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TNA Final Resolution PPV Recap
January 16, 2006

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


Christian kicks us off with a backstage interview with Shane Douglas. The fans sure were happy to see Captain Charisma, you could hear the chants backstage. He said that regardless of what happens tonight, he will become NWA World Champion.

Team Canada v. Lance Hoyt/Jay Lethal/Kenny King is the first of the pre-show matches. Lance Hoyt has some spiffy new blue  

outfit Tenay and West tell us that thousands of fans have been turned away at the door tonight. The fans are behind Hoyt’s team, with Lethal and King getting chants. The Canadians are masters of the fake tag, and the crowd hates it. Tough Enough Kenny is pretty good with the kicks, it’s nice to see him in some extended action other than getting squashed. Hoyt did a cool inverted Razor’s Edge into a slam. Lethal comes up empty on a top rope head butt and Petey follows up with a Canadian Destroyer to win for the Canadians.

The Tag Team title hype video is up next. They especially highlight Ray’s comments about giving up all of their previous title runs for one with the NWA World Tag Team titles. Sorry Rick. The Franchise promises us that he’s going to get an interview with Sting.

The Latin American Exchange is out next. It’s Konnan and Homicide tonight, Apollo had some travel problems and wasn’t able to make it. Konnan calls out Ron Killings, saying he needs to return his calls and join the LAX, saying it’s a “dangerous time to be walking alone.” The Naturals are out for the match, taking the action to the LAX. Stevens and Douglas are in complete control of Homicide in the early going. A Konnan cheap shot gives him an opening though. A springboard DDT by Homicide gets a two count. Konnan is really good at being an ass, he’s getting the fans riled up. Stevens gets a hot tag and is the proverbial house of fire. Homicide gets hit with the Natural Disaster, but Konnan breaks up the pin by cracking Stevens with the blackjack and rolling Homicide over on top of Stevens.

Douglas goes into Sting’s locker room, but Team Canada has already beaten him there. Petey Williams complains about how Team Canada didn’t get a reception like this when they joined TNA. Eric Young says his “Canadian Danger Sense” tells him that Sting is there. The lights go out with Young screaming, and when they come back on, he’s in the Franchise’s arms. That dastardly Coach D’Amore, he just loves driving Young crazy. He tells them to get some food and they had to go meet up with Jarrett and Monty.

They replay the hype video for the Sting/Christian v. Jarrett/Monty match from last night’s Impact. I’m actually looking forward to that match now, they’ve done a great job of making it a big deal.

Don West rambles in front of the crowd about the card. I go to get some more pizza from the fridge, and he’s still going when I get back. Following that, they play the hype video for the PPV that ended Impact last night. It’s amazing how much using music with words helps these packages. That takes us to the beginning of the PPV proper.

The intro video focuses on Sting’s arrival and hyping the main event. There’s a crapload of Sting signs in the crowd tonight, the fans sure seem happy to see him. Jeremy Borash introduces us to…


For those keeping track, Traci is wearing her schoolgirl attire tonight. Chris Sabin got a haircut and dye job since we’ve seen him last. It’s definitely not more ridiculous that Shelley’s skunk look though. Sabin clocks him with a dropkick in the back of the head. Shelley breaks Dutt’s hold by biting his thumb. The tags are fast and furious here. Satellite problems are up next, but we’re back with Traci bouncing, so all’s well. Dutt hits his ridiculous sprinkler rope walk, but Strong knocks him off the rope. Shelley comes off the top with double boots while Strong and Aries hold Dutt. Sonjay must have drawn the short straw, he’s taking the beating here. They take Dutt to the outside by knocking him off the apron. They triple team Dutt again with some crazy moves, resulting in Shelley putting Dutt in a modified Rings of Saturn. Dutt escapes and tries to fight back. The crowd tries to help him out, and he responds with his whirly tilt-a-whirl DDT. Sabin gets the hot tag and wears out Shelley. He puts him in the Tree of Woe and kills him with a basement dropkick. He takes out everybody and is in complete control. Shelley escapes the Cradle Shock, but eats a second enziguiri kick. Bentley comes in to help, getting two with a top rope elbow. Dutt hits Strong with his flipping neckbreaker. Aries knocks him off the top before he can hit the Hindu Press. Sabin takes Aries out of the ring, and follows up with a suicide dive. Strong breaks up the Bentley superkick on Shelley with a huge dropkick. Traci distracts Strong, and he eats a superkick. Shelley rolls up Bentley though out of nowhere to get the win. “Damn they won’t be denied,” says Tenay.

