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Lockdown 2006
April 24, 2006

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


Welcome to your Lockdown 2006 recap. The pre-show is being handled a little differently, at least in the early going. Tenay and West ran down the card from a cage set, followed with lots of video recaps. Theyíre really trying to put over the ďpersonalĒ nature of the Christian/Abyss match. Mitchell has really put on a hell of 

performance during this feud. The shot of Abyss holding the belt with one hand and a chain wrapped around Christianís neck with the other hand was also pretty excellent.

Next up is the video recap of the Jarrett/Sting feud. I must say that Iím really looking forward to the Not WarGames match, much more than I thought I would be.

I do have to question why we needed a recap of the Konnan/Bullet Bob feud. I like that BG and Kip are playing second fiddle to BGís daddy these days. Can we not find a better use for the former New Age Outlaws? Letís get past this LAX nonsense and push things forward. Please?

Quick recaps of Samoa Joe, the Team 3D/Team Canada feud, and another rundown of the card close us out. On to the PPV properÖ

I know I say this a lot, but TNA and production staff have outdone themselves again on the PPV intro. They used the trailers for the Saw movies as a template and created some excellence. You can see the opening on TNAís website, thanks to YouTube.


The Cup starts Thursday on Impact. Shelley gives the ShelleyCam to SoCalVal at ringside. The fans love some Jay Lethal, chanting for him to start. Team Japan is definitely playing the heel tonight. Shelley and Minoru start it off. Minoru scores with some kicks, but Shelley stays in it. Black Tiger tags in, and drops Shelley on an attempted leapfrog. Shelley doesnít want to tag out, but Lethal blind tags him in. Goto tags in as well, and they trade some mat wrestling. Lethal hits his arm drag/cartwheel/dropkick combo that I love. Team USA hits a nasty triple team move on Black Tiger, and the crowd goes nuts. West is positively orgasmic about the improved teamwork from Team USA. Dutt and Shelley keep the pressure on Tiger with quick tags. Tiger is finally able to tag Goto in, and Team Japan puts the beatdown on Dutt. Minoru is quite the cocky bastard, Iím impressed. Team Mexico comes out on the ramp, led by captain Shocker. Team Japan hits a triple dropkick on Duttís head. The crowd claps to try to fire up Dutt, and Minoru mocks them by clapping Duttís hand. Goto locks a single leg crab on Dutt. Shelley makes the save. Dutt creates an opening with a hurricanrana on Tiger. Lethal tags in and takes control of Tiger. Tiger changes the momentum with a dropkick and tags in Goto. Everybodyís in now. Team USA has a series of nearfalls, a frog splash by Shelley and a German suplex by Lethal. Minoru locks in the Minoru Special (a cross armbreaker) on, but Dutt saves Jay. Things are all crazy now. Shelley accidentally superkicked Dutt and Black Tiger wins it with a Tiger Suplex on Lethal.

Borash shows us some toys backstage, hooray! He then introduces us to Team 3D. Ray says heíd rather work for ďthat miserable company in Stamford, ConnecticutĒ than listen to the Canadian anthem. Devon makes sure that Ray is kidding before testifying. Zybysko then shows up to ask Borash about TNA managementís big announcement. Borash says he has no idea. Zybysko must be a little worried, he was wearing a blazer tonight. It was hideous looking, but it was a blazer.


We learn that ??? is the former Low Ki, who is now known as Senshe. Tenay and West bring up the history between these two from their XXX days. Senshe takes the attack to Daniels. Daniels takes him down with the leg lariat. The crowd chants for Low Ki, not knowing what to make of the new name. Daniels hits Senshe with an elbow in the corner. Senshe avoids the second attempt, and flapjacks Daniels. Patented kicks to the chest follow that up. A Gutbuster by Senshe gets a two count. They trade punches in the middle of the ring. Tenay tells us that Senshe is Japanese for warrior. Senshe tries to lock in the Dragon Sleeper, but Daniels blocks it. Tenay talks about how Senshe adds to the depth of the X Division, I guess heís going to stick around. Senshe and Daniels trade chops. Daniels gets the better of it, until the Mongolian Chop from Senshe takes Daniels down to a knee. Daniels tries to roll him up, but Senshe comes back with a double stomp to the chest. West talks about one of his favorite matches in TNA history, a triple ladder match with Low Ki, AJ, and Jerry Lynn. Senshe drops a charging Daniels with a dropkick. Daniels takes him down with an enziguiri kick. Daniels is in control now, he suplexes Senshe into the cage back first, and then gets a two count with an STO. Blue Thunder Bomb gets another two count. Senshe comes back, dropping Daniels face first for a two count. Senshe kicks Daniels in the chest, but Daniels comes back with an elbow. Senshe hits a running dropkick that knocks Daniels into the corner. Shi chops Daniels in the corner repeatedly. Daniels hits a Death Valley Driver out of nowhere. He then hits the BME, but Senshe kicks out of the pin. Daniels sets Senshe up on the turnbuckle, Senshe holds onto the cage. Theyíre both standing on top of the ropes, and Daniels slams Senshe into the cage. Daniels goes for a Super Angelís Wings, but Senshe holds onto the cage again. Senshe knocks him off, but misses with the Super Double Stomp. Daniels takes advantage and goes for another Angelís Wings. Senshe takes Daniels into the corner with a charge. Senshe takes Daniels over and get the win with his feet on the ropes.

