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WWE SD! presents Judgment Day 2006 
May 21, 2006

by Adam Gutschmidt


Since no one else was brave enough to endure this show, I got the call of duty to recap it for all of you fine readers out there. To keep myself entertained as I watched the show, I decided to do a running commentary throughout it and use it as my recap. As a result, you won’t get as much actual play-by-play, but you’ll get plenty more snark from me. At the end of each match, I’ll also provide my thoughts and analysis on the match. If you see large gaps in time with nothing being said, keep in mind that this is a Smackdown Pay-Per-View. Also, since Rick was too eager to get his drink on, he never received my pre-shows picks. So, before each match, I’ll inform you who I had chosen to win.

7:30 For some reason, there is no live HeAT. Instead we get a prepackaged Free For All with that tool Josh Matthews. Evidently he survived that shotgun blast from Tim White.

8:00 The video package indicates that tonight will be everyone’s Judgment Day. They make usage of a guillotine to help get that

point across. The last time they had a guillotine as part of their graphic was for King of the Ring ’98 and we all know what happened that night. Somehow I don’t think we’ll get as memorable of a bump here tonight.

8:04 MNM stroll down the red carpet for their tag title defense. In my picks, I had a tough time choosing a winner. I went with MNM, but ultimately I want to see this feud continue regardless of the winner.

8:06 London/Kendrick are sporting some slightly new gear that includes some even creepier looking masks. OK then…

8:08 Nitro gets an early advantage on London and then does some posing. Mercury “takes his picture” as he shows off his physique.

8:10 Some double-teaming by London & Kendrick force MNM to bail. They don’t let them rest though, as London launches Kendrick onto the champs on the floor.

8:11 A missed high crossbody by London sets up the Ricky Morton sequence of the match.

8:12 I may have called the RM sequence prematurely as London tags Kendrick.

8:13 Kendrick gets hit with the Snapshot (a bit early for that, don’t you think?), but London breaks up the pin at 2 and ľ. It now appears that Spanky will be doing the RM sequence.

8:18 Some heel miscommunication leads to Kendrick finally tagging London back in to clean house.

8:19 London does a variation of the dropsault by dropkicking Nitro and landing on Mercury. Cool. Melina comes in the ring and screams in the ref’s ear to cause him to stop counting. You don’t see that one everyday.

8:20 More heel miscommunication allows London to roll up Mercury for the 1-2-3. We have new champs.

8:22 Melina starts giving Mercury shit for losing and then slaps him. Mercury grabs Melina, but before he does anything, Nitro attacks Mercury!! Melina kicks the ref in the nuts as Nitro and Mercury continue to brawl. The usual bunch of idiots come down to separate the two. In amongst the melee, Teddy Long gets shoved down. Well, it looks like we’ve seen the end of MNM. While the brawl was cool, we certainly need all the tag teams we can get.

I’m a bit surprised as to how this went down. Given that a lot of their previous matches ended with fluke roll-up pins, I was expecting something different here. Everything leading up to the finish was solid, but not blow-away great. I was actually hoping for something a little bit more. I figured that we would actually get more in some form of re-match until the crazy postmatch antics. I don’t get the reasoning for splitting up the most solid team on Smackdown, so I hope they have something in mind. This was a good opener that got the crowd excited, but overall it was a slight disappointment.

8:27 Out comes Benoit for his match against Finlay. In my picks, I chose Finlay because I figured we’d get the first appearance of Finlay’s leprechaun.

8:32 Finlay complains of a poke to the eye in overdramatic fashion. This leads to Finlay giving Benoit a cheapshot. Gotta love dirty heel tactics like that.

8:35 These two have been doing a lot of chain wrestling while throwing in some stiff shots here and there to each other. The live crowd seems bored, but I’m digging it.

8:38 Benoit hits the hat trick as the crowd comes alive. Too bad he misses the flying headbutt.

8:39 Finlay tries to bring a chair in the ring, but Benoit baseball slides it into him.

8:40 Now Benoit hits the headbutt, but can only get two. Wow.

8:43 There has been this really annoying trend tonight where they are frequently cutting to the live crowd to show their reaction shots during the “slow spots” in matches. I didn’t pay money to see their ugly mugs…keep the cameras on the action in the ring.

8:45 We get our first mention of See No Evil by the announcers. Frankly, I’m surprised it took them that long.

8:46 Finlay tries to hit Benoit with the shillelah on the floor, but Benoit ducks and gives him a German! Oooh that looked nasty.

