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Bound for Glory
October 24, 2005

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


Here’s your extra short Saturday night Impact recap: Samoa Joe killed Elix Skipper, there was nothing Coach Diamond could do about it. AMW won the tag titles from The Naturals after interference from Gail Kim and Jeff Jarrett and a beer bottle. Storm busted the bottle over Stevens’ head to set up the pin. Bobby Roode beat Ron Killings

with the help of his trusty hockey stick. Monty Brown pinned AJ Styles to win a six man tag that also included Jarrett, Abyss, Hardy, and Hoyt. Jarrett had Styles set up for the Stroke, but Monty stole the pin with Pounce. It was also announced that The Naturals would get a rematch for the tag titles at Bound for Glory and 3 Live Kru v. Team Canada was also added to the card.

It came out Sunday afternoon that Kevin Nash was hospitalized and would not be medically cleared to compete in the main event at Bound for Glory. As the PPV came on the air, Tenay filled us in that Nash called 911 from his hotel room on Saturday afternoon. We were also told that there would be a World Title match tonight.


Damn, this is how you start the pre-show. Shelley and Strong start it out, after winning the rock/paper/scissors battle. Tenay gives us the update on Nash and says that there will be information on his replacement coming up soon. Nice mat wrestling to start. Dutt tags in for Strong. Dutt backflips off of Shelley’s shoulders in a cool move. Ridiculous sprinkler elbow off the top rope by Dutt, which Shelley does not appreciate. Dutt is suckered in with a handshake, and gets a poke to the eyes for his trouble. That dastardly Shelley, you just can’t trust him. Strong tags in for Shelley, and gets hit with Sonjay’s super twisty tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Aries comes in and decides to kick both of their asses. Aries dropkicks everybody in sight, and the crowd is loving it. Sonjay gets him out of the there with a blind tag. West calls Dutt the King of the Hurricanrana, which I’m sure made Kid Kash cry at home. Strong ends Sonjay’s rally with a really nasty backbreaker. Shelley blind tags Strong, and waves at him as he has to leave. Shelley gets Dutt in a Rocking Horse submission that I’ve only seen in video games. He then goes to a STF, but Strong breaks it up. Aries blind tags Shelley and Sonjay keeps getting abused. Aries slams Dutt a few times, and then nails the Pendulum Elbow Drop. Strong blind tags Aries and Dutt gets slammed again. Shelley breaks up the pin and he gets into a chop/slap fight with Strong. A wacky four way submission hold is next, which just looks really strange. All four men are in, and all four are soon down. They all trade big moves with no one getting a clear advantage. Once things settle down a bit, Aries hits the brainbuster on Strong, but Shelley blocks the 450 Splash. Aries takes care of him, but Dutt is able to toss Aries off the top. Strong is up and blocks Sonjay’s Hindu Press. They fight on the top rope, Sonjay knocks him down, and hits the DragonRana for the win.

Shane Douglas interviews AMW backstage with Gail Kim. They’re quite proud of their title win last night, and the producers show us the footage of Stevens getting blasted with the beer bottle. Storm is especially proud of himself.

Tenay and West run down the card, they announce that everybody must be available to wrestle at the end of the night. Tenay wants to know what the plan is. Raven comes out to the ring to interrupt. He uses lots of big words, confusing the crowd, and calls out Zybysko. Larry comes out and Raven asks for his rematch with Jarrett for the World Title. Raven says that he’s the biggest star in the company and he should get the chance at Jarrett for the title. His anger gets the best of him though and he tries to choke Zybysko out. Larry orders security to toss him out. Rhino then comes out and trash talks Raven. Rhino says that Raven isn’t the man he was years ago and brings up some of Raven’s ECW past. He asks him if a “girl got to your head.” They brawl and security eventually gets Raven out of the ring. Raven’s lackey, Cassidy Reilly, taunts Rhino until he eats a Gore. West defends Raven, saying that he does have a gripe. Rhino Gores Reilly again, just for fun.