Borash is backstage with the James Gang. The winning team gets the administer 10 lashes to the losing team according to Borash. Bullet is super pissed and promises Konnan will feel the leather across his back. BG says he knows what it feels like, he took those strappings most of his life.


Konnan calls Orlando a bunch of losers. Konnan says he hurt his knuckles last night knocking out 15 Orlando punkasses. Well, this is quite the change of pace from the first two matches. I canít say I really know how to recap arm wrestling matches. No stalling out of K-Dawg this time, they go straight into it. Konnan takes an early lead, and talks some trash. Bullet Bob fights back. They go back and forth, until Bullet takes control and wins the match. Konnan looks shocked. BG says, ďAssume the position, Menudo.Ē If they donít live up to the stips, LAX will be suspended according to BG. BG is talking the trash the whole time while the some of the crowd chants ďBoring.Ē Kip jumps the gun (ha ha) on the count, and they just all strap the hell out of LAX to end it. It couldíve been worse.

Borash is backstage with Team Jarrett. Zybysko shows up to say that Team Jarrett won the cointoss for the match. Jarrett says he doesnít know anything about the big announcement tonight and runs Larry off. Harris says that he and Storm made the Six Sides of Steel famous. Heís gotten really good on the mic. Steiner says heís going to hurt people tonight. He says heís ready to snap, and Borash looks like he wet his pants.


Elix climbs into the cage instead of going through the door. DíAmore and Diamond seem to be talking strategy on the outside. Well, Elix was part of Lance Stormís Canadians in WCW. DíAmore tells Tenay and West that it will come down to Elix and Petey. West says DíAmore needs a mint. Petey is in control of Shark Boy in the early going. Petey blocks a Dead Sea Drop attempt with an eye rake. Puma tags in. Sharky takes him over with a hurricanrana. Puma drops him with a backdrop suplex. Sharky dropkicks Puma off the turnbuckle. Sharky takes him off the turnbuckle with a hurricanrana, and follows up with a missile dropkick. Skipper tags in and takes control of Shark Boy. Sharky reverses it and bulldogs Skipper down for two. Skipper comes back, dropping Shark Boy and following it up with a headstand legdrop out of the corner. They fight it out on the top rope, Sharky takes him down with a legsweep of sorts. Petey tags in and hits a Canadian Destroyer on a stunned Shark Boy to eliminate him. Sabin and Petey fight it out. Petey tosses him into the cage, and then hits a tornado DDT off the cage for two. Chase Stevens tags in and slams Puma into the turnbuckle. He then drops Elix with a forearm. Chase blocks a Canadian Destroyer, and then everybody jumps in. Elix hits the Sudden Death on Puma, but Sabin takes Elix out. Chase climbs to the top of the cage because heís insane. Puma follows him up, but gets knocked off. Chase goes for a shooting star on the group, but mostly lands face first. He goes for pins on Petey and Elix, but canít get a pin. Elix hits the Sudden Death on Chase and pins him. They all attack Sabin in the corner now. Elix drops Sabin, but Petey double crosses him and rolls him up. Elix is eliminated. Puma kicks Skipper and he crashes into Simon on the outside. Sabin eliminates Puma with a Cradle Shock.

The winner is the first one to escape the cage now. Petey cuts Sabin off and they fight it out on the top rope. Petey drops his leg down on Sabinís face, which knocked the back of Sabinís head into the cage. Sabin hits a charging big boot on Petey in the corner. Sabin hits his hesitation dropkick on Petey. Sabin climbs out, but DíAmore cuts him off and holds him. Petey climbs down and they fight it out on the cage. Sabin slams Peteyís head into the cage and he falls onto DíAmoreís shoulders. Sabin drops down to the floor and wins the match.

