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Velocity's Return to Late Night
September 20, 2004

by The Cubs Fan
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Quick Heat Notes: My TiVo screwed up - well, I screwed up using it, but it's easier to blame something else.

1) Rodney Mack defeated Val Venis with the "single knee DDT", which is now the Ghetto Blaster
- Highlights of Orton interrupting the Title match celebration
2) Maven defeated Wavell Starr with the second rope DDT
- Highlights of the Handicap match
- Highlights of the Kane/Lita stuff from RAW, with no particular update
3) Tajiri & Rhyno defeat Rosey & Hurricane in Hurricane's return from a broken nose

WeeklyVisitor's TNM has this actually recapped.

Spike TV's listing this show as "WW Velocity". 

TV PG V (at 11PM EST?) CC entertainment open
Paul London (Austin, TX, 200 pounds) vs Akio (Japan, 200 pounds) - Hmm, Paul London has new heelish music. Still wearing his tag gear, though. Your announcers are Bill and Josh. Please do not look directly into Bill's shirt. While you're at it, don't look at that hair either. Back to SmackDown, where London wants an answer, gets nothing and offers a 

slap. Circle. Lockup. Akio with an armbar, wristlock, London reveres into his own armbar, Akio reverses to an armbar of his own, London forward rolls into a headscissors into a pin, one two no. Akio leg trip zero. London leg trip zero. Standoff. Circle. Akio hops. Lockup, back heel trip. Bill is pushing London as a heel. Which could mean any number of things, honestly. Headlock by London. Shot off, back with a shoulderblock. London off the ropes, over - no, standing bodyscissors thingy, then turning over Akio into a cradle one two no. Akio gets in a kick as they both get up. Corner whip, Tiger Mask flip, charge into a back elbow, to the second rope Mushroom Stomp. "Why did Billy Kidman agree to the title match if he didn't want to wrestle?" is an issue we're supposed to care about, though I don't have faith it'll go anywhere. (Maybe Billy threw the match for French/Japanese cash to pay Chavo's medical bills? Throwing out ideas.) Akio retreats to the apron, and meets London with a shoulder to the midsection, Akio slingshots in, but London catches him into a Northern Lights Suplex one two NO. That was nice. Armbar. Whip? No, Akio's got the ropes. "Why do you always talk about Tommy Rich?" Akio with a kick, armbar takedown. Stomp. Stomp. Josh: "We're a bit more risqué on the new timeslot." Bill: "You never know what's going to come out of my mouth now!" I have a faint impression. Josh and Bill continue to digress while Akio works a wristlock. Stomps to the shoulder. Josh points out he's working the injured shoulder, but Bill refuses to talk about it. Akio with shoulderblocks to the shoulder. Cranking the arm. London tries to battling up, but he's stopped. Akio's arm crank is reversed into a bodyscissors rollup, one two no. Akio puts a stop to his with a dropkick to the shoulder. Stomp. Code Red? No, I guess London blocked it. Stomp. Hammerlock. Run into the corner post shoulder first. Bill is losing his mind. Arm crank around the ropes. London trying to fight back, but another dropkick stops that. Armbar. Bill talks about both guys here having left tag teams, which probably makes someone wonder what happened to Sakoda. Armbar. Bill tries to get Josh to admit Hogan, Austin, etc. won't actually be in the arena next week, and Josh is wisely electing not to get himself fired. London finally armdrags out of the armbar. Chinbreaker. Akio misses a clothesline, kick to the gut, kick to the head, clothesline, 'rana looks awful, jumping side kick is a lot better one two no. Corner whip, London charges into a boot. Josh is ticking off Bill for gun. Akio misses the jumping spin kick, London does not miss the dropsault. Is he going to cover? Is he going to stand around like a goof? Oh man, he's pulling Akio towards the corner in a familiar way. Josh is on the ball immediately, though he thinks this will be a 450. Took too long though, and Akio nails him with a swinging kick to the head. Akio climbing up to - top rope 'rana! One two NO. Akio can't believe that wasn't three. For the first time in the history of Velocity, Bill agree with Akio arguing the count. Akio tries a German Suplex, London does what you'd think he'd do. Akio's kick is caught, he's spun around, Waffle Face. One two three. (6:54) Is that still the name? Josh doesn't say it.

