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Final Resolution
January 17, 2005

by Jason Longshore
Guest Recapper for OnlineOnslaught.com


Following up on the successful Turning Point PPV last December was going to be a tough proposition for TNA.  For the most part, the organization did a good job of that, with a few exceptions.  I was far more entertained by it than WWE's New Year Revolution show last week, but that's really not saying much.  My main gripe

was the order of the matches, the show could have been structured better.  Before I give away too much too soon, here's the recap.

I missed most of the pre-show because of laughing at the Patriots demolition of the Indianapolis Colts.  Any chance to see Peyton Manning cry is a good thing for me.  The main highlight I did catch were the swank new Team Canada baseball jerseys.  First letterman jackets, now jerseys, these guys are the kings of wardrobe.  In the pre-show matches, the Naturals got a win over Johnny B. Badd and Sonny Siaki and Chris Candido defeated Cassidy Reilly. 

The show opened with another excellent introductory video.  It was much better than last month's goofy opening with the Kings of Wrestling in Elvis gear.  Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the card after the pyrotechnics.  Don just doesn't look the same without the matching shiny tie to go with his shiny shirt.  Jeff Jarrett gives a standard cocky heel interview to Shane Douglas.  And away with the matches...

1. Frankie Kazarian/Michael Shane/Christopher Daniels v. 3 Live Kru

Now that he's a singles wrestler, Daniels has new entrance attire and the standing room only crowd loves it.  He's quite the fan favorite early on.  Don West made a good point to add to the match, all the members of this match are former champions in TNA.  Konnan and Daniels have a nice sequence to start, I guess K-Dawg might remember how to wrestle for more than half the match tonight.  The heels get the better of 3LK eventually, with B.G. James taking quite the beating.  In a nice spot, the ref refused to acknowledge a tag to Shane because he was too far away from his corner.  After a round of finishers for everyone, they're all down.  Daniels tries to take out James on the outside, but gets Kazarian instead with a moonsault.  This sets up a variation on the Hart Attack with Killings kicking Shane to give 3LK the pin.  Decent match, a good opener due to the Orlando crowd's love for the 3 Live Kru.

Backstage, they set up some sort of competition between Trinity, Traci, and Johnny Fairplay to see which two get to keep their jobs and which one is gone.  They're looking for a clue backstage that's the key to them keeping their jobs.  At least the segment was short. 

2. "Prime Time" Elix Skipper v. Sonjay Dutt

Tenay says the winner should be highly ranked in the X Division and in line for a future title shot.  The crowd starts with dueling Sonjay/Prime Time chants.  The action is very fast at first, until Sonjay gets the better of it.  Dutt starts attacking Skipper's arm with an impressive variation of maneuvers.  Skipper regains the advantage with a nice springboard dropkick to Dutt on the top turnbuckle that knocks him out of the ring.  Skipper brings him back in, goes for his Play of the Day finisher, but Dutt counters.  This match is really being billed as Skipper's strength vs. Dutt's speed and quickness.  Skipper follows a gutwrench slam with a springboard somersaulting clothesline from the outside.  Sonjay blocks a superplex, following up with a sunset flip powerbomb.  A tilt-a-whirl DDT by Dutt gives him even more momentum.  However, Skipper avoids Dutt's Hindu Press finisher and drops Dutt across the top rope with a Stun Gun.  Dutt goes for another tilt-a-whirl DDT, but Skipper reverses it into a Rock Bottom type slam for the victory.  I was a little worried going into this one, I haven't been too impressed with Skipper's singles matches in the past, but it was very good.  Both guys looked strong.

The camera finds Kevin Nash trying to negotiate an alliance with DDP.  DDP's response, "Trusting Kevin Nash, what a concept."  He doesn't rule it out though. 

3. Kid Kash v. Dustin Rhodes

Dustin needs to learn that cowboy music mixed with raver clothes is never a good idea.  It's really a shame he can't be Goldust.  The match starts off with Dustin's size and strength too much for the K.I.D.  Kash soon goes down with a knee injury and it's shades of New Year's Revolution all over again.  However, this is just classic Kid Kash tactics, as he's faking it all along.  He catches the concerned Dustin with a nasty nut shot and starts attacking his left leg.  Multiple spinning toe holds are followed up with the illustrious Figure 4.  Dustin reverses it after a couple of two counts.  Just as I was thinking about how old school this match is, they trade sleeper holds.  Dustin hits a vicious clothesline, but can't follow up due to the injured leg.  Kash goes for a cross body off the top rope, Rhodes rolls through and gets a 2.99 count.  Kash counters the Curtain Call with a spinning kick, but Dustin kicks out.  Rhodes counters a hip toss into a bulldog and gets the win.  If you like old school Southern wrestling, you'd like this match.  If not, don't bother with it.  Dustin did a great job of selling the leg injury throughout the match, even collapsing on an atomic drop attempt.  I thought it was good, especially for its spot on the card.  They really need to do more with Kash though. 

