of selling Booker's bad-assitude, and if ANYbody got their rocks off on anything Bradshaw/Eddie from Thursday, I'd LOVE it if you would invite back to 1987 so I could hang out with you...  or maybe not.  Then again, I COULD tell my grade school self a few things, and...  well, who am I to mess with the Space Time Continuum?  And who am I to get off on stupid tangents because I'm sick and tired of trying to find new ways to talk about how frustrated I am with SmackDown!?  Oh, yeah, I'm The Rick, that's who!  

Rick's battle-to-date averages: RAW (3.4), SD! (3.5).


RAW average: 4.02
Actual Nielsen Rating: 3.0 (converted to broadcast rating)  
RAW OVERdelivers versus actual rating this week.

SmackDown! average: 2.48 
Actual Nielsen Rating:  3.1  
SD! UNDERdelivers versus actual rating this week.


Average OO Rating for RAW:  3.31 
Average Nielsen Rating for RAW: 3.17 

RAW is OVERdelivering, on average, versus actual ratings since the start of the Battle.

Average OO Rating for SD: 3.26
Average Nielsen Rating for SD:  3.31 

SD! is UNDERdelivering, on average, versus actual ratings since the start of the Battle.

Rounds Won by RAW: 24 
Rounds Won by SD!: 23  
Current Streak: 8 by RAW (Since 3/26/04) 
Longest Streak: 8 by RAW (Since 3/26/04)


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