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Against All Odds 2006
February 13, 2006

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


Welcome to the Against All Odds í06 recap. Iíll start it off with your Smackdown Junior sized (well, except for Super Porky) recap of the 2.11.06 edition of Impact. Sabin and Dutt won the tag team tournament and get the chance at AMW on the PPV. Don West asked Zybysko about Ravenís foot on the ropes when Zybysko counted him out,

counted him out, which cost Raven his job. Larry said that his foot wasnít on the ropes, and then threatened to get rid of West while they argued about each otherís color commentary skills. It should have been a short argument. Sabin tweaked his ankle during the match, weíll see what kind of shape heís in for the PPV. They had a great video on Christian, the best hype job theyíve done for him since he jumped. Team 3D was bloodied by the Canadians, Devon was lying a pool of his own blood. Samoa Joe beat two guys, no shock there. Monty pinned Killings in the main event tag that also included Rhino and Abyss, Konnan distracted Killings at the finish. It was a very strong match. Christian came out of an office at the end saying he had the referee situation taken care of for the PPV. Iím on record here saying itís Earl Hebner.

Itís pre-show time now. Killings pinned A-1 in the opener, which featured his new entrance music that had the fans chanting along. The Truth looked pleased. James Mitchell cut a promo about the Falls Count Anywhere that terrified me. He compared Rhino to a Fiji mermaid and threatened that Abyss would Black Hole Slam Rhino from the catwalk 60 feet above the ring. Then, the Prince of Punk came out and really scared me.

I want Cassidy Riley, Lance Hoyt, and Shark Boy to become a regular team. They need to have a camera following them at all times. David Young refusing to tag Moore in was nice, Young hates Mohawks. Hoyt seems to be excited about taking the girl on MTVís Room Raiders this week. Moore broke up Skipperís pin and went ďrogueĒ according to Don West. Elix ended up taking the Texas Tower Bomb (one armed powerbomb) from Hoyt and getting pinned.

The hype video guys outdid themselves with the package done for the X Division title match. This really should have been on Impact. Joe did say he was the ďAlpha and OmegaĒ, which had to piss Monty Brown off. Do I smell a feud, perhaps?

Jeremy Borash is with Larry Zybysko, and Dave Hebner. Zybysko stresses that everything is taken care of and that there will be no outside interference in the World Title match. In the world of wrestling, doesnít that mean that Team Canada, AMW, Monty, Abyss, Raven, Jackie Gayda, Wendi Richter, Cyndi Lauper, and Kanye West will all run in and somehow cost Christian the match?

Random aside, Don West needs the ridiculous shiny shirts and ties back. And while Iím making random asides, I wish theyíd bring back their silly FBI warning gimmick where one of the wrestlers tells us that we shouldnít steal the PPV.

Itís Against All Odds time. Eric Young is still scared. Jeff Jarrett is driving a red Hummer. Coach DíAmore says that Shelley did a good job and they have some dirt on Jackie on tape. Jarrett is wearing his Ace T-shirt, so you know he means business. He tells Young that Sting is really gone, and tells DíAmore that Young needs help. Poor crazy Eric Young.

They use the hype video for Christian v. Jarrett to open the show. Nicely done.


Aries looks even more Fashionable Male than I thought possible. Strong needs a stupid clothing gimmick now, maybe he can wear a beret or something. All four men start it out, with The Naturals in control. Stevens gets an early two count. I want somebody to choke Aries with his arm scarf. Tenay and West put over The Naturals as getting back on the right path. Aries is getting an ass kicking as Douglas and Stevens make use of the quick tags. Chase Stevens does a shooting star press from the turnbuckle to the outside on Aries and Strong. Cool move, but it took too long to set up. Strong takes control in the ring with an eye rake. Aries kills Stevens with a hellacious suicide dive, awesome camera work to catch it. Thatís one for the highlight video and intro videos. Strong uses backbreaker variation #3 for a two count on Stevens. Aries plays the cocky prick very well. Stevens tries to get a hot tag, but Aries takes him down with a drop toe hold of sorts. Stevens is taking quite the beating. Stevens stumbles into the ropes to knock Aries off the turnbuckle. He finally gets the hot tag to Douglas. Good improvisation when Strong collides with Aries on an Irish whip. Douglas hurricanranas Strong onto Aries. Aries clotheslines Douglas into a German suplex by Strong. Stevens has to come in to save Douglas. Stevens avoids a suplex, but Strong breaks up the Natural Disaster. Aries holds onto the ropes on a roll up attempt, but the ref sees it this time around. The Naturals are finally able to hit the Natural Disaster and get the pin.

