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The Road to Sacrifice
May 12, 2006

Compiled by Jason Longshore
and Featuring the OO Forums TNA Posse


Welcome to the World Famous TNA PPV preview. It qualifies as such, I received an email from a reader in Australia. The OO Forums’ Posse has been reconvened and will be with us shortly. But first, there’s the small matter of last night’s Impact. We’ll kick off today’s festivities with the modified Impact recap… 

The Team 3D theme starts the show, and they head to the ring. Ray grabs a mic and he’s a wee bit ticked off. He’s specifically ticked off that AJ and Daniels got a title match, and the fans didn’t quite know how to react. Ray gives AJ and Daniels their props (saying they’re the future of the business and he’s honored to be in the same company), but says that they don’t deserve a title shot before Team 3D. That brings out the James Gang. BG apologizes for interrupting the interview, but he’s a bit troubled. BG has a problem with Ray’s comment about Team 3D being the most distinguished tag team in wrestling history. BG says that “you never beat us.” Ray reminds BG that they in fact, did defeat them for their first WWE tag title run. They bicker back and forth about selling out Madison Square Garden, selling out bingo halls, and Battleship (don’t ask). It all comes down to them making a match for Sacrifice. BG then, I thought, head butted Devon during their handshake, but Tenay says he kissed him. Eh?

The World X Cup match between Chris Sabin and Puma is up next. Chris Sabin has become the master of the basement dropkick. Puma smacked Sabin’s ass to set up a wicked submission hold. There’s been some interesting overtones in this show so far, and it’s only fifteen minutes in. Lethal and Dutt come out to watch their captain in action, along with former captain Jerry Lynn. Sabin goes back to the basement dropkick, this time springing off the top rope with it. He scores again, this time with the hesitation version of it. That sets up the Cradle Shock and gives Team USA the win.

Borash is backstage with Jarrett’s band of misfits. Jackie’s crying about something, and Storm is falling off of chairs. Zybysko interrupts, asking D’Amore for help with the Raven situation. Larry mentions how “he’s not the only one” involved in the witch hunt going on. D’Amore says he can solve the problem, and asks for an A-1 v. Raven match at the PPV. Larry agrees, and it’s set.

Alex Shelley rules, he debuts part two of his interview with Kevin Nash, saying he specifically wanted to show it to his Team USA teammates. Nash asked for the interview because he knew Alex would get it on the air. He says he should get more attention than Sting. He says that since he isn’t getting that love, he’s going to go after the X Division and destroy it. Nash says he can take the entire X Division. He says the most mediocre big man can destroy the best small man. Shelley tells the team that he defended the X Division, but it got cut from the footage. He also says that Nash will be at the PPV on Sunday. Sonjay says he’ll be ready.

Abyss comes out for a match with Chase Stevens. Poor Mr. Stevens. James Mitchell says that Abyss is going to give Christian a preview of this Sunday’s Full Metal Mayhem match. Abyss slams Chase headfirst into a chair wedged into the corner. Abyss ends the match by chokeslamming Stevens through a table. Christian shows up and blasts Abyss with a ladder. Security tries to separate them, but Christian dives off the ladder onto the whole group of them.

Wow, there’s a whole lot of See No Evil commercials during this show…

A recap of the Deal or No Deal stuff leads us to Sting’s entrance. He’s followed by his own band of misfits. Buff, Lex, and the Dog Faced Gremlin is quite the posse. Sting says that he’s going to give Jarrett the choice after all. Jarrett says that he can read people’s faces. He says he’s the smartest man in professional wrestling. I think Triple H just broke his TV in his Winnebago. Jarrett talks trash about Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Randy Savage. He says that Sting’s out of options and he wants to know who’s in the tunnel right now. Sting seems to be a little upset about Jarrett’s choice. His partner was a mortgage broker, Tank Abbott’s dad was his high school English teacher, he was a former bouncer at a bar in California. Jarrett gloats, but then Sting brings out his partner. IT”S SAMOA JOE, OH MY GOD!!!! Jarrett looks terrified, while Joe grins like a loon.