8:47 Benoit suplexes Finlay back into the ring and then does two more in the ring to complete the three Amigos. Nice!

8:49 Wow! Benoit struggles to apply the Crossface, but when he finally does, Finlay quickly taps.

8:50 Finlay tells Benoit “this aint over”. Fine by me. Keep it coming!

Another excellent affair from these two, just like the match they had a few weeks ago on Smackdown. These two stiff the hell out of each other, which I really enjoyed. Again, this type of match isn’t for everyone, as seen by the lack of response from the live crowd, but it was a well worked match nonetheless. I was shocked by Finlay’s quick tapout. While Benoit’s beatdown was sufficient, it’s not like he worked a particular area of Finlay over enough to warrant the quick tap. I felt it took away from Finlay’s character of being so tough. Flat ending aside, this gave us our second strong match of the night.

8:52 We see Jillian “stretching” in the back. Yeah, jutting out your chest a couple of times should get you in fine shape for the match.

8:53 The ladies are wrestling now, which surprises me. I figured this would be used later in the show as a lull between big matches. Jillian gets no reaction and has some ridiculously lame entrance music. Melina comes out with Nitro, but sans red carpet and Mercury. Nitro yells at referee Chris Kay before the match, so he gets tossed from ringside. By the way, I picked Melina since she’s, you know, over.

8:57 The two began brawling and had some surprisingly decent stuff. But now they’re trying to wrestle and the results haven’t been as pretty.

8:59 Jillian avoids a charge in the corner and then rolls up Melina for 3, even though Melina had her hand on the bottom rope. I guess Chris Kay was too busy staring at Jillian’s fake jugs to see Melina’s hand.

9:00 Kristal comes down to ringside and says she has a question for Melina. But then just tells Melina that she’s had a bad night. Melina calls her a bitch and then they briefly brawl until the referee separates them. Geez, everybody’s trying to mess with Melina tonight.

When these two just went at it, their crazy brawling came off better than I anticipated. However, anytime they actually tried to wrestle, it wasn’t working. Neither of these ladies are skilled enough yet to put on a credible match. I will admit that it was slightly better than I expected. I have no idea why they went with that finish though. I mean, I guess they wanted to do it to solidify Melina’s “bad day”, but it seems like there could have been a better way to do it.

9:03 JBL starts to cut a promo but stops when he sees Chavo Guerrero hanging around in the back. Chavo tells JBL to stop living in the past and ends with a loud “Viva La Raza”, which the crowd loves. But will they love him so much by the end of the night???

9:06 The Cruiserweight title match is up now and I chose Super Crazy because they always seem to do nonsensical title changes on PPV to make people think that they actually care about this division.

9:07 They cut to a shot of Arizona Diamondbacks’ Luis Gonzalez in the crowd. To say he looked less than thrilled to be there would be an understatement.

9:09 Super Crazy hits a high risk move and we get an ECW chant, which Tazz notes.

9:10 As Crazy does the 10-punch count in the corner, the fans count in Spanish.

9:18 After a missed hurricanarana by Super Crazy, Helms rolls up Crazy, puts his feet on the ropes and gets the 3.

A disappointingly dull match. This match probably had the longest headlock of the night. That’s just not something I want to see out of a cruiserweight match. Everything in this match was slow and methodical. The few times they tried anything high-risk or fancy, it was moves that we’ve seen a thousand times before. To top it off, they do the cheap feet-on-the-ropes pin. Very lazy booking and neither guy seemed to be motivated at all here.

9:20 Nitro and Melina storm into Teddy Long’s office and demand he do something about both MNM and Melina’s losses tonight. Teddy says he aint gonna do a damn thing. That prompts Melina to slap him. Teddy doesn’t like that and he fires her!! Nitro says he can’t do that, “we’re the tag team champs”. Huh? Despite that false statement, Nitro’s anger gets him fired too. Man, Smackdown not only lost a decent tag team, they’ve now lost a star and a manager. Can this roster get any more depleted?

9:21 We get a shot of the one-legged amateur wrestler in the crowd. Anything witty that I could say about him was probably already said 3 years ago when Zack Gowen was around.

9:22 Mark Henry strolls out and immediately clears off everything from the announce table. Then we’re forced to listen to a Henry promo. This match must not be going long if they have him talking. Henry is so innovative that he insults the Phoenix crowd by calling them “you people”. Wow, way to stick it to them Mark.

9:25 Angle comes out sporting his new personalized mouthpieces which says “revenge” on it. It almost looks like Angle is sporting some “grillz”. And as if it needs to be said, I have picked Kurt in this one.

