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Against All Odds Recap:
Regeneration X?
February 14, 2005

by Jason Longshore
Guest Recapper for OnlineOnslaught.com


I don't really know how to explain this.  The more I looked at the card for Against All Odds, the more I liked the undercard.  No one was looking forward to Jarrett/Nash, but I had convinced myself that the rest of the show would make up for it.  Styles/Daniels sold me on the show to begin with, I didn't care what else was on it.  I was optimistic about quite  

a few of the other matches as well, and just hoped I wouldn't riot after the World Title match.  I sure didn't expect to be sit here and say that I just saw a good Kevin Nash match.  

On the pre-show, Trinity debuted her tag team to try to impress Dusty Rhodes.  Her team was two fat guys in what looked to be old fraternity basketball uniforms.  They were nowhere near as cool as the bowling tag team that had a dark match at the last Atlanta RAW taping.  The fat guys, called Phi-Delta Slam, won with a fat man splash off the top against Lex Lovett and Buck Quartermaine. 

Traci then lost about 50 points in my book by reuniting Ron & Don Harris as her tag team.  They were called the Disciples of Destruction.  West's runner-up for line of the night was she "re-put together one of the best tag teams in history."  Don, you might have been able to sell me on some Mike Pagliarulo rookie cards, but not the Harris Brothers as a great tag team.  The D.O.D. killed Mikey Batts and Jerelle Clark, winning with the H-Bomb. 

The PPV proper started with an excellent intro video.  Note to TNA producers:  please stick with the serious intros like this one, they're great at making every match seem more important.  We had some backstage stuff setting up the importance of the Jarrett/Nash match, but let's skip right through that.  The backstage segments were really weak tonight. 

1. Petey Williams v. Elix Skipper

This should have been a good choice for an opener.  Elix really needs some new entrance music.  The crowd was insane, they've been great for all of TNA's shows.  After some early mat wrestling, Skipper took the advantage with his strength.  One cheap shot by Canadian Treasure Scott D'Amore later, and Williams has turned the tides.  Excellent slingshot hurricanrana by Williams, sending Skipper into the rail.  Petey did get his singing Tree of Woe spot, that's always a winner.  Skipper regained control after a failed cross body attempt, and hit a butterfly suplex from the top rope.  Elix set Williams up for his tightrope hurricanrana, but D'Amore held Williams' legs to keep him on the rope.  Skipper then blocked a Canadian Destroyer attempt.  After a sloppy set of near falls, Skipper avoided the Destroyer again and hit his new finisher called Sudden Death.  It's pretty close to Nova's old Kryptonite Krunch move.  I expected more out of this one, Williams and Skipper didn't seem to mesh in the ring at all. 

2. Michael Shane/Frankie Kazarian v. B.G. James/Jeff Hammond

Wow, the crowd hated Jeff Hammond.  I know, I know, it's such a surprise that they would have rather seen, I don't know, a wrestler maybe?  Hammond, the master of the arm wringer, kept quick tagging to throw Shane & Kazarian off their game.  Frankie hit a sweet dive over the top rope onto James that switched up the momentum.  After B.G. got beat down for a few minutes, we had a tag to Hammond.  Is it still called a hot tag if the crowd is booing?  The finish came when Shane accidentally superkicked Kazarian after Hammond ducked.  Hammond did his stupid running-in-a-circle elbow and got the pin.  Well, at least it was short and the crowd didn't kill anybody.

More stupid backstage stuff, fast forward...

3. Raven v. Dustin Rhodes

I liked the initial build-up for this match, but it was pushed to the back burner in recent weeks.  My question is, would you want Dustin and Erik Watts as your mentors?  What's Cassidy Reilly thinking?  And now, back to your regularly scheduled match.  Raven took the early advantage, working on Dustin's ankle to set up his new ankle lock submission finisher.  Rhodes kept getting out of it, but it sure didn't look he was trying very hard.  Dustin got a near fall with a super kick that was really only a subpar kick.  More ankle locking, more listless selling.  Finally, Dustin reversed it into an ankle lock of his own.  Raven rolled through it though and got the pin with his feet on the ropes.  Well, that was surprisingly crappy. 

Raven tries to make up for it with a post-match beat down.  Putting Dustin in a strait jacket was a nice touch, and Raven was quite skilled and tying him up quickly.  Cassidy Reilly ran down to save Rhodes, but ate an Evenflow DDT instead.  Dustin needs better protoges.  Raven whipped Dustin with a belt a few times, and that was that. 

The lights went out and we learned that Tryton's coming to Impact.  I remember that guy when he was in the Redshirt Security.  At least they picked the best one, but I'm still not excited. 