AMW/Roode v. Styles/Daniels/Rhino is closing out the show tonight. Harris comes over to talk trash to West, as usual. Tenay can’t stop screaming about Samoa Joe. I go to get a drink from the kitchen during the introductions, and Tenay is still freaking out about Joe when I get back. He might need to change his shorts, I’m not sure. D’Amore cheap shots AJ, as he plays Ricky Morton for the evening. They don’t have a lot of time, so it’s a quick Ricky impression. He gets the hot tag to Rhino after a Springboard Super Angry Man Flying Forearm. It’s all craziness now, with everybody in the ring. Roode knocks Daniels off the apron with a Northern Lariat, AJ clocks Roode with a Pele, Storm takes AJ out with a superkick. Jackie reappears with some coffee, but she ends up throwing it in Storm’s face. That leads to a Gore from Rhino and the good guys get the win.

A video package for Sacrifice ends the show and sets things up nicely for us. Let’s look at the card, and how the Posse thinks things will turn out.

First, let me interject a little tale for you readers. As I was putting together the preview portion of this, I was talking to Rick via email. He was asking my opinion on his fantasy booking of Kevin Nash’s destruction of the X Division being halted by Samoa Joe. Just as I was typing, “They wouldn’t do that, Kevin Nash’s balsa wood leg would snap the minute Joe stepped into the ring,” a power transformer blew up outside of my window. The power went out, and it blew the fuses in my room. I guess the lesson of the story is, don’t ever knock Kevin Nash…

Also, this might be a little rushed because I’m trying to remember some of what I was going to say before Big Delusional Kev destroyed the power on my block.

Full Metal Mayhem Match for the NWA Title

When we left these two last month, Christian had won the match, but Abyss was walking out with the NWA title belt. And surely, somewhere, Raven was crying about gimmick infringement. Abyss and James Mitchell have kept the belt this month, despite some sneak attacks from Captain Charisma. Christian came up with the idea of a Full Metal Mayhem match (basically TLC) to regain the title he should actually be holding right now. We know Abyss is all about some crazy matches, so it was on.

While I expected a solid match last month, these two surpassed most people’s expectations. We’ll see if they can do it twice in a row.

The OOutlOOk
Christian wins: 4 votes   --|--  Abyss wins: 0 votes

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... Christian wins.
This is a Full Metal Mayhem Match, a fancied up TLC match. I would say Christian has to go over here. It will be a good match, and this may well not be the blow off to this feud yet. I can see Mitchell and Abyss pulling shenanigans to extend the feud for another month, but tonight, Christian gets the win. 
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Christian wins.
I did half-heartedly pick the Unprettier onto the thumbtacks in last months preview. That means that Christian and Abyss are going to be under pressure to not only top last months match (a feat not necessarily impossible), but will have to give the show a memorable ending. I keep saying it, but Captain Charisma has been pretty uncharismatic lately. His promos are more WWE style than anyone's and it just doesn't seem to be fitting in the midst of all these longer matches that TNA has put in the Thursday slot. I think he just needs to sound less contrived. Mitchell is still working as Abyss's handler, although if Abyss really thinks he's the champion it could lead to all sorts of routines where Mitchell can convince Abyss he's "really" a doctor or "really" a cruiserweight. Ahem. Anyway it's Full Metal Mayhem. I wonder if the tables are made of metal? And I wonder if we'll seen a reverse DDT from Christian off a ladder through a table?
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... Christian wins.
Wow, Christian has had a lackluster title run. And it's odd since like last month I feel like he and Abyss (and Mitchell) have done a fine job to entertain me. They've brawled well, they've talked well, and Christian's match with Shelley last week was entertaining fare. But I haven't been able to shake this idea that for the last 3 weeks Christian was just playing the role of Sabu/Rhino in the same story Abyss has been doing for God knows how long. I'm no JJ hater and I don't like to get into "Triple J" conspiracy theories but man am I under whelmed. Still, the match should be plenty entertaining as both guys have plenty of experience in these sort of things. And they were good together at Lockdown so this should just be better. It should also be the final stage of thus feud with Christian going over but I can't really figure who follows up here. Killings in a face feud? Maybe Roode gets propelled up after an upset victory over Rhino? It's a shame that I've come to believe that we're just treading water until Samoa Joe. 
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Christian wins.
The belt stealing idea worked out pretty well in this case. Christian didn't lose last month, but he still has to have a rematch in order to "regain" his title. With Abyss and Mitchell, the booking was excellent.