Johnny Fairplay is trying to find the clue.  I don't care.  Next up is a hype video for the triple threat elimination match between Monty Brown, DDP, and Nash later.  There's too much emphasis on a potential Nash/Jarrett match later tonight, and that scares me.  They follow that with a recap of the Raven/Erik Watts feud, which was very well done.  I hadn't really cared about that match, but the video made it seem more important.  Raven had the line of the night in it, "I'll light you on fire just to light my cigarette."  Now, that's just not nice.

4. Raven v. Erik Watts

I miss Watts' old ripped up jeans with D.O.A. written with a bleach pen on them.  Raven starts the match by dominating Watts.  A Russian leg sweep into the rail gets a "One More Time" chant out of the crowd, which Raven obliges.  Watts finally gets the advantage with a crazy looking mule kick/drop kick off the top rope.  After some brawling on the ramp, Watts gets his own Russian leg sweep into the rail.  They come back into the ring, and Watts hits a choke slam.  He doesn't go for the pin though, he decides to get a chair.  The ref doesn't care for that, and takes it away from him.  Raven takes the opportunity to rack Watts.  With all the nut shots on this show, no one in TNA is going to be able to have kids.  Raven sets up the chair, but Watts avoids the drop toe hold.  Watts scores a bulldog onto the chair, and follows it with a springboard clothesline off the chair.  The crowd is starting to lose interest.  Watts wakes them up a bit with a powerbomb into the ropes.  Raven blocks another choke slam attempt with a leg sweep and goes for an ankle lock.  Yes, you read that right, Raven was going for a submission.  Watts powers out, but eats a super kick that only gets a two count.  Watts counters a clothesline into an STF, which Raven counters into another ankle lock.  It was fine, but the crowd didn't want to see submission moves out of these guys.  Watts goes for a choke slam, but his ankle gave out.  He muscles up and hits his second choke slam attempt for the win.  The crowd was not pleased.  The effort was fine, but it wasn't what the fans wanted to see. 

Post-match, Raven is on the mic apologizing to Watts for lying to him.  He says that Erik is his only friend.  Raven doesn't treat his friends well though, as he catches Watts with a trash can that knocks him off the ramp.   

5. Jeff Hardy v. Scott Hall with Roddy Piper as the guest referee

Piper does not believe in referee attire, he's wearing his standard outfit.  Hall was the only one who liked the Elvis video segment from Turning Point, as he's still wearing his Elvis outfit.  He's even topped it off with a wig that looks more plastic than his face.  Jeff Hardy has decided to rip off Ron Killings' hair style and go with braids for this match.  Combining that with using all the colors of his body paint set, it's a shame that Jeff feels like he has to look like an idiot for every match these days.  Piper doesn't trust Hall and pats him down before the match starts.  Good call, because he finds all sorts of weapons.  Hall somehow turns the tables and pats Piper down, finding handcuffs.  I didn't know Piper was into that sort of thing.  Finally, the match starts, with the crowd going crazy for Hardy.  Hall gains the advantage with a fall away slam, which gets a very slow two count from Piper.  Hardy rolls him up, and gets a much faster two count.  Hall is not amused.  In his years of experience, Hall has become a master of the paint brush slaps, which he repeatedly uses on Hardy.  Hall hits a choke slam, which gets a two count.  Finally Hall has had enough, and throws Hardy into Piper.  He has some brass knux stashed in the corner.  Piper is up though, stops Hall from using them, and pokes him in the eye.  Hardy hits the Twist of Fate, and the Swanton, and gets the win.  The action wasn't all that great, but I did laugh a lot.  That's got to count for something. 

Hardy grabs a mic and says that he's coming for Jarrett and wants the title.  Ugh, let's please don't go there again.  In the big surprise of the night, Abyss comes out of nowhere to destroy Hardy.  Tenay and West were asking if he was even on the roster, playing off of his rumored departure to head to WWE.  I guess he's sticking around after all.  That's a good thing, even the crowd went nuts as he gave the Black Hole Slam to their beloved Hardy.   

