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TNA Turning Point II
December 12, 2005

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


Welcome to Turning Point í05. Itís pretty cool that we actually have to start designating the year on the TNA PPVís now. Unfortunately, I donít have a pre-show recap for you as Iím catching the replay due to job commitments. Arenít extended holiday hours swell?

The show kicks off with a video package of the Sabu/Abyss feud and the 

upcoming Barbed Wire Massacre match. I almost miss the Jimmy Earl Jones voice over. AlmostÖ


No ropes for this one, just barbed wire everywhere. Abyss cuts Sabu off from getting into the ring. Sabu gets in with a bat covered in barbed wire, but it gets stuck in the barbed wire when Sabu swings and misses. Sabu comes back with a chair toss to the head though. He then springboards onto Abyss and takes him down for a pin attempt. Abyss kicks out with a little extra though, sending Sabu into the barbed wire. Abyss catches a running Sabu and hot shots him into the wire, neck first. Sabu comes back with a spike of some sort and batters Abyssí arm with it. Sabu runs and springs at Abyss again, but comes up with barbs instead. That canít be pleasant. Abyss knocks Sabu back into the wire and runs at him. Sabu counters with a drop toe hold into the wire. West and Tenay talk about how tight the wire is strung up, it isnít moving when these guys go into it. Abyss takes Abyss down with a punch and follows up with a chokeslam for two. Sabuís pants are shredded from the wire. Abyss sets the barbed wire chair up on Sabu, but Sabu crotches him with it. Sabu then wails on Abyss with the barbed wire chair, two vicious shots. Abyss gets outside to try to recover, but Sabu flies out after him. Sabu brings a barbed wire board into the ring. Abyss hits a front suplex, dropping Sabu stomach first across the wire. Sabu is bleeding all over the place. Abyss goes for a chokeslam onto the board, but Sabu bites his way out of it. Sabu runs at Abyss, but is flapjacked onto the board. Holy crap, that had to hurt. Abyss sets up another barbed wire board in the corner. Abyss tries to squash Sabu into it, but only catches wire. The board is stuck to Abyss! Sabu knocks Abyss down onto the other board, making a barbed wire and Abyss sandwich. An Arabian Facebuster later and Sabu is your winner. Those two guys are officially nuts.

Referees and security have to cut Abyss out of the barbed wire. The crowd gives him a nice ovation as he heads to the back.

Tenay and West run down the rest of the card, describing it as the deepest lineup in TNA history. They show footage of Jarrett and AMW arriving in a limo, while Rhino is shown later arriving in his truck.

Shane Douglas interviews the 4 Live Kru backstage. BG talks about Konnan and Kip violating two guys on Impact last week. I mustíve missed thatÖ

They show more highlights of Barbed Wire Massacre to fill the time. Tenay and West talk about the card some more while the ring ropes are being set up.


Shelley sets up his trusty camera at ringside, probably to get some extra shots of Traci. Aries and Shelley start things out. Aries gets the better of things early on, until Shelley bites his fingers to escape a hold. Strong and Bentley tag in. Bentley and Aries hit some double team moves on Strong, showing good chemistry. Shelley comes back in with a vengeance. He and Strong take Bentley down in the corner with stomps. Bentley comes back with a hurricanrana and enziguiri on Strong. Aries comes in with a corkscrew splash over the top rope for a two count. Shelley kicks Aries in the back, which allows Strong to hit a unique backbreaker. Shelley and Strong double team Aries. He tries to get a tag to Bentley, but Shelley dives across to knock him off the apron. Shelley dropkicks Aries off of Strongís shoulders in a sweet spot. Aries is finally able to get a tag to Bentley, which gets a surprisingly flat reaction from the crowd. Bentley drops an HBK elbow off the top on Shelley for two. Shelley nails Bentley with an enziguiri after Strong distracts him. Strong murders Bentley with a crazy backbreaker. Shelley hits a senton off the top rope, but Aries breaks up the pin. Strong is sent to the outside, being very careful not to knock over Shelleyís camera. Bentley is able to hit the superkick on Shelley to get the win.

Monty Brown is talking trash to a Bob the Builder doll backstage. Iím not making this up. Monty says that heís the only Alpha Male in TNA. He says that Christian is not the rhetorician that he is. Luckily, he pauses for a second for all of us to grab a dictionary and pause the TiVo. Jarrett interrupts Monty and says heís dressed like Mr. Snuffalupagus. He says that Christian will get the title shot no matter what, because heís the golden boy of TNA management.

RAVEN V. ???

