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Pillman Memorial 2000:
Benoit/Regal Steals the Show
June 9, 2003

by Scotty Szanto-Nicodemus
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Once I saw that Rick was reprising his column from the Pillman 2001 show, I decided that I simply had to get this recap done.  The show I’m recapping is from 2000, the year before the one that Rick’s column is from, and the year after the Pillman event that Amey and I actually attended.  We were living in the Cincinnati area in ’99, and that is the year that we went.  The ’99 Pillman event also marks the one and only time that either of us has ever met Ric Flair…the picture is right here.  We were living in Wisconsin during the 2000 and ’01 events, and we’re living in Texas now, so if they continue to have the Pillman shows it’ll be a long time before we can attend another.

A funny (and true) story from the show that we went to in ’99 would be appropriate before I get started…  First, if you didn’t checkout the picture of me and Ric Flair, check it out so that you can see that I was in full-on Nic Diamond mode, wearing my blue lucha libre mask.  So after two or three preliminary matches, we overheard two guys in front of us discussing the probability of Rick Scaia being present (he wasn’t).  I forget the names of those two guys, but they were our friends for one night, based entirely on the fact that we were both readers of Online Onslaught!!

Oh, and I want to share one more picture from the ’99 event before I get you to the recap.  The NWA World Television Title Belt was raffled-off at the event, and the guy that won it was sitting just a few rows in front of us.  They brought him into the ring to give him the belt, and when he climbed back over the railing into the audience, I took this fantastic picture of him…I have often wished that I had gotten his address.  C’est la vie!

This tape comes to you via the good folks at RF Video, and I’ve had it for some time now, actually, so it’s good that I’m finally getting around to recapping it.  If you peruse RF Video’s website for this tape, a part of the proceeds will be donated to Pillman’s widow (that’s my understanding, anyway).

Let’s get to it.

Brian Pillman Memorial Event 2000

The tape opens with Jamie-San already in the ring, so no chitchat!!  Oh, and there are no announcers on the tape, either.  So if it seems that my recap is a little thin, that is why.

Shark Boy v. Jamie-San w/ Tony Mamaluke – Sharkboy brings a belt to the ring, and the ref holds it up for the crowd, so I assume this is a title match.  As Mamaluke is leaving the ring, he reaches out to shake Jamie-San’s hand, but Jamie-San is bowing to him.  Of course Mamaluke then bows just as Jamie-San extends his hand.  Someone needs to fill me in as to Jamie-San’s identity, by the way.  I think that it is probably Jamie Knoble, but he’s under a mask and the picture quality is good at best.  So it’s a little hard for me to tell.  They lock-up in the middle of the ring, into the ropes, and Sharkboy comes off with a roll-up for 2.  Jamie-San makes sure to identify himself as the heel by complaining to the ref that Sharkboy pulled the tights, which he clearly did not do.  The opening moments of the match are kind of by the book, until Jamie-San takes Sharkboy down with a Drop Toe Hold.  After the move, Jamie-San wastes time by entertaining the crowd with a display of his martial arts prowess.  This gives Sharkboy enough of an opening to sneak up behind him and bite him on the ass!  Jamie-San bails out, just as Mamaluke climbs onto the apron to complain about the cheating.  Sharkboy brings Mamaluke into the ring the hard way, and then bites him on the ass!  Mamaluke is so desperate to get out of the ring that he slingshots himself over the top rope and onto Jamie-San on the floor!  Sharkboy comes over the top with a Plancha onto both of them, and then slides Jamie-San back into the ring.  Sharkboy is distracted by Mamaluke though, and begins to attack him on the outside, and Jamie-San comes over the top with a twisting move of some sort.  Poor Tony Mamaluke is absorbing a lot of punishment considering that he isn’t a competitor in the match!  Jamie-San has a few chops for Sharkboy before they head back into the ring.  Jamie-San stays in control, while the crowd begins to chant for Sharkboy.  Jamie-San is racking up the nearfalls, and is beginning to get frustrated that he can’t put Sharkboy away.  He locks in a deep Side Headlock and takes Sharkboy down to the mat.  Twice Sharkboy gets to his feet, and both times Jamie-San slams him back to the mat (possibly pulling the back of the mask), and keeps the Headlock applied.  The crowd has gotten into it again by now, and they begin to chant, “Let’s go, Sharkboy!”  The man from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea begins to Shark-Up, and sends Jamie-San into the corner, landing Broncobuster-style on an empty turnbuckle.  Both men are down, and Sharkboy hits an atomic drop as Jamie-San comes out of the corner…oh no, he’s working the crotch!  Jamie-San is then set up for the ten-punch count along, but this is Sharkboy we’re talking about, so the tenth is a bite to the forehead instead of a punch!  Clothesline onto Jamie-San as he stumbles out of the corner, followed by a Huricanrana.  1, 2, no.  Sharkboy goes for his finisher out of the corner (I forget what he calls it, but Masato Tanaka calls it “Diamond Dust”), but Jamie-San stops the momentum and hits an Inverted DDT!  1, 2, Sharkboy gets a foot on the ropes.  Outside the ring, Mamaluke is absolutely incredulous over what he perceives as a slow count.  Inside the ring, Jamie-San misses a Clothesline attempt near the corner, and Sharkboy pulls him in and hits the Diamond Dust maneuver for the 3-count.  Sharkboy retains the HWA Cruiserweight Title (I’m pretty sure that is what the ring announcer said).  Mamaluke attacks Jamie-San after the match, essentially turning Jamie-San face.  That was a nice opener, nothing too spectacular, but everything was crisp and well executed.  I was already familiar with Sharkboy from the ’99 Pillman event, and of course I already knew Tony Mamaluke.  This was my first exposure to Jamie-San, and if it is indeed Jamie Knoble, I’ve only seen him work once or twice in the WWF(E) since.