I'm wondering what Christian will come up with to top his top of the cage frogsplash last month, or his crazy ladder dive from Impact. He's shown a willingness to take some chances, something I didn't expect when he came to TNA.

This should put the period on the Christian/Abyss feud, who's next for Captain Charisma?



We’ve unfortunately been playing Deal or No Deal with Sting all month. It was sort of funny the first time around, especially when Jarrett could have picked Bagwell or Luger to be Sting’s partner. At least Don West was saying that Jarrett might be a little disappointed he didn’t select one of them, cutting Buff and Lex down in the process. I don’t have as much hatred towards Rick Steiner, and seeing him against his brother would have been slightly intriguing. However, Sting seemed like he was really bored during that segment, so it came off like crap.

However, the reaction to Joe being Sting’s partner was quite interesting. How in the blue hell did that work out? I guess we’ll never know, but it should make for an interesting match. Joe and Jarrett will combine on some good work, but I’m wondering how Big Poppa Pump will work out

The OOutlOOk
Sting/Joe win: 3 votes  -|-  Jarrett/Stiner win: 1 vote

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... Sting/Joe win.
This should be a pretty good match, although I am a bit concerned about it. On one hand, having Joe step up against Jarrett is fantastic. That will be a money feud down the line, so planting the seeds now is great. My fear is that this will end up being a set up and Joe turns on Sting and sides with Jarrett. Look, that already failed miserably with Monty, TNA would not do it again would they? WOULD THEY? I am holding my breath and saying no. Sting and Joe win and Sting can move on to other things, Joe can move on to Jeff. 
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Jarrett/Steiner win.
I actually kept myself spoiler-free this week and had no idea who Sting's partner would be until I realized that Joe didn't have a match. Well played, TNA. I'm tempted to say Steiner makes Joe submit, but I'm not dumb. Sting's getting better but his feud with Jarrett isn't getting any hotter. I see one more month out of this: Jarrett/Sting and Steiner/Joe at the next PPV. This should be an interesting clash of styles, but to balance things out, I think the heels have to win. Jarrett gets a pin on sting while Joe destroys Steiner somewhere else in the arena.
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... Sting/Joe win.
God I hope Joe doesn't turn on Sting. Do we really need ANOTHER "Jarrett outsmarts his enemy by turning his ally" story? Even if TNA things it's a good idea in a vacuum (which I might agree) they have to know how we'll receive it. And Joe doesn't need to be wasted as another one of Jarrett's minions. And if you want to turn Joe on Sting you can still do it down the road simply, and staying consistent with Joe's character. Joe's teaming with Sting because like everyone else he has no love for JJ/Steiner and he sees this as an opportunity. But he holds as much loyalty to TNA and Sting as he does the X Division, Styles, and Daniels. And he should have none for Planet Jarrett. Please, just let this be another step towards the destruction of Planet Jarrett (or at least the dwindling down of it to a handful of folks) and let Joe remain a solo, unallied ass kicker. Even if it means we get the joy of Joe vs. Steiner next month.
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Sting/Joe win.
I think Jarrett needs a win in this feud so he doesn't look like a complete tool (and I'm not talking about his fashion sense, because he can't help but look like a tool in that department). However, I don't see how they can book Jarrett and Steiner going over here without causing a riot. The only thing I could come up with would be Joe turning on Sting, destroying him, and aligning himself with Jarrett's cronies. While it'd be interesting, I don't see Joe as the follower type, and I'm sure his devoted fans don't want to see that.