Borash is in the back with AMW and Team Canada. Chris Harris gives Sabin and Sonjay props, but Storm kills it by asking if heís drunk. Coach DíAmore wants a public apology from Gail Kim for her freaking out about Jackieís tape. DíAmore says heís going to play Shelleyís tape next week on Impact. Zybysko interrupts to say that anyone who interferes in the main event will be fired on the spot. DíAmore laughs, but Zybysko goes off on him.


Shelleyís hair is even more ridiculous than before, is he turning into a skunk? Skunk Boy v. Shark Boy? Traci is like a modern Little Red Riding Hood tonight. Itís nice to see Jay Lethal actually come out of the entrance tunnel this time with music. Welcome to the big time, kid. Only two men in the ring at a time, for now anyway. Bentley starts off in control of Petey. Petey uses the fake time out to his advantage. Traci distracts Petey from kicking Bentleyís ass. West breaks down her strategy in far too much detail. Shelley and Lethal tag in, the crowd is all about Lethal. I guess heís their new flavor of the month. Lethal impresses with nice moves. Tenay says that the average age of these four is 23. Petey tags in and sneak attacks Lethal. Shelley comes back with a crazy submission move on Lethal. Petey and Shelley work well together to continue the beatdown on Lethal. Shelley breaks up a submission attempt by Petey. That gives Lethal a chance to tag in Bentley. Bentley goes up for the HBK elbow, but Petey cuts him off. Petey goes up for a superplex, but Shelley cuts him off. Lethal dropkicks to separate the Tower of Doom spot. Shelley powerbombs Petey, Lethal German suplexes Shelley, but Bentley breaks up the pin attempt with the HBK elbow. Lethal scores on Petey with an overhead Full Nelson suplex. Shelley goes to the top, but Lethal catches him with a dropkick. Shelley is able to come back though, killing Lethal with a slingshot DDT. Bentley comes back to take out Shelley. Petey drops Matt with the side Canadian leg sweep. He goes for the Canadian Destroyer, but Jackie Gayda comes out and beats the hell out of Alex Shelley. Petey is distracted by his laughter, Bentley escapes, but Lethal is able to sneak in with a pin on Petey.

Rhino talks to Borash backstage in his creepy heavy metal voice. He talks about the mean streets of Detroit and says that a Falls Count Anywhere match is nothing compared to that. He threatens to stuff Mitchell up Abyssí ass and Gore them both. Zybysko interrupts and says that there will be no outside interference in the main event.

The video recap of the James Gang/LAX situation is next. Iím just glad they got BGís ďDamn it Konnan, that was my daddy,Ē line in there.


No Apollo, heís been replaced by some guy called Machete. Itís Machete and Homicide teaming tonight. Konnan tells us that Machete is from the Bronx, one of Konnanís street soldiers, and that he has to earn his spot tonight. Yup, Kip still looks like an idiot, complete with pigtails. BG does his usual spiel, with a new closing line. They cut off Kip before we learn he canít count. James Gang tosses Menudo out of the ring. Tenay runs down the career of the New Age Outlaws. Homicide makes fun of Kipís pigtails, props to him. West says that Homicide is a gang member, is that allowed by TNA management? Kip powerbombs the hell out of Homicide, after nearly dropping him. Machete tags in, and eats the Shake, Rattle, and Roll, and Shaky Knee Drop. So far, Machete is somehow looking more inept than Apollo. He scores with a couple of chops to Kip, until Kip levels him. Konnan gets involved, slamming Kip into the guard rail. K-Dawg gets the fans riled up. Homicide avoids the patented Kip corner splash. Konnan gets involved again, trying to eat one of Kipís pigtails. Hot tag to BG. BG goes for the pump handle on Machete, and he hits it for the win.