6. Monty Brown v. DDP v. Kevin Nash (Elimination rules)

The winner gets a shot at Jeff Jarrett and the NWA World Title later tonight.  You can be eliminated by pinfall, submission, or going over the top rope, something the announcers did not properly explain.  I thought this would be earlier in the card, I guess this means Ultimate X will not be the last match of the night.  Thank God Nash is in his usual wrestling attire and not in the Elvis outfit.  DDP is the early fan favorite.  Nash stands in the corner while Brown and DDP start out.  Brown holds his own, and DDP eventually takes a break while Nash fights the Alpha Male.  Monty is fighting them both while DDP and Nash are taking turns.  Eventually they get Brown in the corner and double team him.  Nash tries to cheap shot DDP, but gets backdropped over the top rope and he's eliminated.  DDP hits a quick Diamond Cutter on Brown, but Nash pulls him out of the ring.  When he gets back in, he only gets a two count.  They both start trading near falls, and the crowd is starting to really get behind Brown.  They're chanting for the Pounce.  Monty hits a fall away slam, and follows it with a powerslam that gets two.  DDP goes for a second Diamond Cutter, but Monty reverses it into the ropes.  One Pounce later, and Brown is your number one contender.  It was okay, especially once they got Nash out of the way.  Monty helps Page up and they shake hands. 

Now it's time for the three title matches on the card, first up are the NWA World Tag Titles.

7. NWA World Tag Team Titles:  America's Most Wanted v. Team Canada (champs)

The champs come out first.  Coach D'Amore tries to hold a last minute strategy session, but AMW is having none of it.  They attack and the brawl is on.  It goes all over the building.  The crowd is going nuts at this point, chanting USA.  I guess the Canadian contingent of the crowd from Turning Point didn't make it out tonight.  After a long brawl, they finally make it to the ring.  Eric Young is worse for the wear, with a nasty knot on his head.  AMW is in control early, until Young catches James Storm with a cheap shot from the outside.  The Canadians take full advantage, destroying Storm in the process.  Storm could very well be the master of playing the beatdown babyface.  A double team is broken up, and Storm gives enziguiris to everyone.  Bobby Roode takes out Chris Harris to prevent the tag though, and piss off the crowd even more.  They are near riot level at this point.  Finally, Storm avoids a shoulder block in the corner and crawls over get the hot tag to Harris.  Harris is killing everything that moves.  Young breaks up an attempt for the Death Sentence.  Storm hits a super kick, but D'Amore pulls the ref out at two.  AMW has had enough of the Canadian Treasure's antics though, they use Piper's handcuffs to handcuff D'Amore to the Ultimate X structure.  AMW adds insult to injury, nailing Young with the old Hart Attack move.  "Hotshot" Johnny Devine comes out to block another Death Sentence attempt, blasting Storm.  The Canadians are only able to get a two count, while D'Amore screams on the outside.  Harris takes Devine out momentarily with a spinebuster.  AMW hit XXX's old finisher, the Powerplex, but only get a two count.  Roode hits his Northern Lariat clotheline, causing Harris to fall face first on a chair, but Harris breaks up the pin attempt with his foot on the ropes.  Devine screws up though, accidentally hitting Young with the chair.  Storm rolls him up and AMW have regained the tag titles.  Excellent tag match, something that really sets TNA apart.  They don't need to end this feud anytime soon, there's plenty of life here.  

The backstage contest comes to a conclusion as the ladies take out Fairplay.  Dusty tells them that they have to each bring in a tag team that hasn't been in TNA.  Whoever has the best team will be Dusty's new assistant.  I thought Traci was already Dusty's assistant.  Anyway...

8. Ultimate X for the X Title:  Petey Williams (champ) v. AJ Styles v. Chris Sabin

I am not even going to try to keep up with all the moves in this one, I'd be typing all night.  AJ is out last.  The first cool spot of the match is Sabin dropkicking AJ while he's standing on the turnbuckle.  Sabin goes to the cables first, but D'Amore is in to help his boy Petey.  The ref is not amused, and bars D'Amore from ringside.  This fires Petey up though, as he decides to kick everyone's ass.  He pulls AJ down from the cables and hits a sick German suplex.  AJ gains the advantage after an awesome Pele kick on Petey.  AJ gets Sabin on his shoulders, going for an Electric Chair Drop, but Petey climbs across the cables and hurricanranas Sabin off.  The crowd is going insane for every big move.  Tenay calls it "cutting edge alternative wrestling."  As AJ is trying to climb across for the belt, Sabin dropkicks him off, causing AJ to flip as he falls.  That was a really nasty bump.  Petey and Sabin both go flying out of the ring, while AJ tries to regain his bearings.  As he tries to climb the metal post, Petey catches him and cracks his arm in the process.  Sabin catches Petey with the Cradle Shock when he comes back in the ring.  AJ is back in the ring in time to stop Sabin from climbing across to the belt.  AJ tries to powerbomb him, but Sabin gets a triangle hold on AJ's injured arm.  It isn't enough as AJ first powerbombs him with one arm, then hits a modified Styles Clash to break Sabin's hold.  The damage is done though, AJ can't hold himself up on the cables as he tries to get the belt.  Petey hits a Canadian Destroyer out of nowhere on AJ, and AJ really might be dead at this point.  Sabin tries to top that by hitting a running Awesome Bomb into the turnbuckle on Williams.  Sabin is first up onto the cables, followed by Petey.  They both make it to the belt and fight over it.  As they unhook it, AJ springs to life by jumping onto the ropes.  He dives across the ring, knocking the belt out of Petey and Sabin's hands and wins the X Title for a record 4th time.  The finish was outstanding, and really built off the rest of the match.  They're starting to perfect the Ultimate X format, but it's time to take a break with it.  It will mean more when it comes back down the line. 