I'm most curious as to how they play the confrontations between Joe and Steiner. I think those two could draw some business if it's done right. If it was me, I'd have Joe make Steiner tap out in this match. Scott can go nuts over the next few weeks on Impact, as only he can go nuts, attacking Joe every chance he gets. Presto, you have an
intriguing match with good heat for next month. Steiner's usually shown a willingness to do the right thing as well and isn't allergic to jobs, so I think he could be the right guy for this situation.


Tag Team Title Match

AJ and Daniels have went from being rivals, to buddies, to hated enemies, to buddies, to rivals again, to buddies again. Now, they’re tag team partners and facing off with AMW for the NWA tag titles. I guess I can’t hate on Brother Ray too much for wondering how in the hell that happened.

Gail Kim interfered in their match on Impact, which led Larry Zybysko to book a rematch at Sacrifice. This time, everyone else is banned from ringside, and the match will be decided by the four guys in the ring. We’ll see about that…

The OOutlOOk
Styles/Daniels win: 3 votes   --|--  AMW wins: 1 vote

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... AJ/Daniels win.
While Team 3D and the James Ganggggggg are slugging it out, we are treated to this. I think this would be a perfect time for an upset. AMW loses, Jarrett and Steiner lose, Jarrett's army is in disarray. It plays much better than Jarrett's crew dominating week after week, so, AJ and Daniels get the "upset" win.
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... AJ/Daniels win.
With the addition of Styles and Daniels, as well as the new use of the James Gang, there are four decent tag teams capable of working the main event style. (AMW and Team 3D being the other two, although if they actually use the Naturals we'd have 5). I think the tag division needs to be spiced up a bit. If Team Phenomenal Angel pulls this off, it could set up a spot-tastic three or four way at the next PPV. There needs to be something done on the PPV to create new storylines, and this is it. Happy fer our good luck.
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... AJ/Daniels win.
God I love this match. New Year's and 2 Impacts ago just wet my appetite. It's almost single handedly a reason for me to watch the PPV. Hopefully it lives up to all my hopes and dreams. As far as the result I'm going with my heart on this one. The Tag Titles and division needs a major recovery period and tossing the belts on a fan favorite, hard working, face team works for me. I'm just not sure what the point is to toss these two together if you're not going to push them as a legitimate team. Unless this was just a one month distraction to keep us entertained, but with enough ideas and names floating in the X Division this seems like the best place for these two. Daniels and Styles prove their worth by taking the titles and can become the willing defenders of the belt. AMW can have more miscues with Gail Kim and Jackie and Jackie's story can get resolved once and for all with her needing to disappear soon anyway. Then AMW can try and refocus and win the titles back, even while teams like the Dudleyz, James Gang, and hopefully someone like LAX helping fill the work rate quotient. This just seems like too good an opportunity to rebuild this division for TNA to pass up. But I also thought the X Cup was too good a thing to screw up.
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... AMW wins.
While I think it's time for AMW to drop the belts, and I hate to have AJ and Daniels lose to them twice in a row, AMW will retain here. Brother Ray's promo on Impact was almost too right, Styles/Daniels do not deserve a tag title shot on the PPV. There are other teams that have positioned themselves in that slot.

I'm just hoping the Styles/Daniels teaming isn't another excuse to have them blow up at each other for the 974th time and feud again. As great as their matches are, they need to leave that alone for a little while.


Gauntlet Match

The Cup will come down to this. All four members of each team will take part in this Gauntlet. The winner of the match will put five points on the board for their team, the runner-up gets two points.

