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WWE Global Warning Tour:
Melbourne, Australia 
August 12, 2002

by Mark Schumacher
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Opening with the Kid Rock “Desire” video, the “My Sacrifice” video (complete with new footage over the past 2 weeks) and the “Hey Baby” Divas Sex on the Beach promo.

Stephanie McMahon came into the ring, to a mixed reaction, and said that the WWE was proud to be back in Melbourne after an 18-year absence. She promised that tonight would “make history” and the main event was HHH v The Rock v Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar come to the stage and cut a brief promo about Lesnar injuring Hulk Hogan, even claiming that Brock had ended Hogan’s career, and that this was why Hogan did not come to Australia. No one in the crowd believed this story and most was livid about Hogan being central to the advertising but no turning up. Brock spoke about 3 sentences claiming he would leave tonight as the WWE Champion.

Match 1
Rikishi v Rico in a “kiss my ass match”

Rikishi’s entrance got the crowd dancing, and Stephanie danced with the big man on her way backstage. Rico came out to the crowd’s disappointment and lost within 2 minutes to a stinkface, when he kissed those cheeks. Rikishi then danced for the crowd, and became very popular by letting 2 young audience members dance with him in the ring. One of the kids tried a spinarooni, it wasn’t good at all, but the crowd loved the after match more than the match.

Match 2
D-Von and Batista v Mark Henry and Randy Orton

D-Von and Randy started the match to good crowd reaction; numerous chants for tables were started although none appeared. Batista and Henry were tagged in and used various test of strength moves, such as shoulder tackles off the ropes. D-Von was tagged in and he a Batista tried to double-team Henry who hit them with a double clothesline. Henry tagged in Orton, who then bore the brunt of the heels’ offence for a while, including distracting the referee. Orton fought back but was over-powered by Batista. Orton managed to make a hot-tag to Henry. Henry received a spine buster from Batista. At the 11-minute mark, D-Von was tagged in but was pinned after a running powerslam from Henry.

Match 3
Jamie Noble (with Nidia) v The Hurricane for the Cruiserweight belt

This was a good high-flying match with both wrestlers getting in good offence. Nidia interfered with attempts to kiss Hurricane, which drew several “Slut” chants from the audience. Hurricane hit an excellent head scissors and top rope swinging neck-breaker. At the 10-minute mark, Nidia distracted Hurricane as he was preparing to do the chokeslam but Noble rolled up the superhero and pinned him with his feet on the ropes as leverage.

Match 4
Billy and Chuck (with Rico) v Hardcore Holly and Chavo Guerrero (with Maven) in a “Tough Enough Challenge” match

Billy and Chuck spent at least 5 minutes stalling before the match started, which aggravated the crowd into some “boring” chants. One funny moment during this time was Chavo mocking Billy and Chuck by wearing the headband in a rather risqué manner. When the match started there was back and forth offence with Chuck seemingly enjoying Hardcore Holly holding him in a waistlock a little bit too much. Holly responded with a low blow, which seemed to provide chuck with less pleasure. Chavo was tagged in and was double-teamed by the heels. Holly unsuccessfully tried to by-pass the referee but this just meant more double-teaming. Holly eventually got a legal tag. Rico interfered, nailed a sidekick and Holly had a 2 count. Chavo then entered the ring and won with a victory roll at the 20-minute mark. After the match Maven DDT’d Rico.

Match 5
Test v Kurt Angle; in a RAW v Smack Down match

Test came to ring and cut a heel promo saying that not only were he, Lance Storm and Christian Anti-American but that having seen how similar the 2 countries are, that they were also Anti-Australian. Kurt entered the ring to a great ovation, even though people enjoyed the “You Suck” part of his theme music, he was heartily cheered. Angle played the good-guy by saying if you hate Aussies because they’re like Americans, then you’re saying you hate me and that he was going to beat him up for it.

