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TNA Genesis Recap
November 14, 2005

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


I’m not completely sure how I feel about watching wrestling tonight.  A couple of friends called me today at work with the news about Eddie Guerrero.  I obviously didn’t know him, but you sort of feel like you do after watching him in his career for so long.  It just feels weird to be looking forward to a wrestling show after something like this happens.  

The pre-show kicks off with Jeremy Borash and Shane Douglas live at the Impact Zone.  The crowd has a big “Eddie” chant going in the background.  They run down the card, making big mention of the “major acquisition”.  They of course show us a big limo pulled up outside the building.  I really want one of these guys to show up in an El Camino or something. 

A video of the Sabu/Abyss feud precedes our first visit with Mike Tenay and Don West.  They introduce the first pre-show match of…


Nigel mocks Shark Boy, which is so not cool.  He’s quite the big dude, and he doesn’t looks as lanky and pale as he was last time in TNA.  Sharky gets the dreaded Ass Bite of Doom in to the crowd’s delight.  Nigel did a really stupid headstand donkey kick in the corner, the crowd even booed it.  I’m not so impressed with Mr. McGuiness thus far, he seems a little sloppy.  Sharky finishes the classic 10 Punch in the corner with a bite.  A bulldog out of the corner gets two.  Nigel with another stupid flippy thing on the ropes into a clothesline.  Tenay announces that Raven is going against a mystery opponent in the PPV opener.  McGuiness gets two after a superplex.  He plays to the crowd, who boos accordingly.  Sharky takes advantage of this, and rolls up Nigel for the victory.  Well, okay…

Shane Douglas interviews Team Canada.  Roode says the 3LK is going to be Canadian-ized.  Petey brags about his victory over AJ on Impact.  Coach D’Amore says that he’s going to very busy with some “high level meetings” backstage all night.  He says, “If this acquisition is who I think it is, it’s going to be a big night for Team Canada.”  Eric Young freaks out, until Roode slaps him to calm him down. 

After some video packages, we get to the next match.


Wow, Chase Stevens is a hoss, I can’t believe he’s in the ring so soon after fracturing a vertebrae in his neck.  Check the video on TNA’s website, it’s pretty sick.  Hoyt starts out pounding on Skipper.  Andy Douglas flies to the outside to take care of Young and Skipper.  Hoyt follows with a plancha to take out all of the Diamonds.  Stevens is really pumped.  Skipper spears him though, which knocks his head into the ropes.  Of course, the Diamonds work the neck and back, Skipper drills him with kicks.  The crowd starts a chant for Chase.  Stevens comes back with a hurricanrana on Young.  He gets the hot tag to Hoyt, who kills everybody.  Double chokeslam on Skipper and Young, punctuated by a big boot to Diamond in the middle of it.  Chase tries for the Natural Disaster, but he can’t lift Young for the move.  Skipper takes advantage and he and Young hit a double team face slam on Stevens to get the pin. 

Don West goes into the crowd to run down the crowd again.  He’s flashing back to his Home Shopping Network days here, somebody get him some Ritalin.  After he’s done rambling, we cut to Raven cursing Larry Zybysko as he’s headed to the ring and we’re headed towards the PPV proper. 

They flash the graphic “In Memory of Eddie Guerrero” on the screen before the standard TNA graphics. 

The intro video tonight includes clips of many presidents talking about new beginnings and overturning dictators.  They hype Monty Brown and Abyss specifically.  Lots of footage of Jarrett regaining the World Title is also used.  Very interesting use of speeches from John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and others.  Good work. 

RAVEN V. ???

We learn that Zybysko has hand picked an opponent for Raven from his past.  Zybysko is in the ring with security talking about why he’s done this.  He gives Raven the chance to sign a release to leave TNA or stay and deal with Zybysko’s hand picked opponents.  Raven flips Larry off in response.  Zybysko mentions the mystery girl in Raven’s life, which sets Raven off.  Larry brings out the mystery opponent, who is Justin Credible.  Or PJ Polaco, the former Justin Credible as Tenay tells us.  Tenay also tells us that Zybysko has learned that Raven was one of the people holding PJ’s career back in the past.  Huh? 

