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TNA Bound for Glory 2006
October 23, 2006

by Jason Longshore
OnlineOnslaught.com's TNA Pinch Hitter


Tenay and West kick off the PPV pre-show in the ring. The sound is all funky and the producers might be a little tipsy, because everything’s out of wack. Let’s hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come.

Borash is out back trying to get a word with Samoa Joe. Joe has a folding chair set up in the parking lot and he's waiting on Kurt Angle. And he 

doesn’t feel like talking to Borash…

After more technical difficulties, we get to Bobby Roode’s first match in a long time. He goes into a long spiel about his search for a manager. He tells us that he is now called Robert Roode. He doesn’t make sense talking about his managerial choice, but introduces us to Ms. Brooks. I rejoice that Traci is back on my TV. She has traded in her sort of slutty prom dresses for sort of slutty secretary outfits. Oh yeah, Roode has a match with Lance Hoyt. After some back and forth action, Roode wins with The Payoff (remember Reno from WCW, it’s old Roll of the Dice finisher). Ron Killings makes the save after Roode and Brooks talk trash to Hoyt. Ron, don’t let Lance dance to your music anymore.

Cornette tries to talk some sense into Joe, but he’s not having it.

After more hype videos, we go back outside where security has Joe and Angle separated. They yell at each other before we get the Fozzy video to send us into the PPV proper.

This month’s ultra-serious introductory video featuring Jimmy Earl Jones compares the rise of Detroit due to the rise of the auto industry to the rise of TNA. As usual, it was well done, but I think it’s time for a different type of video next month.

They broke the pyro budget for this one, and brought the lasers from Orlando! At least nothing was set on fire by accident…

Kevin Nash comes out to join in on commentary for…


The re-debuting Austin Starr and Sonjay Dutt start things out. Tenay and West make fun of Nash’s trophy, saying it’s a bowling trophy. Starr is the bastard child of Rick Rude, Randy Savage, and Prancing Gavin Rossdale. Maverick Matt in his doily pants is out next. Starr does the corkscrew elbow, in even more ridiculous fashion than he used to as Austin Aries. By the way, where’s Roderick Strong? Jay Lethal is out next. He teams with Dutt while Starr prances about the ring. It’s almost like he’s doing the duck walk or something. A-1 is out fifth. I break out the line before West can, “It’s not about weight limits, it’s about no limits.” Zach Gowen makes his grand return to TNA next. Kazarian is out next, and he teams with Matt to toss Sonjay. Sirelda, AJ and Daniels burly female friend, is out next. Kazarian back hands her as she enters. Starr hits a low blow on her, and Tenay questions why she’s hurt by it. She’s tossed quickly by A-1, who is then tossed by Maverick Matt. Shark Boy is out next, and the crowd goes wild. Alex Shelley gets an even bigger pop when he comes out. Next out is a blast from the past, it’s D-Ray 3000! He headbutts Matt, and then runs into his old tag team partner Sharky. They rejoice, and follow up with battering rams for everybody! They even toss Matt, they’re on a roll. Johnny Devine is the next one in the match, and he tosses Gowen pretty quickly. Elix Skipper follows Devine into the match. Short Sleeve Sampson, a midget we first met in the pre-show, comes out next. Norman Smiley comes out to a big reaction. He teams with Sampson on a double Big Wiggle on Starr and Devine. Starr, after teasing it forever, finally press slams Sampson out, tossing him onto an already eliminated Shark Boy. Sampson then chases Slick Johnson around the ring, I guess because they’re both bald. Slick gets into the ring, and he throws Skipper out. Slick flexes and takes off his shirt. Petey Williams is the last one out for the match, and he gets a huge reaction from the crowd. Petey tosses Slick and generally cleans house. Canadian Destroyer on Jay Lethal, but the Paparazzi team up to throw Petey out. It’s down to the Paparazzi, Starr, and Lethal. Devine gets tossed next by Starr. Johnny trips Starr up on the ropes, but Austin is still able to eliminate Shelley to everyone’s dismay. Lethal is finally back up for the conclusion, where you can win by pin or submission. He hits a dragon suplex for two. He goes up for the diving Headbutt, but gets crotched. Austin finishes it off with a Starr Buster (brainbuster) for the win.

Nash comes to the ring to present the bowling trophy to an ecstatic Starr. Shelley tries to make excuses for not winning, and looks pretty jealous as Nash shakes hands and hugs Starr.

