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The Best is Back.... Sort of...
November 17, 2005

by PyroFalkon
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


By the time Rick sent the mass e-mail to all of us on Sunday announcing Eddie’s death, I already knew the news. I even watched the press conference on WWE.com literally minutes after they uploaded it. Rick asked us to write a few words for Eddie, as you saw some of us did on Monday.
Since I first heard of Eddie’s passing, I was trying to think of something to say. Well, no, that’s not accurate… For the few hours, even as I watched the press conference, it seemed surreal. Once it sunk in, I tried thinking of at least a paragraph to write for OO. But even now, on Wednesday night, I can’t think of a thing to say.

This bothers me… I wanted to write something thoughtful, to take my time and compose the words right. But it just didn’t come… and now, even as I write off-the-cuff, I can’t think of much to say. Maybe it’s still too surreal for me, I don’t know.

As I watched RAW, I still couldn’t believe it. Celebrity deaths have never rattled me, but seeing the guys break down, especially Benoit… I couldn’t hold my tears back too well. And I know I’ll be the same way when I get a tape of SmackDown!. Plus, Eddie was one of my girlfriend’s favorite wrestlers, and she hasn’t seen RAW yet and wants to watch it with me, so I’ll be upset again when I watch it the second time.

I know the others shouldn’t be the focus here, but to me it really was a testament to how strong the WWE workers are. These are guys who were speaking about Eddie and performing for him 12 hours after they found him dead. I couldn’t imagine trying to concentrate on my job for the next few days, let alone 12 hours. I suppose it was just as bad when Owen Hart died too, but still…There’s no way I’d be strong enough to work on a day when one of my friends died, especially a close one.

As selfish as this is, this entire week has been strange for me as far as wrestling is concerned. My plans to watch Byte This! live and try to kick back and relax have been dashed to pieces. I know they’ll probably address Eddie on BT, maybe even Bret will have something to say. He’ll more than likely draw a parallel with Eddie to Owen, or Brian Pillman, or British Bulldog, or Miss Elizabeth, or all of them. And I think part of me has been dreading hearing it again. I just don’t know.

I guess I could tell you the one moment literally it all sunk in, and it all came crashing into me that I’d never see Eddie again, and how much that sucks. This is from Rick’s recap of RAW

Eddie Highlight #2: over the course of their memorable feud last year, Eddie -- shall we say -- "accumulated" a lot of Kurt Angle's property. Then he'd deface it and ultimately auction it off on WWE's website. Now this? Was as funny now as it was then.”

This is significant why? Because I was at that SmackDown!. It was in Cincinnati, at First Bank Arena or whatever the hell it’s called that sits beside the Great American Ballpark. It’s the only WWE event I’ve seen live to this day, and it was the one that I wrote spoilers on that got me involved with Online Onslaught in the first place. And it just wrenches my heart thinking back to that night, that angle, when Kelly was beside me and laughing and cheering louder than at any other point of the night. With an egotistical asshole like me, who is more concerned with looking as “cool” and “unemotional” as possible at all times, that was one of my favorite moments of the night then too. When that clip played on Monday, I didn’t cry then (that came when Benoit spoke), but I did “feel” for sure that Eddie was truly gone, and I would miss him.

I guess I did have more than a paragraph to say about him. Maybe I’ve been pouring myself into my other work so I wouldn’t have to think about it. And right now, there’s a tiny piece of me that wants to not write the BT recap because I again don’t want to think about or feel for Eddie. But, I suppose I’ve got a job to do, and I’d be selfish not to do it.

I wish there was some way I could dedicate this recap to him, but there isn’t… or if there is, it’s superfluous and unnecessary.

You will be always be remembered, Eddie.

Cold Open?: Since when does Byte This! do a cold open? We go straight to Todd in the studio, and I already feel a lump in my throat.

[Aside: After I wrote the introduction, I had to take a break… I ended up re-reading Rick’s RAW recap, and the Eddie section of my SmackDown! spoilers. Just reading and reminding myself of what Benoit said on Monday is enough to make me feel something.]

Todd promises that Bret Hart will be here, but we’re doing a cold open for the exact reason I predicted. Todd says that WWE has received over 100,000 e-mails concerning Eddie in only 24 hours. There was so much e-mail that the WWE.com e-mail servers crashed, although those are all up and running again. Todd implies that the e-mails will be sent to Vicki Guerrero, although I wonder how many she’d be able to stomach reading.

