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TNA Slammiversay 2006
December 6, 2004

by Jason Longshore
Exclusive to OnlineOnslaught.com


Okay, I’m finally back to something resembling normal after the US/Italy World Cup match yesterday. My voice is still sort of shot from yelling at the ref’s horrible calls, and arguing with the Italian apologists in front of me at the bar. Seriously, when I’m watching an American soccer game at a bar full of American soccer  

fans don’t try to defend the ref’s horrible calls or the Italians flopping all over the field. If you’ve been somewhat interested, but haven’t had a chance to see the US in the World Cup yet, Thursday morning’s game with Ghana should be a fun one to watch because we are in a must-win situation. Even though we need a little help, it’s still very possible for us to get out of the toughest group of the World Cup.

Shameless plug completed, it’s time for the Slammiversary pre-show. It’s live again, which is a nice touch. Christy Hemme is in as Borash’s sidekick now that Shane Douglas is managing The Naturals. Ms. Hemme is definitely an upgrade in the looks department, I’m just hoping she doesn’t try to compete in the goofy faces department. Tonight’s definitely the best she’s looked in TNA, I think she’s stopped skipping meals.

Video preview of the King of the Mountain match is up next, complete with Sting’s “goozle you into oblivion” line.

Monty Brown comes out for a promo, and Tenay tells us that the Alpha Male is not in a good mood. That’s news? He gets on one fan for booing because he “can’t even spell boo.” Monty says some things are about to change. He calls out “Fat Joe”. He says he already did the winning streak thing, and he’s going to start over again. He also wonders if Joe’s streak will continue tonight. Monty v. Samoa Joe? I’m intrigued…

(I apologize for missing the end of the promo, but my Chinese food delivery just arrived. A man’s gotta eat, eh?)

More hype videos and in-ring rundowns of the card with Christy and Borash. Tenay and West talk about the card as well, then they show the really cheesy fake Slammiversary commercial with Jeff Jarrett kabong-ing a golfer.

A-1/Eric Young v. The Naturals is up next. Shane Douglas accompanies Stevens and Douglas, but stays at the top of the ramp to watch the match. The Naturals start out in complete control. They hit the Natural Disaster on A-1, but celebrate too long. Eric Young hits Douglas with a flying elbow and the Canadians get a surprise win on the distracted Naturals.

Shane Douglas comes down and grabs a mic. He goes off on Chase and Andy, saying that they need to do what they have to do to be winners. He says he’s not going to let them ruin his reputation. The Franchise says that we won’t see The Naturals again, until he thinks they’re ready. Douglas says if they let him down, he’ll “Franchise their asses”. Damn, now that’s a speech. Can we get Shane over to speak the US soccer team before Thursday’s game with Ghana?

They replay the excellent video package on the Joe/Steiner match. “You see that Joe, that’s a vein, that’s something you don’t have, you fat bastard!” Insane Scotty Steiner is the best heel in the history of the world. If you haven’t seen this, go to YouTube to watch it.

Team 3D comes out to the ring. Ray puts over TNA, “the hottest wrestling promotion on the planet.” He makes three guarantees, you’re going to see the greatest wrestling you’ve ever seen, you’re going to see some of the most hardcore action they’ve ever brought, and you won’t see any zombies. Damn, that’s harsh, I actually laughed at The Zombie. He then says that he called it, that product sucks! Ray then calls for a ref and says he wants to start the Bingo Hall Brawl right now. Slick Johnson comes down to the ring. Ray calls for the James Gang, but there’s still two minutes until the PPV is supposed to begin. Team 3D goes to the back to find the James Gang.

A video package highlighting the card is up next as we head to the FBI warnings…

The PPV proper starts out with a King of the Mountain recap video. They show Jarrett taking Truth out to win the first King of the Mountain. They show a clip of Raven’s win last year. Cool video, and a good attempt to put the King of the Mountain match on par with a gimmick match like Hell in a Cell. They put over all the particpants’ accomplishments. Jarrett says that there’s going to be a problem when Sting and Christian cross paths in the match, and that’s when he’ll take advantage.