Backstage, Douglas is with AJ Styles. AJ talks up the upcoming Georgia/Florida football game, which gets him some props in my book. Of course, AJ is the good guy Bulldogs against Daniels’ heelish Gators. And you wonder why he’s one of my favorites. The comparison isn’t bad, the segment just didn’t come off right.

We go into the PPV-proper with no resolution on the World Title match, but West does tell us that the Monster’s Ball match might make us run to the bathroom. Tenay informs us that the PPV will be kicked off by Liger/Joe as the pre-show goes dark.

The intro video gives us a nice recap of TNA’s previous monthly PPV’s, starting with last November’s Victory Road. I’m a little disappointed that we weren’t on the precipice of anything though. Excellent video as usual.


Joe comes out with traditional Polynesian dancers and joins in, which gets the crowd hyped. Liger comes out to what I’m guessing is his New Japan Pro Wrestling theme music, which kicks 989 types of ass. The crowd responds by covering the ring in streamers. If you only watch WWE PPV’s, you have to incredibly confused at this point after the ring entrances. The feeling out process begins, with Joe’s strength facing off with Liger’s experience. Liger avoids a Joe charge, which sends Joe to the outside. Liger scores with kicks and flies off the top rope onto Joe on the outside. Joe catches Liger flying off the top back inside, and hits a Samoan drop. Joe hits a running knee to Liger’s head. He then hits his chop to the back, kick to the chest, knee drop combo for a two count. Liger avoids the running knee this time, and hits a capo kick in the corner. Liger suplexes Joe, and gets a two count. A follow up frog splash also gets a two count. Joe comes back with an enziguiri to regain the advantage. Joe sets Liger up on the top rope, but Liger is able to slip out and powerbomb Joe. Liger goes to the top, but Joe cuts that off with a kick. A Muscle Buster and rear naked choke later, and Joe stays undefeated. Liger passed out rather than tap out.

Highlights of Saturday’s Fan Fest are up next. We go backstage to eavesdrop on the Diamonds in the Rough, who are sporting spiffy new team vests.


The crowd does not care for Apollo and Siaki, and I don’t think they really like the idea of Sharky teaming with those losers. Diamond and Sharky start things off. They trade shots, with neither getting much of an advantage. Sharky goes for the Dead Sea Drop, but Diamond tosses Sharky off the top rope. Sharky comes back with the Dreaded Ass Bite of Doom, and Diamond tags out in embarrassment. Skipper comes in, as does Apollo. Wow, the crowd really hates Apollo, maybe my bitching is having an effect. Young flies off the top while Diamond distracts the ref. Siaki and Young tag in. Skipper breaks up a pin attempt after a Samoan drop. Skipper springboards off of Young’s back and tries to hurricanrana Siaki, but stumbles and nearly plants his head into the corner. They fight to the outside, with Young flying off with an Asai moonsault. Apollo also flies over the top and everybody brawls to the outside. I guess that’s a pretty good way to cover for a blown spot. Back in the ring, Skipper tosses Siaki into a spinebuster by Young for the win.

We get a replay of Dutt’s victory in the pre-show match and the Raven/Rhino confrontation. Poor Reilly can really take a Gore.

Shane Douglas is backstage with Jeff Jarrett and Gail Kim. Jarrett says that Nash is just trying to avoid an “ass whooping.” Jarrett says Zybysko can put all of the names in a hat and draw one out, it doesn’t matter. He says screw Jeff Hardy, screw Rhino, screw Abyss, screw Sabu, screw Raven. Monty Brown cuts him off and says he can smell Jarrett’s fear. Jarrett tells Monty he better focus on Hoyt or he’ll fall out of title contention. He says it’s playoff time and he can’t afford a loss. There sure are lots of sports references tonight.