Todd says that it’s obvious that we loved Eddie, but he tells us that Eddie loved us just as much. Todd spins a yarn about hype for Wrestlemania 20, and a limo ride he and Eddie shared from a hotel to a Planet Hollywood appearance. When Eddie got in the limo, he was exhausted due to coming back from an overseas tour and everything. But, once he got out of the limo for his appearance, he seemed like a different person. “Anytime Eddie saw fans, his face would just light up,” Todd says.

Todd once again says that if you want to send an e-mail, do so through the WWE.com. Heres a link to the page in question. (Why it’s a secured page, who knows; maybe to protect your name and/or e-mail address?) WWE is going to compile the e-mails eventually, make them into a single book, and present it to Vicki Guerrero. Ah, that’s how it’s going to work… a very, very classy thing to do. I think I’ll actually do that now and copy the majority of my introduction.

…There we go. All right, we’re going to a music video now.

[break: This may have been the video Rick was talking about in his Wednesday news, the one with the track from 3 Doors Down. It sure as hell isn’t the one from Monday, but all those types of bands sound alike to me.]

Simply The Best: The WWE opening plays now. The Byte This! music does not, but instead is what looks to be the introduction and/or commercial for Bret’s DVDs. Ah, and THEN the Byte This! opening video and music plays. Alrighty.

Okay, we’re back in the studio. Todd and Bret are sitting in Comfy Chairs in front of the desk, and they shake hands as Todd makes the unnecessary introductions. Good lord it’s good to see Bret Hart on WWE programming again.

Bret is not looking very well… his hair is far from the jet-black I remember it being, and he’s definitely showing signs of aging poorly. (I suppose a stroke and massive concussion would do that to you.) He’s also not looking in the most athletic shape ever, but he’s not remotely the mess Vader was last time we saw him.

Todd gooses Bret to talk about Eddie, which Bret seems to hesitate wanting to do at first. Bret slowly says that the media tends to sensationalize how great a person was after they pass away, but “he lived up to everything that everybody’s saying about him.” That seems to be the end of that, which is just fine by me. As I said in the intro, this already is hurting me more than I probably want to admit to myself, so the less talk of Eddie or any other wrestler who perished decades before he needed to, the better.

Todd addresses the DVD set next, and Bret says that the people he’s shown it to feel that it’s a great production. He offers no comments on his own feelings about it, oddly.

Todd asks how the DVD came about, who contacted who, all that stuff. Bret answers that it was a theoretical project for WWE for awhile, even before DVDs existed. Bret says that he knew when it had started (presumably that means it was green-lighted before Bret was even contacted about it). Bret got in touch with Vince and, to paraphrase, it started to take a different direction to focus less on the negatives on Bret’s career.

Okay, now, if I’m reading between the lines correctly, Bret is saying that WWE was going to release a video that would more than likely paint Bret as a bad guy (almost like what they did with the Ultimate Warrior DVD), but once Bret heard about it and talked to Vince, they decided not to be dillholes about things and actually make it positive. I hope to heaven I’m just missing something.

Anyway, Bret says that he had a great career in WWE and always wanted to be remembered for that. He wanted to give something back to the fans, and he feels this is the way to do it.

Todd finally remembers that his nickname is “Tough Questions Grisham,” so he asks how the relationship stands between Bret and Vince. Bret says that were a couple rocky spots, but he’s got an “open dialog” going with Vince. Bret says that Vince did everything possible to keep him happy with the project, and that it definitely has the Hitman’s blessing.

On behalf of e-mailers, Todd wants to know how Bret’s health is and whether we’ll get to see the Hitman lace them up one more. I would give damn near anything to see that, as you know, but we’ve danced this dance before. Bret assures us that his health is overall good, but that he “won’t be getting back in the ring for anything.” Fuck. Expected, but still.

Bret’s voice dips a bit here, revisiting without details that he left wrestling under circumstances beyond his control. He’s as proud of his last match as his first, and is thankful he didn’t hang around and leave wrestling on a decline.

We get some clips of who-know-how-old matches with Bret, and Todd asks him how he felt about his first-ever match. Bret kinda answers a question not asked, saying that he’s glad the DVDs include footage from his WWE and WCW careers, as well as older stuff. He says he felt great working for his father, but that it was a shame the DVDs did not include more footage of those matches (mostly due to the fact that the footage is either damaged, destroyed, or too expensive).