While the fireworks and lasers are going off, Team 3D brawls with the James Gang up the tunnel…


It looks like Kip’s wearing white go-go boots under his jeans. He blasts Ray in the head with a chair. Ray kicks out of the pin and Devon goes off on BG and Kip with a kendo stick. BG ducks a stick shot and goes for the Shake, Rattle, and Roll, but Devon ducks the last punch. BG bails out of the ring and Ray yells, “You’re a dead man!” They brawl out into the crowd. They cross the border into the LAX area and Devon and BG both get jumped. Ray is setting up something ridiculous at ringside. Kip cuts him off, but Ray hip tosses Kip onto a guardrail propped up on chairs. BG jumps over the guardrail with a double sledge on Devon. This is crazy so far. Ray and Devon beat the hell out of BG in the crowd, the fans hold chairs up for them. Kip comes back with a trash can lid. West says “Bubba Ray” by accident. They get back to the ring. Ray chokes Kip with a bra, but Kip prevents him from using the cheese grater with a low blow. Ray takes him out anyway, and gets the cheese grater slicing on Kip’s face. BG comes back with a trash can lid and everybody’s down. Ray slams BG, Devon goes to the top for the Whazzzup Headbutt. Unfortunately for him, BG was able to grab the trash can lid to protect himself. Ray takes him down and uses the trash can lid and a golf club to great effect. Kip beats Devon with a cake pan, until Ray saves him with a kendo stick. They hit the Dudley Device for a two count. Ray asks for Devon to acquire some furniture. The crowd chants, “We want fire.” BG tries to come back, but Devon tosses him to the outside. Kip goes for the One & Only, but Devon blocks it with a mule kick to the balls. A 3D through the table ends it and Ray and Devon celebrate.

The crowd chants “That was awesome” at the end. Ray grabs a mic and says, “That’s how it should be done.”

Borash is backstage with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says it’s do or die for him tonight. He says it’s nights like this that good performers become great. He says he’s like Joe Montana in the fourth quarter, like Reggie Jackson in October, like Michael Jordan in game sevens. Jarrett goes off on the critics who said TNA wouldn’t last six weeks, yet they’re here four years later. He says that Sting and Christian’s egos will get the better of them tonight. He says he’s regaining what’s rightfully his tonight.

Zybysko comes running in and says that the new D.O.A. is who they thought it was, and “it don’t look good.” Jarrett says Zybysko’s constantly screwed up in TNA, and Jarrett’s going to fix it again tonight.


D’Amore grabs a mic and says the only handicap in this match is Rhino’s IQ. He tells Roode his job tonight is to watch his “catch as catch can brilliance” in the ring. Rhino’s music hits, and D’Amore runs up the ramp. West questions D’Amore’s “stones”. D’Amore eases his way into the ring. He does a leaping split like a cheerleader, then tags Roode in. Bobby seems a bit confused. Rhino takes him down with a shoulder block. He whips him into the corner, Roode pulls himself up, but Rhino is waiting on him. Roode’s reaction? “Shit!” D’Amore trash talks Roode in the corner. He slaps him on the back, and the ref says it’s a tag. D’Amore runs around the ring, and Roode drops Rhino. Roode beats on him on the outside. D’Amore gets a cheap two count. D’Amore is quite proud of himself and does some jumping jacks. Rhino just about has him, but Roode comes in with a Canadian Stunner. D’Amore gets another two count. Roode tags in. Roode whips Rhino into the corner hard and gets a two count. D’Amore tags in. D’Amore scores with some kicks and chops, and follows with a jawbreaker. Rhino comes back and sets up for a piledriver, but Roode breaks it up. Bobby tags back in. A vertical suplex gets yet another two count. Roode keeps punching Rhino, but the War Machine gets to his feet. A stiff right hand takes him down again. D’Amore tags back in and hits a second rope punch to the ribs. D’Amore with a leg drop and punch for a two count. He tags Roode back in. Rhino fights out of a neck vice. He scores with a sweet belly to belly suplex. Roode catches a charging Rhino with a boot. A neckbreaker gets another two count for Roode. D’Amore tags back in. He gets Roode to position him in the ring. D’Amore takes off his shirt, to everyone’s dismay. He goes up for a moonsault in his singlet, but misses everything. Roode goes for a sneak attack, but Rhino punches him coming off the top rope. He gets the shoulder block in the corner. D’Amore takes advantage and hits Rhino with the hockey stick in the back. Rhino blocks a DVD attempt by D’Amore and drops him with a spinebuster. Roode tries to attack, but Rhino tosses him out of the ring. That gives Rhino the chance to hit the Gore on D’Amore for the win.