As is standard at this point, Zybysko offers Raven his release. Raven laughs at him instead of signing it. His opponent is Chris K., better known to us as Chris Kanyon. Chris is wearing his ďWho Betta?Ē trunks. Chris is fired up and takes the early advantage. He misses on a springboard attempt off the ring steps though, allowing Raven to slam him into the guardrail. Chris drops Raven throat first across the ropes and talks some trash to him in the corner. He then hits a sort of Fame Asser off the top rope. Raven avoids a moonsault and locks in the ankle lock. Chris is able to stand though to break the hold. Raven nails Chris with a knee lift that sends Chris over the top rope. They fight up the ramp, with Raven hip tossing Chris all the way back down. Raven is bleeding from the mouth, I guess it wouldnít be a Raven match if he isnít bleeding from somewhere. Chris avoids the patented drop toe hold into a chair. He goes for the Fame Asser variation again, but Raven powerbombs him onto the chair. The Evenflow DDT finishes things off.

Zybysko is pissed and comes back into the ring yelling at Raven. Raven again refuses to sign the release and slaps Larry. Zybysko fights back. I really hope weíre not going to have Larry in a match at some point.

Shane Douglas interviews Team Canada. Itís revealed that Bobby Roode is missing. Eric Young is freaking out as usual, until Coach DíAmore slaps the crap out of him. Jarrett barges in with Roode in tow. Eh? Jarrett is still trying to figure out what the big announcement TNA has in store for later in the night.


Killings comes to the ring rapping the new 4 Live Kru song. The Canadians seem confused, I guess theyíre partial to Nickelback. Kip James has the silliest pigtails imaginable. Young refuses to start things, tagging out to Roode before the match even starts. Kip is control early, getting a two count on Roode after a suplex. Konnan comes in to throw a shoe at Petey. Killings hits the wishbone legdrop, pulverizing the little Peteys. Truth and BG double team Young. BGís Achy Breaky punches and Shaky Knee Drop gets a two count. Young takes BG out to the floor and the Canadians triple team him. Me thinks BG drew the short straw before the match. A-1 suplexes BG and gets a two count. Roode sets up the Tree of Woe, which gives Petey a chance to sing a bit. BG comes back with a double clothesline on Petey and Roode. Hot tag to Kip who cleans house. The Canadians break up a pin attempt and everybodyís involved now. Konnan has the chair and tells Kip to set up Roode. Instead, Konnan blasts Kip with the chair and lets Roode pin him.

BG is pissed. Killings tries to calm everybody down, but Konnan blasts BG with another chair shot. Killings is yelling at Konnan, ďAre you gonna hit me now?Ē Konnan instead hugs him and tries to get him to leave with him. Whereís this headed now?

The Diamonds in the Rough cut a backstage interview with Shane Douglas. They show clips of the White Sox angle from ESPN and CNN Headline News.


The show Johnny Damon and a few other players in the crowd. Bobby Heenan is brought out to join in on color commentary for this match. Diamond comes out wearing a chest protector like a douche. Torborg seems really psyched to be back in the ring. Skipper and Sabin start things out. Heenan puts over TNA on commentary. Sabin accidentally drops Skipper on his head, but heís okay. Skipper comes back with a dropkick. Young tags in. He tries to spring off the ropes, but gets caught with a dropkick instead. Torborg tags in and cleans house. He tosses Dutt to the outside onto the Diamonds. AJ Pierzynski chases them back to the ring. Young catches Dutt with a tilt a whirl slam. Skipper tags in. Young hits his spinebuster, but Sabin breaks up the pin. Torborg tags in and chokeslams Diamond. Everybodyís brawling now. Dutt and Sabin team up for a unique move. Sabin hits a basement dropkick on Young in the Tree of Woe. Sabin and Dutt then fly to take out Skipper and Young. Torborg goes for the chokeslam again, but Diamond low blows him. Pierzynski tries to stop Diamond from using the catching gear, but Simon is able to nail Torborg with a shin guard. AJ pulls the ref out on the count though. Heenan also comes down to distract the ref. Johnny Damon gives AJ a home plate, which he promptly smashes over Simonís head. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock, followed by Sonjay hitting the Hindu Press for the win.

Shane Douglas is in the back interviewing Christian Cage. Christian rips off The Rock, getting the crowd to chant his name during the interview. Christian says that Monty will never be as cool as him. He promises to take a walk on the Serengeti and bring back the carcass of the Alpha Male. He says that Monty is about to get served.