Some of the clips include some wacky high-risk stuff Bret was doing with the Dynamite Kid, moves that Todd says aren’t even done today. Bret attributes this to his father, who taught a very pro-physical style of wrestling. (Translation: no sissy chin locks or bear hugs. It’s all about pure submission, baby.) In these clips, by the way, I don’t know who is who, because both Bret and Dynamite have Carlito-esque afros going on. And I’m going to add “Carlito-esque” to my custom dictionary, because I will find more uses for it I’m sure.

All right, now it’s time for the phone calls. Sure, I’m writing this after the show has aired, but hopefully my willpower can prevent the retards of the world calling in and asking dumbass questions like “Will you ever pose in Playgirl?” and “No, really, when are we going to see you in a WWE ring again?”

Caller 1: Isn’t there. I shouldn’t find that as funny as I always do.

Todd says fuck them then, I’ll ask the questions around here. He asks if Stu Hart goaded Bret into wrestling (a la The Rock), if Stu actually discouraged Bret from wrestling (a la Vince McMahon Sr.), or if was really Bret’s entire decision. Good question actually. Bret says that at most, he was “coaxed” into amateur wrestling, saying that he’d much rather have played football (which he did) or hockey. But for pro wrestling, Stu loved it of course and wanted all his sons to at least try it. Bret says this was a curse of sorts, because if one of Stu’s sons was good at it, he’d probably have to do it forever. Say what you want about the state of Bret’s body now (I already have), but there’s a twinkle in his eye as he says this that says there’s still a young man inside his body.

We’ve got another caller on the line now though. Let’s go to the phones!

Caller 2: Isn’t there. Todd [laughing]: “You’re still intimidating people, Bret! No one wants to talk to you!” Bret [annoyed]: “It happens.” Me [pissed]: “Someone fire whoever the fuck is in charge of the BT phones and technology, and get someone in there who can set things up to work consistently.”

Todd’s hands the floor back to himself, and mentions that Bret will be heading to Europe to help promote the DVD. Does he think the reception will be just as warm as it was when Bret was actually wrestling? Bret believes not, which is complete bullshit, unless Europe is five years behind us in wrestling awareness. Bret does admit that Germany is special (the country he was probably second-most favorite in, after Canada), but overall he will have lost something. Bret never lost favor with European fans, because while the WWF was committing “character suicide” with the Hitman in the States, he was gaining favor everywhere else.

Bret chats about the Hart Foundation, and says that there is probably no stronger group in pro wrestling. He says that no one within it probably ever had an argument; and as a random aside, he says that Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart really liked the DVD set as well. He says that with no Hart Foundation, especially with no Anvil, the Hitman would not exist. Bret says that at the beginning, it took him awhile to find his place on the mic; Anvil would take care of that for him, while Bret would get things done in the ring.

Todd asks if Bret still watches wrestling, especially WWE. Bret diplomatically simply says, “I… click through the channels now and then.” That probably means he’s softened his stance from the Wrestling With Shadows days, when he’s on record of saying that WWE programming is going the wrong direction and is not suitable for his kids anymore.

Todd has balls, demonstrating that by asking what precisely Bret thinks of modern-day programming, whether wrestling is going the way it should, and who he likes watching. Bret completely ignores the part about whether it’s going well or not, and says that he loves watching Kurt Angle because his style is a throwback to old wrestling, to Bret’s style. Bret regrets also not having a match with Eddie Guerrero ever. Not just him, but “you could have woken me up at 4 am just to have a match with Chris Benoit.” I say, we fix Bret’s body and resurrect Eddie for a four-way match. There’s a smark wet dream if one ever existed. Bret also puts over Rey Mysterio and Batista, but jabs them gently when he says that they’d look real good in a Sharpshooter. Heh.

Todd gets lame, asking about the wrestling ring in Bret’s basement. Bret seems a hair unsure how to answer that, so he just says that because of the ring in the basement, he got to see from an age as young as four some great pro wrestlers actually wrestling.

[break: Commercial from WAY back in the day where Bret gives his sunglasses to some dumb kid, who says “Go get him, champ.” If you’ve never seen it, it’s basically the pro wrestling version of the Mean Joe Greene commercial, just without the Coke. Anyway, this turns into a montage from the DVD.]

Part 2: As we come from break, the BT crew decides to play Bret’s music (the BT crew finally mixes it right, making it loud enough to hear whilst not drowning out Todd’s voice), which still elicits feelings from me that, no lie, make me feel like a kid again. Everybody, even you, has at least one sight or sound or smell that can launch you back at least a decade instantly and make you think of your younger days. Bret Hart’s music and the taste of macaroni and cheese are the two that do it for me.