Race Steele v. Chip Fairway: HWA Heavyweight Title Match – Now, Chip Fairway is someone that I do know, having seen him at the previous year’s Pillman show.  Fairway is doing the Golfing Wrassler gimmick of course, and he comes to the ring with a dj from one of Cincinnati’s sports-talk radio stations.  I have no idea who the dj is or what radio station he represents.  Race Steele is doing the Mike Awesome gimmick, meaning that he is just a huge guy in black tights that doesn’t seem entirely comfortable in front of crowds!  D-Lo Brown struts to the ring and cuts a brief promo on the HWA Heavyweight Title.  From what I understand, Brown was the last champ, but he is heading to the WWF(E) around the time of this event, and this match is the finals of a tournament to crown a new champion.  If I’m wrong about any of that, feel free to let me know the real details.  Fairway takes control of the match early, until he comes off the ropes and Steele catches him with a Gorilla Press Slam, followed by three consecutive Running Clotheslines.  Fairway suckers Steele into the corner, but when he Monkeyflips him out, Steele lands on his feet.  Some minor miscommunication causes an Atomic Drop to look awkward, but they work right through it, as Steele connects with yet another Clothesline.  This time Fairway bails to the outside.  His dj friend meets him at ringside, and tries to explain to Fairway that CRZ doesn’t live in Cincinnati, and so to call him would be long distance…and then there’d be the roaming fees!  “Don’t get me started on the roaming fees,” I believe is what they were saying…it’s a little hard to hear over the sounds of the live crowd.  Fairway slides back into the ring, and Steele starts to concentrate on the left arm.  Off the ropes, and the big man leaves his feet, taking Fairway down with a Huricanrana!  One Clothesline and Dropkick later, and Fairway once again retreats to the outside.  This time he won’t come back into the ring right away, and Steele is getting increasingly frustrated.  Eventually the ref begins to count Fairway out, but here comes Steele over the top with a Suicide Dive!  The brawl goes all over ringside, with Fairway eventually taking control with a Back Body Drop on the ringside mats.  He slides Steele back into the ring, and climbs to the top turnbuckle.  Steele shakes the top rope however, causing Fairway to fall crotching himself, and Steele positions him for a Superplex.  Fairway shoves him off, and then leaps from the top with a Big Legdrop…two and a half.  Fairway chokes Steele over the middle rope, as the dj badmouths him.  Into the opposite ropes, and Fairway hits a sweet Spinebuster.  He follows up with an attempted Lionsault, but he missed the first jump and had to settle for a standing Springboard Moonsault.  Two and seven-eighths.  I mean, Steele kicked-out at absolutely the last possible moment…I really started to think that they were going to end the match on a botched move!  Steele starts to get fired up after Fairway misses a Big Elbow.  The dj climbs onto the ring apron holding Fairway’s golf club, but when he prepares to swing it…D-Lo grabs the club from behind and breaks it over his leg!  Irish whip sends Fairway into the ropes, where (you guessed it) he collides with the dj, who’s back was turned as he argued with Brown.  The dj falls to the floor, Fairway falls to the mat, and it’s just a matter of Steele making the cover.  1, 2, 3!  Several members of the HWA locker room come out to celebrate with YOUR new HWA Heavyweight Champion, Race Steele.  There were a couple of botches spots, but they didn’t hurt the continuity of the match…although the Lionsault that Fairway missed probably will stick in my memory for a while!

