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Destination X Recap
March 14, 2005

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


The build-up for Destination X left a bit to be desired. As the resident OO TNA apologist, I was surprised at my negativity in last Friday's preview. I wasn't worried about the main events, but the rest of the card was another story. Let's see how things turned out...

There were no surprises on the pre-show matches. 

Chris Candido and Andy Douglas won their match over the Lex Lovett and Buck Quartermain. Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt defeated Jerelle Clark and Cassidy Reilly. The surprise was the really vocal cheering section for Lance Hoyt. They sort of turned Kash face, and that's just not acceptable. Maybe a Depeche Mode fans' convention was in Orlando this weekend, I'm not sure.

Onto the PPV proper...

1. America's Most Wanted/B.G. James/Konnan v. Team Canada

Johnny Devine is hurt and they've replaced him with a Canadian Rhyno. Well, his name's Alex Jerrell, but you get the idea. B.G. started out by whooping everybody's ass. Konnan must have been hit on the head recently, because he actually wrestled. Meaning, he hit more than his standard three moves. Then, he took off his shoe and threw it at the Canadians. Interesting offense, but I'll take it. Bobby Roode was not pleased though, and took control. The new guy came in and hit some power moves. I'll give him credit for not doing and generic body slam and instead doing a hammerlock slam. Eventually, K-Dawg got the hot tag and whooped even more ass. I haven't seen him this active since 1995. It was all for naught, however, Coach D'Amore distracted him and Roode caught him with the Northern Lariat clothesline and got the win. It was kind of short, and AMW was pretty much a non-factor, but a decent opener.

Johnny Fairplay showed up backstage and wanted a job again. Dusty Rhodes said something about a brothel in Louisiana. I missed the rest of the segment because I was puking my guts out.

2. Chase Stevens (of the Naturals) v. Chris Sabin

Well, this was unexpected. I can't complain, any excuse to get Sabin on the PPV is a good one. I don't remember seeing Stevens in many singles matches, but he was good here. Sabin hit a nice springboard dive to the outside early. Interference from Stevens' tag partner Andy Douglas and Chris Candido turned the tide to Stevens' favor. Sabin countered the interference with a sweet tornado DDT, springing off the top rope. He got the win, countering Stevens' pin attempt. Good match, but I wish it had been longer.

Candido and Douglas are not pleased with the result and decide to make Sabin pay for it. After quite the beat down, a masked man comes out from the back to make the save. After kicks for everyone, he then hits an awesome dive over the top rope. It was even more awesome considering he was in street clothes and a leather jacket. He unmasks to reveal himself as Shocker, a star in Mexico's CMLL promotion. You'll also recognize him from the McDonald's commercial where the luchador tries to eat a Big Mac through his mask. That was a nice surprise, and from what I've seen, Shocker will be a great addition to the roster if he sticks around awhile.

3. Bull Rope Match: Raven v. Dustin Rhodes

They didn't waste anytime getting to this one, Raven was on his way to the ring before Shocker was even gone. Dustin used the rope well early, getting in some creative offense. The action was better than last month's match between these two, but it really didn't rate about decent. Raven countered Dustin's bulldog finisher. Dustin then countered Raven's patented drop toe hold onto a chair into the bulldog for the win. It could have been worse.

Post-match, Team Canada runs out to beat on Rhodes. AMW came down to help out their new running buddy. Good to see them playing off the alliances made on Impact, but the Canadians didn't have much of a reason to attack Dustin here. Eric Young took one of the funniest bumps I've ever seen, getting crotched from the turnbuckle, bouncing up and crotching himself again on the top rope. Bonus points to "Showtime" for that one.

4. Team Trinity (Phi Delta Slam) v. Team Traci (Disciples of Destruction, a.k.a. The Harris Brothers)

My cable started to have issues during this match. This was a good thing. It would have been better if it had cut out altogether until it was over. Bonus points to Phi Delta Slam, the Fatties, for having a fraternity paddle with their Greek letters on it. Their attention to detail is appreciated. One of the Fatties almost fell on his head after getting clotheslined to the outside. You could almost see gravy oozing out of his ears. Then, I went for a beer. Trinity interfered a few times, but Traci didn't. Wasn't a catfight the only good thing that could come out of this match? Fatty #2 hit the Fat Man Splash on a Harris, but the other Fatty distracted the ref. Not only are they huge, but they're stupid too. A chokeslam to a Fatty ends the match. If it had went on any longer, I would have went to the liquor cabinet. Traci is now Dusty's assistant, and he's the big winner here. I actually think Phi Delta Slam are decent, they move around really well considering they're near 400 lbs., but no one can look good against the Harris Brothers.

Johnny Fairplay offers to be AMW and Dustin Rhodes' manager. They make fun of him, no one laughs.