Borash is backstage now with Mitchell and Abyss. Mitchell quotes Nietzsche to start things off. He then runs Christian down for not defending the belt and running off to Toronto to shoot a movie. Mitchell says that only thing that will be rolling tonight is Christianís head.


Tenay screws up the timeline royally, saying Zybysko named Sabu as the #1 contender. Way to go, Professor. Sabu is supposedly wrestling with a broken arm tonight that he suffered in a match in Mexico. Sabu misses with his chair toss as Joe enters the ring. Sabu does lock in the Camel Clutch early, but Joe powers out. Joe kicks the crap out of Sabu, but Sabu comes back with a chair throw. Tenay mentions the broken arm, he has a cast on his left forearm. Joe decks him with European uppercuts. Joe tosses Sabu into the cage headfirst. Tenay and West wonder if Sabu will tap out, West doesnít think Sabuís ever tapped out. Sabuís already been busted open. Joe hits the kick/chop/knee drop combo. Sabu fights back with punches, and hits the springboard leg lariat in the corner. Arabian Facebuster on Joe. Springboard legdrop scores for Sabu again, and the crowd starts chanting for him. Sabu brings out a spike, but Joe fights it off. Joe locks in an armbreaker on the broken arm. Sabu fights out, but Joe kicks him a few more times in the cast. Joe slams the arm down to the mat. Sabu comes back with a dropkick. They fight it out on the top rope. Joe drops him with a Samoa Cutter off the top rope for a two count. Sabu avoids a knee drop. He goes for another springboard legdrop, but Joe throws the chair at him on the top rope. Joe takes advantage and hits the Muscle Buster for the victory.

Team Canada is singing backstage. Eric Young is a little skittish as usual. DíAmore mocks Team 3D, and does a pretty decent Brother Ray impression. DíAmore even mocks their fitness, saying that theyíre not in as good of shape as he and his team is. Zybysko shows up to ask DíAmore whatís going on with this big announcement. DíAmore says heís heard something, but he wonít tell Larry what it is. He then goes off, saying itís his turn to take the heat after he tried to throw everybody under the bus.


Ray and Runt are wearing some stupid facepaint. Devon wants no part of that sort of stupidity. Weíre playing capture the flag here, the winner is who captures the other teamís flag. Young and Runt guard the flags while the other four brawl in the ring. Ray and Devon take Roode and A-1 down, but Young drops them with crossbody. Runt takes the Canadians down with a dropkick. Runt tries to sneak across, but Roode and A-1 cut him off. Roode goes up for the flag, but Ray stops him. Ray chops Roode on the top rope. Ray hits a Super Bubba Bomb and Roode sells like death. Devon cuts A-1 off from grabbing the flag. He drops him off the top rope with a Russian Leg Sweep. Runt slams Young into the cage, and follows up with the Double Foot Stomp. Roode stops Runt from getting to the flag and chokes him. Roode kills Runt with a spinebuster. Ray and Devon combine for a double team legdrop on Roode. Ray chops the crap out of A-1. Ray throws Roode into the corner, but catches the ref in the process. Ray slams Young down and Devon goes for the Whaaazzzup Headbutt. Ray goes up for the flag and gets it, but the ref is still out. Runt tries to protect the flag. Roode blocks an Acid Drop on A-1 with a powerbomb. Young puts the flag back. DíAmore takes out the gatekeeper with a steel chair and opens up the cage and hands Team Canada a table. Runt is put on the table, but avoids the elbow drop by Young. Young crashes through the table. He then hits the Acid Drop on A-1. Roode crashes into the cage when Runt avoids a splash. Runt goes up for the flag and the ref sees it this time. Team 3D wins the match and DíAmore cries on the ramp.

DíAmore tries to interrupt the anthem, but Ray cuts him off with a microphone shot. They then take him out with a 3D. I guess theyíre not going to play the anthem, Iím confused. They go to a commercial for the Sacrifice PPV instead. The crowd sings the anthem while Tenay and West go on about the rest of the card. They ignore the crowd at first, but finally mention it. It was an Anthem Match after all. Tenay says, ďLetís just lay out and enjoy it for a second.Ē You should have done that when the crowd starting singing.