Tenay and West run down the card, with West professing more man love for Sting. A video recap of the 4 Live Kru saga is next.


Borash hypes up that this is the first time BG and Kip have teamed in TNA. Their music even includes the “You Didn’t Know,” part. Tenay tells us that this is the first time they’ve teamed together on PPV in over six years. BG does his usual mic work. Kip has a stupid ponytail on top of his head, and he can’t count how many words he has for us. Poor fella. The crowd is a little confused. Don West says Kip looks like the Grinch who stole Christmas. Skipper starts out in control of BG. The crowd slowly starts to get behind the James Gang, with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll helping out a bit. Kip and Young tag in. Kip tells Skipper to, “Suck that,” and Don West talks about how happy Kip is. Everybody’s in now, with BG clotheslining both of them over the top rope. BG and Kip break up the team meeting and the crowd chants for the New Age Outlaws. Young hits BG with his spinebuster after Skipper distracts BG. Skipper tags in and kicks BG in the back. Young missed on a moonsault, which gives BG the opening for the tag to Kip. He misses on the splash to Skipper. BG goes for the rude pumphandle slam on Skipper but Young breaks it up. Kip hits the One & Only on Skipper and the James Gang is victorious.

Shane Douglas is backstage with Christopher Daniels. Douglas asks if he came back too soon from his concussion. Daniels brings up the fact that Joe hasn’t choked him out. Daniels cuts a great promo about how he’s going to end Joe’s streak and regain his title. Even the Franchise is a little in awe of the greatness of Daniels.


Tanahashi is pretty cocky, I like it. The crowd trades chants, even though most of them have never seen Tanahashi. AJ is taken down with a nice corner dropkick and arm drag. AJ comes back with his patented dropkick, taking Tanahashi to the outside. They trade chops in the ring. AJ switches to forearms and takes Tanahashi down, following up with the Angry Man Knee Drop. Tanahashi comes back with forearms of his own, following up with a German suplex. A flying forearm takes AJ down. Tanahashi locks in an abdominal stretch. Tenay puts over some of the legends that Tanahashi has defeated in the past. AJ tries to fight back, but Tanahashi is able to lock in a sleeper, which he turns into a dragon sleeper. He then swings AJ around in the dragon and drops him with an elbow across AJ’s neck. A slam is next, but Tanahashi misses with the elbow drop. Two kicks from AJ take Tanahashi down. AJ scores with his springboard Flying Forearm Smash. He then does his sweet suplex into a neckbreaker move for a two count. Tanahashi comes back with a Full Nelson Slam for a two count. AJ misses with a wild spin kick and looks disoriented. Tanahashi drops AJ with a neckbreaker drop of sorts for another two count. Tanahashi goes for a back suplex off the top rope, but AJ turns during the move. Shannon Moore runs in to hit AJ with his Mr. TNA plaque, but misses him and blasts Tanahashi instead. AJ takes him out with a Pele Kick and finishes off Tanahashi with a Styles Clash.

He then goes to apologize to Tanahashi for the douchebaggery of Moore after the match. Tanahashi hands him the plaque and lifts AJ’s hand. Moore comes back and steals the plaque again and runs off.

They replay the Raven hype video from last night’s Impact and recap his feud with Zybysko. Douglas finds Raven backstage in his candle lit lair. Raven says Zybysko looks like a festering piece of dung shat out by a yak, among other things. Raven says that wrestling is the one thing that keeps him from blowing his brains out at night. He then asks if Zybysko doesn’t have more important things to do as commissioner, like tossing salads.

RAVEN V. ???