Todd asks about the sunglasses, whether Bret still has any (he doesn’t), and where the whole ritual of giving them away started from. I actually wondered about this myself. Bret says that it stemmed from one of the Hart Foundation’s first interviews with Gene Okerlund (good crap I hope I spelled that right; Wikipedia says I did). I think I see where this is going.

The Hart Foundation in those days never did interviews, Bret says, but that day someone handed them a piece of paper that said they had four to do. Heh. Bret liked it, because getting interviews leads to more interviews (“4 leads to 8, 8 leads to 15, 15 leads to 50” he says), and getting any interview at all meant that you were making it. So Bret was extremely nervous about talking, and when he watched the tape of the interview, his eyes were darting everywhere. The rest of his body language was all right, but his eyes were complete giveaways. So when they had him redo the interview, he grabbed a pair of mirrored sunglasses and did the interview that way. He says that he got the confidence eventually, of course, and that it wasn’t just Jim Neidhart doing the majority of the talking toward the end of the Hart Foundation.

Todd smiles as Bret finishes the story, saying that Batista once said that the first time a local TV news company asked him a question, he got so nervous that he locked up and just walked away. Todd thinks that it seems being interviews is as tough as wrestling itself. Bret calls bullshit, but says that being a good interviewee is still extremely important, although there have been fantastic “orators” in wrestling. That is a one-dollar word that I need to bring to the top of my vocabulary sheet.

Byte This! is trying the crapshoot known as “taking a call” again.

Caller 3: Is retarded. But at least she’s there. After figuring out that, duh, there’s a delay between when you watch the show and call, she turns her computer down so she can actually talk. She asks what Bret is up to nowadays, and when he’ll be visiting Pittsburgh again. Methinks the caller is not an Eagles fan.

Bret says that he doesn’t know when (or even if) he’ll be in Pittsburgh, but that it’s a great city, especially because it’s similar to Canada. (Try not to take that too harshly, Pittsburgh. I’m sure Bret didn’t mean it.) Bret has no plans to be there at present, as he’s too busy enjoying his life at home. He has some travel plans, but he says he doesn’t wish to be a slave to hotels and suitcases anymore. It just consciously occurred to me that wrestlers travel more in one year than most of us will in two lifetimes.

I guess Bret forgot or dodged the other part of the question, because we go straight to the next caller.

Caller 4: Asks a question that I’ve wanted to ask for a long time. You are now the Best Caller Ever, Caller 4. Anyway, she asks if Bret has ever considered getting back into wrestling as a manager, perhaps for Kurt Angle (he doesn’t need it, but it would still be cool) or for one of the new guys “who really need help on the side.” She doesn’t SAY “Randy Orton,” but we’ll just pretend that’s who she was specifically thinking.

Bret thinks for about a second, and he says that he considers it now and then, but wants to be remembered as a wrestler, not as a referee or manager or commissioner or anything like that. That’s about parallel with comments made from Rick’s favorite Canadian. Bret is sure he’d figure out a way to be useful, but he’s happy with what he’s done already, and thinks that’s enough. As much as I respect that decision, I selfishly am pissed.

Todd switches gears partially and asks if Bret ever starts talking to his TV about “You don’t do the move that way!” whenever he watches a young guy wrestling. Bret smiles, and says that there’s a whole host of guys who should call him so he can teach them how to do a proper Sharpshooter, as he hasn’t seen anyone put it on right yet. Poor Rock and Benoit.

Caller 5: Needs to turn her computer down. She asks that, if it was a perfect world and Bret could get back into wrestling, if he would have a rematch from the infamous Montreal Screw Job. Todd bails Bret out of this one, refining the question to “who would you have a match with out of everybody if you could?” I guess Todd’s testicles fell off from before. Bret naturally says that he’d want a match with Kurt Angle, because of his style and all that. He says that he doesn’t see himself having matches with guys from before, especially ones he’s got a long history with. He’d much rather wrestle guys like Angle, Batista, and John Cena; basically, break new ground with new blood.

Todd says that Bret wrestled a lot of bigger guys, and wonders if he likes seeing the bigger guys like Batista and Big Show dominate, or if he prefers to see the little guys triumph. “You know, like when Eddie Guerrero beat Brock Lesnar to win the title.” Oh for the love of Pete… I hate it when interviewers force you answer questions a certain way. I mean, would Bret really have the balls to say “No, I would have preferred seeing Brock beat the shit out of Eddie and retain”?