The OOutlOOk
Team USA wins: 2 votes  -|-  Team Canada wins: 1 vote

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... No Pick.
The website says it is the finals, the show says it was round two, something was said about a 16 man gauntlet match, honestly, I have no idea what they are doing with this, so I can't make a pick.
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Team USA (Shelley) wins.
I'll probably lose my TNA card for saying this, but the World X Cup doesn't really excite me. Maybe if the tournament were a little better constructed or more thorough I'd feel differently, but it's hard for me to get behind guys that I'll see maybe two more times this year. And a gauntlet match for the trophy? That's kind of weak. Yeah, the wrestling's good, but it's in more of a vacuum than I'd like. The other vacuum in this match is Kevin Nash. Will he interrupt the tournament and take home the trophy? I see that as a possibility and a possibly intriguing storyline, but I doubt it'll happen. So, let's go with the hot streak and say that Alex Shelley, who never wins matches now, gets the win and becomes cocky and arrogant with the trophy, and maybe a future with Nash.
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... Team Canada (Young) wins.
You know, I'm reasonably confident about how this tournament plays out and how this and the Liger/Williams match do, but I don't know who to pick. USA has 5 points and Mexico 2. The winner of this match gets 5 and runner up gets 2. So it seems like the only way to end this tourney with any drama is to pull a 3 way tie and send this into overtime. Most likely in the form of an Ultimate X match. Since Mexico can't score that 5 I'm guessing they're out of the mix, and that makes sense in term of appeal. If you could have one of them in an Ultimate X match would it be Shocker or Liger? So Canada and Japan need to split this and the singles match. That would give each team 5 pts, tying them with USA. Which team wins which probably doesn't matter. So my guess? Eric Young stumbles into a victory over Black Tiger. Because I like those guys. And Young being the surprise hero of Canada's team (when Captain Williams fails them) is a decent enough story to tell, especially if you want to move him towards a face turn down the line. 

The match should be fun X Division spottiness at its best. You can tell a story of Team Canada's desperation and Team USA's dissension (especially if it's furthered with the Nash angle). And I'm betting on Mexico's 4th member "Incognito" to be Shark Boy in a new mask, or something. The name is just so silly that I almost expect it to be someone of actual interest who would play on the joke of the name. Tossing Low Ki (or Shenshi, whatever... I'll learn) in the mask (with his clearly identifiable mannerisms and moves) is probably a mistake but Jeff Hardy could be a silly little fun thing. With him being as flamboyantly stupid as he likes being? I can't believe I'm advocating Hardy in a surprise appearance. How about Austin Aries sneaking his way back into TNA? No? Ah well. 
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Team USA (Sabin) wins.
Why even do this and make such a big deal about it if you're going to have guys like Team Japan or Team Mexico win when they're not even full-timers. Team Canada would be an option, but they have too many other things going on. Chris Sabin will be the big hero for Team USA, which will position him as the savior of the X Division against Big Bad Delusional Kevin Nash.


Very Special "As Long as The Rick Still Has to do all the Formatting Work on this Document, These Two Teams Will Not be Referred to as Team 3-D or The James Gang In the Big Bold Header Part" Match

This all came about on Impact last night. The fact that it’s been thrown together like this says a lot about how far these teams (mainly BG and Kip) have fallen from their heights. These are two of the most decorated tag teams in the history of the business, and they’re facing off in a thrown together match a couple of days before the PPV.

The Dudley Boyz/Team 3D have won a total of eighteen World tag team titles, while the New Age Outlaws/James Gang have held World title belts on five different occasions. The Dudz first WWE title reign came at the Outlaws’ expense.