They replay the dastardly Border Toss by Hernandez on Gail Kim from Impact. Borash interviews AMW. Harris is especially pissed about LAX, throwing his handcuffs across the room. Storm tells him to have a drink and settle down. Good ol’ boy James is not pleased that LAX is allowed in the good ol’ U.S. of A. I can’t wait for this feud.


Shane Douglas introduces us to The Naturals, BG does his usual deal on the mic, Brother Ray says that Team 3D is the best, and Kip says, “Suck it.” With all of that out of the way, the match is on. Stevens and Storm trade moves in the middle of the ring. Ray tags in and hits a Rock Bottom on Storm. Harris comes in and AMW goes for a double team on Ray. BG tags himself in to help out, and he teams with Ray on a double team Shake, Rattle, and Roll (complete with Bionic Elbow attack!). After AMW is taken care of, Ray and BG fight, with Devon and Kip getting in on the action. Douglas puts Storm in the Tree of Woe. Harris comes over to help, followed by Stevens. They’re all up on the turnbuckle now, and Storm sits up to slam them down in your patented Tower of Doom spot of the night. They really need a sponsor for that move now. It’s signature move time now. BG hits the Shaky Knee Drop, Harris’ attempt at a Catatonic is blocked by BG, and he counters with a Pump Handle Drop. Chase hits a TKO on BG, Storm hits the Eye of the Storm on Chase, Devon hits the Saving Grace on Storm, Douglas hits a tornado DDT on Devon, Ray hits the Bubba Bomb (that needs a new TNA name), Kip hits the Fame-Asser on Ray, but Chase tosses Kip and get a two count on Ray. The James Gang and AMW brawl on the outside and up the ramp. Chase sets Devon up in the corner, but Ray slaps him on the ass to stop him. Ray sets him up and Devon hits the Dudley Device. Douglas gets slammed, and Devon nails him with the Whaaazzzuuuppp Headbutt. Devon is instructed to get some furniture, but Stevens decks Team 3D with a double dropkick. The Naturals combine to hit the Natural Disaster on Devon for a long two count. Douglas goes for a high knee smash, but hits Stevens instead. One 3D later, and that’s all she wrote.

Shane Douglas comes back out and faces off with Team 3D. He says he just wants to talk to his boys, and Ray and Devon step aside. He yells at Douglas, Stevens comes over and grabs Shane’s shoulder, but Shane slaps him. The Franchise yells at them some more.

Borash is backstage trying to talk to Samoa Joe. Jake Roberts slinks in and tell Jeremy he can show him his snake. I’m disgusted. He also says that his job in Monster’s Ball is not to referee, but to check people’s pulses.


Raven is wearing a Hannibal Lector style mask to the ring. What, no Gladiator helmet this time? Everybody jumps Joe at the start. They toss him to the floor and brawl amongst themselves. Joe comes back, and he’s not happy. Enziguiri to Raven, followed by the facewash. Abyss catches Joe coming off the ropes with a chokeslam. Abyss takes both Raven and Runt down, press slamming Runt into the crowd. Instead of crowd surfing him, some big guy in the crowd just dumps Runt back over the rail. Raven clotheslines Abyss out to the floor, and follows with a plancha. Joe comes back with his corkscrew suicide dive to kill them both, and Joe sticks the landing! They brawl up the ramp, with Raven tossing Joe off the side through tables. That looks like a long way down. Runt and Abyss climb up the set, and Abyss chokeslams Runt off onto the set. Abyss follows up by diving onto Runt, and even Jake Roberts looks upset.

Joe comes back to the ramp, only to get tossed off it again by Raven, through another table. Abyss carries Runt back to the ring, and slings him into it like a rag doll. Raven stops the count at two, but then eats a splash from Abyss. After another two count, Mitchell starts yelling at Jake. Joe is back, and slightly pissed. He tosses Raven to the outside and goes after Abyss. He hits the Atomic Drop and running big boot, but he whiffs on the senton. Abyss brings a chair in, but Joe cuts him off. They trade counters, with Joe finally scoring with a powerslam on the chair. Raven pulls the rope down, and Joe crashes to the floor. Abyss sends Raven out again, and Mitchell hands him the bag of tacks. Jake stops him, and points at his own sack. Raven gets into the argument over who has the biggest sack, and he attacks Jake. Abyss takes them both out and spreads out the tacks. Raven comes off the ropes, but Joe yanks them down to send him crashing to the floor. Joe takes Abyss down, and he’s in a crouching position over the tacks. Joe hits a senton splash on Abyss, sending him face first into the tacks! They’re inches from his eyes! Joe locks in a choke on Abyss. Raven blasts Joe with a chair, but he won’t break it. Finally after a few chair shots, Joe is on his feet. Jake gets revenge on Raven, giving him the patented DDT. Joe wins after a Muscle Buster on Raven.