4. NWA World Tag Team Titles:  America's Most Wanted (c) v. Kid Kash/Lance Hoyt

It's a good thing these guys were on tonight.  In fact, the opening three minutes with Kash and Storm were better than the first three matches.  Nice early spot where AMW tried their battering ram move with Kash on Hoyt, but Hoyt caught Kash.  Kash wasn't able to catch the bigger Hoyt on the second try though.  AMW are the kings of the crazy double team moves, and they hit about 27 in a row.  However, Hoyt destroyed Storm on the outside, and he and Kash beat him down for a while in the ring afterwards.  They mainly focused on the back.  Hoyt hit a massive powerbomb on the Cowboy, but only got two.  Kash tried to put him away with a frog splash, but Storm got the knees up.  A hot tag to Harris saw an awesome spinebuster to Kash and a very impressive delayed vertical suplex to Hoyt.  The ref lost control as everybody was in the ring.  A sidewalk slam off the top rope by Hoyt only got a two count.  Kash caught Storm with a belt shot in the chaos, but he kicked out of that as well.  Harris, who's been bringing hand cuffs to the ring since AMW defeated XXX, used them to cuff Kash to the turnbuckle.  Storm struggled with it, still selling the back, but they hit the Death Sentence to finish off Hoyt.  It wasn't as good as AMW's last two PPV matches, but solid nonetheless. 

5. Full Metal Mayhem:  Abyss v. Jeff Hardy

There's two envelopes hanging above the ring.  Whoever grabs the correct one gets a World Title shot.  Hardy gets things started with a springboard dive off a chair onto Abyss outside the ring.  After blasting Hardy with a chair shot, Abyss decided to channel Mike Awesome from his ECW days and set up two tables next to each other, and two stacked on top.  Once back in the ring, Abyss goes for a running powerbomb, but Hardy blocked it.  Hardy then dropkicked a chair into Abyss' face, and hit the cool teetertotter move.  Abyss was reeling, Hardy charged at him while he was against the ropes, but Abyss tossed him outside through a table.  Well, it should have been through a table but Hardy didn't go far enough and took the bump on the concrete.  Ouch.  I was surprised he got up from that.  They brawled up the rampway, with Abyss eventually ending up on a table.  Hardy climbed the entrance tunnel and hit the Swanton.  That's a first in TNA, congrats to Jeff.  Hardy got up the ladder in the ring, but he grabbed the wrong envelope.  Maybe he did get that gift certificate after all.  Abyss was able to stop him before he made it up to the other envelope.  Abyss then whipped Hardy over the ropes and into the double stack of tables.  He's no Spike Dudley, but he got through some of them.  Abyss then climbed up for the contract and the win.  Hardy forgot about all the crazy bumps he took and decided to pitch a Kanye West-like hissy fit, smashing the tables with kicks.  Tenay sold it for him by talking about how frustrated he was, but it just looked stupid.  The big moves were entertaining, but that was about it.  Good win for Abyss, maybe they'll finally do something with him now.  Other than the 13 year old Hardy Girlz at ringside, the crowd was definitely pulling for Abyss. 

6. DDP/Monty Brown v. Team Canada (Eric Young/Bobby Roode)

This was originally Roode and Scott Hall, but Tenay said D'Amore bought Hall's contract out so Young could be in the match.  Lame excuse, but I'd rather see Young anyway so it works for me.  Brown physically dominated Young early.  Roode saved him from an early Pounce.  After tags, a distraction allows the Canadians to get the better of DDP.  He eventually made the tag to Brown, but the old hockey stick to the back ended the rally.  I guess those Canadians have to do something with the sticks since there's no hockey this year.  Johnny Devine and D'Amore joined in the fun.  Young hit a flying elbow on Brown, but the Alpha Male kicked out.  DDP got the tag and took out everybody.  Brown Pounced Roode into Tampa and DDP caught Young on the turnbuckle and gave him the Diamond Cutter for the win.  That was a fun little match, it could have been longer.  Say what you want about Monty, but he's steadily been improving since he came back.  The crowd loves DDP, he should be the next challenger for the World Title. 

7. X Title Iron Man Match:  AJ Styles (c) v. Christopher Daniels

I said in the preview that this match was the reason I ordered the show.  I wish the cable company had a tip button on the remote because I would have added to my bill afterwards.  As much as I liked the two AMW/XXX matches, this is now my all-time favorite TNA match.  A move-by-move recap won't do it justice, but I'll try to hit the highlights.  They started slowly, with lots of mat wrestling.  AJ focused on Daniels' left arm, Daniels worked AJ's ribs after he gained control.  Things started to pick up at the ten minute mark, with Daniels kicking out of AJ's patented flipping inverted DDT(that move really needs a proper name unless I've missed it).  AJ went for a 450 splash, but Daniels got his knees up.  One Angel's Wings later, and Daniels took the lead 1-0 with about fifteen minutes left. 

The Fallen Angel stayed on the offensive, and started to show a lot of confidence in the process.  He hit a gutwrench into a gutbuster, a jawbreaker that finished with Daniels smashing his knees into AJ's ribs, and suplex into a gutbuster.  I've never seen so many moves turn into gutbusters.  AJ steals a page from Tajiri's playbook, hitting a handspring back elbow to reverse the momentum with around ten minutes left.  Daniels won't allow it though, stealing AJ's flipping inverted DDT for a two count.  AJ plays the beaten down babyface really well.  Styles hit his Pele kick to re-reverse the momentum and then started ramming his forearm into Daniels face.  The action was moving really fast by this point.  With about seven minutes left, AJ stole Daniels' Angel's Wings, but Daniels kicked out.  Daniels then blocked an attempt at the Styles Clash, but was rolled up out of a suplex to even the score 1-1 with six minutes left.  I don't usually like roll-up pins either, but it added to the drama in this match. 