9:26 Kurt tries some flip off the ropes and nearly lands on his neck. Jesus Kurt, do you have a death wish?!?

9:31 Kurt hits a German (oh man!), pulls down the straps, and hits the Angle Slam. That gets 2. Kurt is superhuman!

9:33 Kurt gets the ankle lock on Henry, but Henry powers out of it. Angle’s head nearly hits the bottom turnbuckle, as he flies off.

9:34 Henry sets Angle on the announce table and climbs on the Spanish one, but Kurt gets up before Henry does anything. However, Henry grabs Angle and splashes him against the post. Angle is down and fails to get back into the ring before the 10 count. Henry wins by count out. LAME!

9:36 Henry tries to attack Angle some more, but Kurt comes back and brutalizes Henry with a chair. Then he applies the ankle lock and keeps it on until the Usual Bunch of Idiots break it up. Kurt gets free and then Angle Slams Henry on the announce table, which doesn’t break. Not satisfied with that finish, Angle bashes Henry with the chair again. Henry falls on the announce table and this time it collapses. Big pop from the crowd for that.

Give Kurt credit, despite being broken down, he once again tried his damndest to make this match watchable. He was doing stuff that he shouldn’t even be thinking about doing. I almost can’t watch his matches anymore because I’m afraid of what might happen. Any goodwill that Kurt built up through his hardwork in the match was ruined by that crappy finish. There needs to be a ban on count-out finishes occurring on PPV. There is no reason why Mark Henry should go over. And if you’re stupid enough to put him over, then do it in a convincing fashion. With that finish, you’ve jobbed out Kurt and Henry still looks like a fat piece of crap. Thank goodness Kurt gave the crowd something to cheer about with his dominating postmatch beatdown.

9:38 We get an ECW One Night Stand commercial. Well it’s about time that they finally officially announced it. Maybe the marks will finally understand why Foley has been wasting his time attacking old ECW stars.

9:40 Sharmell talks up her man and tells him he’ll be the best king ever. Better than Tut, James, Don King and Martin Luther King. Wow, that’s pretty ballsy. The segment ends with the two embracing in a royal kiss.

9:45 Booker comes out and admires the royal gear once more. OK, I don’t believe I have made one correct prediction thus far. I’m almost afraid to say who I picked here, but I did choose Booker.

9:51 Lashley used his power early, but a missed charge caused him to ram his shoulder into the post. This gives Booker the opening he needed.

9:54 Booker tries for the scissors kick, but Lashley turns Booker inside out with a vicious clothesline.

9:55 Lashely goes for a spear, but Sharmell grabs his leg. This allows Booker to give Lashley a stiff kick. Booker follows up with the Book End, but Lashley kicks out at 2!

9:56 Now Booker connects with the scissors kick but again only gets a nearfall.

9:57 Lashley connects with the spear. Sharmell comes into the ring to distract the referee. Out of nowhere, Finlay comes out and nails Lashley with the shillelah. A follow up scissors kick by Booker is good enough to give him the win and the crown.

9:59 As Sharmell crowns her man, Lashley comes up and spears Booker through the throne.

This was ok, but nothing spectacular. It just seemed like their two styles didn’t mesh well together. Lashley looks ok when he does his power stuff, but isn’t convincing yet as far as selling offensive moves. Given that Booker has Sharmell, I thought Finlay’s presence was a big unnecessary. Their feud was seemingly over with Lashely’s win over him in the King of the Ring semi-finals, but I guess I was wrong. While the finish may not have been perfect, the right guy went over in my opinion. Booker should have a lot of fun being the king and has a variety of options waiting for him as far as future opponents go.

10:01 Backstage, the Great Khali is WALKING. And that’s about the only thing he’s good at doing.

10:05 This PPV is sponsored by VyTech Nutritionals. Sounds like ICOPRO 2k6 to me.

10:06 Taker begins his entrance and I wonder if it will last longer than the actual match.

10:09 The entrance finally ends and we can all hope that the match is shorter than that. And to the surprise of no one, I’ve picked Taker to win this one. Although, I don’t expect a conclusive finish.

10:12 Taker tries for Old School, but Khali launches him off the top rope. Khali has barely moved from one spot in the ring. He just stands there and lets Taker do everything around him.

10:15 Khali slams Taker and then signals for the “dreaded chop.” He hits said chop and covers Taker with one foot. Taker kicks out at 2.