Jake lets Raven touch his snake after the match.

Borash tries to interview a hyperventilating Eric Young backstage before his match. Zybysko shows up to trash talk him, saying that he’s too nervous to win.


Lots of stalling to start, complete with Eric working the crowd into cheering him and booing Larry on cue. Larry locks in an abdominal stretch, I haven’t seen one of those in a while! Eric reverses it. The ref gets knocked down, and Larry pulls out some brass knuckles. Eric dodges the punch, and scores with a low blow. Eric gets the knux, thinks about it, and uses them to get the win. Adios Larry!

Cornette comes out to the ring, and his voice his shot. He says he’s “sick as a dog” but wouldn’t have missed this show even if he was in the ICU. He talks about Joe and Angle’s issues, but says that this is not the place to settle them. If Joe interferes in the main event in any way, he will be kicked off the roster immediately. Angle’s music hits and he comes out to a huge roar. Some fans even throw red, white, and blue streamers into the ring. Angle is way excited, as is the crowd. He says he’ll call the main event right down the middle, since that’s his job. He also tells Cornette that he doesn’t need a buffer between him and Joe. He says he’d be upset too if he had been punked out like Joe was on Impact.

Cue Joe’s music, and he’s even more pissed off. Angle meets him on the outside of the ring, as does security. Pull apart brawl as both men talk trash and break through security. They finally get Angle backstage, and Cornette tries to calm Joe down.

After the hype video for the X Division title match, Tenay informs us that Joe has been forced to leave the building.


Senshi’s kicks keep him in control early. He hits his Angry Man Elbow Drop for a two count. Sabin mistakenly tries to chop Senshi, and gets blasted for his mistake. A snapmare is followed up by a body scissors by Senshi. More chops by both men. Senshi keeps kicking the ever loving crap out of Sabin. He takes him out to the apron and charges, but Sabin scores with a springboard dropkick. He throws Senshi to the outside and levels him with a suicide dive, sending Senshi crashing into the guardrail. Sabin brings him back and scores a two count with the Hesitation Dropkick. He goes for a powerbomb, but Senshi counters with his Dragon Clutch. Sabin breaks it by backing into the corner and gets another two count with a sick tornado DDT. Sabin tries for a Cradle Shock, but Senshi blocks it. He sets Sabin up in the corner and hits a hurricanrana, followed up by a standing double stomp. Senshi kills Sabin with a dropkick. Sabin dodges another charge and comes back with a nasty enziguiri. He goes for another Cradle Shock, Senshi blocks and goes for the Ki Krusher, Sabin blocks and finally hits the Cradle Shock. Senshi kicks out at 2.99! Sabin takes him up to the top, trying for a top rope Cradle Shock. Senshi fights back with elbows and kicks. They get back in the ring, and Sabin eats the Angry Man Basement Dropkick. Senshi goes up top and hits the Warrior’s Way. Sabin gets his foot on the ropes. Senshi tries for another Dragon Clutch. Sabin counters with a small package and gets the surprise win out of nowhere!

Sonjay and Lethal come out to celebrate with Sabin, thankfully there’s no Jackass-ery.

Borash is backstage with Christian. He makes fun of the Detroit “bums” who put Rhino over in his video. He says he’s going to beat Rhino up in front of his family and friends. He says that he probably won’t be invited over for dinner after this match, but that’s okay because Rhino’s aunt’s cooking sucks! He then says that he’s going to be like the St. Louis Cardinals and roll into Detroit and win. This one isn’t going seven games though, Christian’s going for a clean sweep tonight.