Hoyt takes advantage early and Tenay tries to run the “ticked off Texan” tag line into the ground. They go to the outside. Brown clears out a section of the crowd and acts like he’s going to toss Hoyt their way. Instead, he throws Hoyt into the ring. I love that trick. Hoyt doesn’t though, and he flies to the outside. Brown takes the advantage once back in the ring with a series of chops. Hoyt reverses it and goes for the world famous series of Hoyt punches. Brown goes down and Hoyt goes up for the moonsault. It was all a ruse by Monty though, he tosses Hoyt to the outside. He then hits a snap suplex on the outside. Brown scores with a fall away slam. He goes for the Pounce, but Hoyt blocks it with a big boot. The crowd is very mixed on this. Hoyt hits the moonsault, but Brown kicks out. Hoyt goes for a cross body block off the top, but Monty catches him and hits the Alpha Bomb. Hoyt kicks out at two and the crowd starts chanting for the Pounce again. Hoyt hits Brown with a Book End of sorts, which gets yet another two count. Hoyt scores with a nice uppercut, but Brown recovers in time to Irish Whip Hoyt and win the match with the Pounce.

Douglas is backstage with the 3 Live Kru. BG tells us that the 3LK are “tighter than pantyhose 2 sizes too small”. Kip James stops by to offer his assistance against the Canadians. BG and Killings are okay with it, but Konnan is not happy with Kip’s offer. Will they ever get along? Also, Kip now has a shirt that says “I’m Kip James, B*tch.” I have no comment.


They showed a fan dancing during BG’s now standard mic work which was scary enough. They topped it by showing the Hardy Girlzzz. Konnan is running things early, nailing Young with his shoe toss. Killings drops the leg on Roode’s balls. Killings also hits his sweet split/heel kick combo. The numbers game gets the better of Killings though, as the Canadians take control. Tenay yells about the “cheeseburger eatin’” Scott D’Amore. I thought it was Canadian Bacon, what happened? Killings fights back with his flying, spinning forearm smash. BG and Young tag in. BG takes everybody out and drops Young with a big boot. West tries to explain that BG gets more momentum with his knee drop when he dances. D’Amore distracts the ref and Roode blasts BG with the hockey stick which gives Team Canada the win.

Kip James comes down to pull BG out of the ring. The Canadians hold Konnan and try to get Kip to blast him. Kip acts like he’ll play along, but blasts some Canadians instead. Konnan looks even more dumbfounded than usual.

Douglas runs down all of the World Title contenders with Zybysko. Larry says he’s waiting on a call from “upper management”. He says he still doesn’t know anything yet.


That Bentley sure is a lucky man, Traci sure looks a lot better than the load Williams has in his corner. They all trade moves in the early going. Bentley takes Williams down with a wheelbarrow suplex. Sabin tries to sneak up to the cables, but Bentley takes him down. Petey goes up, but is distracted by Traci. She uses her “tools” according to Tenay and West to keep him occupied while Bentley climbs up. He comes to his senses in time to knock Bentley down. Sabin mounts Bentley in the corner and rains down the punches. Petey tries to sneak in, but Sabin kicks him to cut him off. He bounces down, picks up Williams, and powerbombs him into Bentley in the corner. He follows that up with his classic tornado DDT/enziguiri combo. He goes for a sunset flip powerbomb on Petey to the outside, but gets cut off. Bentley knocks Sabin off the apron, but eats a springboard hurricanrana from Petey. Back in the ring, Bentley takes down both Sabin and Petey. Bentley is the first to try to climb, but Sabin follows right behind him. Bentley tries to kick Sabin off, but Sabin powerbombs Bentley off of the cables. The crowd responds with the first “Holy Shit,” chant of the night. Sabin is up, but Petey cuts him off. Sabin gets hung up on the top rope and Petey goes for the “Oh Canada” nut stomp. Bentley breaks that up by knocking Williams outside. Sabin tosses Bentley headfirst off of the top rope. Sabin takes them both out with a moonsault to the outside. Sabin is first one back to the ring and goes up to the cables. Bentley jumps up and yanks Sabin down. That also knocks the X down from the ropes. Our referee Slick Johnson is not having that though and he orders that the X is rehung from the ropes. Bentley takes the break to destroy Petey on the outside. We get some improvised brawling on the outside. The X is back up top and Sabin and Bentley both get up to the cables. Sabin and Bentley kick each other down again. The X rocks back and forth and Petey sits underneath it. It falls down, Petey catches it, and he’s declared the winner. Oh boy, the fans are pissed about that. Sabin storms to the back, Bentley stalks ring announcer Jeremy Borash at ringside, while Williams and D’Amore halfheartedly celebrate.