Cody Michaels v. “Taxi Driver” Mad Anthony McMurphy – I’ve seen Cody Michaels before, but it escapes me where.  Possibly the Pillman event that we went to in ’99, I suppose.  Mad Anthony McMurphy comes to the ring to “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne, and just like that he’s my new favorite wrassler!  Michaels attacks before McMurphy makes it into the ring, and they brawl all around the ringside area.  They make it into the ring briefly, but when McMurphy starts to take control, Michaels tosses him over the ropes!  Michaels (who has a Tommy Dreamer-like appearance) hits a running Senton from the apron to the floor, then climbs to the top turnbuckle and flies with a big Crossbody all the way to the floor.  Back into the ring, finally, and Michaels stays firmly in control.  McMurphy (who is considerably larger than Michaels) finally takes control, hitting a Side Kick, a standard Suplex, and an Elbowdrop from the middle ropes.  McMurphy is trying to go for something else, but Michaels reverses it into a DDT, and both men are down.  Both make it to their feet, into the corner, and McMurphy comes out with a Leaping Sunset Flip.  1, 2, 3.  Whoa!  That ending came out of nowhere.  This wasn’t a bad match, by any standards.  In fact, it was pretty good…it’s just that it was mostly brawling in and around the ring, so there wasn’t a lot to describe!

“White Lightening” Tim Horner w/Missy Hyatt v. Dr. Tom Prichard – Once Prichard makes it to the ring, I recognize him as a WWF(E) trainer, and he is wearing an Attitude shirt that reads “Come Get Some” on the back, so this was well before they got the F out.  I have no idea who Tim Horner is, buy Missy Hyatt has a few words for Dr. Tom.  Seems that Dr. Tom lost at the previous year’s Pillman show, and so she has dumped him and found someone (Horner) to embarrass him this year.  Wow, continuity in storylines at a benefit show!  The match starts with the usual things that Tough Enough kids learn during the first week, Armdrags, Hiptosses, Headlocks, and even a Drop Toe Hold.  Each time that we see Missy Hyatt at ringside she is saying “Loser,” so I guess that is her word for the night!  Nobody gains firm control of the match, and the crowd seems divided between people that are talking among themselves and people that are yelling insulting innuendos at Missy Hyatt.  For someone that’s been around as long as Dr. Tom, he has zero charisma!  It’s almost ironic, really.  Prichard gains control of the match about mid-way through, and some of his nearfalls happen during moments of almost complete silence.  Shit, I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy!  They go outside, where Dr. Tom introduces Horner to the ringpost.  Prichard brings him back in with a Suplex over the top rope, and what this match needs is more rest holds!  Horner sent over the top rope, but he lands on the apron.  He flips over, attempting a Sunset Flip, but Prichard holds onto the ropes.  Missy Hyatt walks over and lifts her shirt…she’s wearing a bra, you pervs!!  That was enough of a distraction, as Dr. Tom can’t hold onto the ropes when confronted by the power of Hyatt’s breasts, and Tim Horner wins the match using the same move as Mad Anthony McMurphy used to win the last one!  I don’t have anything negative to say about this match because it was a technically sound match, and Dr. Tom can’t help the fact that his slack-jawed yokel appearance sucks the heat right out of any match he is in.