Borash is backstage with Samoa Joe. They’re sitting in the dark, did Joe steal Raven’s room? Joe says that Steiner can’t intimidate him. He says that Steiner does have one thing in common with him, neither of them have have been pinned in TNA. He says he’s going to take that from him tonight.


Petey talks trash to the Samoa Joe DVD banner hanging from the ring apron. Jay Lethal has a cape now to wear on his way to the ring. Alex Shelley still looks ridiculous. This is elimination style, and the order of elimination will affect the X Division rankings. Two men in the ring, and tags are allowed. Petey slaps Sharky to start. Sharky bites his fingers to get out of an armbar. Petey avoids the 10 punch in the corner with an Atomic Drop. He sets up Sharky in the corner in the Tree of Woe, but Sharky pulls himself up and nails him with the dreaded Ass Bite of Doom. Sharky tags in Lethal. They hits some sweet double team moves on Petey for a two count. A backbreaker gets another two count for Lethal. Petey tags in Senshi. I’m glad Senshi is wearing pants, and not the little kid’s soccer shorts like he did back in the day. He kicks and chops the hell out of Lethal. Lethal comes back with chops of his own. A dropkick takes Senshi down. He follows up with a flapjack for a two count. Senshi comes back with a spin kick and a kick to the back of the head for a two count. Shelley tags in for Senshi. They double team Lethal with elbows. He locks Lethal in a surfboard of sorts, complete with a necktie. Lethal fights up, but Shelley hits the Lung Blower for a two count. Lethal gets a jawbreaker, but Shelley comes back. Lethal reverses with the hip toss/cartwheel/dropkick combo. He tags in Sonjay. Dutt hits the super whirly titl-a-whirl headscissors. He hits a standing moonsault on Shelley for a two count (complete with hopping to position himself correctly). He goes for the Sprinkler, but Shelley drops him crotch first on the top rope. Shelley then drags him on the rope, that’s got to be a nasty rope burn there! Shelley hits a Lionsault on Dutt for a two count. He puts his hand down his pants, then slaps Shark Boy in the face. Sharky comes in to help Dutt, everybody else follows, and they hit the Six Pack suplex (three men suplexed three men). That’s a new one. Sharky gets a two count on Dutt. He goes for the Dead Sea Drop, but Dutt holds on. He drops Sonjay with a neckbreaker. He goes for an elbow drop, but misses. Dutt takes advantage and gets the pin.

Shelley comes in. Shelley scores with an enziguiri. Dutt comes back with a neckbreaker. Lethal tags back in, but Shelley destroys Dutt anyway. He then drops Lethal face first on the middle turnbuckle. He follows up with a dropkick to Lethal’s ass. A brainbuster is up next, but Lethal blocks the senton attempt. Lethal eliminates Shelley.

Petey gets an awkward springboard hurricanrana on Senshi on the floor. Lethal follows with a suicide dive. Dutt goes to the top turnbuckle and follows up with a moonsault to the floor. Lethal hits a bizarre kick on Petey in the ring. Petey comes back with a kick of his own and hits the Canadian Destroyer. Lethal is done.