Christian’s music hits and we see him walking backstage. He doesn’t come out in the arena. Rhino’s music hits and he comes out of the crowd. He goes backstage to find Christian, and they’re fighting it out in the parking lot. Rhino beats on Christian all over the backstage area, finally slamming on top of a zamboni. Rhino drives the zamboni out into the arena with Christian on top. Rhino tosses him off and they head towards the ring. Rhino hits Christian with one of the plastic street lights at ringside. He gets some chairs from the crowd, the hard plastic style, not steel. Back in the ring, Rhino goes for a Gore, but gets blasted with a chair in the head instead. They brawl through the crowd, stopping long enough for Rhino to drink a beer. Christian gets tossed into the hockey benches. Back to the ringside area, Rhino pulls out a table for the ring and sets up a table on the outside. Rhino hits a belly to belly suplex in the ring, and sets up a table in the corner. Christian comes back by blasting Rhino with the giant 8 Mile Road sign. Christian then spits on the sign, to the dismay of all the Detroit fans. Christian goes out to get a ladder. Rhino is busted open from the sign shot. Cage whiffs with the ladder, and Rhino hits a drop toe hold. He goes up for a splash on the ladder, but Christian moves. Christian hits the Unprettier, but Rhino kicks out at 2.75. Christian in none too pleased, and he decks Rhino with the ladder. He goes to the outside to get the straitjacket and two steel chairs. See, Christian plans ahead, he hates the plastic chairs. He puts the straitjacket on Rhino, but misses with the Conchairto. Rhino kicks him in the gut, and then headbutts him in the crotch. The ref unlocks Rhino from the straitjacket, and they brawl on the apron. Rhino finally locks Christian in and hits the Rhino Driver through the table at ringside, with Christian playing the role of Sandman’s wife. Christian kicks out of the pin when they get back in the ring. Rhino sets Christian up against the table in the corner, but Christian side steps the Gore attempt and Rhino crashes through the table. Rhino kicks out of the pin. Christian hits a second Unprettier, this time on the broken table. Rhino kicks out at 2.9999. Christian is incensed at this point. He buries Rhino under the table parts, chairs, ladder, and whatever else is in the ring. He grabs one of the steel chairs and beats the ever loving crap out of the pile of stuff, destroying Rhino in the process. He pulls Rhino out and pins him to win the match.

LAX is with Borash backstage. Konnan talks his usual trash. He gets especially excited to talk about AMW’s comments from earlier. He talks about giving out a Dirty Sanchez and Rusty Trombone. That Konnan, he’s such a giver.


Homicide climbs the cage and rocks out to LAX’s music. Huge pop for AJ and Daniels. They attack quickly to start it out. AJ hits his patented dropkick on Homicide. They’re all in the ring at this point. AJ attacks Homicide, but catches nothing but the cage. Hernandez then tosses AJ into the cage again, which busts him open. Daniels is leveled with a Hernandez clothesline. Hernandez drops Daniels with an Electric Chair Drop, followed by a Homicide flying elbow off the top rope. Daniels tries to fight back, but he eats a sick overhead belly to belly suplex for his troubles. Konnan smuggles a fork in to Homicide and he stabs Daniels repeatedly with it. Abdullah the Butcher is furious watching from his restaurant. Hernandez grabs Daniels and powerbombs him off the cage and down to the mat. AJ makes the save. Homicide swigs some Pepe Lopez tequila, and then spits it into Daniels’ bloody face. How rude! They both go up to the top rope, where Daniels finally scores with a hip toss slam on Homicide. Maybe the tequila fired him up. AJ gets the hot tag and is the proverbial house of fire. He hits the Asai DDT on Homicide. He goes for a springboard forearm smash to Hernandez, but slips and doesn’t hit it cleanly. Daniels knocks Hernandez into the cage with a running knee, and AJ follows up with a dropkick. Daniels steals the fork from Homicide and stabs him in the head. AJ grabs it and digs the fork into Homicide’s forehead. Hernandez comes back by tossing Daniels into the cage, AJ fights back with a nice Pele on Hernandez. AJ climbs the cage, and fights off Homicide and Hernandez. Homicide finally gets hold of him as they’re on top of the cage, Daniels comes over to try to pull Homicide off, and Hernandez sees the opportunity for another Tower of Doom spot. Thankfully, AJ holds on as Hernandez slams the rest of them down. AJ comes flying off the top of the cage with a flying cross body in your Holy Shit moment of the match. After gathering his senses, he’s only able to get a two count as Homicide makes the save. Homicide hits a Gringo Cutta on AJ and Hernandez clotheslines Daniels. Hernandez climbs to the top of the cage now, but misses with a splash. That landing looked painful. Daniels goes for the Angel’s Wings on Hernandez, but Konnan gives Homicide a clothes hanger to choke Daniels with. They drag him over to the corner, where Konnan chokes Daniels through the cage. AJ tries to fight them off, but gets decked with a vicious clothesline from Hernandez. Homicide hits the Gringo Killa, and we have new champions.