Disco Inferno & Kidman w/Torrie v. The Harris Brothers – OK, one of the Harris brothers is sporting nWo colors, and the other is not.  Let’s see…the one with the nazi tattoo on his left arm is the one in the nWo.  Since I don’t know which one is Ron and which one is Don, I’m just going to refer to them as Leftie and Rightie, referring to which arm their nazi tat is on.  The special referee for the match is the First Baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, and I hope that Rick won’t censure me for not knowing his name!  The match begins with Kidman and Leftie in the ring, and after being thrown down a couple of times, Kidman takes him down with a ‘Rana.  Disco tags in, and before tagging out, Leftie intimidates the ref.  Leftie quickly learns that you don’t mess with a Red-Leg in Cincinnati, as the ref shoves him back and gets right in his face…to the point that Disco Inferno steps in to separate them!  Rightie tags in, and he is a Racist A-Fire!!  Disco finally turns the tide with a Running Bulldog, and the ref is clearly having a good time, jumping around with a huge grin on his face after counting a nearfall.  It’s good to see stuff like that at an indy event, and especially one for charity, someone that is completely caught-up in the moment and having a good time!  The Aryans make the white-hot tag, but Disco tags in Kidman as well, and they double-team on Leftie.  Kidman with a Tornado Bulldog, but an Irish Whip is reversed by Leftie, and Rightie hits Kidman as he comes off the ropes.  Kidman brought into the Aryan corner, where the double-team and rapid tags commence.  Once again, I would give the match a better description if only the Harris Brothers’ offense consisted of more than punches, kicks, and Shoulderblocks.  I’ve lost track of which the legal man is for the racist team, and it doesn’t matter because when Leftie holds Disco up, Kidman turns on him and attacks his partner!  Kidman is joining the brotherhood!  Oh dear god, no!  Once the three-on-one is complete, Leftie goes for the cover on Disco, but the ref refuses to count.  At that point Charles Robinson slides into the ring and counts the 1, 2, 3.  The ref harnesses all the power of the Cincinnati baseball/wrasslin’ community, and lays-out Robinson with one punch.  You know, in hindsight, it is probably best that they allowed the Harris Brothers to go over in Cincinnati, considering the racial tension that has existed in that city for so many years.  I don’t mean to totally slag my hometown, but there might have been a “reverse discrimination” riot if the nazis had lost!

Vampiro v. “Misfit In Action” Hugh G. Rection – You know, I had stopped watching WCW entirely by the time of this event, and I had no idea until I got the tape that Hugh G. Rection was actually Hugh Morrus.  Poor Hugh.  I’m going to refer to him as “Morrus” because I don’t think I can bring myself to type “Rection” over and over.  Vampiro gets the loudest pop thus far…having lived there for most of my first 30 years, I can tell you that Cincinnati is a real vampire-friendly town!  The match starts slowly until Vampiro takes over with a series of kicks, sending Morrus outside.  Vampiro slingshots over the rope onto him, and they take the fight to the fans at ringside!  This is the first match to actually go over the barricade at ringside, and once it does I can follow very little of the action.  Morrus landed a Suplex in the aisle, I could tell that much.  Oh no, he has climbed to the top of the balcony…it’s the New Jack effect!  He leaps, and although I couldn’t see it, I am able to tell that he connected with nothing but blue mats.  Ouch!  They eventually bring it back into the ring, where Morrus actually takes control, hitting a Powerslam before climbing to the top for a Moonsault…but he’s taking waaay too much time climbing the turnbuckles, and Vampiro moves out of the way.  Both men up, Vampiro with the Kick-Wham-Spike Piledriver for the 1, 2, 3.  I wish they hadn’t brawled in the audience so much.  For one thing, the camera quality isn’t good enough, so nearly half the match consisted of seeing flashbulbs and hearing the crowd ooh and aah.  Also, I’m a bit of a mark for Vampiro (being from Cincy and all), and this is the only match of his that I have, so it’s a bit of a bummer for me that the match is a bit of a dud.  Finally, I don’t think that a charity event is really the place for such an extreme bump as jumping from the balcony.