Dutt and Petey fight it out. Senshi helps Petey out, but Dutt kicks out of the pin. Petey accidentally hits Senshi. Dutt gets a couple of roll-ups on Petey for two counts. Senshi blind tags Dutt and destroys Petey with a clothesline. He drops Dutt in the middle of the ring. Petey cuts him off on the top rope. Petey goes for a top rope Canadian Destroyer, but Senshi holds on. Petey gets taken down, and Senshi hits the double stomp to pin him.

Dutt and Senshi trade moves. Dutt hits a tornado DDT for a two count. Senshi blocks a roll-up attempt and scores with a double stomp. Dutt kicks out at two. Senshi goes for the Ki Krusher, but Dutt fights out. Sonjay comes back with a neckbreaker. He goes up for the Hindu Press, but Senshi gets the knees up. He follows up with one of the nastiest dropkicks ever seen. He sets Dutt up in the Tree of Woe. Senshi stands on Dutt’s knees, Sonjay tries to sit up, so Senshi hits the double stomp on Sonjay’s face to pin him. Holy crap, that’s how you end a match.

Nash and Shelley are backstage with Borash. Shelley says there were about 10 or 20 guys, some of them had knives, some of them had gats. Nash says he missed that. Borash says Nash doesn’t seem too worried. Kev says, “Why should I? I’m a seven foot juggernaut.” He then sends a shout-out to Sabin’s dad, and says that Chris will be calling him sobbing later.


Tenay bitches about West chuckling at Nash on Impact. A fan has a sign that says, “Kevin Nash: Ow My Quad!” Sign of the night so far, for sure. Nash decks him with a knee to start. Sabin uses his speed to avoid punches, he wails on Nash in the corner, but Kev comes back with a knee. Sabin comes back with a dropkick. Nash bails, and calls for Shelley to come down. Alex distracts Sabin, and Nash scores with a clothesline. Nash chokes him in the corner with his boot. Tenay questions if Sabin can use the Cradle Shock on Nash. Shelley takes the turnbuckle pad off, but Sabin shoves Nash into it. He slams him headfirst into it, and Sabin gets a dropkick off the top for a two count. Nash blocks a Cradle Shock. Shelley grabs Sabin’s boot, which sets up a big boot from Nash. A sidewalk slam by Nash gets a two count. Nash scores with a rib breaker, and wrenches Sabin’s back across his thigh. Nash gets another two count. Nash works Sabin over in the corner. Another big boot drops Sabin in the middle of the ring. Sabin fights out of the Jack Knife with punches and gets a two count. Sabin had him set up in the Cradle Shock, but Shelley broke it up by grabbing Nash’s leg. Sabin drops Nash with a dropkick to the knee, and takes Shelley out with a dive off the apron. Sabin hits a springboard clothesline for a two count. He goes to the top and scores with a leg drop for another two count. Shelley knocks him off the top and Nash pulls down the straps. He hits the Jack Knife and gets the pin. Nash and Shelley hug in the ring afterwards.

AMW and Gail Kim are backstage with Borash now. Harris goes off on AJ and Daniels. He says their little experiment has been a complete disaster. He says that they have a problem with Gail, Gail isn’t worried about their “neutralizer”. Storm says that “a six pack ago, he might have told y’all how great you were.” Now, “he’s as happy as a gopher in some fat dirt.” It makes no sense, but doesn’t take away from Storm’s drunken greatness.