Konnan hits BG with the slapjack after the match. K-Dawg trash talks him. Bullet Bob comes back and stares Konnan down. He takes off his jacket and comes after Konnan, K-Dawg bails. What a sissy, the crowd chants ďYou suckĒ at him. Tenay steals BGís line about his daddy and says Konnan is ďchicken you know what.Ē

Slick Johnson sounds like a little girl. He tries to ask Zybysko who the ref in the main event. He says that he has 85 main events in WCW under his belt and wants to do the main event tonight. Zybysko blows him off. No more mic time for Slick please.


They put over Sabinís ankle injury in the Tag Lines segment. Dutt has his PPV entrance attire tonight, complete with swanky robe. They replay Sabinís injury from Impact, which didnít look as bad as I thought it would be. The audio goes all crazy and West and Tenay sound like robots from Short Circuit. Storm goes after Sabinís ankle to start, but Sabin avoids it. He tags out to Dutt quickly. The crowd talks trash to Storm. Dutt takes Storm down with a silly whirly titl-a-whirl headscissors. Sabin tags in and they hit some nice double team moves on Storm. Harris interferes, slamming Sabinís ankle into the ringpost. Storm keeps Sabin outside with a baseball slide. Harris tags in a wrenches Sabinís ankle. Harris tries to pull Sabinís wrap off his ankle. Sabin tries to fight out. Harris cuts him off and keeps him from the tag. Storm drops a knee across the ankle. Storm drops him with a backbreaker variation like Carlito used on Raw this past week. The ref asks if Sabin wants to continue, Storm and Harris yell at him to quit. He scores with an elbow to a charging Harris. Storm stops him from making the tag. Sabin gets back up, but misses with the enziguiri. Harris comes back, but Sabin is able to get a hot tag to Sonjay. Dutt is an Indian madman, clobbering everybody. He hits a double dropkick on AMW from the top rope. Sabin saves Sonjay with a top rope one legged dropkick on Harris. Dutt gets a two count. Harris goes for the Catatonic, but Sonjay twirls out of it and gets another two count. Storm talks smack to a fan to distract the ref from Harris grabbing a chair. Sabin drops Harris with a DDT on the chair, but Harris kicks out at two again. Storm stomps Sabinís ankle with the guard rail. Dutt misses with the Hindu Press, and eats a Storm superkick. They hit the Death Sentence and retain their titles.

AMW isnít done though. They handcuff Sonjay to the corner. Storm drinks a beer in the ring while Harris grabs a chair. Sabin comes back to save Sonjay on one leg. He grabs the chair from Harris and throws it in his face. He clears the ring.

Borash is in the back with Jarrett. Jeff says Borash is still wet behind the ears when asked if he was feeling the pressure. He says that Christianís career is resting on this match. He says that his trusty equalizer and Gail Kim will be enough to help him win. Monty Brown comes running in imitating 50 Cent and G-Unit. Jarrett cuts him off, running down all of Montyís usual interview lines. He says heís sick of it, but he does promise Monty the next title shot with a handshake. Jarrett leaves, and Borash talks to Monty. Brown gives Jarrett credit for his speech, what with his limited vocabulary and all.


