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TNA Lockdown PPV Recap
April 25, 2005

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


An entire PPV of cage matches, is TNA crazy? Well maybe, but that's for another discussion. The question here is how can they make an entire PPV of cage matches interesting. One way is to add stipulations to many of the matches to make them different. Another is to simply have great matches. It puts a lot of pressure on the 

performers involved, but that's nothing new for TNA. Remember, this is a company that wasn't supposed to see month number three, and now we're on the verge of year number three. Let's see if they can silence the naysayers again tonight.

The night kicked off with a pre-show match of The Naturals v. 3 Live Kru (Killings/Konnan) v. Lex Lovett/David Young. The crowd really loves Konnan, now they hold up their shoes for him when he comes to the ring. TNA might need a new air freshener sponsor if this keeps up. K-Dawg thrills the crowd with their new favorite move, he takes off a shoe and throws it at David Young. Poor Young, he's far too good to be getting shoes thrown at him like this. Killings ends up getting the win, pinning Young after a split Pedigree. Shane Douglas attempts to interview America's Most Wanted, but Team Canada attacks with straps. Is that another stipulation I smell?

The PPV proper kicks off with another awesome introduction video. This was the best one yet, kudos to the production team. They also announce that Nash is definitely out tonight due to his staph infection, and then a show a close up of it. Ugh, I guess that's what the parental advisory was for.

Lance Hoyt/Chris Candido v. Sonny Siaki/Apollo

The first sign of the night was "Welcome to the Hoyt-Zone". Does he pay the people in the front row to hold this stuff up? Siaki and Candido start. After a Siaki dropkick, Candido goes down holding his leg. He tags Hoyt in and is eventually helped from the ring. Hoyt holds his own for a while, hitting a sweet moonsault on Siaki. Apollo breaks up the pin attempt and the numbers game catches up to the people's favorite Lance. Siaki kills him with a release German suplex from the top rope. Apollo hits a TKO, Siaki hits a frog splash, and Hoyt is pinned. It was kind of hard to rate due to the early injury to Candido. Tenay says Candido has a broken leg and they'll have more info later.

The Naturals come down to yell at Hoyt for allowing their mentor Candido to get hurt. I guess TNA has finally decided to give the Orlando crowd what they want, fiery whitemeat babyface Lance Hoyt. The Naturals give him the Natural Disaster to finish him off.

Backstage, Dusty announces that straps are legal in the AMW/Team Canada match. My olfactory skills are in effect tonight. Also, he announces that Jeff Jarrett and Sean Waltman will be the first two in the Lethal Lottery Match. They'll go five minutes until the next person comes in. A video package leads us to...

Prince of Darkness Death Match: Dustin Rhodes v. Bobby Roode (w/Scott D'Amore & A-1)

The match is now two out of three falls, with the Prince of Darkness hoods only coming into play for the third fall. This feud really didn't deserve all of the added stipulations and such. They brawl to begin the match, until Roode hides behind referee Rudy Charles. He uses the distraction to roll up Rhodes and pin him with his feet on the ropes. You can never trust a Canadian. Roode's up 1-0.

Dustin is furious and comes out fighting. He gets the Shattered Dreams on Roode, and follows that up with his patented catapult into the corner followed by a backbreaker across his knees. That only gets a two count. Dustin tries for his new bulldog finisher, but Roode blocks it twice. D'Amore takes the opportunity to trash talk Tenay and West at ringside. West is offended by D'Amore Canadian Bacon breath. Now, that's just rude. Roode gets a two count after a knee drop from the top rope. Roode gets a chinlock, and the crowd starts to rally behind Dustin. Rhodes counters the chinlock with an Electric Chair Drop. He goes for the Curtain Call, but Roode counters it. He follows that up with a Northern Lariat. Dustin avoids the pinfall by getting a foot on the ropes. After fighting it out on the top rope, Dustin gets the pin with a top rope bulldog.