LAX beats down AJ and Daniels some more after the match.


Sting is out in a shiny jacket, red & black (almost) Wolfpac style tights, and red face paint mixed with the Crow style. Tenay freaks out over the change in appearance, screaming like a twelve year old at a Good Charlotte concert.

Jarrett counters everything Sting throws at him in the beginning, growing in confidence and cockiness. We even get a Jarrett Strut, much to everyone’s delight. Jarrett goes too far and spits on Sting. Rule #87, never spit on the Stinger. The saliva fuels Sting’s comeback, and he powerbombs Jarrett in the middle of the ring. He then clotheslines Jarrett out to the floor. Angle tells Jarrett to get back in the ring, and Jarrett shoves him. They trade shoves, with Jarrett trying to show him up. Sting gets tired of waiting and goes out after him. They brawl a little around the ringside area. Rudy Charles comes outside to try to get them back to the ring. Angle tosses Rudy back in the ring, telling him that the ringside area is all his. Jarrett finally reverses the tide, and he grabs a chair. Angle cuts him off and steals the chair from him. Sting hits a suplex on the ramp, and he decides to grab the chair. Angle cuts him off as well. Jarrett charges, Sting ducks, and Angle gets taken out. They head back to the ring, and Jarrett locks in the sleeper hold. Sting escapes, charges off the rope, can’t get the right move on Jarrett, bounces off the rope again, and it’s the dreaded double cross body block. Both men are down, and Rudy Charles starts to count them out. He gets to nine, at which point Angle comes in and delivers the Olympic Slam on Rudy! Angle is taking over the match and tells both men to get up. Sting hits the Atomic Drop, followed by a Stinger Splash. He hits the Scorpion Death Drop, but Jarrett gets the shoulder up in time. Jarrett comes back and hits the Stroke, but Sting is also able to get a shoulder up. Jarrett goes for a Tombstone Piledriver, Sting reverses it, and halfway hits it. Jarrett barely gets the shoulder up at 2.99. Sting goes up top, but Jarrett cuts him off with a low blow. Angle and Jarrett argue before Jeff goes to try the second rope Stroke. Sting dumps him off, but Jarrett gets the knees up on the splash attempt. Jarrett locks in the Figure Four, a hold Sting’s pretty familiar with. He eventually reverses it, and Jarrett gets to the ropes. Jarrett grabs Sting’s leg, and locks in the Ankle Lock. Jarrett is highly amused, Angle isn’t. Sting finally rolls through and sends Jarrett to the outside. Sting goes for his bat, but Angle cuts him off. This gives Jarrett time to grab his gee-tar and he smashes Sting with it. Sting shakes it off and starts STINGING UP! The crowd goes insane as Sting nails Jarrett. He locks in the Scorpion Death Lock and that’s all she wrote. Sting is your 10 Time World Champion!

Jarrett looks distraught, sitting on the apron, as the broadcast ends with Sting celebrating.


· We’ll do this in chronological order to start. The producers really seemed off during the show. Maybe it was working in a different building, I don’t know, but there were lots of missed cues, sound issues, and missed camera shots.

· Good idea to have Joe sitting outside waiting on Angle for the pre-show. Smart booking.

· Robert Roode is fine for a gimmick, just don’t leave him out to dry with that long of a promo next time. He started losing it towards the end.

· Sure, Traci’s ripping off the Ms. Hancock gimmick. I don’t mind though, do you?

· That match was way too competitive considering the build-up for Roode, he should’ve won with a quick squash, or at least won quickly after some dastardly distraction from Ms. Brooks.

· It was TNA throwback time with Don West doing the hard sell for the show in front of the crowd. Even better was the sign over his shoulder, “Yes Don West, We DID See That!!!”

· Nash’s line of the night: “Well, I just hope he does better than Glacier.”

· Perfect opener with the battle royal. It had good action, got a lot of people involved, and had some hilarious moments. The reunion of Shark Boy and D-Ray 3000 was great, I had forgotten all about D-Ray.

· Sharky, Shelley, and Petey were definitely the fan favorites during the match. Petey got a huge pop, and even bigger one for the Canadian Destroyer.

· I hated the Austin Starr gimmick at first, but it grew on me as the match went on. He does have the worst outfit in the history of wrestling, or at least one of the worst since Dusty Rhodes’ polka dots. I’d like to see them continue the interaction with him, Nash, and Shelley.