Abyss is now 353 pounds, I guess he gained 3 pounds at the buffet this weekend. Rhino comes straight out to take advantage, sprinting to the ring and taking Abyss to the outside with a clothesline. They head to the bleachers early. Abyss slams Rhino into a wall. They come back to the ring area and slug it out. Rhino goes for a trash can of plunder and an old Super X Cup trophy. West is pissed he didnít sell the trophy on E-Bay. Abyss takes a kendo stick shot to the stomach and back. Tenay tells us that David Eckstein of the St. Louis Cardinals is in attendance. Abyss drops Rhino with a trash can shot to the head. Rhinoís busted wide open pretty quickly. He comes back with cookie sheet shots. He then lays the trophy across Abyssí nether regions and smashes it with a baseball bat. Holy crap! They go to the outside, where Abyss scores with a suplex on the ramp. Abyss goes to get some tables. Damn, Rhino is bleeding kind of bad. Abyss has set up a double stack of tables, two on the bottom, two on the top. Abyss sets up for a powerbomb, but Rhino escapes. He throws Abyss into the entrance. He sets up for the Gore, but Abyss blocks it with a big boot. They brawl to the back of the building and out the door. Rhino gets slammed into a wall and a car. Abyss misses with a baseball bat, as does Rhino. Rhino brings Abyss back to the building. Rhino gets tossed into a trash can and wall. They brawl back to the ring area again. Rhino gets a table of his own from under the ring. Mitchell gives Abyss a staple gun, which Rhino gets tagged with in the head. Abyss grabs another table from under the ring. Mitchell calls for Doomsday. Rhino comes back with a belly to belly suplex. He sets up for the Gore again, but Abyss grabs him and chokeslams him through the table. Rhino somehow kicks out at two. Mitchell gets the bag of thumbtacks, Abyssí favorite toy. Rhino Gores Abyss into a table set up in the corner, but Abyss kicks out at two. The crowd chants ďThis is awesome.Ē Rhino sets up for another Gore, but Mitchell grabs his ankle. They brawl on the outside again. They go up into the bleachers again. Rhino gets slammed into the wall of the bleachers. Abyss tears the wall down and hits Rhino with a piece of it. Rhino blocks a chokeslam. He Gores Abyss off the bleachers and through the double stack of tables that had been set up! I quote Joey Styles as Rhino gets the pin. The crowd is going apeshit chanting for Rhino.

Medics check on Abyss while we go to the back. Borash is with Samoa Joe. Joe talks about the X Division code, he says that itís all about the title. Good, simple, short, effective promo.

Abyss is finally up and the crowd chants for him as well. They replay the excellent video package for the X Division title match.


Tenay talks about Styles and Daniels wrestling in South Korea on Friday night. They take turns killing each other early. AJ scoop slams Joe. AJ dropkicks both Joe and Daniels in his usual style. West brings up how Styles and Daniels wonít work together tonight to take out Joe. Joe drops AJ with a front suplex. Daniels monkey flips AJ into Joe, but Joe locks in a Boston Crab that Daniels has to break up. Daniels knocks Joe outside with a running knee. Daniels knocks AJ off the apron. He goes for a suicide dive, but Joe cuts him off with an open hand slap. AJ tosses Joe into the guard rail. Back in the ring, AJ suplexes Daniels. He goes for the Indian Death Lock on Daniels, and rolls over with it. Joe breaks it up and locks an STF on AJ. Daniels locks in a Koji Clutch on Joe while heís still holding the move. Daniels with a slingshot elbow on AJ for a two count. Joe chops the hell out of Daniels in the corner, and kills him with a running knee. The face wash takes Daniels out of the ring. AJ goes for his Angry Man Forearm, but gets dropped by Joe with one arm. Daniels comes back with shoulder blocks on Joe. He tries to suplex Joe to the outside, but Joe blocks it and slaps him. AJ flies to the outside and takes out Daniels. Joe kills them both with a suicide dive, which is becoming the move of the night. AJ flies back into the announce table. Joe tosses Daniels back into the ring and goes back to kick AJ some more. He brings AJ back to the ring as well. AJ takes Joe down with a leg sweep and Daniels knocks Joe out to the floor. AJ goes for two roll up attempts on Daniels for two counts. Joe comes back and drops both of them. He gets a two count on Daniels. Joe kills Daniels with his senton splash, but Daniels kicks out at two. He takes it out on AJ by kicking him in the corner. Daniels fights back, but gets dropped with a powerslam. He locks in an armbar on Daniels, but canít get it clean. Daniels gets to the ropes. AJ comes back with an enziguiri kick to Joe. Daniels locks in a Koji Clutch on AJ, but Joe breaks it up with a knee to Danielsí head. Joe is in control of Daniels, but Daniels is able to somehow German suplex Joe. Daniels is Fallen Angel-ing up. He Rock Bottoms Joe and hits the BME. Joe kicks out at two. He calls for the Angelís Wings, but AJ breaks it up. Daniels avoids the Styles Clash twice and drops AJ with a forearm. Joe levels Daniels again with a clothesline for another two count. Joe sets AJ up for a Muscle Buster, but AJ slides out. A Pele kick takes down Joe and a gutbuster on Daniels gets two. AJ puts Daniels in the Torture Rack and drops him with a slam. Joe breaks up the pin. AJ hits the Asai DDT on Joe for another two count. Daniels breaks up a Styles Clash attempt on Joe. Daniels drops Joe down with a DVD. AJ and Daniels fight over the pin attempt. They fight on the top rope, until Joe kicks Daniels off to the floor. Joe hits the Muscle Buster on AJ and gets the pin.

