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10/25: Talk Show, or Infomercial?
November 1, 2002

by EC Ostermeyer


Live from the World in NYC, this is, at long last, the WWE Byte This! Report for Friday, 25 October 2002.

Hey, there are no 

Opening credits

This week, but we got cool new chyron graphics.

Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Dr. Tom Prichard, and what looks like former Tough Enough contestant, and current WWE novice commentator, Mr. Josh Matthews, the swelling of whose head appears to have subsided.

We are live on tape from the World in NYC, where Kelly opens the show in full-bore kayfabe-carny-barker mode as he announces the WWE's signing of Scott Steiner, but to which promotion, Raw or Smackdown, no one knows. Dr. Tom says that Steiner's a "perfect fit" for WWE right now and that he will have a huge impact.

On to a review of the Smackdown show, where the Undertaker told Brock Lesnar that he respected him, and then got gorilla-slammed into the staging electronics stack by The Big Show. Dr. Tom says that Lesnar earned the right to be called the Undisputed Champion.

Josh and Kelly talk up the concept of Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit as Tag Champs being called into question. Kelly doesn't think that the Tag Champs can continue to hold it together without clobbering on each other. Josh say s we are in for some fun with these two. 

On to the Survivor Series and the "Elimination Chamber." Dr. Tom says that Eric Bischoff hasn't been the most "talent-friendly" General Manager for Raw, what with the "Three Minute Warning" and all, and now there's this boast of his that the "Elimination Chamber" will top "Hell In A Cell." Josh says that we may see Bischoff bring back an old WCW style favorite, the "WarGames" bout, with two rings inside a steel cage.

On to other things, as Kelly talks up one of the stars of "Jackass: the Movie," Steve-O, who was on Howard Stern's show early this morning and "has been drinking steadily ever since this morning."
We take a look at some of Steve-O's best work from the movie. Lots of pole-vaulting into and onto objects of varying solidity. The attempt at the volleyball net while the volleyball match was in progress was priceless, not to mention the one into the drainage canal that ended with him landing on top of a floating dead kitty cat.

Live at The World is "Jackass: The Movie's" Steve-O, who takes center chair. 
And yes, he's doing a passable "Otis of Mayberry" impression. 
Lots of weaving and grinning. 
The cigarette is a nice touch.
Kelly asks Steve-O when he started drinking this morning? 
"Last night, eleven PM," says Steve-O, who appears to be sucking on a bottle of Smirnoff Ice. Big cheers from the crowd.
Kelly wants to know what kind of stunts we will see in "Jackass: the Movie," since Steve-O and the rest of the cast just went "balls-out" on the TV show?
"The TV show established that we were too gnarly for TV," says Steve-O, "regular people started acting dumb, plus there was some liability problems the show had, so we felt the only way to get even crazier, to do what we do the way we want to do it, was to do a movie."
"The premise was," he continues, "to make the movie rated "R" so we wouldn't be responsible for little kids acting dumb. So you guys like ... do whatever the f*ck you want!"
"That's pretty much what the movie's about, huh?" asks Kelly, " but what's the plot? Is there a plot?"
"This is a potential Hollywood movie revolution here," says Steve-O, "because we aren't even ATTEMPTING a plot with this thing! You're gonna see a very extravagant, expensive scene at the beginning, then lots of skits like the TV show, and then another big extravagant scene at the end."
"What about that tightrope walk over an alligator pit that you did?" asks Dr. Tom.
"That's the first time I ever walked a tightrope," says Steve-O, "so why not over an alligator pit?"
"Were you loaded during the whole movie, did you have to do that to get ready?" asks Dr. Tom.
"I don't have to do nothing," says Steve-O, "but getting loaded sure helps. (Looks up, sees the audience for the first time) "Hey, can we get some of the guys from up there, (points to the back of the room) to come down here? Let's have a party, all right?"
(This gets hoots and cheers from the fans in the back, and generates a big surge towards the stage. Ah, "festival seating.")