Daniels was furious about AJ tying the score and knocked him out of the ring with a vicious shot to the back.  That was followed up with an even more vicious bashing of AJ's skull into the ring post.  Styles was busted wide open.  Daniels head butted him repeatedly, punched him, and licked the blood off his fist.  Now that's some hatred for you.  Daniels went for another Angel's Wings, but AJ was dead weight.  With less than a minute remaining, Daniels locked on the awesome Koji Clutch.  Some great camera work followed.  As Daniels squeezed tighter on AJ's neck, blood was spurting out of his head.  If they had somehow gotten blood on the camera, I would have declared this the best match ever.  AJ held on time ran out, passing out but not tapping out.  Daniels got on the mic and demaded overtime, which Dusty granted.  Daniels hit a nasty DDT-like move, but only got two.  He then set Styles up on the turnbuckle, but AJ blocked the hurricanrana.  AJ hit his own hurricanrana, rolled through, and gave Daniels the Styles Clash to retain the title.  This is worth the replay alone.  Don West said it best, "If you don't like this match, you don't have a soul."

8. NWA World Title:  Jeff Jarrett (c) v. Kevin Nash

What a surprise, no Fingerpoke of Doom.  The even bigger surprise was that that was a good thing.  Early on, the match-up was Nash's strength against Jarrett's quickness.  Jarrett went for the knees as soon as possible.  They left the ring and brawled through the crowd.  Nash threw Jarrett into the catering table.  Hey, those Phi-Kappa Slam guys were still hungry.  Nash picked up the table and hit Jarrett in the gut with it in an impressive move.  Good ol' Kev is the master of the angry face.  He did a great job of showing intensity in this match.  Jarrett decided to top AJ and deliver a manly blade job of his own.  They worked their way back to the ring, where Jarrett blocked an attempted Jackknife with a nut shot.  The dumbest part of the match was next.  Jarrett was barred from using his trusty guitar, he'd lose the title by DQ if he did.  Jeff's too smart for 'em though, he brought out a cello.  Yes, a cello.  The problem is, the neck of a cello isn't as strong as a guitar and it broke as soon he took it out of the case.  I'm begging you guys, don't try so hard next time.  Anyway, back to the surprisingly good match.  Jarrett wrapped Nash's knee around the ring post, and then slammed it in the cello case.  I kept waiting for it, but Nash's leg didn't splinter into a thousand pieces.  

Jarrett then locked in the Figure 4, but Nash was able to break the hold by getting to the ropes.  A side slam by Nash got two.  He hit the Snake Eyes twice, but Jarrett blocked the third attempt and clipped Nash's knee.  Nash got his receipt for earlier, nailing Jarrett right in the little Double J's.  He then Jackknifed him onto the cello, however he knocked the ref down in the process.  The Artist Formerly Known As Billy Gunn came out, to Jarrett's aid in a surprise.  His shirt said "N.I.N., No Introduction Needed."  His attack didn't get the job done, as Nash kicked out of Jarrett's pin attempt.  X-Pac, or Syxx-Pac, or plain old Sean Waltman came out next, he came out to his old buddy Kev's aid.  The crowd actually popped pretty big for him in one of the biggest surprises of the night.  He hit a Bronco Buster on Jarrett, and followed that with an X-Factor.  Jarrett kicks out of Nash's cover.  TAFKABG tries to interfere again, but B.G. James is out to stop him.  The DX stuff actually worked really well and added to this match.  I'll be interested to see where they go with it.  Jarrett hit Nash with the belt behind the ref's back, but Nash kicked out.  The crowd was really into this.  Jarrett hit the Stroke, but Nash kicked out again.  Nash had Jarrett by the throat, but Jarrett shoved the ref and low blowed Nash again.  One more Stroke, and one more title defense for Jeff as retains.  This match blew my mind by how good it was.  Nash worked hard and got the fans behind him.  Sure, the formula was your typical Jarrett title defense.  I expected to be gouging my eyes out by the end of it, but it was actually very good. 

Well, what a night of surprises from the Impact Zone in Orlando.  The early matches that I thought would be pretty good weren't, and the main event that I was dreading going in entertained the hell out of me.  At about 9:00, I was hating the show.  By 10:00, I was satisfied.  By the end, I was pretty happy with it.  Obviously, the Iron Match was your Match of the Night, with Nash/Jarrett a surprising second for me.  They have some interesting possibilities for Impact and March's PPV, Destination X.  Let's just hope for no more NASCAR personalities wrestling or Rick's head might explode.  I'll see everybody next month. 


Damian Gonzalez has not yet filed one of these mini-bios.

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