Daniels says, ďIt ainít over. Iím still alive.Ē

Borash is in the back with Team 3D. He says that he guesses theyíre not in a good mood. Ray says that theyíre pissed. He says he canít wait until the US kicks Canadaís ass in hockey at the Olympics. He talks about people all over the country who want to kick Team Canadaís ass. Ray says that people in Orlando tonight want Team Canadaís blood spilled. He says that a fan might jump over the rail and stuff the Canadian flag up their asses. He promises tables tonight. Borash looks like he just wet his pants.


Ray and Devon attack from behind and brawl is on. Ray backdrops Roode on the ramp. Roode broke the grate on the ramp, ouch. Ray drops an elbow on Roode. Meanwhile, Devon is killing Young. Ray gets a USA chant started. Ray hits Roode with one his famous open hand slaps and then German suplexes him. Young comes in and takes a beating too. They hit the side slam/leg drop combo on Young. Devon continues the ass whooping as the crowd chants for tables. Devon hits his spinning back elbow on Young. DíAmore gets up on the apron, but Young cuts Devon off. Devon drops him with a shoulder block. Roode yanks the rope down to send Devon over the top. DíAmore takes Devonís bandage off and slams him into the steps. Devon is busted wide open on the floor. DíAmore grinds the plaque across Devonís face. I must say, Devon is quite the bleeder. The Canadians hit a double team suplex for a two count. Roode chokes Devon in the ring and DíAmore talks trash to the crowd. Nice close up of Devonís blood pouring over Roodeís arm. Devon comes back, but gets dropped again by Roode. Young stands on Devonís neck in the corner. He pulls out the Showtime Recliner on Devon for a while until Roode tags in. Roode drops a knee from the middle rope and Young drops an elbow from the top. Ray makes the save on the pin attempt. Devon tries to fight off Roode, but he canít. Young tags back in and locks in the Recliner again. Devon is a bloody mess at this point. He uses a low blow to take Young down. Roode cuts off the tag, but Devon hits an enziguiri to drop him. He finally gets the hot tag to Ray. Ray goes off the top rope with a cross body block. He tosses Young and Roode all over the ring. Roode breaks up a pin attempt. The Canadians double team him though and take him down a flapjack. Ray German suplexes Roode again. He then superplexes Young. Roode breaks up the pin. Roode brings the hockey stick into play, but misses. Ray goes for the Bubba Bomb, but Roode low blows him. He finally uses the hockey stick, but Ray kicks out of Youngís pin. Young misses with a moonsault. Ray avoids Roodeís clothesline, but Young doesnít. Devon is able to get back into the ring and they hit the 3D on Young for the win.

DíAmore tries to cheap shot Ray with the plaque. He gets caught, but AMW comes out. They help the Canadians beat Team 3D down. Ron Killings comes down for the save. Ray sets Young up on the table and Killings puts him through the table with a legdrop. The Truth and Team 3D are now buddies.

Tenay slaps TNA on the back for how good the show has been so far. They set up the World Title match. Christian is backstage with Borash. The crowd chants his name. Christian talks directly to the crowd. He says that heís ďnervous as hellĒ. He says that this is the culmination of his 12 year career. Heís dreamed about this moment from the first time he watched a show, the first time he ever stepped in the ring. He says Zybyskoís assured him of a level playing field. He says all the questions will be answered tonight, including if Jeff Jarrett has outgrown his white jeans phase. He says that he has a lot in common with Jarrett. Thereís some lying, some cheating, but at least Captain Charisma is honest about it. Christian says heíll leave Orlando tonight as the new champion, because thatís how he rolls. Great interview, it even sounded like Christianís voice was about to break a few times.


