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What's the Point of Impact?
September 20, 2004

by Big Danny T.
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


So Iím sitting around when a friend of mine pings me and informs me that TNA-Impact is coming on. And being the duty bound recapper that I am, and realizing that OO hasnít have a regular TNA recapper for a while, Iíve decided to give this a shot.

So, without further ado, here is NWA-TNA Impact!

Opening featuring satellite dishes, Monty Brown, AJ styles, and Jeff Jarrett.

This week on Impact, we will feature matches from TNAís signature division, The X Division.

But first, hereís a small capsule history of Impact, featuring Jeff Jarrett, the X-Division, the debut 

of the 6-sided ring, and apparently all of this is leading up to Victory Road, live on November 7th. 

And now we start with the wrestling proper. Taped from Universal Studios, Your announcers are Mike Tenay and Billy Mays. We kick things off with Team Canada (Eric Young, Petey Williams, and Bobby Rude W/ Coach Scott DeMore) taking on Team Mexico (Abismo Negro, Mr. Aguila, and Heavy Metal). But first, a commercial break.

Back, and everyone is GETTING ROWDY! Mr. Aguila shows off in the middle of the ring against Eric Young as Abismo and Metal brawl the other two members down in corners. We end this opening sequence with all of Team Canada getting sent out of the ring and Aguila taking all three out with a suicide plancha. We get back in the ring and Abismo starts with Petey and counters an attempted head scissors with a power bomb and a tag to Aguila. Aguila gets a couple chops in but Petey comes back with a flying kick that puts Aguila down. Cover attempt only gets 2. Tag to Bobby who proceeds to stomp and punch away on Aguila. Aguila in the corner, Bobby with a snapmare and cover attempt, but that only gets 2. Tag to Eric who comes in with a sidewalk slam and cover for 2. Ref drags him off Aguila in a corner, but this allows DeMore to choke Aguila on the ropes. Eric picking Aguila up, but Aguila breaks the hold and fires away with a few rights, but a quick knee to the gut puts him down and Eric with a cover for 2. Tag to Petey, and he and Eric try to do a double clothesline, but Aguila backflips over their arms, then hits a double clothesline of his own. Tag to Abismo who cleans house, hits a moonsault on Petey (that lands on his knees, and cover is broken up by team Canada hitting the ring. This brings Team Mexico all in and everyone is crazy go nuts! Everyone battling around Metal and Aguila do a stereo assault sequence with Petey and Eric respectively that ends up with the Mexicans hitting dives on the Canadians on the outside, leaving Heavy Metal with Bobby Rude in the ring. Bobby gets a powerslam, but that only gets two. As Bobby gives us ďFurious!Ē Metal hits a spinning back kick, covers, but only gets 2. Body slam on Rude and Metal goes up to, but DeMore is there with the Canadian flag and gives Metal a shot to the gut. This is enough for Bobby to getup, hit the superplex, and pick up the win for Team Canada. After the match, Team Canada continues with a beatdown on Team Mexico, Hector Garza comes in and takes down Rude and Young, but DeMore distracts him long enough for Williams to get a dropkick in and the beatdown continues.

As the beatings continue, we flash to a video package depicting Team Canadaís shenanigans in the past. It would appear that their basic pattern hasnít changed. From here, we go to commercials.

This Wednesday, only on PPV, itís the best of the X-Division.

Back, and Kid Kash and Dallas are out to take on Chris Sabin and Amazing Red.

Red and Kash start. Kash stalls to start, heckling with the fans for a bit. Lockup, and Kash and Red do an arm wringer reversal sequence and apparently this is a perfect point for ANOTHER commercial break.

Back, and Red kicks Kash in the gut and tags in Sabin. They hit a double Russian leg sweep, Red hits a dropkick on Kash and Sabin with the cover, but Dallas is there to make the save. Sabin working Kash over in the corner, cross corner whip and Sabin charges in. Kash with a back body drop But Sabin just jumps back over and hits a monkey flip. Kash lands on his feet, but a dropkick puts him down quick. Cover, only for 2. Sabin back up and whipping Kash off the ropes. Dallas sneaks a tag in as Kash reverses a whip and hits a clothesline. Dallas in and stomping Saban down. Dallas with a sidewalk slam, cover only gets 2. Tag to Kash and Dallas holds as Kash gets a cheap shot in. Kash slapping Sabin around. Sabin comes back, but Kash jumps on the top turnbuckle after the whip and gets a boot up, then hits a moonsault. Tag to Dallas, who comes in with a big kick and a clothesline in the corner. He does the Kevin Nash knee in the corner, whips Sabin to the opposite side, but runs into a boot. Sabin up, trying for a Tornado DDT, but Dallas just sets him down, to which Sabin responds with a shining wizard. Sabin hits the Tornado DDT this time, and now itís time for the slow crawl. Double tag, and Red comes in at 100 miles per hour, ducking a Kash clothesline, and taking him down with a flying elbow and a clothesline of his own. Red with the sunset flip and pin attempt, but Dallas is there with a boot to the back. As Dallas works on Red, Kash takes on Sabin, only to fall prey to a back body drop, a shot with an elbow, but misses a kick and lands badly. Red hits a missile dropkick and goes nuts with the kicks, but Kash gets a cheap shot in and this lets Dallas hit the big boot. Red set up, Kash hits the frogsplash, and a cover gets the 1-2-3.