Tenay says that AMW’s title run is the longest in at least thirty years. AJ and Daniels went to the same wardrobe person, they’re in matching blue tonight. West says he knows how they’re going to deal with Gail Kim, but he’s not telling yet. Harris asks West to tell his dad Happy Father’s Day. Storm hid something at ringside. AJ and Storm start it out. The crowd chants for AJ, and Storm gets upset. They trade moves, until AJ hits his patented dropkick. Daniels tags in. They make another quick tag back to AJ. Quick tag again to keep the pressure on Storm. Harris gets a tag and wrenches Daniels’ arm. They trade armbars, until Harris pokes him in the eye. Harris tries to duck down on a charging Daniels, but Daniels just stands on the back of his head. Daniels comes back with a dropkick. Storm tries to interfere, but gets dropped onto Harris in a very questionable position. Storm accidentally yanks Harris out of the ring after skinning the cat. They toss Storm out as well, and AJ flies out on both of them. Back in the ring, Daniels gets a two count on Storm. AJ drops Storm face first on Daniels’ knees. A slam is followed by the Angry Man Knee Drop. AJ gets tossed towards Harris, but he slides under the legs. They take AJ out of the ring, and it’s a brawl at ringside. Gail Kim gets involved by jumping on Daniels’ back. AMW gets the better of the brawl. AJ tries to springboard off the guardrail, but Storm trips him so he lands on the rail. Harris goes for a pin on AJ in the ring and gets two. AJ tries to fight back , but he eats a clothesline. Storm tags in and leapfrogs Harris to come down on AJ’s back. AJ comes back with a sweet kick to Storm’s knee. Storm comes back with a spin kick and enziguiri. Harris comes back in with the delayed vertical suplex. Harris doesn’t go for the pin, just chokes him instead. Quick tags by AMW wear AJ down. Storm tags back in and goes for the Eye of the Storm, but AJ fights out and almost gets a tag. Storm slams AJ down with a gutwrench of sorts for another two count. AJ blocks the 8 Second Ride and hits the Pele and Don West yells about the World Cup. I owe you a couple bucks Don. AJ is finally able to get the hot tag to Daniels. Enziguiri to Harris, slam to Storm, slam to Harris. Gail Kim distracts the ref, but AJ throws her into the ring. A rather muscular woman shows up to chokeslam Gail and drag her to the back. Daniels gets a roll-up on Harris for a two count. Harris blocks the Angel’s Wings. Daniels gets another roll-up, but gets thrown off into Storm’s waiting chair. Somehow, Daniels kicks out and gets a tag to AJ. Styles comes in with an Angry Man Flying Forearm. AJ is on fire, he takes Harris down with a gutbuster. He misses on the Spinal Tap though. Harris is able to grab the handcuffs and blast AJ with them. The ref is pulled out before the three count by Daniels. AMW goes for the Death Sentence, but Daniels breaks it up. A DVD by Daniels gets a two count. Daniels is eventually able to get the Angel’s Wings on Storm, but Harris elbow drops the ref. Storm gets his beer bottle, but accidentally breaks it over Harris’ head. Daniels drops Storm with a Rock Bottom, AJ follows up with a frogsplash, and Daniels follows that with the BME for the pin. AJ and Daniels finally win the tag titles as the crowd goes nuts.

AJ and Daniels celebrate in the crowd with the fans. Sting is backstage with Borash. Sorry Stinger, this isn’t the first King of the Mountain match, get your facts straight. Sting says he’ll take his chance at the title if he gets it. Didn’t he say his only concern was keeping Jarrett from winning it? That was odd, and I’m confused.

Tenay throws it to a highlight video of TNA’s history. Good video, look for it on YouTube as I’m sure TNA will host it there.

Tenay is in the ring to introduce the “new public face of TNA management.” Tenay puts over his accomplishments in the industry, and introduces Jim Cornette. Cornette has some interesting music, it sounds like a remix of Abyss’ music on crack. Cornette throws his cane aside and comes to the ring. He puts over how good the last match was, saying “that’s what tag team wrestling is all about”. Cornette says he’s sick and tired of looking at the old face of professional wrestling. He puts over TNA’s accomplishments on its four year anniversary. He talks about how TNA is owned by a successful major corporation. He says they hired experts, but those experts brought their own politics and agendas and held TNA back. He says that he’s not politically correct, but he gets results. They show different wrestlers watching the speech from backstage. He says his job is for every seat to be full and for those fan to chant “TNA”. He wants people to have great matches, sell PPV’s, and draw great ratings. If employees can’t do that, he says he’ll get rid of them. He rambles a bit at the end, but gets his point across for the most part.

Borash is backstage with Steiner. Scott goes off about Sloppy Joe, calls him a half-breed, calls him fat like the rednecks in the crowd. Steiner goes off on Joe’s DVD, and says he’s going to kill Joe.