Some music plays and Tenay and West wonder about whatís going on. Christy Hemme comes down the ramp with an envelope, which she hands to Tenay. Tenay will be making the official announcement to the crowd. There will be a total restructuring of TNA management and everyone will be evaluated. There will be a new public face of TNA management. That new face placed Zybysko on probation as his first act of business. Larry comes out wanting to know whoís in charge and placed him on probation. Tenay says the second act of this new person in charge is the reinstatement of Raven to the TNA roster. Ravenís music hits and he comes out to confront Zybysko. Zybysko climbs into the cage to try to avoid Raven. Security blocks Raven from getting to Zybysko.

Borash interviews Christian backstage. Borash asks him for his thoughts, but Christian just walks off.


Borash resumes ring announcing duties, does he have it in his contract that he gets to do those for the main events? Abyss brings his steel chain and bag of tacks to the ring with him. Abyss attacks Christian when he comes out of the tunnel. Christianís ready for him, tackling him down the ramp. They brawl on the outside to start. Abyss swings and misses with a chair. Abyss chokes him up against the cage. Christian slams Abyss headfirst into the guardrail. Abyss avoids a springboard splash off the ring steps. They brawl into the crowd. Abyss tries to drop Christian off the back of the bleachers. Christian fights back and tosses Abyss into the bleacher wall. Abyss backdrops Christian over the guardrail. Abyss slams Christian into the steps. Abyss tries to clam the cage door into Christianís head, but Cage avoids it. Christian then slams the door into Abyss a few times. He chases after Mitchell at ringside, but Abyss catches him with the cage door. The crowd is into it for sure, even Abyss is getting some cheers.

They finally get into the ring and the match officially starts. Abyss hits his goofy charge into the corner. Christian comes back with punches, but Abyss press slams him into the cage. Mitchell is ecstatic at ringside. Christian tries to fight back from his knees. Abyss counters out of an Unprettier attempt and flapjacks him down. Abyss whips Christian into the turnbuckle. The crowd chants for thumbtacks. Christian is barely standing after more punches from Abyss. Abyss presses Christianís face into the cage with his boot. Abyss splashes Christian on the apron into the cage. Shock Treatment attempt, but Christian slips out. Abyss kicks Christian in the gut and picks him up for a powerbomb. He just rams him into the cage instead. He does it again. Abyss hits open hand slaps on Christian in the corner. Christian comes back with chops. Abyss just shoves him off. Christian is finally getting fired up and scores with a discus forearm. The ref gets clocked with a wayward forearm by Christian. Christian climbs up the ropes, but Abyss cuts him off. Christian fights him off and scores with a tornado DDT. Thereís no ref to count the pinfall though. Mitchell tossed the belt in to Abyss, but Christian avoids the shot. He hits the Unprettier out of nowhere, but Abyss kicks out. Christian climbs to the top of the cage and hits the frog splash off the top. Abyss kicks out of the pin attempt again. West and Tenay canít believe it. Christian goes for another Unprettier, but gets a Shock Treatment instead. Abyss grabs his bag of tacks. Christian grabs Mitchellís cane somehow and breaks it across Abyssís chest. Christian goes up to the top of the cage again. Abyss choke slams the ref into the cage, which knocks Christian off the top. He hangs on to the top, with his legs on the outside. Abyss climbs up after him and goes for a chokeslam. Christian fights it off and Sunset Flip Powerbombs Abyss into the tacks. The ref is still out though, and Slick Johnson runs into the ring to count. Abyss kicks out at two. Christian grabs the belt, but Abyss counters with a Black Hole Slam. Christian somehow kicks out at two. I thought it was over right there. Mitchell grabs another bag of tacks and hands it to Abyss. He sets them up and goes for a chokeslam. Christian somehow counters out and hits another Unprettier, this time in the tacks. Abyss deserves a bonus.

Mitchell is in the ring talking to Abyss. Christian turns around and goes back after Mitchell. Abyss cuts him off with a low blow. Abyss grabs his chain and wraps it around his fist. He blasts Christian with it and starts screaming like a madman. Christian is busted open. Abyss tosses him outside the ring. He wraps the chain around Christianís neck and hangs him over the top rope. Mitchell grabs the belt and gives it to Abyss. Well, Mitchell did promise that Abyss would leave with the belt. Ravenís going to be upset with the gimmick infringement.