They quickly go to a hype video for the AMW/Naturals rematch.


Poor guys, they really have to win the crowd back after the Ultimate X fiasco. The Naturals sprint to the ring and the brawl is on. It’s about time for a wild AMW/Naturals brawl, it’s been far too long. Douglas has a bandage on his head, which Harris tries to rip off. Stevens powerbombs Storm into the guardrail. Harris is left by himself with both of the Naturals and begs for mercy. Of course, he gets none and tries to escape up the ramp. The Naturals catch him and beat him all the way back down to the ring. Stevens tosses Harris into the guardrail. Douglas likes the idea and gives it a shot for himself. Tenay tells us that Storm bent the guardrail when he was powerbombed onto it. That has to hurt. Gail Kim distracts Douglas enough for Storm to recover. He busts Douglas open, spraying blood on Don West at the announce table. That might be a first. AMW now has Douglas in the ring and they work him over. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm whirlybird on Douglas, but Andy kicks out at two. Harris tags in and continues the beating. Douglas is able to escape and tags Stevens in. He takes on both Harris and Storm. A superkick to Storm gets a two count. Kim tosses Harris a bag of powder, isn’t that The Naturals old gimmick? Harris is blinded and gives the Catatonic to Storm. While he’s celebrating, The Naturals catch him and nail the Death Sentence. Harris kicks out at two. They go for the Natural Disaster on Storm, but Kim interferes. Douglas goes after Kim at ringside, but Harris is able to handcuff Douglas to the guardrail. Stevens is alone at this point. Storm busts another bottle over his head. They hit the Death Sentence and that’s enough for the win.

Storm blasts Douglas with a chair as they leave the ring. I’ll give them this, AMW sure do play the prick role well.

Shane Douglas interviews James Mitchell backstage. Mitchell tells us that Abyss was left without light, water, and food often as a child. Poor guy. He then compares the match to inviting a war veteran to a paintball match. He says that Abyss’ opponents will be not covered in paint though, they’ll be covered in copious amounts of blood.


I guess they did let Hardy have his paint set while he was locked down. Rhino pairs off with Sabu while Hardy hits a couple of springboard dives on Abyss. They brawl all over the arena. Sabu is busted open early. Hardy dives off the bleachers onto Abyss. The crowd is alive again. Sabu throws a chair into Rhino’s face. He then springboards off the top onto Rhino. Abyss gets caught with by Hardy’s Whisper in the Wind. Hardy tries to follow up with a Twist of Fate, but Abyss hits the Shock Treatment instead. Hardy springboards off of Sabu’s back to hit Abyss. He tries to let Sabu do the same, but Sabu kicks Hardy in the face instead. Rhino has had enough of all the flying and smashed everybody with a kendo stick. Rhino tries to Gore Abyss, but gets chokeslammed onto a chair instead. Sabu goes for a table at ringside, and Hardy goes for a ladder. Abyss takes the ladder and beats Hardy up the ramp with it. He then sets up a stack of tables. Sabu also sets up a table between the ring and guardrail. Hardy uses the chair to even things with Abyss and sets him up on the tables. Sabu sets Rhino up on his table and hits a springboard leg drop to put him through it. Hardy decides to top that by climbing to the top of the stage and hits the Swanton from about fifteen feet on Abyss through the tables. That gets the “This is awesome,” chant from the crowd. Sabu hits the triple jump moonsault on Rhino in the ring, but only gets a two count. He goes for the Super Atomic Arabian Facebuster and only gets part of it. Abyss and Hardy crawl back towards the ring. Abyss is in first and sets a table up in the corner. Sabu throws a chair at Abyss to stop him for a minute, but Abyss catches Sabu and tosses him chest first through a table at ringside. Abyss gets his trusty thumbtacks, but gets Gored by Rhino through the table in the corner. Hardy is back now and the crowd is actually cheering him. Hardy sets Rhino up on the ropes, but Rhino reverses it into the Rhino Driver (second rope piledriver) for the victory. The crowd gives them a second “This is awesome,” chant.