“The Canadian Crippler” Chris Benoit v. Lord Steven Regal – Well, here it is…the match that everyone has been waiting for me to get around to, so let’s not waste any time.  Regal was one of my favorite performers during WCW’s hey-day, and Benoit is, of course, Benoit.  I’ll do my best to keep up with the action, but without commentators I’ll be at a loss to name some of the moves, I’m sure.  There’s the bell, and they tie-up in the center of the ring.  Benoit gets the first Armbar, and when Regal flips through, Benoit clamps the hold on so that Regal can’t reverse it.  That’s something you don’t see every day, and Benoit holds onto the armbar for well more than a minute, keeping it applied through several reversal attempts before Regal actually succeeds in breaking the hold.  Test o’ Strength follows, with Benoit bending backwards into a bridge, then powering back up, followed by Regal bridging backwards and powering back up before Benoit breaks the hold with a Jumping Headbutt.  An Enziguiri Kick has Regal on wobbly legs, and another knocks him to the mat and he quickly slides under the ropes.  Benoit wastes no time and follows him out with a Baseball Slide Dropkick under the ropes, but Regal side steps him and connects with a kick to the gut.  Both men up onto the apron, and Benoit drops down to the floor, DDT-ing Regal on the apron in the process.  I think that busted Regal open…yep, it sure did.  Back in the ring, where Benoit gets a two-count.  Benoit begins to kick the prone Regal right in the forehead, but after a couple of kicks Regal catches the boot and brings Benoit down in a Legsweep maneuver, and locks in an STF.  That was very nice, the very definition of Poetry In Motion.  Benoit makes it to the ropes, and Regal gives him a kick to the back after breaking the hold.  Regal follows a Dropkick up with a Surfboard, and Benoit sells it like death!  From the Surfboard position, Regal pulls Benoit’s head back into an inverted Sleeper, and I know there’s no way I could bend the way Benoit is bent right now!  He breaks the hold by punching Regal in the open forehead, and lands a German Suplex before laying in some stiff chops.  Regal absorbs the chops, and comes off the ropes with a flurry of kicks that elicits a “Regal! Regal! Regal!” chant from the crowd!  They’re slugging it out in the middle of the ring, and Benoit ducks a punch and locks Regal in for the Rolling German Suplexes.  Regal is able to break free after two suplexes with a Back Elbow, and locks in a Double Underhook.  Benoit drops down, preventing Regal from executing the Suplex, and is able to spin him around and hit another German Suplex!  Thumb across the throat signal from Benoit, and he begins to climb the turnbuckles.  Regal is up, however, and brings Benoit off the top with the Double Underhook Suplex that he had been trying for!  Both men are down, and when the ref reaches about five or six, Regal crawls over and makes the cover.  1, 2, no.  Regal immediately pulls him back down and covers him again, but again only gets two.  Both men to their feet, and Benoit whips him into the corner, but Regal stops himself, and when he turns, he meets the charging Benoit head-to-head.  Both men are down after the headbutt, and this time the ref makes it all the way to eight before Benoit leaps over to make a cover…two and a half.  Big Pumphandle Slam from Regal, but again he only gets two.  Regal gets a series of nearfalls here, staying on top of Benoit with the offense.  He goes for a Tombstone Piledriver, however, and Benoit reverses it into a Piledriver of his own.  To the top, Flying Headbutt…but Regal rolled out of the way!  Both men make it to their feet at the count of eight, and Regal goes for an Irish Whip, but Benoit reverses it and hits a Full Nelson Suplex.  He locks in the Crippler Crossface, and Regal taps-out right away.  Benoit helps to revive his vanquished opponent, and pulls him up to his feet as another “Regal” chant rings through the arena.  Yeah, I think that if I had seen this match in 2000, it probably would’ve been on my MOTY list, too.  The thing that made this match special, in my opinion, is the opening few minutes when they were using leverage holds against one another, and keeping them locked in while their opponent struggled (unsuccessfully, mostly) to break free.