Kelly wants to know about the injuries Steve-O has suffered doing stunts on Jackass.
"I got nothing on Dr. Tom about suffering injuries," says Steve-O, "Dr. Tom RULES! But, going back to January '95, I was trying to impress this fat chick at a party. So I threw myself off a second story balcony and landed on my face. I fractured my cheekbone, broke seven teeth, I got stitches in my chin and a broken rib, all in one go."
"Did you impress the broad?" asks Dr. Tom.
"I blacked out. I don't remember hitting the ground. I was laying there, unconscious, face down on the concrete with a pool of blood growing around my head..."
"And if that isn't love," laughs Kelly, "I don't know what is!"
"They loaded me into an ambulance," says Steve-O, "and I woke up in the hospital. I thought, 'hey, this is great!' so I broke out of the hospital, refused medical attention for the next three weeks, and here I am."
"Sorta like your old days in Smoky Mountain, huh, Tom?" laughs Kelly.
"What got you started doing stuff like lighting yourself on fire?" asks Dr. Tom.
"Heavy metal music," says Steve-O, which gets a laugh from everybody.
"I never liked reading books. I was eleven when I started skateboarding, which introduced me to concrete and the pain it can cause. So I was skateboarding and listening to heavy metal music. At some point, I thought, why not do even dumber stuff? So there you go."
Kelly wants to know how much legal trouble the Jackass crew got into?
Steve-O says that they always kept clear of the Law, except for one time, during the pilot, when they ran afoul of the Los Angeles Police Department.
"We had to pay $5000 to settle that case with the LAPD," says Steve-O. "Other than that, we had a few arrests. No formal lawsuits, though."

Kelly opens the interview up for questions from the audience.
"Josh is making his way down off the stage..." begins Kelly.
"Hey," says Steve-O, "I wanna teach these guys how to drink free alcohol for life!"
"Outstanding!" says Dr. Tom.
"I can't provide you guys with alcohol, y'unnerstan'" says Steve-O, "but..."
"He can just teach," says Dr. Tom, finishing the thought.
"Yeah," says Steve-O, grinning at Dr. Tom, "y'don't give a dude a fish, right? Y'give him a fishin' rod!"
"Yeah!" agrees Dr. Tom enthusiastically.

First question from the audience is whether there was a stunt that the Jackass guys decided against after they tried it the first time?
"I am glad you asked that," says Steve-O with a big grin on his puss, "because, in our very first movie, the one playing right now, the last part of the show centers around my turning down a stunt for the very first time in my life. But other than that, there was never any one stunt that we decided not to do. We always had to get permission to do the stunts we did on TV. We had to submit to the Standards people at MTV (boy, THERE'S a job for you!) what we wanted to do, and what came back approved by them was what we did. The one thing I turned down turned out to be the movie's Grand Finale."

Next question gets trampled by the renowned Byte This! "Technical Difficulties." As Josh struggles with the microphone, Steve-O asks how many of the audience are going to see his movie tonight, and gets a big cheer in return.
"I might be goin' with you!" And this gets a big sheer from the fans.