We learn that ??? is “X-Pac” Sean Waltman. I didn’t think he could say that. These two had a great Clockwork Orange House of Fun match last year, so maybe they can do it again. Raven brings his shopping cart of plunder to the ring with him. Raven takes Waltman down with the cart and goes after Zybysko. Waltman scores with a trash can lid shot to take Raven down. Waltman kills Raven with a kendo stick. Raven comes back with a trash can lid shot of his own. We’re less than three minutes in and Raven is already busted open. Waltman flies over the top rope and takes Raven out. Waltman rams Raven with the shopping cart all the way up the ramp. West rails on how Zybysko has treated Raven, and Tenay tries to defend Larry. West is right for once. Raven loads Waltman into the cart and shoves it off the ramp. Waltman busted his ass on the stage before falling off. Raven rams Waltman’s head with the cart. Raven grabs a table from under the ring, and gets a ladder for good measure. Waltman ducks a clothesline and the ref is taken out. Raven gets a quick Evenflow DDT, but there’s no ref to count the pin. Zybysko is coming off like a real ass here. He gets in to count the pin, but counts really slowly. He of course counts a little faster for Waltman on his pin attempt. Waltman whips Raven with a weight belt and sets Raven up on the ladder. Raven avoids a Bronco Buster and Waltman crotches himself on the ladder. Zybysko counts slow and West goes nuts. Dave Hebner is on top of the ramp, is he going to do something about Zybysko’s shenanigans? Raven sets up the table and ladder in the ring. He drags Waltman up the ladder, but Zybysko grabs Raven’s ankle before he can do anything. Waltman comes back with an X-Factor through the table. Raven gets his foot on the ropes, but Zybysko counts the pin anyway. Tenay keeps trying to defend Zybysko and West is still going off.

Borash announces that Raven’s done in TNA and Zybysko brings in security to escort Raven out of the building. West is not happy with Zybysko’s antics. The crowd is pretty vocal in chanting for Raven. Cassidy Reilly comes down from the ramp screaming about Raven getting screwed. Raven salutes the crowd and leaves. West slaps him on the back and tells him that he got robbed.

Shane Douglas is interviewing Ron Killings. Konnan shows up to interrupt the interview. He’s mad about Killings not calling him back, Killings says he’s just glad to be done with all of the drama. Killings says that Mr. Armstrong was like their “daddy” and says that he’s not sure who he can trust.

Tenay and West are still talking about the Raven situation. They throw it to the back where Zybysko is still trash talking Raven on his way out. Jackie Gayda shows up and she wants to talk to Zybysko. She says that she and Raven are always getting screwed by a certain somebody around here. She says “it’s bigger than you think” to Raven.


Killings goes for quick roll ups, but Roode is able to kick out. They trade pin attempts, with neither getting an advantage. Roode goes outside to collect himself, but Killings flies to the outside to take him down. D’Amore distracts Killings long enough for Roode to take advantage. D’Amore scores with a cheap shot and rolls Killings in to Roode. Roode drops Killings over the top rope, gut first. Roode locks in the abdominal stretch, complete with additional leverage from D’Amore. Roode slams Killings, and scores with a second rope knee drop for a two count. Roode locks in the gut wrench, but Killings fights up to his feet. Roode takes him back down with a forearm to the back. Killings blocks a couple of corner charges and flips up to the top rope. A missile dropkick takes Roode down. Killings is in control now, his twisty flying forearm gets a two count. He varies up with his split/heel kick combo for another two count. Roode blocks a superplex attempt and drops Killings with a front suplex. They trade punches in the middle of the ring. Roode goes for the Northern Lariat, but Killings does a split to avoid it. Konnan is out and gets on the apron to talk to Killings. The distraction is enough for Roode to hit the Northern Lariat and win the match.

Killings is not happy with Konnan showing up. He refuses a hug. The crowd is all over Konnan. BG James comes out talking about whooping Konnan’s ass. Homicide shows up and takes BG out. Killings just leaves, he wants no part of it. Kip comes out and drops Homicide with a chair shot.

Shane Douglas is backstage with James Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell talks about Rhino’s personal problems distracting him from his career. Abyss is loud with his grunting and growling tonight.