The OOutlOOk
Outlaws wins: 3 votes   --|--  Dudleys win: 1 vote

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... James Gang win.
I like how they set this one up tonight, very straight forward. Which also makes me think that this will not be settled after one PPV. This will drag out for a few months as the matches become more personal and someone turns heel - which if it were me would be Team 3D and then have them destroy AJ and Daniels, but that is for another forum or something. To kick things off in this feud, The James Ganggg get a tainted win, which gives the 3D's a reason to want a rematch 
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... James Gang win.
Wow, this was out of nowhere. James Gang works way better as heels, but they're ten years late on being "cool." Except Billy. Billy's still awesome. Um, the Dudleyz did beat the Outlaws for their first title, but just as importantly Billy hurt himself fameassering one of them through a table and basically put a very quick end to the last full-on version of D-X. I wish there was some more build-up to this match, as the James Gang hasn't done anything since Lockdown and the Dudz weren't needed for anything important. I think Team 3-D is pretty much untouchable right now, so I'm going to give it to the James Gang and we'll see if they can get over as the bad guys.
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... James Gang win.
A coin flip. I'm totally cool with this story and match. It keeps these guys temporarily away from the titles, but keeps them in the mix. Bubba and BG can duel on the mics and they should have a capable enough match. With Nash popping up I cant shake the intriguing idea Brother Angst had about doing a TNA vs. WWF/E vs. WCW vs. ECW thing with these guys, AMW, and Nash/Hall, but with Nash doing his "kill the cruisers/X Division" thing I'd guess that's not happening immediately if at all. The more likely place seems to be for these 2 teams to keep jockeying for position and to find that the new champs are willing to take on all challengers. The James Gang, the Dudz, and AMW can than join AJ/Daniels in rebuilding the division. Who wins here probably isn't that big a deal but since 3D has their in for the titles more clearly BG and Kip can probably use this a little more. Really, I'm just glad that the other nightmare is over. And I can't stop laughing about the fact that Devon reacts to Kip and his pigtails and dancing with the exact same "what the hell?" thing we all do. Sorry, Cory. 
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Team 3-D wins.
I hoping these guys have flashbacks to their past work and put on a good show. While the James Gang sure could use a high profile win, Team 3D needs this more. After all the build up, they have to be the ones to take the belts off of AMW. This will start them on their way for the 87th time.

I'm just hoping Konnan and LAX isn't involved in the finish, although I'm kind of dreading it.


X-Cup Match

The last of the second round matches sees two captains facing off. As far as I know, this is the first time these two have met in the ring. We all know about the legend that is Mr. Liger. Petey has a knack of showing up big on PPV, I’m not expecting him to let us down in what should be a very good match.

The OOutlOOk
Petey wins: 2 votes   --|--  Liger wins: 2 votes

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... Petey wins.
Again, I am not sure if this is the final match of the X Cup, and then we have the 16-man gauntlet for the win....why is it so hard to make this clear? Anyway, Jushin is little more than a novelty act right now, Petey is a guy TNA can build around, so Petey gets the underhanded win. 
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Liger wins.
This'll probably be the opening bout. Way back when AJ fought him last year, I said that I didn't know much about him, aside from his rep, and that match really didn't show me much. I wonder what we'll see when Petey gets the chance at the top spot. World X-Cup wise, I don't think this'll make a big difference and I can't remember if Japan has points or not, but they probably deserve more than they get. A Liger win would probably also help establish hope for a non-North American team to win the cup.
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... Liger wins.
As far as I'm concerned Japan and Canada need to both add up 5 points on this PPV (3 pts for the winner of this match, 5 for the winner of the gauntlet, and 2 for the runner up). How the math is done doesn't really matter to me but I think the more effective storytelling works with a Liger win here. Williams could definitely gain something from a Liger win here but I'm not sure if I expect that. You could use a victory over a legend to push him back up the X Division but with Low Ki, Joe, and Nash all spinning around in X Division stories (plus possible Shelley vs. Sabin/Dutt/Lethal) I'm not sure if the immediate room is there. Williams vs. Low Ki could be a really appeal move once Ki gets the title off of Joe (hopefully), but I'm not sure how imminent a thing that is. So instead I'd like to see Young be the star of Team Canada in this tournament, especially if you make Williams the goat with a loss here and then failure in a final, overtime, 3-way Ultimate X match. And if TNA wants they can then use that to turn the rest of them on Young (and thus him face). Young and Raven vs. Team Canada? How about it? 