Josh resolves his "Technical Difficulties" just in time for Our Next Audience Member to demand that Steve-O get him a beer.
"Man, you know, 'teach a man to fish...'" says Steve-O with a laugh. "It's like, I smoke cigarettes. And somebody comes up and asks me, "Can I get an extra cigarette? Now my packs typically come with twenty. There are NO extras in there. 'Can I get?' Hmph. That almost sounds like you're askin' me to do a chore. 'Get you a beer.' How about I ask my gracious hosts, (nods to Kelly and Dr. Tom) to see if there's some way you can EARN your beer? Hey, everybody's going to 7-11, and some dude's always askin' them for spare change. 'Spare.' Now THERE'S a funny word. I don't pay people to do nothin'..."
"I don't think we can..." begins Kelly, with a worried look on his face.
"Well," says Steve-O brightly, "how about a trivia question? Maybe a WRESTLING trivia question? Make it HARD. I want this dude to EARN it!"
"Would you consider yourself a trivia expert?" sneers Kelly of the Audience Member.
"Are you a WRESTLING trivia expert?" asks Steve-O, more to the point.
"Uhh, yeah, I am," says Audience Member.
"Do we have any fans of WRESTLING here?" asks Steve-O of the audience, and gets another big cheer.
"Tom, we can make this question difficult for the guy, right?" asks Kelly, who has apparently thrown caution to the winds.
"Yeah," says Steve-O, "let's make this question REALLY hard and make the guy EARN it."
(Kelly's got that mean look in his eyes again. Here's the wind-up... and the pitch...)
"The 1993 Survivor Series had a tag match involving my broadcast partner, Dr. Tom Prichard..."
"Hey, this guy looks like he might actually answer this question!" says Steve-O pointing at Another Guy in the audience.
"...I want you to name Tom's partner who he wrestled with, and name the tag team they wrestled," finishes Kelly.
"And we're gonna need ID's to establish how old..." begins Steve-O.
"Man," says Kelly, "That guy passed twenty-one years ago!"
Audience Member hollers something from the floor.
"Hey man, I'm not puttin' you down," says Steve-O, "I just want everybody to EARN their beer."
'Dr. Tom, was with 'Chris Candido?'" ventures A.M.
"Aaannngghh! Wrong!" says Kelly and Steve-O, as Dr. Tom hangs his head in disgust.
Another Guy from the audience says he was in Boston, MA, where the match took place, that Dr. Tom's partner was "Jiggalo Jimmy" DelRay, and they wrestled the Rock & Roll Express, which is the correct answer.
Dr. Tom gives Another Guy a cold brew as the crowd cheers the winner.
"Hey," says Steve-O, "y'know, I ...roam around the country, get on stage, I got my "Steve-O Show" on stage now. And the poor guys in the back of the hall...you guys want to see me do some stunts? How 'bout I do some stunts?"
Kelly and Dr. Tom ask the wildly cheering audience if they want Steve-O to do some stunts, but get drowned out by the "Steve-O! Steve-O!" chant.
Kelly wants to know what stunt Steve-O wants to do here, live at The World?
"It wouldn't be one," says Steve-O, "it'd be a whole BUNCH of 'em!"
More cheers, plus some suggestions, from the audience.
Kelly says that they've done some research, and that the crack staff ("or staff on crack!") has found one involving rubbing alcohol...
Steve-O, however, goes back to Audience Member, and asks him if he still wants the beer?
"I'm not gonna give you just A beer," says Steve-O, "I'm gonna give you the power to get free beer for the rest of your life!"
Everybody likes this idea, surprise, surprise.
Steve-O stands up. 
Kelly withdraws to a safe distance.
"This is important," says Steve-O, "because I did not always get paid...to be an idiot. I used to be really struggling. And because what I liked to do at the end of a hard day was to get drunk. But with no money, I had to have a f*ckin' trick... oops, can I say that?"
"Uhh," says Kelly, "try to avoid the F-word, please."
"Okay," says Steve-O, who turns back to Audience Member. "Let's talk about earnin' that beer. What you do is go up to a bar, and ask the bartender to hook you up with a disposable cup. Any bartender will get you that. Then get some fluid in it. Any kind of fluid. Use your imagination. I prefer beer, myself. Anyway, you got your cup with fluid in it. You then walk up to your..."
"Victim?" asks Kelly.
"Yeah," says Steve-O, "your victim, a patron, and tell them the good news..."
"So I'm the bartender?" says Kelly, getting confused about the role.
"No you're the patron, you're somebody else now." Say Steve-O, as to a dense and backward child.
'What you do is you go up to Mr. Patron and say, "I'm about to show you the most badass bar trick you've ever seen in your life."
"Wow," says Kelly, "no way! Hey aren't you Steve-O from the hit movie "Jackass: The Movie," that's opening in theaters across the country today?"
"Aww, man," say Steve-O, "I'm not a con man, and you don't owe me anything, but" 
(at this point Steve-O balances his bottle of Smirnoff Ice on his forehead) "what I am gonna do is drink this without using my hands or arms in any way. Is that worth a beer for you to see me do it?"
Some jerk hollers "NO!" from the audience.
"Hey," says Steve-O, rounding on the guy, "if he says 'no,' I'm not gonna do the trick, right? Hence, every time you do it, you get free booze. Now pay attention real close here..."