Rhino sprints down the ramp, goes through the ring, and attacks Abyss at ringside. Rhino clotheslines Abyss out of the ring. He follows it up with a slingshot plancha. They brawl at ringside, with Abyss getting the better of it. Abyss grabs a chair and smashes it across Rhino’s back. Back in the ring, Rhino scores with a snapmare and follows it up with a dropkick to the back. Abyss comes back by Irish Whipping Rhino hard into the corner. Abyss wedges a chair between the ropes, but Rhino avoids it. Abyss fights him off and tosses him into it the second time. The crowd tries to get behind Rhino. Abyss drops him with an open hand slap. Rhino fights out of the dreaded head vice, but Abyss takes him back down again. More head vice action, but Rhino is able to get back to his feet. Rhino lifts Abyss up to his shoulders and hits a TKO of sorts. Both men are down. A diving clothesline by Rhino takes Abyss down. He blasts him with a chair a couple of times next. The crowd chants “one more time” and Rhino obliges. He gets ready for the Gore, but Mitchell distracts Rhino. Abyss grabs his trusty chain and nails Rhino in the face with it. Rhino is able to kick out of the pin attempt. Mitchell calls for the Black Hole Slam, but Rhino scores with a spinebuster instead. Rhino yells that he’s going to hit the Rhino Driver. Mitchell grabs Abyss’ leg so he can be lifted up for the move. Rhino blocks a chokeslam attempt with a swift kick to the nuts, but Abyss catches him coming off the ropes with a Black Hole Slam onto a stack of steel chairs to get the win.

Shane Douglas is backstage with Team 3D now. The Franchise makes a ridiculous comparison of Team 3D’s careers and World War II. Ray and Devon look at him like he’s nuts. Ray runs down a list of all the great tag teams that have held the NWA World Tag Titles in history. He says that tonight is their chance to put their names on that list. Typical good promo out of Team 3D.


Storm is finishing off his beer on the way to the ring. Harris taunts Tenay and West. Borash is in the ring for the ring introductions. He says that Team 3D is trying to be the first team to complete the Grand Slam of North American World Tag Titles. This one definitely has a big time feel to it. West’s mic is out, poor Don. Devon and Storm start things off. Storm takes Devon down with a shoulder block. Devon comes back with a hip toss and dropkick. Hooray, West is back. Harris cheap shots Devon from behind. Devon scores with a double clothesline. Ray tags in and clobbers Harris. Ray shrugs off a Harris clothesline, but Harris comes back with a diving lariat for a two count. Harris chops Ray in the corner, but Ray comes back with his patented open hand slaps. Ray misses with a senton off the middle rope. Storm tags in. Storm chokes Ray with the tape wrapped around his wrist. Harris comes back, but he gets tossed to the floor by Ray. Devon tags in and hits his spinning back elbow on Storm. A spinebuster on Storm gets two. Ray attacks Storm from behind and they team up for the Whazzzup Headbutt. Ray requests that Devon acquires some furniture, much to the crowd’s delight. Storm tries to break it up, but he gets dropped with the table. Harris takes advantage though and dropkicks the table into Team 3D. Ray breaks up a Storm powerbomb attempt on Devon. Harris chokes Devon with a chain. AMW uses quick tags to ground Devon. Storm slings Harris into the corner, but Devon avoids it. Ray gets the hot tag and he is en fuego. Side slam to Harris gets a two count. A DDT gets another two count, but Storm breaks it up. Everybody’s in now. AMW hits the Hart Attack on Ray for a two count. AMW follows that with a double suplex on Devon. They go for the Death Sentence on Ray, but Devon is able to break it up. Ray lifts Harris on his shoulders and Devon hits the Doomsday Device. Harris kicks out at two. Storm goes out to ringside to get a chair, but accidentally blasts Harris with it. The reverse 3D gets a two count. Storm comes back with a superkick to Devon. He goes to the top, but Ray tosses him through the table at ringside. Harris kicks out of the roll up attempt by Ray. Gail Kim brings some powder to Harris, but Ray knocks it into everyone’s face. They hit the 3D and Devon gets the ref to count the pin.

Team 3D is celebrating when Team Canada attacks them in the ring. The ref is trying to clean the powder out of his eyes and doesn’t see what’s going on. They take out Ray and Devon and place Harris on top of Ray in the middle of the ring. When the ref clears his eyes, he lifts Harris’ hand and awards the belts to AMW. I guess Zybysko is too busy to overturn the decision.