The lasers actually work for Christianís entrance I must say. Monty uses his strength to get Christianís attention early. They talk a lot of trash early and the brawl is on. Monty works Christian over in the corner. Tenay says that in TNA, you get title shots by your work in the ring, not on the mic. Christian mocks Monty by wiping his forehead on the top rope. They brawl on the outside for a bit. Monty tries for a press slam, but Christian kicks out. Monty is knocked to the outside and Christian flies off the top rope after him. Monty counters an Unprettier attempt and press slams Christian to the outside. Splat! Monty wails on Christian on the outside. He does his fake out on the crowd and tosses Christian back into the ring. I always love that move. Monty flap jacks Christian and gets a two count. Cross face punches to Christian. Back elbow by Monty takes Christian down again. Christian gets out of a T-Bone Suplex, but gets tossed overhead by Monty for another two count. Monty is in complete control. The crowd starts an ďAlpha FemaleĒ chant. Monty whips Christian into the corner chest first. He then bow and arrows Christian around the ringpost. Christian is finally able to toss Monty into the post and regroup a bit. Christian takes Monty down with forearms and a discus clothesline. Christian hits a nasty tornado DDT on Monty for a two count. Christian rolls Monty up with his feet on the ropes, but Monty kicks out again. Christian scores with a frog splash, but Monty tosses Christian onto the ref to kick out. Monty his the Alpha Bomb, but only gets a two count because the ref was slow. Monty locks in the Full Nelson, but Christian runs Monty into the turnbuckle to break it. He hits the Unprettier and gets the win.

Shane Douglas interviews Team 3-D backstage. They let us know that theyíve been representing TNA all over the world lately, winning the All Japan tag titles along the way. They still want the NWA Tag Team titles though. Brother Ray says Dudley at one point in his promo, which might earn a phone call on Monday.


This is non-title. Ray and Devon attack AMW as soon as they come through the entrance chute. Harris tosses Devon into the guardrail and ringpost. Ray slams Storm onto the announce table, but Storm rakes the eyes to get the momentum. Harris hits his delayed vertical suplex on Devon in the ring. Ray yanks Harris out of the ring and chops the crap out of him. They pull off the Whazzzup headbutt on Storm. Ray lets the crowd yell, ďGet the tables!Ē Harris saves Storm from going through the table. You can see Rayís handprint on Harrisí chest, damn! Harris lays Devon on the table, but Ray stops Harris on the top rope. Ray tries to superplex Harris through the table, but Storm moves it. Ray backdrops Storm out of the ring onto Harris and Devon. Ray slaps the crap out of Stormís chest. Storm tries to hurricanrana Ray through the table, but Devon moves.it. Storm then superkicks Devon. The crowd boos AMWís antics. Team 3-D sets up the Death Sentence on Storm, and they put him through the table. Harris takes Team 3-D out with a chair. The Wildcat brawls with Devon on the ramp and stage. He tries to suplex Devon through a table on the stage, but Ray breaks it up. They deliver the 3-D through the table and get the win 2-0.

Ray goes up to celebrate in the crowd. They show a video package to preview the AJ v. Joe match. After the video, we go back to the ring where security and medics are tending to James Storm. Tenay and West say that it could be some sort of neck injury, but it looks more like he was knocked out cold. He tries to walk out and is greatly helped by security.


Joe has dyed his hair in patches. Huh? Is he trying out for one of the Chik-Fil-A cow commercials or something? AJ attacks Joe at the bell. He is really fired up tonight, itís Super Angry Man AJ. He snap suplexes Joe. A snapmare is followed up with a kick to the back. AJ hits his classic dropkick. AJ avoids the Face Wash. They duke it out in the middle of the ring. Joe kicks AJ through the ropes. Joe chops AJ into the guard rail and tosses him back into the ring. AJ tries for a move off the apron, but Joe trips him up. He then grabs AJ and swings him into the guardrail. Umm, ouch. Joe throws AJ into the guardrail and follows up with a running kick to the chest. Back in the ring, Joe hits his snapmare/chop/knee drop combination. AJ tries to come back with kicks, but Joe gets the better of it. Joe squashes AJ with a senton splash. AJ fights out of a rear chinlock, but gets tossed into the corner again. Joe sets up for the Face Wash. AJ blocks it and fights back to this feet. Joe takes him down again though and finally hits the Face Wash. AJ tries to comeback, but is too beat up to capitalize on the opening. AJ springboards in, but Joe powerbombs him for two. Joe locks in the Boston Crab, but AJ gets to the ropes. Joe locks it in again and sits down on AJís back, but AJ finds a way out. Joe goes for another running knee into the corner, but AJ backdrops him out of the ring. AJ hits the Fosbury Flop on Joe, the High Jump move. AJ springboards back into the ring, nailing Joe with a forearm smash to the back of the head. Joe tries to German Suplex AJ, but AJ lands on his feet. Inverted DDT by AJ gets a two count. Joe powerslams AJ, nearly dropping AJ on his head. Joe comes back with more kicks, but AJ starts dodging them. A spin kick by AJ takes Joe down. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but powerbombs Joe instead. AJís bleeding from the mouth now. Joe kills AJ with a clothesline, but AJ kicks out at one. Joe is pissed. Joe powerbombs AJ, but only gets two. AJ tries to fight back. Joe locks in rear naked choke, but AJ is able to hit the Pele kick to break it. AJ sets Joe up on the corner and Joe blocks the Muscle Buster attempt. They fight in the corner until AJ takes Joe down and hits the Styles Clash. Joe kicks out at two. Tenay says itís one of the most incredible matches heís ever seen. AJ rolls Joe up, but Joe is able to lock in the Kokina Clutch. AJ tries to roll into the ropes, but Joe keeps himself between AJ and the ropes. AJ finally passes out and Joe is your new X Division champion.