Sorry, the match was interrupted by the pizza man.  I get back in time to see Cassidy Reilly take a Singapore Cane shot for Raven.  Raven takes control of PJ in the ring.  PJ avoids the Evenflow, but Raven catches him in an ankle lock after an attempted superkick.  Raven is able to get the Evenflow though and get the victory.  Larry Z doesn’t look too happy on the ramp. 

A video package of the 3LK/Team Canada feud is followed by an interview with the Kru.  BG talks about everyone jumping ship from WWE.  K-Dawg reiterates his distrust for Kip James. 


What in the blue hell is up with Kip’s ref outfit?  He tops Shawn Michaels’ ref outfit from years ago to win the Most Fruity award.  You have to be the legal man in the ring to take down the hockey stick and use it in this match.  That seems like an invitation for shenanigans, eh?  Konnan stops his usual mic work to show some love to the Guerrero family, which results in a huge “Eddie” chant.  The Canadians immediately try to climb up to get a hockey stick, but they’re all pulled down by the Kru.  Eric Young puts on a silly helmet and climbs up to get a stick.  Unfortunately, he’s not the legal man and Kip takes his stick away.  Poor Eric, he looks like he’s going to cry.  Truth hits my favorite split/leg lariat combo.  Konnan gets a stick and puts his shoe on the end of it, like a retard.  Roode hits a big Electric Chair Drop on BG.  Kip catches BG’s foot on the ropes and breaks his count on a pin attempt.  A-1 continues the beat down on BG.  Kip slaps the mat like on old woman on his counts.  Roode kills BG with a Full Nelson Slam.  Killings stops Roode from using a hockey stick, which gives BG a chance to hit a big boot.  He eventually gets the hot tag to Killings.  Killings hits his Axe Kick on A-1.  Roode gets the DVD on Killings, which is followed up by a flying elbow by Young.  K-Dawg comes in with a Rolling Thunder clothesline on Young, and follows it up with the Tequila Sunrise.  Young screams, but Roode breaks it up.  The Kru set up Young for their version of the Whazzzup, but this one ends with Killings dropping a leg over a hockey stick on Young’s balls.  He breaks it in half, ouch.  That ends it for the Canadians. 

Douglas interviews James Mitchell and Abyss.  Mitchell threatens the new acquisition, saying that he won’t leap frog Abyss for any title shots.  He says that barbed wire plays a horrible role in Abyss’ past and is like Kryptonite to him.  He says that Sabu’s opened Pandora’s Box by bringing barbed wire into this match.  The interview ends with a parody of the “This is your brain on drugs” commercial with Abyss breaking Sabu’s “brain” and splattering egg all over himself.  The Franchise looks horrified. 

Tenay and West are running down the card until Tenay gets word that the “major acquisition” is on his way to the ring.  It’s Christian Cage!!!  Good entrance video and music, the music sounds really close to his WWE music.  The Pit holds up a Peep Zone sign.  Christian grabs a mic to address the adoring crowd.  The crowd chants “Christian Cage”.  They show backstage footage of TNA stars watching Christian in the ring.  He talks about some of the rumors about his arrival.  He says that he was offered a good raise by WWE, but he came to TNA because he loves wrestling.  He says that he’s the greatest all around performer in the sport today.  He talks about watching Impact last night and how it reminded him of why he broke into the wrestling business.  He goes on to compare WWE today to the WCW of the past and TNA to the WWF Attitude era.  Good work on that one.  He calls out Jeff Jarrett wearing white pants after Labor Day, and says that he’s coming for the NWA World Title.  He even uses the “That’s How I Roll,” line, I guess someone forgot to copyright that. 