And now, it's on to the Prince of Darkness section of the match. Thrilling, I say, just thrilling. They stumble around for a while, not able to find each other. Referee Rudy Charles tries to bring the two together, but he eats a double clothesline for his trouble. D'Amore throws a chair in, and then steals the key to get inside the cage. Of course, cheating never wins and Roode blasts him with a chair shot. After Dustin gets the chair, Cassidy Reilly runs down to help direct him. He tells him to turn around, Dustin blasts Roode with a chair shot, and gets the win. Well, it was better than I expected, but that's not saying much. The Prince of Darkness stipulation was just stupid, I hope it never resurfaces.

Shane Douglas attempts to interview Christopher Daniels, but the interview is interrupted by Elix Skipper. They argue for a bit until they both leave. Poor Douglas, he just can't finish an interview tonight.

X-Division Xscape Match: Michael Shane (w/Trinity) v. Sonjay Dutt v. Chris Sabin v. Shocker

I guess Trinity is now managing Michael Shane, Traci's not going to be pleased with this. It's elimination rules until there's two men left, then you have to escape the cage to win. Excuse me, Xscape the cage to win. Sonjay, in his new PPV tights, and Sabin start it out. Dutt looks like he's been eating his Wheaties since leaving TNA. Sonjay hits his super twisty hurricanrana. Shocker and Shane tag in. Shocker kicks his ass for a while, taunts, then tags in Sonjay. They all take turns beating on Shane. Sabin and Sonjay team up in a cool move, Sabin flips Sonjay onto Shane and drops a leg on Shane's head in the process. Shane eventually gains control, Alabama slamming Sabin into the cage in a rough spot. Sabin counters that with a springboard tornado DDT. Big moves for everyone, near falls everywhere, it's chaos. Sonjay eats a super kick from Shane, who then eats one from Shocker, and Shocker pins Dutt to eliminate him.

Sabin suplexes Shocker off the top rope to gain the advantage. While the three men left fight it out in the cage, Trinity tries to climb the cage to help Michael Shane. Traci says, "No she didn't," and runs to ringside. Trinity kicks Traci off, climbs the cage, and hits a moonsault from the top of the cage. Traci gets in the cage and clotheslines Trinity. Michael Shane rudely throws Traci out of the ring. After the door is locked again, Sabin grabs a distracted Shane and hits the Cradle Shock to pin him.

Shocker and Sabin both climb the ropes, and both end up crotched on the top rope. They both get back up the cage and get over the top. They fight it out, with Sabin gaining the advantage. He slams Shocker's head into the cage. Unfortunately for him, it knocks Shocker off the cage and to the ground for the win. The ending was anticlimactic, but the action was good leading up to it. I guess Shocker is next in line to challenge Daniels, that could be good stuff. I think he's involved in a big show in Mexico on the same date as the next TNA PPV though, maybe they'll use it for an Impact main event this month. While I'm fantasy booking, can we get a Chris Sabin/Michael Shane feud to keep them occupied?

They show up the video replay of Candido breaking his leg. It's pretty sick, not quite Joe Theismann-esque, but close. A hype video leads us to...