One more replay of the great hype video for the match. Joe calling Steiner “kid” cracks me up every time.


West hypes the match as the biggest non-title match in TNA history. The crowd is pretty electric. They lock up, and Steiner takes him over with a fireman’s carry. Steiner with a single leg takedown and they fight into the ropes. Steiner starts yelling at the crowd. Steiner gets Joe in the corner, chops him, hip tosses him across the ring, and paint brushes him. Joe is not happy, and he spits in Steiner’s face. Joe kicks Steiner in the chest and face. He takes Steiner down and drops the knee. Steiner takes Joe down with an overhead belly to belly release suplex. Steiner knees Joe in the ribs. Joe catches him charging into the corner. Joe takes him down with a kick and goes for the Face Wash. Steiner bails and Joe hits him with a suicide dive, knocking Steiner into the rail. Steiner slams Joe into the ring steps. Back in the ring, Steiner drops him with a clothesline. He follows up with his patented elbow drop and push-ups. The crowd chants for Joe, and Steiner yells at them again. That gives Joe and opening, but Steiner comes back with his twirling belly to belly suplex. Steiner powerbombs Joe, but Joe locks in an armbreaker and wraps Steiner’s neck with his legs. Joe pummels Steiner in the corner with right hands. Joe goes for a charge in the corner, but Steiner drops him with a slam. Steiner takes him to the outside and they brawl again. Steiner slams him head first into the wall behind the announcers. Steiner grabs a chair, the ref tries to stop him, but Joe takes advantage. He misses with a clothesline and wraps his arm around the ringpost. Steiner blasts him with a chair up against the ring. The announcer says that the ref is giving them a ten count to get back in the ring. Steiner blasts Joe one more time with the chair and gets in the ring, Joe finally makes it in at the nine count. Steiner beats on him when he comes back in the ring. Joe comes back with a his running kick. Joe hits his senton, and then hits a Blue Thunder Driver. Steiner kicks out. Joe tries to clothesline him down, to no effect. They trade clotheslines, with both standing still. Joe locks in the choke, and Steiner tries to hold on. Steiner is able to break the hold and gets to his feet. Joe locks in the hold again while standing. Steiner breaks it this time with a mule kick to Joe’s testes. He follows that up by dropping Joe on his head with a full nelson suplex. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner. Joe looks like he’s out, the ref drops his hand twice. Joe fights back before the ref can try him again. He lifts Steiner up on his shoulders and hot shots him across the top rope. That’s followed up by a quick powerslam for the pin.

Borash is backstage with Christian. Christian gets a sort of tepid reaction from the crowd. He talks about how no champion has retained in the King of the Mountain match. He says that Sting finally let it slip earlier that he’s after the title. Christian says that tonight will be the toughest challenge of his career. Christian says that TNA become “his property” when he stepped foot in a TNA ring. The crowd comes back on his side at the end of the promo and finishes his catch phrase for him.


Killings and Sting get big cheers on their entrances. Cool shots of Christian walking to the ramp from backstage, he gets a nice pop as well. Borash, Earl Hebner, and Zybysko are in the ring. Borash makes his usual main event ring announcements. Zybysko will be the “keeper of the cage”. Killings hits his split/spinning heel kick combo on Jarrett right off the bat. Christian comes in to help out, while Sting and Abyss face off. Killings decks Christian with a kick. Christian tosses Killings over the top rope. Christian clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope and follows it with a splash off the top rope. Sting and Killings team up on Abyss. Axe Kick on Abyss by Killings. Sting calls for Killings to go after them, and he flips over the top rope onto the three other guys. Sting climbs up on top of the penalty cage and hits a cross body on the four men on the outside. Back in the ring, Sting and Jarrett face off. Stinger Splash to Jarrett sets up a basement dropkick by Killings. Killings get the pin on Jarrett, and Sting tosses him in the box.