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas comes to the ring for a promo.  He says, “cut the damn music,” and from there I start to understand less and less.  Apparently, he wanted to be at the previous year’s Pillman show, but “someone” didn’t want him to be there.  He keeps alluding to a mysterious someone holding him back for a while until he finally drops Ric Flair’s name.  He says that the only reason he went to WCW was to get Flair.  He claims that he has faced Flair only one time and made him tap out, so since he beat The Man, that must make The Franchise The Man.  Can anyone verify if that’s true about Douglas beating Flair?  He goes on to badmouth people like Hogan, Luger, Flair, and Sting, then calls DDP the hardest working man in pro wrasslin’.  He has a few bad words to say about Kimberly, and that fires up DDP’s music, and here he comes!

Shane Douglas v. DDP – DDP slides under the ropes and immediately lays into Douglas with some right hands.  A low blow from Douglas, and just like that The Franchise is in control.  Neither guy is dressed in wrasslin’ gear, by the way, although DDP is at least not wearing a shirt!  This is a relatively short brawl, and when DDP ducks a Discus Punch, he is able to hit a Diamondcutter.  There’s no ref, so DDP leans back and counts the pinfall himself.  As he makes his way to the back, DDP takes time out to take cameras from fans and hold it out, taking a picture of himself with the fan…he did that for at least three fans that I was able to see.  As Douglas gets to his feet and starts to leave the ringside area, a fan yells, “You couldn’t even carry Ric Flair’s jock!”  I’m a Rick Flair fan, there’s no doubt about that, but even I would debate that point!  Douglas grabs the mic before heading down the aisle, and reminds us all why we’re here in the first place, saying, “We miss you, Brian.  That one was for you.”

Raven v. Justin Credible (champ): ECW Heavyweight Title Match – Credible gets on the stick as the fans chant “Justin Asshole!”  He says that he is performing tonight out of respect for a great friend and wrassler, but the people of Cincinnati don’t show respect for a true World Champion, so he tells them that they suck.  He turns to Raven and delivers the same promo that he did on ECW television, telling Raven that not only did he beat him, but he took his girl (Francine, who is not in attendance).  Raven’s reply?  “That’s no big deal, ‘cause I had your mom!”  Now that’s extreme!  Credible attacks quickly, but Raven reverses a whip into the corner, and Justin flips over the turnbuckles and falls all the way to the floor.  Damn, it seems a little early in the match to be pulling that spot out, but what the hey, I guess.  Raven follows him out, and introduces Credible’s head to the metal steps at ringside.  A chair to the head later, and Credible is busted open.  This match goes into the crowd as well, but manages to stay in areas of the building that are better lit, and so the camera is able to pick up more of the action.  Not that there’s much more than punches from Raven for me to call!  They make it back to the ring, and the right side of Credible’s face is a mess!  Raven sets a chair up in the ring, but Credible reverses the Irish Whip and sends Raven into the chair with his own Drop Toehold.  They go out to ringside, and Credible plays to the crowd when the fans on one side of the ring start to chant “Over Here!” he takes Raven to that side of the ring and whips him into the barricade.  Raven is busted open as well from the fall onto the chair, by the way.  They go back into the ring, where Credible wears him down with a Side Headlock.  When Raven makes it to his feet, Credible slams him down onto the chair that is now lying flat in the ring.  Credible slips outside the ring and sets a table up at ringside, then quickly goes back into the ring and locks on a Sleeper hold.  Raven circles the ring, then ducks down quickly, sending Credible through the ropes, where he lands on the table and bounces to the floor.  I’m sure that they expected him to go through the table with that one, so we’ll see what they do for the fans that have already chanted repeatedly that they want tables!  Credible crawls back into the ring, but Raven whips him into the corner and follows him in with a Clothesline.  He follows that with a Mr. Wrasslin’ II Kneelift, and anyone that used to watch ECW on TNN should know what is next…The Bowery Booger Blower!!  By the way, Raven must be planning to do both Justin and himself, because he had a white hanky hanging from his right pocket.  Back to the match, where Credible connects with Sweet Chin Music, which gets two.  Raven reverses a whip into the ropes and hits a DDT, which also gets two.  Raven was about to go for something else, but Credible hits a low blow, followed by the That’s Incredible Tombstone Piledriver.  1, 2, no!  Raven kicked out!  Credible sets a chair up in the ring, but Raven reverses the whip into the ropes, and sends Credible into the chair with his patented Drop Toehold.  Both men to their feet, and this time it is Credible’s turn to reverse a whip into the ropes, and a Kick-Wham-That’s Incredible gets the 1, 2, 3.  Justin Credible retains.  A decent match, but I was one of the people tuning in to all of ECW’s shows during this era, so I’ve seen these two guys put on twice the match that they did tonight.  This match was ok, its just that a couple of times I thought to myself, “I wonder if this is the match where they did this, or that, or the other,” and of course it is not.