They go to the back with Shane Douglas and Larry Zybysko. Larry tells us that he’s made a decision about the main event. They’re going to have a ten man over the top rope gauntlet match to decide who the winner will be. For some reason, Jarrett is not happy. The guys have already had one match, then they have to have a gauntlet match, then they have to face Jarrett in the main event. Zybysko basically tells Jarrett to man up and stop whining and walks away. Wow, Jarrett has no balls.


Daniels cheap shots AJ to start things off. The crowd is split in who they’re cheering for. Daniels press slams AJ to the mat. AJ comes back with a nice armdrag, and follows up with a backbreaker. Daniels goes to the outside, AJ gets ready to fly, but the Fallen Angel cuts him off. Back in the ring, AJ tries to set up his patented dropkick, but Daniels avoids it. AJ goes for it again, and hits it this time. He then sends Daniels over the guardrail on the outside. The ref checks on Daniels, and AJ flies over him and the guardrail to splash Daniels. He nearly gave a girl at ringside a heart attack. AJ tosses Daniels back into the ring. The crowd trades chants again. AJ keeps a side headlock on Daniels for over a minute. Daniels tries to fight out, but AJ holds on. The crowd switches things up to “You’re both awesome.” Interesting chant while in a side headlock, I must say. Daniels is finally able to escape and puts an armbar on Styles. A long mat wrestling sequence was not what I was expecting here, I’m not complaining though. You can tell that the anticipation is building in the crowd. AJ smashes Daniels into each turnbuckle, he’s able to make the whole lap of the ring, but Daniels kicks out of the pin attempt. AJ fires off kicks on Daniels back, and he follows that with a reverse chin lock. Daniels breaks it with a reverse headbutt. AJ locks in the Indian Death Lock on Daniels. Daniels is able to escape by biting AJ’s fingers. They fight on the apron, with AJ clotheslining Daniels back in. AJ flies off the top, but Daniels catches him with a suplex. Daniels clears the cobwebs and tries to take control of the match. Daniels whips AJ off and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. AJ goes for a series of roll-ups, but Daniels locks in the Koji Clutch. AJ tries to power out, and eventually gets to the ropes. That just serves to piss Daniels off and he elbows AJ in the back of the head. Daniels with a split legged moonsault, but that only gets a two count. AJ avoids another backbreaker attempt and hits his classic Asai DDT. Both men struggle to their feet. AJ is first and fires off on Daniels with elbows, clotheslines, and kicks. AJ scores with a wrist lock suplex, but that also only gets a two count. AJ goes for a pumphandle slam, but turns it into a gut buster. AJ goes to the apron and goes for a springboard, but Daniels catches him in a Death Valley Driver. AJ is able to kick out and avoid the pin. We’re at the 12 minute mark now. Daniels slams AJ out of the corner in a pretty nasty looking move that I don’t have a name for. AJ counters a neckbreaker with his neckbreaker suplex. I hadn’t seen that one in a while. Daniels counters another Asai DDT attempt and hits his Blue Thunder Bomb for a two count. The Best Moonsault Ever also only gets two. Ten minutes left and we still have no score. AJ locks in the Torture Rack, slams Daniels down, but can only get a two count. Daniels avoids the flying forearm, and hits his running knee. AJ is knocked to the outside, bouncing off the ring steps. Daniels follows up with a suicide dive. Daniels tosses AJ back into the ring, but AJ hits his Pele kick when Daniels tries to get back in. AJ takes advantage of his chance to fly and hits his patented flip dive. We’re down to seven minutes left. AJ tries to suplex Daniels back in, but Daniels blocks it. Daniels then backdrop suplexes AJ over the top rope and down to the floor in a move that hurts both guys. West says he’ll stay here for two hours if that’s what it takes. I second that. AJ looks like he can barely walk. They trade chops in the center of the ring. Daniels tries to roll AJ up, and gets two. Tenay points out a nasty bruise on AJ’s left leg from when he hit the ring steps earlier. They both go for roll ups, but neither can get a pin. Daniels suplexes AJ, but AJ fires back with a discus clothesline. That bruise on AJ’s leg is pretty nasty, it sure isn’t going to feel nice tomorrow. We’re down to the two minute warning and it’s still nil-nil. AJ goes for a cross body block, Daniels rolls through and grabs the tights, but AJ kicks out at two. They trade punches as we get the one minute mark. AJ takes him down with a kick, but only gets two. Daniels with a jawbreaker and an enziguiri. He goes for the Angel’s Wings, but AJ bridges him into a pin attempt. Daniels powers out and they trade roll up attempts. AJ fights out of a pin attempt and is able to hit the Styles Clash. He gets the pin right before the clock runs out and wins 1-0.