Table Match: Jeff Hardy v. Raven

Jeff Hardy has hit a new low, now he's delved into the glowing pink paint. He's painted his shoulders and hands pink, what is that supposed to mean? Never mind, I don't want to know. At least in his pink frenzy, he remembered to bring a chair to the ring with him. There's tables all over the ring, so this should be interesting. Raven takes control by kicking Hardy's head into the cage. He successfully hits the drop toe hold onto a chair too, that's pretty rare. Next up is the Evenflow DDT. Damn, Raven must really hate pink, he's fired up. Raven sets Hardy up against a table in the corner, but Hardy gets out of the way just in time. Raven crashes through the table. That doesn't end the match here though, you have to be put through the table by your opponent to end the match. Hardy has obviously been watching some Sabu matches, he hits a leg drop on Raven using the chair. Not quite the Arabian Face Buster, but in the same ballpark. Raven is busted open at this point, I'm surprised it took him this long. They both crash off the top rope in what looked like an attempted bulldog by Hardy. They show some of the New York Mets at ringside. Note to TNA, next time make sure you get some good athletes to hype up your product. not proven losers like the Mets. Sorry, I'm a Braves fan. Anyway, back to the match after my baseball rant. Hardy gets control and sets Raven up on a table. He plays to the crowd and climbs the cage. He played a bit too long though, Raven moves out of the way and Hardy crashes through the table while missing the Swanton Bomb. Jeff Hardy is officially dead, the Hardy Girlzz at ringside are crying. Raven goes to the top rope, but Hardy recovers in time to knock him off. Raven is ticked off though, kicking Hardy in the balls and stabbing him with broken bits of table. The Hardy Girlzzz cry again. Raven goes for another drop toe hold on the chair, but Hardy counters it with one of his own. Jeff climbs up to the top of the cage again, but Raven pushes the door up to crotch him. Hardy is able to slam the door back onto Raven's head. Raven destroys Jeff as he gets back into the ring. He then enlists the ref to help him set up a four table stack. Even the refs are hardcore tonight. Raven tries to pull Hardy up the cage, but Hardy fights him off. He shoves him onto the stack of tables and then hits a leg drop from the top of the cage for the win. It was a pretty crazy match, and better than I expected.

NWA World Tag Team Titles: America's Most Wanted (champs) v. Team Canada

The straps are legal here, due to the backstage attack by the Canadians earlier tonight. It's going to be Eric Young and Petey Williams for Team Canada in the match, with A-1 at ringside. In a nice touch, the American and Canadian flags are hanging from the top of the cage. A-1 catches Chris Harris before he can get in the cage, clocking him with one of the title belts and locking the cage door. This leaves Young and Williams to double team Storm, while Harris gets pounded on the outside. Storm is busted open quickly. Nice camera work to get a close up of Storm's bloody face. Young beats on Storm with a strap, and then chokes him with the American flag. Harris finally disposes of A-1 and tries to climb into the cage, but Young knocks him off. Storm gets the advantage after a powerbomb on Petey. He tries to beat the Canadian out of Young, but Williams breaks it up with a tornado DDT off the cage. Harris finally gets into the cage, and catches the Canadians with a double lariat off the top rope. AMW teams up for a Hart Attack on Young, that's really got to tick the Canadians off. Petey comes back with a side Candian leg sweep and dropkick into the cage on Harris. He then gets the sharpshooter locked in on Storm, which Young accentuates with an elbow drop from the top rope. Petey reels Storm in for the Canadian Destoyer, but Harris breaks it up with a vicious spear. Storm hits a superkick on Young, but Petey breaks up an attempted Death Sentence. He blasts Harris with the customary Canadian hockey stick. A-1 then hands him a bag of powder. Storm spotted it though, and kicks the powder into Petey's face. A blinded Williams gives the Canadian Destroyer to his partner Young. AMW takes control and finishes off Petey with the Death Sentence to retain their titles. Good match, although that's to be expected out of these teams by now. I guess it's a good thing when I'm a little disappointed with a good match. Nice shot of Harris and Storm posing on top of the cage with the belts and American flag at the end.

An awesome hype video leads us to...