The match started with a fast pace with numerous suplexes, clotheslines, boots, punches and Irish-whips. Angle got in the ankle-lock but Test made it to the ropes. Kurt tried the Angle-Slam but it was blocked. Test used the pump-handle slam but Angle kicked out. Test nailed Angle with the “boot shot to the head of the year” but Kurt kicked out at 2 and 99/100’s. Test shoved the ref for a slow count and Kurt tried a roll-p but Test kicked out. Test then climbed the top rope and was about to pounce as Angle scaled the rope in order to belly-to-belly suplex off the top rope but Test felt out of the ring. Some ECW-style “you F’d up” chants started. Kurt then used the Angle Slam but Test kicked out. Test then nailed a very powerful top-rope elbow drop, ala Randy Savage, although Kurt kicked out. Test went outside, got a chair, and swung so wildly that he missed Kurt. The chair hit his head on the rebound from the top rope and Kurt got the 3-count after 13 minutes.

The video wall then lit-up with a series of promos for SummerSlam, Fozzy and highlights of the Rock “the People’s moments”.

Michael Cole then was introduced and encouraged the crowd to make a lot of noise to congratulate ourselves for the largest ever crowd at Colonial Stadium of over 56,000. The figure seemed genuine as the place was hanging from the rafters (vale Gorilla Monsoon).

Match 6
Lance Storm and Christian v Kidman and Rey Mysterio, for the Tag Team Titles

Given Test’s anti-Australian promo Storm and Christian were booed on entrance, Kidman got a good reaction, while Rey received a great greeting.

Storm and Kidman start with a great series of high-flying aerial moves that really got the crowd going. Christian and Rey then continued the fast-paced action, with Rey hitting a strong face-buster and then going over the top onto the rail. Rey then was on defense, with Storm executing a terrific rolling slam. Christian re-entered the ring to very loud “Christian sucks” chants, many in the audience wanted to see a tantrum. Kidman came into the ring hitting a tornado DDT on Storm. Christian tried to interfere with the title belt but the ref stopped him. Lance Storm was seated on the top rope, Kidman knelt on all fours and Rey catapulted over Kidman to nail an amazingly impressive hurricarana. Kidman then nailed the shooting star on Storm but Christian interfered. This allowed Storm to pin Kidman at the 8-minute mark. All 4 men were great, but Rey got the crowd really hot.

What a mismanagement of time nearly 20 minutes of Billy and Chuck but only 8 minutes of these 4 in a great quality match!!!!!

Match 7
Chris Jericho v Edge, in a RAW v Smack down match

Jericho got a huge ovation, as he was the first real main eventer of the evening. He then turned in a great heel promo to get the crowd really riled up. Edge came to the ring with a handy-cam, which looked cool.  The crowd loved Edge and was glad to see 2 quality wrestlers play to the crowd. The match started quickly with Jericho trying to “punk-out” Edge. Y2J ended up with his arms caught in the ropes, Edge nailed a spear. Jericho moved into coward-phase hiding behind the referee and running out of the ring. Edge chants got louder and louder. Jericho used an abdominal stretch, including the classic heel trick of using the ropes for leverage. Edge countered with a hiptoss, 2 clotheslines and a flying forearm. Edge climbed the top rope, it looked like Y2J was going to counter with a superplex, but Edge hit Jericho with a facebuster. Edge accidentally hit the ref with a forearm. Jericho got a chair but was speared before he was able to land the chairshot. Edge covered Jericho but the ref was still down from the forearm blow. Edge then missed another spear and Jericho hit a bulldog. Edge then hit another spear and the ref counted a slow 2 count. Jericho hit Edge with a chair to the throat, Edge kicked out at 2. Edge monkey-flipped Y2J and another near fall was counted. Y2J tried for the Walls of Jericho but Edge rolled up Y2J for the win after 15 minutes. The crown popped hugely for the match. Edge sat on a chair in the ring as Y2J ripped up a fan’s sign in disgust. Edge then climbed the ring scaffold to a huge ovation.

Match 8
Stacy Kiebler v Torrie Wilson, in a bra and panties match

Special Guest Ring Announcer The Big Valbowski told the audience he knew all about “going down under” and used a couple of other cheap innuendoes to get some reaction. Val introduced Stacy “as the woman who could wrap her legs around any man in this arena at least 3 times!” - her parents must be so proud! Val told us that he really wanted to “get on to” Stacy’s opponent so he introduced Torrie. The match lasted 5 minutes. Torrie lost her top first. Stacy’s top soon followed. Nidia ran in and lost her pants. The referee lost his pants briefly. There was some rolling around the mat with the 2 girls and the referee, which looked very lame. Torrie ended up winning and gave Stacy some spanking too. Val and Torrie left arm in arm.