Joe lifts AJ to his feet, just to blast him with the belt. Joe gets a chair and brings it into the ring. The crowd does some stupid sing-a-long while this is going on. Christopher Danielsí music hits and he shows up to get some revenge on Joe. Joe fights him off with a headbutt though that stuns Daniels. Security is able to get Joe out of the ring.

They play a video package of the Rhino/Jarrett feud. Shane Douglas interviews Rhino backstage. He calls AMW ďcowboy bitchesĒ. Good interview from an intense as usual Rhino.


Damn, the crowd really loves Rhino. Jarrett takes the early advantage, until Rhino takes him down with a clothesline. Jarrett avoids another clothesline and scores with a textbook dropkick. Jarrett locks in an armbar of sorts to neutralize Rhino. The Manbeast is able to lift Jarrett though and hotshot him onto the top rope. Press slam by Rhino is followed up by a front suplex across the ropes. Rhino slingshots himself over the top rop into a crossbody block. They brawl into the crowd. Jarrett blocks a suplex and knock Rhino down onto the concrete. Rhino takes the advantage during the brawl though and slams Jarrett into a guard rail. Jarrett gets busted open during all of this. Rhino tosses Jarrett onto the entrance ramp. Rhino grabs a chair and blasts Jarrett with it. He drives it into Jarrettís gut. Rhino gets a table set up and puts Jarrett on it. Jarrett is able to recover though and blocks the attempted splash. They brawl up to a scaffold and Jarrett knocks Rhino off and through a table with a chair shot. It wasnít a New Jack spot, but it was pretty rough. Rhino comes back with a suplex on the ramp. Rhino goes backstage to get another table. He sets it up on the entrance chute and Gores Jarrett down the chute. Awesome spot. The ref decides to employ a ten count to try to get things under control. Team Canada shows up to toss Rhino down the chute. They carry Jarrett to the ring and the ref looks troubled. Rhino runs back down to the ring to beat the count. He takes the Canadians down and wails on Jarrett. Rhino hits the spinebuster for a two count. Petey Williams trips Rhino up on the turnbuckle. Jarrett superplexes Rhino, but only gets a two count. Rhino comes back with a variation on the DVD for another two count. Jarrett avoids another Gore, but the ref doesnít. Rhino blocks the Stroke and hits a belly to belly suplex. Bobby Roode runs down and Rhino fights him off. A-1 shows up next, but he eats a Gore. Roode recovers to hit the Northern Lariat. The ref is too slow to count though, Rhino kicks out. Jarrett gets his trusty gee-tar and West says he wants somebody to stick that gee-tar where the sun doesnít shine. Jarrett finally busts the gee-tar over Rhinoís head, but only gets a two count. Jackie Gayda shows up and slaps Jarrett to set up another Gore. Security shows up to escort Jackie to the back, where the hell were they during the Team Canada stuff? Speaking of which, Coach DíAmore nails Rhino with the hockey stick. Jarrett then drops Rhino onto some chairs that were set up and gets the pin.

The lights go out after the match. The scorpion logo shows up on the screens. Boots, a trenchcoat, and a baseball bat are set up in the ring as the lights come back on. Could it be that Sting is coming back? We arenít going to find out tonight, as thatís where the show ends.


Overall, Turning Point was a very good show. It almost seemed like it was too much to take in at times though. They definitely did not waste a bit of their three hours, thatís for sure.

I donít know if it was just my television or cable, but the sound mix seemed out of whack all night. Usually Iíd be happy not to hear much of the crowd in Orlando, but this was too much. Overall, the production seemed to be down a bit from their usual standards.