Tenay and West need to catch their breath and I need to rest my fingers. They show a hype video for the November PPV, Genesis, for November 13.


Numero uno is Samoa Joe, followed up by Ron Killings. Tenay and West review the TNA rules for Gauntlet matches. These two start for two minutes, then someone new comes out every 60 seconds. Killings decides to mock Samoa Joe’s entrance from earlier, bad idea. Joe drills him with the face wash. Killings is able to pull himself up to the top and takes Joe down with a slam. He tries to put Joe over the top, but can’t do it.

Sabu is out next, with a chair. He throws it at Killings. He then hits the triple jump moonsault on The Truth. Joe blocks a springboard attempt by swatting the chair out of the way. Lance Hoyt is out next and trades punches with Joe. Joe goes off the ropes, but Hoyt catches him with the big boot. Hoyt tries to throw Killings over the top. Joe breaks that up and DDT’s Sabu. Abyss is out next. He’s holding his hand like it’s broken from the match earlier. Joe and Abyss face off in the ring. They trade chops. They both fight for the chokeslam, but Killings ends up breaking it up. Jeff Hardy is out next, noticeably limping. Joe tosses Hoyt into the corner. No one has been eliminated yet. Monty Brown is the next one out. He Pounces Sabu. He tries to clothesline Hardy out, but they both go over the top rope. James Mitchell helps Abyss stay in as Killings and Hoyt try to eliminate him. Rhino is the next entrant. Rhino clotheslines Hoyt over the top to eliminate him. Joe tries to eliminate Sabu. Kip James is out next, and I know there’s at least one person out there jumping up and down in celebration. Fame-Asser on Abyss. Kip dropkicks Joe. AJ Styles hobbles out next, and he’s the last entrant. What about Raven? Sabu was eliminated earlier and we missed it. Joe tries to toss Killings out. The action has really slowed down at this point as everybody is selling their previous matches. AJ tries to toss Killings out. Abyss tosses Kip over the top, and he pushes Killings back in on his way out. What a guy. Kip blocks AJ from eliminating Killings until the refs drag him away. Joe ends up tossing Killings out anyway. AJ and Joe square off, while Abyss and Rhino fight on the other side. Joe locks in the choke on AJ, but Abyss takes them both out. Rhino hits the Gore on Abyss and tosses him out.


Rhino is barely able to stand. Borash climbs into the ring and introduces Tito Ortiz. Rhino is still on his knees as Jarrett’s music hits. Should they still announce him as the King of the Mountain when he lost the last King of the Mountain match? JJ said somebody would be leaving in a casket tonight and he brings the casket to ringside with him. The crowd is pissed about Jarrett dominating Rhino. West says that Rhino is just going to have to pick his spots because he’s so worn down. Jarrett smashes Rhino into the guardrail. He smashes Rhino into the announce table next. He slams him into the lid of the casket. Jarrett trash talks and girly slaps Rhino. JJ goes to the top rope and hits a clothesline. The crowd is furious. Jarrett goes to the top again and hits another clothesline. He goes for the hat trickbut Rhino catches him. He sets him up for choke slam and just kicks him in the nuts instead. Jarrett avoids the Gore. Gail Kim goes up to the top, Tito Ortiz catches her and escorts her out of the ring. Jarrett brings his trusty guitar into the ring and smashes into Rhino’s head as he goes for another Gore attempt. Tito missed it. Jarrett goes for the pin, and only gets a two count. AMW bring Jarrett another guitar. Tito take both Harris and Storm out. Rhino is able to avoid the guitar and hit the Gore on Jarrett. He then gets the three count and shockingly wins the World Title.