· Great promo by AMW about LAX. I can’t wait for this feud, mainly because of the insane promos we’ll get out of Konnan and James Storm. If Storm starts telling what his momma told him about Hispanics, I’ll mark out. Storm’s ridiculous redneck comments + Konnan’s ridiculous Hispanic comments = GOLD.

· Wish they’d had more time for the 4-way tag team match, but they did the best they could with it. Team 3D is in a strong position coming out of the PPV, The Naturals have their tag title shot on Impact this week, and LAX already has issues with AMW. The tag team division is alive and well.

· I was actually more worried about Jake Roberts than Kurt Angle.

· Samoa Joe looks like he’s been enjoying the Midwestern buffet circuit, he’s definitely healthy.

· What type of ridiculous headgear will Raven break out next month? First, it was the gladiator helmet. This time, it was the Hannibal Lector mask. What’s next?

· Monster’s Ball was fun. Crazy bumps by Joe off the stage through the tables, Runt off the set, Abyss onto Runt off the set. Abyss took the cake with the face first bump into the tacks off Joe’s senton splash. Tacks inches from your eyes can’t be a good thing.

· Are we going to have a Jake v. Raven Battle of the DDT? The promos should be fun at least.

· Bye Larry, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

· Please Kurt, don’t try to rhyme in your promos anymore.

· I don’t know how much longer the crowd can stand to wait for Joe v. Angle. I’d try to put it off as long as possible, but how?

· I have to agree with Lucky on the OO Forums, Senshi v. Sabin was the match of the night. As an AJ Styles mark, I’m surprised I’m voting against a great match of his, but Senshi and Sabin were that good. I didn’t even mind Sabin winning the title, which I was completely against going into the show.

· Great idea on the finish, with Sabin winning with a small package after all the high impact stuff during the match. It really was a surprise.

· Christian is greatness on the mic. The line about Rhino’s aunt’s cooking was hilarious. He even threw in the classic heel tactic of ripping on the home sports team for good measure.

· I thought they’d throw Rhino a bone here, but the story of the match was very good. Christian showed a real mean streak to go with his cockiness. The finish gets massive props, with Christian finally just losing it and beating the ever loving crap out of Rhino under all the junk. I’m really looking forward to a Christian v. Sting program now.

· At least Konnan didn’t reference the Danza Slap or Cleveland Steamer in his promo…

· I’m almost sad to see the feud between LAX and Styles/Daniels end, it’s been the feud of the year up to this point. LAX went from being an afterthought to the focal point of the tag division. Their feud with AMW should bring back memories of the epic AMW v. XXX feud, I can’t wait.

· AJ’s cross body off the top of the cage was nuts, as was Hernandez’ attempted splash. I’m just glad Hernandez was okay, I was a little worried after that landing.

· Nice touch with the fork and coat hanger, Konnan’s a regular Boy Scout of heel tactics.

· New school Sting is good, it was about time. He had been the Crow Sting for far too long.

· It’s a shame we don’t have a TNA Satire. The two month saga of Sting trying to find his 1990 shiny jacket could have been great. Is that how Luger and Bagwell were helping him train, by going through Sting’s garage?

· Sting was also a lot leaner than he’s been recently. His fitness wasn’t the best though, he looked blown up after just a few minutes.

· Great storytelling in the main event, even if the action wasn’t always on point. Jarrett and Sting are just so experienced at what they do. Angle’s involvement, forcing them to mainly stay in the ring, really added to the match.

· Jarrett was so proud of himself for breaking out the Ankle Lock.

· I’m liking all the little things they’re doing with Jarrett. From BG’s interview on Impact, to the look on his face after finally getting his belt back from Joe, to his reaction after the match last night, it’s been very well done. I don’t know how over he’ll get as a face, but at least it’s something new. Besides, it’s not like he couldn’t easily turn back heel if it doesn’t work out.

· Going into this week’s Impact, it looks like we’re on the road to Sting v. Christian, AMW v. LAX, and Joe v. Angle. I’m intrigued to see what they do with the rest of the roster.

Overall, it was a very good show. It wasn’t the grand slam they might have been looking for, but I don’t think they were really in the right position for that. The progression and moves they made at Bound for Glory sets TNA up to really make some moves with their new prime time slot. Let’s see if Russo can keep from screwing it up…


Jason Longshore is your second-most-favorite wrestling fan/writer from Atlanta, GA.

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