Coach D’Amore comes out with Bobby Roode.  West says that D’Amore’s got a “shit eating grin” on his face.  Oops, Don.  D’Amore tells some stories about his background with Christian, telling stories about them coming up together in the business.  Christian isn’t going for joining up with D’Amore’s little gang.  Christian is about to respond, but Roode cuts him off.  D’Amore gives him a Team Canada shirt and says he wants an answer tonight. 

Following a video package, we go to Douglas backstage with Monty Brown.  Douglas says that it looks like Christian is going leap frog Brown in the rankings.  Monty says Christian reeks, but not of awesomeness.  Nice.  He says Hardy is the Charismatic Psychotic.  Good interview from Monty there. 


Brown is extra intense tonight.  Hardy is extra painted, which sucks.  Hardy hits his jawbreaker on Monty.  Hardy starts wrestling like Delirious, that stupid guy from the pre-show in the past.  Basically, he starts acting like he’s having a seizure or something.  Not cool.  Monty hits the fall away slam.  He goes for the Pounce, but Jeff holds onto the ropes.  They brawl on the outside.  Monty drops him neck first across the rail.  Then, he tosses him over the rail.  Hardy then climbs up on a rail in the crowd and tightrope walks it like the old days.  He flies across and nails Monty.  Brown gets slammed into the ring steps.  The crowd is very much behind Hardy, surprisingly.  Monty tosses Hardy over the top rope with an overhead release belly to belly suplex.  He then follows it up by beating the crap out of Hardy on the outside.  He then yells at Tenay and West to get out of the way and fakes throwing Hardy into the announce table.  Instead, he throws Hardy into the ring and laughs about how stupid Tenay and West are.  Great stuff,  I always love that trick.  Monty chokes Hardy in the corner while the crowd goes with dueling chants.  Brown avoids the Whisper in the Wind, but then the dreaded double clothesline takes both men down.  Brown’s strength is too much for Hardy when they get back up.  Hardy takes him down with a successful Whisper in the Wind this time.  Monty avoids the Twist of Fate and goes for a fall away slam.  Hardy counters that with an inverted Twist of Fate for a two count.  Hardy takes Brown down and goes for the Swanton.  Monty avoids it and gets set in the corner.  The crowd chants for the Pounce and they get it.  The three count follows and Monty gets the win. 

Douglas follows a hype video with an interview with Daniels’ team in the Elimination X match.  Shelley talks some crazy jibberish, until Daniels cuts him off.  Daniels says he’s leading his “Ministry” into the match.  Douglas looks confused by Shelley. 


Wow, Traci looks even better than usual tonight.  Bentley and Strong start off.  Strong avoids an Irish Whip by grabbing Bentley’s hair.  West promises that Strong has a new variation on the backbreaker to debut tonight.  Color me intrigued.  Dutt tags in and comes up with some new crazy spinning moves.  Unfortunately, he falls off of Strong.  Shelley sets up Dutt in the corner and tags in Joe.  Joe murders him with the Face Wash.  Dutt fakes coming off the top, Joe starts to turn away, then Dutt comes off with a dive.  Aries comes in and gets nailed with a running senton.  Daniels tags in and continues the assault on Aries.  Aries holds on to an armdrag and turns it into an armbar.  Sabin hits some cool variations on the head scissors.  Daniels and Strong wear Sabin down, but he keeps kicking out.  Sabin stops it with a flying kick and gets the tag to Aries.  Aries kills Strong with a running clothesline.  Everybody’s in at this point.  Strong puts Sabin in the Torture Rack and drops him into a backbreaker.  Bentley clotheslines Daniels to the outside.  It’s time for everybody to fly.  Suicide dives and planchas for the faces!  Aries hits the Brainbuster on Strong.  He follows it up with a 450 Splash to pin Strong.  Joe distracts Aries long enough for Daniels to roll him up to eliminate Aries.  Dutt gets in and cheap shots Daniels and Joe at ringside.  Time for the Sprinkler and takes both Shelley and Daniels out.  Shelley kills Dutt with the Emerald Fusion and makes him tap out with a wicked submission hold.  Daniels and Joe took care of Sabin and Bentley while Shelley had the hold.  Bentley scores with a superkick on Shelley to eliminate him.  Traci gets the crowd to chant for Bentley and I can’t blame them at all.  I’d probably chant for Chris Masters if she asked.  We’re down to Bentley/Sabin v. Joe/Daniels.  Sabin hits a basement dropkick on Daniels in the Tree of Woe.  A fresh Joe gets the tag.  Joe hits his super fast powerslam on Sabin, but only gets a two count.  Bentley hits his flying elbow drop for a two count.  Daniels grazes Bentley with a BME, which Tenay and West acknowledge, and he only gets two as a result.  Sabin and Bentley go for a double superplex on Daniels, but Joe slams all of them off the top.  Bentley avoids the Face Wash and hits a superkick for a 2.99999 count.  Daniels sets up Bentley for the Muscle Buster by Joe, this is followed by the Kokina Clutch and Bentley taps out.  Joe and Daniels double team Sabin.  Sabin fights back with his cool springboard kick/DDT on both of them.  West says Sabin deserves an immediate title shot if he can win this.  Sabin went for the Cradle Shock on Joe, but Daniels cuts it off.  Bentley grabs Joe to block the Muscle Buster.  Daniels takes advantage to hit the Angel’s Wings and get the win. 