Douglas is backstage interviewing Jarrett and Monty. Jarrett says Sting isn’t ready for how wrestling has changed since he’s been gone. He says Christian is a midcard comedy act and isn’t ready for the prime time. He also reminds Sting that Christian has turned on his own brother in their hometown and also turned on Chris Jericho. Monty cuts a semi-crazy promo, ripping off Looney Tunes in the process. The Franchise really loves the “Pounce Period” part though.


More extra special ring intros from Borash. I like that they’re doing that for all title matches now, not just main events. The crowd starts trading chants from the beginning. Joe scores early with knees to the guy, but Daniels fights him off. A tilt-a-whirl headscissors takes Joe down. Joe avoids a heel kick and kicks the hell out of Daniels while he’s down. Joe chops Daniels in the corner. Daniels goes for a couple of roll ups for two counts, but Joe turns the second into an arm submission attempt. Daniels gets to the ropes to break the hold. Joe walks away from a moonsault off the middle rope attempt by Daniels. Joe scores with his kick/knee drop combo for a two count. Joe cockily kicks Daniels in the back. Joe snaps off a nasty powerslam after another Daniels rally. Daniels hits a nasty jawbreaker with his knees to take Joe out. Daniels fights out of the corner with a DVD for a two count. Joe avoids Daniels’ punches and locks in a triangle choke of sorts. This leads to an STF by Joe, complete with grinding knuckles to the head. Daniels crawls to the ropes. Joe sets Daniels up on the top, but Daniels fights off the superplex. He goes for a powerbomb, but Joe does a hurricanrana to get out of it. Joe levels him with a clothesline, but Daniels comes back with his Rock Bottom/Book End. The BME gets a long two count. Joe goes to the outside to regroup. Daniels follows him out, avoids a leg sweep on the apron, and kicks Joe square in the face. Daniels kills Joe with a slingshot elbow drop all the way to the floor that hurts both men. The crowd is going nuts with chants for both of them. Joe drop kicks Daniels on his way back in, following it up with a Face Wash that knocks Daniels back out to the floor. He does another one to Daniels’ head up against the guardrail. Daniels is busted wide open and Joe licks the blood off his hands. The crowd actually sort of boos that. AJ Styles comes out to ringside. Joe is beating on Daniels, who finally comes back with some open hand slaps. He ducks an enziguiri, but can’t complete the Angel’s Wings. Joe kicks him in the head again. Tenay and West play up the concussion. Joe sets Daniels up and hits the Muscle Buster. Daniels is somehow able to get the ropes and break the Kokina Clutch. Joe goes to get a chair at ringside. Tenay and West are going nuts about this ending Daniels’ career. He sets him up for another Muscle Buster, this time on the chair. The stupid idiotic crowd chants “one more time”. Joe keeps kicking Daniels in the head, following it up with knees to the head. AJ grabs a towel at ringside and throws it in the ring, the referee finally stops the match.

AJ checks on an immobile Daniels in the ring. Joe takes his belt and leaves. Tenay and West thank AJ and say he did the right thing by throwing in the towel to end the match. Medics check on Daniels in the ring before we go to the hype video for the main event.

Shane Douglas is interviewing Christian backstage. He says that he can be trusted, just ask his brother or Chris Jericho. Or, maybe that’s not such a good idea. He says that the Christian Coalition will vouch for him though. He also says that “this midcard comedy act” will one day win the NWA World Title.