Bret, hilariously to me, manages to not hype Eddie left and right without sounding like an ass. Simply, Bret doesn’t have a preference. Or rather, if he does, it’s the “medium-sized” guys like himself, Curt Hennig, and British Bulldog. The ones who had speed, power, and flexibility.

Todd goes back a couple second and follows up on the Sharpshooter, asking if Bret thinks anyone can do it right. Bret think Benoit can do it (Benoit is vindicated!), or maybe Kurt Angle, but “many of the others” can’t. Heh for the third time.

Todd asks for the origins of Bret’s phrases, such as the “Excellence of Execution” and my personal favorite, the “best there is, was, and ever will be.” Bret answers them with a smirk, that same smirk and eye twinkle that really is very cool and shows he still has life in him. He says the first one came from Gorilla Monsoon, although where Gorilla got it he doesn’t know. The second one was a moniker from the Hart Foundation, and he thinks it came from the movie The Natural. He said it was the perfect line to deliver when you got the “wrap it up” signal at the end of interviews, those last ten seconds or so where you had to sell what you were saying.

Todd asks Bret about his match with Steve Austin at Wrestlemania XIII, and Bret says that most fans think that’s their favorite Bret Hart match ever. I’m not sure if I could pinpoint one. Anyway, Bret just puts Steve over pretty much, saying they had great respect for each other, and they just wanted to really put on a great show to feed their storyline. Bret sagely says that the best wrestling storyline has a large piece of truth to it.

This is Byte This!, and the interview is clicking. You know what that means: it’s time to send it to hell. I’m surprised it took this long, but whatever. To wit: we’re playing Word Association! Can I get a “woo hoo!” out there?

The Dungeon: Torture chamber.

British Bulldog: [I] Miss him.

Steve Austin: Great adversary.

Ribbing: Owen. [That one kinda plucked at my heart at the same time I broadly smiled.]

Life on the road: Suitcases.

Other people using the Sharpshooter: Not the Excellence of Execution.

Eric Bischoff: Sweetheart, good guy. [Todd: “Huh.”]

Hart Foundation: Greatest tag team there ever was.

Bruno Sammartino [where the hell did this one come from?]: First-class champion.

Stu Hart: Stretcher.

Superstar Billy Graham: One of a kind.

Dirt sheets: Legitamite history.

Wrestlemania: Super Bowl.

The Hitman: [Bret passes on this one]

The Hart family: Still standing.

Kurt Angle: Best there is, but not yet the best there was or best there ever will be.

That crap is done… although I admit it was a teeny bit more interesting than I thought it would be. Anyway, back to the phones.

Caller 6: will Bret ever get back on TV at least to give a farewell speech to fans? Bret says that it’s a thought, but he absolutely doesn’t know. He says that it could be highly emotional for him to take that step. The thought is there a lot, especially after the stroke, but he thinks it would be extremely tough to be out in front of wrestling fans and say what he wants to say; in fact, he may not get through it. You know what I would think about it personally, but I think for him, it would offer some sort of closure, wouldn’t it? Even if he can’t have one last match, it could be a way he could top off his legacy. Then again, maybe that’s why he wouldn’t want to do it.

Todd asks if Bret misses the spotlight at all, or if he’s just enjoying his private life. Bret misses the cities, fans, and wrestlers, but doesn’t miss the spotlight. He doesn’t look back on his career and think about the things he didn’t do; granted that he wish he hadn’t gone out the way he did, but he feels that he accomplished everything there was to accomplish. He gave his all in every match, and he feels he didn’t have too many bad matches. He puts himself over, repeating a couple things he said already, but mentions how he was the champion of the respective companies when he left due to circumstances beyond his control. I think as far as WWE goes, that’s technically not true, but I get it.

Todd mentions the Goldberg kick that ended his career, and how it really doesn’t look that bad, that Bret took worse-looking moves. To punctuate it, they show a clip, and Todd’s right… from the head-on angle, it looks totally tame. Bret says that it looks like the kick got him in the top of the head, but in actuality it got him in the back of the neck, which is how all the damage happened. They show a different, side-view angle that shows it better. Bret compares it to being kicked by a horse due to its power (I take it Goldberg worked a little too stiffly? I never watched WCW and didn’t start watching WWE again regularly until just before Wrestlemania 20). Bret says you can see in the clips that he tried to block it with his hand, but the kick went between his fingers and caught him at just the right angle.