Joe is not happy with Daniels getting the pin.  Daniels says, “We won.”  Joe says, “It was my pin.”  Daniels gets him to touch knuckles, but Joe follows it up by kicking the hell out of Daniels.  He kills him with a chair on the outside, busts him open.  Then, he hits a variation of the Face Wash with Daniels head up against the guard rail.  Joe smears Daniels’ blood on his chest.  Joe drags Daniels into the ring and hits the Muscle Buster.  Joe goes to get another chair.  Security finally tries to break it up, but they get tossed outside.  The stupid crowd chants during this, idiots.  Joe hits another Muscle Buster, this time on the chair.  Joe keeps talking trash to Daniels.  The crowd chants “One More Time.”  Dumbasses, that was a heel turn.  You’re not cool for cheering this.  I know you think Joe is the greatest thing ever, so don’t kill his heel turn by cheering for it.  AJ comes out to the top of the ramp as they wheel Daniels out of the arena.  West leaves the announce table to find out Daniels’ condition. 

Douglas is interviewing Jarrett backstage.  He says he’s been saying this would happen for months.  He says that guys like Christian, Rhino, and Team 3-D aren’t going to take TNA guys’ spots.  Harris brags about taking out Team 3-D when they showed up.  Storm says Team 3-D is just another stepping stone.  He gets to use his “Sorry ‘Bout Your Damn Luck,” line too, which is always good.  Jarrett tells Christian that he’s either “with us or against us.” 