5. Monty Brown v. Trytan

It's never good when you screw up your first offensive move, nearly drop Monty on his head during a press slam, and the crowd chants "You fucked up." Trytan kicked Monty's ass for a while. Monty kicked out after a chokeslam. The Alpha Male then hit a drop kick to Trytan's face, which shocked the hell out of me. After a fall away slam, Monty was getting ready for the Pounce. The crowd was chanting for it, but the lights went out instead. When they came back on, a masked man was in the ring instead of Trytan. Monty hit the Pounce anyway and scored the pin.

Trytan then showed up at the top of the ramp. Wow, that was stupid. At least Monty didn't job to this hack, but I don't think this did him any favors either. Please let this guy just disappear.

6. Falls Count Anywhere: Abyss v. Jeff Hardy

Wow, Hardy has outdone himself, this time he got the pink body paint from Hot Topic. The crowd was not pleased, as a loud "Hardy Sucks" chant started. Jeff hit a springboard plancha off a chair set up in the ring, and we're off to the outside. They brawled outside to the catering area. Fans who had been turned away due to the full house were out there too. It was a nice touch by TNA to let them see something. After some brawling, Hardy set Abyss up on two tables that were side by side. In the move of the match, he then did a Swanton Bomb from a crossbeam that was at least fifteen feet high. It only got two though, Hardy took too long to recover from the move. They brawled back inside, with Abyss taking control. He hit a splash from the second rope onto Hardy, who had a steel chair across his chest. That had to hurt, get the painkillers ready. They traded big moves after that. Hardy hit his springboard leg drop over the ladder spot, Abyss hit the Shock Treatment (Torture Rack drop), Abyss powerbombed Hardy through a table, all for two counts. The end came with a Twist of Fate by Hardy onto the ladder that was still in the ring. It didn't look good, a chair would have worked better. I wish they could have done more outside, I didn't get my Swanton off a roller coaster. It was a fun spot fest though.

Abyss does not like to lose and wanted Hardy to know it. He pulled out some thumbtacks, beat Hardy's ass, and gave him the Black Hole Slam onto the tacks. I have to give Jeff props for that, I didn't think he'd take it. The producers did a good job with the obligatory gross out shots of the tacks stuck in his back. They even got a shot of some horrified Hardy Girlzz.

Fairplay tried to recruit some members of Team Canada, but they weren't having it.

7. No-DQ, Taped Fist, First Blood: Kevin Nash v. The Outlaw (a.k.a. Billy Gunn)

Nash took control early. Very, very slowly, but he took control nonetheless. When Gunn got the advantage, he also did so very, very slowly. I nearly fell asleep. We did learn that the turnbuckle pads in TNA are tough to pull off, Outlaw had to pull out some wire cutters to do the trick. The ref was knocked down. Nash hit the Snake Eyes on Outlaw and busted him open, but the ref was out. Jeff Jarrett came running out and blasted Nash with the NWA Title belt. An evil doctor then came out with Jarrett's attorney to clean up Outlaw's cut. Well, try to anyway, it never really worked right. If you didn't guess, the ref woke up, saw Nash bleeding from the belt shot, and gave Outlaw the win. Wow, that match was really long. Actually it wasn't, but it sure seemed that way.

Nash was mad about losing and smacked Outlaw around a bit. He then gave him a fall away Jackknife. Not intentionally mind you, ol' Kev just fell down while he was doing the move. Poor Kev.

An awesome recap video of last month's AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels match set the stage for some goodness. The rules for the next match are as follows: it starts with a tag match until someone is pinned or submits, the remaining three face off in a triple threat match until someone else is eliminated, the remaining two face off in the Ultimate X match.

8. Ultimate X Challenge: AJ Styles (champ) v. Christopher Daniels v. Elix Skipper v. Ron Killings

The teams to stars are AJ/Skipper v. Daniels/Killings. Bonus points to TNA for remembering the stipulation a few months ago that Daniels and Skipper were not allowed to team up ever again. I was surprised that Daniels and AJ weren't put together. It worked though. Killings and Skipper show what they can do to start, then AJ gets a tag. He calls for Killings to tag in Daniels, but the Fallen Angel won't tag in. Styles hit a dropkick, and Daniels hit a cheap shot from behind on him. With the advantage now, Daniels tagged in. The crowd immediately started dueling "Let's Go AJ"/"Fallen Angel" chants. Skipper cheap shots his partner AJ and applauds his former partner Daniels. Daniels went for the Koji Clutch like in last month's Iron Man match, but AJ blocked it. Daniels was able to lock in a crossface though. AJ got to the ropes, which set off a sweet series of reversals. Killings was tagged in, and they both set up the tag to a reluctant Skipper. Killings had the pin after a top rope Axe Kick, but his partner Daniels broke it up. AJ took Daniels out of the ring and hit his trademark plancha. Skipper seized the opportunity, pinning Killings after his Sudden Death finisher.