The bottle goes back on the forehead, the crowd goes quiet, and Steve-O begins the trick.
He almost loses it when Kelly starts jabbering to Dr. Tom about how "this is the first time they've had a stunt man on Byte This!, and not just a stunt man, but one who does tricks, real tricks, not like the one's Big Country's Mom used to do..."
"Ummm, Kevin..." says Steve-O softly, being careful not to drop the bottle, which is beginning to teeter precariously.
"Oh, sorry," says Kelly.
Slowly, Steve-O squats down to a sitting position on the stage, then brings his feet up over his head, steadying the bottle. The crowd is real quiet at this point. He then slowly rolls through a backward somersault, secures the bottle with his knees and rolls through, placing the bottle on the stage. He then bends down and picks up the bottle with his mouth, completing the trick to the cheers of the crowd.
"Outstanding!" says Dr. Tom.
"Steve-O! Steve-O!" goes the chant.
"Don't let anybody say you can't learn something from Byte This!" says Kelly, "we Teach Skills That Make Bills!"
"Anyway," says Steve-O, "in answer to the guy's question, 'can I get him a beer?' I just showed him a way he can get free beer for the rest of his life!"
"There you go, pal," says Kelly.
Steve-O closes his segment with the Bar-stool Trick, but walks off stage, and comes back with a ladder! Looks like an eight-footer, too.
"I graduated from Ringling Bros. Clown College," says Steve-O, "so what I can do is balance this ladder on my face."
"On your face?" says Kelly, somewhat doubtfully.
"Yeah, but then I'm gonna set myself on fire, too!"
Another swig of Smirnoff Ice, and Steve-O's ready to go.
Up goes the ladder, and, sure enough Steve-O's got all of it balanced on his chin.
The crowd cheers wildly.
Kelly wants to see the Finale, the "coup de grace."
"Before I came on this show, they made me sign a release form that says on the top, 'Bodily Injury,'" says Steve-O, "I was so psyched to sign that. Who's ready for a "Bodily Injury?"
Boy howdy, this crowd sure is!
Dr. Tom brings out Byte This! Lovely Stage Assistant, Jessie.
"Will this stunt get the ladies, Steve?" asks Kelly. "Or is it that maybe guys shouldn't try this?"
"There are certain stunts I encourage people to learn, "says Steve-O, picking up what looks like a bottle of rubbing alcohol, "but any chick that I wanted to spend time with wouldn't be very impressed with this. It is really dumb. What I am gonna do is put this rubbing alcohol in my mouth, pour it on my hand, set my hand on fire, then do a front flip, while si-mul-ta-neously spraying alcohol out of my mouth, creating a huge fireball! It's a cool stunt! Then we are gonna call it a day, go to the movie theater, and watch my movie. Cool!"
Kelly warns us all, "DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, (you little dumbasses!)."
Steve-O gets topless, and shows off this big self-portrait that he's got tattooed on his back.
Steve tells everybody to move way back from the stage, and then... 

Well, you had to be there.

Steve-O's not happy with the first attempt, so of course he does another, and darn near scorches himself and everybody on stage with this HUGE fireball, that DOES set the stage on fire.
"The smell of charred flesh is in the air!" says Kelly.
"That was worth the price of admission alone!" crows Dr. Tom.
While Steve gets dressed, and swats hands with the fans, and The World stage crew extinguishes the blaze, Josh tries for some more wrestling questions. 

The fans want Steve-O's autograph, but he wants to do one more stunt.
Oh my God, it's the "Knock-Knock Joke!"
Steve-O puts the mic in his mouth, and has Dr. Tom knock on his head. 
It sounds REAL hollow in there.
I'll let you draw your own conclusions.
"Steve-O, ladies and gentlemen," say Kelly.