Sabu nails Abyss with a chair to start it off.  He follows Abyss to the outside with his patented springboard plancha off the top rope.  Abyss throws Sabu into the guard rail.  Sabu returns the favor.  Sabu doesn’t waste anytime going for tables.  Abyss nails a running Sabu with a really mean looking punch to the face.  The crowd tries to rally behind Sabu, and you can hear Mitchell screaming at them to shut up.  Sabu is busted open at the nose, that punch might have broken it.  Abyss climbs to the top, but Sabu cuts him off.  Sabu scores with his springboard hurricanrana.  Abyss cuts him off with a chair shot.  He sets up the chair between the top two ropes, but Sabu is able to stop himself.  Abyss charges, but Sabu avoids him and Abyss crashes into the chair.  Sabu moonsaults onto Abyss.  He tries to set up a table, but Abyss cuts him off.  Sabu fakes throwing a chair at Abyss, but flips over the top to leg drop Abyss through the table at ringside.  Cool spot.  They haven’t used all the crazy hardcore props, but this has seemed really brutal anyway.  Mitchell gives Abyss the thumbtacks.  Sabu brings in a chair wrapped in barbed wire.  Mitchell cuts Sabu off by using his cane to hook the chair.  Abyss tries to choke slam Sabu into the tacks, but Sabu fights it off.  He can’t knock Abyss down though, and Abyss finally does hit the choke slam into the tacks.  Sabu kicks out of the pin attempt though, what a crazy bastard!  Abyss goes for a frog splash onto Sabu on the tacks, but Sabu gets out of the way and Abyss goes chest first into the tacks.  Sabu still has a ton of tacks stuck in his back.  Sabu locks in the Camel Clutch, but Abyss is able to get to the ropes.  He goes for the barbed wire chair again though.  Abyss cuts him off though.  Sabu fights him off again and bounces off the ropes.  Abyss counters though, and Black Hole Slams Sabu onto the barbed wire chair for the win.  Holy crap, that had to hurt.  Sabu is absolutely insane.  Mitchell tries to get Abyss to hit Sabu with the chair, but Abyss is still freaked out by the barbed wire. 

Douglas is backstage with AJ Styles.  He asks him about Joe’s attack on Daniels.  AJ says that Joe broke the code of the X Division and he’ll deal with Joe, even though he doesn’t like Daniels.  AJ says that Petey and his Canadian Destroyer are cool, but they’re not phenomenal. 


A-1 accompanies Petey to the ring.  Borash comes out for the super special ring introductions.  The fans boo Petey on his introduction, but some idiots decide to chant for him just so they can do the dueling chants?  It’s times like this that make me miss the Nashville crowd, they knew how to hate heels.  Tenay hypes up the big sales of the TNA DVD’s.  AJ hits his patented dropkick to take control of the match.  AJ slams Petey down and follows with the Angry Man Knee Drop twice.  AJ suplexes Petey down for another two count.  AJ goes for another early Styles Clash, but Petey gets to the ropes to break it.  Petey gets kicked up against the rail on the outside.  AJ goes for his patented flip dive, he hits Petey but bounces his ass off the top of the rail.  That could’ve been bad.  Petey tries to German Suplex AJ off the apron, but AJ holds on.  Petey keeps beating on AJ and finally does GERMAN SUPLEX AJ OFF THE APRON.  I’ve never seen anyone actually do that move, I’ve only seen it teased.  A-1 tries to cheap shot AJ, but the ref tosses him out and sends him to the back.  Petey thinks about using the hockey stick, but decides against it after the ref sees him.  Petey locks AJ in a body scissors with his legs and arms around AJ’s midsection.  AJ fights up to his feet and rolls Petey up for two.  Petey kicks AJ in the gut a few times to wear him down further.  Shoulder charges in the corner for Petey, which makes AJ scream in pain.  AJ goes for a springboard off the top, but Petey cuts him off.  Petey hits a slingshot hurricanrana to take AJ off the apron.  Petey is in total control at this point.  He does the “Oh Canada” Tree of Woe Nut Stomp.  The crowd tries to rally around AJ.  He tries fighting up with punches from his knees.  He finally regains a little momentum with a Pele kick.  He hits a gutbuster on Petey.  He follows that with a pumphandle gutbuster.  Rolling German Suplex followed up by a nasty front face slam, but that only gets two.  AJ tries for the Clash, but Petey sweeps the legs.  Petey blocks the Asai DDT and gets a two count with a Northern Lights Suplex.  AJ comes back with his neckbreaker/suplex combination.  They trade chops in the middle of the ring.  Petey blocks another Styles Clash attempt with a tornado DDT.  That gets 2.98.  AJ fights out of the Canadian Destroyer, but Petey follows up with a side Canadian leg sweep.  He then locks in the ultimate Canadian submission move, the Sharpshooter.  AJ tries to reach for the ropes, but Petey grabs AJ’s arm in a great move.  AJ is able to use the other arm to get to the ropes though.  AJ goes to the apron.  Petey bounces off the ropes, but AJ kills him with a springboard Angry Man Flying Forearm Smash.  Petey goes to the top, but AJ enziguiri kicks him off the top.  They both go to the top and Petey tries for a top rope Canadian Destroyer.  He gets tossed off instead though.  AJ gets distracted by Samoa Joe, who’s at the top of the ramp.  Petey goes for a hurricanarana off the top rope, but AJ reverses it into a top rope Styles Clash to retain his title.  AJ stares Joe down while he hits the move. 