Tonight: Orlando Jordan vs Scotty 2 Hotty
Tonight: Luther Reigns

Day of Reckoning - for Michael Cole. As a make good, here's the poem.


Do you fear me?
I think you should
because I am so often misunderstood
no one knows the pain inside
no one knows the tears I hide
my heart was destroyed a long time ago
by what and by whom you will never know
I made a vow to never tell
instead I'll put the world thru Hell

Mark Jindrak (Atlanta, GA, 263 pounds) vs Shannon Moore (Raleigh, NC, 207 pounds) - Someone turned up the flashbulbs this week. Incredible fake sounded roar for Shannon Moore. Bill has no idea why Michael Cole is upset by the events of Last Thursday - "sure, he got dragged over the barrier, but he got read a nice poem." Jindrak, as bored with this match as the rest of are, livens things up by punking out Moore as he turns to pose. Shannon is dumped to the outside, and gets his face shushed into the mat. We're going with the story that Jindrak snapped after falling on his head last week. You kinda had to figure something snapped after that. Shannon rudely thrown in, rudely forearmed in the back, and rudely elbow dropped three times. Big left. Choke on the middle rope. Jindrak is apparently telling Moore he shouldn't have agreed to this match. Moore figures back with kicks and forearms, landing a springboard side kick to take down Jindrak for one two. Moore with a chop, forearm, whip, head down too soon, sunset flip, Jindrak blocks, picks Moore up and clotheslines him down hard. Jindrak could probably finish this this if he wants but it looks like he doesn't. Moore takes the hiptoss in to the corner. Haven't seen that in a while. Jindrak hangs Moore in a middle rope Tree of Woe. Choke doesn't seemed helped in any way by the setup, but whatever. Jindrak lets go of the choke at three, but stomps Moore while he's hanging, telling the referee "I don't care any more!" This is what happens when you have too much Velocity. Holy crap, Nick Patrick just DQ him for not breaking at the five count. (DQ 2:04) Not that it's stopped Jindrak in the least. Patrick tries to ply him off, and at least gets Mark to stop temporarily. Patrick checks on Shannon as Mark stares at the crowd, and walks out. Moore wins, although they never play his music or announce him as winner.

Tonight: Orlando Jordan vs Scotty 2 Hotty

SmackDown! Throwback (03/30/04): DX (particularly Tori) helps Stephanie beat Jacqueline for the Women's Title. An astounding number of fired people in this one; everyone but Triple H (and Earl and I guess Billy Gunn?) aren't on TV any more. Wonder why they picked this one hahahaha.  

Speaking of meaningful titles, here's 4 of 5 of the US Title Series. (1:18) Shocking turn of events...
No Mercy: Booker T (2, c) vs John Cena (2) in Match 5 of the Best of 5 Series for the Undisputed United States Championship
No Mercy: Big Show vs Kurt Angle
No Mercy: JBL (c) vs the Undertaker in a Last Ride match for the World Heavyweight Championship
No Mercy: Eddie Guerrero vs Luther Reigns

Up Next: Luther Reigns

Luther Reigns (Phoenix, AZ, 295 pounds) vs Eddie Watts (221 pounds, already in the ring) - Rice charges and jumps at the taller Reigns, and Reigns catches him, set him on the top rope, and pushes him over, Watts falling all the way to the floor. Reigns sets up Watts on the apron to give him a big boot. Replay of Watts fall to the floor as Luther beats him in the ring. Run into corner. Right to the head. Short clothesline. One two no. Half crab. Bill is angry at Luther, because "this man right here, Eddie Watts, was a partner of mine in Mexico. 1993, Crash the Terminator and Eddie Watts did damage in Mexico." Toe hold by Luther, Eddie using the other leg to kick way. Eddie up but limping. Kicks to the legs, rights to the head, Luther shoves him way. Kick to the midsection. Butterfly suplex. Inverted reverse neckbreaker. One two three. (1:23) The Turning Point is - Jimmy Korderas calling for the bell. 