Jarrett’s from Nashville now? Is he not the Hendersonville Hillbilly anymore? Sting has rap-rock for entrance music? Something seems weird about that to me. The fans go pretty nuts for him. Christian and Monty are starting things off. Monty uses his power to take control early before tagging in Jarrett. Christian mocks the Jarrett strut, following up with a drop toe hold. Christian holds Jarrett and tags in Sting. The crowd goes nuts again. Jarrett tries to mock Sting’s trademark yell. Sting hip tosses Jarrett and follows up with a nice dropkick. The crowd chants “You still got it,” to Sting. Jarrett cheap shots him and takes control. Sting drops both Jarrett and Monty with the face jam. Christian tags in and takes control. Gail Kim distracts him, giving Jarrett a chance to nail him with a low blow and toss him off the top rope. Gail comes back with a hurricanrana to Christian and Monty follows up by dropping him across the guardrail. Monty kills Christian with a cool series of moves in the ring, ending with a nice suplex. Jarrett tags in and continues the beatdown on Christian. Monty cheap shots him from the outside when he has an opening. Jarrett blocks Christian from making a tag, and then blocks the ref from seeing the tag. Monty gets a two count. Monty takes Christian down with another snap suplex for another two count. Christian blocks off a superplex by biting the Alpha Male. He hits the frog splash, but is too wiped out to get the pin. He finally drapes an arm over Monty, but Brown kicks out at two. Monty keeps him from tagging in Sting, Jarrett pulls Sting down from the apron. Of course, Christian is finally able to get the corner when Sting’s going after Jarrett. Christian ducks the Conchairto attempt and takes both Jarrett and Brown down with a double DDT. He crawls over and gets the tag to Sting. Sting takes everybody down with punches and clotheslines. Jarrett eats a Stinger Splash. He tosses Brown to the outside and catches Jarrett with an Atomic Drop. The ref was knocked out and misses Jarrett tapping to the Scorpion Death Lock. Brown tosses Christian into Sting to break the hold. Sting didn’t see it and isn’t so happy with Christian. Monty tries to take Sting out with the title belt, but Christian pulls him out of the way. Sting crotches Jarrett on the top rope and Christian teams with him to take Brown out. Team Canada comes out, but they fight them off. Christian flies from the top rope and takes Monty out. Gail Kim distracts Sting long enough for Jarrett to blast him with the title belt. The ref is slow to recover and Sting kicks out at two. He and Christian go for stereo Stinger Splashes, but Brown and Jarrett dodge them. They set up Christian for the gee-tar shot, but Sting uses his bat to put an end to that. Christian takes Brown out of the ring. Sting hits Jarrett in the gut with his bat and hits the Scorpion Death Drop for the win.

Sting and Christian celebrate in the ring as the crowd goes crazy. After they soak it in, Christian hands Sting his bat and leaves the ring so Sting can take the final bows for the night.


· The matches on the pre-show this time around were pretty decent. Tough Enough Kenny actually showed out a little bit. His kicks are pretty good, and different looking enough to stand out.

· I haven’t seen Homicide at his best, but I haven’t been impressed at all thus far in TNA. I know he has an injury, but if it’s that much of a problem, they need to come up with an alternate plan. Konnan has been excellent since his turn though, he has a spark again.

· Who did The Naturals piss off?

· The hype videos were strong as usual; I just wish they hadn’t used most of them on Impact last night.

· Sabin looks really different with his new hairstyle. I guess Shelley only had half of Sabin’s money, thus only got half of the dye job.

· The opener was fun. Shelley/Strong/Aries are becoming a good team in TNA, but they need some sort of name. I don’t know if they’re avoiding Generation Next or what, but they need something.

· Kip’s inability to count his words came off as incredibly lame. It also seemed to kill the crowd for a while. It’s a shame because I thought BG’s promo about the Konnan situation on Impact was the best of his career. Let BG do all of the talking, just stand in the background and looks stupid Kip. With your new hairdo, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

· The James Gang match should have been saved for Impact, or bumped to the pre-show. It took away too much time from the rest of the show, which came off rushed as a result. You could have cut Killings v. Roode too, but that one actually made sense due to their issues from Impact.

· Considering it was their first match together, Tanahashi v. AJ was pretty good. They seemed to have some communication issues late in the match, but they covered it as well as they could. The show of respect at the end was well done. Tanahashi definitely has lots of charisma and would be welcomed back anytime.

· Shannon Moore just isn’t doing anything for me at this point. Maybe when he actually gets in the ring with AJ that will change, but I’m just rolling my eyes when he shows up at this point.

· I hope there’s a resolution to the Raven situation SOON. I just don’t want to see it dragged out, and it appears that it ties in with Jackie’s issues with Jarrett and the Controversy in Canada, so maybe it won’t take too long to settle it.