Borash comes back out to play ring announcer for the main event. He introduces Zybysko, consultant Dave Hebner, and the special referee Earl Hebner. I should have thought of that earlier and included it in the preview. Tenay puts over Hebnerís involvement in the Montreal Screwjob and calls him the most controversial referee out there. Either Christian is really nervous, or heís just a really good actor. Tenay says that Jarrett has held the World Title for two and a half of TNAís near four year lifespan. West says he smells a rat concerning Earl Hebner. Tenay says that Hebner has always been very loyal to his employer, to management. Borash does the usual main event ring introductions. You have to love the one guy in the front row trying to get a ďDouble JĒ chant. Zybysko shakes both Christian and Jarrettís hands.

Hebner breaks down the rules for both guys and gets things started. This really has that ďbig matchĒ feel to it. They trash talk in the middle of the ring. Christian gets a couple of one counts after shoulder blocks. Jarrett drops Christian with a drop toe hold and pulls out the paint brushes. Christian is pissed, he comes back with slaps in the corner. He gives Jarrett the head fake in the corner before rolling him up for a two count. They fight it out on the apron. Christian drops Jarrett with an inverted DDT on the apron. He follows up with a splash off the top rope, but Jarrett avoids it and Christian crashes into the guardrail. They make a big point out of Christianís wife being in the front row. Jarrett grabs Christian and slings him into the guardrail. Jarrett slams Christian into the announce table and beats on him. He catapults Christian into the announce table chest first. Jarrett brings him back to the ring and drops him with a dropkick for a two count. Jarrett with a Blue Thunder Bomb of sorts for another two count. He locks in a chin lock, which Christian fights out of. Jarrett pulls out Austinís old Stun Gun move. He tries to choke Christian on the ropes, but Hebner pulls him off. Jarrett pushes Hebner, but Earl pushes him right back. Gail Kim takes advantage of Hebner being distracted and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. Jarrett trash talks Christian in the corner, asking him where the comedy is now. Jarrett goes for a sleeper, but Christian reverses it. Christian catches Jarrett with a powerbomb and goes for a Figure Four. Gail Kim helps pull Jarrett to the ropes. West wonders if Hebner doesnít know whatís going on with Kim. Jarrett drops Christian while heís arguing with Hebner. Jarrett locks in the Sharpshooter and Christian grabs Hebnerís ankle. Christian gets to the rope, but Jarrett yanks him back into the ring. Christian is able to reverse the hold. Jarrett kicks Christian off, but Christian falls down right on Jarrettís slapnuts. Hebner starts counting both men out. Christian blocks Jarrettís punches, leveling him with a clothesline. He stops a Jarrett charge with an elbow and scores with a tornado DDT. Jarrett gets a shoulder up at two. Jarrett slides through a clothesline attempt, clipping Hebner in the process. Kim cuts off Christian climbing to the top. Jarrett hits a top rope Stroke and crawls over to Christian for the pin. Hebner is getting to the count and Christian kicks out at two. Jarrett slugs away and Christian says bring it on. Jarrett takes the ref out again. Christian hits the Unprettier, but Slick Johnson isnít quick enough to get the three count. Hebner is completely out in the corner. Christian goes for the Stroke, but Jarrett low blows him. Slick was going to DQ Jarrett, but Jarrett kicks him in the balls before he can do it. Gail gets Jarrett a chair, but Christian dropkicks it into Jarrettís face. The ref is out and canít count the pin. Christian goes after Gail and sets up the Unprettier, but Jarrett takes him out with his trust gee-tar. Hebner is still out and slow on the count, which gives Christian time to kick out. West nearly loses his voice screaming. Kim goes back to the top. Christian catches her and powerbombs her. Jarrett goes for the Unprettier, but Christian counters. He goes for the Stroke, but Jarrett counters. Jarrett goes for the Stroke, but Christian counters with the Unprettier. Hebner crawls over and makes the three count. Christian Cage is your new NWA World Champion!