$1,000,000 Tough Enough Last Call

Only the cool people know Carlito Caribbean Cool. He was born this way.

SmackDown! Live
09/19 - Memphis, TN
09/21 - Phoenix, AZ [SD!]
09/26 - Springfield, MO
09/27 - Joplin, MO
09/28 - Wichita, KS [SD!]

Big Show makes his hardest choice since lunch. (3:08)
SmackDown!: Eddie Guerrero/Big Show vs Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns
SmackDown!: the Undertaker vs Gangrel & Viscera - they've come up with videos for them since Thursday
SmackDown!: Rey Mysterio vs Spike Dudley (c) for the Cruiserweight Championship
Josh says we've been waiting for months for this match.

Up Next: Orlando Jordan vs Scotty 2 Hotty

Subway surprise returns of Thursday

Orlando Jordan (Miami, FL, 257 pounds) vs Scotty 2 Hotty (Westbrook, ME, 217 pounds) - Orlando has his old music, but new video. Scotty is going to high five everyone's hands on the way to the ring. WM Press Conference hype. Circle. Crowd really digging Scotty and Scotty appreciates it. Josh: "That's right, I am a thug!" Lockup, Orlando with a waistlock takedown, slapping the back of Scotty's head, float around into a facelock, up to taunt. Circle. Lockup. Josh calls DeMott "Big Papa." Josh: "I'm like P. Diddy, you're like Big Papa." "You're like Josh, I'm always Bill. Who's P. Diddy?" Orlando backs Scotty into the corner and works him over with shoulders to the gut. Bill: "You almost forget Orlando Jordan has skills." He meant as a compliment, even. Stomps. Whip, Scotty slides under, armdrag, armdrag, dropkick, Scotty dances while Orlando reverse. Scotty tries for more, but Orlando hides in the ropes, then uses Charles Robinson as a distraction for a cheap shot on Scotty. Kick to the ribs. Scotty rolls to the apron. Boot choke. Orlando is a "common thug", according to Bill. Orlando with a right hand. Scotty fighting back with kicks. Right. Whip, Scotty misses a clothesline, Orlando jab jab jab Johnson Shuffle right. Scotty may be dead. Orlando wanders around, leisurely covers. Kick to the back. Kneeling surfboard chinlock. Josh and Bill talk about Lindsay Lohan. Scotty off the ropes, into a knee. Stomp. Right. Elbow to the head. Turnbuckle smash. Choke on the ropes. Multiple times, even. Middle rope. Top rope. Josh and Bill digress about Torrie Wilson as Velocity Announcer. Bill: "It'd make me look better." "How would it make you look better?" "Because no one would be looking at me." "You could wear those orange shirts like you're wearing tonight." "It's CHARTREUSE!" Scotty fighting his way back, stopped by a forearm. Orlando recovering. Me watching the clock. Orlando waiting waiting waiting, and then kicked in the head. Fine strategy by Orlando Jordan. Both slow up, but Scotty kips up to his feet at 8. He's pumped. Clothesline is ducked, right, right, right, off the ropes, flying forearm. Scotty to get up of a corner, clothesline. Orlando stops this with a knee. Orlando loads Scotty up for the running powerslam, but Scotty lands behind inside cradle one two NO. Orlando with a kick, corner whip, Orlando charges in, Scotty moves out of the way. Orlando's in position. Scotty looking at the crowd, aiming, off the ropes, two handed bulldog is blocked by Orlando holding on the ropes by accident. Orlando with a kick, and Scotty's thrown into the poser shoulder first. Orlando waiting again for Scotty to pull himself out. Reverse DDT into a reverse neckbreaker is the latest addition to Orlando's myriad of badly down finishers (completely missing the neckbreaker here), one two three. (7:11

SmackDown!: Eddie Guerrero/Big Show vs Kurt Angle/Luther Reigns

That's it.


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