· West’s outrage at how Zybysko handled it was very well done; it actually made lots of sense. Tenay came off as a moron for trying to defend Zybysko, and he shouldn’t have even bothered. Raven acknowledging the crowd and West slapping Raven on the back on his way out were nice touches.

· How long will Waltman last this time around?

· I like Killings staying out of the Kru drama at this point; I just hope that it stays that way. With his issues with Team Canada, maybe he and Rhino can team up to face off with the Canadians for a bit.

· Rhino v. Abyss was solid, but was just too short to amount to much. I’m not one of these people who watch a match with a stopwatch and knock points off if it doesn’t last a certain time, but this one just didn’t have time to go much of anywhere. Rhino’s TKO on Abyss was certainly impressive.

· At least they came up with something fairly original for AMW to retain the tag titles. If you’re going to have an authority figure though, that’s where they have to step in and do something. Now, if “TNA management” wants to fire Zybysko for his incompetence in handling this situation, then it would all make sense. Otherwise, Zybysko just comes off as a giant douche. I do like Team 3D not getting the belts yet though.

· I have to admit that I’ve been a little disappointed in how the AMW v. Team 3D matches have come off though. They just haven’t seemed to click yet, and I’m not sure why.

· Monty sure likes his “flavor of the millennium” line. I do like the continuity from Jarrett’s continued use of the “flavor of the month” cliché.

· Joe v. Daniels was quite good, and went just about the right length of time. They could have gone longer and I’m sure it would have been good, but the length of the match worked great for the story they told. I could have done without AJ literally throwing in the towel for Daniels; couldn’t the ref have just stopped the match because Daniels couldn’t defend himself? I guess it can set up Daniels being upset with AJ for stopping the match, but I don’t want them to go back to that right now. Daniels is working out great as a true babyface and I don’t want to see them muddle that with him being pissed at AJ.

· Joe was great in this match, and I thought it was by far his best at getting storylines across. Licking Daniels’ blood off of his fists was a nice touch. That being said, of course, some stupid fans had to try to kill it. I know some of you guys have some ridiculous love for Joe, but wasn’t it obvious he was trying to get booed in this match? Give the guy what he wants, and boo him when he does things that should be booed. Do not chant “one more time” when Daniels is obviously playing up the concussion angle and Joe is giving him Muscle Busters on chairs. If you like the guy so much, why are you trying to sabotage his heel turn?

· Where is the X Division title scene going now? Daniels should be out again for a little while after that beating. AJ has his own issues with Shannon Moore that need to be addressed before he goes after Joe again. Beyond that, it’s a mixed bag of people in the X Division midcard. You could always go with Sabin, Bentley, or Dutt; but they’re seen as a step below the top three. I guess we’ll see on Impact next week.

· I was pleasantly surprised with the main event. Sting can still go and he did well. The tease of dissention between him and Christian delivered on Jarrett’s pre-match promo and actually made sense in the context of the match. Everyone played their parts well and it clicked quite nicely.

· The crowd was really happy to see Sting, he got quite the reception. If he’s used correctly, it looks like his signing was a smart move by TNA.

· Christian stepping aside to give Sting the moment at the end was nice. However, I hope that was a one time thing and he doesn’t let Sting leapfrog him in the World Title scene. With his multiple comments about winning the belt, I don’t think this will happen, but you never know. I think there’s more mileage in this “cornerstones” v. “newcomers” story, but Jarrett has to have a title defense sometime soon.

· Overall, it was a good show, but I had higher expectations for it. Adding three matches to the announced card was the problem for me; it took too much time away from matches that needed them. The roster is almost too big at this point. It’s getting harder and harder to showcase everyone who needs it in the four hours of TV per month and three hours of PPV.

· Impact will be interesting in the next month before the February PPV. They have lots of options for title matches in all divisions. They have some feuds that have kicked off (James Gang/LAX, AJ/Shannon Moore) and some guys with nothing really going on right now (Killings, Abyss, Rhino). They also have the Jackie Gayda and Raven situations to deal with.

· As for the predictions, Michael took the early 2006 lead with 4/6. Brad and I tied for second with 3/6. Cory had two correct and at least Chris got one right. A goose egg would have been a little embarrassing.

That’s going to do it for me. I’ll be back next week with the Impact recap. Until then…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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