Christian cuts Killings off from setting up the ladder. Abyss cuts off Christian from pinning Killings. Abyss goes for a press slam on Christian, but Christian slides out and rolls up Abyss for a pin. Jarrett pleads with Abyss to work with him. Jarrett’s back in the action, and he slams Christian into the guardrail. He then tosses Christian into a ladder. Jarrett blasts Christian with the ladder in the gut. Sting drops Killings, followed by an elbow drop. Jarrett sandwiches Christian in the ladder. Sting works Killings over in the corner. Killings kicks out of a pin attempt by Sting. Abyss comes out of the cage and stacks up some tables. Meanwhile, Killings fights back in the ring. Jarrett and Abyss hit the ring. Stings takes Abyss over the top rope and Killings drops Jarrett. Jarrett avoids a kick by Killings and he crotches himself. Jarrett hits The Stroke on Killings from the apron onto the guardrail and pins him. Jarrett, Christian, and Killings are eligible to win now.

Christian brawls with Jarrett in the crowd, while Sting clobbers Abyss with a chair on another side of the arena. Christian tries to toss Jarrett over the top of the bleachers, but Jarrett fights him off. Sting whips Abyss into the wall of the bleachers. Jarrett beats Christian back down towards the ring. Christian backdrops him over the guardrail. They’re brawling around the arena, and Killings is out of the cage. He’s going to try to win while everybody else is brawling around the arena. Abyss finally realizes it and he dumps him off the ladder. They’re all back in the ring now, or near it at least. Jarrett and Abyss double team on Killings with the ladder. He tries to fight back by jumping on the ladder, but they dump him over the top rope. Christian and Sting take them out with a double dropkick. Christian gets Jarrett stuck inside the ladder and tries to climb the inverted ladder to hang the belt. Abyss cuts him off, and they fall to the outside.

Everybody’s down. Killings is first up and he goes for the ladder. He grabs the belt and climbs. Abyss dumps him off again, Killings flies to the outside. The ref gets taken out by the ladder. Jarrett goes to grab the belt, but Abyss cuts him off. Mitchell calls for it, and Abyss scores a pin with the Black Hole Slam. Sting is the only one not eligible to get the win at this point. Abyss climbs the ladder, but Sting knocks him off and through the stack of four tables at ringside. Christian and Sting finally face off in the ring, with Sting scoring with a Stinger Splash. He locks in the Scorpion Death Lock, the crowd chants “Tap” at him. Jarrett has the belt and he tries to sneak up the ladder. I don’t think his time was up, what the hell? Jarrett has the gee-tar, but Christian cuts him off. Sting decks him and grabs the belt. He threw the belt to Christian and locks the Scorpion on Jarrett. Zybysko cuts Christian off, low blowing him on the ladder. Sting decks Zybysko, and hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Jarrett. There’s no ref, so Sting has to count with Hebner’s hand. Everybody’s eligible to win now.

Sting has the belt and he climbs the ladder. Christian climbs the other side and they fight over the belt. Hebner gets up and tips the ladder over, dumping Sting and Christian to the outside. That gives Jarrett the opportunity, and he wins the match by hanging the belt.

Or does he? As Zybysko hustles Hebner out of the building, Rudy Charles comes running out and grabs the belt from Jarrett. He gives it to Jim Cornette and they scream at each other as the PPV ends.


· The opener was a good choice. Fun, crazy brawl out of those guys, but what else did you expect? The fans were way into it, even though they didn’t get their flaming tables. I guess they have to save something for round three.

· Kip’s boots were really hideous, I hope he lost a bet.

· Jarrett’s promo early in the night sure made it look like he’d be walking out with the belt. Pretty decent job on the mic, but way too much foreshadowing for my tastes.

· The Rhino match was fine, but it should’ve been shorter. He needed to win decisively, and this win wasn’t really that. Always fun to see D’Amore eat a Gore though…

· Joe’s backstage interview was weak, far below his level of recent months.

· The X Division match was kind of flat for the first half of it. The last part with Senshi, Dutt, and Petey was excellent. That finishing move by Senshi was quite impressive.