Barbed Wire Massacre was pretty sick. They sure werenít using the fake stuff as those guys were cut up all over their bodies. Abyss was bleeding pretty heavily from the spike that Sabu was using on his arm. The barbed wire board sandwich was a very cool spot, Abyss is insane for doing it.

Bentley/Aries v. Shelley/Strong was good for what it was. Both teams worked together very well. Is Aries the new Kazarian? Iím sure Rickís going to disagree, but Iím a fan of Traciís slutty prom date choice of attire.

Montyís promo with the Bob the Builder doll was great. Iím glad that I was able to spell rhetorician without my spell check going crazy.

Iím starting to tire of the Raven/Zybysko soap opera. They didnít mention Ravenís girlfriend this time around either, whatís up with that? I have a horrible feeling that weíre heading towards Zybysko getting in the ring, something I want no part of. Kanyon was trying pretty hard to earn himself a job with his work in the match, something I would support.

Thank you TNA for delivering on the Konnan heel turn I was calling for. They actually went a step further than I thought they would too and planted the seed for Killings to stay out of the whole situation. You can have the James Gang (or whatever new name they come up with for the New Age Outlaws) face off with Konnan and whoever he brings in as a partner. Killings can say, ďTo hell with all of your high school crap,Ē and go off on his own. Get him involved in the World Title scene pronto, I say. Heís really been neglected for a while now.

The Basebrawl match wasnít offensive. I wasnít expecting Johnny Damon to get involved. The more time they get as a team, the more I like the Diamonds in the Rough. Simon Diamond has been really good lately on the mic.

I really liked the Christian v. Monty match. I have never understood the people who bitch about Montyís work in the ring, I think heís really underrated in that aspect. His punches are some of the best in the business and I like how heís worked different suplexes into his repertoire. The clean finish surprised me a little, but I do really want to hear what Montyís going to have to say about it on Impact.

Team 3-D v. AMW was a fun brawl. I hope Stormís okay, he was down for a long time after that Death Sentence. Iím no doctor or expert, but it looked like he was out on his feet. It looked like Devonís hip landed directly on Stormís head on the move. The match was a good way to whet the appetite for a title match between these two teams.

Joe v. AJ was worth the price of the show on its own. After an initial viewing, I think Iím still a little more partial to Iron Man 2 with AJ and Daniels, but this match is right there with it. It looked like AJ might have bitten a hole above his lip, there was a lot of blood coming from his mouth. The Fosbury Flop move was awesome, I had completely forgotten about him doing that.

Joeís post match beatdowns are good for telling us that heís a heel, but he really needs to play it up more overall. He does too many things that give the crowd a chance to cheer him. He paused and turned to the crowd on his way to the ring on Impact, which just drew cheers. If the crowd cheers, wave them off or tell them to shut up somehow. Show more anger or something in your facial expressions. I just think he needs to work harder to get the crowd against him than heís currently doing. That, mixed with the crowdís stupid indy mentality, is keeping him from getting the right heel reaction.

They better play up the fact that Rhino fought off five people before losing to Jarrett. The bit with security dragging Jackie off was moronic, DíAmore ran right by them with the hockey stick. The lack of consistency was a big oversight in the booking and took away from the match for me. The Gore spot down the chute was really cool. The outcome was about as I expected.

Memo to TNA: Stop using the ďgay spookyĒ stuff. If you want to be an alternative to WWE, donít do that type of stuff that makes me roll my eyes when WWE does it. The lights going out at the end of the match was fine, but they should have ended things with the Sting video.

Speaking of Sting, he better be in as a regular, full-time member of the roster unlike last time. If heís just going to be used as a special attraction, theyíre wasting their time in my opinion. Things are getting pretty crowded at the top though. Jarrett holds the belt, Christian solidified himself as a contender, Monty and Rhino are still hanging around, Raven still hasnít gotten his deserved rematch, Stingís coming in, thatís a lot of people for not a lot of spots. Are we gearing up for another King of the Mountain match?

I think Tenay is a great announcer, but giving a match a ďbig timeĒ feel isnít his strong suit. It was really lacking tonight. He tried too hard to sell the moment instead of letting it sell itself. Let West be the salesman, heís good at it. Sometimes, he just needed to drop out on commentary or be more concise with it.

Speaking of being concise, thatís going to do it for me. I donít have time to compile the TNA Posseís prediction percentages for the year, but I promise it will be in the Impact recap next week. If you can, catch this show on replay or at least find a way to see Joe v. AJ. Impact is back in its usual Saturday timeslot this week and Iíll be back with the usual recap on Monday. Until thenÖ


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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