Eddy Guerrero w/Dimitri Young v. D-Lo Brown w/Danny Graves – Eddy has some words for the mamacitas in the audience, and Dimitri Young lets us know that he is “bad”.  I’m going to assume that he means good.  D-Lo makes his way out, and has something that I can’t understand to say to Young.  I have no idea who Dimitri Young or Danny Graves are…maybe one is a Red and the other plays for whatever team is in town to play the Reds?  Then again, they probably wouldn’t be allowed to participate during the season.  D-Lo tells Eddy to recognize, and Eddy does, with a fist to the face.  They botch a Leapfrog, and then the audience botches the “You Fucked Up” chant.  D-Lo takes control of the match, and settles in with some Open Hand Chops.  Eddy’s had enough of that, and takes over with some punches and a Running Clothesline.  D-Lo with a Belly to Back Suplex, followed up by a standard Bodyslam, and his patented Standing Legdrop.  He goes up to the top instead of going for the pin, and Eddy catches him there and brings him off with a Superplex.  Both men are down, and D-Lo actually slides out of the ring.  At this point, Dean Malenko hits the ring and attacks Eddy, and the ref calls for the bell.  Eddy takes control of Malenko with a Huricanrana, but here comes Perry Saturn, and the beatdown commences.  D-Lo comes back into the ring and helps to chase off the heels.  Eddy and D-Lo do the bit where they are facing opposite directions and back into one another, and then they take the mic and agree to tag together if Malenko and Saturn will accept their challenge.

Eddy Guerrero & D-Lo Brown v. Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn – The people in attendance should have guessed that something was up when D-Lo and Eddy showed up, and both were wearing black tights with blue designs on the legs!  Eddy is going to start against Malenko, and he does so with a thumb to the eye.  The Man of 1,000 Holds forces Eddy into the corner, and distracts the ref by taunting D-Lo while Saturn chokes him from the apron.  Finally the hot tag to D-Lo, and he has some Dropkicks for Malenko and Saturn, but the 2-on-1 is ultimately too much for him.  Malenko goes to work on the arm, and Eddy comes in (illegally) to break that up with…a thumb to the eye!  Malenko and Saturn do a non-tag while the ref is involved with Eddy, and the heels are in firm control.  Rapid tags, lots of double-teams, that’s the ticket.  They’re also keeping D-Lo isolated in their corner.  Maybe the Curtis Camp inspired them, because these guys are putting on a Tag-Team Clinic!!  Hot tag to Guerrero, and he is a Latino en Fuego!  He cleans house on the heels, and when D-Lo recovers, Eddy tells him to go up for the Frogsplash.  D-Lo gets the 1, 2, and 3.

No closing comments of any kind, and we are out at just over two hours.

I’m going to keep my own closing remarks short, because it’s my frickin’ birthday!  Plus, Amey is bugging me to “finish up my email for Rick” so that I can open my present from the cats!  I can’t really tell you when I’ll be back, or what I’ll have to recap for you…Amey promised that at least one of my birthday gifts would contain wrasslin’ videos, and so I don’t know what I’ll have in my library by the time you see my name in lights on OO again.  We’ve got a bunch of stuff planned for our time off over the next month, and hopefully we will be moving at some point in July…and I haven’t mentioned yet that the busiest time of the year at my work starts in about two weeks!  I’m just making the point that I will probably just appear sporadically during most of the summer.  That way, if someone should complain later, I can just point him or her to this column for an explanation!!

Happy Birthday to me!



In addition to enjoying pro wrasslin', Scotty is an avid photographer.  His family website contains over 700 pictures, and has a photo-album dedicated entirely to The Sport of Kings (including a picture from the night he & his wife met New Jack), and is available at: http://www.msnusers.com/TheSzantoNicodemusWedding.

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