Kelly says that the folks on the Internet can't really appreciate the smell of charred flesh like the folks at The World can.
As they prepare to bring out Eric Bischoff, we get a video clip from the "Hell In A Cell" match from the "No Mercy" PPV.
Jeez, it looks like Dracula's dining room in there.

To the cheers of the crowd, out comes Raw GM Eric Bischoff.
"Hold on," says Bischoff, "I'm gonna set my ass on fire, if you don't mind. That's a heckuva thing to follow."
Kelly asks if Bischoff's impressed with The World?
"Actually," says Bischoff, "the last time I was in New York eight months ago, I snuck in here. I thought about starting something, but decided, nah!"
Kelly asks how Bischoff would assess Raw since his takeover as General Manager?
Bischoff says that the entire business has been a work in progress since 1952, it is constantly evolving, and today is no different.

Kelly asks Bischoff to comment on the Lesnar/Undertaker confab on last night's Smackdown show.
Bischoff says it is too early to call Lesnar the Dominant Champion in professional wrestling, but "it is still early in Brock's career, and that is what is so interesting about where Lesnar is headed as a performer. It is amazing how dominant he has become in such a short time."

Kelly mentions Bischoff's Minnesota origins, and asks if he knew Senator Paul Wellstone, who had just died in a plane crash today?
Bischoff says he did not know Wellstone personally, but he knew of him as a real advocate and a genuinely nice person.

Moving on, Dr. Tom comments on the controversial nature that Raw has been showing of late, and "Do you think Raw stepped over the line with "Katie Vick?" 
Bischoff says that he was with Shane McMahon backstage at Raw when the whole "Katie Vick" deal went down, and that Shane asked him the same question. Bischoff says that he had mixed emotions about it from the very beginning. But, because the business is constantly evolving, they are trying various ways to push the buttons on the fans and keep them tuning in and coming back each week. 
"If we don't do that," says Bischoff, "then we aren't going to compete very well with the rest of what's out there. I understand why we do that, because I've pushed the envelope a number of times in just the same way. But it still makes me uncomfortable in some ways. We try new things, but sometimes they don't work."

Sticking his foot into his mouth once more, Kelly remarks that Bischoff has a reputation of not being "talent-friendly." This gets Kelly a couple of cat-calls from some rowdies in the audience, and a steely gaze from Bischoff. 
"For instance," says Kelly, doggedly plowing on, " any second thoughts from you about running the TLC match on Raw, and the carnage and injuries that followed?"
"None whatsoever," says Bischoff, "that's the nature of the business. That's what they are getting paid to do, and what the fans want to see. In a match, sometimes you get hurt. It's part of the business, too."
Dr. Tom asks Bischoff to comment on his relationship with Vince McMahon, and if it has changed since the old days of the Monday Night Wars?
"No," says Bischoff, "but let me clarify that. People made so much about what my feelings were toward Vince. But it was all business, nothing personal. When I took over WCW in 1993, it almost didn't exist. In 1995 when word spread that I was going to start Monday Nitro, everybody said I was out of my mind, that a new show couldn't compete with what the WWF was doing, they were so far above where we were. For me, Vince McMahon was the challenge, the high-water mark for me to aim at, and where I wanted to be. I did everything in my power to be controversial, because that got me noticed. As far as my relationship no with Vince McMahon, I really don't know him all that well, other than when we interact here in the company. My sense of him is that he is always in control, and that he has enormous respect from everyone he works with."

Kelly asks what the story is with Scott Steiner. And what Bischoff's relationship was with Steiner in WCW?
Bischoff had a great relationship with Steiner, but that Steiner is a lot like Bischoff is; he keeps to himself, and is not out-going in real life. "I always got along with him," says Bischoff, "I never had any problems with him, despite all the so-called controversy that Steiner caused backstage."
Kelly asks if Steiner will be the "edge" that Raw needs, if indeed he does join the Raw roster?
Bischoff says that he wants Steiner on the Raw roster, yes, and he thinks his past relationship with Steiner may be what tips the balance in Raw's favor.