The crowd goes absolutely insane. Christian celebrates with the belt and kisses his wife.

The crowd runs into the ring and holds Christian on their shoulders as the PPV goes to blackÖ


∑ Overall, the show exceeded my already somewhat high expectations. Nothing on the show was bad, nothing. There were some things that were worse than others, but everything was at least solid.

∑ The opening match with Aries/Strong v. The Naturals was a good choice. I know there were some issues with Aries and Strong staying in Philly to do the Ring of Honor show last night, even though TNA asked them to get to Orlando due to the snow storm. Iím just glad everything worked out. This was their best showing in TNA.

∑ Good showcase for Jay Lethal, it looks like TNA has some plans for the guy. Peteyís reaction to Jackie slapping Shelley around was priceless.

∑ Who the hell was Machete?

∑ Where the hell was Apollo? Wait, I donít care.

∑ Youíve got to love Bullet Bob making the save for the James Gang. Konnan running from him was even better.

∑ Slick Johnson is a fine referee, just donít ever let him speak again.

∑ AMW had their best match in a while with Sabin and Dutt. As good as those two are in the X Division, Iíd like to see them stay together as a team for a while. Sabin/Dutt v. Aries/Strong could kick 948 types of ass.

∑ Sabin did a good job with the ankle injury. Like I said before, the injury didnít look as bad as I had heard, and Iím usually pretty squeamish when it comes to ankle injuries. Tear ligaments in your ankle a couple of times and see how you like it.

∑ Dutt has improved so much since he came to TNA. He could easily be elevated to the top of the division and wouldnít look out of place anymore. No, I will not attribute his improvement to his stupid new Sprinkler moves.

∑ I didnít think Abyss and Rhino could live up to they hype on their match, but damn. They somehow surpassed it. Iíd have no problem with a Round 3 of their feud. If only Abyss was a little older, he really missed out on being in ECW. He could have been great there. I thought he cracked his head with the way he fell onto the tables at an angle, his head was right over the legs of the table.

∑ Iíll be real curious to see what people say about the X Division title match. I thought it was really well done, but it didnít live up to the first match. Not that thereís anything wrong with that, it just didnít do anything different from that first one. If youíre going to do a rematch, you need to do something different. Donít think I didnít like the match, I just thought the first time around was better.

∑ As the show unfolded, I didnít like the Team 3D match being that high on the card, since it was after the tag title match. It made sense in the long run though, it provided the perfect filler between the X Division match and the World Title match.

∑ Devonís bleeding skills are very impressive.

∑ I hope Ron Killings keeps hanging out with Team 3D. It legitimizes him to the newer TNA fans who missed his two World Title reigns and gives him something to do to stay away from the James Gang/LAX story.

∑ Christian was excellent on the mic before the World Title match. He wasnít trying to be funny, he was just getting the emotion of the event across and did it well. I swear I thought his voice was about to break a few times.

∑ Good match in the main event, I couldnít believe Jarrett actually stayed in the ring for the most part. He threw away the Jeff Jarrett World Title Match playbook for the most part. The constant interference served a purpose this time around in the end, so it worked.

∑ The Survivor Series comments were a little much, although the Sharpshooter spot made it worthwhile.

∑ The crowd was honestly excited at the finish. The ring invasion was staged as hell, but worked anyway. It was just cool to see an honest reaction out of those people, instead of them trying to be bigger than the show.

∑ The highlight of the night was the X Division title match (even if it was a tad disappointing for me) and there were no lowlights.

∑ The replay is highly recommended. Overall, the show was far better than anything else Iíve seen since Wrestlemania last year. I know it blew the Royal Rumble out of the water, thatís for sure.

Figure Foreskin took the prediction crown this month, debuting with a 5/6 record. Not too shabby, weíll see if he can keep that up next month. Impact returns with the fall out from the PPV next Saturday, Iíll see yíall in a week with that recap. Until thenÖ


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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