I have no idea what to expect from the match. Joe/Liger was disappointing but it was also affected by time problems with Nash dropping out of the PPV and a Gauntlet getting added. I hear a lot of "Liger's done" and I hear a lot of excuses. I have no idea what to believe. But my hopes are there and hopefully he can at least match up with Petey and help put him over. 
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Petey wins.
They have to make Team Canada seem like a threat to Team USA in the Gauntlet, so the Canadians need the win here.


RAVEN vs. A-1

Since the mystery new authority figure reinstated Raven last month, he’s been determined to make Larry Zybysko’s life a living hell. Serves Larry right, he screwed Raven out of TNA months ago. On Impact, Zybysko asked Scott D’Amore for help, implying that D’Amore was somewhat involved in causing Raven’s anger. D’Amore acknowledged that, and offered up A-1 as an opponent for Raven on Sunday.

The OOutlOOk
Raven wins: 4 votes   --|--  A-1 wins: 0 votes

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... Raven wins.
Scott D is helping Larry Z by giving Raven Steak Sauce. I don't particularly care about this one, I assume they are going somewhere with Raven though, and I can't imagine the story ends with a loss to A1, Raven wins. 
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Raven wins.
Raven didn't look to have "sacrificed" any pounds since he's been gone. This'll be quick and something will happen with Zybysko, but we'll have to wait for another month before the payoff. 
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... Raven wins.
Please. No A-1. No A-1. I will never pick A-1. But I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the win so that it can push Raven into a feud with Team Canada. D'Amore is a better foil than Larry Z and Jim Cornette might just become Larry's anyway. Maybe I've just brainwashed myself because I want Raven and Eric Young teamed up. But otherwise I'm not sure what you do with Raven. He can't keep chasing Larry around. And as much as I bitch Raven/A-1 is probably better than Raven/Zbyszko. I'm just not sure that I'm looking forward to bloated, rusty Raven vs. the guy who's been standing in the back for a reason. 
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Raven wins.
Why would Raven come back to job to somebody like A-1? I don't know either, so he won't do it here.



I feel a little bad, because I completely forgot that TNA even made this match. Rhino has had his issues with Team Canada for quite a while now, so a match with Roode is no big surprise.

The OOutlOOk
Roode wins: 3 votes   --|--  Rhino wins: 0 votes

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... No Pick.
No comment.
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Roode wins.
If you read below, Brad will say that he likes Bobby Roode but thinks he needs a new finisher. Go on. I bet he does. I agree, though, although more for the fact that there's no build-up to it and less because of how non-killing it looks. Poor Rhino and Ron Killings; a month ago they were with Sting and AJ and now they're in minimally promoted feuds or off the card completely. For some reason, I always try to balance the Team Canada card by having them win at least once, but they lose a lot. Not this time, though. A good, tough showing by Roode will help elevate him and perhaps lead to cooler matches next month.
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... Roode wins.
I'm so on board with a Roode push that I really wish it wasn't done in what I think is such a hasty manner. Maybe it's just that the break between Lockdown and Sacrifice has felt so rushed but this barely feels like a feud to me. And I wouldn't be surprised if Roode is getting this only so that he can serve as the next lackluster feud for Christian and the World Title. Which would be a shame since I really am on the Roode bandwagon and think he could turn into a viable player... but this out of nowhere push doesn't feel right. My hope is that he gets the Rhino win, gets sacrificed to Christian, and then gets involved in an elevated Team Canada story involving Raven and a face Young. That could be the way to really build both he and Petey. 