10:16 Taker mounts a comeback and hits Old School. Khali grabs random body parts, unsure of what to sell. A blown clothesline causes Khali to fall and get his arms tied in the ropes.

10:18 After Davari freed Khali, Khali was able to chop Taker in the head. As Taker slowly rises, Khali boots him in the head. Khali puts his foot on Taker to cover and actually gets the three count!!! What a horrible finish!

This was just plain awful. As I said, Khali barely moved from one spot in the ring. His moveset is laughable and I felt bad watching the Undertaker have to sell it as if it was devastating. What made it worse was Cole and Tazz’s oversell of how destructive Khali was. I don’t know how Taker ever agreed to such a weak finish like that. He has to know that this guy has no future. Why did they bother giving him such a clean win? This one has me baffled. It’s moves like this that move me closer to giving up wrestling for good. So, so stupid.

10:20 Cole says See No Evil had a great weekend and then we get an unnecessary video package for the film.

10:22 Now we see members of the Phoenix Suns in the crowd. How many free tickets did they give out for this show? By the way, shouldn’t those guys be practicing for their Game 7 instead of watching this show?

10:26 JBL is out now and there’s no dancing from him. He’s all business tonight. He comes down to ring and badmouths Rey’s wife. Boo that man! Just for the record, I, like the rest of the OO Nation, picked Rey to win here. However, Chavo’s presence is now making me nervous that I might have made another bad pick.

10:30 Lamest sign of the night: “It’s no MYSTEREY who will win”.

10:33 Someone finally has a variation on the clichéd “Just a Big Loser” sign and had a sign that said “Jelly Belly Loser”. However, the funniest sign of the night says “JBL is my pregnant sister”. By the way, my comments on sign should indicate the lack of interesting action going on in the early minutes of this match.

10:35 Rey gets the crowd into it when he does a baseball slide to JBL’s “jewels”.

10:36 On the floor, JBL throws Rey headfirst into the steps to give him the advantage.

10:38 Rey is apparently bleeding from the face somewhere and JBL shows the blood on his hand to Rey’s wife. What a dick. Speaking of dickish moves, JBL now connects with the Three Amigos.

10:41 A close-up shot of Rey appears that he’s busted open by his eye.

10:43 JBL gets Rey in a sleeper but he lets go before Rey’s arm drops three times. That cockiness shouldn’t bode well for the heel.

10:44 Rey begins to mount a comeback with some stiff kicks. But when he goes for the Bronco Buster, JBL gets his foot up in the most intimate of areas. Ouch!

10:45 Rey goes for the West Coast Pop, but JBL pulls the referee in front of him. JBL powerbombs Rey and calls for another referee. Charles Robinson comes out and gets a 2 count.

10:47 JBL tries to use a chair, but Rey boots him. Rey then connects with a 619 and a frog splash and Nick Patrick makes the 3 count. Rey retains.

10:49 Chavo comes and out and celebrates with Rey. I keep waiting for the heel turn but it never happens. End Show.

This was suitable for a Smackdown main event, but not for a Pay Per View main event. They tried making JBL’s beatdown of Rey effective with the blood, but with Rey’s mask, it was tough to visually make it look impressive. Having Rey overcome the odds and comeback to win was the right move, but it could have been more dramatic. I don’t know if it was because they were rushed for time or if they just didn’t come up with anything more creative, but the finish didn’t do enough to make Rey look strong. After nearly a month of beatdowns, Rey needed a much stronger outing to help his cred as champion. As for Chavo’s involvement, it should be interesting to see if the heel turn comes somewhere down the line. I don’t want to see it because of my fear of where they’ll take the storyline, but it seems inevitable.

It appears most of the OO writers were wise not to order this show. You can say the show met expectations, but that’s not good here because everyone expected it to be bad. The first hour is solid but that’s only because it was taken up mostly by the tag match and the Benoit/Finlay bout. I’m glad to see they gave those matches enough time. However, things quickly took a nosedive from there. Most matches were pretty lackluster and just never had a PPV feel to them. Worst of all was the finishes to the matches. I can’t think of one match that had a satisfying finish. Smackdown has really booked themselves into the corner. They need credible heels, but all they have is Henry and Khali. If they job them out, then they are left with nothing. But if you have them win, then you get a crappy PPV like we had here. Hopefully, Booker’s win will shoot him higher on the card and improve things. If not, we’re going to have to bide our time until people like Batista and Kennedy return from the DL. I’m sure Rick will have more to say tomorrow and hopefully he can make sense of some of tonight’s booking decisions.


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