· So Senshi’s first in line now for Joe’s title now, interesting…

· Shelley explaining what a gat is to Nash was definitely a highlight of the show.

· Interesting match with Nash and Sabin, not really bad, but not really good either. Shelley’s constant interference definitely means we’re not done with this yet.

· The crowd was very strange during the match. They started chanting for Nash a little bit, then it sounded like a “Sabin sucks” chant got started when Nash was on offense. However, when Sabin rallied towards the end, the crowd was very loud in their approval. Eh?

· Great match for the tag titles, the last five minutes or so were excellent. Great finishing sequence. The crowd definitely loved Styles and Daniels finally winning the belts. Who the hell was the woman helping AJ and Daniels?

· I don’t know if that was the plan all along, but Sting’s promos and interviews where one week he says all he wants is to keep Jarrett from winning the belt, then next week he says he’ll take the chance at the title if it presents itself, then back to the first one, then back again, are just really confusing. Get it sorted and stick to one or the other, would you?

· Cornette’s promo was fine, but not the earth shattering deal it was made out to be. It gives them some openings to change a few things around, I guess we’ll see if they take advantage of it.

· Steiner’s interviews are consistently insane, it’s great.

· I really liked the Joe/Steiner match. That full nelson suplex was pretty sick, it looked like he dropped Joe right on his head. Steiner seemed to run out of gas at the end, which was to be expected. Good performance by both men.

· Christian’s interview going into the main event was painful. He rallied the fans back by the end, but it was pretty sad. The tweener stuff isn’t working so well for him, he needs to just be an ass again.

· King of the Mountain was alright, but it didn’t stack up to the last two times around. I think it was the booking going in more than anything, there just wasn’t the usual drama there.

· Killings definitely drew the short straw, taking all the crazy bumps.

· I didn’t expect Sting to do a cross body off the top of the cage, but it was funny to see all four men go out of their way to make sure Sting was caught. Chase Stevens broke things backstage, remembering how everybody missed him off his moonsault from the top of the steel cage. Poor Chase.

· I definitely got a good laugh out of the fans throwing a hissy fit about Jarrett winning. Did TNA give them plastic bottles to throw into the ring or something? Impressive…

· I guess we’ll see what’s next for the title on Impact. I’d be cool with a tournament leading up to the final on the next PPV. We haven’t done one of those in a while.

· Tenay has been below par for a while now, and he was again tonight. The one part that really stood out to me was his lack of a reaction about Styles and Daniels winning the tag titles. The crowd went genuinely nuts, as did Styles and Daniels. However, his call was so flat and matter of fact, you’d think the Diamonds in the Rough had just won a match on Xplosion. Show a little emotion for something that deserves it, Mike. You’ve been trying so hard for so long now to sell people on TNA, but then you blew it with this one. You didn’t have to try hard, all you had to do was react to what happened around you.

· Overall, it was a solid show, but nothing spectacular. I think I was expecting a little more since TNA has positioned Slammiversary as one of their “special” PPV’s. The tag title match was definitely match of the night, with Joe/Steiner a solid second place. Nothing really sucked, the Rhino match was probably my least favorite because it went on too long. They have a lot of options for some new directions to take on Impact.

· After reading some of the general feedback of the show online, I wonder if I saw things differently at the end of the show. While Jarrett won the belt using his usual brand of shenanigans, Jim Cornette took the belt away from him. I took it as Cornette saying, "We're not playing this little game now Jeffy." I took it as a way
for TNA to get away from their old tricks when it comes to Jarrett regaining the title. Look, Jarrett is one of the founders of the company and has literally put his money, blood, sweat, and tears on the line to keep TNA around as long as it has. He's going to be near, and sometimes at, the top of the cards. He has never gone out there
and just sucked out loud or given little effort, so he doesn't bother me near as much as some people. He makes viewers hate him, he is a heel on the show after all.

· I can't believe I just raged about defending Jeff Jarrett, somebody check my temperature...


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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