Rhino just feels like he's here. And with the rumors that his deal is up imminently and that he might jump to ECW I doubt he's getting anything to work with. 
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Roode wins.
Adios Rhino. I'm glad you were able to revive your career in TNA, I'm just hoping Vince and co. break out a fat check to bring you back for the new ECW project. It's also a good chance for Roode to get a high profile win.



There's eight matches announced, but there is also a guarantee on the table that Kevin Nash will show up to malign the X Division, not to mention all these rumors about TNA's new figurehead boss...

The OOutlOOk

Jack "mooseheadjack" Headmoose says... Fear The Kev!
Now, Sonjay said he would be there, I assume that is for a match against the "X-Division Killer" Kevin Nash. I gotta say I am not sure where TNA is going with this one. On one hand, you have the Nash-Joe payoff at the end, but that means jobbing out your entire division to get to that point. Not a good idea if you ask me. It would be far more entertaining if they had these guys beat Nash, but Nash comes up with some lame excuse after every loss. It would be fun, I don't see them doing that, and sadly, I don't see the Playa From the Himalayas winning this one. 

This PPV really seemed to roll around fast. On paper, it doesn't appear as good as last month's Lockdown PPV. The main event should be good, Joe & Sting vs. Jarrett & Steiner could be pretty good, and AJ & Daniels vs. AMW should be good. The rest? Hard to say. It is worth the money to rent it. This almost feels more like an Impact show though; it seems to be a show that is more about advancing story lines than settling any feuds.
Cory "borntorun" Harris says... Joe Arrives?
iMPACT has been very good lately, showcasing longer matches and angles rather than the quick squashes that were getting very tiresome in the old timeslot. While Lockdown was a good PPV, from top to bottom it wasn't as good as the great streak from November-March. Of course, everyone's probably mostly curious about Samoa Joe and if he's going to fit in the main event scene, and I think the road to Slammiversary should be fun.
Chris "Lucky" Lopez says... Et tu, Shelley?
At the top of the list is probably Nash vs. the X division. I kind of wish that the X Division had been represented by more than just Team USA but I guess it makes sense. Nash will run over X Division stars until one of them is gets the win for the division. Rumors have it Nash has a hardon to work with AJ but I'm hoping that Sabin, Low Ki, Shelly, or someone else is the guy who wins out as they could actually do something with it. So I'd guess we get Dutt, Sabin, and Lethal confronting Nash with Shelley reluctantly in tow. Shelley then gets to kiss up to Nash while barely trying to maintain some pretense of loyalty to his teammates. Shelley fails to back up his partners, Dutt gets his butt kicked, and it costs Team USA the Gauntlet Match? An effective start to a story I have my fears about. But I do think this can get done very well to benefit the X Division if Nash is willing to look a bit foolish (and his delusional character is a good start down that road). 

Other than that I can't think of anything on tap. It sounds like it's too early for Cornette to debut. Low Ki/Shenshi's involvement would probably be good but is there any unaccounted X stars of mention for him to go over? Perhaps he would get involved with Nash or the JJ/Steiner vs. Joe/Sting match? Otherwise I don't see anything on the agenda that can't be covered in the already existing matches. It may be a rushed PPV but it looks good on paper. It looks like there's room for a match so maybe TNA can find an effective use for some of the guys who went unused the last month like Homicide/LAX or Killings. Maybe a miracle could occur and Aries/Strong or Monty Brown. But I'm guessing that the Nash stuff and the Gauntlet should eat up plenty of time.
Jason "JLRuckus" Longshore says... Not bad for three weeks of build up.
I don't get the complaining about the quality of the card, I think it looks pretty strong. It's especially so when you factor in the rushed nature of this show in general, three hours of TV makes it difficult to build to a PPV properly. I think TNA did the best they could with it, we'll see the fruits of their labor on Sunday. 


See you with the full Sacrifice PPV Recap on Monday!


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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