X Division Title Match: Christopher Daniels (champ) v. Elix Skipper

Tenay hypes up the international aspect of TNA, highlighting that the PPV is available in 53 countries (hello New Zealand) and that both Jeff Jarrett and Christopher Daniels have defended their titles overseas. The crowd is split in the early going, as both men counter out of the other's signature moves. Good job of showing how well these guys know each other due to their history in XXX. Skipper uses his strength to take control, suplexing Daniels all over the place. Daniels gains an opening when he slams Skipper into the cage shoulder first. Daniels works the injured shoulder with a wide variety of moves. Elix tries to fight back, but the shoulder injury is too much. Daniels goes to a cross armbreaker after a suplex that has Skipper screaming in pain. Daniels attacks with a series of Low Ki style chops. Elix fights back with his good arm and martial arts kicks. He hits his belly to belly suplex, and follows it up with a leg drop off the top rope. When his shoulder fails him though, Daniels takes advantage. He slams Skipper and hits the BME. Skipper kicks out at two and Daniels is incensed. He climbs to the top of the cage, but Skipper crotches him there. Elix then climbs up and the crowd starts to go nuts. They think they're going to get another tightrope hurricanrana off the top of the cage, but Daniels wants no part of it. He dives off into the ring. Skipper just hurls himself off the top, a sorta crossbody block, and crashes into Daniels. Skipper goes for a slam, but the shoulder fails him again. Daniels sets up for the Angel's Wings, Skipper counters into the Sudden Death, Daniels holds on to the ropes, and counters back into the Angel's Wings. That finishes Skipper off and Daniels retains his title. The match was very good, Skipper did an excellent job of selling the shoulder thoughout.

Dusty is babbling backstage. In the midst of his rambling, he announces that The Outlaw will be the third man into the Lethal Lottery Match.

Lethal Lottery Match: Jeff Jarrett, The Outlaw, Monty Brown v. Diamond Dallas Page, Sean Waltman, and ?

Kevin Nash was supposed to team with Page and Waltman, but he's out due to his staph infection. I guess we'll see who the mystery partner is once the match starts. All weapons are legal here. Jarrett is in his special Tennessee butch outfit. Thankfully, he failed in his goal to find jeans tighter than Traci's. Waltman and Jarrett start out by brawling all over the ringside area. After a few minutes of brawling, they finally make it into the cage. Jarrett avoids a Bronco Buster attempt. Outlaw enters after five minutes and the two on one is on. Waltman holds his own early, until Outlaw destroys him with a trash can lid shot. DDP is out next with a kendo stick. He wears both Outlaw and Jarrett out with it, while Waltman dies a slow death in the corner. Outlaw changes the momentum with a mule kick directly to DDP's balls. Monty Brown is out next, with a baseball bat. The Mets might just try to sign him up after his performance. He cleans house. He gives Waltman a fall away slam into the cage. B.G. James emerges as the mystery partner and he kicks things off by taking out Jarrett and a camera man on the outside. B.G. then smashes Monty with a trash can and faces off with The Outlaw. Waltman attacks Outlaw before anything can happen though. Jarrett and Brown both take Bronco Busters. The Alpha Male does not approve of a man bouncing his balls in his face though, and Pounces Waltman and B.G. Jarrett goes for a Stroke, but it's countered into a Diamond Cutter by DDP. Outlaw breaks up the pin. Waltman recovers in time to save DDP with a spin kick to Outlaw. Monty whips both DDP and B.G. into the ropes and hits the dreaded Double Pounce on both of them. The match has taken its toll on Monty though, he's busted wide open. Brown sets up Waltman for the Alpha Bomb, but Waltman slips out of it. Brown goes for the pin, but Waltman kicks out. Monty goes for the Alpha Bomb again, but Waltman counters with a roll up for the victory. They screwed up the finish the first time, but Monty tried to cover for it. B.G. and Outlaw have another stare down after the match. Either they want to kill each other or make out, I'm not sure. It was a pretty fun ECW-style brawl, even with the botched finish. The only thing missing was a VCR and a remote control being used.