Kelly moves on to Bischoff's calling for an "Elimination Chamber," tourney.
Bischoff says that the "Elimination Chamber" will "find a whole new level," much like the TLC matches did. 
Kelly talks up the Survivor Series that will be at Madison Square Garden next month, and that there are fans who would love to win two tickets to the Survivor Series.
Bischoff says he just happens to have two pair of Survivor Series tickets on him, and how about we give them away? "Let's see, how bad they want to win these tickets? How about some volunteers?"
Kelly and Josh pick four volunteers, to "come up to the stage and speak very nicely with Raw's GM Eric Bischoff..." 
"Hey," says Bischoff with a laugh, "that's a first!"
"...we want you to grovel, and beg Mr. Bischoff to give you the tickets..." says Kelly.
"You know," says Bischoff, "the only time I've ever had anyone grovel to me is when they wanted to renew their contract, so this is going to be interesting. And cheaper!"

Well, they run through the four contestants, and the groveling gets pretty intense, not to say whiny.
"If God died, you'd definitely be the one to take His place," says one contestant.
"Eric," purrs contestant Stephanie, ("Stephanie?!" says Bischoff, "well, isn't THAT nice!") "you give me those tickets, and HLA won't compare to what I do to you..."
"Heyheyhey," says Bischoff, backing away real fast, but grinning like a possum.
Kelly asks the crowd to vote on who gets the tickets, and the crowd decides that Stephanie and one of the guys gets the tickets.

As the winners move off to get "hooked up with Josh," (Stephanie's still making eyes at Bischoff) Kelly asks Bischoff if he's ever gotten some "interesting offers" from talent?
"Most of them came as 'veiled threats'," laughs Bischoff.
Kelly asks Bischoff what he's doing besides being Raw's GM?
Bischoff says he's developing a thirteen-episode series for USA Network, which should be wrapping up around 1 November. In addition he's been working with the Indy Racing League to develop two reality shows centered around the world of IndyCar racing. He's also working with Mark Burnette of "Survivor" fame to develop a martial arts-based reality show. He's also working with National Lampoon, doing some very interesting things with them for about a year now.

Speaking of reality shows, Dr. Tom asks Bischoff what he thinks of "Tough Enough 3?"
"I love that show," says Bischoff, "it's a great show, very well-produced."
Dr. Tom asks if Tough Enough stars Maven and Chris Nowinski will make a big impact on Raw?
Bischoff says yes, but he thinks that the only two people to make it to the top of the card in record time were The Rock (which gets a "Rocky Sucks" chant started from the crowd) and Bill Goldberg.
"Everybody else," says Bischoff, "and I mean EVERYBODY else, has been in the business ten years and more. It takes a lo-o-o-ng time to succeed in this business."
Dr. Tom asks if Bill Goldberg will be coming to WWE?
(This gets shouts of "No! No!" from the crowd.)
"I honestly don't know," says Bischoff, "It all depends on what Bill wants to do with hi-"

Kelly rounds on the crowd, interrupting Bischoff in mid-sentence.
"How could you guys honestly say NO! to somebody like Bill Goldberg coming to WWE? Ahh, whaddayou know, anyway?"
"Goldberg SUCKS is why!" hollers some fan from the back of the room.

Dr. Tom remarks about how much talent is on Raw these days.
Kelly says he can't wait to see Bautista's debut, and gets a big cheer from the crowd at this. "The guy is just awesome!" says Kelly.
Bischoff says that he'd been watching Bautista since June, and was impressed with the size of his shoulders, his look, and physical presence. "I said 'Man, this guy is gonna be ringin' some cash registers some day!'"