From here, we go to a package featuring Monty Brown and his finisher, the Pounce (basically, a shoulderblock with attitude.) After seeing Monty challenge Jeff Jarrett for the title, we take a quick commercial break.

Back, and yet another highlight package, this one featuring the hostilities and match between Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett. Oh yeah, and Vince Russo (on Jeff Jarrettís side) and Dusty Rhodes (in Jeff Hardyís corner) are involved in this feud as well.

Back to the wrasslin, and the Elite Guard are out to apparently stand guard as Lex Lovett takes on Jeff Jarrett. Jeff begins a pound down to start, hitting a dropkick, and punching a one-way ticket to squash city for Lex. Lex comes back and gets some rights and a jumping reverse DDT for his hope spot. Lex RVDís himself up to the top turnbuckle and tries for a front 360 legdrop, but Jeff moves, kicks him in the gut, and after yelling, ďThis is for you, Jeff!Ē hitís the stroke and the pin is perfunctory. The announcers wonder who the next challenger to the heavyweight title will be, and we go to commercials.

Back, and AJ Styles wants to hurt Petey Williams for the X-Division title.

Alex Shelley (W/ Goldilocks) is out to take on AJ Styles. Both men make their entrances, and we need to take a commercial break.

Back, bell rings, and itís on. AJ pauses to soak up an ďAJĒ Chant. Lockup, Alex does a headlock takeover, and AJ reverses with a head vice. They fight over an arm wringer; Alex chain wrestles AJ, and then gets caught in an arm wringer again. Alex body drops AJ to the apron, AJ fights him off, and springboards back in over a ducking Alex. Test of strength, and AJ gets the better of it, and then Alex comes back. AJ bent over in half backwards, but his shoulders just wont go down. Alex trying to use his body to force AJís shoulders down, but AJ catches him with his feet and monkey flips him over. Alex rolls back over and answers with a monkey flip of his own, but then runs into a hiptoss. Another, and AJ locks in an arm bar. Alex tries to power him up, but AJ gets an arm drag, then a running knee drop, cover gets 2. Dropkick gets 2 as well. Goldilocks distracts AJ for a second, and this lets Alex hit a back body drop, but AJ answers this with a wicked looking hangman on the top rope. Goldilocks grabs AJís boot, trying to keep him from springboarding in. AJ kicks her off, and goes up, but Alex is there to hit the ropes and fuck AJís move up good. AJ comes down hard and Alex hits the snake eyes, but that only gets him 2. AJ sent to the corner, Alex charges in and hits both knees to the chest. AJ falling down, dropkick to the head. Russian leg sweep, and cover only gets two. AJ fights out, dodges an Alex charge, Alex trying to springboard off the ropes, but AJ catches him and hits a release German Suplex. Both men down and the count is on. Count up to five, and AJ is up first with the rights, Alex ducks a discus clothesline, but turns around into a series of knife-edge chops. AJ hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, an inverted DDT, and signals for the Styles Clash. AJ sets him up, but Alex matrix kicks AJ and hits the spinning neckbreaker. Cover only gets 2. Alex going for a suplex, AJ blocks, then spins around Alex, getting a surprise rollup. The ref counts 1-2-3 and AJ picks up the win.

Immediately after the match, we go into a video package showcasing all the stars. Jeff Jarrett, Monty Brown, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Raven, Abyss, the 3-Live Krew, Frankie Kanzarian, Amazing Red, Petey Williams, Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt, and various others. We get the ďThis is TNAĒ logo, and we are outta here.

Well, itís a good show, from a wrestling standpoint. The matches are fast paced and like nothing youíll see in WWE. Unfortunately, the production values are still lacking and they take WAY too many commercial breaks. I mean 3 moves into a match is no place to take a break. I know they are trying to get over their promotion, but I donít need to hear about the fact that TNA is a new force in pro wrestling 14 times in an hour. Once or twice, thatís all!

But, the obvious focus here is the wrestling, and yes, they delivered spectacularly. Lots of great spotfests and fast paced and tight. The only match here that didnít deliver was Jarrettís squash. So if you are interested in seeing some killer workrate, yes, by all means, catch this.

Bottom line: watchable, but still a long way to go if they are going to compete with WWE.



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