Tenay hypes up Turning Point in December.  The video for the PPV shines the spotlight on AJ.  It’s pretty cool that this will be the second edition of Turning Point, I’m glad they’re actually sticking with the PPV names now. 

Shane Douglas is backstage with Rhino and Team 3-D.  He says they’re going to take it to the EXTREME.  Brother Ray says that AMW is still their favorite tag team.  He basically repeats his promo from Impact about getting revenge for the funeral segment.  He says that they’re on a Path of Rage.  Tazz just broke his TV at home.  Rhino grabs the mic and scares everyone.  Ray grabs the mic again and says, “Eddie Guerrero, Vaya con Dios mi amigo.”  They all have Eddie written on the tape on their wrists. 


Jarrett and AMW go to different parts of the Impact Zone and dare their opponents to come after them.  They all go after Jarrett, Rhino punching him on the stairs in the crowd.  Ray tosses Storm over the announce table.  Will Team 3-D be the first to break the announce table?  Rhino press slams Jarrett onto a chair.  Jarrett reverses an Irish Whip, sending Rhino into a stack of chairs.  Devon is choking Harris on the rail.  This is utter chaos at this point.  Ray hits Storm with a chair.  Rhino and Jarrett are fighting up by the Spanish broadcast table.  Ray hits the Bionic Elbow on Storm.  Rhino has Jarrett on the top of the Spanish broadcast table.  Jarrett low blows him though and Rhino falls down from the table, down a few rows to the floor.  Storm has reversed it on Ray, choking him with a chair.  Harris is finally gotten the better of Devon as well.  Rhino is fighting back with Jarrett on the ramp.  Rhino suplexes Jarrett onto chairs on the ramp.  Storm threw a beer bottle at Ray, but missed.  Ray and Rhino team up on Jarrett.  Devon blasts Harris with the ring bell.  Ray has the CHEESE GRATER in the ring on Storm.  The crazy cheering from the crowd turn to, “Eww, that’s gross.”  Then they decide to chant, “We want tables.”  Devon obliges.  Team 3-D goes for a double suplex through the table on Storm, but Harris moves the table.  Harris nails Ray in the nuts with the cheese grater.  Rhino blasts Jarrett with a trash can on the ramp.  Harris tries to put Devon through the table, but Ray stops him.  Ray tries to put Harris through the table, but Storm moves the table.  Then he blasts both Ray and Devon with a chair.  Rhino hits the piledriver on Jarrett on the ramp.  He sets a table up vertically at the entrance chute.  Jarrett is set up in front of it, but Storm blocks the Gore with a superkick.  The crowd now chants, “This is awesome.”  Harris hits the double sledge off the top.  Devon blocks the Catatonic and hits the Saving Grace instead.  Storm breaks up the pin.  The Cowboy hits the 8 Second Ride, but Devon kicks out.  Ray is back and hits the Brother Bomb for a two count.  Jarrett blocks the Brother Bomb with a donkey kick.  He hits the Stroke on Ray, but only gets a two count.  Jarrett argues with Rudy Charles, Rudy pushes Jarrett away, right into the Gore.  At two, Harris pulls Rudy out of the ring.  Storm clotheslines Rhino on the outside.  Harris and Storm double team Ray, slamming him down.  They hit the Hart Attack on Devon.  This is good stuff.  AMW sets up a table while Gail Kim tries to revive Jarrett.  AMW tries to set up the Death Sentence, but Ray pushes Harris off the top.  They hit the 3-D on Storm and get the win. 