Kelly moves on to Bischoff's past relationship with The Big Show, and how Smackdown may be the opportunity for TBS to shine, to get everything that everyone expects from him.
Bischoff says that he feels no different towards TBS for leaving Raw, than he did in his leaving WCW. 
"If it was time for him to leave Raw," says Bischoff, "then it was time for him to leave. He had reached his level in WCW when he left there, and on Raw, the environment he was in and the people he was around, he had again reached his level and wasn't going any higher. So, let's see what happens. It is a great opportunity for Big Show. It is a very competitive environment over there, and Stephanie McMahon will do everything she can to maximize the impact he has on Smackdown, and I am going to do everything I can to see that the impact doesn't negate the momentum we are building on Raw."
Kelly remarks that, with all trades, there has to be something coming back to Bischoff for letting The Big Show go, and who is it going to be?
Bischoff isn't talking on the subject, preferring to let the speculation run wild for now.
Questions from the audience is next.
Audience member Sonny asks Bischoff how it felt to get stink-faced by Rikishi?
"Aw, come on!" says Dr. Tom, shaking his head in disgust.
"No, no," says Bischoff, "it's a good question. I didn't feel a lot, because when he hit me in the corner, it took a lot out of me. All I can remember doing is trying to turn my head!"

Kelly wants to know how much Bischoff has been impacted by the things he's done on Raw?
"Most people realize what is going on," says Bischoff, "and most recognize that wrestling is always going to be controversial. Keep it in context. If you'd seen the "Katie Vick" thing on Saturday Night Live, you'd have laughed your ass off, because it was funny! It wasn't meant to be serious. It wasn't meant to depict somebody really having sex with a corpse. Everybody knew from the very beginning that it was HHH doing something that was designed to embarrass Kane, in the context of WWE. I find parts of it to be very funny. I find parts of HLA to be very funny, too. Most people know this. It's what we do. We push the buttons."
Dr. Tom wants to know why so many people have a problem with that sort of thing?
"Well, wrestling is a weird product," says Bischoff, "We are constantly trying to find that
gray area between reality and entertainment, what is real and what is not. And that is
what makes what we do so unique. And when we get the fans questioning what is real
and what is not, that's when I know we got 'em interested in what we do."

An audience member wants to know if Bischoff plans to bring back WCW Monday Nitro
in one form or another?
"I've thought about that a lot," says Bischoff, "and that there are some really interesting
opportunities there, but at the end of the day, this is about Raw and Smackdown. Those
are the two brands right now. And to dilute either of them any more than it has been over the past couple of years, would be detrimental to all. However, I do think there are elements of Nitro that could be incorporated here, Scott Steiner for one, to give a sense of continuity."
"On that same note," says Kelly, "do you think that Hollywood Hulk Hogan should return to active status in WWE?"
"Yes, I do," says Bischoff, "and not just because he's a friend of mine. Anybody that doesn't realize how much positive effect he has on this business, doesn't understand this business very well. The name recognition alone blows the roof off most arenas. You were in Montreal, you saw what reaction Hogan gets every time he walks to the ring."
Dr. Tom says that the same thing could be said of The Rock, and would Bischoff want The Rock on Raw?
"You were mentioning something about a trade, earlier, Kevin?" says Bischoff with a sly smile.
The crowd's going "No! No!" again.
"Hey," says Bischoff, addressing the crowd, wearing the classic Bischoff grin, "you guys were wrong before. You said Hollywood Hogan was finished, that he'd never come back to WWE, that he could never make it big in the ring again. Boy, were you people wrong!"

"Stardust" from New Jersey wants to know if Bischoff intends to bring more HLA to Raw?
"I don't know about Raw," says Bischoff, " but I think I saw a gentlemen's club just down the street from here..."
Hoots and hollers of "Let's go!" from the crowd.
"Maybe you might want to check that out," says Bischoff, "As far as seeing in on Raw anymore, it served its purpose. You won't see HLA again anytime soon. I did not say "never", though."
Kelly shills for the Survivor Series Ticket Fracas to be held tomorrow at MSG.
"I expect to see a loud, crazy, excited, crowd there tomorrow," says Bischoff with a big grin.

This ends the show, except for the "Big T-Shirt Throw" courtesy of Jessie, and an impromptu autograph session at stage-side by Bischoff.
There's a mad scramble towards the stage for both.

See you next week.


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