For a NWA World Title Shot at Hard Justice: AJ Styles v. Abyss

This is what I was looking forward to. These two had an amazing series of matches in early 2004 and I had been hoping ever since that we'd get them back together. Good call by TNA to put these two in the main event slot, although it sure does put a lot of pressure on them to follow up seven other cage matches. AJ comes out really pumped up, playing to the crowd. Abyss comes to ring side and promptly eats a flipping AJ dive over the top rope through the opened cage. That's how you kick off a match. Abyss whips AJ into the guard rail, but AJ slides underneath it and follows up with a springboard hurricanrana. Wow, that was impressive. They brawl all over ringside. Abyss tries to whip AJ into the ring steps, but AJ skips over them, the guardrail, and the first few rows of the crowd. Next thing you know, he's going to start walking on water too. He flies back over the first few rows of the crowd and clocks Abyss with a flying forearm. The crowd has pretty much lost its sanity at this point. AJ goes for a splash, but Abyss side steps it, and AJ ends up flying over the guard rail. Abyss takes control at this point, beating AJ up and down the aisles of the bleachers. Many times at the Impact Zone, the crowd is split in their chants. Not this time, they are solidly behind AJ. Styles tries to get into the ring, but Abyss slams the cage door into him. While AJ is on his knees, Abyss slams the cage door into his head. AJ sells it like death, West doesn't even want to see the replay. AJ is now busted open with quite the manly blade job. Abyss throws AJ into the ring and grabs his chain, a chair, and a bag of thumbtacks. Throw in some Cheetos and you have a pretty twisted party. Abyss chokes AJ with the chain, while blood is spurting out everywhere. A big boot nearly knocks Styles' head off. Abyss wraps the chain around the turnbuckle and then drops AJ head first onto it. Abyss continues the assault by press slamming AJ into the cage. Abyss locks Styles in a neck vice, nice camera work on AJ's bloody face and his screaming. AJ escapes, but Abyss slams him face first to the mat again. He goes for another press slam, this time on the chain, but AJ reverses it into a DDT. Styles takes control of the match now with an enziguiri kick and tilt-a-whirl head scissors. AJ goes for his patented flipping reverse DDT, but Abyss blocks it. Abyss tries to spear AJ in the corner, but AJ avoids it and Abyss rams his head into the chair he had set up. Styles then AJ's up and German suplexes the 350 lb. Abyss for a two count. AJ charges him, but eats a Black Hole Slam. That also only gets a two count. Abyss is furious and gets the thumb tacks. He spreads them out and sets up AJ for another Black Hole Slam. AJ escapes it and hits with a couple of running forearms. Abyss stops him and sets up for a powerbomb onto the tacks. AJ doesn't like that idea, and counters into a Styles Clash onto the tacks. The crowd goes absolutely insane, turning the Impact Zone into a giant mosh pit. That gets the "This Is Awesome" chant. Abyss kicks out at two though, and the fight is still on. AJ climbs to the top of the cage. Abyss grabs the ref and choke slams him into the cage, which crotches AJ on the top. Abyss slams into the cage, trying to knock AJ off to the outside, but AJ holds on. Abyss then grabs his chain and climbs to the top. He wraps the chain around AJ's throat and is hanging him from the top. He then goozles him for a choke slam off the top of the cage. AJ fights it off by biting Abyss' fingers. He then flips over the top of Abyss, and hits the Sunset Flip Powerbomb onto the thumb tacks to end the war. Holy crap, what a match. AJ is now challenging Jarrett for the title at next month's Hard Justice. Styles is near tears after the match, as is some of the crowd. And that folks, is why they saved this match for the main event. AJ was amazing in this one, but you can't discount Abyss either. I would tip them extra money if the remote control had that option.

For all the hype about the cage, I almost feel like it was underutilized throughout the night. The stipulations in each match made them all different, and that was appreciated. The card was put together well, the night kept building to the main event. That main event definitely delivered as well, you've done something right when you can show people in the crowd near tears after the match. Now, I'm just hoping they don't waste that by jobbing Styles to Jarrett next month, but that's another story for another day. Raven/Hardy was a fun tables match, AMW/Team Canada was solid tag team action, Daniels/Skipper was a very good title match, the Lethal Lottery was a solid brawl, and AJ/Abyss was simply outstanding. Lockdown gets a thumbs up from me, I recommend the replay.


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