While they’re celebrating, Jarrett sneaks in with his gee-tar.  He blasts Rhino with it.  Team 3-D takes Jarrett down.  They get another table.  Gail Kim tries to low blow Ray, but he blocks it.  Ray was going to powerbomb Gail Kim through Jarrett and the table, but Team Canada breaks it up.  They set Devon on the table and Jarrett goes to the top.  Christian comes out with a steel chair.  He takes off his jacket to reveal that he has put the Team Canada shirt on.  He hugs D’Amore and the heels are happy.  It was all a ruse though, he hits the Unprettier on D’Amore and Christian wails on Jarrett.  They set the table up again and Christian joins Team 3-D in a three man 3-D on Jarrett through the table to end the night. 


  • Christian’s debut came off very well.  The crowd went nuts for him and his promo was up to his usual high standards.  The tease with whose side he was on was fine, at least he didn’t end up with Jarrett.  I like that he’s made his claim to a NWA World Title shot, but they’re not dismissing Monty Brown’s fight to get that shot either.  It makes the title come off as very important. 
  • The Raven stuff took a step back this month.  I’ve been liking the storyline, but PJ Polaco, the former Justin Credible doesn’t work in it.  Who else is Zybysko going to bring in from Raven’s past to make his life a living hell?  They should stick to expanding on the girl in Raven’s head, that’s the interesting part of the story.  On top of all that, the match sucked. 
  • Nigel McGuiness pretty much stunk up the joint.  He looked really, really nervous.  I wonder if he’ll come back. 
  • I had been bitching about the fans at the Impact Zone in small doses for a while now, but the cheering of Joe was just stupid.  It didn’t kill the segment for me, but it was a major distraction.  The turn was awesome and it was tainted a bit by the crowd chanting, “one more time,” for another Muscle Buster.  The crowd didn’t come off as cool, they just came off as jackasses. 
  • Besides that, it was a great heel turn for Joe.  That can really open things up in the X Division.  I liked that AJ talked about the unwritten code in the division and that Joe would be dealt with.  It gives some nice issues for a future match, other than the simple, “Hey, this would be a great match.” 
  • The Petey v. AJ match was my Match of the Night.  AJ’s flip dive bouncing off the guard rail and Petey’s German Suplex off the apron were absolutely sick.  AJ’s selling was good.  I disagree with the complaints about him being inconsistent in his selling.  His “hero” comebacks aren’t that different from most other babyfaces.  It’s pretty much a given in how matches are put together, I don’t see the difference in how AJ does it compared to someone like Shawn Michaels.  To me, Michaels’ comebacks are far more unrealistic because he takes lots of extended offense after taking a beating.  AJ’s comebacks are very quick and seem to be more in desperation.  Sure, I’m probably biased, but I think criticizing AJ’s selling is unfair. 
  • The main event brawl was good fun, no complaints here. 
  • Abyss and Sabu keep coming up with new ways to disgust me.  Sabu takes a vicious chokeslam onto the tacks, keeps wrestling, then takes a Black Hole Slam onto a barbed wire covered chair.  That guy is absolutely insane, there’s no doubt at this point.  I wonder where they’re going with Abyss’ fear of barbed wire. 
  • The 3LK/Kip James stuff just won’t die.  Please call Dr. Kevorkian on this one.  Ask him to burn Kip’s ref outfit too. 
  • Where is Jackie Gayda? 
  • Elimination X was good stuff, but they should’ve had more time.  I would’ve saved the Raven stuff for Impact and gave that time to the elimination match.  It just ended up being a backdrop for the Joe heel turn. 
  • Monty v. Hardy was fine for what it was.  It either needed more time, or needed to be more of a squash for Brown. 

Impact is back next Saturday with the fallout from Genesis.  I’ll be back with the recap next week, and I promise I’ll have the PPV prediction percentages for the year so far.  Until then…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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