Daniels was still on the outside as the Triple Threat started. AJ and Skipper traded vicious kicks. Daniels came in and climbed the Ultimate X structure. He couldn't go for the belt just yet, so he hit a modified BME (Best Moonsault Ever, which Tenay dubbed the Biggest Moonsault Ever) from the cables. Damn, that guy is crazy. Once everyone comes to their senses, Skipper is pissed that Daniels hit him with the moonsault as well as Styles. Daniels settles him down, then turns on him with a nasty clothesline. Daniels and Skipper destroyed each other with a great series of moves until AJ got involved again. As AJ and Daniels were fighting on the turnbuckle, Skipper climbed the cables and hit an inverted reverse hurricanrana. Those two are crazy too, everybody in this match is nuts. After more action, AJ tried a flipping body press off the cables, but he didn't hit the move clean. Skipper took advantage, and hit the Sudden Death on Styles. Daniels didn't want Skipper in the final portion of the match though, and rolled him up for the pin and elimination.

The crowd was going nuts as we got to the Ultimate X portion of the match. You could tell what they were really here to see. AJ was dead to start, but recovered to pull Daniels down from the cables. AJ took advantage with the Pele kick. They both went to climb the cables, but Daniels took AJ down with an STO while AJ was hanging from the cables. The crowd wanted to chant "Holy Shit", but they couldn't even get it out. They climbed again, and Daniels knocked AJ off again. This time he fell face first. That got a "This is Awesome" chant out of the crowd. They kept climbing up, but neither could get the advantage. When they fell for the last time, the ref was taken out with a boot to the face. AJ quickly climbed up and pulled the belt down for the win. Daniels said, "Not so fast," and knocked the belt out of AJ's hands, and gave him the Angel's Wings. Daniels then grabbed the belt, the ref came to, and awarded him the win. Usually I hate those types of finishes, but it really worked well here. What an amazing match. At this point, as long as AJ and Daniels are wrestling on the show, TNA can do whatever they want with the rest of the time. I'm crossing my fingers for a Six Sides of Steel showdown between the two next month.

It appears that Jonny Fairplay has recruited Lex Lovett and Buck Quartermain. Wow, I'm glad that mystery was solved.

9. NWA World Title: Jeff Jarrett (champ) v. Diamond Dallas Page

Nice black eye on Jarrett, I guess he got that during his match in Mexico Friday night. It could have been from one of the fans who were loudly chanting "You Suck" when he came out, I'm not sure. This is a sort-of lumberjack match, they're not there to get physically involved, they're just there to make sure that there's no injustice. Or something, I don't know. As is standard in a Jarrett match, he stalls at the beginning. Wow, and they say DDP's matches are scripted. They brawl on the outside, with DDP getting the better of it. DDP brings an office chair that he stole from the Spanish announcers into the ring, and punches Jarrett while he's sitting in it. It would have been so much better if he had spun Jarrett around a few times while punching him. Maybe Jeff gets dizzy quickly, I'm not sure. Jarrett counters DDP's classic 10 Punches in the corner with a nut shot. JJ is becoming the master of the nut shot. He uses the chair to work over DDP's knees. This is all done to set up Jarrett's Figure 4. DDP won't submit though, he eventually counters out of it. Jarrett then hits an Atomic Drop, which he turns into another Figure 4 in a nice move. DDP gets to the ropes to break the hold. They trade signature moves for a while, until Chris Candido and the Naturals interfere. This sets up a Stroke by Jarrett, and a brawl outside. DDP kicks out of Jarrett's finisher. Jarrett was going to use his trusty guitar, but B.G. James stole it. Just when you think he's going to KO DDP, he went to hit Jarrett. Jarrett avoided the shot though, Konnan took it instead. Nice swerve, I thought for sure B.G. was turning heel. Killings was still pissed though. Amidst the chaos, the Outlaw ran in and hit a Fame-Asser on DDP. Jarrett was unable to get the pin. Syxx-Pac, a.k.a. X-Pac, a.k.a. Sean Waltman, a.k.a. Special Guest Star on The Surreal Life, came out to even the sides. It amazes me the reaction he gets, the fans go nuts for him. He gave Bronco Busters to both Outlaw and Jarrett. DDP gave Diamond Cutters to everybody in sight. Jarrett's attorney came in to save Jeff, and Monty Brown came in to take care of things for DDP. Instead, he took care of DDP, giving him the Pounce and giving Jarrett the win. Tenay was furious, he was screaming about Monty selling his soul to Jarrett.

I give them props on the surprising finish, Monty will be good as a heel (especially if it gets him away from the crappy Trytan), but I wish they had played it differently. Monty could have been legitimately pissed that DDP got the title shot instead of him, and decided to do something about it. He shouldn't have aligned himself with Jarrett though, unless they have something more planned. After Jarrett's screwed him out of the title on many occasions, it doesn't make sense. I hope they have more planned than Monty doing it for the money or something similar.

All in all, it was a very solid show. The undercard was much better than last month, and the main events delivered once again. I was worried going into the show, but everything worked out pretty well in the end. TNA has settled into a nice groove on their monthly PPV's. While I don't agree with Jarrett always retaining the title, his main events have been solid. The X Division main events have consistently delivered great matches. Impact has definitely been spotty in quality, but I have no problem giving TNA my money each month for the PPV's. The replay is once again recommended.

Until next month...


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