Match 9
The Rock v HHH v Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman), no DQ for the WWE Undisputed Title

Brock and Heyman came out first and the audience gave them good heel heat. HHH’s theme ignited the audience and he played the good guy (which seemed odd as he just smashed HBK’s head through a car window). The Rock’s entrance blew the arena; the crowd couldn’t get enough of the champ.

The match started with Rock and Lesnar trading punches and breaking even. HHH and Rock then started to double-team “The Next Big Thing” and clotheslined him out of the ring. HHH then attached Rocky. Lesnar re-entered and the Champ was taking on both men. HHH and Lesnar pummeled Rock in the corner; this started a very loud “Rocky” chant. The Rock then managed to knock both over with a double-armed clothesline. Rocky then Irish-whipped Lesnar into “The Game”. Rock then threw Lesnar over the top rope. Rock and Lesnar battled outside. Outside the ring Heyman distracted the champ but HHH started to work on Brock in the ring. Lesnar’s offence was strong, mainly clotheslines, punches and shoulder blocks. Rock then joined back in the ring and he and HHH jointly “spit-punched” Lesnar in the corner. HHH then attacked the Rock for a 2 count. HHH nailed Lesnar with a spine-buster, another 2 count. The Rock hit the “Rock Bottom” on HHH but the ref counted to 2 again. Lesnar then set up the Rock for the F5 but HHH interfered. HHH ended up outside the ring and was busted open. Lesnar then used a bear hug on the Rock, more “Rocky” chants to aid the champ in this test of strength. The Rock broke the bear hug by punching Lesnar. The Rock managed to avoid the F5 and managed to DDT the 2002 King of the Ring. The Rock then locked Lesnar in the sharpshooter; HHH who was bleeding interfered to break up any decision. HHH and the Tock go back and forth, HHH lands a Pedigree on the Rock, Lesnar breaks the count. Lesnar then hits Hunter with an impressive F5! The Rock spine-busts Lesnar and the crowd goes nuts for the people’s elbow on Lesnar. Brock kicks out of the cover at 2! The crowd is amazed at Brock not going down after the Rock’s signature move. Heyman climbs on the apron and cops a punch from Rocky. Lesnar F5’s the Rock but HHH stops the pinfall. HHH “Pedigrees” Lesnar who kicks out at 2. The Rock then comes back and nails HHH with the “Rock Bottom” for the 3 count at the 15-minute mark. The crowd goes nuts as the Rock celebrates the win.

After the match Lesnar tries to hit Rocky with a chair, but HHH stop him. The Rock and HHH “dual spit-punch” Lesnar out of the ring. This leaves Heyman in the ring with the Rock and HHH. Heyman kneels and prays not be left safely. The Rock tells him the stand. Heyman tries to get Rock and HHH to go at it. The Rock manages to convince Heyman to stand and shakes his hand, HHH offers his hand but ends up nailing Heyman with the “pedigree”. The Rock was about to leave the ring but HHH convinces him to do the “people’s elbow” on Heyman, the crowd loved it. The Rock then suggests that Hunter do the “people’s elbow” on Heyman too, the crowd cheer again. The Rock and HHH hug, raise each other’s hands and give each other turns to mount the turnbuckle and salute their audience.

After HHH leaves the Rock does a quick promo about coming to Melbourne, being a great crowd and wanting to come again. The crown goes nuts and enjoys the Rock’s kind words.

Two comments. The show lacked promos or interviews to build up nearly all of the matches. Few wrestlers were given mic time to build up any heat/cheers, only Heyman/Brock gave an interview about the main event so there was a lack of crowd momentum with many of the matches. It felt like the stories that lead into the matches were almost forgotten or thrown out.

Is HHH a face or a heel? His behavior in-ring and his after-match party with the Rock make it look like he is a much-loved fan favourite. However didn’t he just “pedigree” his best friend and put him through a car window and then lie about doing it? If HHH is going to face HBK at SummerSlam as a heel why was did he play the good-guy tonight?


The Immolator, in his other so-called life, has to drag his bad self out of
bed at 3:30 in the morning to work the IT desk at CKNW, your Vancouver
Canucks station.

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