Jarrett and Nash argue backstage, I guess the Kings of Wrestling are done.  Somebody tell Hall so he'll stop dressing like Elvis.  Actually, don't tell him, Scott can make some good money as an Elvis impersonator. 

9. NWA World Title:  Monty Brown v. Jeff Jarrett (champ)

The crowd is spent after that last match.  The boxing style introductions really add to the match, I wish they would do that for all title matches though, not just the World Title.  Jarrett's heel antics are starting to wake the crowd up as they rally behind Monty.  Jarrett struts all over the place, and even mocks Monty's usual taunts.  The crowd does not appreciate that one bit.  The early part of the match is Jarrett's experience against Monty's strength.  Monty gets a couple of early near falls, until they get outside the ring.  Jarrett regains the advantage as they brawl all over the arena.  They get back to the ring, and Jarrett locks the sleeper on.  Monty powers out, and counters with a sleeper of his own.  Jarrett breaks that up with a shin breaker, and then goes for a Figure 4.  Monty counters that with a small package that gets two.  Lots of reversals at this point.  A double clothesline gets a double nine count.  Monty gets the advantage again, hitting the Alpha Bomb for a two count.  The crowd is chanting for the Pounce.  Brown then hits a one armed spinning neckbreaker he calls the Circle of Life (please get a new name for that move soon).  And now it's time for shenanigans as Monty blocks a Jarrett attempt at the Stroke, but takes out the ref.  This allows Jarrett to blast him with the guitar.  Monty kicks out at two after a slow count by the ref.  Jarrett hits him with a chair while he's on Monty shoulders, another two count.  Jarrett then blasts Brown with the title belt.  Brown presses Jarrett off of him at two.  The crowd is going nuts at this point.  Brown is Monty-ing up.   He goes for the Pounce, but Jarrett ducks at the ref gets destroyed.  Jarrett goes for a second guitar, but Brown stops him.  He choke slams Jarrett, then blasts him with the guitar.  Another ref runs out from the back, but he's too slow as Jarrett kicks out.  The crowd is far from pleased.  Jarrett hits Brown with what's left of the guitar, then hits the Stroke.  Monty won't stay down though.  Jarrett hits the Stroke again.  Monty gets up again.  Jarrett then hits Brown with a low blow and another Stroke.  That's too much for him and Jarrett retains his title.  At least they booked Monty to look strong, but the crowd was ticked that Jarrett kept the belt after the match seemed to build to a title change.  The guitars, title belts, steel chains, and chairs are really starting to get old. 

The World Title match really should have been the next to last match, with Ultimate X as the main event.  I thought that was for the best going in, and it would have made even more sense with the way the show was booked.  Going out with AJ Styles, the man TNA fans have voted as Mr. TNA for the last two years, holding the X Title over his head would have been a better ending than Jeff Jarrett retaining his title for what seems like the millionth time.  Final Resolution would have been a good time for Jarrett to finally drop the belt and get out of the World Title scene for a bit.  I guess we'll have to wait a while longer for that. 

This wasn't better than Turning Point, but that was quite the show to top.  It was much better than New Year's Revolution, but that's not much of a surprise either.  Match of the night was definitely the Ultimate X match.  Raven/Watts was probably the most disappointing, but it wasn't overly offensive.  I'm still more satisfied with TNA shows than WWE shows, but they really need to shake up the World Title scene.  Jarrett is stale, and he's beaten most everyone in the division.  I'm thinking they'll announce a multiple person match for the title at Against All Odds in February, probably a return of their King of the Mountain match.  We'll see where they go on Impact this week before I delve too far into this.  See y'all next month. 


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