AMW and Jarrett beat the crap out of Rhino. The 3 Live Kru come out to make the save. Team Canada is out next to attack 3LK. Jarrett and Roode bring the casket into the ring. Jarrett blasts Rhino with another guitar shot and then they dump him into the casket. Jarrett poses with the belt, but is interrupted by Team 3-D’s music. They come in and kick everybody’s ass. Poor Eric Young is left to take the 3-D. He gets dumped into the casket and Team 3-D celebrates with 3LK and Rhino in the ring.


· Holy crap, that was probably the weirdest show I’ve ever seen. The only thing I can come up with that was close was the Bash at the Beach with the Jarrett/Hogan/Russo nonsense that ended with Booker T winning the WCW World Title.

· Hardy was insane to do that Swanton spot. The height was one thing, but he was also at least 10-12 feet away. I have to say, I was actually a little worried he wasn’t going to make it.

· I hope everybody saw the 4-way on the pre-show, that was really a fun match. It looks like they are going to be pushing Sonjay up the card, which I fully support.

· Joe v. Liger was really short. I know they probably had to redo everything on the fly, but I wish they had found a few more minutes for this one. Joe’s entrance was very cool, but not as cool as Liger’s ridiculous music. It sounded like a remix of Linda McMahon’s music.

· The Diamonds in the Rough v. Jobbers, Brown v. Hoyt, and Canadians v. 3LK matches were all fine. They were solid for their spot on the show.

· I’ll be curious to see what they do with the result of the Ultimate X match. I’m just guessing, but did the hook break and that’s why they just went ahead and ended the match? They can’t use the excuse that the X didn’t touch the ground, AJ won the Ultimate X by knocking the belt out of someone’s hands with a dive and then grabbing it.

· I thought they had solved the problem with the belt or X falling down. It hadn’t happened since the first one. Bad timing for its return, it really killed the crowd. If you’re going to do this match, make sure this doesn’t happen again. Please. I’m sick of being the TNA apologist and trying to explain how it really isn’t that bad that the X fell down, again.

· The AMW v. Naturals match was dragged down by the crowd’s reaction to Ultimate X. It was alright, but not as good as they’ve had in the past. AMW are quite good as heels though.

· Monster’s Ball was far better than I was expecting, I’m sure lots of people will have it up there as a Match of the Night contender. As far as hardcore matches go, it was about as good as it can get.

· I think I’m in the minority, but I thought Styles v. Daniels actually topped their last Iron Man match. The holds in the early portion of the match really made the end more meaningful. The selling was excellent by both men. The timing and pacing was great. By far, Match of the Night on my end.

· The gauntlet was very thrown together. The crowd was really hoping for Joe to win it, you could tell they were disappointed with the silence after he was eliminated. I think there’s more to do with him before you put the World Title on him though, good call by TNA on that end. I want to see what they do with Monty Brown though, I didn’t like his early elimination at all.

· The final match was really rushed, but they didn’t really have a choice at this point. It was really worthless to have Ortiz involved after everything that happened. I don’t have that much of a problem with Rhino winning the title. If he just loses it back to Jarrett on the prime time special, then it’s a waste. I understand wanting the crowd to go home happy after the change to the card. I think the Team 3-D return would have done that regardless. I hope they go with Rhino/Team 3-D v. Jarrett/AMW on the prime time special, but I’m sure it’s going to be Jarrett regaining the title instead.

· They better have something good planned for Raven…

· The show didn’t suck, the surprises and crazy spots covered for the things that didn’t go according to plan. This was quite a step below most TNA efforts though. How much of this was due to the reshuffled the card is anyone’s guess, I’d love to see what the original plan was. When you have two matches like Monster’s Ball and Styles v. Daniels, I don’t think you can really be all that disappointed though. It’s hard to recommend the replay based on two matches though.

Well, it was an interesting night at least. Impact will be back next Saturday to try to make sense of some of this, and they have to set up things for the prime time special in less than two weeks. Until then…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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