Bret wishes sometimes that he could go back in time to just that one move, and do that one kick slightly different. He says he’s learned a lot about concussions since then, their severity and what damage they can do, and that he’s living proof how bad they can be. He remembers the headaches, the memory and emotional damage, and other side effects it took on him.

We must be wrapping up, because Todd has put his white sheet on the desk.

Caller 7: orgasms on the phone because he gets an autographed copy of the new WWE magazine coming out that has Bret on the cover. Caller 7 should also immediately send it to me, because I’m a jerk. Anyway, he opens by kissing Bret’s ass, saying that it’s an honor talking to him and how Bret was and is his hero. I’d make fun of him, but the truth is I’d be a lot worse than that if I got a chance to speak with him. Hell, I was a lot worse than that when I interrupted Will Wright’s smoke break at E3 this year to talk to him, so I can imagine I’d scare Bret away.

Anyway, the caller asks which of Bret’s opponents ever stands out as his best one. Bret takes awhile to think, delaying by saying he had many great opponents and that he wishes he could have wrestled Steve Austin and Undertaker a few more times. But the one at the top of his list is Curt Hennig, because (for other reasons) he had an impeccable record for safety. He says how dangerous wrestling can be and how things can go absolutely wrong, but he says that Hennig would put his own body on the line to protect his opponent.

Caller 8: gets an autographed copy of the DVD, because Todd Grisham hates me. But because karma loves me, the caller isn’t there. Todd decides to just take the DVD for himself, instead of sending it to me. Jerk.

Todd wraps it up, and Bret gives all us fans a giant thank you, saying he wouldn’t be who he was without us. He says the DVD is a tribute to the fans, and hopes we all like it. Sweet.

Todd runs down a few locations you can see Bret at, but something tells me that if you’ve taken the time to read this recap and you’re in the area, you know them already. And if you’re not reading this recap, I guess it doesn’t matter. Anyone who isn’t reading this recap sucks anyway.

Bret does say he does enjoy these DVD signing appearances… I really do believe him when he says that. I figure some celebrities are tools and only put on a good face for the camera, but Bret I have never once believed is one of those.

Bret’s music hits, Todd says goodbye for both of them, and they’re out.

Closing Comments: We all have our favorites, and as I’ve said from day one of my arrival here to Online Onslaught, I have never pretended to be anything aside from a “slightly educated mark.” I don’t get into workrate counts, or who’s not getting face-time, or whatever. I’m the kind of fan who pops as loudly for the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan and the Rock and John Cena as I do for Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin.

I say this all because the pseudo-pseudo-journalist in me wants to be objective and figure out where this episode ranks in the last year. But the fan in me is too strong, so fuck objectivity… this was the third-best Byte This! episode since I took over a year ago. I’ll tell you why it’s only the third-best… The two ECW episodes made me feel like a pure fan again despite me never paying a damn bit of attention to the company until 2004. Bret Hart however is my favorite wrestler of all time, and he could be a vomiting drunk as he burns the American flag, and it would still probably be my third-favorite episode.

Luckily, I’m objective enough to say that this was definitely an interesting interview. Nothing was really said or asked that was earth-shattering, but to me, it’s a step that he’s actually back on a WWE program again. He sounded a little tired, definitely without the spark he had during his Wrestling With Shadows movie, but any number of factors could have contributed to that. He sounded more alive here than he did in the clips you may have seen from the DVD, oddly.

I probably would have enjoyed this 100 times more if the other circumstances this week had not happened, of course… But I am glad that Todd didn’t pursue it further than a one-shot question at the beginning. He made this about Bret, not Eddie and Owen, which would have been easy to do. Todd, aside from a tiny misstep at one point, was fantastic as always. This was not only a Byte This! I didn’t feel I wasted my time recapping, but also a Byte This! that ends up almost as long as my recaps for the two ECW episodes that I enjoyed writing as much as I enjoyed the show itself.

Simply put: if you have or plan on getting the DVDs, you should get this episode for a compliment to it. I don’t have any fear of WWE editing this, so I’m not going to record it and make it available for download like I have the ECW episodes, but it’s still a must-listen-to if you were a Bret Hart fan to my degree.

All right guys, I’m out. I need to isolate myself from wrestling on Thursday, I think, because on Friday I’ll be watching SmackDown!, and I’ll be watching RAW, SmackDown!, and the Rita Cosby special on MSNBC again over the weekend to put them on tapes… Darn the things I do for my friends.

Peace out, yo. 



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