Borash hangs out with Team Sting. AJ says that Sting couldíve wrestled anywhere he wanted, but he chose TNA. Rhino promises that somebodyís getting Gored tonight. Sting says itís showtime, and weíre offÖ


So whoís getting one-upped tonight amongst theses masterful one-uppers? Borash is off ring announcer duty, David Penzer is back, and Earl Hebner is the referee. Pins and submissions can only take place after everyoneís in the ring. Chris Harris is starting off for Team Jarrett and he talks trash to Don West as usual. Gail Kim and Jackie are already talking smack at ringside. AJ is the first guy out for Stingís Warriors. Team Jarrett won the cointoss, so theyíll have the advantage. Jackie smiles at AJ as he walks by. AJís extra fired up tonight. These two have five minutes before the next person enters. Harris decks him with a clothesline. Harris avoids AJís dropkick and then mocks his taunt. AJ doesnít care for being mocked though, and catches Harris with the dropkick anyway. Harris picks AJ up and rams him into the cage. He tosses him into the cage again. Harris pulls out the old school back rake like all good heels do. AJ comes back with a drop toe hold. He follows up with the Angry Man Knee Drop. AJ calls Gail Kim something at ringside, much to the crowdís delight. AJ traps Harris between the ropes and the cage. He splashes Harris twice, and then slams his head into the cage repeatedly. He tosses him into the cage again. AJ is in total control. AJ Splash in the corner, but Harris catches him on a second attempt. The Catatonic levels AJ, but AJ is able to come back a Styles Clash as the clock runs down.

James Storm is next out for Team Jarrett, beer in hand. Harris is busted open. AJ tries to dropkick the door into Storm, but Gail Kim eats it instead. Storm slams the door into AJís head. Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on AJ and then rakes his face across the cage. Harris is back up and AJ has to try to fight them both off. They hit the Hart Attack and take him out.

Rhino is out for Stingís Warriors. Heís a house of fire and the crowd goes nuts. He slams both Harris and Storm into the cage and hits Harris with a Spinebuster. Storm avoids a Gore attempt. Harris decks AJ with a clothesline. Harris dropkicks Rhinoís head into the cage. Stormís busted open too, and I have no idea how that happened. I guess he didnít want to be left out.

Jarrettís music hits, but Rhino cuts him off on the ramp. Rhino and AJ attack him outside. Back in the ring, the numbers game is too much for AJ and Rhino. Jarrett suplexes AJ into the cage. AJ eats another clothesline from Harris.

Killings is out next and he wails on everybody. Split/heel kick combo nails Storm. Killings blocks a suplex by Harris and hits a suplex/stunner combination. AJ climbs up to the top of the cage. Storm and Jarrett cut him off. Rhino and Killings go up after them and Harris pulls them all over the in the obligatory Tower of Doom spot.

Steiner is out last for Team Jarrett. Overhead belly to belly suplex on Rhino leads it off. Belly to belly to Killings as well. Steiner press slams AJ into the cage and then tells the crowd that their mother sucks. He drops Killings off the top rope with some sort of nasty looking suplex. Rhinoís bleeding and Harris talks trash to him. Steiner slams AJ down again.

Stingís out last and the cage is locked. Sting decks everybody. He tosses everybody into the cage. Storm gets whipped into Harris into the corner ass first. Sting sets them all up in the corner and hits a stacked Stinger Splash. The roof is coming down, with sparklers included. Thereís kendo sticks, trash cans, gee-tars, bats and all sorts of other weapons handing around. Storm and AJ climb up to the roof. Thereís a ladder and a table up there. Gail Kim climbs up to the top too, but AJ cuts her off. Jackie pulls Gailís skirt off, much to everyoneís delight. Storm superkicks AJ, but AJ luckily doesnít fall off the roof. Storm sets the table up. AJ kicks Storm and sets him on the table. Sting and Jarrett face off with gee-tars. Sting decides the bat works better and he blocks Jarrettís gee-tar shot. Steiner cuts Sting off with a low blow.

Meanwhile, AJ has set up the ladder on the roof and he climbs to the lighting truss hanging from the roof. He drops down and puts Storm through the table. The crowd goes insane. Back in the ring, Jarrett cuts off a Killings pin attempt. Jarrett hits the Stroke on Killings, but Rhino Gores Jarrett. Steiner suplexes Rhino and then locks in the Steiner Recliner. Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop, but Harris decks him with the handcuffs. Harris goes for his own Scorpion Death Lock, but Sting counters and shows him how itís done. Harris taps out and Stingís team gets the win to end the show.


Overall, it was an entertaining show. The ending came off flat to me, it was almost like they thought they were about out of time. There was still about ten minutes until 11 though.

The intro video was excellent. Check it out on TNAís website if you didnít see the show. They should have run it on Impact to build up the buzz for the show.

Team Japan v. Team USA was a good choice for an opener. I really liked Minoru, he has great charisma and youíre forced to pay attention to him in the ring. There were some great spots in the match and Iím liking the dynamic with Shelley on Team USA.

Why did Low Ki change his name? It was just confusing to everybody.

That said, Iím glad he came back and I hope he sticks around a while. He was always a favorite during the early days of TNA and looked to be in good form with Daniels here. Letís have those two feud for a while and keep Daniels and Joe separated for the time being.

I canít believe I recapped an arm wrestling match in a steel cage.

Chase Stevens loves doing crazy moves off the top of the cage. I think he watched the Dude Love video Mick Foley made years ago one too many times. That said, itíd be nice if everybody would at least try to catch him when he does a shooting star off the top of the cage. I hope Chase slapped each of them after the match. At least he didnít Lesnar the move, that couldíve been deadly.

The finish of the Xscape match with Sabin, Williams, and DíAmore was incredibly lame.

Great job by Tenay to screw up the timeline of the Joe/Sabu match. He said Sabu was named #1 contender to the X Division title, when the match was made before Joe had regained the belt. If youíre going have a nickname of The Professor, you might want to get these things right.

I give Sabu tons of credit for still doing the match tonight with a broken arm, but it definitely brought it down a few notches. It wasnít bad, but it had to be limited because of the injury.

The flag match was pretty decent, I canít really complain about it. I hated the ref being knocked out and missing the Team 3D win trick again, but at least it worked out this time. It ended up being a decent nod to the finish of the title match with AMW, but I was worried at first.

Donít call the match an ďANTHEM MATCHĒ if youíre not going to play the anthem afterwards. At least the crowd remembered and sang the anthem after the match. Of course, Tenay and West just ignored it for most of the song, and then Tenay wanted to lay out to ďsoak in the moment.Ē The crowd actually contributes a nice moment to a stupid, played out feud, and Tenay pretty much crapped on it. Maybe the producers told him to ignore it because talking about the rest of the card was so much more important at that point, I donít know.

I should probably complain about Don West during that bit too, but I donít think he knows any better. Tenay should by this point.

Christy Hemme was an interesting surprise, I had forgotten all about her.

So, who is this new ďpublic face of TNA managementĒ? I almost feel like the buildup to it points to Bischoff, but thereís no way heíd do it. Vince still has him under some sort of contract, doesnít he? It just seems like itíd have to be somebody with WCW ties. I guess it could be Russo, but I donít want to believe that.

Good to see Raven back. Iím glad they actually completed that storyline of Zybysko completely cheating him out of his contract. With DíAmoreís comments to Zybysko, Iím wondering if thereís going to be more coming out about the information Jackie knows about that Jarrett and crew have been able to keep under wraps. Could we possibly be seeing a little continuity?

Christian v. Abyss was a very good World Title match. Christian looked like a champ and Abyss looked like he belonged at that level. This was much different than the Monty match last month where Monty just looked like a chump at the end after dominating the match. Even though the Sunset Flip Powerbomb into the thumbtacks was done in the same match with Abyss last year by AJ, itís a cool spot. All signs seemed to point to an Unprettier into the tacks, but I wasnít sure Abyss was that crazy. I guess he is, more points to him. The Black Hole Slam late in the match had me believing that they were going to put the belt on Abyss, it was a great near fall to put in that spot in the match. It was a very well booked match.

The main event wasnít as good at probably should have been. I donít know exactly why, it just came off flat to me. Maybe because it came after the Christian/Abyss match, but Iím not sure. The ending was definitely weak. Everything just seemed disjointed in general.

I love a good crazy spot as much as anyone, but I think the AJ spot putting Storm through the table actually took away from the match. That could be why the ending came off as so lame. It took a little too long to set up and just didnít fit into the match very well. It was forced.

While Iíve bitched a fair bit, Iíd have to give the show a good review overall. Match of the Night was Christian v. Abyss. The worst of the night (arm wrestling doesnít count) was 3D v. Team Canada, and that wasnít bad by any stretch. The replay is worth getting if youíre into TNA, it might not hold up on its own otherwise.

The Super X Cup starts on Impact this week, with the finals coming up at the Sacrifice PPV. We might find out who this new figurehead is, but Iím not counting on it. Weíll see Thursday night on Impact, Iíll be back on Friday with the recap. Until thenÖ


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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